Captains step up

It was always about the win. After such a long lay off some sense of familiarity was going to be lost, momentum there to be picked up again not simply carried on as usual. That’s not how real life works, are you at your optimum on your return from holiday? No, and neither were the Bhoys.
33 shots on target with a single return tells me match fitness is needed to sharpen up the group.
Thankfully there’s plenty of games coming up.
It’s understandable, that’s life, and as stated it was always about the points.
The points we finally ground out, the type of points that win leagues. Even when the team underperformed, they found a way to win, that’s a very good sign.
I like a Captain who takes matters into his own hands, one that leads by example. Upon his return Calmac saved our blushes and cemented his credentials as a definite first pick when available.
He must play, but where exactly is a different debate. I suggest not as the deep lying midfielder, the fact he can score reinforces letting him off the leash.
Bring in Mooy and push him up the field please Ange.
Sunday’s big clash was a pleasant surprise. A true spectacle of football emerged that had almost everything. My one gripe was the lack of crowd noise, they were almost silent for periods during the biggest game in the world.
Never again shall I witness a player score four goals in the World Cup final yet end up on the losing side, an incredible statistic. My big takeaway is both teams scoring while they were on top, fully taking advantage of the situation. Argentina dominates the first half and scores two, then France reciprocates. Both took their chances, capitalized on the dominance. Mark of a good team, and somewhere we should aspire to be.
As for Captain Leo, well done. He may not have delivered the cup singlehandedly ala Diego, but I believe his very presence gave his teammates some vital belief in themselves. Their talisman helped bond the team into a very good unit, they realized they always have a chance of scoring when he’s conducting affairs and took much heart from that fact.
That first half won them the game in my book, that deserved two goal cushion was the difference maker, the platform for victory. Through talent, willpower, and space opening up another Argentine goal later in the game was almost inevitable, essentially the first half left their opponents needing four goals to win.
That’s a lot to ask, too much as it proved.
Penalties are a toss up, but the more often a player has experienced very big moments the less they should phase him, in theory anyway.
Leo knows big pressure, and by coolly slotting away that first penalty gave his team the platform for success. Even though I fancied Lloris to save at least one due to experience, it was the younger South American stopper who got big calls correct on the night to cap off a marvelous game of football and a tournament that truly delivered on the pitch.
It was a very good weekend for the captains of Celtic and Argentina.
By Mahe

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Good evening, friends. It’s great to be back!!
When there’s nothing to watch on the telly of an evening I often find myself checking the ‘Live football on TV site’. And if I find a game from an obscure league or even the English Championship or whatever, if it’s a 3rd v 1st game I’m likely to tune in and see a good competitive match. Any neutral from outside Scotland doing that yesterday would have been extremely disappointed and would likely have turned off long before the end. What an anti-advert for Scottish football Aberdeen served up yesterday.
Celtic of course did their best with over 30 attempts on goal and over 80% possession. And fortunately, the good guys eventually secured the deserved 3 points. If you’re going to win a game 1-0, scoring very late (rather than very early) is definitely the way to do it.
And finally, at long last, Celtic play a domestic game without a single VAR intervention. Not sure how long that’ll last but my guess is around 3 big sleeps!
Domestically we have now played 18, winning 17 and losing 1. We have scored 59 and conceded 13. Read those stats again and appreciate just how well we have performed domestically this season!
As for the voting, a great turnout for this one and a really big thanks to the 65 who emailed me with their 3 personal superstars. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –
Hart: 0
Ralston: 3
Carter-Vickers: 9
Starfelt*: 25
Taylor: 17
McGregor*: 65
O’Riley: 8
Hatate: 2
Maeda: 0
Kyogo: 0
Jota: 2

Abada*: 49
Giakoumakis: 0
Turnbull: 1
Forrest: 13
Mooy: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Aberdeen are –
McGregor – 5 pts
Abada – 4 pts
Starfelt – 3 pts
Taylor – 2 pts
Forrest – 1 pt

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Captain McGregor is the first player this season to receive a vote from every single voter!!

And after 24 games the overall standings are as shown below –
52 points – Hatate
36 points – Taylor
34 points – Jota
32 points – Carter-Vickers
28 points – O’Riley
24 points – McGregor
22 points – Jenz
18 points – Abada
16 points – Kyogo
15 points – Haksabanovic and Mooy
13 points – Giakoumakis
12 points – Juranovic
9 points – Bernabei, Starfelt and Welsh
6 points – Forrest and Ralston
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Hart
3 points – Maeda
0 points – Abildgaard, McCarthy and Siegrist

Our next game is a home tie against Livingston this Wednesday with a 7.45pm kick off.
Hail Hail!


