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As the year draws to a close those of a Celtic persuasion will sleep the easiest. Reinforced in numbers via another busy winter transfer window, reinforced on the park with Mooys return aiding the display, 9 points clear, and of course the Resolutioners achieved an ending to the saga they are happy with. Win the next two games and most would consider the league a wrap, a fantastic position to be in.
It’s a good time to be a Tim, that’s for sure.
Unfortunately, our club of choice and by extension those very same Tims fall under the umbrella of the SPL. And quite frankly it’s never a good time to be involved with one of Europes worst top flight leagues.
Almost everything Hampden gets involved with goes wrong, and this year was no exception.
They made a complete Horlicks of the Cinch sponsorship deal, defeated by a member club on the issue and were forced to sign a new updated contract to take into account their miscalculation.
They did manage to find long term buyers for the right to televise the league’s games, but again controversy wasn’t far behind. Amid calls the selling fee was inadequate, the leagues supremos’ assurance that the details were run by all clubs beforehand was quickly challenged and demands for an inquiry into the affair soon followed. And soon ignored.
Next up Hampden imposed it’s own version of VAR upon the national sport, and very few if any would suggest it has progressed the game or matchday experience. Every round of fixtures brings more dubious calls, more selective officiating that is regularly deemed a method to help level up the league by holding teams back rather than assisting them.
Those running the system do so with impunity, the mainstream media happy to ignore or downplay controversial incidents against any team that’s not called Rangers.
Underlying all the above is the curious case of the Compliance Officer. Hampden is on its third appointee in less than two years, which suggests there’s more to the job than meets the eye, which isn’t hard to imagine. Being honest and of good moral character are enough to disqualify for the position, the skullduggery and pressure involved would drive any decent person away. Hampden will not want it’s VAR officials shown up on a weekly basis, and the old boys network probably enjoys the easy money it brings, so the CO’s hands are tied I imagine.
As for the league and clubs themselves there is one shining light yes, but that’s never enough. The Champions are on an exciting journey however most clubs continue to simply exist and not thrive. The fact we have more than double the points of the third placed team before the New Year is a very sad sign.
American ownership of Aberdeen cannot be called a success, at this point anyway.
Hibernian remain a model of inconsistency while their Edinburgh counterparts continue to prefer a battle on the field rather than a game of football.
FSR regulations shall severely hamper the Ibrox teams prospects, although they correctly opted for coaching and tactics to improve the team, but the fact remains they will not be favourites to land the title against Celtic for the foreseeable future.
All other clubs arent worth writing home about though they will raise their game when we visit instead of every weekend which is almost cheating their support. Not getting relegated looks to be the main objective for the majority, a poor goal when growth should be the top agenda, a style of play and players who put bums on seats.
The conversation around banning alcohol advertising at games hasn’t received as much coverage as it should, given it has the potential to put the cat amongst the pigeons.
Putting aside the irony of advertising alcohol to people in the stands who would love a drink in their hand yet can’t actually buy one, there’s a valid argument it’s the morally correct thing to do, the theory being it would help the health of the nation and not glamorize the product for the next generation.
Yet surveys show 72.5 percent of professional clubs (Europe wide) having at least one alcohol related sponsor/partner.

