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The weekend’s articles are once again turned over to the stars of the show,JIMBO67 and JOBO,as they continue on the themes begun last weekend. I’ll continue then on mine,which is an update on current affairs regarding our club,with an aside or two on other aspects of the domestic scene.

Although I’m not much given to discussing rumours originating in the SMSM-or rumours from elsewhere,if I’m honest-I will break with that worthy habit to discuss the one about G-Mak and the club. It is said that when he joined from his previous club VVV Venlo just over a year ago,that the big fella agreed to the transfer despite some serious misgivings about the terms of the deal on offer. And that if he had a successful first season at the club,new terms would be up for discussion.

Now,I’m somewhat wary of taking much of that at face value. G-Mak had hardly set the world on fire before he joined the Dutch yoyo club-they were relegated in his season there,despite his goals tally being the best of any striker in the Eredivisie-and prior to that,he had been an unsuccessful journeyman at various clubs in his career.

26yo is an awkward age for a striker or any player to suddenly hit a rich vein of form,bringing himself to the attention of suitors elsewhere. It is the age at which a player realises that his next deal is likely to be his last chance at hitting paydirt. This usually hits around 26-28yo-before that you tend to be looked upon as “potential”, while after that,clubs tend to realise that they have little chance of a future return in the transfer market.

It really is an unforgiving sport,unless you are regarded as being in the superstar bracket!  

Now,Gio turns 28yo next week,and he is quite correct to be looking to maximise his income at this stage in his career. I don’t think any of us begrudge him any of that. And I am delighted that Celtic are actively looking at extending and improving contracts for our main men. I certainly hope that they are pursuing the same with Matt O’Riley,for example! But I’m not having the “have a good season,we’ll improve the deal” tosh. That’s what agents are for-and that whole industry must have taken note of a former Dutch import reporting a similar problem 25 years ago. Here’s some advice for the big fella if it IS true,though.

Fire yer agent. Tell Celtic to improve the offer by 15% or whatever,and fire yer agent. Oh,and while you’re at it,fire yer agent. If you are still not happy with the terms,hire a new agent and set him the task of finding a new club and better terms in the summer. And go out between now and then and show potential suitors what you can offer. Give us a player of the season performance,big fella.

I believe that a player like this has a good six or seven seasons in him at our club,and I hope that agreement can be reached. But we should not be thinking of keeping an unhappy player,as we know that rarely works out well-especially if it is our club which has caused that disillusionment. Are we maybe talking about being £5k a week apart from agreement? Is £250k pa really worth losing-or upsetting-a star player over?

Get it sorted,Celtic. And btw,G-Mak-fire yer agent!

Meanwhile,back at the ranch-or Masonic Lodge No 1690 (SFA and referees branch)  as it is otherwise known-the powers that be have diligently been honing their VAR skills during this WC break. Not,as we might have thought or wished,in looking into how they have got so many decisions wrong during its initial implementation,but rather in investigating WHETHER they have actually got so many decisions wrong. Now,we all know that Celtic have been on the receiving end of a number of questionable-at best-reviews,particularly with regard to penalty decisions. In fact,EVERY penalty review has gone against us,a somewhat dubious statistic. But other clubs have had cause for concern too,not just us.

As we know,there are only four criteria when VAR can be involved. Every goal,red cards,penalties and offside. Decisions can be changed during a game-that,after all,is what VAR is for. But only red card decisions can be challenged AFTER a game.

Now,you might think that with all those chances to review tight decisions from various angles,with slo-mo and CGI etc,that it would be impossible to get ANYTHING wrong. But we know this not to be the case. However,when clubs have already had two red cards given as a result of VAR review,yet overturned by the SFA itself after appeal,it is clear to one and all that those responsible still have work to do up here to ensure that the technology is being used and interpreted in the manner for which it was designed.

