Big Game Weekend


Big game at the weekend,and one we have been waiting long long weeks for. On top of that,the World Cup reaches its climax on Sunday,a match where Messi may well get to have all of his dreams come true at long last,a World Cup winner’s medal to crown a glorious career. One which-and let’s be honest here-has brought significant pleasure to millions of fans of The Beautiful Game for many a year now. 

No longer the precocious crown prince,his longevity has allowed his skills this one last shot at glory. May the best team win. 

But the big news for millions of football fans worldwide is the return to action of Celtic. Exiled to the frozen wastes for the weekend,we may well be. And with the ground being essentially a beachfront attraction,it will be no place for the faint-hearted. If G-Mak is,as is being reported,having difficulties acclimatising to the weather in Scotland,he is in for another shock to the system. He’ll be running around with three Adam’s Apples!!! When that wind blows in off the North Sea,it can cut you in two. I’ve experienced it in the Beach End,the Town End and the paddock,running alongside the pitch. Made no difference whatsoever. 

Baltic!!! And brutal with it.

As far as I am aware,there are no injury issues heading into the match,though I expect to see CalMac replaced fairly early if we look to be in control of the match. I’m fairly confident that Hart and Ralston will start at the back,Starfelt too,but not so sure whether CCV will be ready yet. So possibly Jenz,with GT making up the back line. Mooy an early second half sub for CalMac,or one of the other two if required. If he is ready,of course!

CalMac,Matt and Reo for the midfield,with either Jamesie or Abada on the right,Kyogo through middle and Jota wide left to complete our forward line. Too early too for Maeda,though both he and CCV may just make the bench.  Dead easy,this management lark,eh?

This is the first of four games in eleven days before New Year,and as always,maximum points will be our target. There are no easy games for Celtic at any time,and we know the added complications involved with refereeing decisions even before the introduction of VAR. But let’s be honest here-the referees should prove to be our most difficult opponents if we simply play our own game. On paper,where games are rarely played for real! But even at that,I’m looking for us to retain our healthy lead at the top of the table as we head into the traditional New Year hatefest at Ibrox. 

And I’ll be looking to extend it still further on that occasion too…

Time will tell if the wait for the return of Real Football has been worth it,even if the World Cup has provided a decent distraction for us during the last five weeks. But I’ve a feeling that the players will be itching to get back into action every bit as much as we have been looking forward to it ourselves. And with a hugely disappointed Kyogo in particular looking to take out a grudge on every poor sod who gets in his way,I’m expecting a big few weeks of big,big performances. 

Grind the trailing opposition into the dust over this period,leave with full points,and we can surely look to 2023 with a case for justified optimism. The future is bright,even if the bloody weather is brutal!

Above article by BMCUWP

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Link to TWISTY Naps competition.

Watch out for abandoned meetings!


Mr Malaprop McCann

Some good Celtic supporters don’t / can’t watch Sevco, some even passed on their season tickets when they’ve arrived in Parkhead after 2012. Who could blame them, others have dissected Scotland’s every move in the new club’s short existence.

A SKY midweek follow, follow freebie was just what six months Cinchless FC ordered. New video assisted Rainjurz are still in Michael Nicholson’s ‘teething issues’ period, I wonder which one of the two Celtic types mentioned above he is. It was widely predicted so don’t be surprised when one hun referee ‘misses it’ the second one, will too.

Hibs ripped through the home side’s makeshift marvels and had VAR not been patched for another blatant Rainjurz ‘handball’ the visitors would have been 3-1 up? The second half capital capitulation was as inevitable as the Subway Loyal, exodus who don’t care what the score is with 15 to go, when there’s a clockwork orange to catch.

‘ Beale ball ‘ looked very familiar and had SMSM not been in full World Cup break champions mode, for the last four weeks, it’s beginning to look a lot like bullshit, everywhere they’ll go. Taking a bow to ‘Beale’s bears’ would have been bad enough, but taking plaudits from plastic seats is taking the piss?

Neil McCann’s continuous battle with the English language or any intellect, took another turn , but not in a good way. Having assured us the latest mysterious debris on the IBrokes pitch wasn’t meant to hit David Marshall because it had ended up wide of his goalposts, and all was well. Then Celtic supporters picked up his description of the first half play as being phonetic. Viewers think they know what word he meant, but couldn’t find, but then again maybe not.