Morning Mahe

Fine points, eloquently made.

On Celtic v Aberdeen how many shots were blocked by defenders until we engineered a clear sight of goal for Calum to score?

How difficult is it to get through a packed 6 yard to 18 yard box?

I only mention because Livi are likely to follow that tactic along with most other teams in the league.

It’s a tactic that forces us to play across the park for periods which I think influences our judgement on performance. It wasnt great but still good enough to win eventually.

On the World Cup. Viva el futbol, Vive le football. After 80 minutes of Argentine superiority that made it a mismatch, the French came to life but Didier De Champs must regret not pulling Dembele and Giroud earlier. Dembele was having a mare and Santa Maria was riding it.

The French lanky lads were being rag dolled by their smaller but beefed up opponents who could play a bit when they got the ball, which was a lot.

Then the kid who scored in 16 seconds after coming on v Morroco showed his fellow under performers what was needed. Griesman was invisible and subbed too late but in De Champs position do you go for tried and tested or young bucks lacking experience?

I think if Didier kent then wit he kent noo it would have been more of a match over 90 minutes, but that would be churlish as the remaining minutes that I put at 55 minutes, 10 , 10at, 35 et , produced a spectacle that no one watching will ever forget.

Being an old hand I’m begrudging to Argentina, memories of Buenos Airies and play off in Uruguay plus the behaviour of the Argie contingent playing for Atletico Madrid at Celtic Park still linger. Sleekit is the word along with two others Mad Mitch will get DBs.

Why it lingers is that the Argentine players are so good they do not need to resort to professional fouls though that is no longer the sole province of Argentine.

So when France scored my YASSS told me where my heart lay but at the end of the day my head told me that Messi is something else I’ve been lucky to watch and his fellow players can all play a bit.

Last point. How the eff is a guy called MacAllister not playing for Scotland?


What date is the hoot in EK in January? I’m in Dublin 24-27. Who are these people?


Good article, realistic.
I was surprised at some criticism Celtic were receiving, in real time, in Social Media.
As you have alluded to, some folks don’t live in the real world.
As for the World Cup, since I bet Argentina, I was delighted.
I cashed out when it was 2.0 so only cost me a fiver, I’m glad I did though, it meant I could enjoy the whole game.
As for crowd noise, I’m guessing you station of choice muted the crowd, ITV were being bombarded, on Social media, by folks asking them to either turn commentators volume up or crowd down, as they couldn’t hear commentators because of noise of fans.
It seems the modern way, for a lot of stations, to mute the crowd, I’m with you, it slightly spoils the experience.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Monday. The countdown to Christmas enters its final week peppered with 4 games to interest us – they who shall not be named have 2 trips up north to Pittodrie on Tuesday and Dingwall on Friday. We enjoy (hopefully!) 2 home games with Livingston visiting on Wednesday and St Johnstone on Christmas Eve. Will the points gap still be only 9? Hmmmm

Jobo Baldie

Chalmersbhoy – tanks for the World Cup Competition. Donation sent to Call Me Gerry’s nominated charity.
As others have hinted at, please don’t be a stRANGER!!!!!! 🙂



Let me add my plea that you stay on the blog. Yes, it can frustrate at times, but it is massively a force for good.

Recently, I decided to withdraw over the appointment of PL but I found I was mainly punishing myself. Stay on, do it for yourself! Besides where else can you go?

You are needed here,


bada bing1

Chalmersbhoy- Twists- well done again Bhoys

bada bing1

Seems a fair bit of damage to concourses and kitchens at CP from burst pipes

St tams

Mac Allister , is of Irish descent. 2 brothers called Kevin and Francis


Normally I would never “dream” of telling you what I dreamt last night but today is the exception. I dreamt about the WC final.

What a game! I started from the position that I did not like either of the finalists. Like Auldheid I have bad memories of the Argies, especially playing for Athletico Madrid. I also thought they were throwing their weight around in earlier games in Qatar. However, there was the question of Messi. Contrasted with the Portuguese spoiled boy, he deserved to capture this trophy for his country.

