Heid Up,Daizen. Nae Panic.


Prior to our return to league duty after the World Cup,I stated that I would be a very happy bunny indeed if we welcomed 2023 with a 100% record during that period of 15/15 points. Especially given as there were no givens in the schedule we faced.

So far,a rather pleasant and warm glow of 12/12,though seldom without some difficulty. Last night was no exception,as anticipated beforehand. I’ve been to Easter Road on many an occasion,and there have rarely been any straightforward victories. Probably the exception to that rule was about 2004 when we beat them 4-0 in a Sunday match,and I think Stephen McManus made his debut at left back that day. I remember Agathe scoring twice,and running them ragged all day. Henrik also hit two,no idea what the rest of the players were up to though. Probably wondering how to explain not being available for Mothers’ Day..

Despite all that,I think I’ve only seen us lose once there. 4-1 in Jock’s last season,a match which epitomised our season that year,where everything that could go wrong damned well did. And for maybe the first ten minutes,Hibs did their level best to take the game right to us again.

In fact,they even scored! But not even Alan Muir could ignore the obvious offside,though it showed up some early laxity in defence and midfield. That was as far as they got,though to give them their dues they never stopped trying. But they were up against a juggernaut on the night. 

It was a strange amalgam of performances though. Taylor looked off the pace,but Maeda,on the same side,was right on it. Hatate,again in the right back role,was tremendous,but his partnership on the right was non-existent with a misfiring Abada. CalMac and Mooy in midfield excelled,yet O’Riley is still searching for that missing mojo following the break.

As an example,Matt had a casual swing with his favoured left foot from close range,similar to his effort on Saturday. Two months ago,he would have burst the net both times. And I’m maybe being a bit harsh on GT,as it was his excellent pass which led to our third.

But to the goals. Maeda was relentless all night,his pace is wicked,and few can stop him when he is in full flow. His low cross in the box fell to Mooy about eight yards out,and a controlled volley was just the thing to settle the nerves. Maeda had a chance himself shortly afterwards,and after that managed to miss a bloody sitter!

Keep the heid up,son. Nae panic,it’ll come. And while most of the fans were still in full grumble mood with him,exactly that followed. His trademark pace,a couple of players peeling wide and taking defenders with them,and all of a sudden there is an opening for a shot from about twenty yards. 

A right foot curler to the corner left Marshall with no chance. A peach of a player,and a peach of a goal. The Irvine No 1 CSC erupted!

He was a vital factor too in our third,with a run and cross leading to a clear as day handball penalty that even Muir couldn’t turn down. Mooy calmly converted,past a keeper with a decent penalty save ratio. But Muir soon got his own back,denying an absolute stonewaller when that man Maeda got clattered in the box after yet another lung-bursting run. The offence was so bloody obvious that the Hibs defender claimed it happened outside the box rather than claim that it wasn’t a penalty!

Muir saved him the bother,and saved some time by ignoring the directive about VAR and penalty decisions. All that was left then was for Hatate and Kyogo to rub it in a few minutes later,the first with a superb pass,the latter with a cool piece of control and finish.

This was no easy task,nor one to be taken lightly. That we emerged with a comfortable three points does us considerable credit,for Hibs were a team looking to give us a game. And for periods of the match,they did just that. But we are looking as though we are hitting gear after a ropey introduction to the restart,and I can only hope that it continues. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY Competition…



From CRAIG76

All 4 of last nights goals


December 29, 2022 7:30 am



It was a great game yesterday and Hibs made a game of it – Ange ball peaking just in time, imagine Jota and O’Riley might struggle to get into the starting eleven at Ibrox on Monday

For Jobo’s POTY the first two pick themselves, a few candidates for the remaining berths, Kyogo was relentless and got his goal, Calmac, we didn’t think we missed him but we did

Yet think I’ll plump for Starfelt, the defence often get overlooked in games like these but Hibs were an attacking threat and that was a good clean sheet, so winging it’s way to sencelpoty@gmail.com

1. Mooy

2. Meada

3. Starfelt

Hail Hail



Assuming JJ (or AR or even AJ) is available we push Reo into midfield with Calmac and Aaron.
Matt sits next one out – at least til 60th min or so.

Front three for me – JF Kyogo Daizen.
Liel and Jota on second half to rub it in.

Like you I gave Starfelt third place in my selections. He had a tremendous game and deserves recognition.




