‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…


What a day that was on Saturday. First time for a while I’ve attended a match on Christmas Eve,and the first match I’ve watched from the upper tier in the old “Rangers” end. Upper tier once in the Celtic End-against Bayern Munich-and once when we swopped tickets with ACGR so that he and his 14yo lad could have our seats in 111 beside that new phenomenon,The Green Brigade. We were in or above The Jungle that night. 

My apologies to all,but for me,those are how the various parts of the stadium will always be known. And I wish I’d known too about the big bloody gate stopping me walking back  via the rear of The Jungle to where the car was parked. It was a long walk round,I can tell you. 

Took nearly as long as the VAR checks,in fact. At least four of which led to what seemed to be lengthy delays,but maybe the space-time continuum doesn’t work during these. (They worked fine during the recent World Cup!) Clancy,for it was he,saw fit to add on a mere minute for the first half and only five-officially-for the second. Took me longer than that to climb the stairs to my seat!

He can make a case for VAR taking time over the sending off. Not so for our second or fourth goals,and not for the St Johnstone consolation. The fourth in particular annoyed me. The only reason that I can think of for that meriting more than a cursory glance is that with the lino flagging it off,they ran the move back as far as feasible to see if a Celtic player had as much as coughed. Anything to justify that decision. None was forthcoming,of course. It was a peach of a goal.

In fact,they all were. The fourth was scored by our new right back,some fella called Hatate. He had scored our first as well. What a goal that was,with Maeda firing it low across the goal,the ball coming out to Mooy-and a perfectly rolled pass for Reo to fire home without breaking stride. 

The second again began on the left,with Mooy playing another perfectly weighted pass. This time for Matt to cut it across the goal,where Kyogo only just beat Jamesie to the punch. VAR grudgingly conceded that it was ok by them too. Mooy decided to go for a hat trick of assists-despite officially not achieving even one-with his trademark perfect peck pass to Jamesie,wide right. One touch then a cross into the area,Kyogo on it in a flash,3-0 and cruising to half time. 

Pretty much the performance we had all been so eager to see for some time,and while we kept it up in the second half,we weren’t as clinical. Quick feet from Jamesie and CalMac fed Reo for the fourth,and that was about it. St Johnstone spent most of their time illegally stopping us,though mainly that was just peachy by Clancy. If we as much as moved in the direction of one of their players,whistle. Saints player loses the ball in a challenge? Just go to ground,you’ll get the free kick. We won 4-1,12-4 and 76-24. A statistical anomaly in any football match,yet par for the course for us these last few years. But overall,a performance to savour. And well worth the Ironman endurance-walking and mountain climbing!

As an aside,as I was in a new area for me,I was in new company. I was delighted then that the wee 5yo or so lad next to me was singing along to some of the choons. Though I’d prefer that he wasn’t quite word perfect on the version of Yellow Submarine. The GB are usually better wordsmiths than that. As for the little ditty referencing Jimmy Bell and Walter Smith? While I have no love for either of them,and recognise that there was an element of tit for tat from the huns and Tommy Burns,they need to rise above that. I can’t be the only one who was unimpressed on Saturday. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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Napsters, link for the Saint Stephens day horse racing taking place for this week on the Monday.



JOBO POTY Competition…



Jobo Baldie

Good late evening friends and I hope everyone had a marvellous Christmas Day.
Just a wee reminder (before heading to ma scratcher!) that voting for Saturday’s game remains open until 10am tomorrow morning. Results should be out around Noon.


I’m not back!
Christmas is a different story.
I’m still out ,even more so after auldheids/plc revelations.
Forgiveness is two fold,you ask for it and you may receive it.!
To me the plc have bought the resoultionists off.

We will say fuck all for their cheating, the 5 way agreement?which was all agreed by our plc?
Yet auldheid talks about forgiveness?
What about the young bhoy who got.killed at brigton?For wearing a.celtic scarf.?
The rebels have surrendered for justice,quislingings,I say.
Oh it wont happen again???
£53/ticket?new team???
Wake up and smell the coffee.
We are not.on the back of the bus now
We are pushing it..
Sell out Celtic plc and resolution 12!

