I Will NOT Forget!


By popular request,JIMBO67 recalls an infamous night in our history,a black mark against The Beautiful Game.


The matches you are about to read of were played almost 49 years ago.  I have tried to use my own memory where I can but, inevitably, did consult the Celtic Wiki to check some facts. There is pretty good, colour, footage of the game at Celtic Park but not much from the game in Madrid is to be found on YouTube, whilst reports of the match in the Celtic histories I have read are , to me, surprisingly brief and fit into an overall narrative that Celtic had been in decline since May 1970. The Not The View article reproduced on the Wiki is as good as anything I’ve read on it.

Celtic has not played more important matches since.

The 1973/4 season had been a mixed one for Celtic. Bobby Murdoch’s departure to Middlesbrough was surprising, David Hay’s transfer request remained unresolved all season whilst injuries of varying degrees of severity meant that George Connelly, Danny McGrain and Ally Hunter missed all or much of the final quarter of the season, whilst the hellish injury to Brian McLaughlin in the second league game of the season proved to be hugely disappointing for Celtic and life changingly tragic for the player himself. Form was patchy and the league cup was lost in disappointing fashion on a wretchedly miserable December afternoon.

But by the 10th of April 1974, Celtic was cruising to a ninth league title in a row and through to the Scottish Cup final where Dundee United were not expected to cause us too much trouble. We had beaten FC Basle in the quarter-final on an epic night to reach the semi-finals of the European Cup. We were still a very good team and McNeill, Hay, Johnstone, Hood, Murray, Lennox, Deans, Wilson, McGrain and Dalglish very good players and although there were some feelings that Jim Brogan and Tom Callaghan were past their bests ,they were hardly liabilities. Pat McCluskey was not as refined a left-half as George Connelly and possibly too slow but he worked hard, was tough and at times he could play a bit. Denis Connaghan -in goal because Hunter was injured (and with confidence permanently lowered after dropping a clanger in a World Cup qualifier versus Czechoslovakia) – was never likely to be a permanent solution but he was, in April 1974, playing well.

Teams which reached the semi-finals of the European Cup then, as now, were good but none of the four qualifiers would have had the others quaking at the prospect of facing them. Bayern Munchen was favourite largely because Maier, Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller played for them, not because they were a particularly good team in the way that the deposed European Champions, Ajax, had been. Ujpest Dosza had knocked us out the previous season after catching us cold early in the second leg but we had won on their pitch in March 1972 – they had, like us in truth, made a bit of a meal of some ordinary opposition to get as far as they did and the Hungarian side was thought to be past its best. The line-up was completed by Atletico Madrid who’d beaten one or two good sides on the way but which had also failed to win any of its home legs and although second in La Liga was well behind Cruyff’s Barcelona side. We thought we would beat them.

Not much else was known about Atletico Madrid. The victory over Red Star, themselves conquerors of Liverpool, in the quarterfinals suggested quality, but there was at least one report that hinted their style of play had been dour and prone to time wasting in the games with the Yugoslavs. Atletico’s coach was Juan Carlos Lorenzo who had been in Argentina’s boss at the 1966 World Cup. This set one or two alarm bells ringing given that Alf Ramsay had called that team ‘animals’ and also because Celtic’s only previous encounter with Argentinean football had been with Racing Club but Lorenzo was very much charm personified in an interview he gave with the Celtic View published the week before the first leg, which dampened down some of the fears of a repeat of the 1967 debacle.

My dad and I got stand tickets for the match. The crush at the Basle game had been considerable and as I was small and thin – and had missed Stevie Murray’s decisive goal after a guy near us nearly set himself and me on fire when lighting up just as the cross into the box for that goal was  made- so we had queued early before a game with Dumbarton to get those tickets or else I would not get to go. The crowd limit for Celtic Park had been 75000 but the police ordered a cut in the crowd to 73000 as the crushing had been so bad at the Basle game (crowd given as 71000 so go figure the logic there.) Our seats were in the top stand and we seemed to be surrounded by priests. A different world.