Call for ban on alcohol ads in Scottish sports

If this proposed legislation is enacted it will effectively leave one nation and one nation alone at a disadvantage, hardly fair.
We could be faced with the ridiculous situation of being allowed alcohol advertising for European games, then switching them out for league games. All while watching other competitions revel in their numerous associations, count the amount of Heineken ads per Champions League games that delivers a fortune to UEFA.
While this isn’t of Hampdens making for once, they must handle the consequences (should this occur). Given they are the opposite of Midas in that everything they touch turns to manure not gold, it’s easy to imagine this potential income crisis not being well at all.
If lower league clubs are forced to cut academy budgets, or close them altogether, the national sport suffers. If they are forced under by this decision, everyone suffers.
When considering the sports health and future, one must also take into consideration the upcoming recession. The UKs future does not look bright to say the least and households everywhere will feel the pinch. A business that has seen exports collapse will forgo that corporate box, the young group of friends who usually attend might opt out when half are unemployed in order to stick together, the family of season tickets could be reduced to one or two, for the lucky families. The unlucky families are forced to food banks, and those waiting in the huge line aren’t in a position to buy season tickets for any level of football.
The list of ‘cant afford it’ looks set to grow. Another nail in the national sports coffin.
The EPL provides another strong nail in that coffin. The English top flight is going from strength to strength with a big seven now battling it out, as opposed to our big one, big rival, ten idiots system. West Ham or Leicester getting their act together would make it a big eight, further cementing it’s claim as the biggest league in the world. With little scandal attached, a media who will expose whatever they find, and the referees allegiance rule in place, theres no surprise here that’s it’s growing in popularity particularly among the youth.
It’s a polished product and can be held up as the benchmark, providing a much better quality of football than Scotlands top flight.
Unfortunately I surmise Scottish football is not well positioned for the future for the following reasons,,,
A one horse race tends to leave the product increasingly uninteresting from a supporter and commercial point of view, it doesn’t help grow the product.
Any tightening of the belts across the sport shall further skew the divisions especially the top flight.
The Champions League income shall drive a bigger wedge between the top two and the rest, sometimes a wedge between first and second if they fail to qualify.
Potential players will be lost due to austerity.
Survival mode for most clubs is not conducive to playing youth or adventurous football.
The parochialism and tribalism throughout the sport is not a positive, racism remains entrenched even in this day and age.
The media remain biased and won’t lead the calls for reform, but rather continue their top selling blue good green bad formula.
Hampden remains the old boys club and a hindrance to progression.
A potential silver lining is the increasing dependency upon youth players which is always welcome. Whether supporters are happy to fork out the hard earned to watch kids mature is another question, most believe that’s what the amateur leagues are for. Besides the cream usually get plucked early by bigger clubs ala Ben Doak, Liam Morrison and Islam Feruz.
Scottish football increasingly reminds me of Pinocchio, it’s a little boy that needs to grow up. Normally boys must grow into men, you can’t hold them back, but in this instance the boy can be held back. Is being held back.
And will continue to be held back.
There’s a wholesale change in thinking needed, but change can be the hardest thing in the world to achieve. People prefer the norm, change can be uncomfortable.
Cheryl Crow rightly opined a change will do you good, and that’s true, but necessity is the mother of change.
Without the need to change Scottish football won’t.
And that’s it in a nutshell, it can easily remain Pinocchio and continue.
In order to grow up, real problems must be acknowledged and confronted with grown up thinking.
As yet, that’s been a step too far.
Until necessity arrives, that’s how it will remain.
By Mahe

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Craig 76

Looks like someone is off to buy a telly in the sales 🤣🤣🤣

Craig 76

On this day 27th Dec 1982

Weet weet weet

Wee guy drops his dad right in it


Excellent article,MAHE. We have just witnessed the world’s best refusing to allow politics to overcome The Beautiful Game,with one of the best finals ever. A few weeks away from the knockout stages of club football’s premier showpiece tournament,with arguably the world’s top league just over the border.

And we can’t implement VAR properly or fairly,we can’t appoint a Compliance Officer and allow them to do the job. We have a compliant-read biased or scared-media,and an overall agricultural approach to the game which is stuck in the century before last.

Except that the last comment is unfair on Scotland in the 19th Century,because it was Scots in that era who introduced the world to a flowing passing game. Up till then,it was all kick and rush,barging,gouging and maiming. How ironic then that the world learned from our 19th Century exploits while we reverted to theirs.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Quite a sobering view, Mahe and hard to argue with it!

Craig 76
Craig 76

From Twitter
Oliver Abildgaard

Celtic have agreed to terminate the loan of Danish midfielder Oliver Abildgaard.

Several media outlets are reporting a deal has been struck with Rubin Kazan to end Abildgaard’s loan after just 156 minutes of football.

All the best Oliver 🍀


There is an old proverb: Man plans, God laughs! It underscores the value of irony. If irony was a health supplement, Celtic supporters would be powerful magnets by now. Look at the irony in our diet. Take the vitriolic debate last night on the payment of 11k to the Foundation. Anyone else see the irony in that? The whole debacle started with Celtic losing out on monies from the CL because of, what shall we say, dubious practices. Then the affair is apparently concluded by the injured party, Celtic, paying out! Oh, those impish Gods…how they treat us!