Then there was the French. A team full of beautiful players that was balanced in the continuum between skill and physicality, plus they had Griezmann. However, I sensed an arrogance or entitlement about them…..not from their coach but from some of the players. On the other hand, the South Americans played like a team that was prepared to give its all, plus a bit more. Everything would be left on the pitch.

Think of the emotional roller coaster that the Argies must have been on, especially Messi. Dominate for 80 odd minutes against a team that seemed in shock about a scenario that they could do nothing about. Then the main area of weakness was exposed…..the centre of the Argentine defence. Both CBs were vulnerable to long balls over the top. Romero had the rashness to give away a penalty as he is slow on the turn. However, ironically, it was his teammate whose age was exposed. Three minutes later, the impossible had happened and the game was tied! Imagine the turmoil in the Argentine team! Basically, they were on the ropes.
Then into extra time, where the French strangely abandoned the key to their unexpected success…..the long ball into the heart of the Arg. Defence. Messi scores….surely that is it! Nope, the modern interpretation of the game conspired to take the momentum away from our South Americans. Technically a penalty but, Oh, this aspect of officiating has to change. Punishing an action that is all but a natural movement, simply has to be a backward step for the game!

Finally, the penalty shootout and the grim reality that there could be only one winner.

That game, when will we see yer like again!

What will be the fallout? Firstly, will the sheer spectacle of an exciting tournament eclipse the disgusting politics and corruption behind it? Will the clawing presence of Infantino finally steer the FIFA ship onto the rocks? What kind of pushback will some of the more influential FAs institute?

Will Moroccan football be plundered for its riches of talent? Have we seen the zenith of Belgian football…one that never quite fulfilled its potential? How quickly will the Germans rebuild…..because be assured, they will? Will Scotland learn anything from the emerging teams in this tournament? I think I can answer the latter, at least!



St Tams,

Yes, Mac is of Irish descent but, according to TGM, also of Scottish descent, prior to his Irish ancestry.

He is quite a player….very Davie Hay like. His days are numbered at Brighton. He probably has about 30 left before he is off to something like Chelsea.


Ali's Emporium

Rebus…kinda watched the game in a crowded Granary in Shawlands, good to see it as busy for the first time really since before Covid!! Anyhoo, I’ve got a young pal form Argentina, living over here just now so for his sake it had to be Messi and Argentina for me (I’ve had a soft spot for the Argies since Kempes scored for fun in ’78). In the toilet at halftime my mate said to me “Big Aly will be worried noo, the French will be on the hunt in the second half!” “No way, 2-0 up and coasting, there’s no danger here!!” Famous last words…what a final. I feel privileged to have witnessed it!


Sorry Rebus…forgot to change my moniker! Not Ali’s Emporium only me!!



It’s time that I tried the multiple personalities thing!

Who shall I be?



This is an anonymous blog…you can be whoever you want to be!


…a red knight, a hunter, a cook, a caveman, a balloonist…


Need to head out now for a bit of Christmas shoplifting…catch you all later!!


Celtic…81% possession…8 fouls ( of course, it’s ‘possible’)
Dons…19% possession…8 fouls
A pie…£4.10
None of these facts makes sense.

The Gombeen Man


Great game yesterday. Fantastic tournament.

A number of the Irish MacAllister’s golf at Beaverstown Golf Club, Donabate. The clubhouse was bedecked in Argentinian colours yesterday.

There wouldn’t of been a mention of the derogatory label ‘Argies’, an unconscious European slur.

Argentina is the product of course, of European colonialism. The indigenous population were slaughtered and Europeans planted in their place.

I posted this before the semi-final.

Alexis MacAllister, Donabate to Doha

Some months ago while watching an EPL game involving Brighton I heard the name MacAllister mentioned. The revelation that the tough, ginger haired Alexis MacMacAllister is Argentinian came as a bit of a surprise. There goes any hope of a new recruit for Scotland or Ireland, I thought.

Alexis MacAllisters’ ancestors arrived in Argentina from a small rural village called Donabate, in North County Dublin.

Approximately 600,000 Argentinian folk have Irish ancestry. A similar number of Mexicans have Irish roots too. So it’s not too much of a surprise when an odd Irish or Scottish surname survives.

Joseph MacAllister left Donabate in 1865 for Argentina. Later he sent for his two nephews John and William. One was 8 and one was 10, the remaining family never heard from the boys again, the family lost touch.

