Back to the Slow Lane?

Call me cynical, but I honestly believe Peter has been brought in for one specific reason,,,
to place the club back in the slow lane.


He has previous, he has performed this exact task before successfully. Martin was badgered out the door with an extremely high wage bill and his wife’s illness bearing most of the responsibility. The latter may have been true to some extent but his Villa appointment within a year showed it for what it was, a convenient excuse to deflect supporters attention.


Like Martin, our new manager is ambitious and sees a sleeping giant needing only to be woken then steered.
Like Martin the process has started with a bang and has got the support dreaming of becoming a true footballing force once again.
Crucially, and unlike Martin, the plan is actually self-sustaining needing no bankrolling from above.


Ange would grow the team organically, improving by increments over time, the income from player sales continually invested into a higher level of player in each and every position. This takes time and a true eye for a player, he has both.
It also needs support from the club’s hierarchy which is now very much in doubt.


Our motto is currently “One Club since 1888” which is basically the easiest way to tell your business partners and rivals that “you died” without having to admit that sorry fact in public.
In reality our motto should be switched to “Take It Easy” for that’s how the suits like to approach the beautiful game.


The board don’t like men on a mission, men with ambition and plans. They prefer the controllable local who is fortunate to take up the hot seat, easier all around as they can’t really make demands nor ignite the support’s expectations which goes against their take it easy philosophy.


For starters the suits go out of their way to make sure the league is the main event and never relegated to the sideshow with European football the main event. Making winning the SPL enough was Peter’s greatest trick. It’s not enough, I remind you that the biggest club in the land by some distance should win the league most years. This terrible strategy also helps out our business partners/rivals by never tearing too far ahead and subsequently turning the league into a yearly romp.
We witnessed the result when that happened, 30k crowds and closed top tiers for Ronny Delia when there was no European football and almost zero domestic challengers.


We’ve reached the stage we’re Ange is swatting aside all domestic challengers, and now running up debt is off the table to help others catch up.
The SPL is quickly becoming the sideshow and not the main event, this is something our shot callers take steps to avoid.
Unlike Ronny, we have a plethora of exciting players to keep the fans attending and engaged, Henke helped keep the numbers high even when placed into the slow lane, but history and experience tells us these stars won’t be replaced with better players which is Ange’s stated goal.
Not matching that ambition is a surefire way to lose the Greek Australian, and Dermot knows exactly the man for the job.


Unfortunately Peter does have some ammunition and unlike the Res12 smoking bullet he will actually fire this time.
The obvious two are squad size and wage bill.
Expect both to gain much more prominence over the coming months, and the obvious way to address these is releasing players and not replacing them.
Promised contract improvement talks will be shelved to help nudge some out the door (G-Mak and Liel spring to mind) and out of contract players will not be retained (Joe Hart) to help bring down the wage bill to what is considered acceptable by the boardroom.
Basically decisions about players will be taken out of the managers hands, and I think it’s safe to say Ange won’t like others making the big calls regarding his special project.


I fear the commencement of a divide and conquer campaign.
‘Can’t afford what he wants’ which hints that the financial health of the club is at stake, maybe the club itself, which gives off the impression the board are merely protecting the club despite no signs this is even remotely necessary.
‘Not making an impact in Europe so why stay on this path’ which ignores the fact smaller clubs need to build a strong squad over time, plus the fact we should actually continually try to make an impact rather than just collect league title after title.
Those across the city showed what a settled and practiced style of play can achieve by getting to a European final via their team shape and tactics after three years of honing their game.


Ultimately Ange could embarrass our board and in particular Dermot with his achievable plans, and these guys are not the type to allow egg on their face.
He doesn’t need or want deep pockets, but will produce his own revenue to progress with.
This plan leaves the board powerless, and these people like to be in control.
He doesn’t want to take it easy but rather hit second and third gear now, right now.
This leaves the prospect of supporter unhappiness and Lord forbid some hard questions when the club is placed in the slow lane again.


Watch and learn folks. Listen to and analyze the leaks that will emerge, check out if the fan forums continue, study Ange’s words and let’s see if he praises the board or the players and support.
Will the manager, team, and support be maneuvered back into slow lane?


It certainly looks that way to me and for once in my life, I sincerely hope I’m wrong.


By Mahe


Deepest condolences to our esteemed contributor Saltires En Seville for the loss of his mother.
May she rest in eternal peace.

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Sincere condolences SES on your wee mam’s passing. Such a sad loss at any time of the year but particularly poignant now. I’ll keep you and yours in my thoughts.

The Star Above The Crest

Saltires En Seville

I’m sorry to hear of your and your families loss. My thoughts and condolences are with you all.

big packy

SALTIRES, condolences on the loss of your mum, may she rest in peace.

big packy

MAHE great post, said to bobby the other night, we, have been in the slow lane before, we might be on the hard shoulder next😎


Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family SeS – May your Mum R.I.P.

Hail Hail


May your Mum rest in peace.


