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With the resumption of the domestic campaign in only 1½ weeks,we now know where our focus must be. Sure,we have been thrown a wobbly with the return of Lawwell,but we must not allow that to distract us. His role is as a non-executive,which means he has no say in the day to day running of the club. Of course,I am as sceptical as anyone on here-or anywhere else,for that matter-about him sticking to his new job description,but this time we can actually prove he has overstepped his job description-if indeed he ever does.

In his previous incarnation as CEO,he clearly was allowed too much power. No properly run business should have that much power invested in one man,where every decision is either made by him or has to be rubber-stamped by him. Yet when we pointed this out,we were told that such consolidation of control was in fact the done thing everywhere!

That was clearly not the case. Lawwell,as well as de facto and self-appointed Director of Football,was in charge of departmental budgets and hiring/firing. He dictated our approach to legal issues,and he took it upon himself to present himself as Celtic when dealing with the SFA,etc-particularly during the period when,unbelievably,there were TWO RFCs across the city instead of none!

All without recourse to an EGM,where dissenters would doubtless have been block-outvoted,but at least he would have had to explain his course of action.

Including the fabled 5WA.

Worst of all,in my opinion,was his decision to drive Brendan Rodgers out of the club,a situation which ultimately led to the setting-up of this site after the summer 2018 transfer window. He did this by sitting on his hands when Rodgers identified a signing target,instead foisting on him a litany of failures whom Rodgers would otherwise have had nowhere near the club.

Oh,yes. Lawwell comes with a chequered history to say the least,but he is our current chairman,and we can only highlight his mistakes when he makes them. In the meantime,all of our squad are back in training for the task ahead. Except for the few on the injury list,and the four who played at The World Cup. And our first game is only a matter of days away,a trip to Aberdeen,and that is where our focus must lie.

We are in a good place in the league,and have progressed in The League Cup. The Scottish Cup is just around the corner too,and while others may be dreaming of a white Christmas,I’m already dreaming of something else-something that used to arrive on an annual basis not so long ago! But let us not run before we can walk…

Ange has already laid down a marker with two signings,one at right back,and the other a much-needed left-sided centre back. They are already signed,and can train with us as soon as they arrive,though they cannot be registered until the winter window opens. Feelers are apparently out too for reinforcements up front,and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us moving for a defensive midfielder-though I still say that role is perfect for Aaron Mooy. Time will tell,and so far,AP has had the backing of those who control the purse strings. I’m pretty sure that Ange will get whoever he wants,that it is too soon yet for Lawwell to show his hand.

Elsewhere,Hearts played a friendly at the weekend,and a tackle from one of their players led to him being sent off. Incredibly,the match was abandoned as a result of the mass melee which followed! It will be interesting to see how the SFA deal with this. The match was a friendly,and not under their jurisdiction-yet they banned Simo a few years back for similar in a friendly in The Netherlands. Surely they will prove their consistency? Don’t hold your breath-unless Hearts are due to play the huns,of course.

Speaking of whom,since I last mentioned them in an article-they are a subject I rarely touch on-they have fired their manager and,erm,decided to go down their favoured route of dignity by insisting on a new dress code for their players,who must in future be suited and booted for all club business. And that includes match day,but not,presumably,the 90+ minutes on the pitch. No doubt their new manager,Michael Beale,will also be similarly attired. Yep,that is how to send the frighteners down the spine of the rest of the game. I would think it might also be how to really piss off their players too,as who wants to travel on a bus to an away match in,say,Perth,Aberdeen or Dundee,wearing a bloody suit? They are for show,not for comfort,and I can see a few tired and cramped players getting off a bus in the future. That won’t bother Beale though,as he will be measured up for his suit-for sitting in a dingy dugout,ffs!-at the same time as he is getting the obligatory brown brogues fitted.

Of more immediate concern to them though is their AGM later today. That should be a barrel of laughs as the hordes ask questions of their board,along the lines of where the Seville money went? Or the Bassey,Paterson,Aribo money,come to that. Where did their supremacy go,and why have they been signing so many duds and unfit players? There are a lot of questions to be asked of that board,and one which I would be asking is why they have been so keen over the years to break contractual agreements with various organisations,leading to drawn out and costly court cases.

No sooner had the Mike Ashley case been settled for nearly £10m,than Elite Sports filed for a similar amount. And the organisers of the Sydney Cup want £1.1m for reneging on their deal too. And those are only the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. 