These were the dark days of the aftermath of An Gorta Mór. One million lives lost and another million forced to emigrate.

In Donabate, the remaining MacAllisters apparently dropped the ‘a’ in Mac, in favour of the more anglicised equivalent – ‘Mc’. The family successfully integrated, making their living by farming.

Generations later a photograph in the Irish Times of Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dick Spring meeting the President of the Hurling Club in Buenos Aires, provided an unexpected reunion.

The President of the Buenos Aires Hurling Club had an uncanny resemblance to the McAllister’s in Donabate. His name – Dickie MacAllister

Contact was made and Dickie MacAllister forwarded a photograph of his lost ancestoral home, a cottage ‘somewhere in Ireland’. It turned out to be the old McAllister farm in Donabate.

Alexis MacAllister is a member of that extended, Irish – Argentinian Clan.

Alexis’ father, Carlos MacAllister was a very successful footballer in his own right (he played with Maradona). After football, Carlos entered politics. He served as the Minister for Sport in Argentina, 2015-2018.

Alexis has two brothers, Kevin and Francis both accomplished footballers

The boys have an Uncle Patricio, another ex professional soccer player.

All tough looking dudes.

The family even started a football club, Club Deportivo MacAllister, in their hometown of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

But what of the Irish McAllisters?

The family arrived in Donabate shortly after 1690. That couldn’t of been easy. Prisoners from the Battle of Aughrim were held locally, on Lambay Island, just off the coast from Donabate. Dangerous times with much resentment and hostility from the beleaguered locals.

There’s a steely pugnaciousness coupled with an admirable connection to their communities, in both the Argentinian and Irish McAllisters.

In a similar vein to the Argentinian MacAllister’s,
the County Dublin wing of the family are mainstays of their local GAA Club. Church notices also confirm that the McAllister’s play an important part in the life of St Patrick’s RC Church in Donabate.

Originally the MacAllisters came to Ireland as Galloglass warriors, fighting on behalf of the Lord of the Isles and Clan MacDonald of Dunnyveg, Argyll. In recognition of their courage and loyalty they were granted lands in Antrim by the legendary Sorley Boy MacDonnell.

Galloglass were crucial in the defence of Ireland and played a prominent role under Gaelic Chieftains for generations. English society was terrified by the prospect of them. Shakespeare immortalised them in the Scottish Play.

“The merciless Macdonwald,
Worthy to be a rebel, for to that
The multiplying villainies of nature
Do swarm upon him, from the Western isles
Of kerns and gallowglasses is supplied.”

Macbeth, Act 1 Sc2.

The McAllister’s integrated into local Irish society possibly too well, from a British perspective.

Noel McAllister is a well known locally and a highly regarded patriarch of the Donabate McAllister’s.

I’ll let Noel bring you up to speed with the recent exploits of the McAllister’s in County Dublin.

From : ‘Irish Life & Lore’

‘Noel explains that he heard some stories about life on the run from his uncle Charlie. Charlie McAllister’s role in 1916 was to act as a runner, ensuring that Benny and John McAllister and Charlie Weston were provided with food and clothing while they were staying away from home. They knew that the home farm was being watched so they had to avoid the place. Thomasina Weston, sister of Charlie Weston, was a member of Cumann na mBan, and just recently Noel has discovered that she hid Mike McAllister in her home to prevent his arrest. Noel reflects on the unpopularity of the Rising among the people of north Co. Dublin in general. An anecdote is told about a British officer who cursed the McAllisters’ house in Turvey (Donabate) and his ghost which has apparently been seen by several people…The McAllister family farmhouse was raided several times by the Black and Tans and badly damaged. If the McAllister men came home to help on the farm they would be informed upon and the house would be raided. Noel recounts an anecdote told to him by his mother about an incident involving Benny McAllister…Noel explains that Benny McAllister got one of the last guns from the boat at the Howth gun-running in 1914.”

Statement from Michael McAllister, Turvey, Donabate.

“I was born and reared where I now live at Turvey and went to school in Donabate and Swords. There was nothing of an ultra national nature in the curriculum of the schools then, and I felt it was from reading English papers that I developed any sense of patriotism I had. The English papers were very biased and hostile towards anything Irish. Any little concession tending towards further liberty for the people of this country was always the occasion for an outburst of hostility and puerile articles about Ireland.