Not so. SFA bigwig Ian Maxwell has proudly proclaimed that VAR has been proven to work exactly as it should be working! Now,that statement itself is open to interpretation. Mine is a very simple one. That he is correct. That VAR has been proven to work exactly as it should be working,exactly as he says. But that he and the other bigwigs are happy with its implementation to date up here.

I’ll bet they are! But that is NOT how it is supposed to work. It is NOT supposed to give referees another opportunity to make a decision which supports their prejudices,it is there to ensure they have another chance to get it right,to implement the laws of the game. There have already been too many glaring examples for his statement to be proven totally false by all but the most bigoted arbiter,and for everyone else to have major cause for concern.

The club may well tell us that they have been making their disquiet known through the usual channels,but these are routes which we know from bitter experience to be closed doors to us. This bigoted buffoon is laughing at us and can’t even be bothered to pretend otherwise. Yet the cesspit that is Scottish football leaves us few other options than the ones we have doubtless already taken.

Let me remind you of the wise words of a wise man only two decades ago. That for us to win,we have to be miles better than the rest-but for them to win,they only have to be nearly as good. What he said was true then,and had been true for decades before his arrival,and the two decades since. The implementation of VAR,its interpretation since by the adjudicators involved,and-worse!-the endorsement of that by the only people with the authority to do anything about it,is a worrying addition to the armoury of those who already do anything in their power to deny us any success. That it is one that many of us predicted doesn’t make it any easier,especially as my initial thoughts were that it would eventually leave the bent refereeing community with nowhere to hide,and no option but to do their jobs the way that they would be expected to in any other bloody country in the world.

Yesterday’s statement from Maxwell has me really concerned. And it should be worrying the best brains at the club too. Because it has put a marker down,and given the refs carte blanche to ramp it up.

Still,on the bright side,I’m going to leave the rest of the article till next week-and I’ll leave you with this optimistic thought. The weekend’s articles from JIMBO67 and JOBO are just round the corner!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Dunno what the font change is all about. Stumped!

The Gombeen Man

Good read BMCUWPS,

I didn’t see Mr Maxwell’s statement. Did he provide any data to support this assertion?

Fair play to Jimbo and Jobo, they both provided high quality leaders recently.


If VAR is supposed to highlight the inconsistency of refereeing decisions, it’s working.

The refereeing stats of Nick Walsh are quite interesting too, nothing definitive but worth noting.

Compare the number of fouls by and against Sevco/Celtic.

Look at the ratio of tackles per foul by Celtic players and against Celtic players.

The data for all refs is available by going to the All Tab at the top and typing in Scotland. Choose Premier and referees.

The detail on Celtic is interesting too.

– Just select Celtic.

Obviously I can’t confirm the accuracy of all the data but if tools like these are useful to referees and administrators, I’m all for them.

Nick Walsh Referee Statistics

Duty calls.

Morning BMCUWP , morning all

About to head off to work.

Interesting read as always. I have to confess to being ambivalent to Giakoumakis. Played very well from March to May last season but has not impressed me too much otherwise. If he goes, he goes.

Having seen very little of the World Cup I am not aware of whether VAR has had much impact on it but your concern following Maxwell’s remarks yesterday about its implementation in Scotland very much chimes with my own. I am not sure how anybody can state it( VAR) is working pretty much perfectly when 2 of its decisions have already been overturned and in another instance a goal was disallowed following the use of technology located nearer a social club than the incident itself. At best Maxwell’s remarks can be viewed as a bland holding statement, at worst as something more sinister. We can only hope it is the former.

Have a good day all.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
On the first topic from your article, Bobby, Ange has already shown that his man management skills are up there with the best. He was hardly in the door when he made it clear that he doesn’t stand in the way of unhappy players but equally wants the top players to stay. That was in relation to Eduard and, possibly Christie. Ange wont get involved in any means over wages or such like. I think this is just the usual SMSM tosh but I suppose we shall see in time.

St tams

If like Juranuvic, we agave a replacement lined up, I wouldn’t be to bothered about losing GG.
Not good enough for CL level.

