The Greatest Story Ever Told-and, Destroying The Beautiful Game

Or-Former Rangers Target Lionel Messi Wins Argentina World Cup,as the headline to an article from Adam Miller @OldFirmFacts in The Herald claimed!

I have no wish to blaspheme by using such a headline for this article. I apologise in advance to anyone offended. The 2022 World Cup will NOT go down in history as the greatest ever,that’s for sure. There are certainly other candidates for that,such as 1954,1970 and 1974. 1982,and simply for their importance in relaunching the game,1990 and 94. 

I could even make an argument for 2002,which I certainly have a very high opinion of. But 2022 never stood a chance,its location and spot in the calendar year saw to that. Too much politics,too much greed,too much of everything we have come to detest about the upper echelons of the sport and its governance. No,good riddance,I say. Every vote for a hosting nation or nations in future should be subject to confirmation by an independent panel of football experts no later than a week afterwards. 

No,this tournament was heading to irrelevance-until the quarter-finals! It exploded into life after that,and managed to save the best for last. Sure,the final wasn’t the BEST game ever,there are too many candidates for that question ever to get a definitive answer. It probably wasn’t even the best final ever-I think 1974 just beats it. 

But the fairytale of Messi,the best player of the modern era being within touching distance of his crowning glory,of captaining his country to World Cup success in his final attempt? And TWICE having the glory snatched back,despite his two goals and his overall display? Or-the heir to his mantle,Mbappe,scoring only the second hat trick in a World Cup Final-and still ending up on the losing side?

Oh yes,the seven games prior to the final may have lit the fuse,but the fireworks were to be saved for The Grand Finale. It will be remembered and talked about for years to come. A fitting tribute to Messi’s career-even if it isn’t quite over just yet-and the starting gun,potentially,for another star for the game to savour. 

Meanwhile,of more pressing concern for Celtic supporters was our visit to Pittodrie. It was certainly a day where the sheep were grateful for their woolly coats,though the home side did nothing to get the blood of their fans coursing through their veins. Third in the table,and in-form with five wins from their previous six,that home side simply parked the bus. A performance which would get fitba’ stopped. A tactical plan that would have me demanding such a course of action,for it was an act of fraud against the paying public. Thankfully,only 1600 Celtic supporters were allowed to be fleeced on this occasion,which is a mercy.

I’ve spoken before about how Kyogo is simply masterful in finding or creating space in the box,and he is. But it wasn’t working for him on the day,and the service to him wasn’t the best either. Yes,the wee genius can find that space too for a cross into the box,and somehow even get his napper on it,but I thought we could have done with the additional aerial threat that G-Mak provides. Still,all’s well that ends well,and our nine point lead is preserved. Of course,that was ultimately down to Captain Marvel and his trusty sidekick Jamesie. That they are our two longest-serving players,both survivors from the NL Mk I era just goes to show that the days of the one club player may not be over,after all. 

Who knows,we might yet get to see the two of them getting a testimonial for the reason that such events were originally conceived-to recognise and reward a player for his long service with a club. I think Tommy Boyd was the last serving Celtic player to get one for that reason,and Paul McStay before him. It will be good to see a revival of an old tradition!

Above article by BMCUWP

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We appear to have gone from rarely seeing Steven McLean over the past two or three years,to seeing him every bloody week these days. You’d think that with the amount of practice he’s getting in,he’d be showing signs of actually being good at this refereeing lark,wouldn’t you?

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends, a bit quiet on here today?
Thinking solely about the games themselves I think that the 2022 world cup was one of the best, Bobby, with so many shocks results and fine performances. Many of the group stages were still in he balance with 15 minutes to go in the final games. The final itself was a bit unusual. The 1st 70 minutes indicated there was no doubt that Aargentina would win. But then the final 20, the extra time and penalties is what transformed it into the best final I can remember.
From Argentina v France to Celtic v Livingston – (Fr Dougal accent…) “doesn’t get any more contrasting than that, Ted!”


I said to my son last week, how can we watch the SPFL after watching the World Cup, Aberdeen answered that for me! :(( Why do they think they can attract folk to football matches, and the high costs of that now, and in the winter months, by playing that type of football?

por cierto

The Star Above The Crest

Scott Brown had a testimonial against Ireland a few years back, so I reckon he would’ve been the most recent serving player to get one.

bada bing1

Celtic’s 2022 Christmas Appeal has raked in a record-breaking £385,000 after a succesful festive campaign


I suspect if Jim Goodwin had to do it again, he would take a more adventurous approach at home versus the league leaders. The Monday morning QB is always correct.