Meanwhile the good ship Rangers/Sevco sails on, possibly trading while insolvent, retaining the benefits of the old company but not the financial responsibilities. Is that the Gods laughing again or is it simply going to rain?

Finally, and here is the one that will split your sides. PL, whose final term as CEO was so bad that even he resigned, is returning as chairman!

I wonder what further laughs the gods have in store?

Enjoy your day, fellow memmbers of the audience,


Craig 76
Craig 76

Well I hope everyone in Timland found time for family, friends, frolics and a little peace over the ☧-mas tide.

Interesting piece Mahe – must say though, it would be easier for me to list the things I’m not in agreement with than otherwise

However you may forgive me for keeping my disagreements brief and having a little agreement:)

They did manage to find long term buyers for the right to televise the league’s games, but again controversy wasn’t far behind. Amid calls the selling fee was inadequate, the leagues supremos’ assurance that the details were run by all clubs beforehand was quickly challenged and demands for an inquiry into the affair soon followed. And soon ignored

Well they didn’t, the new tv broadcast deal wasn’t either new nor a good deal.

It was a renegotiation and extension of the old deal, which will go on far too long. The SPL are lazy and this deal was lazy. Though the new PPV clause was welcome and I’ve enjoyed a couple of games by way of this provision.

Yet the old you scratch my back nonsense persists, it seems there is cronyism in all parts of Scottish football and where we are in agreement and something that is often hugely underestimated in Scotland is English football…

further cementing it’s claim as the biggest league in the world. With little scandal attached, a media who will expose whatever they find, and the referees allegiance rule in place, theres no surprise here that’s it’s growing in popularity particularly among the youth.

It’s a polished product and can be held up as the benchmark

Of course Celtic supporters can’t moan about cronyism as we are the biggest example of it in the game

Still Ange is refreshing and shows what a change of mind set can achieve…

Hail Hail


Yes, remiss of me to not wish that everyone had a good holiday.

Mine was different this year. Christmas starts today for me. On the 25th I woke up with a migraine. The type of migraine that I get takes away my ability to speak and to comprehend. Surprisingly not frightening but debilitating. Today I am 90% so Christmas dinner is today.



BMCUWPS @ 10:14 am,

Ha, Ha, Ha…


Hail Hail


Rebus67 @ 12:24 pm,

Sorry to hear of your Christmas woes, a quite horrible condition to be struck with

Hope you enjoy the day and go from strength to strength…

Hail Hail

Afternoon all!
Mahe… Pinocchio? Yeah, Scottish fitba is full of liars right enough but surely you mean Peter Pan – the boy who never grew up!


Craig 76,

Thanks for posting the links…

Interesting by Jura, doesn’t sound like he’s in a rush to leave bonnie Scotland

Will be great to have him back playing in the Glasgow Derby

It will free up our free scoring right back for midfield duties

Hail Hail

bada bing1



Sunak asking a homeless guy if he’s ‘ in business’, talk about out of touch…..


Mahe, Bobby et al…

Hope everyone had a peaceful and Happy Christmas.

As forecast on these pages , the Auld Regime is still in place in Paradise.

The idea that folk can be “happy” with that defies belief!

A few pieces of ‘chump’ change and everything …forgiven?


The silence is depressing.

Still see a few here calling it out.

Nowhere enough tho’ …

BadaBingBadaBoom!!… couldn’t watch that patronising cnut Sunak at the drop in centre. Fecking disgusting, conceited, over-privileged fecker.

Craig 76

If you can, why not go and give the young Bhoys a cheer on friday





There is an old proverb: Man plans, God laughs! It underscores the value of irony. If irony was a health supplement, Celtic supporters would be powerful magnets by now. Look at the irony in our diet. Take the vitriolic debate last night on the payment of 11k to the Foundation. Anyone else see the irony in that? The whole debacle started with Celtic losing out on monies from the CL because of, what shall we say, dubious practices. Then the affair is apparently concluded by the injured party, Celtic, paying out! Oh, those impish Gods…how they treat us!

You will know the definition of moral hazard, someone takes the risks someone else pays the price. A point made a number of years ago to me by our current CEO.

FSR will help end the moral hazard that Rangers backed by the SFA represent to Scottish football since SDM arrived with changes to overdue payable rules (the specific locus of Res12), limits to spend on player squads to a % of specified football earnings and a change to how club monitoring is done with UEFA taking over from SFA.