The evening of 10th April 1974 was fine but cool,  and I noticed as the teams walked onto the pitch that a couple of the visiting team wear wearing gloves. The ground was very noisy and there had been some impressive displays of scarves during the singing of You’ll Never Walk Alone. The most common Celtic scarf had by now become the bar scarf instead of the plainer green ones of a few years before and the sight of thousands of them being displayed covering those who raised them like a blanket was both fairly new and very striking. Danny McGrain had been injured the previous month and was only a sub. Hay playing at full-back meant we might be a bit thin in midfield.

Celtic attacked the Celtic end in the first half and the game quickly settled into a pattern it stayed in until it ended. Constant attacking by Celtic of a packed red and white defence which seemed to have no qualms about breaking up Celtic’s attacks with fouls. Not just trips and body checks but FOULS intended to injure. Jimmy Johnstone was so fouled a couple of times quite badly in the opening minutes, and at least one of these fouls saw a yellow card brandished. Ten minutes in Celtic seemed to have scored when Kenny Dalglish finished off a Harry Hood cut back. It might have been offside we thought but apparently Hood had cut the ball back from over the line. From my seat that was rubbish. Had the goal stood as it probably should have, the course of the game would have changed but instead Atletico carried on as they had. Jimmy Johnstone was kicked repeatedly but Kenny Dalglish and Harry Hood- Celtic’s next two most skilful starters- were treated shabbily too.  Jim Brogan was booked for rugby tackling one of their players which got a few cheers but the signal seemed to go out from the dugout for Celtic to ‘keep the heid.’ Celtic’s discipline on the field was very good in the face of not just fouling but spitting and the only other Celtic player booked was Dixie Deans after a challenge on the keeper who feigned injury. Dixie was taken off not long afterwards and replaced by Paul Wilson, although the more experienced Bobby Lennox might have been the better pick.

The first half had been bad, but the second was much worse – one challenge on Jinky by their number 4 ( I think his name was Benegas) over on the Jungle side was truly vicious, and yet still the ref, Turkey’s Dogan Babacan , saw fit to give only a yellow card. Eventually Babacan sent three of them off in the space of about 18 minutes beginning just after the hour mark.  Reuben Ayala was first to go. The fast, skilful Argentinean winger went for two bookable offences – the second of which, a foul on Hay, might well have merited a straight red- then his fellow Argentine , the left back Diaz – who had also been Racing’s left back- went for his second yellow after a really appalling foul on wee Jimmy which the wee man was lucky to be able to walk after. A sub, Quique, went for a routine foul on Jinky-which he followed up with a kick of Jinky off the ball. Celtic played against 8 men for 10 minutes or so but could not score. We had in flashes played well in the first half but with Jinky crocked- he did not play our next match- and our best finisher removed, we lost impetus as the game progressed-although both Dalglish and Hood maybe should have scored with headers. Celtic had been well and truly knocked of its stride by Atletico’s style ,but with Murdoch gone and Connelly injured. our play had lacked finesse and variety. 

Atletico committed 50 fouls in the game. 

The ground had been in turmoil for much of the game- other than the occasional fire and brimstone visiting priest I had never seen clerical anger until this match- but quietened quite a bit in the closing minutes when it dawned that Atletico’s plan was going to work. The final whistle however brought a crescendo of boos and whistles and I noticed in front of me the entire travelling party who sat to the right of the Celtic dignitaries at the front of the rear stand, standing as one and applauding their team like party loyalists in Red Square applauding a speech by Stalin. And then the highlight of the night – a serious fracas right in front of the tunnel involving several players of both teams. Tom Callaghan seemed to be taking on several of the visitors on the perimeter wall of the front stand-which was a surprise given that we knew the Celt to be an affable and laidback character from meeting him occasionally in Bishopbriggs. David Hay seemed to be having a less than friendly encounter with one of their players whom he’d knocked over. The police waded in and ushered everybody up the tunnel where discussions continued. The noise from the crowd  would have woken the dead, whilst everybody, including those priests around me, seemed to be close to completely losing control. However,  looking back, the biggest surprise of the night was how well behaved the crowd was. No bottles were thrown, nobody attempted to run on and assault anybody and there were none of the then usual impromptu punch ups amongst the fans either. There was a feeling that if one fan had run on, thousands would have followed and that Atletico would have been lucky to get out of Glasgow alive. But instead the crowd supported the team, howled their disapproval,and after the rammy at the end left in sullen, simmering disbelief. 