St tams

As per usual Bobby.
The cowards and charlatans on our board will say absolutely nothing about VAR and Maxwells statement.

Lawwell actually said that Maxwells appointment, was a great one.


Great piece BMCUWPS,

… and I am delighted that Celtic are actively looking at extending and improving contracts for our main men.

Totally agree, get away from the “price of everything and value of nothing” mentality

Great read yesterday by SeS,

Although when I look at where “we were” at the forefront of modernity in the thirties, we can only think with the huge potential what Scotland and Glasgow could have been!?

Auldheid @ November 30 – 2:04 am,

That course you’ve signed up for looks very good, it’s great to see that the multi-disciplned approach is being examined and “schooled” at such a level.

Although the “Religion” I now practice is on the face of it very different from Christianity, the fact is Jesus Christ is a huge inspiration – we have seen recent quotes from the sermon on the mount and that never fails to a) inspire b) clarify any doubts about Jesus being supreme.

Hail Hail


Morning all,

Good article Bobby👍

Regarding Maxwell’s statement, I tend to agree with Jimbob 67. He’s either stalling, and hasn’t a clue or is setting up a “Full steam ahead to stop us winning the League, and F the consequences !!!!!

I also hope it’s the former but have my doubts.

He’s a fanny and makes shite coffee 😜😜😜



Interesting that GG has come into play regarding squad churn in Jan / AP4 Transfer Window.
From memory he was mentioned a few weeks ago as one of two players who were in-line for an improved contract.
Not sure on this but I think LA was the other one mentioned.

At the time it looked like investment for the medium term — now it looks like prep for a go / no-go decision that is hanging over a player that has a very active agent

So to have all this as a move up the queue for a transfer out puts down a marker to better understand AP’ology.
Similar to Kremlinology of the 70’s and 80’s — where statements are made that do not tell the full story.

I think that AP knows that we need more quality / attitude / experience and the budget available is not enough.

Therefore the squad has to be worked to generate extra cash and move on players focused on a bigger Jan paycheck.
After seeing the results of the MON squad stagnation of 2003 till 2005 I am all for keeping things moving / freshening things up.

JJ — if he goes he goes. Huge talent who has been missing a bit of focus in some of our games.
GG — if he goes he goes. Limited but very effective — the squad will miss his attitude / appetite but not his footballing talent.

Others to look out for are MO’R — agent doing a very good job getting him noticed even as his performance levels dropped. Plus LA who looks as if he has a huge future ahead of him. Bit of growing up to do / more impact in the CL but he is very talented and already has delivered some great performances.

VAR — how it works / how it is allowed to work is not the biggest issue.
All the VAR interventions are known and can be analysed for signs of bias …
At the moment the signs / patterns are pretty obvious.

The VAR decisions being overturned on appeal are the Scotch Botch writ large.
The SFA blazer in the media saying all is well is just highlighting their poor standards.

Scotch Botch in the legal world — SB ongoing FAI / inquest and some of the lawyers are watching the WC / Aus game seemingly during proceedings. We are rapidly becoming a haggis republic.

Biggest issue to me is the scenario where the onfield Ludge MIB member refuses to even engage / review the VAR output.
Seem to remember a TFOD2.1 game where the MIB was very forceful shutting down the dialogue with the VAR official when someone in blue handled the ball in their own box.

These types of issues need to be collated / discussed / challenged — all to easily forgotten about.

Looking forward to AP4 / Jan window — he seems to be very active with plans for plans.
The league is in our hands so we should be working from a position of strength.

bada bing1

Maxwell is another Masonic placeman, much lauded by our former CEO, join the dots……


BB @ 10.30

Surely not — surely PL is not a knuckle cruncher?
I know that he is a second rate property bean counter of little imagination and no business acumen.
But knuckle crunching — surely that is beyond the pale …

On a more positive topic — the SPL in the WC ?!?