Perhaps too they might ask how they managed to make a loss despite posting their best ever turnover,including the sale of Paterson? And with The King Over The Water “jetting in” to give his tuppenceworth while stirring the pot,I expect an interesting set of minutes! There is little better a sight than hun-on-hun action,and King is a master of discord,of stirring the pot. He will want his pound of flesh-but more importantly,he wants his money back! Stirring it up at the AGM is his way of getting the pay-off to eff off! 

What really gets me though is that the Rangers fans can’t see through this charlatan,they laud him almost to a man wherever he goes. He is only interested in the cash,and has already cost that club a shedload of that by entering into ill-advised joint ventures prior to breaking those agreements. The return of Lawwell has had a great many Celtic fans questioning the intent behind it,explain why he should be nowhere near our club. But RFC fans,that is not for them. That would hardly display their legendary loyalty,after all. Long may such blind obeisance continue,I’ll settle for Celtic fans being the archetypal rebels and questioning everything!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Brilliant new background,JIMTHETIM53 will be well chuffed!



The 17th can’t come quickly enough.
Hope to see A Mooy in the deeper role he played so well for Australia. Playing two from Calmac, Reo, Matt ahead of him.

As for the Huns, a bit of internecine strife at Board level should take the shine off Beale’s new brogues. The crap puff pieces in the media have him as some sort of Messiah figure for the Uber staunch to get quite over excited.

One small observation- it’s Elite Sports who have started litigation v them.



Oooops thanks. I’ll correct that.


I understand Elite are in administration- be a nice irony if Duff n Phelps/ whatever they are now called were involved.

Prestonpans bhoys

Club 1872 are voting with King to take Park off the board. Don’t think they have enough votes but should be fun, as you say nothing better than hun on hun attacks😂😱


BMCUW @ Latest post

Should the support not push for an AGM regarding PL’s appointment as Chairman?
Surely this decision needs a bit of scrutiny — timing was interesting.
Just after the AGM where it was not mentioned in any form.

Also — regarding the 2018 BR farrago — PL was a symptom not the cause.

My thoughts are that DD was very miffed when BR announced that a Chinese club wanted to speak to him.
DD had been through this loop before — MON broke his heart when he spoke to LU in 2002.
MON was not supposed to take the bait but he did and wangled a raise out of DD for his trouble.

BR flashing his knicker elastic to all and sundry was too much for DD to handle.
And so the gimp was brought out of his box after two years of slumber to make BR’s life hell.
The rest was a tragedy that turned into a shower scene farce.


AH @ point to ponder last night

The EH angle — how does that fit into DD and his desire for a quiet life?
Fair point – points to DD and PL having a difference of opinion.

The quest for EH looks like a DD production.
He has previous on wanting a name in the job.

In 2014 he would appear to be the driving force behind our efforts to bring in a name.
Unfortunately nobody wanted the job and so we had to upgrade the prospective coach to manager.

For DD and family — EH had a couple of positives.
Name recognition down south and a proven ability to coach his way to success.
Their view might be that paying top dollar for the coach would mean a smaller spend on players over time.

Consequently in the spring of 2021 there would appear to be two differing views in play.
DD going full on Bonnie Tyler — holding out for a hero / name — with PL rummaging around in the City Group bargain bucket.
Eventually the EH quest becomes unsustainable and PL gets to put his man forward — AP.
Fortunately for us — AP was not the low rent yes man PL thought he was.

He has a plan.
He has a growth agenda.
He has the board slightly uneasy as to where this might take us.

PL vs DD — “Kremlinology” comes into play.
They agree about the money — the club paid PL big wages so that DD did not have to put his hand in his pocket.
They squabble like “Morecombe and Wise / Little and Large” regarding some of the day to day stuff.
DD calls the shots when he can be bothered but PL plays with the bullets all the time.
P67 in the “Cave” lets us know when PL is unhappy at the direction DD is taking.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and thanks for another good article Bobby. However what’s with the “…in only 1½ weeks…” and also “…our first game is only a matter of days away…”. Lazy journalism – we play Aberdeen in 11 Sleeps Time. And our closest challengers play Hibs 2 sleeps earlier!
Which reminds me, I was reliably informed that for retired folk like me the correct phrase to use is “Big Sleeps” as all the wee during the day half hour naps dont count!


Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim

Interesting lead BMCUWPS,

His role is as a non-executive,which means he has no say in the day to day running of the club. Of course,I am as sceptical as anyone on here-or anywhere else,for that matter-about him sticking to his new job description,but this time we can actually prove he has overstepped his job description-if indeed he ever does.

Wish my confidence on him walking the line was as high as yours.

Although you no longer visit CQN you may imagine there are still some posters that can’t see past him, including a lead article that made him responsible for all sorts of great deeds last weekend, even looking for the sympathy vote

His “under the radar” work has been sublime, keeping the SFA on their toes, a big noise in the ECA and an interesting one, the secret architect of the FSR and the main reason Newco Rangers were financially stymied this season.

Do I believe it!?

In a word. No!!

One of Peter Lawwell’s associates who posts over there claims 29 trophies in 18 years and 8 European runs after Christmas compared to the one in pre PL seasons.

Yet that proud boast of course would include BR’s inspired quadruple treble, his UCL record and his Europa after Christmas exploits (such as they were) – as you state, big Pedro was much more of a hindrance than a help for Brendan.

You could argue a chief exec is not directly responsible for any trophies but of course they are judged on such things.

So it may seem petty, yet consider this, when PL and his associates makes such boasts it tells you something of their approach.

For those numbers to be correct you would have to include our 2003/04 season.

That was when big Pedro returned to the club

Martin O’Neil was consulted about his appointment and agreed on the condition he didn’t interfere with the football and wasn’t CEO.

So PL started on November 2003 as Head of Operations.

Now that season the Celtic Board refused to buy MO’N any players in the January window to strengthen the squad.

Martin paid out £350,000.00 of his own money to get Stephen Pearson in.

The team managed to secure a League and Cup double and got into the quarter finals of the UEFA cup.

For big Pedro to claim these trophies is revisionism of the worst kind, not only was he just in the door, he was not CEO and did nothing to “help and support” Martin with that squad.

What Martin achieved that season with that squad was epic – remember young David Marshall in goal at the Nou Camp as we knocked out Barca!? Ronaldinho, Xavi et al…

This was due to the new head of operations apparently…

…who knew eh!?

Hail Hail

Morning from just past Queen Margaret Drive

Chairbhoy- I saw that article on CQN. If you read my next paragraph I don’t need convincing of our former CEO’s/Head of Operations/Executive Janitor’s mysterious, limitless powers.

Good leader again although I am now hoping we can take a break from Lawwell whom I blame for my mild toothache and a slow seeping leak from a tap in my kitchen.

I am not sure about Mooy as a defensive mid-cum- anchor. We probably do need such a player but I am not certain Ange P wants one or that Mooy is good enough as he’s a player who looks better on TV than anytime I have seen him ‘live’- O’Riley’s possible exit may force AP to pick him as a more regular starter as I get the impression that Ideguchi, McCarthy and Abdilgaard are not figuring too much in the boss’ plans.

The Huns having an AGM? Should I have steak pie or fish cakes for my tea ?


Big Audio Dynamite

Someone is trying desperately to establish the idea Ange’s position will come under threat.

Really, really trying 🙂


Another top article Bobby.
Mention of Huns in suits reminded me of an episode from my days in Centre 1.

In the late 70s I dealt with an expense claim for the costs of expensive suits. The claim was made by an accountant acting for a hun defender.
I rejected it pointing out that suits didn’t count as protective clothing on a football field.
The accountant came back to say that the player did lots of appearances at fan events. He had to dress appropriately as he was representing “Rangers” so that made the suits work clothes.
That claim is bollocks as some on here will well know.
For a laugh I replied that to be allowable the cost of the suits would need to be paid out of the money the player received for his appearances and pointed out that the guy hadn’t declared any fees on his Tax Return.
The accountant dropped the claim.
Happy Days 😁😁😁

St tams

Another good article today Bobby.
Apart from mentioning, yo know who 👍

Great background.


Jimbo67 @ 9:49 am,

Yes, I’m bracing myself for the “unexpected” departure of a high value player.

If we can keep this squad together with what looks like good additions through January – then we could be in good shape in the summer, even if Messers Desmond, Lawwell & Co want to wet their beak then…

Hail Hail


Yes ASWGL – Great Background

Let’s hope it inspires Jimthetim53 to come on and say hi….

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

Get well soon, JIMTHETIM.