I remember we went back to the car, and a guy getting into the back and asked if we’d mind giving him a run to his work. He was a complete stranger but in more innocent times it was a case of where my dad could drop him. The three of us wondered whether Celtic would withdraw or UEFA would ban Atletico. On that last point we were all agreed that UEFA should chuck them out but would not. More innocent times perhaps but not entirely uncynical. The guy got out the car near the Royal Infirmary. I never saw him again, and Celtic has not played another European Cup semi-final match at Parkhead since.

UEFA fined Atletico around £14000, which was quite a big fine for the era but hardly a crippling one. Celtic declined to take any tickets for supporters to go to the match in the Vicente Calderon Stadium and for a time there was talk of the game being shown live. Celtic travelled, and on arrival, death threats were issued against Jimmy Johnstone and Jock Stein, which as well as causing real fear in the Celtic party made many of us at home thinking that if we did not withdraw, we might be better off losing. There had been talk of the game being shown live on television, but instead it would be broadcast ‘as live’ shortly after its end. The game was broadcast on the radio and we listened to David Francey and some English commentator.

We seemed to play well in the first half, and as with our trip to the Bernabeu six years later, missed a couple of decent chances at nil-nil- one by Dalglish at the start of the second half would possibly have had an increasingly edgy home crowd turn on its own team. Even on the radio you could sense the crowd was getting  increasingly uneasy. The game turned away from us after that miss though, and by the time the match entered its closing stages, extra-time and penalties seemed our only hope. It was an excruciating  listen. Atletico scored twice in the last dozen minutes to put us out of our misery. We watched the recording of the game and the only thing I remember of it was that when a loan voice shouted out ‘CEL-TIC’ the crowd booed. The cheats had won. 

I can never forgive far less forget Atletico Madrid.  I never warmed to Bayern’s rather boring team of the mid-70s but jumped round the room when their defender Schwarzenbeck equalised with the last kick of the ball of the 1974 final and exulted when the Germans scored 4 without reply in the replay. 26 years later they were relegated from Spain’s topflight and I cheered, and I cheered too when Real equalised in the last minute of a Champions’ League final to deprive them of victory. They were a really horrible team in 1974 and have never seemed to offer any sort of apology for the despicable way they played on the 10th of April 1974. Hell mend them.

I can acknowledge now that Celtic was in decline by 1974 – football was changing, and it is hard to think of anybody less suited to steering Celtic through this changing world than Desmond White. That decline might have been slowed had we reached another European Cup final – a final I believe that we were capable of winning. We’ll never know but although we clinched the league three days after the Madrid Match, won the Cup a week later and then lifted both the Dryburgh Cup and League Cup in the opening three months of the next season, there was a clearer realisation for a teenager like me that our best days were in the past. Celtic has had some good teams since 1974 and had some great nights at both home and abroad in Europe in that time, but Celtic has never again occupied a high  seat in the European hierarchy , never had as good a team as it had when it walked onto the field to play Atletico Madrid. They pushed Celtic off the cliff.

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The NAPS competition for this week will now take place from the plethora of riches available on Monday,Boxing Day,as there is no racing in UK or Ireland until then.

Link will be posted tomorrow and Monday.