Step forward Team AUS — removing every excuse we ever had that suggested that our NT would be out of its depth at the WC.
The only thing they are missing is the fully engaged TR of the 21/22 season.
Team of never wizzers believing in themselves and giving it their all.

The story of JI shows how you max out what you have.
They followed his career and offered encouragement to keep him in the loop.
So when the cupboard was bare he was brought in to fill a jersey.
And how he has repaid that belief in him.
Made the step up and did his share.

What every good / successful NT is — what every successful team is or should be — a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.



Good to see some Celtic chat and a wee bit worried that we might lose a player due to a lack of communication / keeping in mind the stories might be just that … stories


My sincerest apologies for failing to respond much to lovely acknowledgments in recent weeks

I could say I’ve not had the time, but I’d be lying to myself and my pals on here.

There is plenty of time, but failing to find the right words/responses and a bit fearful of missing someone here, and inadvertently upsetting anyone.

Can’t tell you how much your chats in here ( all of you ) adds to the quality in my life.

Aye, it’s true …Things get said that don’t reach across with the good intentions .. intended.

I’ve done it often – unintentionally- folk here have reminded me to be more thoughtful in future and I’ve genuinely tried to ..

Yesterday was a strange Day – bittter/sweet although I know that’s not the words I need but they are all I have for now.

Early in the morning I was up baking a cake for The Sessete – it was her Birthday and she was having a long lie after a nite out with her sister at the Rodney gig at Hydro – collected them -no poured them – both into the car from Lebowski’s at around midnight. Chirping away like two wee budgies all the way home … happy girls

So after taking the two parts of the cake out and leaving then to cool – took a trip up to Hospital to see an Old Lady who isn’t very well – about 3 weeks ago she wasn’t an Old Lady, but she sure is now.. frail and probably very scared, she wouldn’t let me see this .. for over 60 years she held my hand and now all I can do is hold her hand and listen to her whispering voice … at one time, so strong and powerful

Then I was back icing the cake – green icing for a girl born in the shadow of Paradise … trays of sandwiches and off to the pub early doors in time for Oz game – we have a gang over from there and what a celebration that was

My daughter and step-daughter arrived too and a bunch of wonderful friends – laughing a joking and singing and smiling until Davy decided it was Time!

It was too

Had all my girls around me yesterday and the strangest mixture of emotions i’ve ever experienced.

Then reading the blog and catching all you guys yaking away

Made me feel warm and fuzzy inside… it really did

Treat every day like a prisoner folks

I’ll make an exception to one poster – and I’m sure you will all know why

Twisty – buddy, I sense the comments hurt you but for the life of me couldn’t see how there was any malicious intent.
Maybe the guy will come on and tell you that …or maybe he won’t.

Either way, we need you here and when you are good and ready, get back on and make us all happy. Like you do!

AND … I’ve got France … just sayin’ 🌞

bada bing1

G Mak is like a lot of strikers,they need to play to keep sharp, a start in every 2 or 3 games, means we aaren’t getting the best out of him,i think we should have worked out a formation by now,to have him and Kyogo starting together IMO


Just catching up on the Giorgos Giakoumakis “story”…

I’m actually in two minds here, I think he’s a very good No9 and if it wasn’t for injury and being second to Kyogo, he would have established himself as an SPL star for us.

Also without a “development player” being able to step up to the No9 role, we really need three players for that position – you may agrue that Meada or Abada have that covered and that Abada is actually that “development player”.

Yet here’s the bottom line, if we are to go to the next level in the UCL, convert the chances that Angeball creates by the hard work and dedication of the whole team.

We need to break the bank (sorry PL aficionados) and pay a whopping salary to a striker that can get us those goals.


Hail Hail



Belated HAPPYHOOOOOOPY BIRTHDAY to the SeSette!!!!

Bittersweet from reading between the lines,so I’ll have your Mum in my thoughts.

Best wishes,etc,to all.