Sorry to hear of your dreadfully sad news. May your mum rest in peace 💚

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Saltires en Seville – very sad news this morning. May your mother rest in peace.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

SeS: My condolences on the loss of your mother RIP
Currently house bound but will get my pal to light a candle for her at St Winin’s this morning.


Mahe – Guess it’s a simple question of are you going to continue to back Ange or rein him in?
Ange doesn’t strike me as a guy who will accept board interference in the football department.
No yes man.
If he’s happy then we’re still on the right path.
Time will tell.

SeS – condolences on your loss, attending an elderly aunts funeral myself tomorrow. A long life, well lived as family can testify.
May both RIP.


Sorry to learn of the passing of your mam.RIP




Saddened to hear of the passing of your dear Mum,who as you said the other day,had held your hand and guided you for sixty years. My condolences to all who knew her and loved her.


Prestonpans bhoys


Sorry to hear of your mum passing away.

St tams

Thoughts and prayers with you and your family at this sad time.


Condolences on your terrible loss. May your mum rest in peace.


Thoughts and prayers with you and your family at this sad time. Y.N.W.A

The Gombeen Man


Thoughts and prayers with you all at the passing of your Mum.

May she rest in peace.

Go Raibh Suaimhneas Síoraí Uirthi


May your mum Rest In Peace.

Big Audio Dynamite

Just lost my mum this year too, SeS. I hope the beautiful memories help ease the loss of someone so important.

It’s good to talk, buddy. All the very best 💚


Over the Christmas break I’m looking forward to reading Michael Connolly’s book on Andrew Kerins, Brother Walfrid. Our origins are noble, and a source of pride. I say our, as we are Celtic, the Celtic support, with the baton being passed down through the generations.

How charitable are we in 2022, 135 years on from the beginning. ? When it comes to the PLC executive directors and NEDS, the answer is not very.

To go back almost three years to the first global pandemic in 100 years. We all went home worried what the future would bring. Our health, our families health, and our employment prospects. The pandemic coincided with our 10IAR season, with 53,000 fronting up for season cards that were never used at the turnstiles. We started watching the matches on the sofa and finished viewing from behind it. Whatever could go wrong did go wrong.

Celtic fans funded the club during the failed season 20/21, and in doing so reduced the overall financial loss as a result.

During that covid empty stadium season Peter Lawwell took a salary of almost £1m. He could have shown some common decency and slashed that by 90%. He chose not to. He probably looked out at the statue of Bro Walfrid and had a right good laugh. Not even one of the worst year’s in human history would stop Peter Lawwell from taking his nose out the trough. All the NEDS were equally complicit .

Peter Lawwell and the PLC NEDS are an affront to everything that Celtic should stand for.

Condolences to Saltire En Seville and to everyone else who lost a special person in 2022.

Morning from a bus lane.

Interesting leader which may or may not turn out to be true

Are there similarities to 17-19 years ago when Lawwell came in before? Superficially yes but in 2003- 2005 Celtic had , we were told, accumulated a far higher debt than was sustainable whilst having on it ls books several players – Sutton, Hartson, Thompson most obviously- who were on EPL wages but with no real resale value. All these years later rumour has it there is no significant debt and nobody on wages an EPL fringe player would get out of bed for. Then we had players who the manager wanted to keep regardless of cost or value beyond the immediate but now we have a manager who believes that players should be moved on when their value is high. Celtic was in decline – although still pretty good- after Seville but now, very possibly, we have better to come.

Martin O’Neill was at times a brilliant figure for us but by the end of his reign seemed close to be anachronistic in his approach and seemed also to live, in football terms, only in the present. Ange seems more attuned to the modern world and although he too is imperfect, he does seem to always be planning for further than the next game.

It strikes me that it would be foolish for Lawwell or anybody else to try and change the course we are set on and although I think Lawwell is greedy, lazy, cowardly and shifty I don’t think he is stupid. But he also is, on all available evidence, a meddler and to identify his and Celtic’s interests as being the same. I hope that he remains no more than a figurehead leader even if my own wish is that he should not be anything to do with Celtic. My fear is that he will be ‘Peter Lawwell’ And now I must get off my bus


Cosy Corner Bhoy

Jimdom: Indeed,indeed… and lots of us never even took the refund but troughnose never even took a reduction
Greed,greedy bassa

Big Audio Dynamite

As long as CCV is still here at the end of January, I’ll be happy.

He is so important to what Ange is trying to do right now.

Weet weet weet

Sad news,prayers said for your mum mate

Jobo Baldie

As for this morning’s leader, for me it’s a case of “We’ll see….” (copyright Auldheid). The announcement that Peter Lawell was to be appointed chairman was initially a right kick in the guts. And whilst it’s understandable to be sceptical that he will remain hands-off and let the current CEO continue to do his own thing, again I’m in the “We’ll see” camp. With the 2 new arrivals already done it may well be that any further transfer dealings in this coming window may be limited in number anyway. There was already talk of potential departures, such as Juranovic, prior to the announcement of the new chairman so if that one comes to pass, I hope folk don’t assume that it’s Big Peter meddling again.
I listened to the Celtic TV interview with Alastair Johnston the other night. As with all signings he mentioned that he had spoken personally with Ange and had been very impressed with his explanation of the team he is trying to build. So I really do hope it’s Business As Usual on the football front.