JOBO POTY Competition…




Thanks so much for this article,which explains why we should always despise those who use a cavalier interpretation of the laws of The Beautiful Game to undermine it. And,boy,was that a cavalier approach-and then some.

I only saw the highlights,being an 8yo nipper at the time. They were enough for me! I honestly don’t know how the fans in attendance “kept the head”, nor,for example,David Hay,Jim Brogan and Jinky. Amongst others. I’m sure that Jock would have overlooked things if one or more of our players had declared WWIII.

And I’m absolutely certain that Bertie would have done just that,especially given how close he and Jimmy were.

Definitely a stain on the game.


Of course, a cavalier interpretation of the laws of The Beautiful Game to undermine it is still the method of choice for some clubs even today-this time with the connivance of match officials and their bosses and the approval of a supine MSM.

They should be forced to watch last night’s Man City v Liverpool match as an example of how to play and officiate the game as it should be done. Yet even that was no case of After You,Claude,all night. The game was played at a high tempo,with some tasty tackles and a couple of occasions when it threatened to boil over. But the players and officials kept a lid on it,kept to the boundaries,and gave us an excellent match.

And all without a single moment of high controversy!

Jobo Baldie


Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all. Apologies again for the delay in issuing the results from this game.
When I think back over the last 10-15 years I can recall many a December midweek home tie against less than glamorous opposition where it was a bit of a toil. So we should maybe have been prepared for a close game.
The early signs were good as we seemed to be pressing well and moving the ball quick enough. But with every passing drive across the box with no end product it started to look like one of those games. All changed of course with Abada’s assist on the 23rd minute. And when Kyogo doubled our lead with his 12th goal of the season just as the ‘3 minutes added’ board was going up it looked as if we would have a fairly comfortable half time lead. Of course, Livingston then scored right away after some sub standard defending leaving the scoreline at 2-1 and consequently the result still close to call. But despite our 2nd half efforts failing to yield another allowable goal it was still 3 points to Celtic and we remained on the Top Of The League looking down on The Sevco
As for the 2 VAR interventions? Well I think the handball claim in the first half would have been very fortuitous. But as for Abada’s goal, well I really have no idea about that one! If the offside decision WAS correct then, hey ho, the ref was correct to disallow it. But when 50,000 in the stadium are left in the dark with no idea of the reasoning behind the decision it really is ruining it as a spectacle, for me anyway.

Domestically we have now played 19, winning 18 and losing just 1. We have scored 61 and conceded 14.
As for the voting, thanks to the 52 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –
Hart: 1
Ralston: 28
Carter-Vickers: 24
Starfelt: 11
Taylor: 12
McGregor: 12
O’Riley: 2
Hatate: 3
Abada*: 49
Kyogo: 7
Jota*: 4

Bernabei*: 2
Turnbull: 1
Haksabanovic: 0
Giakoumakis: 0
Mooy: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Livingston are –
Abada – 5 pts
Ralston – 4 pts
Carter-Vickers – 3 pts
McGregor and Taylor – 2 pts each

And after 25 games the overall standings are as shown below –
52 points – Hatate
38 points – Taylor
35 points – Carter-Vickers
34 points – Jota
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – McGregor
23 points – Abada
22 points – Jenz
16 points – Kyogo
15 points – Haksabanovic and Mooy
13 points – Giakoumakis
12 points – Juranovic
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei, Starfelt and Welsh
6 points – Forrest
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Hart
3 points – Maeda
0 points – Abildgaard, McCarthy and Siegrist

Our next game is a Christmas Eve lunchtime kick off at home to St Johnstone. Surprisingly, I have absolutely no intention of reading emails on Christmas Day! So, the voting will stay open an extra 12 Hours and will therefore close at 10.00am on Monday 26th December. I plan to issue the results around Noon on St Stephen’s Day.
Hail Hail!

Big Audio Dynamite

Thanks for that, Jimbo.