They are still the fucking same team
Ffs waken up.
They cheated as we know.
Don’t be daft,
They are the same dirty orange,Masonic bastards that we knew
Celtic have refunded the legal fees to.the reqestioners
They are so happy, auldheid, Phil, etc.
I have only 1 question.
How the fuck does this benefit Celtic supporters 10 yrs ago up to this day?

It doesn’t..

We were betrayed by our own!!!

They.had no balls.


From the outside (me) a lot of posters enjoyed your World Cup competition …

Am an infrequent poster on SC but know many posters and always have a wee look in …

Am delighted no Celtic fans agree on everything .. that’s what makes a good blog


I know so well ? Hope you are having a brill
Christmas day with your family.



The so called good guys of Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website all covered up for Lawwell and DD deceitfully and sneakily putting Rangers price onto Sevco tickets in 2016 just 4 years after poor Rangers died in 2012 sob sob.

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaame on you! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

The real good guys would whistle blow this scam.

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaame on you! 👀

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Good guys won’t be found on Pretentious SC or CQN or Phil Mac website.

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaame on you! 👀

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Good honest whistle blowing of the big lie PL and DD scam get deleted from SC or CQN or Phil Mac website.

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaaame on you! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Who are the real good guys in this post 2012 era of Celtic history?

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaaame on you! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Is it those so called Celtic supporter Pretentious good guys with websites that are used to delete thee only actual real good guy whistle blower who actually get to the point and asks questions with meat on the bones and speak the truth about PL and DD betrayal in 2016 when these two Celtic executive power brokers sneakily and slyly agreed with Ibrox that Rangers price would be charged and feature on new club Sevco tickets when they faced Celtic in 2016?

PL and DD in 2016 pulled the same club lie and lickspittle blogs concealed the whistle blowing of this! 👀

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaaaame on you Pretentious SC + CQN + Phil Mac website! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Or is the real good guy, I can’t remember the posters name now, Jungle, or something, yon poster that generated an instant happy clappy clique pile on whenever he posted, same treatment on each blog whether it be the Pretentious SC or CQN or Phil Mac websites, reserved only for thee only individual voice who gets repeatedly deleted, almost like a secret masonic clique agreement between the Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac websites, actually censoring thee only whistle blowing voice of the the cheating of Celtic integrity as PL and DD agreed to market Sevco as being the same as Rangers by pricing Rangers and Sevco tickets at the very same price as 2012 ticket, but this time also in 2016, both PL and DD wiping out the fact that Rangers died in 2012 and succulent lamb toe the line Celtic fan websites like the Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website deleting any whistle blowing posts about the desecration of Celtic supporters integrity, why would these obviously Pretentious good guys actually delete these posts, or have I just answered my own question by using the word Pretentious to describe these cover up junta blogs of Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website?

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaaaaame on you! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Very strange! 👀👀

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website and silent Auldheid! 👀👀👀👀

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

But stranger than that was the help that both PL and DD seemingly got was from Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website, even Auldheid didn’t mention this PL and DD same club lie ticket scam in 2016, and even 6 years later and not a peep from Auldheid about this PL and DD ticket scam since 2016!

Comrades all? 👀

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaaaaaame on you! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

No wonder Auldheid and Res12 got their asses put under the PLC bus!

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

In fairness to Auldheid and Res12 requisitioners, when your looking for justice or simply for Celtic PLC to do their jobs and on one hand, you have maybe dozens of Res12 requisitioners, versus on the other hand, 53k duplicitous Pretentious suck ups who stand for nothing and fall for everything, then Res12 was just a fkn waste of time.

Holy Joes won't drain the swamp.

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website(he vouches for SNP degeneracy, but not for PL and DD same club lie whistle blowers?) yeah, Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website join other Pretentious pretenders who like to bathe and cavort in the scunnering sewer stinking swamp!

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaaaaaaaame on you! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 👀

Who can you trust when the so called good guys of Pretentious SC and CQN and Phil Mac website and silent Auldheid are no more than easy meats or even gatekeepers for PL and DD?

