Those BIG moments

I’ve become increasingly aware that when you reach a certain level the game is decided on it’s big moments, specifically which team takes advantage of them.
It’s the managers job to find a playing system that will create those big moments, but once they cross that white line it’s up to the players to take full advantage of them, there’s only so much anyone else can do.
Our Champions League campaign was very exciting, but at the end of the day others took better advantage of their big moments created,,for instance in September the Bhoys had 6 shots on target away to Shaktar and scored one whilst they had two shots and also scored one goal. We had those big moments to win the game and failed to take advantage.
The World Cup has been all about those big moments. Taking that chance, for at the top level chances are rare. And perhaps more importantly, goals change games.
Last night watching the semi final I witnessed the Croatian goalkeeper have a brain fart and thought to myself ‘you’ve failed in your BIG moment son’.
Come off your line sure, narrow that angle, but charge the attacker ala Shumaker?
I doubt he would make the same choice for a run of the mill league fixture, the big occasion got to him.
The penalty itself falls to Messi who has been going through real big moments for almost twenty years now.
Surprise surprise his nerves don’t go, he steps up and delivers.
Obviously not every big moment will go your way, the keeper can always have a great night. Only a perfect team would take every chance, and that won’t happen as man is fallible.
But it stands to reason the more big moments you experience as a team or a player, the more used to them you become.
Harry Kane failed his big test but ask yourself how many times has he been under real real big pressure to deliver on that single occasion as everything rests upon it! Few, if any.
Tam Rogic and Naka were men for the big occasion but Henrik was the ultimate. Even still, he missed a few pens, proof it’s not always going to go your way, but missing simply made him more determined and angry at himself, which almost always resulted in a goal or two.
They aren’t always going to go your way.
For the second goal JJ missed his clearance attempt leaving Sosa as the last line of defence with a ball bearing attacker bearing down on him.
He sclaffs it into the attacker leaving him with a favourable bounce and only the keeper to beat from a close angle. Easy peasy.
With his team a goal down and as the last line of defense, Sosa should have stood tall and pulled a Gandalf, ie You Shall Not Pass. Head the ball, chest the ball, do anything but a useless swing of the foot! Bobo Balde would have taken everything in the vicinity out, that’s what was needed.
Nope, Sosa failed his big moment.
Then Messi creates his own big moment for number three, and a thing of beauty it was. I truly look forward to the final knowing he will give his everything to lift that cup, and watching that should be great fun. En route to lifting their last World Cup another left footed wizard created many big moments, I’m starting to see similarities here.
So while one won’t take advantage of every big moment, the team or teams that take advantage of most of them will do very well at the top table, which is where we find ourselves these days. European wise we sometimes turn those big moments into goals, the next step is becoming a team that usually creates goals out of big moments.
2 chances 1 goal ala Shaktar.
7 chances 3 goals ala Argentina.
We all want the next level, converting our chances will take us there.
Being ready for ‘the big moments’.
Over to you Ange and Harry.


By Mahe

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Reading back its a shame I did not look in yesterday to respond to statements that if left uncorrected become facts.

Its not that the statements are lies just a reflection of how what was said gets the three and fourpence treatment or a comment needs to be informed, even if the point is unchanged.

A thing of beauty
If what you say about Lawwell being back to oversee the abuse case is true then we have to accept that. I would like to think he can ensure that anyone abused during this shocking period in our history is given the support and recompense they deserve.
As I said to BMCUW in response to a comment I was not saying PL was back to oversee the CA case. I reported that Graham Speirs and Harry Brady (Celtic Underground) in discussing why PL had returned offered the CA case as a reason. I have my own ideas that it is more to do with keeping cosy with UEFA but it is more than a hunch that needs more evidence to support.
This is a bit of info for yourself re James Forrest. If I remember correctly JF mentioned in his blog about PL’s history at Celtic his realisation BR was offski came at a meeting with PL.
I was at that meeting and JF was there as a witness to evidence I was handing over to PL/MN that a payable not a liability existed at end of March 2011 along with an explanation why it was overdue at 31st March. I find that memory can conflate events with the passage of time but luckily the Res12 Archive acts as a reference point. This link

takes you to the page and the date to read is 10 August 2018.

James was the blogger who attended and the two who did not are guys with a reputation of being close to PL. The aim of that meeting was to hand over the evidence and I do recall PL giving us some spiel about all being well no change in course before we cut to the chase and it may have been something that PL said that JF refers to, but I was focussed on the reason for the meeting and did neither read the lines nor between the lines iro BR leaving.