Apart from our fleeting appearance in the quarters in 1980, you are correct that this was the last time we were serious contenders …feared even. Thankfully the Gerries brought a large dose of karma for ATLETI to choke on! We really should have more than one big cup in the cupboard, eh? Still bugs me.

Always brings me down when I think of where we sit now in Euro terms.

HH 🍀


JIMBO67 Great analysis of a horrible event.
I was in The Jungle and, as I’ve said on here before, I think I saw more of the ball than any Celtic player. I vividly remember their keeper booting the ball long and high into the jungle to run the clock down.
My other main memory of the night was what an a-hole Ayala was. Couldn’t believe he lasted so long before being sent off. Did he start a fight or go for someone as he left the field?
I remember he had a reputation as being a skilful player and a danger to us. He certainly was a danger to our players 😡😡


Superb rendition of your experience. I was in the jungle, occasionally standing on four beer cans.
Irrational for me to hate them since but football can be like that.

St tams

Excellent, Jimbo67
Brought back memories of sitting in the main stand with my dad and not good memories.
The abuse Jinky was given that night was disgraceful.

16 roads

I was always aware the Celtic support harboured a grudge against that mob, without giving much thought as to why,or properly researching the reason.

Perfectly understandable now.

Such a complete shower of dirty bassas.

Nothing seemed to go Celtic’s way over the two legs though – I’d imagine a full strength Celtic side would have rinsed them inside out in both games.

A mixture of bad luck & thuggery prevented Celtic from being world club champions, and thrice times champions of Europe.

What the club almost achieved, and did achieve under the tenure of the iconic John Stein is somewhat amazing.

That was an excellent read, thank you Jimbo67.

HH. 🍀

Angel Gabriel

Thanks for sharing.

I was only 9 years old and remember watching the game on TV with my dad . Not sure if it was just the highlights, but I remember being shocked at what was going on . It was unrecognisable compared to any fitba I had ever watched, and my old man was horrified.

Thankfully the game has adopted a far more stringent response to this sort of game plan , that was based around assault.

Billy Bhoy

Great summary of one of the darkest days in our history Jimbo67.

I was 14 and watched the black and white TV highlights in disbelief. I remember crying in frustration at the end.I think the general feeling was that AM would be thrown out but alas it wasn’t to be.

I’m only now just wondering why it was in black and white as we had watched the previous two Scotland/England games in colour. 🤔

Jobo, it never ceases to amaze me how we all see games differently. I picked the top three. Frankly, I didn’t think that there were any other candidates yet only Abada got a large number of votes whereas CCV and Ralston barely got 50%.I find that quite amazing!

Jobo Baldie

Billy Bhoy, we do indeed all see things differently. Jota and Bernabei only secured a total of just 6 votes. And 2 of those were mine!
There are no rights or wrongs, just different opinions.

Big Audio Dynamite

V St Johnstone

,,………………….. Joe ……………………

Tony ….Cam …………. Carl …..Greg

….Cal ……… Aaron ….

…… Liel ………. Reo ……….. Sead …..

………………… Geo ………………….

3pts and a Merry Christmas to one and all



Quite frightening to think of the coulda shoulda moments during Jock’s reign. The European journey was a write off in our season as holders,but had we beaten AC Milan in 69 QF,few would have backed us not to go on and win it. Same when we beat Leeds in 70 SF,but we still managed to screw it up somehow!

(I also doubt that Jock underestimated Feyenoord because “it’s only a Dutch side”,as has been suggested. Ajax were finalists the year before)

Losing to Ajax 3-1 on aggregate in 71 QF looks cut and dried. But we lost two bad,late goals in the away leg and absolutely pummelled them in the home leg-at Hampden! 72 and 74 speak for themselves,though an Ajax side at their peak would have been difficult. And Bayern in 74 would have been no pushovers,but they needed a late counter to draw against Atletico that year,and Leeds fans will tell you all you need to know about the following year’s final.

Aye,coulda shoulda indeed…

Afternoon all.