The facts are Celtic’s Chris McKay worked with UEFA regularly over a few years to argue for changes and he and Traverso had all the evidence presented by – and this is something critics have overlooked – not by the requisitioners but by a group of Celtic shareholders who over 9 years supported the Resolutions 12/11 and to whom the requisitioners were responsible and on whose behalf they acted.

(The reason for PL’s unwelcome return are unknown but he had nothing to do with how Res12 has closed)

I regret the vitriol that came out on blog but when people make unfounded accusations they can hardly expect them not to be challenged, no self respecting person would put up with that.

The responses from the group of shareholders the requisitioners represented btw have been appreciative of what Res12 has achieved whilst disappointed it did not achieve an aim it never had of calling out Rangers and they were content that their money was being put to a charitable cause, I’m not sure God would have laughed at them for that, ironical or not.

I recall that the Scottish Main Stream Media presented Res12 as a calling out Rangers issue to stop it achieving its objective of full investigation of SFA and that appears to have skewed the perception of Res12 aims for some, hence the sense of disappointment expressed.

What Res12 has shown me to use an LBJ quote is “You can please some of the Celtic support all of the time, you can please all of the Celtic support some of the time, but you can’t please all of the Celtic support all of the time” and (my addition) there are some Celtic supporters who cannot ever be pleased.

I dance my dance nevertheless and Merry Christmas to you.


Merry Christmas to you, Auldheid.

Thank you for the info.

My “vitriol” comment was not directed at you. Whilst, I can disagree with you, I never doubt your commitment to obtaining justice/fairness. Perhaps, almost as much, I admire your ability to take incoming with dignity.

So, here is some now………just joking.




That made me laugh and dance a wee bit. Ta.

Prestonpans bhoys


An excellent piece 👏 and I forgot about that alcohol ad ban, at least we can’t blame hampden for that mince.

But for sure they couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery 🤪



A debate? Or a diatribe? An unmerited kicking in public to an undeserving target who has spent the best part of a decade highlighting the disaster that passes for governance in Scottish football,and also at our club?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion,as Pitymenevin did last night. Nobody is entitled to display their opinion as fact,not without proof.



“and (my addition) there are some Celtic supporters who cannot ever be pleased.”

There are certainly some sceptics disillusioned by conventional ideas whose entrenched attitudes will never be swayed, and some who just show defiance as an attention seeking measure.

Your commitment to the issue cannot be undervalued. Those wishing to besmirch those efforts should consider the resolution achieved and the Long Term Impact.
However, for some it is not the immediacy they yearn for.

We live in an age of Instant gratification for some.


A small and select meeting of like minded drunks is scheduled for the Shipbank, Saltmarket on Friday 6th January 12pm onwards. It will be a pleasure to meet faces old, new and horrendous.



Good plan,you should have sobered up by then!

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, saltires great to see you posting👍 just had a knock at the door, special delivery from lime st station in liverpool, was looking for a parcel ,but the guy brings a wee dug oot, note around its neck ,big jim packy can you please look after my dug for a few days kind regards mcaff ,no problem mcaff, but its a one way ticket glasgow central to liverpool lime st, you could have at leat thru in a few tins of butchers tripe,another true story🤩🤩


BMCUWPS @ 4:49 pm,

Totally agree, why some folk feel they have the right to decide what the resolutioners and their shareholding supporters; set out to achieve, then strived over the years to achieve and finally did achieve has been rather illuminating since the Celtic Foundation issued their statement

Rather than try to understand the well documented and often highlighted aims and objectives, they make up what they “think” should have been the aims and objectives, then rip into people who worked hard and stood up to be counted in regard of Res12 and criticising them for not achieving and even worse, selling out on these illusory objectives.

They of course fail to tell us what they achieved during what has been the realisation for over a decade, that much of the harboured suspicions of what we “the paranoid” thought for the longest time was not only justified but was the tip of the iceberg.

With vested interests and they were legion, seemingly oligated to ensure mimimum fall out from what was being exposed at Rangers and the football authorities complicity, much of the misfeasance was; for the SMSM a non-declared, non-event that never happened, industrial scale deception from foe and saddest of all very effectual misdirection from “friend”.