I have an interest in Goodwin. He has shown a lot of potential for the management game, especially at StM. I have pencilled him as one to watch. Will he fulfil his early promise or will he be another Jack Ross or Craig Brewster? Remember Craig? It will be interesting to observe. Surely, the law of averages dictates that it is time for another Alex Ferguson, or Jock Stein to emerge from the Scottish game?

However, I wonder how much of a critique he would have got if his team had held out for a draw, or, even, stole a win. The outcome came down to around 30 seconds in the game when a gap appeared and a Celtic player had both the perception and skill to exploit it. Remove that small fraction of the game and Goodwin’s tactics worked. Not a spectacle, for sure, but it is the result that is remembered.

In a sense, it is a compliment to Celtic that Goodwin used containment tactics in a home game. Did he not realise that Celtic were on a three game losing run? Remember the shambolic Australian tour and the game in Portugal?

Nope, I do not blame Goodwin for his choice of tactics. His job depends upon results not performances. Ask the two French players who did not convert their penalties what matters …..a clever penalty that misses or a poor one that goes in!


Jobo Baldie

Rebus67, I hope Jim Goodwin shows more adventure tonight. I’ve been annoyed by some of the ubsequwnt discussion as to how teams should play against “The Old Firm”, i.e. that team that has never existed. Comments like “when you play the old firm…….” do my nut in. And anyway, its very lazy to just regard Celtic and Sevco as posing the same type of threat to other teams. We have completely different styles, strengths and weaknesses. Sevcos biggest weakness at the moment is their defence. In the first half last Thursday Hibs could have scored 4 before they then Hibsed it.
So, be a bit more adventurous tonight Mr Goodwin and at least make it a better game to watch.

bada bing1

If Goodwin doesn’t have a go at that Sevco defence, he really does deserve a hard time….

Cosy Corner Bhoy

A trifle disappointed in the reaction of some to Kyogo’s poor return at the moment. Most, if not all, strikers have fallow periods. Celtic have scored a phenomenal amount of goals and admittedly from almost all positions.
Personally, I think we should stick with Kyogo and Giakamakous – as long as GG doesn’t take penalties!

bada bing1

The Masters, allowing LIV players to play next year



I hope Goodwin gets a result by any effective means at all.

Recent form would suggest that he should press the Sevco defence. If he sits back and allows the opposition inside his penalty area, he will bift them the penalties and the game.



Brilliant from Ange.
🔊 LISTEN: “They can’t seem to differentiate between us and Rangers at all… we’re totally different teams, we play differently”.

Ange Postecoglou finds it “curious” some opposition managers talk about facing Celtic and Rangers as if it’s the same task.


Ange onvideo, this time.
🗣️ “They can’t seem to differentiate between us and Rangers at all. I don’t get that. We are totally different teams. It kind of works in our favour if that’s how opposition coaches talk.”

Ange Postecoglou was “curious” about people comparing Celtic and Rangers ⬇️

Big Audio Dynamite

CCB, well said 👍

bada bing1

700 for ibrox in January,keep them and hand them back 5 minutes before kick off

The Leopard’s Rimshot

All this guff about Qatar’s human rights record either displays an ignorance of history and current affairs or is simply an attempt to jump on the totally fabricated Politically Correct bandwagon.

The first World Cup in Uruguay was boycotted due to the fact it demanded a three week boat journey to get there so only 4 nations from outside the Americas turned up.

The next one was far worse again, as it was hosted by Mussolini’s fascist Italy, a crackpot who had ruled Italy for 12 years prior and whom the European powers did nothing to remove but instead granted him the chance to bribe the refs and ensure his country won it.

France got to host the 1938 one and for all those who say ‘Resistance’ there’s a far stronger case to be made for the fascist Vichy government who likewise sided with the Nazis and hunted the resistance into the ground.

Post war and 1950 saw Brazil get to host it, yes, the very same Brazil where half the Nazis had fled to and still reside to this day, those who don’t live in Argentina, of course, and let’s face it, Germany hasn’t exactly the best human rights record either.

1954 saw Switzerland host it, oddly enough, given that that was the place where the Nazis had stashed all their stolen gold, which I suppose, as we see the pattern of corruption develop, should come as no surprise.

Incredibly, the so called ‘neutral’ Sweden then got to host the 58 edition, though the Swedish royal family’s tacit support of fascism is something still played down in that country today but which is reflected in the number of white anti immigrant gangs still hunting Muslims on the streets of the capital and elsewhere across the country, largely without sanction and only mild police intervention.