Thanks for the replies to my piece all of which add to my own memories. Ayala was a good player – as he showed in the 74 World Cup when his team was on its best behaviour – but he was crazy that night. Diaz was worse – psychotic it seemed. One of the other defenders – Eusebio I think – admitted, years later, in interview , that Jimmy was too fast and skilful for them and was capable of destroying them on his own so all he could do was kick him. The guy was almost on our side in his criticism of the ref who was very good at awarding free kicks and leaving it there.

All the years we had a decent run at it we were good enough to win but were to greater or lesser degrees were authors of our own downfall- except in 74. Never seen anything like it since And UEFA failed us and football.



Was only 11 at the time of the Atletico games and never thought I would hate a team as much as them. And then along came Rapid Vienna. Everton beating that cheating mob in the ECWC final was karma. We were heading for the final that year but Everton were on a different level at the time. Howard Kendall’s side were denied a tilt at Big Ears as a result of the Heysel disaster and the subsequent five year euro ban on English clubs. A real pity for the Goodson outfit.

As as been mentioned, it has been a very long time since Celtic was a feared name in Europe. By 1974 the peak Stein years were over, and the controlling White’s & Kelly’s would plod on in their usual fashion. Eventually running the club into the ground. Seats in the jungle, dear god.

Post Fergus, the opportunity was there to be a regular pot2/3 Champions League outfit. But Dermot Dividend and his willing lackey ,Bertie Bonus ,have had other ideas.


Excellent read Jimbo!

I was at that game on my own but my memories of it are scattered.

Like you and many others, the long lasting memory is one of outrage and a sense of injustice.

I was amongst total strangers but we were all united as the game progressed, or rather as time passed because we were never allowed to get into a flow. On many occasions I remember turning in disbelief to those around me, only to see the same expressions in them.

I remember the fear in the ref as he knew the game was cascading beyond his control. He was frequently swarmed by the Madrid players.

I remember thinking why are they doing this, because it was clearly pre-planned? When they played, Madrid was clearly a talented side. They could have competed fairly against us.

I had been involved in some tousey matches at school, juvenile, and junior levels but nothing on this level. In one I was sent off for shooting the ball at a spectator who heckled me the whole game, but all of these were football games interrupted by periods of violence……not the other way round.

Carrying hate or resentment towards a team causes personal disfunction. However, some behaviour is impossible to forget.



Great article Bobby – it brought back a few memories. I was at Strathclyde, frantically trying to beat a deadline for submitting a Master’s thesis, when a mate of mine, Peter Hastie, clutching 2 tickets, persuaded me to go to the game. We were close to the touchline, near the halfway line opposite the tunnel, and amongst a group of lads swigging some type of cheap South African Sherry, either Lanliq, Eldorado or Four Crown.

By the second half, these lads were more than half in the bag, and making ominous noises about “Getting thae Dago cnuts.” After yet another despicable foul on Harry Hood, at least 2 of them surged forward, with the intent of reaching the field. They were blocked by Peter, who was yelling, “ That’s what they want, lads. Don’t do it!” Fortunately for everybody, wiser heads in our vicinity chimed in with vocal agreement with Peter’s position, and the threat was averted. For years, I wondered if this situation was replicated in other parts of the ground, and absolutely marveled at the crowd’s discipline in averting what could have been an absolute public relations disaster for Celtic.

A great read , i didn’t see the game as i was in Canada (you tube later on ) but heard about it through the “jungle drums)

Great read as well could have been scary.

Jimbo67 A sincere great big THANKYOU for allowing me to envision the game through your eyes, I know of the heartfelt hatred some of our supporters have for Athletico, and it is now plain for me to understand why after reading your very well put together article. I wasn’t at the game (not sure why not) too long ago to recall, these days I barely remember what was for dinner last night.

On a brighter note I finished up today for Xmas break, boy was I looking forward to this, that huge extension I’m doing, I feel has taken it’s toll on me, this year.