If JF met PL subsequently I’m not aware and do not know why he would have got an invite. The invitation to that Aug 2018 meeting came from me for the purpose stated. I also doubt that JF KNEW there was trouble at mill, perhaps he suspected it but did not want his speculation to cause division in the support as I think happened when the rumours all was not well started to circulate.

As I said in my opening sentence this information does not invalidate your view but it may influence your thinking now you have another piece of the jigsaw.


Yes if you want to curry favour at Celtic you must tread a careful path.

Blogs are what they are and in commercial enterprises like the Celtic Blog and CQN having an inside track is so important

Being uninformed ruins a sites credibility…

My disappointment with Sentinel Celts being misinformed on Peter Lawwell’s return means that I look again at the site for lively debates and interesting opinions but as far as insights go, zero cred I’m afraid.
I was one of the guys who thought it highly unlikely PL would return and said so on SC but not just because a source in Dublin was giving out misinformation.
I thought it inconceivable that having lied to an AGM audience in 2019 PL could Chair the next AGM without a resolution asking him if he lied to shareholders at the 2019 AGM. It should not be difficult to get 100 shareholders to sign up to that and it does not have to wait until the 2023 AGM.
There is another reason I thought PL return unlikely that I hope I can refer to by Xmas that makes me think Michael Nicholson is an honest own man like Ange and not likely to put up with any form of mendacity that might affect the relationship he has with Ange.

There is a bigger picture that we are not seeing that might explain PL’s return but we are too close to it to see it all.

I note your clarification to BMCUW and as he said the guys do take the views of authors into account on matters of what and when they publish. Great to work with.
Rebus 67.

Good to see you back and in good humour.

My point to ATOB at the start applies to ” In the middle of melee, there arrived a herald for Sir Auld of the Heid. With a great flourish, he announced the latest news from the town. A lord, Peter of the Law and the Well, had been appointed to oversee a tricky lawsuit that was due to start in the courts. ”

Whatever the Herald said I only reported others had speculated on the reasonit, or thought I had, but I know in blogland as you probably do (an age thing) that ‘send three and fourpence we are going to a dance can turn up rather than the reinforcements requested to make an advance.


Good Morning Celts…

Yes Mahe, those big moments are crucial and too often Celtic fluffed their lines on the big occasion – do we need more experience for the players we have, or do we need players with more experience?

Auldheid @ 4:48 am,

Thanks for the clarification.

It seems that at least to an extent there was a case of hope over experience as regards Peter Lawwell’s return

Although that bum steer from Dublin is annoying, wonder if it was deliberate!?

So the question remains why has he returned?

This time I’m going experience over hope and that he’s back to do as he’s always done – the drip feed against Ange has already started on CQN – I’m going to read the writing on the wall

Have A Great Day

Aff oot

Hail Hail


Morning all
Naps a little shambolic at the weekend as one meeting after another fell victim to the weather. Questions being asked about the rather late call off at Newcastle, which was given the go ahead by the clerk, but jockeys and trainers were unhappy with the ground and ultimately their opinion won the day with the fixture sensibly canned for safety reasons.

Options were therefore limited for napsters with only 21 races to choose from across the Saturday and Sunday fixtures in Britain and Ireland.

The end result was that we had 5 winners in total. The favourite didn’t oblige in the last race ( both Saturday and Sunday actually), therefore any non runners which were not replaced went down as losers.

To the fab 5 who managed to find the winners enclosure.

16 roads and McCaff share top Bhoy status this week, just edging out Weet Weet Weet and Jimmy not Paul by half an SP point.

City escape stuck its neck in front at odds of 9/2, with Pocket the profit obliging by a comfortable 2l just an hour later at nice odds of 4/1.

Our host Bobby filled the final winners spot this week when his selection Manaafith crossed the line in front at 15/8.

I believe that completed the winning, but as ever, if you feel I’ve erred, be sure to flag it up.

Table will be updated within the hour. I just need to re read the Saturday blog to establish if McCaff and JNP were involved in some sort of jiggerypokery. I’m sure there’s a breach of the rules in amongst their exchanges on Saturdays blog, if there’s not, I’ll find something. 😁

On a serious note, thanks to all for sticking with it on Saturday/Sunday, given the constantly moving goalposts and congratulations to Bobby, WWW and 16 roads.

Oh, and McCaff and JNP, well done too.