Yet they stayed focused and persistent as they needed to do over this black-ops farrago and drove home their points

The stone casters can take the easy option of lobbing a few brickbats to show themselves morally superior and highlight the resolutioners naivety to intimate their strategic prowess

Hail Hail

big packy

CHAIRBHOY went to airdrie once it was closed. thank feck coatbrig was open🤩🤩 another true story.hh


Merry Christmas Big Packy, hope Joan and you had a grand time…

In my day Airdrie was always open for business:))

Hail Hail

big packy

CHAIRBHOY hi pal, hope you and yours had a good christmas, heatth and happiness to you for the new year👍


Many thanks Big packy, looking forward to the gathering of the clan new year weekend.

Have a great one pal👍🍀

Hail Hail



Re dogs and rail stations,here’s a proper true story for you.

I know it’s true,because it is a legend in my home town-and was also reported in the Tam Shields Diary section of the Glasgow Herald. Way back when it was a newspaper worthy of the name.

Remember Red Star Parcels,about fifty years ago and long before deregulation of postal and parcel deliveries? Only Royal Mail and BR were licensed,and someone sent a dog over from Ireland via Stranraer to Glasgow. The only scheduled drops being Ayr and Kilwinning,the dug made a run for it. At Kilwinning.

Cue the stationmaster running after it,shouting…

“Stoap that dug,it’s a parcel!”

big packy

BOBBY, thanks for that, you got wee joan howling with laughter.hh

Craig 76

My Wee Dug is an attention seeker and would only travel first class.
Any attempt at cheap travel would see a drama unfold like the Ten Commandments.

Many years ago my ex wife dumped a bad tempered wire fox terrier on me that she had purchased about a month before we split.
He behaved like a rabid hun.
So one December as me and the two kids are going to Disney for Christmas so booked the devil dug into a wire fox kennel in New Paltz which was about an hour from me.
The kids pleaded for me to let them come and i said but you have to promise not to rile dog up as he gets car sick.
We promise they say.
So i set off in Jeep cherokee with dog in back.
It was snowing and both kids in back seat start winding dog up who is jumping around behind them.
Just as i shout at them to stop the inevitable happens as dog pukes over back seat and onto my son
who screams that’s disgusting and projectile vomits onto back of my head.
My daughter then joins the party and pukes allover back seat.
So i pull over to hard shoulder and with np cleaning rags take off our sweaters and clean car as best i could.
It was stinking and though snowing heavily i set off with window open and us all freezing with no tops on despite heat on at full blast.
Drove ten miles to outlets at Woodbury Commons outlets and got out and went into Calvin Klein store topless in snowstorm.
Took time to pick out and buy long sleeve sweaters as credit card verification needed and skeptical storekeepers.
I never liked that bloody dog!



Bloody hell,now we know why they are so keen on keeping guns over there. I’d have run out of bullets before I ran out of targets.



Aye,I get the rules on that-but surely the guy in yellow was the injured party? Did I miss some richly deserved retaliation?

Craig 76

Hard to tell with the footage, but i thought he was fouled so seems a bit harsh
It’s amateur hour stuff and if this happens in tight games, it will lend an advantage to our opponents. Our quick, fast paced football will be less effective if our opponents can constantly regroup.


CFC 4.49
Chairbhoy 6.3

Thanks, A fair summing up.

Hi everyone, Happy Cristmas, or, Happy Saturnalia, you just can’t tell what way folk swing these days, there’s also another Happy event for another community as well too, I don’t want to misspell that other Happy —, or I might get called aunty this, or that, you know what the folk are like nowadays.

Thing is, Im a PLC advocate, and as such Im more interested in the club getting the cash registers in tip top shape, for the financial robustness of our great Celtic football club.

We are led by giant’s.

This fantastic blog, Celtic Quick News, and also, Sentinel Celts, are very useful public squares for Celtic supporters to have a blether about events at Celtic, and elsewhere, obviously on a limited spectrum on Celtic Quick News, a little more like Sentinel Celts, as each day goes by, that for me is good management by the blog administrators on here.

If folk want to live in the past, then it might be a good idea to invite them to go and live there?

That decision of course is not my call, but as time rolls on and events from the past seem to slip from the minds, then letting these things go might be the best call, to move on and deal with the present, and embrace the future as the good Celtic supporters that we are.

