The Great Stab In The Back


My grateful thanks to JIMBO67 for yesterday’s excellent article,and my apologies to JOBO for postponing his follow-up to last weekend. The final parts of the articles from both JIMBO67 and JOBO will now be published on Friday and Saturday of next week. The reason for changing the schedule with today’s article is that “something came up.”

It sure did,rearing its ugly head like a rat peering out from a drain cover. Nothing,I suppose,can really surprise me these days about those who run our club. But even I was shocked that they had the gall to appoint the disgraced and morally bankrupt Peter Lawwell as the new chairman of Celtic. He left his last role with us as CEO,as a failure,the man who threw away our advantage over our biggest rivals and allowed them to climb to the top of the tree.

He left behind a shambles,with a team that needed rebuilt almost from top to bottom-how many of our regular starters last season were there during Lawwell’s tenure? The answer-two,Taylor and CalMac-tells you all you need to know about his concept of forward planning. He conspired to hamstring possibly our best manager since Jock,eventually making the job untenable for him-though that doesn’t excuse Rodgers leaving mid-season.

He appointed an old pal as the replacement,someone who wouldn’t rock the boat and would do as he was told. He appointed him in the bloody showers,the most scary such scene since Psycho forever burnt into the memory of Celtic supporters everywhere,having refused to even look at the applications from other candidates. Most of whom would have been more welcomed by Celtic fans than Lennon,but not by Lawwell. No,no-they might get ideas above their station,like actually being in charge of football matters.

He saw three  managers-four,if you include Rodgers-resign from their posts with no alternative employment lined up,men who had each led us to three titles in their time with us. Decided to become de facto Director of Football,in charge of sales and signings. As well as every other aspect of the club-try ordering a box of paper clips without his signature on the requisition form.

And worst of all? EVERYTHING about his reaction to the huns going bust,and afterwards. From his mythical loss of £10m pa (approximately how much we were already losing every year anyway through fees and salaries for the duds he regularly signed) to his part in the introduction of Newco to the leagues,his part in the 5WA,etc. Oh,I could go on. But I already have done,and you get the drift anyway. Except…

Worst of all was his abhorrent treatment of the people behind Resolution 12. “Give me the silver bullet and I will fire the gun” he told them,and us. Well,the lads gave him plenty of them-and he tucked them into the desk alongside all those application forms and CVs to be ignored in exactly the same way. He told them to dot every I and cross every t,which they did. Find more information,more detail,which they did. Even at the personal cost to themselves of hiring legal opinion to make sure everything was as it should be.

He calmly and deliberately played along,then dropped the bomb on them when he had had his fun. And this is the guy,the untrustworthy snake of a man,who we have handed the role of chairman to? If it wasn’t for the fact that we know DD et al CGAF about what we think,I would say we were being trolled here. Thankfully,that is not the case.

We are simply being treated with the usual contempt. 

The one good part of this appointment is that it is a non-executive role. Strictly speaking,he does NOT have any role to play in day-to-day operations,his role is simply in organising the board itself. However,the idea of a former CEO taking over as chairman in that company is strictly frowned upon in business circles. The fear being that the new CEO is left constantly looking over his shoulder,and concerned with being undermined. I recall about twenty years ago that the same person held both roles at once for Marks & Spencer-Rose,I think-and the shares tanked while he remained in both positions. This is not quite the same,as Lawwell does not hold both roles-but that might not be how he sees it!

We know from bitter experience that this man is a chronic micromanager. The supposition that he will stick to the narrow confines of his role is for the birds. He will demand that every decision taken by Michael Nicholson be run past him first,with the approval of the board-most of whom he appointed in the first place! Nicholson has quietly been getting on with a thankless task,that of clearing up the mess that Lawwell left behind,and supporting Ange every step. He has surprised many of us since his appointment,so I will view any deterioration in his performance,etc,after this appointment as being down to that fact in the first place.

Meanwhile,let us wonder about the AGM. If ever there was a time to make this announcement,it was a few weeks ago when the last one was held. And it’s not like Celtic were undergoing the proper governance routine of hiring a specialised recruitment consultant to help with the search for a replacement either. THAT simply did not happen,despite all those pieces of advice and more from business leaders and The UK Corporate Governance Guide,for example. No,they snuck it out during our winter shutdown and on a Friday afternoon. I bet they’ll be just as under the radar with their statement that the board-of previous Lawwell appointments,remember-have decided that the role of chairman should be upgraded to an executive role.