Ho Ho Hum Hum the Mugs, the Mugs, the Mugs! 👀

Pish Christmas to a Pretentious gatekeeper blog that can't even be arsed saying the word Christmas on its background which is fken Pretentious anyway, just ask the you know whos that must never be criticized, eye. 👁️

Hum Hum Ho Ho the Mugs, the Mugs, the Mugs! 👀

Prove me wrong Shaaaaaaaaaaaaame on you! 👀

Do an article on PL and DD 2016 same club lie pricing or be forever cussed as PLC gatekeepers! 👀

Boooooooooooooooooo 👀🚨👀🚨👀🚨👀



I’m not back!
Christmas is a different story.
I’m still out ,even more so after auldheids/plc revelations.
Forgiveness is two fold, you ask for it and you may receive it.!
To me the plc have bought the resoultionists off.
Have you ever thought for a minute the message that might send myself and fellow requistioners?

Guys who for 9 years fought to have a case of what has been revealed as criminality that not many amongst a huge support took an interest in the challenging, can be bought off?

To me that could be an insult, but being me I forgive you for I don’t think that is what you really meant.

As I posted earlier, words are powerful but just as they can do good, they can also be hurtful.

PS if we wait for folk to ask for forgiveness and we carry resentment until they do, we only hand over power of our well being to them. You have forgiveness wrong, which is why I post links about what it is and what it isn’t.
We will say fuck all for their cheating, the 5 way agreement?which was all agreed by our plc?
Yet auldheid talks about forgiveness?
As regards the 5WA revelation and the cheating that LNS buried: if it was not for the work put in by myself and others on http://www.res12.uk no one would have had the facts that made them aware of Celtic’s involvement in the 5WA and the LNS deceptions and the biggest disappointment for me is that not enough supporters cared enough to act on the information provided. You are throwing your anger at the wrong guy.


celtic blogs ur no good guys anymore

If as I suspect you are KevG why have you never taken up my offer years ago to discuss the many mistakes in your posts and prove that they were? It could have saved you years of angst.

The offer has never been closed.

On the ticket price in 2016 I had no evidence to either support or deny your narrative. I make a point of not saying anything that I cannot back up with hard copy, but if you have proof you can let me see it if you take up the offer to meet.


Chalmersbhoy 1.04am

Cheers …

we all had a great day in person with the immediate family and the outer family online … hope the same for yourself 🍀👍

Auldheid … keep doing what you’re doing, my wee great nephew got his signed Jota top for his Christmas … he doesn’t give one hoot about any cheating from other entities ..he just loves Celtic …

Celtic (in my opinion) is far more important than rules, refs, regulations …. Or any other thing starting with R 🙂

By the way he also loved his (unsigned) Jota teeshirt we got him out of the Celtic shop in ML5

Some might think it’s a PLC … it’s not, it’s actually our Celtic … more than any bodies 🙂

And it’s a good morning from me 🍀

The great nephew am typing of is Celtic daft … his youngest brother … our Shay is coming up leaps and bounds although still has a bit of a struggle ahead as will need even more heart surgery in the months ahead .. but the wee mhan is a fighter and has already fought many battles since the 22nd of August 2022 and is still fighting and smiling …

I look forward to him following in his big brothers footsteps …. Celtic daft the 3 of them 💚🍀

Only put that previous post on here as SC was very supportive of me a few months back regarding the wee mhan ….

It was more to do with, enjoy Celtic … don’t let anything try and take any enjoyment away from supporting our team 🍀


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy St Stephen’s Day.


If sevco want to be rangers then pay your dues and apologise for the hurt and hardship you caused then forgiveness may be considered.

Those involved in the cover up of the biggest uk sporting crime, whichever organisation they belong to, tell the truth and then forgiveness may be considered.

I believe most people deserve a 2nd chance but only if earned its not an entitlement.

Best wishes to all but especially those who are dealing with extra pressures that life should not be giving them.

Craig 76

Someone gonna get a slap on the wrist

Why VAR interventions are helping teams when they play Celtic
St Johnstone midfielder Cammy MacPherson has suggested that VAR interventions provide a welcome relief when facing up to a relentless Celtic and their multi-ball approach in the east end of Glasgow.