You a actually did some work back in the days !!!!!!!!

Here’s me thinking it was long lunches, 5 A sides and plenty of Colonel’s 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 ( That’s half days !!!!! )

Cheers from Lanzarote 👍👍



Forewarned is forearmed!



On Celtic”s involvement in FSR it was Chris McKay who did the donkey work.

He spoke about it at the AGM and confirmed it also for the first time brought national associations under more scrutiny in the monitoring period which is after the receive list of clubs granted a licence.

Michael Nicholson also announced it publically either in AGM papers or run up to it. I was surprised to see it go public. I thought it was something Celtic would want to keep under the radar.

Pls role might have been exaggerated by CQN but the changes in FSR will certainly make it harder for our main rivals to cheat with SFA backing.

We need to be careful in demonising PL not to recognise a what the Roman’s did for us scenario.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, forewarned of what? What are we supposed to be fearful of?
If the board were unhappy with Ange, you really believe he’d still be there buying new players??


Auldheid @ 11:56 am,

Cheers for the clarification…

Yes, I remember reading your comments re:FSR and Chris McKay.

And I accept completely that it Stymied Newco Rangers – wonder how much of a relief that was for Mr Park and the others with vast amounts of their own money in the new Club.

Maybe the spin today will give us an insight.

I digress…

It would be best practice (maybe even statutory) for UEFA to get feedback from their member clubs about such an important change to their rules and regulations.

Celtic would be interesting, unlike many big Clubs, Celtic took FFP seriously and were a financial exemplar in that respect, Peter Lawwell certainly deserves credit for that.

Also as some Celtic supporters;) had stirred a hornets nest within UEFA due to a rival Club’s non compliance and moral hazard threatening the financial integrity of the whole Scottish league structure.

They may have felt that Celtic’s input to the FSR was hugely important and it wouldn’t be beyond bounds that the Celtic response would have expressed concern at the recidivism going down, down Ibrox way…

Getting them on the “list” of nineteen was important.

So unless difinitively proven otherwise, as you point out Celtic have been surprisingly transparent in this regard, I’ll take it that big Pedro’s contribution has been exaggerated and he had as much to do with it as he did the 2003/4 UEFA cup run.

Great to see you keeping~on – watched some of the World Cup with your cousin’s boy, SaxMan Fr Paul, we were discussing the return of “the man” and I mentioned your input, he holds you in huge regard

Hail Hail



On DD as applies to all human beings there can be conflicting perspectives that go into the judgement process that support the narrative you set out.

I know from the tone of a reply to a letter I sent DD yonks ago about a Membership scheme there is what I would describe as surprise that a supporter could communicate his case so well.

It’s not just DD. Bankier remarked on my response to Res12 of the 2019 AGM from the floor how good it was as speaking to a large gathering must be daunting. At end of AGM a few folk approached me to say how condescending Bankier was.

To me it indicated they were both unconscious of their internal bias. I see it a lot especially in my working days from my English friends. They were friends but oblivious to their inner perception.

On the other hand I’m sitting in bar in Barbados chatting to a guy who knew DD and he told me of his charitable intervention to help a countryman who fell on hard times.

I sometimes wonder if DD thinks he is acting in Celtic’s best interest and we the support are a shower of ungrateful bassas who dont appreciate what the Board have done for us. Look at all the trophies we have delivered and what thanks do we get.

To understand what another person is really like the old saying is you have to walk in his moccasins but if neither side do not trust each other all you get is the smell of wet moccasins.

That’s a long way of saying we can never be certain of our judgements of folk who think what they are doing is the right thing. We all do that but kid ourselves on that the wrong thing is the right thing to do.

I speak from experience.



You were with Paul? Wow. Now there is a man I respect.

I tell folk stories about his determination to succeed doing what he was good at that his very proud mum told me.

Do tell him I said that.


AH @ 11.56

PL as a Roman — Can I suggest Emperor Valerian / 3rd century AD.
Not sure he did much for us but the coincidences are pretty scary.

Regarding your thoughts on DD — I can’t go that deep but I can spot a toy chucker at 200 paces.
Phoning it in / low energy engagement — I think that he is just waiting for the right number to be offered for his shares.
As long as we don’t make him the butt of jokes from his well heeled cronies he will be happy.

Also not sure I buy the angle that we were the driving force behind the FSR rules.
Might suit to put us forward to take the heat of them — but EUFA relying on us?