Prestonpans bhoys

Good article Bobby.

So seriously the media say G-Mak and Scottish weather is being offered as a transfer reason. I’ve just came back from Holland where he’s worked for a good few years and its an ice cube. At Volendam the sea had ice floating in it.

Sounds pish to me😱😵

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here!
Thanks for the article Bobby. A Celtic Argentina double celebration would make for a good weekend.
And in addition to the domestic football, guess what else returns….


So, just 2 more Big Sleeps until we get to see The Champions play and I’m sure you know what that means – you got it, the ole Player Of The Year Poll is back. And even if you’ve never participated before why not consider making your opinions known for the 2nd half of the season.
If anyone wants a full explanation of how everything works just email me at the address below and I’ll happily provide the detail. But the main points to remember are as follows –
1. Importantly, its open to all and everyone to join in whenever they can. No need to register, sign up or pay fees as it’s just a bit of fun. No need to vote after EVERY game but just the ones you witness. And you don’t need to be in from the start – join in any time so spread the word around!
2. All each person does is watch the game, decide which 3 players in your opinion performed best on any given day and then stick the 3 names in an email to me at SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM .
3. You don’t have to put your 3 nominations in order and neither do you have to explain your reasoning behind your picks. Whilst I’m always happy to read every email I don’t always have time to reply to everyone so those detailed thoughts might be better put onto the blog? Especially those lurkers who regularly join in on the voting 😉
4. I then add up the votes cast and issue the results for that game, usually between 10.00pm and 10.30pm on the evening following the game. These will be posted on Sentinel Celts and CQN but, again, I’ve no problem if they are then copied elsewhere.
5. For each game, the Man Of The Match (as voted by you, readers!) wins 5 points. Next best gets 4, next gets 3 etc. These points accumulate on a game by game basis to eventually determine our Player Of The Year.
6. Finally, please remember that absolutely anyone is welcome to join in, whether you post on here, post elsewhere, lurk, or even just know someone who posts or lurks. So, I’m happy for you to encourage friends, family etc to have their opinions counted too.
I look forward to a mountain of emails flooding in on Saturday and Sunday. The more I get the less time I have for drinking so you’re doing me a real service here!
Thanks for reading this far.

bada bing1


Same as it ever was,mate. Should have led to VAR referral,at least.

Sol Kitts

Got to feel a bit sorry for the punter who placed a bet at 28/1 on Argentina to win the World Cup, was looking good for him until he was told that he’d bet on the Argentinian RUGBY team. Oops. Hope he hadn’t already spent his “winnings.”


In light of last night, awaiting the ‘frozen pitch ‘ shout from Aberdeen for tomorrow.
Fine for Tuesday.

Not paranoid enough CSC

bada bing1
St tams

Bobby I would expect Haksabanovic to start up front.


Due to there only being all-weather meetings still scheduled for tomorrow,the Naps will extend over all meeting in the UK and Ireland on both Saturday and Sunday.

Similar to last weekend,sadly,but this time with a little more warning!

Any unreplaced non-runners will be replaced by the favourite in the last race on Sunday.



Good shout. He has been impressive to date.



If a price looks to be true,there’s always a very good reason for it. Stupid bugger!


Greetings all, from an Invigilation Room in Dundee University! Have not been on for a while as I’ve been fairly busy with this exam malarkey.

Just noted that Twisty has allocated me to Argentina..! Very kind Sir, I won’t be hypocritical and say that I want them to win, regardless of Messi. Bunch of dirty thugs and diving, cheating barstewards, imo of course. Allez les Bleus.

If I should win ( along with Danny of course), then any prize to Mary’s Meals if that is appropriate.

Hope everyone is as well as can be in these hard days, and looking forward to seeing the Celts tomorrow.

HH from a snowy, and cold Dundee.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Awe Naw, that is a stunningly articulate series of statements from Marvin Bartley in his row with the clown Tam Cowan, exceptional reading under terrible circumstances.

I know all too well what it’s like to be picked on for no good reason al all and the upset & anger it causes.

At least Cowan apologised.

Craig 76


Gordon64 Celtic FC Foundation | Simon Community Scotland welcomed to Celtic Park for Christmas lunch

See the Huns and VAR 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

It never will happen, lesser shite never happened.