Andrew Smith
By Andrew Smith
4 minutes ago.
There were three lengthy stoppages courtesy of VAR in the Scottish champions’ 4-1 victory at home to the Perth side on Christmas Eve. Two of these resulted from offside checks – the first overturning the flagging initially to rule-out a fourth goal for Ange Postecogou’s men, with the second confirming that the strike that allowed Callum Davidison’s side to pull a goal back was legitimate. MacPherson confessed that breaks in play are to be welcomed when Ange Postecoglou’s men are in all-out attack mode.

“When Celtic get going at that intensity they’re hard to stop,” he said of St Jonstone’s first leg loss in seven outings. “The multi-ball system helps them as well. You never get a break. It’s actually good when it goes to VAR because you can get a bit of a breath. This game isn’t the most important one we’ll play this season. When you come here it’s a free hit. Not many teams – if any – will win or even get a point.

“Maybe they took the foot off the gas a wee bit but I thought we were more compact in the second half and got a goal to show for it. It’s sign of how much we’ve progressed that we’re feeling disappointed that we didn’t get anything from the game. In previous games it’s been about limiting the score but we went into this one with an attacking formation and the plan was to press them high up the pitch.”


Morning all.
I hope you all had as good a Christmas day, as possible.
Reading back, there were some lovely posts, well done to all.
Remember it’s ok not to be ok.
Love to all.💚💚💚💚


You don’t half talk some shite,Kev.



Clancy took a while confirming the second one as well. Hell knows why.


Morning and I hope a good Christmas was had by all.

Even the unpretentious? fella who affects an aggrieved and aggressive persona.
It’s surely just an act now?
Beyond parody.

I hope you found some semblance of goodwill, if not to all men( and women) – obviously not from your earlier offering, at least to those near to you who must have the patience of all the saints.


As Auldheid, one of those who fought the noble battle, says over on Sentinel Celts…..

We all can give anything any meaning we want in the absence of actually knowing.

What if The Board to whom MN reports thought although our shareholders have been annoying pests, their activity was actually helpful in seeking FSR changes and shareholders can do things Celtic cannot for fear of being ridiculed or sanctioned or simply do not have the time to work on?

One of the lessons I learned from the St Mary’s Open Meeting resolution by supporters in 2010 was that supporters can say and do things the Board simply cannot because the SFA or SPFL Articles of Association forbid it. That is one of the reasons I think The Board should be more open to quietly using the support as a means of change. A point I’ve made during the year when meeting on The Foundation subject.

On the PLC I have formed the view that if the truth about Rangers behaviour had come out it would have been impossible to allow them to continue to play in Scottish football and the financial consequences for the game not just Celtic would be disastrous for all clubs.

In a parallel situation in Greek football where the UEFA Club Financial Control Body paid a visit to inspect the books of Giannina FC re an overdue payable they found five private wage agreements not covered in the clubs accounts. The CFCB deemed that a separate breach of their “fair presentation” of accounts rule . Giannina appealed but CAS upheld the decision to refuse licence on the overdue tax issue but no ruling was made on the private agreements.

However if the dots are joined and private wage agreements not fairly declared are equivalent of side letters to ebts not fairly declared then we are talking about every club who lost to a Rangers EBT scheme fuelled player since 2000 having a compensation claim along with the right to award a licence taken from the SFA. UEFA knew in 2012 about Rangers use of side letters.

I speculate but it has to be something really big to cause the secrecy and cover up and fear of the wider consequences from UEFA might have played its part in Celtic’s reluctance to take Res12 to UEFA and why the PLC remain silent still.

At the end of the day we just do not know the full story over the Res12 years, Rumsfelds unknowns being a factor.

However on events leading up to the decision to channel the legal cost reimbursement to the Foundation here is an account from another shareholder involved how it all happened:
Basically, the club agreed to reimburse the financial contributions that private shareholders made towards the legal fees paid to the solicitors who took their Res 12 concerns directly to the SFA and UEFA.