That dog don’t hunt.



On Celtic and FSR I think they missed an opportunity at last AGM to bring formal and credible closure on the whole Res12 saga over 9 years of AGM meetings by saying.

At the 2020 AGM in response to Resolution 11 that saw end of Resoltion 12, Celtic undertook to engage with SFA and UEFA about the SFA deciding not to take the matter of events in 2011 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

We did so since 2020 AGM but found UEFA to be the best route to bring in reforms that address issues the SFA were party too.

We think FSR addresses those issues and brings satisfactory closure to concerns our shareholders first raised in 2013.

That might have softened the blow of the return of PL but there ye go.

The Nabbla

The Nabbla
Magua – Books to hint to Santa about 🙂

1.Ian McCallums series of books
1 The Gathering Storm .sets scene,formation to ww1
2 The Storm breaks- season 1914/15
3 The End of Innocence.-season 1915/16
4 The Blood Sacrifice- season 1916/17
5 An Ocean of blood – season 1917/18
6 The never ending trials -season 1918/19

Currently wading through again ,laden with history.
Quillanites then,lawellites today.


2.Brendan Sweeneys Trilogy

1.Celtic The Early Years 1887-92
2.Celtic The battle for the club’s soul volume1
3 Celtic The battle for the club’s soul volume2


Just brilliant.you think shenanigans are a new thing

3.Dr Michael Connolly

So looking forward to it


4 Celtic Minded 5

A superb collection of essay written by Celtic fans on what Celtic means to them.
Dr Michael,on walfrid,Brian Wilson,Joe Kelly and a great essay on how winning luggy was a maturing of the Irish Catholic Diaspora.

As usual a small musical tangent.
Go to bbc iplayer
Search – Ken Burns History of Country music.

It’s in 8 or 9 hour long documentaries.
I thought it amazing(especially omitting Sydney Devines influence :-)))

Hail Hail

A repost for Magua hope you don’t mind

You’ll be ready for your o grade.or higher Celtic after that lot



I dont think Celtic ever claimed to be the driving force behind Res12 but to deny they had no influence is stretching it to put it mildly.

Have you compared the previous FFP rules on overdue tax to the new ones?

The UEFA chap in charge of FSR Andre Traverso is the same guy who was Head of Club Licensing in 2016 who received a letter from Celtic shareholders lawyer that provided a heap of evidence of skullduggery. So he knew change was necessary and FFP needed updated for all the reasons UEFA have stated.

Lost amongst Traverso new club/company reply in June 2016 was an invite to Celtic to follow up.

The FSR initiative gave Celtic an opportunity to do so.

Join the Traverso dots and it is perfectly reasonable to think Celtic used the failure of FFP in 2011 THAT UEFA WERE PARTY TO to bring about changes that minimise the risk Rangers present to getting access to the biggest source of income on the biggest football stage after the World Cup.

It would not be Celtic alone seeking change. UEFA has had quite a few issues to deal with across clubs in and national associations in Europe but the evidence of what was actually a crime in 2011, obtaining a licence by false pretence and financial consequences arising will have focused minds.

All that evidence including Traverso letter of 8 June is at http://www.res12.uk

PS why the dog might hunt is in CAPs. UEFA ain’t squeaky clean.


Cheers Leggy
Only bit of work I did. Letters usually went in the confy (confidential waste) in those days.
Enjoy Lanzarote. Hope you liked Tenerife. Did you fly to the North Airport


Auldheid @ 12:47 pm,

Yes, he moved to town about the same time I moved back from London.

We’ve been watching the matches together ever since, we had a good bunch of bhoys down the Irish Club – the Centre closed some time ago and as the way with these things some of the guys have moved on, we all keep in touch though – well those still on this mortal coil, it’s the magic of Celtic

So Paul and I are good friends and often find an excuse to catch up even when the Celtic aren’t playing, we agree on most things which actually can be more enjoyable than it sounds

You are right, he is a top, top man and his mother is rightly proud of him.

Of course I’ll let him know what you said and send your regards…

He’ll be very pleased to hear it….

Hail Hail


Finance commentator, Kieran Maguire, has described Dermot Desmond’s approach to Celtic as being that of a benevolent dictator.