It’s their cuntry…. Get used to it…

Tomorrow, I expect at least 2 (Dodgy) pens for the sheep so, looking for us to score at least 5 to still be competitive (Remember that ????)….


Prestonpans bhoys


I said on here or the other channel, that if I coached a team against us, I would ask my players to blooter the baw into the box. Any hit on the arm would be viewed by var and eventually a penalty given


Martin O’Neill Tracks of My Years

Prestonpans bhoys,

Never saw their game last night (Emmerdale Ya Bass 😁)

Saw on here 1-0 Hibs, then The Lodger Shouts from the LR 1-1 then, 2-1 Hibs and, then possible penalty to Hibs, right away I said No Chance – It was a Stonewaller – have Hibs complained?



Just under 13hrs to go till kick off against the dons.
Always enjoyed my trips up to pittodrie,bus leaving at 8am fully loaded! first we were in the paddock then then beach end.Many happy memories of visiting pittodrie apart from the game when Frank Mcdougall scored 4 but the supporters bus still partied going home.
Hope all the fans tomorrow have a great day but you cannot beat a 3pm kick off at pittodrie,win,lose or.draw!.


That’s very poor in any language.
Even bp has not posted today!.
Hope you are well amigo, as is jtt53.

Looking forward to seeing the celts in action tomorrow.
I say 3 nil to the good ghuys
Jota first goal.

Mags/the nabbla
You both carry on ruining this fine Celtic blog.
After the world cup predictor I’m out for good.
I have 2 days left before i Leave.
For good.


The Banshees of Inisherin is well worth a watch. Superb performances by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson



The Nabbla

I am not your problem,and I am not this blogs problem either,whatever way your language designs me,Mags may well be a reason for leaving the site,it is certainly not me.i mainly post obscure electronic music(well any obscure music thread)and posts of any pamphlets/books on Celtic.i don’t join any narrative group thought as simply I am not here away bout Celtic,or am sure you’ll have community here,real friends to converse with bout Celtic,but just to
repeat,I am not your problem,keep enjoying Celtic.keep posting and Hail Hail

The Nabbla

Pete Shelley Homosapiens

The Nabbla

Soft Cell


Chalmersbhoy and Nabbla… two great guys posting different stuff. For what it’s worth I think there was a misunderstanding last week leading to two unneccessarily defensive posts!
Chalmersbhoy, you’ve proved your worth to the blog on many occasions and as I’ve said before we can ill afford to lose quality people.
Nabbla, I think you got caught in the crossfire of an argument/discussion that you had no beef in. Keep posting your tunes man! I love ’em!!

Just had a Christmas Film night! Beer, wine, sweeties, crisps, Chinese takeaway, Elf and Christmas With The Kranks!
What a magic way to start the holidays!!

The Nabbla

Frankie goes to Hollywood

Ballad of 32.

Thank you McCaff.
Will try tomorrow night if I can.:-)
Celtic victory.

16 roads


The Banshees of Inisherin is well worth a watch. Superb performances by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson

December 17, 2022 1:18 am


Went to see in the pictures.

People were laughing, and I was sitting there puzzled,thinking why are they laughing?

Genuinely thought it was supposed to be a serious film until a got home and did some research – film is a dark comedy.

Perhaps I just didn’t have the intelligence to get it – in saying that, first time a seen Trainspotting I thought it was tripe, watched it again and thought it was outstanding.

Definitely going to watch the Banshees again, probably will think it’s good now that I know it’s not serious.



16 Roads

Re the Banshees of Inishereen.
Stick with it.
Saw it when it first came out a few weeks ago.
Brilliant movie with fantastic performances by all concerned.
I’d call it a tragi-comedy. Some laugh out loud moments and real tragedy. The nature of relationships, ( over)dependence, fractured and loss. One world weary friend searching for more meaning to their life whilst another is happy with dull routine.
Mirroring what is happening on the mainland- it’s 1923.

Definitely worth another watch. I will watch it again.
Gleason and Farrell particularly are fantastic.

Craig 76

You need to pick another Nap, Ascot is cancelled


Morning all from Frodsham.
Can’t believe how good the roads were coming down from Glasgow last night.
Feeling confident about today.