That will presumably put Lawwell back into the position of having bonuses applied to his remuneration,and we know how much he loves that.

Welcome back,Peter. I hope you choke on your cornflakes reading this.

PS-the board should read this. It might help them carry out their roles properly in future.

Directors Responsibilities and Remedies – SENTINELCELTS


Above article by BMCUWP

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big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, well said bobby👍


In out shake it all about.

Couple of things spoiling the World Cup and one of them isn’t Ally McCoist, the ‘intrusive’ VAR now reeks of Infantino and all he represents. We understand it, but that doesn’t mean we should accept it.

Ruining every other spontaneous knee slide celebration is one thing, stealing football is another. If the Japanese winning goal was in and not out, it was definitely out had the game been played wherever the game of football was formulated.

Overhead cameras don’t occur anywhere, we don’t even have them on the ground at most games and still manage to disallow with unseen images, goal of the season.

Where and when does this end? a lifetime of ‘whole ball’ turns out to mean ‘whole ball’ including the vinyl paint on a ball. A lifetime of away throw ins at Parkhead when the ball threatens the line never mind crosses it, influences us.

But stop the cameras rewrite and redefine ‘ offside ‘ and the now farcical ‘ hand ball ‘ rules, speed cameras are fine, but if ever there was a game unsuited to disasterous digital advancements it’s football.

Red Blaize CSC


We have all heard it..The apple dosen’t fall far etc etc….I’m not so sure that applies to young Mark??
As scouting and recruitment manager i think he’s doing a sterling job…..Mabye he’s influencing his old man?
Peter reminds me of another old guy that won’t give in to the retirement.. gene……whits his name???
Oh aye Santa……lol


I have already said it was a brass neck appointment, gaslighting the fans. Regardless of Peter Lawwell’s ability as an administrator, he cannot be irreplaceable and he is certainly not any kind of shake-up effect to any complacency.


If he really has never left the building, as Bada Bing said,

and if he was always “coming back” to an official position,

and if we have been happy with the direction of Celtic, when he was pretending to be away but was really here all the time,

then why the angst that he is about to undermine Ange?

Does the official position give him permission to undermine Ange that he did not have when he was a “pretendy absentee”?

I understand the view that it is an unimaginative and unwelcome (to many fans) appointment but, is it a disruptive one, if the insiders are all on board with it?


Tough gig watching the club being run by egos for egos rather than the football we play on the park.
DD does not like the mainstream support — toys have been launched on a number of occasions.

PL is a second rate property bean counter with now business acumen outside of a spreadsheet.
The single point that demonstrates his ego driven engagement with the world is the fact that he has accepted the job.
He could have said no — he doesn’t need the money / he doesn’t need a blazer / he should understand corporate governance.

But even with all those elements in play he has actively sought — kites flown on a regular basis over in the “Cave” by P67 — the job and now that his boardroom machinations have borne fruit he has accepted the job.

The focus is now where he wants it — on him and not AP.

As a CEO — MN is pretty low rent but he does not have a micro manager with an ego the size of Jupiter.
Consequently he is a huge improvement on what went before — 18 years of at best stagnation / at its worst active collusion in keeping the OF brand alive. PL’s true legacy were the titles we gifted them between 2009-2011.

They were circling the drain and we handed them a lifeline.
They never took it as they were scared fartless by the taxman.
However we did all we could to keep them alive.


SFTB @ 11.03 — not said that for a long time

Why would PL want to return?
Why would we even entertain such an option?
Why would we not run the club inline with best practice in corporate governance?

CEO’s should not return as chairman — even 18 months after he left under a huge cloud.
He was a very poor CEO who gave us 18 years of stagnation and decline.
AP has done more in 18 months than he did in 18 years.

So why is he coming back — why do we need him to come back?
It is all about his ego — an ego that has let us down time after time.


I’d guess PL returned, if it is a return, because DD knows him and wants him there. That’s why it’s unimaginative. CEO’s returning as Chairperson suggests unimaginative, corrupt and trolling the support. Above that, I have no idea- it’s not my main point.