Gritted teeth emoji.




Congrats to our first finalists in the WC sweep

Danny Mac + Friedsorfer

Both on Argentina . 👏👏👏


Week 25 update

Bobby now breathing down the neck of St Tams. Only the equivalent of an 11/8 shot behind.

McCaff edging up the table too, sitting in 5th with WWW maintaining his challenge.

16 roads back in the winners enclosure with JNP and they sit in 7th and 8th spots respectively.

Well done all.

St Tams £31.50

BMCUW £29.12

Cosy Corner Bhoy. £26.50

Big Packy. £18.52

McCaff. £16.08

Weet Weet Weet. £14.26

16 Roads 10.33

JNP. £8.58

Jobo. £5.25

DRM. £4.62

VP. £4.38

Twisty. £3.33

Danny Mac. £3.08

CRAIG76. £3.50

BADA £3.38

Mahe. £0.50

Charlinic. £0.28

Call me Gerry. -£2.75

CCE. -£4.87

GFTB. -£7.00

Jungle Gerry. -£7.00

Lefty. -£9.12

Gordon. -£11.17

Leggy. -£16.00

Chalmersbhoy. -£16.13

Jim. -£16.91

BRRB. -£22.38

The Real McCoy. -£25.00

It started off with…”We won’t be deleting posts from this site, or introducing sneaky and underhand filters, to block posts from those with a different view point, because they don’t reflect the narrative in the article, or those who write articles, that practice will not be entertained on here, we don’t have to look too far to see how unacceptable this practice is.” Hmmm.

Then the back peddling started…”We won’t tolerate posts which criticize any other blog or the contributors to other blogs.”

Then the building of bridges began between SC and CQN, posts on SC were deleted because they cited CQNs collusion with Lawwells grubby dealings, the HUGELY covered up by both SC and CQN, the big lie ticket pricing, scandal, etc, which is still covered up by both SC and CQN aha, and has since 2016, 2 grubby blogs, with back doors? Hmmm.

Then the bonding began when the Superbru charity initiative was finally undertaken, after the grubby ditching of the charity that was all but accepted in the 1st place, from Chalmersbhoy. Hmmm.

And loads of other stuff.

SC and CQN will not seek to get to the point of Celtcs complicity issues, by making alliances with other Celtic supporting outlets to pursue a campaign of withholding ticket monies untill the PLC is forced to resign after a 6 week period following season ticket renewal deadline, when the share price would crash, meaning that the PLC would’ve failed and would have to be replaced by new faces and a new methodology, run the club from ticket sales and also player sales, just like it is just now, just like Hearts for example are run.

We don’t need invisible boards to sell us out anymore.

SC and CQN is sweety wife orientated, anyone who is not from that type of background, will be viewed as a troublemaker, especially by those types who will simply not accept alternative facts, or the other side of any particular story.

Craig 76

Your last post is still up and has not been deleted or fell foul of any filters, you posted it on the end of the dirtiest game article, it’s there for all to see


I have a brother in law who is a millionaire….a self made one at that. Not too long ago, I had two brothers in law who were millionaires…both self made. Each made their piles in different industries so they provided interesting case studies of what it takes to succeed to a high level of financial success…to be, what many, would call…Successes!

Although each of these individuals had different personalities, they shared one characteristic in common. They were hungry to learn new things. Even after retirement, they had to challenge themselves. In my opinion, that will never change. The need to attack a challenge is simply part of their being. They need to be in the game, irrespective of how much they have accrued. Once upon a time, for them, it was the end point of the game that mattered, now it is simply being in the game that is important.

I have no idea what motivated PL to come back, if he was ever away. In fact, I do not care why he was appointed, nor why he accepted his upcoming appointment. Perhaps, he simply needs to play the game, or, perhaps, a new game is about to begin.

What is important is that he is back. That fact still resonates cruelly with me. It is probably the only aspect that will be a fact in the whole affair. Everything else will be speculation and opinions to most.

A psychologist friend once said to me that it is not what is happening that is important, it is the effect that it has on you that matters.

Ponder this. How many of us thought that it was extremely unlikely that PL would occupy a senior position within the club again? After some initial doubts, I was firmly in that camp. And yet, look at what has come to pass! So, now that PL is about to assume a non executive function within the club, how much faith can we have that he will not “interfere” ? At Celtic, it appears that unlikely events do become realities.

As usually, we shall just have to wait and see what the future brings, or find a cure for addiction.