So onward to Christmas (as per today’s background image) and some relaxation, hope everyone has a great Xmas with their loved ones.


16 roads

RIP Cue Card.

The greatest race I’ve ever seen:


HH. 😥🍀

Call me Gerry


Thanks again for your efforts. Your voting results are always a must see for me. It’s good to see how others view a game you’ve just watched.

I’m satisfied that we garnered the 3 pts in spite of a below par performances from the team, and some individuals.

I’m not singling out anyone for criticism, but it seemed to me that our main midfield creators (Hatate & O’Riley) just couldn’t get into their groove on Wednesday. These two are mainstays in our creative midfield, and like Ange, I’d have them starting every game – as they are our best in those positions. Haksabanovic could possibly play the number 10 role in place of O’Riley but why change the winning formula. The last time Ange started a game with both RH & MO’R on the bench was our only league defeat v St Mirren. And I’m mighty glad he hasn’t done it since.

But, with Ange hinting at a few changes for our next game, and both RH & MO’R getting subbed on Wed, I wonder if one of them will start on the bench tomorrow. Hopefully not both, given the outcome last time.


Prestonpans bhoys

Forgot the deadly bears are playing tonight, wonder if they will get a var decision against them?

More chance of seeing a flying pig………


2 Superbru matches are on tonight- some still to get their predictions in


I was there. A dreadful exhibition of thuggery, very well described by Jimbo 67. I can’t, still, forgive or forget Argies disgusting behaviour both in 67 and 74. Disappointed that France lost in the World Cup Final, no doubt Messi is a genius and great to watch but even he wasn’t past the wee sly kicks and dives, sad to say.

Prestonpans bhoys

Is the sky microphone in the huns end!



Disagree, on a point of order.

Calmac is the mid creator.
Everything goes through him.

He is the fulcrum, the others are pretenders.

Sol Kitts

Prestonpans bhoys
They’ll mute it soon as the Klan songs start.

Sol Kitts

How the hell do they get a drum into the ground? Last game I went to they wouldn’t let me take a bottle of water into Celtic Park.

Prestonpans bhoys

So far 12 minutes of nothing to report. No creativity in that hun mob

Sol Kitts

2 good chances for RC

Prestonpans bhoys

That tavpen foot was dangerously high on the first one😕

Sol Kitts

I thought that too. Mind you, even if he caught the attacker with it they still wouldn’t give a penalty.

Sol Kitts

Hun free kick, moved forward 10 yards from where the offence took place to make it in range for Tavpen.

Prestonpans bhoys

Tavpen on 99 goals, pretty sure someone on here said about 48 are penalties😱

Sol Kitts

Poor defending by RC, stood back and let Lundthug have a free shot.

Prestonpans bhoys

Yip that’s enough for me🏃🏃🏃aff to the darts

Prestonpans bhoys

Jings these commentators at the darts make fat boy absooooolutely sound good😈

Prestonpans bhoys


What’s your take on the influence the Celtic board have had on this FSR from Uefa, significant or marginal.

Some blogs seem to this that our esteemed previous CEO was instrumental😱

Sol Kitts

Sky apologising for “bad language’ after 56 minutes of it.


Just reading back, and realized that my earlier remarks should have been addressed to you and not to our joint blogger in chief, the bold BMCUWP!

Res 12 closure.


A shine of light hopefully bring attention to the disgrace that is the SFA, a cabal of snakes.


Prestonpans bhoys

Darts so boring back on the hun game. On a happier note opened the gin🍸👍

Snakes of a clementine hue.


On 32% possession for Ross County, they have committed 11 fouls to the Huns’ 6, the reverse pattern to virtually all of our games. Funny that.

Prestonpans bhoys

That song there was non racist or sectarian….clap clap rangers

Didn’t last long……

Neither watching, nor listening to that mob.

Here’s a wee tune that will bring a teardrop to a glass eye.

Nite all.

A wee tune.