St tams

Great article Bobby.
Until Desmond is ousted, nothing will change.
ThIs guy controls everything and doesn’t GAF, what the fans think.
He even interviews a possible new manager before the CEO.


SFTB @ 11.27

Undermining AP — he Cave / P67 are in the mix will all the negative chat about our results in Europe.
The recent CL campaign was mentioned as was the B/G failure.

For a blog that is “Happy Clapper” central these were pointed criticisms out of character with the norm.
Stands out like a sore thumb compared to the norms P67 usually works to.

I took it as a shot across the bows for AP — in that he needed to pull in his horns regarding his much publicised growth agenda.

PL returning is just another moon aligning regarding this particular agenda.

Prestonpans bhoys

That’s a well written article Bobby👍. I did ask why this appointment was not announced at the AGM on the other channel, earlier this morning. Only person who replied was Bada with the answer I was baiting for😱😂


As a non executive chairman in the true sense he shouldn’t be involved in the day to day running of operations. Believe that is going to be the case.? Time will tell no doubt.


Real world / best practice corporate governance — the CEO does not become the Chairman even after an 18 month gap.

Especially when his replacement from outside the club got bumped after 2 months and the current CEO was the legal guy who reported to him.

Add in the ego element / micro manager of the year pedigree / lack of any sort of growth agenda / his past record of failure and PL should not be anywhere a position of responsibility at P/head.

Could an EGM be called over this appointment?

The AGM was available to announce this appointment but it was not used.
Very bad comms / very bad look for the club — dynasties developing instead of a performance based regime.

Big Audio Dynamite

When Ange is still here going for 4 and 5 in a row, some are going to be bitterly disappointed.

Our enemies really, really want you to think his position might be in jeopardy.

Can’t beat us on the pitch …so, trying to create division is all they have.

Spending all day, every day, trying desperately to wind people up.

What a pathetic existence.


Big … @ 1.18

I’m sure similar comments were made about BR in Dec 2017 and look how that turned out.

PL has form on this / DD has form on this — the only people with anything to lose are the support.

Margaret McGill

In my own anti happy-clapper opinion the Macroom-moustachioed warped majority share holder has inside information that the huns are on the verge of imploding again. What better Old Firm cavalry can there be than the conniving scumbag that did it the first time.

Margaret McGill

Afternoon all

Targets hit in the leader. Your anger is barely suppressed but you did not lose it as I would have done writing about our new chairman. BMCUWP and others have detailed his many past failings ad nauseam and I can only add that I would not buy a used car and accompanying driveway from him.

It is hard to imagine Lawwell resisting the urge to stick his oar in – but I suppose I’ll have to wait and see whatever my current expectation. Although I am far from sanguine about the news I have to say my prevailing emotion is one of disappointment rather than anger. I hoped we were rid of him

Something which has struck me is that as with the re-appointment of Neil Lennon in May 2019 is that the hierarchy has misjudged the mood of at least a sizeable minority of the support- they really think we’ll be happy with the news.

Back to work


Margaret McGill

Maybe I’m losing my touch
But you know I didn’t have it anyway

Big Audio Dynamite

DD want wants Ange manager, or he wouldn’t be here.

CFC and Ange, it’s a winning combo.

And it appears to be driving some to distraction.


big packy

at the end of the day, Lawwell could have buried rainjurs for good, but he chose not to, I will never ever forgive him for that, another true story👍

Margaret McGill

why the reappointment of Lawwell in your opinion?
and its not a winning combo in Europe.
In fact its a continuation of the existing humiliation.

big packy

and don’t forget Mr. Desmond thinks the famous glesga rainjurs are one of the great football teams, I’m willing to bet so does Lawwell, another true story👍

bada bing1

CCV a sub……he was excellent last game…

bada bing1

Alistair Johnston signs 5 year deal


Excellent leader.
Can be summed up in this paragraph/sentence:
“We are simply being treated with the usual contempt.”

Only way to influence this board is to hit them in the pocket. Problem is we all want to see the team and are willing to spend to see them.

A walk out on 67 minutes would at least raise awareness although:

We want to support the team on the park.

This stuff goes over the heads of the majority of fans. That’s what fuels the board’s disdain.


Afternoon all,

CCV as a sub 😳😳

I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt them but fear it might. !!!!!!