The late Thomas Ashe was a frequent visitor to our house, where he used to play cards. On one occasion I mentioned to him that we in this country should have some kind of intelligence organisation to counteract the propaganda about this country in the English Press. He said we had such an organisation here and asked me if I would like to join. I said I would…”

Eyewitness Account, Thomas Ashe (Tomás Ághas).

Old Tales of Fingal 1984, An Taisce

The martyr, Thomas Ashe died as a result of forced feeding by members of the British authorities while on hunger strike in Dublin, 25th September, 1917.

From the Western Isles to Antrim to County Dublin.
To Argentina to Brighton, to Qatar and a World Cup Final.

Once a Galloglass – always a Galloglass. –

Alasdair Mòr macDòmhnaill,1st Chief of Clan MacAlister started something very special.

A postscript,

Tomás Ághas was originally from Kerry. His mother had a sister named Catherine Ashe.
Catherine emigrated to America and married a man called Sam Peck.

A grandson from that marriage was the legendary actor, Gregory Peck, the star iconic roles, like Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick, which was filmed in Youghal, Co Cork, in 1954.

Peck made frequent visits to Ireland during his life and funded a number of scholarships for aspiring actors.

Gregory Peck was so moved by the life of Tomás Ághas that he arranged for picture of Ághas to be displayed in Peck’s office on the set of the movie, ‘Other People’s Money.’

Ághas’ role in the movie?

The Irish patriot and martyr photograph was chosen to represent the founding father of Peck’s company. A decent company with traditional values under threat from an hostile approach from a ruthless capitalist, played by Danny DeVito.

– See attached,


Four Quid furra peh! That’s disgusting!!

bada bing1
bada bing1

A year ago today, Celtic beat Hibs 2:1 to win the League Cup.

Kyogo double. @Kyogo_Furuhashi



Agree with your view on CmcG — he is an AM’er who has a step / can play wide / is mobile / has a shot.
He is not a DM / pivot as his positioning can be poor and he is not great at tackling.

The whole team was shaking the rust out of their legs.
Lack of energy / urgency / innovation.
We can only get better.

Saturday’s goal was CMcG of 4 / 6 years ago.
Finds space — great strike / good finish.
First for quite some time.

2024 WC — very competitive but not great quality.
Best MF display — USA in a couple of games.

French team — nowhere near their best current 11.
A flock of pigeon toed fan dancers would suit too many of them.
Must be my age but so many were not household names to me.

Argentina team — played like a club side with some good players coming through.
Lots of energy with the possibility that they had too much energy.
interested to see their Opta stats.


How things might have been different 😱

What a save from Emiliano Martinez in the last minute of extra-time 🙌


Great pies can be found in establishments across the entire city of Glasgow, none better though, than a pie in Parkhead and with two home games on the bounce much munching, for Fatty.

Bovril with white pepper not salt, makes that wicked culinary combination that beat jungle spam rolls from a cardboard box into ignominy right by Janefield cemetery. Hole in the wall but we never stop catering and Qatari’s, you keep eating your heart out.

One pie 🥧 at a time sweet Ange CSC



I wish you had told me about your dream. I would have cashed in after 75 minutes.

Worse,I think that if I’d placed the bet with Bet365,they would have paid out in full after Argentina going 2 up. I’ll check that next time I place a bet on a single game-a rare occurrence for me,admittedly.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIM,from my auld memory the ghuy that came round with the spam rolls also had a cardboard box of cold sausage rolls, well definately in the rangers end anyway,,and BTW its salt in bovril not pepper,,another true story🤩🤩


BMCUW 1.52.
You are correct, 365 were paying out, If any team went 2 up.
So anyone who backed Argentina or a draw, over 90 mins, collected.



Lesson learned for future reference.


That Postecoglu weekend just booted obsessive pig sick Sevco bias into touch for yet another Merry Celtic Christmas? It’s a squad game and Ange delights in the five sub rule , two games in Parkhead now and much munching of pies for Fatty.

A perfectly functioning Celtic doesn’t just win difficult away fixtures, our victories include that common cause, clearly enjoyed by many nationalities and cultures. Having a better squad, having a leader, and no time for napping makes the bhoys smile.

Celtic remain a miraculous football club,in a city where darkness pervades round every corner even if it’s just in the form of the milkman or the Amazon man. All along the wrong side of the Clyde from quay to quay, news portals for their next door neighbours born from succulent lamb that went plain bad, not baa.