Most importantly, to all those out there who are experiencing some health challenges, I have some understanding of what you are going through. I wish you the best.


Morning all and Twisty! The havoc to the Card on Saturday was a blessing in disguise for me and a couple of others. My original choice would’ve bombed no doubt!! The sweetness of an unexpected Reserve win is matched only by the nuanced praise! Cheers, Twisty… gritted teeth or no!!!
GiruyCSC 🤣🤣🤣


Twisty/McCaff 6.12/ 8.15.
Sweet as nectar.


McCaff – Jimmy NP
Pair of fekkin rogues. 😁

The abandonment of Newcastle was painful. My own horse was due to make her handicap debut, and the trainers comment was “ I think she’ll be involved in the finish”

Given she was a working man’s price at 16’s to 20’s, I’d a bit of hope that the wife’s Xmas present was gonna be covered. Indeed I’d already checked the route planner to find out where the nearest Cartier shop was.

Hey ho. Just one of these things so I’ve had to reassess my options.

I’ll pop out today and get her second choice present.

Now – can anyone help- where’s the nearest Poundland?

Ali's Emporium

Come in! Come in! I have all the beautiful trinkets, rings and things that sparkle in the light! A ring for you beautiful lady you say? Ah she must be special to you…have a look at this, Sir. Too cheap you say…yes, yes of course, how silly of me!! This, Sir is perfect for your beautiful lady…



I know we are all enjoying the naps competition-again,grateful thanks for your efforts and generosity-but the most striking thing about it is that there are almost 2/3 of the entrants in profit,even so deeply into the competition.

17 out of 27 entrants in profit shames the professionals in the Racing Post napsters competition,I would think. Amazingly consistent tipping from all.


Ali ( McCaff)


You fellas at the top are doing brilliantly. Very consistent.

There’ll be a few more twists and turns as we move forward. Many ( including myself) will be searching for big prices to try and close in, and no doubt someone will land one. TRM already looks in that direction weekly, and I’m sure he’s one good week away from careering up that board.

I think the competition is good fun – costs nothing – and has been especially fun whilst the SPL is in limbo.

I appreciate the platform you provide .

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. That was a great read, Mahe, thank you. Who knows – it could be a big moment tonight that finally ends Morocco’s involvement; or turns it the other way.
Twisty / Bobby – for some of us (that’ll be me) being in profit isn’t so much down to consistency as picking just one big winner. I think I managed one around 16/1 and I’m still dining off that!

bada bing1

Between 30 and 50 souls lost in the English Channel ,these days you have to check if it’s actually 2022….

The Gombeen Man

Morning All,

You’ll all be relieved to read that I don’t have much time this morning but I just wanted to acknowledge Mahe’s article and all the contributions from posters.

Wee moments like Messi’s run and pass for the third goal last night have an unerring way of providing a joy that no suit, coach or pundit can ever touch.

In the same way there’s something about Celtic that no passing event or individual can touch.

That’s deeper than an addiction, much more valuable.

It can be painful when things don’t play out as we understood them but what’s ultimately revealed is what Celtic are about.

Have a great day.



Last night was Messi at his imperious best,like a throwback to a decade ago. It was a pleasure to watch him in action. If he performs to that level again on Sunday and finally wins the world cup,there can be few who would quibble with him being regarded as the GOAT.



Utter madness to launch a dinghy into the channel at this time of year.



Your system is working a treat,I’m sure there will be other little rays of sunshine to come!



Correct. We leave our malcontent selves behind when we leave the pub for the match.

St tams

Good article Mahe.
On the experience issue.
I would say we need better quality that more experience.
Especially in the forward areas.

Twisty, thanks for the time and effort you put in for naps competition. 👍

When the third goal went in last night, I was shouting as if Celtic scored. What a genius Messi is.


World Cup penalties.

My theory, based in neuroscience and perfected over forty years, has lead to a 100% conversion rate.
Okay, I only ever took four which despite being centre forward, I was never the best fighter in any teams I played in.
The theory I hear you say…
On entering the field of play I noted which foot the keeper kicked with ( no, not the West of Scotland iteration) and in the event of a penalty and the kick being struck true, firing it to his opposite side would result in a score.
As a youngster I would often be elected to keep goal by the bigger lads and fancied myself a Lev Yashin. Being right handed and footed ( 90% ) it was always easier to dive that way than left ( 6%).
Ah but what about the remaking four per cent who are ambidexterous? That is easily overcome by using the Tommy Gemmell method.
Should you counter with the right side controls left and vice versa argument that is easily dismissed as everyone knows keepers have no brain in the first place !