I agree that players need game time to keep up to scratch,but rotating strikers in particular is nothing new. AP uses the five sub rule pretty well,giving players that time as well as freshening things up and giving some players a break.

I think a stumbling block of peanuts per week is not a line in the sand that we should be considering. Top strikers are difficult to find,and don’t come cheap. And would probably demand more in wages than G-Mak anyway. Unless we have a replacement who suits all of our budgets and is pretty much a guaranteed improvement,we should bite the bullet and pay up.


Should have read back before I posted…

MADMITCH, see you made the point re:budget, I think you are right…

Lovely post SeS, family is a huge part of what we’re about – and the importance of the blog(s) and fholk like Twisty who make them what they are….

Hail Hail


Regarding Giorgos Giakoumakis,

I agree he needs games and the goals will come.

Problem is how many games is he going to start ??

Don’t think Ange will play him and Kyogo together which could work if given a chance. Kyogo is also in the same boat. Games = Goals.

So there lies the problem.

Does Ange change to accommodate both of them or is it a rotational system, which he favours.

I wouldn’t want to lose GG but if he’s unhappy with the extended contract ( Sorry, his AGENT is unhappy) and he thinks his playing time will be limited, then perhaps it’s in everyone’s interest, to let him go.

In Ange we trust.

No Club is bigger than Celtic 🍀🍀

HH 💚💚



Although the “Religion” I now practice is on the face of it very different from Christianity, the fact is Jesus Christ is a huge inspiration – we have seen recent quotes from the sermon on the mount and that never fails to a) inspire b) clarify any doubts about Jesus being supreme.
My inspiration too.

I’d call my beliefs now closer to ” Cathaholicism” , the Christ bits without guilt or as far as possible suspension of judgement and of course the role of forgiveness.

Billy Bhoy

I just came back from a 10 day break in the Algarve yesterday. I’ve seen very little of the WC but I sat down to watch my SC pick Poland v Argentina. I’m still trying to figure out how in hell I’m still in with a shout after that abysmal performance! That said, the drama of the last 10 minutes waiting to see if Poland or Mexico went through made the first 80 mins just about vindicated.
As for VAR, the Messi “penalty” was an absolute shocker – really dreadful decision. I don’t know what is going through the head of a referee in giving that decision. Surely, if he’s having to look at it 5 or 6 times it’s not a fucking penalty??

Jobo Baldie

SeS at 11.09 – loved that post. And you’re right – at times this is indeed a fantastic refuge from ‘real life’ and long may that continue.


Re Giakoumakis. As the saying goes, would drive him to the airport masel ! Just an immature big girl’s blouse. Can’t score from a penalty and struggles against the journeymen pros who populate the SPFL.
There is better out there, much better. And wouldn’t cost a fortune either. Celtic should be able to replace basic with better without too much trouble.

Ange Postecoglou is now showing his true character, and not the happy-just-to-be-here cheery chap that arrived 18 months ago. Winning the title at his first attempt has afforded him plenty of credit. He has has two European campaigns and has underachieved in both. He will not want a third failure. The current World Cup should be his reference point for how unfancied teams can successfully negotiate tournament football.

Of course Ian Maxwell will state that VAR in Scotland is just fine. That’s what SFA blazers do. We have seen enough evidence to know that VAR gives refs an additional opportunity to disallow a Celtic goal, or turn down a penalty claim, or give our opponent an additional chance of a penalty.

Perhaps our yet to be announced new Chairman will put the fear of God into the Mount Florida blazers ?



“Perhaps our yet to be announced new Chairman will put the fear of God into the Mount Florida blazers ?”

Such blind optimism is somewhat frowned upon here. Please desist!

(I’m not even allowed to predict a victory in advance,because my kid sis will habe my balls as earrings!)


Catching up on way back to visiting my mum in her care home.
1 I remember seeing Frank Worthington playing for Bolton at Maine Rd. A good City side won 5-2 (I think)
Frank was getting on a bit yet scored a Worldie and was as Gallus as ever.