You might recall that the SFA ultimately brought charges against RFC but decided not to pursue those charges with the Court of Arbitration for sport because “It was not expedient to do so”.

You might also recall that in the midst of a flurry of correspondence the SFA attempted to direct shareholders to take matters up with a UEFA employee who might have been able to answer our enquiries?

Without warning anyone, the shareholders decided to ignore that advice and through their solicitors went straight to a chap by the name of Andrea Traverso instead.

He was, at the time, the head of UEFA Club Licensing and is now the Managing Director of Financial Sustainability Regulations and as such it is he who is in charge of the new FSR regulations and monitoring scheme which has been implemented by UEFA to oversee the activities of clubs AND ENSURE THAT COMPLIANCE IS ASSURED VIA/WITH NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS.

Traverso has implemented a quiet revolution at UEFA and has set up a new innovation unit to steer things for the future.

To engage at the right level with both the SFA and UEFA, shareholders had to engage a national firm of solicitors with no conflict of interest (not an easy task at the time by any means) to carry out their instructions and conduct the necessary research and communications.

This came at a cost (£11,266 to be precise) and was funded by a number of shareholders (though I suspect that the legal bill could have been far higher but was heavily discounted by the partner in charge – who incidentally was a fan of another club).

It had always been mooted with Celtic that any such verified and documented expense could be reimbursed by the club notwithstanding that, at times, the club itself might prefer to follow a different route, or be forced to take a different path as a result of being bound by SFA committee voting where the club have but one vote (Ref the expediency decision referred to above).

Accordingly, yesterday’s announcement and the donation made to The Foundation is the culmination of almost 14 months of negotiations and discussions between shareholders and the current board representatives..

The principal of reimbursement was established and agreed very quickly with shareholders representatives followed by a longer period to obtain agreement that any reimbursement should be donated to the Foundation rather come back to individuals.

Further, The Foundation wanted to ensure that any such donation was used at a time and in a manner which did the most good and so the sum concerned was rolled into the Christmas Appeal and to help others during the cost of living crisis.

These things take time, a lot of discussion, a fair amount of document drafting and detailed consideration of exactly how to implement a plan that everyone agrees on.

Most of all it takes persistence, persistence and then some dogged persistence.

But you get there in the end and the true spirit of Celtic sees the most needy benefitting.

That is the Celtic Way in action.
On that final note and in the hours just before Christmas Day itself, for all the misgivings some understandably have , a meaning we can choose to give the whole saga is that the spirit of Christ that led to Celtic’s creation has never left.

A joy filled Christmas to everyone.

The good guys won, and whilst the bad guys are still around, they know they are being watched.

Craig 76

Prestonpans bhoys

Merry Christmas to all🎅 and a belter from kevj too🤣

Jobo Baldie


Good morning, friends and a Big Happy St Stephen’s Day to you all.
I hope you’ll indulge me on this one and let me away without commenting on the game itself but instead just moving straight to the stats and votes.
Domestically we have now played 20, winning 19 and losing just 1. We have scored 65 and conceded 15.
Thanks to the 43 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –
Hart: 0
Hatate*: 43
Carter-Vickers: 5
Starfelt: 1
Taylor: 4
McGregor: 3
O’Riley: 2
Mooy*: 18
Forrest: 17
Kyogo*: 32
Maeda: 4

Abada: 0
Jota: 0
Haksabanovic: 0
Giakoumakis: 0
Turnbull: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against St Johnstone are –
Hatate – 5 pts
Kyogo – 4 pts
Mooy – 3 pts
Forrest – 2 pts
Carter-Vickers – 1 pt

And after 26 games the overall standings are as shown below –
57 points – Hatate
38 points – Taylor
36 points – Carter-Vickers
34 points – Jota
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – McGregor
23 points – Abada
22 points – Jenz
20 points – Kyogo
18 points – Mooy
15 points – Haksabanovic
13 points – Giakoumakis
12 points – Juranovic
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei, Starfelt and Welsh
8 points – Forrest
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Hart
3 points – Maeda
0 points – Abildgaard, McCarthy and Siegrist

Our next game is midweek trip to Edinburgh on Wednesday evening for an 8.00pm kick off against Hibs. The voting arrangements should be back to normal for that one – vote by 10.00pm on Thursday evening and the results should be out shortly after that.
Hail Hail!