1962 saw yet another Nazi safe haven in Chile being granted the hosting rights, proving that those Germans sure do like their football, while the 66 edition saw the biggest butchers of them all get to host, and win, the thing, in front of their likewise Nazi supporting queen and her German cousin/husband.

1970 saw Mexico get it for some odd reason and so far they’re the only ‘clean’ country on the list, provided you take away the drug cartels, the gangs and the daily murder toll on the streets.

4 years later and the Germans themselves finally got to dance around the totem pole while 78 saw yet another Nazi safe haven in Argentina do likewise, only a mere two years after a military coup d’état which threw the democratically elected Isabel Perón from office and saw a military junta led by Lt. General Jorge Rafael Videla installed in her place.
Perhaps she didn’t like fitba enough …

1982 and it was the turn of the conquistadors of Spain, yet another fascist country, whose final break with Franco’s brutal regime only came in the elections of October 1982, that is, after the World Cup, when they had their first democratically elected government finally free of the last of Franco’s ministers, though this alleged ‘freedom’ isn’t exactly evident even in modern Spain where they recently jailed numerous leaders from the Basque Independence Party for asking their people if they’d like to be independent of Spanish rule, with the highest prison sentence being 10 years, simply for asking his people the question if they’d like to live in their own country or not.

A bit like Scotland isn’t allowed to do under England.

So much for ‘Democracy’, eh ?

1986 and it’s the gangbanging Mexico again while 1990 saw the notoriously corrupt Italy get to share the loot from the biggest fitba tourney on Earth.

1994 and it’s finally gotten round to The World’s Policeman, the good ol’ US of A, who, when they weren’t overthrowing democratically elected governments worldwide* or diluting the power of their own Congress and government in favour of the banking cartels and international Full Spectrum Domination concept, decided they fancied a slice of the stinky smelly socked pie in their own skunk ridden backyard.

(* William Blum Killing Hope pdf:

I could go on here, of course, but I reckon the readers have pretty much grasped the concept, which is that if we were to combine the death toll from all the countries who’ve had the ‘honour’ of hosting the World Cup then I think we’d all agree that Britain’s centuries of worldwide genocide alone would put whatever cruelties the Qataris are getting up to in the shade forever and for good.

After all, no Qatari I know of has ever tied men with ropes to the front of cannons and lit the fuse like the Brits did with the Sikhs or any other number of atrocities committed in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘bringing democracy to the world’ by so many of those lovely sweet and innocent Western host countries prior.

So all this current PC revisionism is somewhat hypocritical, at the very least, to read.





I’m with you on that. Back in the day,I used to enjoy a dayooooot there,but those days are long gone. It was still a heavy atmosphere,to say the least,but it was far from the poison it is today.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Brilliant stuff from Ange again there.

Cheers, JNP.

The Leopard’s Rimshot

And I agree with Jobo, that was a fantastic World Cup, from the early opening games and shocks right through to the final itself.

I caught about three quarters of all games and was stunned at the fitness levels, the desire and the determination of every team to have a proper go no matter who they were up against.

If only such a mindset could be inculcated in Scotland we might actually have a league worth watching rather than every other team fearing Celtic and the useless Mickey Mouse outfit currently operating out of Ibrox.

A bit more steel and determination to have a go means the players and manager can leave the ground with their heads held high rather than hiding under a blanket.

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, going to tell a true story for jim later, but must respond to bobbys post earlier, but it was far from the poison it is today,, sorry bobby try telling that to my late father who was hit by a bottle coming out of ibrox in 1965 i was only 12 but remember the ambulancemen bringing him to our front door head swathed in bandages, 15 stitches, so no the poison was there even then, another true story👍

The Leopard’s Rimshot


That is a phenomenal figure, Bada, well done to all concerned 👏💪🙏🏻

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Incredibly, it turns out that the master layout for the Qatar World Cup was designed by architect Albert Speer Jr, who just happens to be the son of the Nazis chief architect Albert Speer Sr.

I must say even I’m incredulous at this constant thread running throughout almost every edition of this international tournament.


T L R 4.38, 5.52

Excellent reading.
An inglorious 92 year run through of the intertwined nature of shameful politics and the useful distraction of nationalism via sport.
Democracy, as we experience it, is a bent concept for plebs to be encouraged to embrace as a righteous thing and the elite to manipulate as they see fit.

The values exhibited in Qatari day to day life are rightfully vilified.

Apart from G Neville going off script on Sunday, and taking well chosen aim at what is happening in this shambolic country, not enough media luvvies, who have a platform, are willing to stand up and be counted.