Dreadful news! May your Mum rest in peace!
Thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I’m deeply sorry to read of your Mum’s passing, SeS.

I too lost my lovely wee Ma earlier this year and spent much of last night grieving for her.

May your Mum rest long in peace and joy in the arms of our great Creator.


I’m in the Jobo camp on this. Wait and see.
Unless fans as a whole, or at least in very large numbers, take action to show the board their disgust all we can do is wait and see.
Do we really think Glasgow Celtic and PL are stupid enough to turn the clock back and restart practices that failed abysmally. I like to think not.
Having said that the appointment of PL in the first place suggests that Celtic could be heading in that direction. Let’s see.

The Gombeen Man

I don’t really think the term ‘business as usual’ can be inferred from the first season and a half under Ange.

A dismal season saw the loss of the 10.

Sevco won the title, our CEO retired, with benefits. The first team coach left and was ‘looked after.’

Sevco marched into a lucrative post Covid European campaign.

For some ‘inexplicable reason’ Celtic went into season 21/22 the most unprepared in my memory.

What followed was an abnormal period of expenditure to rebuild, aided by a coach who has significant expertise in an undervalued market(s).

The board saw an opportunity to increase profit, utilising Ange’s contacts.

We got lucky with Ange as a coach and his ‘eye for a player.’

In recent weeks it’s been flagged that we’re moving into a different phase and will seek to capitalise on the transfer out of players.

This has an all too familiar ring to it.

The squad rebuild is almost complete, we now have assets on paper and are in a position to start trading again.

Why were we so badly prepared to win that 10?

From Annual Report 21/22.

Buoyed by sales (on paper) of £29m we appear to have spent £38.4m. That’s a paper spend of £9.4m.

Add to that amortisation sudoku, who knows what the final figure will be.

Group revenue increased by 45.2% to £88.2m (2021: £60.8m)
Operating expenses including labour increased by 23.4% to £91.7m (2021: £74.4m)
Gain on sale of player registrations of £29.0m (2021: £9.4m)
Acquisition of player registrations of £38.4m (2021: £13.5m)
Profit before taxation of £6.1m (2021: Loss of £11.5m)
Year-end cash net of bank borrowings of £30.2m (2021: £16.6m).

We’ve since brought in six signings, two of which are on loan.

For contrast.

(2008, Group Turnover = £72.95m (incl CL). Down 3.09%
Expenses = £64.09m, Increase of 8.1%

2007, Group Turnover = £75.24m.)

The Gombeen Man


I’m sorry to read that you’ve given up on Glasgow’s Bobby Ewing story.
The irony is most supporters if Celtic and Sevco seem to believe this fiction is reality.

Thanks for the post regarding Newfoundland and the Six Counties.

The following often sums up my feelings in relation to attempts at a resolution.

‘But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!’


Good to hear from you at the weekend.

Till Later,


My sincere condolences to you and family on the passing of you’re mother.
May perpetual light shine upon her,
May she Rest In Peace.


Condolences on the loss of your mum RIP



My thoughts and prayers are with you at this dreadful time. May your dear mum find eternal peace.

16 roads

SeS – Sincere condolences from Beal Feirste.

YNWA. ☘️



As you know,our occasional contributor ESTADIO is over in 0z at the moment. And some of you may remember KITALBA from our days on CQN. If anyone has contact details for Kit,can you ask him to contact me on

and I will send him ESTADIO’s addy. I’ve tried contacting him on the addy I have but to no avail.

I’ve met Kit a couple of times in Reading and Glasgow,and boy can he shift the Guinness!


Maeda just failing to get a touch there!

Danny Mac 23


Sorry for your loss.

Thoughts and prayers with you for your mum.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Wonder how many Celtic fans would pick Maeda before Kyogo? Hope it works out for them especially since I got Japan in golf sweep!

bada bing1

SeS- sincere condolences HH




Maeda scores!

Bluegrass Celt

SeS: So sorry for your loss. Sincere condolences to you and your family at this time.

Sincere condolences on your mums passing .

big packy

was about to say can’t believe meada got the nod over kyogo, now im eating my humble pie. Another true story👍

Margaret McGill



Big Packy

I’m delighted for our Japanese bhoy. Bobby Lennox has often stated, that off the ball running, is just as important for the team, as the player in possession of the ball. Daizen is the epitome of this. Hope you and Joan are well.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA, hi pal, hey bobby Lennox, what a finisher, yes Joan and i are ok pal, same to you and yours👍


Cheers, Packy.

Hail Hail.

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