Thank you,kind sir! I hope your day yesterday was as good as mine,in which case it was a stoatir.

For once,the top three echoed mine-exactly! Hatate and Kyogo were automatic,and I couldn’t leave out Mooy even though it meant that Jamesie went unrewarded for an excellent performance.

Two further points. Hatate receiving only the second-ever 100% return,and the drop in the numbers making their selections. The first has the obvious explanation of Hatate being simply outstanding,and the second,sadly,likely reflects the difficulty in getting a working stream.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, a true story wee joan always baths our westies on christmas eve, so on christmas day they are nice and clean, unfortunately some soap got into Benny’s eyes one of our westies, now she has been grooming dogs since she was 35 that’s 30 years and she has never done that to any customers dogs, but ironicaly she does it to one of our own, to cut a long story short ,benny kept rubbing his eye and wee joan was worried he might get an ulcer on it and that could lead to him losing that eye, so this morning we took him to the emergency vet in chester , good job we did, he had the beginnings of an eye ulcer ,150 quid just for the consultation, and 70 quid for 2 tubes of ointment for Benny’s eyes, but at least wee joan feels better now that she took him, another true story.hh



You can choose another if you’d a non runner. 👍



An expensive error,but glad it’s sorted. Couldn’t Joan have sent you upstairs for an old lampshade,and saved you a good few quid?

big packy

BOBBY if only, hail hail buddy😎


Nollaig shona dhuit!

Somewhat confused as to the latest Res 12 shenanigans. Has the Celtic board admitted they connived and colluded in both the Res 12 cover-up and their part in the 5WA? Exactly what does reimbursing the legal costs of the Res 12 shareholders
/ requisitioners really mean in terms of contrition being shown by the PLC? Is the board simply now doing something they hinted that they would do long ago, albeit it took over a year of negotiations for them to actually part with the cash. Not meaning to sound overly churlish but the board handing over cash from Celtic’s biscuit tin and putting it into the foundation funds is just another example of us paying for their mistakes. As for forgiveness – IMHO it has to be earned, the PLC has done little, apart from the gesture discussed above, to show any contrition for their litany of deceitful and spiteful acts over the past decade. Lieswell appointment shows that they have little intention of starting anew IMHO that is.
As for the much-heralded financial watchdog looking over the Hun’s shoulders. What does this really mean for Celtic? If The Huns spend less doesn’t it follow that Celtic will, in turn, spend less, hasn’t that always been the way? Call me an old cynic but i see nothing in our latest player acquisitions spend to suggest we are planning on leaving Sevco way behind in the distance eating our dust.

In closing i still hold the greatest respect for the Auldheid and the Res 12 Bhoys, they fought the good fight when the majority of the support didn’t give a flying f**k, and sadly they still don’t. Jota’s porn star mustache is a bigger discussion topic than the club being cheated.

Sorry to hear about the dug, Big Jim Packy! Hopefully this wee tune will help cheer up Benny and Joan!


Ivan Toney with another opportunist goal today ( he had one chalked off earlier ).


If sevco want to be rangers then pay your dues and apologise for the hurt and hardship you caused then forgiveness may be considered.

Those involved in the cover up of the biggest uk sporting crime, whichever organisation they belong to, tell the truth and then forgiveness may be considered.

I believe most people deserve a 2nd chance but only if earned its not an entitlement.

Best wishes to all but especially those who are dealing with extra pressures that life should not be giving them.
Correct. Rangers wronged Scottish football to a very damaging extent which the other clubs then saw as a damage limitation exercise.

Res12 could only focus on where shareholders had locus which was loss of share value due to losing out on a CL place in 2011 on what has proved to be a lie.

So to clarify when I spoke of forgiveness it was only relevant to how The Board behaved over the years iro Res12.