2 I like GG. Gives us something different.

3 Reading elsewhere yesterday I understood Maxwell said “VAR was working as intended”
The consensus was that he was poking us with a stick by confirming VAR was intended to be used to impair Celtic.
On that basis it certainly has worked as intended.

Bearing that in mind this will be a fantastic title to win.
Hail Hail



We could do with a big hitter and not just another Dermot Desmond puppet.

Our current NED’s are just the House of Lords with Celtic ties instead of ermine robes.



Don’t start us on here about the NEDs!

They’re in line for long service awards,and that is not what the role was designed for. Plus,they all got their position through cronyism,via Lawwell.

No doubt about it,there is a major cleansing of the stables required.

Jobo Baldie

A wee reminder that it’s Juranovic v Belgium just now and, later on its Maeda v Spain.
Could we have 4 Celts in the last 16? Well, in this world cup I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Billy Bhoy

I see Bono is in goals for Morocco. Will it be a “Beautiful Day” for Canada or will they have gone through the “Exit” by “Tomorrow” saying “Is that all?” followed by “A Sort Of Homecoming?”



“Twisty – buddy, I sense the comments hurt you but for the life of me couldn’t see how there was any malicious intent.”

You what??

Here’s the second post

“ Twisty in a earlier post I called you a deviant gambler
sorry about that the term I meant to use was a
degenerate gambler”

You’re much more the wordsmith than I am. Tell me what a degenerate gambler is? Or at least what your interpretation is. What am I missing?

You think those comments are not malicious or hurtful?

My opinion has changed not one iota. Unless you can tell me what they mean that’s any different from my interpretation?

St tams

Another shocking VAR decision in the Croatia game



More likely,they will be saying “Is That All?”


Oooops,lost all but a few words of my comment,so see below.


Twisty 3:12

Hi buddy – it wasn’t my intention to suggest that those words don’t read as malicious – they absolutely do – and see why you would feel hurt by them.

Was hoping that his/her choice of words weren’t intentionally so. .. as in just really clumsy

I’m still hopeful that the poster will come on and clear that up. An explanation is required!

Realise I’ve probably just made this worse for you and I apologise for that.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, twisty, great to see you back on even if only temporary👍 saltires,you are a great tim great poster, dont be offended by this but im sick and tired of posters defending what was said against twisty, it’s there in black and white, hope you are well👍



I would like to see all the various supporters groups-and individual CSCs for that matter-issue a public statement, calling out both the endemic corruption within the SFA and the cowardly silence of the PLC, on this matter. That Maxwell statement was a piss take if the highest order. The referees will now ramp up the cheating. They have been given a permission slip from the Grand Master to do so.


That was a beautiful and heartfelt post. Wee prayer said for your mum. All the best to the Sesette.

Hail Hail.



I think you are quite right to be pissed off.

Someone whom I’d only met fleetingly a week or so previously had a right go at me a few days later on CQN,about four years ago. It was late on a Saturday,so I assume that had his device had a breathalyser,he would have failed. In fairness,so would I have done.

It was hardly the first go from him and his cadre,so I let loose with both barrels. His second attempt-echoes of the other night?-infuriated me more,and I didn’t hold back.

Anyway,I left it at that as the site was quite busy and others were joining in,either defending me or the other guy. Quite a fun read back in the morning. Every time you flipped a page,there were less pages than before,as the Mod went to town. He must have deleted about 400 posts that morning,no kidding.

So,no. It is not funny when someone casts aspersions at you or your lifestyle-or certain other things,of course. And yes,retaliation is perfectly understandable,permitted,and practically expected. Neither you nor I has to defend ourselves to anyone on here or elsewhere,nor do we indulge in low blows and sly digs “just for laughs”



For maximum publicity, this statement should be issued in the car park of Celtic Park…with numerous TV cameras in attendance.

Hail Hail.


FIFA rankings…

2 v 12 on live in a vital game. And I’m thinking of taking up knitting!