All of this agreements and disagreements is how we roll, or it should be from my view point.

No harm to the Resolution 12 guys, or those arguing about the PLC viewing Sevco as Rangers, it just doesn’t matter anymore, and possibly 59.999 thousand Celtic supporters have never even heard of these annoying issues.

I say annoying issues because thats what they are, issues that would annoy the majority, so its outstanding that we have blog administrators who very cleverly don’t waste any time on annoying thorny issues, then the 59.999 won’t even be aware of these thorns, and can enjoy their Celtic experience in the most positive way possible.

As it should be.

Ok, the SFA etc screwed all other clubs to give Rangers a licence to play in Europe, whilst Rangers were breaching financial fair play laws, and what did our PLC do, they brushed the issue off the the table and lied, and lied, their way out of it, and they did so with the blessing of our amazing supporters, and not a single ticket sale was lost, so the fans had spoken.

Our amazing supporters backed our equally amazing PLC for the sheer class with which the PLC exuded in removing our club away from the very annoying, and what might’ve proved to be very time consuming wrangling on the Resolution 12 shenanigans circus.

Our rivals died in 2012, then a new Ibrox club came to the SPFL in 2016, and some Celts were wondering what we might call this new club?

Not to worry, we could call them whatever we liked, but we would’ve looked rather childish whilst doing so.

We could never be grateful enough for the way in which our amazing PLC totally stage managed this other thorny issue.

The issue of what do we call the Ibrox club, “Rangers or Sevco?”

Our amazing PLC brought us an EPL level manager in 2016, a manager called, Brendan Rodgers. Wow!!

The Celtic fans were dancing in the streets at this appointment, and crucially, the arguments about what will we call the new Ibrox club after their promotion, the ticking time bomb dilemma, was defused by a PLC masterclass of, cloak and dagger theatre, the outcome of which was, we don’t say Rangers name, or Sevco name, we retain the old Rangers price on the new club Sevco, Old Firm tickets, which Celtic fans would’ve paid “any” price for, especially with Brendan as our manager.

So please go away you negative pains, 59.999 thousand are not listening to you, so go away if your not happy.

A classic theatre of smoke and mirrors, we don’t say the Ibrox clubs name, new or old name, we just keep the Old Firm tickets at the same price as previous, and Celtic fans couldn’t get enough of these tickets, and our EPL level PLC, had removed yet another thorn from the Celtic fans daily lexicons, and let our fans enjoy Celtic in peace, and free of unsolvable arguments, which consume too much time.

A big thank you to Sentinel Celts, and to, Celtic Quick News, for not writing articles about these two thorny issues in your daily feed, I know that recently Sentinel Celts wrote about “Resolution 12” like Celtic Quick news used to do, but please dont give any oxygen to this annoying idiot and his, “Rangers prices onto Sevco Old Firm 2016 tickets” which gets in the way of letting Celtic fans enjoy their Celtic experience in a positive way, free from these two very time consuming, and very annoying thorny issues.

Cap doffed to you.

Its not my place to interpret the source of subjects on Celtic Quick News, or on, Sentinel Celts, but if the two blogs could agree on a banner sized pop up, at the top or bottom of the screen advising posters to keep their Celtic experience as positive as possible, and it would be much more enjoyable, by refraining from any discussion about the “Resolution 12” borefest, or the other thorny posting trouble maker, who always insists that keeping Rangers value onto a Sevco ticket was somehow, our PLC not playing within the integrity of the game, what a borefest, by helping “Sevco become Rangers” just because our amazing fans were too busy positively enjoying the appointment of Brendan Rodgers to notice!

What is wrong with this guys head?

Very annoying!

The “Resolution 12 issue” and the “Rangers value onto Sevco tickets in 2016” were not negative experiences for the amazing Celtic supporters, far from it.

These two instances were masterclasses in how a top class, EPL level PLC, takes on thorny issues and makes them go away!

Just like that…..gone!

And 59.999 thousand Celtic supporters didn’t give these two thorny issues a second thought.

Mighty impressive, no one could live with Celtic football club when its led by mighty wizards and just two shakes of the wand and these two issues were removed from Celtic`s inbox!

Happy Tim 67