As for Speer Jnr, we live in a society where privilege is granted via a patriarchal hegemony.
The sickness at the heart of bent Democracy.

big packy

so here goes the true story for jim, magua and the leopards rimshot might be interested also,,living in glenboig as a youngster our newsagents/ papershop was owned by a guy called jock shaw he was former rangers and scotland player, now i didnt have a clue about this all i remember is my dad sending me to get his evening citizen with my celtic strip on, just remember seeing this dapper grey wavy haired gent, looking down at me, navy blue scotland blazer and a rangers tie, got to be honest he never said anything derogatory about my celtic strip, but he never gave me any free sweets either, another true story 🤩


Evening all,


Ibrox when we got 50/50 split of the Enclosure. Now that was interesting to say the least !!!

Also, The Jungle when they got roughly a third if I recall.

Again, very interesting shall we say 😜😜😜

HH 🍀🍀🍺



Aye,I remember the days of the enclosure well. My preferred location. Think I only went to the Broamloan once. Been in the Copeland Rd end more than that!

Big Audio Dynamite

Packy, his nickname was Tiger,, I think you can probably guess why 😕

big packy




Remember Ibrox 1980 I think, in the enclosure and Dom Sullivan missed a sitter in first 2 minutes.

There was bedlam with a fight breaking out and after the police rushed in, they separated the fans and I found myself in the wrong side of no man’s land !!!!

Couldn’t say anything.

Had to stand in with the Huns there with gritted teeth and we lost 3-0.

Possibly the worst experience of my life and shitting myself no one recognised me !!!!!!

Did get out alive, but never again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least the Broomlooan Rd Stand was a safe house.

Prestonpans bhoys

Jings just seen the penalty against Killie at Tynecastle. Can’t see our refs officials getting a international or European gig looking at those decisions.

Sheep game on Sky 403 before the hun game👍

A thing of beauty

Donations made as promised. So glad I managed to remember!!
When I saw it on sportscene it caused me to shout out loud and I was only there myself. It’s a clear foul on the killie player that causes his jump to be ungainly and the ball to hit his arm. I honestly have no idea what the var is for up here.



Five years later,I saw us lose 3-0 at Ibrox too. Mark McGhee’s debut,I think.

Copeland Rd end for me,my Dad and SOLKITTS that day. Never again.

Prestonpans bhoys


Got a text from my cousin who was at the game and he said exactly what you did, now he’s in the Killie end at the other side of the park😱😵


Ange in full flow in the presser

Tremendous stuff from the manager no bullshit “ nada zip “ running rings round them

Haksabanovic available again for a full squad

What larks CSC


B.P. 6.43.
Its a small world out there, I worked with Jock ” Tiger ” Shaw’s granddaughter, about 15 years ago.
She was very proud of him and carried wee newspaper cuttings about him and would show them off, in a loving way.
She played pool for Scotland, I’m sure.
She must have taken after her grand dad because she never said anything derogatory about Celtic, either ( well not within earshot ) 😁😁


Archimedes was myself.
I forgot to change it back, from engaging with Rebus with his clever Pii/Pie play on words.

big packy

ARCHIMEDES alias JNP🤩 HI pal hope your keeping well, yes he never ever gave me anything but kind words,,and that is a true story👍



I remember that game in 1980. I got a ticket for the centre stand with my may Vinny and we were in the front row of it overlooking the enclosure. Another bloke I knew from schooldays and a rather tougher nut than my mate or me so was in the row behind us so we were okay in the ground My memory is that Sullivan had two bad misses and the first was right from the kick-off. Rangers got the third about ten from the end and it was more than enough for us to put up with and we got a bit of stick as we climbed the stairs with one old kilted C*nt really sticking in my memory. My dad and my mate Si had got tickets in the main stand over towards the Copeland Road end and we waited outside for them to arrive. We actually consoled ourselves that getting beaten would probably calm them down a bit – we could put up with jeering by that stage. There was a really tiny Celtic support in the enclosure- dozens rather than hundreds I’d say- and they got ambushed with us at what must have been the final whistle. Never knew I could run so fast although the ambush rather petered out when it ran into the thousands who were leaving the Broomloan. My dad and Si missed the ruckus -but my dad certainly never set foot in Ibrox again. A bad, bad day to put it mildly.