The Hotspur
Brazil 1970 and their influence on street football in Coatbridge,
Kes” Hines, B
‘That boys, is how you take a penalty,” Sugden, Mr.
In praise of the ‘backies’ system.
The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty, Hankie, P. 1970


Interesting day on SC yet again. Keep up the good work guys.
My mum has ended up in hospital again. QE University in Glasgow. Spent 7 hours phoning yesterday before a hacked off patient got out of bed and answered. She kindly found a nurse for me to speak to.
Stopped off on the way up from snowy, icy Cheshire. I understand it’s shorts and tee shirt weather in Glasgow. Can anyone confirm that.

A thing of beauty

As bmcuwp said this is not the time of year to launch a dinghy into the channel but that is the exact problem. These people are so desperate they are willing to risk the shite life they have to get here in even the most dangerous circumstances. Tragic.
It was never my intention to attribute words to you that were not your own and I acknowledge Lawwell coming back to see out the abuse case was mooted by Harry Brady. Apologies.
Frodsham Bhoy,
Hope your wee mum picks up. She’s bounced back before if I recall correctly.

bada bing1

ATOB- nail on the head….

Angel Gabriel

Afternoon all …… thawing oot , after being up a communications pole in minus 5 degrees….. now a balmy minus 1 .

Some cracking posts and thoughtful article .

Bmcuwp. I once installed an internet line into the house of a dude with pictures of horses everywhere. I asked if he liked a bet . No I never bet on horses was the reply.
His first port of call on his now connected laptop was Betfair .
He didn’t bet on horses, he layed them.
He was a professional, with a good system that involved the RP naps comp.
Basically he said their tips were shite .
The figures didn’t lie . He wouldn’t make as much laying the tips on here.
Twisty . Top man and generous with your time. Best of luck with the horse .

Just to clarify….. it wasn’t Harry Brady that mooted the reason for PL’s return. It was his host on a podcast with a paywall. Graham Speirs , who was very diplomatic on how he framed his thoughts. Harry Brady didn’t want PL back , but Speirs thought it might be based on what’s coming Celtics way .
Speirs said what’s coming Celtic’s way won’t be pleasant. He just thought it would take a person with experience handling the media to help navigate the club.
It sounded feasible , despite my PL fears that are shared by Harry Brady. HH

Aff oot , and back up a pole .

Big Audio Dynamite

Frodshambhoy, hope your mum makes a speedy recovery, mate.


Rebus @ 8:08

Why has Peter Lawwell accepted the Chairperson role ? Good question .

It can’t be for the money as he has been very well remunerated after 18 years as the CEO. He is in his early 60’s and, I assume, in good health.

Could it possibly be that he cannot allow himself to go down in Celtic’s history as the man who was despised by a large body of the support. Not all, but a very sizeable chunk. Does Peter Lawwell feel genuinely aggrieved at the way he has been portrayed and now desperately seeks popularity.

What can he do to go from micro-managing DD puppet bean counter to top bloke, right up there with Fergus ? Not a lot and too late would be my opinion, but who knows .

Human beings seek approval and Peter Lawwell does not have the level of approval that he desires from the people he most desires it from. Us .


The Star Above The Crest


It’s my view the PL had visions of him being the CEO who got us The 10 and would retire after that season and get himself a statue outside Celtic Park alongside genuine club legends. That didn’t happen and now a number of fans are questioning his legacy and his stewardship of the club including our abysmal European record in his tenure. It seems his ego cannot or will not allow him to be an outsider as the club moves onto a new chapter, making greater strides in 18 months than we did in 18 years with him at the helm.

He should enjoy his retirement and leave it to those who are capable.



No need to apologise I never thought for a moment there was any malice in your post.

You are a good soul free of malice.

Others read posts though and it was more for them I posted before the idea PL was back for the CA case became mine.



Yup that CQN article is worrying as much for the thinking that doing the same thing is going to get a different result.

It is why I challenged the basis of it and you replied.

PL, indeed no one, has the power over others unless they give it away.

I’m not. Not without a challenge anyway.



I hope you are correct! I hate the thought of conspiracies!



Some thoughts on a couple of today’s topics.