A blanket sports news editorial, that makes fanzines that were created before the club look respectable and misses the evidence ignored by not one, but now two including video assisted referees. Thanks to the same ‘advances’ Celtic supporters have the proof on digital tap, no TV replays, no comment, cheating stacked up, against Celtic’s only likely rival.

No scrutiny, no revision, no tax , no neck helped kill one club along the way of its maniacal pursuit of Celtic. Hamdump and SMSM seem hell bent on doing it all over again in the masonic merry go round of rule breaking, loans, and lone Rainjurz the categoric licence thieves.

Merry World Cup weekend before Christmas Mr Brown Brogue.

200 goals under


Unsung hero for our goal on Saturday was Carter-Vickers. if you watch it back he faints to drive at the box and in doing so drags out Ramadani from the low block, that opens the space for the Forrest McGregor interchange. Something to consider going forward as this won’t be the last anti football set up we’ll see this week let alone this season.



Good stuff,and yes-two very enjoyable games,if for different reasons. Watching Celtic trying to break down those stubborn defences can sometimes be like a penance for being bad in a previous life. But at the end of every penance is redemption and the pleasure of a clear conscience.

(Damn,I was saving that line for tomorrow’s article!)

And our conscience IS clear after Saturday. Not so,that of Mr Goodwin. An in-form team and third in the table is testament to the improvement he has brought to that club in a short time. It enhances his reputation. Saturday’s tactics and performance absolutely trashed all of that. His fans are beelin’. Ex-player pundits,ditto. Including Willie Miller,their greatest ever player. I wouldn’t think his players will have been too happy either.

He has work to do to earn back that goodwill.



The most you should be expecting to pay for pie is £3.14 plus a bit!



Having a wee coffee break from shoplifting, well deserved…this running from security guards isnae as easy as it used to be!! 🤣🤣🤣
Anyhoo…Rebus – surely too highbrow for this blog!!! 🤔😁

St tams

Do you have a ticket for Wednesday night?


McCaff. 2.46.
You would be surprised, who reads the blog.😉😉


Thanks for the mention.
A few Maths folks on here.


BMCUW @ 3.13

Must be a slow news day — poverty porn to order by Philippa Column.
Loving the selection of photos that have been included — anything positive side-lined.
Surely their is more to E/house than chronic ill health.

The issue is much more complicated than the NYT can handle / deal with.
Their stereotypes just help reinforce the challenges the area faces.
E/house deserves better than this hackneyed nonsense.
The only thing missing was knife crime.

Plus the GCC lets us down once more — 2017 looms large in a lot of this.


Love them or hate them, you still have to admire their skills, Like countless others (except of course the ingrish) I’m glad The Flea finally got to emulate Maradonna, it was a great final, and Mahe said what needed to be said.

Hope the background image with my own touch is suitable for today, anyway I’m sure no one grudges the boy a spot.

Even though he nearly signed for Sevco twice 🤦 (Whittt urr thae like ,,eh ??)



Poverty porn from the NYT …

Surely E/house deserves better than Phillipa Column phoning it in.
Really poor article — low rent hackneyed journalism dumping on an area that needs support not more stereotypes.
The only thing missing was shock / horror stats on knife crime.

Wonder if these comments will make it through …


St Tams 2.54
Yes I do thanks. Looking forward to the game.

St tams




Fitting tribute to the best non-Celt I’ve seen play in the flesh. Though Cruyff would have been close if players were protected in his day as they generally are now.



Great to see CalMac hit the 100% mark!


I wonder where the term “Back of the net” comes from ?, when scoring a goal, the ball is in the back of the goal, which is the front of the net, the back of the net is facing the spectators behind the goal.

JimtheTim hope all is well with you, and you could at least enjoy some of the WC 👍




Nice to see you are finally out of the bath!



I will update the Superbru table On Thursday after the 2 midweek matches finish on Tue and Wednesday this week. The first batch of prizes will be awarded after the fixtures on 28th December are completed. Although we have some games postponed into he new year, it will be the points total at the end of the night on the 28th which will determine the top 3 winners (I will accept any games played in the final 3 days of 2022 as contributing but the deadline closes on 31st December and 2023 starts the second half of our competition).

Those who missed last week’s deadline can still do the 2 midweek games (and the postponed fixtures, I think) so you can keep your points up to strike in the 2nd half of our comp.

Once again, thanks to all participants