Having never met, or even been in the same company as DD, I have no idea what type of character he is. I can only judge him on his words and actions during his 18 year association with Celtic. Frugal of word and minimal of actions would appear to be the case, in the public domain anyway. He might never be off the phone to Celtic Park for all I know.

His disposal of the London City Airport probably tipped into the billionaire status but it is association with Celtic that will give him a public profile and satisfy his vanity and ego. At the age of 72, and if his health remains good, he may well see another 10 years as our heid honcho, or benevolent dictator, as a reasonable prospect. To my knowledge, he has never publicly communicated an exit strategy. Unlike Fergus McCann.

The foreseeable financial future for Celtic will continue to be the application of the profit dividend model, with a few bonuses thrown around to keep the executive troops happy. The club has kept in the FFP good books pretty much as result of the profit dividend model, since MON departed, dictated (benevolently) by DD and administered by Peter Lawwell. The years 2012-2016 (why could that useless Ibrox shower not come back in three years instead of four !) would have presented a challenge to the model but Dermot and Peter would come up with a plan. A £10m hole you say Peter ? There are big bonuses coming your way if you can ride this one out. Let them keep the continuity thing, we will overtake them on titles and total trophies in the next decade anyway.

Anything for a quiet life, that’s what oor Dermot likes. And a dividend.


Auldheid @ 1:06 pm,

Yes, although nothing can acquit Celtic PLC from the way they treated the Resolutioners, from what you say there was opportunities for Celtic to reflect on their approach and make amends, its a shame they couldn’t have grasped that nettle.

My thoughts and I’m sure most who have been following your trials and tribulations is that you ghuys did a huge amount to shine a spotlight on the non-compliance, manage to focus in on the SFA being ineffectual where Rangers were concerned and highlight the flaws in the implementation of the FFP.

Celtic’s success on their input into the drafting and implementation of the FSR comes from them standing on the shoulders of Res12 giants.

Hail Hail

bada bing1
big packy

ASWGL on behalf of Jim thanks very much for the new background, as you may or may not know, Jim was related to jimmy Mcgrory thru his mother,

big packy

Jim loves quiz questions, 5 questions to test you bhoys
1 Which English manager sold Olivier Tebily to Celtic and then, in 2002, bought him back from Celtic?
2 After Martin O’Neill took over at Celtic, who were the first team to take a point from Celtic Park
3 In Martin O’Neill’s first cup final (CIS Cup) Larsson scored a hat-trick to sink Kilmarnock, but which Celtic player was sent off
4 Dr. Josef Venglos’ first competitive match as Celtic manager was a Champions’ League qualifier at Celtic Park against which team?
5 Henrik Larsson scored his 100th league goal for Celtic against which club? no googling now

Big Packy

1. Steve Bruce
2. Hibs ?
3. Chris Sutton
4. St Patrick’s ( Athletic?) ?
5. Kilmarnock?

big packy

JIMBO67 well done, 4 out of 5 let’s see if anyone can get the 5 out of 5, all will be revealed shortly😎

bada bing1
big packy

JIMBO67 number 5 was Livingston, but well-done, thanks for taking part👍


And the Lord said unto big packy “Come forth and receive my blessing”……. but big packy came fifth and won a toaster. 😎


Here’s one for you packy, or anyone.

How many players who have captained a Celtic side have won the European Cup ?



A fine leader…unlike Peter Lawwell; who most definitely is not.

The Nabla

Some fine reading tips. That’s a few more added to my list. Cheers. 😀


I too will miss your contributions on the blog. Hopefully you will return when the real football starts.

bada bing1

Re the Huns AGM link you posted. By ‘eck, those two characters make the Rev I.M. Jolly look like Groucho Marx. On the bright side, it looks as if they were firing into some ‘lovely watter’.


Thoughts and prayers with you.

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

Ross Wilson absolutely torched at the Sevco Panto today….

Craig 76

Bloke at the back is either about to start Hail Hail or had a late one the night before 🤣🤣🤣😃

bada bing1

Ronaldo dropped, a sub

bada bing1

Bono has found what he’s looking for….


Morroco win on penalties and well deserved.

Defended like Ross County at Celtic Park but 3 times as fast.

big packy

ASWGL, would that be big billy and paul lambert??

Billy Bhoy

Wow – Spain had one shot on target in 120 minutes and then miss all 3 penalties!!
Congratulations Morocco!

BTW does anyone else utterly hate that camera angle from behind the taker? Crap!

1 2 3