The most uneasy I ever felt in a ground was Tynecastle though. A game in January 1997 when Cadete scored two. My mate Ray and I watched the game in the main stand – over towards the ‘school end’ and we’d been to a few games there before, we lived in Edinburgh and quite a few local Celts were in that part of the stand and we all thought we knew the drill but that day was different- I had never before been at a game where so many people seemed to not be watching the game but instead looking for Tims in the crowd . Even during the quiet spells in the match – or the periods Hearts (a decent side then) was on top- it never stopped. I cannot say I wanted Hearts to equalise as they piled on the pressure after our second goal but I have never been so relieved to get out a ground at the end. And these stupid buggers trying to spot Tims never even noticed my green and white socks.


The Leopard’s Rimshot

Astute observations beautifully put, CFC, many thanks.

Another interesting fact about the Nazis fleeing Germany before the Allies got in and set up the ‘Nuremberg Trials’ for the scapegoats no one liked is that the Yanks made a massive effort by setting up Operation Paperclip to secretly take all the very best Nazi scientists into America to set up the space agency NASA around them and in particular their leading rocket scientist Werner Von Braun.

As the de facto leader of the high altitude nuclear tests carried out by the Yanks in Operation Fishbowl and Operation Dominic Von Braun then went on to work closely with Walt Disney, though what a rocket scientist who tried to blow up the sky and a high ranking Freemason cartoon movie maker had in common we can only surmise, though I’m sure there’s a direct link between this cooperative pact and the CGI cartoons we see as regards all things ‘space’ to this day.

All this aside, I really was genuinely flabbergasted to read that Albert Speer’s son was the chief architect for the Qatar World Cup in the same way his father was the chief architect for every major building the Nazis ever built, particularly as I explored the history of each tournament and those same links kept coming up.

Even if his Da wasn’t a fan of his son’s work it’s odd that no one was trumpeting what a great job Albert Speer Jr did in Qatar, probably because it’s not a good look to have the sons of Nazis running anything, particularly considering how many countless thousands died during the construction.

And what is Democracy but a futile cross in a box?

As Plato observed, If society can trust their leaders then Democracy is easily the best form of government.

But if we cannot trust our leaders then it is by far the worst.

And in modern society we clearly cannot trust our leaders on anything as they pretend that the horrors of poverty and homelessness somehow still cannot be solved when the world is the richest it has ever been, at least as far as we know.

Provided we discount the incredible astrologically designed architecture of the tens of thousands of pyramids worldwide and the fact that such monuments could be built when, according to the historians, man had barely crawled out the swamp.

See the lies they tell us …


Evening all…how’s this for a stat – TavPen scored 12 goals against Aberdeen. TEN of them penalties!!!
FFS in the time that TavPen has been at TRFC have we even had 10 penalties in total!?!?


It would be interesting to do a deep probe into Fascism and the award of the WC to locations.

Any link for the 1938 tournament and the Vichy regime would be difficult to argue since the latter came into being two years after the tournament(10 July, 1940). Although there was undoubtedly a fascist stream in France in the 1930s, as there was in the UK, the Popular Front assumed power in 1936, as part of the Third French Republic. The PF was quite the opposite of fascism….it was an alliance of socialists and communists….that carried out many of the objectives of the trade unions. Included amongst these was the reduction of the working week from 48 to 40 hours. Although the alliance splintered after the communists withdrew, negotiations for the award of the WC would have occurred during the time of the PF.

Just thinking aloud……



The Huns didn’t have to wait until the 87th minute.

Craig 76

A 17 step guide for those cooking Turkey on Sunday
Step 1, Buy a turkey
Step 2, Have a glass of wine
Step 3, Stuff turkey
Step 4, Have a glass of wine
Step 5, Put turkey in the oven
Step 6, Relax, and have another glass of wine
Step 7, Turk the bastey
Step 8, Wine of glass another get
Step 9, ponder the meat thermometer
Step 10, Glass yourself another pour of wine
Step 11, Bake the wine for 4 hours
Step 12, Take the oven out of the turkey
Step 13, Floor the turkey up off the pick
Step 14, Turk the carvey
Step 15, Get yourself another wottle of bine
Step 16, Tet the sable, and pour yourself another glass of turkey
Step 17, Say grace, throw up, and pass out

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Brilliant, Craig! 😂😂😂

Sol Kitts

Handball by Tavpen, VAR say no penalty as it was only one arm.😡

Prestonpans bhoys

Have the huns had a var decision against them since its introduction?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

PB, the short answer is No.

And I doubt they will until it no longer matters.

Just like they do with the penalties against.


Craig 76

Came across it earlier, thought I’d share it

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Too good, man 😆

Sol Kitts

Ramadani misses a sitter for the sheep.

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