Lieswell’s return. Some mention on Celtic blogs and postings of his ability in dealing with the media and the likely tsunami of negative press heading in the club’s direction over the imminent Celtic Boys club abuse court cases. Still can’t work that one out, PL, media savvy? Can’t recall him ever putting the SMSM in their place, or calling out obvious bias against the club. If i recall correctly one of his last media appearances was a bit of a disaster when he sort of apologised for the Dubai jolly during the Covid pandemic. Still, if we are looking for a lighthearted quip then he’s yer man.

Another tragedy in the channel with 4 migrants reported dead and 40 rescued. I myself am a product of immigration my parents having 1st met in London during the height of No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish. Both having left Ireland in search of work in England, one from Derry and the other from Bantry little chance of crossing paths if they had remained in Ireland. Along with most Irish, I feel an affinity with those forced to leave their native land due to persecution and looking for the chance of a better life. I do however struggle to understand why so many are so determined to reach the UK as opposed to staying in Germany or France for instance. I understand that some may have family in the UK but outwith that I see little attraction in risking so much to reach a state that is rapidly gearing up to pack them off to Rwanda as soon as it can. Legislation is being drafted to ensure that European laws can’t interfere with UK decisions. UK politics is worryingly increasingly veering to the far right. The Tories’ ploy to cut into Labour’s massive lead in the opinion polls and win the next general election seems to be based on migrant bashing, it will be the only realistic chance they will have to win the 2025 General Election.

bada bing1

The Star Above The Crest- post of the day

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, came on to post a few songs for jim, and see all the lawwell talk, the guy is a charlatan, a freemason and as close as you would get to a rangers luvvie, he should be nowhere near parkhead,, and if jim was still posting he would say the same, another true story👍

The Star Above The Crest


Thank you. He had a good run at it, he’s certainly left his mark (for better or worse).

We have a dynamic progressive football manager in place who seems to want to get to his peak as soon as possible, he’s united the fans and seems to have the full backing of the board.

Anything that could disrupt that shouldn’t be anywhere near Celtic.



Best wishes to your Mum.




Could it possibly be that he cannot allow himself to go down in Celtic’s history as the man who was despised by a large body of the support. Not all, but a very sizeable chunk. Does Peter Lawwell feel genuinely aggrieved at the way he has been portrayed and now desperately seeks popularity.
I think that might be part of his motivation but to get the redemption he seeks he will have to tell the Celtic support the truth about his handling of the consequences of Rangers being found guilty of fraud.

From my understanding of the consequences he has a case that he thought he was acting in the long term interests of Celtic as a club and PLC but made mistakes.

Who hasn’t done that?

But it’s his story to tell and no one elses.



Apologies for not responding to your blog earlier but I had to get my thoughts out in wee hours before I lost track.

I think your analysis is spot on.

The higher up the skill level you go, the more skills get cancelled out.

Goals change games and Messi should have that as one of his tattoos.


Thanks for the good wishes for my mum. She is making progress but will be in hospital for a few days.
I’ve made it to Merchant City for a well earned beer.

Could’ve done with Jobo at the hospital today to help me find my way in.


Don’t know what happened there – try again.

Thanks for the good wishes for my mum. She is making progress but will be in hospital for a few days.
I’ve made it to Merchant City for a well earned beer.

Main entrance to hospital was closed “due to weather”. Signs on doors said QUEH entrance closed please use RHC entrance.
No signs, arrows or words like go right or left. Just initials. I could’ve done with Jobo to decipher the code for me.

16 roads

Good afternoon CHAMPIONS!

Pointless me even commenting on the Peter Lawwell saga due to the fact that I don’t understand what’s going on – there just doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it.

Only Dermot Desmond knows why.

Supposed to be picketing tonight however won’t be able to make it to the line, due to the fact that I’ve got a bad cramp in my ribs – nothing to do with football, probably won’t even bother watching tonight’s game.

What I will say is this – I deplore marxist/communism and all it’s many forms, but I support my trade union 100 % – they are trying their best for the workers, can’t see us winning,at least we fought though.

Having a Guinness just now.

Thanks be to God:


big packy

FRODSHAMBHOY, best wishes to your mum👍


Reminder- Superbru predictor re-starts with tomorrow’s 8 pm kick off between Hibs and the Ibrox lot.

bada bing1

This prk of a commentator has a French accent all of a sudden


This game could be a beezer!


Wee French girl in O’Neils drinking pints and going crazy


Few years ago I thought our Moussa would’ve reached this level.
Pity he fell short

1 2 3