At some point in the future, hopefully soon, the Celtic support will wake up to the fact that Dermot Desmond is just a monied version of the White’s/Kelly’s/Grants’s. From his time on CQN, MadMitch already knows this but his narrative was always shot down by the board happy clappers who populate CQN.

DD has never communicated his exit strategy, he has never demonstrated his desire for a Celtic team that can compete in Europe. DD has never given any inclination that he will oversee a Main Stand upgrade. Nicholson shot that one down with his £100 million comment at the AGM.

DD is all about profit, bonus, dividend. Lawwell was more than happy to oblige and trousered £20m himself during his stint as CEO.

There is an unprecedented demand to watch Celtic just now, every home game sold out. The Desmond family can’t even be bothered to attend the AGM. The east end of Glasgow in November or golfing in the Caribbean ? Charlatan, will zero ambition for our club.



The problem is that the various supporters groups have all seen Life Of Brian too often.


Having said that,I’d love to know the explanation for the offside at that “penalty”. What happened to second phase?



I know,mate. And the apologists for that elsewhere are essentially why MAHE and I set the site up.

Somewhere that fans who weren’t happy with what we were seeing,the 5WA,the lack of fight or support from the board,could feel comfortable discussing that,without being chased out of town.


Big Packy

No offence taken – gives me an opportunity to reply and hopefully, clarify what I meant this morning.

However, can see why Twisty, you, and possibly others, feel I was defending the comments aimed at Twisty.

It was Never my intention to defend what was said – absolutely not.

What I couldn’t understand, was why someone would be so downright nasty, and abusive, for no apparent reason, it looked completely unprovoked and random. Twisty has been clear about that.

I’d say the poster in question should get back on here and explain themselves.

In clear and plain language.

big packy

JIMDOM great post👍

big packy

SALTIRES, great minds think alike👍



I would like to see all the various supporters groups-and individual CSCs for that matter-issue a public statement, calling out both the endemic corruption within the SFA and the cowardly silence of the PLC, on this matter. That Maxwell statement was a piss take if the highest order. The referees will now ramp up the cheating. They have been given a permission slip from the Grand Master to do so.
That requires leadership and if Res12 experience is anything to go by it does not exist within the supporter groups when it comes to challenging SFA governance.

However, if I were in charge at Celtic I would ( under the radar) be encouraging a supporter revolt and trying to reach out to supporters of other clubs to do the same.

I say under the radar because to do it openly would open Celtic to charges of breach of SFA rules under Obligation of Members of SFA.

Fighting fire with fire is a recognised tactic when a forest is burning.

My advice in 2016 at a Res12 meeting was Celtic are up against a criminal organisation ( SFA/Rangers) and need to tool up.

Since then at least up until PL left, Celtic appear to have been partners in crime.



Interesting site on referees. I imagine Celtic kent about it but if not they ken noo.


JD @ 3.48

Your comments about the cave named “CQN” — remember those days well.

One point though — what did the new “CEO” have to say regarding the much needed Main Stand rebuild?
Did he mention a figure such as £100mill and what were his thoughts?

If the board are trying to rubbish it then we must be doing something right.



Good point.😀 Here’s the thing though. Various different groups came together, to shoot down the Higgins appointment. The present situation is more serious than that.


CEO Nicholson is a lawyer. How difficult would it be for him to draft a statement, condemning the present situation as untenable? We are being cheated on a weekly basis. As are other clubs when they play the Ibrox gangsters. As are the supporters who pay to watch this weekly circus. Perhaps a wee bit of whistleblowing would be in order. Other club’s CEOs would then have the option of remaining silent…or calling out the cheating.

Hail Hail.



“Celtic are up against a criminal organisation ( SFA/Rangers) and need to tool up.”

Oh,indeed. I wouldn’t know where to start with that.

Maybe-all the judges and lawyers in their back pocket,like so many nickels and dimes?

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