The 5WA is a thorn in the body of Scottish football and to remove it would require Celtic supporters and supporters of other clubs to stop supporting over chosen games until the truth came out then you might get an apology from Ibrox.

Hold on until I close my window , the oinks from a squadron of flying pigs passing make it hard to think.

That I’m afraid takes us back to forgiveness for the well being it provides..

What is really required in many more places than Ibrox is a metanoia, a change of heart and that seems most unlikely at Ibrox. They would rather cling to a myth created in the 5WA than face themselves in the mirror.

That takes us back to forgiveness. As I said earlier in continuing non forgiving we are handing power over us to the wrongdoer.

Forgiveness does not mean we have to like the wrong doer and become reconciled pals, it means seeing the other as they really are, protecting ourself from any future wrong doing, as FSR is attempting, and seeing them as a group to be pitied for living a lie. It’s all they have. Think of the Pharisees and the woe their scrupulous thinking attracts (and the joy that brings us when reality bites them)

It takes time to get to that forgiveness point . There are 4 phases but if we know what they are we can navigate better through them, which is why I link to the process that sets the phases out.

Here is one of many on the www.


big packy

MCAFF, cheers buddy👍

big packy

just had a knock at the door there, brown van, amazon prime delivery, big cardboard box, noticed it was from solkitts, wow i thought black pudding, skwerr sausage, bridies, scotch pies ,tattie scones, we’ll after taking me fifteen minutes to open this big box, it contained 4 skwerr sausage, sell by date november 2012, thanks sol ,you can take the bhoy out of ardrossan but you can’t take ardrossan out of the bhoy, another true story.hh

Craig 76

Just seen a still of Craig Gordon’s double leg break, don’t think he’ll come back from that

St tams

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day.

Thanks Jobo for the POTY results.
Surprised that Calmac only received 3 votes


Craig 76:

Craig Gordon’s age is very much against him, some are comparing it to Henrik’s leg break, however Henrik had his at age 27/28 Craig is now around 41 years old, as the body gets older these things take much longer to heal, he won’t make it back to the keeper career he wanted, maybe goal-keeping coaching or another avenue.

Jobo thanks for the results 👍



That has been sent by an imposter. No way SOLKITTS’ son would allow skwerr to go out of date.

Craig 76

That’s what I was thinking, a new career as a coach or pundit


Craig aye a new breed of soup takers, just what we need 🤣 Another one with a grudge against Celtic, he will slot right in with Charlie Ridiculous and Andy Wonka

Craig 76

We know he won’t make it as a coach for saving penalties that’s for sure 😀

big packy

BOBBY, is that a true story🤩🤩

Sol Kitts

Big Packy


So in ten years, you made a donation to the celtic Trust and this all comes out within a few weeks of PL’s reappointment.

I’m sure I said years ago you were wasting your time and if anything it should have been Celtic you should have taken to the courts. They as the company have a duty of care to their shareholders and the dividend lost in revenue.

You asked for proof of what in fact is price fixing and is against the law, when two parties set a price for a product.

Well the facts are all there to see £30 for a ticket for a home match against any other team in the SPFL except the huns and they have the same system at ibrox.

Will I waste my time, no chance.

I do feel sorry for the law firm partner that wasted his time effort and energy and got nothing in return.

Anyway life is not a fairytale and it’s never a happy ending.

I understand business, capitalism and everything that comes with it. Our employees on minimum wages while our CEO was taking over a million pounds in bonuses.

I understand that the board didn’t have the balls to hand in their resignation to the SFA and apply to join the english league right at the bottom and work our way up.

I sadi before, the only money they would have lost would have been europen money as I honestly believe the season books would still have sold . The share price might have fallen, but this would have been for a short period only and could have been discussed at an AGM as 99% of share holders are not in it for the money, if you get my drift..

Only one question I would like to ask is, do you have any type of roll within Celtic Park today, anything at all?

I will not stop following my Celtic as its my Celtic, not the boards, not the players, and certainly not DD’s or PL’s Celtic.

Hail hail.



I seriously doubt that anyone who posts on here works for Celtic. That would probably be classed as gross industrial misconduct,as the site isn’t exactly known for being board friendly.

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