Well, well, PL’s appointment is a shocker! Never, in a thousand years, did I believe that this would happen.

My first reaction is an emotional one! Stuff the lot of them, I am out of here! I took CelticTV on a monthly basis so that I could chuck it at any point. My immediate reaction is to cancel now but I shall not. Because important decisions should not be made as an emotional reaction.

I shall let things settle a bit. However, with ONE action, the club has washed away all of the good that has been happening. At the moment, the biggest threat that faces Celtic is Celtic itself. We have always had a capacity to turn a winning situation into a bad one. Here it is again, in spades!

Unbelievable, and yet, completely predictable.

Anyone ever thrown a car into reverse from a forward gear? I fear we shall get a prime view of it now.


big packy

REBUS67 well said👍

big packy

didn’t the fans stop an unpopular appointment regarding policing at Parkhead, could the fans not stop this appointment 👍

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Will not be at next game but will have an able deputy in BNCUWP should any demonstration be organised
If the ‘man’ had any moral fibre he’d resign on the rule CEO/Chairman and save face at least…. but that’s not going to happen.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

BMCUWP !!!!!!


One way of looking at it is that PL has very small shoes to fill.

Still reeling from this.

What does PL have now that he did not have 18 months ago? So a disgraced CEO has the qualifications to chair a Board? Make public statements on behalf of the club?

AP was a bold appointment albeit one driven by the last minute rejection of the prime candidate. It was bold, not least, because it brought in a man completely unconnected to Celtic and Scottish football……a new face with fresh ideas. Oh, how Scottish football in its entirety needs fresh faces and ideas.

The way forward in Europe for Celtic is to maximise the main skill of the manager/coach…….his ability to improve both the skills and value of incoming players. However, the level of the incoming players is also important. We need to sign players in the 6-8 million bracket in order to produce a team that is competitive in Europe. The 1-3 million market is fraught with risk. O’Riley and Hatate are rare finds, most in that price range, at best, will make good SPL players.

Will purchases in the. 6-8 million range as the norm sit well with the ‘old’ PL, or will we see a more self aware PL?

Unfortunately, I am not going to give it a year to find out. I am either in or out before the Aberdeen game. Anything less will offend what principles I have left, and, pragmatically, lessen the effect of me withdrawing my dollars.

I am away to simmer in peace. Have a great day, everyone, focus on the positive in your lives. It works for me.


I will say it again and again the only way to get change is hit them in the pocket$$$$


Frowned upon,

Don’t waste your time or money.

Big Audio Dynamite

Mags, DD wanted him.

Margaret McGill


2-0 Netherlands, 2 goals exactly the same! A 1-2 in the box then a cutback from the byline to the penalty spot for the Dutch player to step up and place it in the bottom corner…beautifully simple!
Oh aye, and Alex Scott looking absolutely stunning in the studio!!


Holland 2 USA 0 Halftime.

Would playing CCV have helped.

Well who knows 😜

Was out with mates and missuses last night, catching up with long time pals. Great night had by all, back to mine and cracked a bottle of whisky, Talisker Dark Storm, a nice gift from a wee pal, can’t remember much about it to be honest. Anyway, wasn’t on the blog from about 6pm last night but I’m just finished reading back…what a depressing read. The news of Lawell’s return was bad enough yesterday but the sniping and criticisms and general nastiness is feckin’ off-putting – and that’s after Bobby’s apparently removed posts!! Fexake, guys, a wee bit of manners, decency and decorum isn’t too much to ask!!

16 roads

Oldfield Mike:

HH. 🍀

16 roads

They said there’ll be snow at Christmas..🎶


I’m afraid there are no guarantees no matter how much you spend on players look at the epl.

16 roads

Stop all war now!!! ☮️


Big Audio Dynamite

Mags, knows him and trusts he will do the job the way he wants it done, I’d imagine

I really cgaf who the chairman is.

16 roads

States actually the better side here.

It really is all about taking your chances though, that tired old cliche is as true as it ever was.


McCaff @ 3 56

I looked back at a post I made here a few weeks ago – said the site seemed much more affable and civilised than other Celtic fan pages. Blame me for jinxing it.

Heading home from work- I feel like a warm bath or a large Highland Park.


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