Morning en route to work

Never saw game live last night – was at the pictures- and watching afterwards, knowing the score is not the same. We were very good going forwards but were a bit slack defensively at the start and again either side of half-time. Maeda and Mooy have not impressed me over much but both had their best games to date

We have often gone to Ibrox at this time of year in pretty good form- even 2 years ago I think- and lost, sometimes even being mauled. I think we are a better team than them but it could be a tough watch. There is the ref factor obviously and I reckon they will try to unhinge us from the off as we did to them 11 months ago. A really focussed start – to both halves- and we should be okay. We are good enough to win – and convincingly- but I know that I would take a point quite happily. [ I’d warn you that when I say that, that we usually outplay our opponent, miss sitters to tie it up and lose a stupid equaliser at the end. You have been warned.]



Morning all,

All I can say is SNAP again for POTY.

Roll on the Glasgow Derby 💚💚

Call me Gerry

A great victory, at an away ground that often caused us problems.

For Jobo’s top 3 – you could make a case for many players. For me, it was a great team performance. Not many stand out individuals. But a great result nonetheless.

Maeda missed a couple of easier chances before assisting our all important opening goal. Then scored a screamer of a 2nd that Jota would be proud of.
So Maeda gets a top 3 vote from me.

Mooy scored the all important opener. Then calmly slotted away the game-killing 3rd goal. Plus he had a steady all-round game.
So he gets a vote.

The 3rd vote was harder to allocate, in my mind.
Kyogo scored the 4th goal, and looked good in doing so. Calmac was steady in midfield. Starfelt was very good in defence (as was CCV). Taylor will get votes for THAT “McStay-esque” pass that led to our penalty.
But I ended up giving my 3rd vote to Hatate. He linked up play well. Played in an unfamiliar position. Withstood early pressure (as Hibs rightly attacked his position in 1st half). Yet he still contributed to our attacks. So he got my last vote.
Others could easily have got my 3rd vote – it was a good team performance after all.



CFC @ 9:24 am,

Yes, much as I like Matt and think he has the potential to be a great midfielder – Reo, Mooy and Calmac would be my starters on Monday

Hope Juranovic is fit to play Monday, it would be a baptism of fire for AJ, I know others have done it before but with varying degrees of sucess

Starfelt is looking like a really good signing, that may look ominous for Mercedes

BMCUWPS & Leggy – Yes, three standouts in a great performance.

Hail Hail


On last nights game.

I thought, first half O’Riley, Calmac and Abada were poor. Hatate got caught out a few times first 10 minutes and “ That shy”. What is it with Celtic players and taking a shy !!!!!!

Anyway, second half, Calmac was excellent, Hatate also, but alas, O’Riley and Abada were not at the races.

That’s the advantage of having a good 16 players to choose from. Good choices from bench.

Just my opinion obviously, but JJ to return on Monday and Hatate back in midfield, at expense of Matt.

Up front Maeda deserves a start as does Kyogo.

Toss up for last place, but Abada for me 👍

StrongsquadCSC 🍀🍀🍀


There’s not much i can disagree on with most of the selections.

Mooy has a calmness that was again evident last night, Maeda shone last night his work ethic too was very impressive, and he never let his head go down when things never went his way, and skinned the hibs defenders a few times. Starfelt on the other hand gave the ball away a couple of times and still makes these silly errors, that will be punished by better teams, ergo did not make my 3, instead I gave that position to Calmac who never hides and is always willing to show for a pass.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Bobby – no link to the VAR Article but I’ve found it and added in my comments on last night’s game.


Auldheid thank you for your detailed reply last night, it explains more clearly what the requisitioners were restricted to, I am now somewhat more aware of what they were forced to do, whilst in what appears to be a handcuffed and rather restrained way.

I doubt myself and countless others, would have had the perseverance that the Res12 members have shown in keeping the pressure on, to see it to completion. No matter the outcome (whether some are happy, or not). As I said in my earlier post, I agree the outcome appears to have left Scottish football in a better place, regarding financial fairness/regulations. For that we (myself included) should be thankful to everyone who was involved in this long haul fight.

I can also understand the anger by many, that was (and in some cases still is) directed towards the Celtic boards failure, throughout this whole episode, yes the arguments may continue forever, as to did PL and/or ER see and agree to, or, disregard the SFA emails. (no matter which is true), it made them complicit, and was either, or both complete stupidity, and gross negligence on their part. Had we someone like Fergus around when this occurred, there is no doubt in my mind, that neither Rangers the SFA and some of the Celtic board, would have walked away from this deception unscathed.

Some board members may have helped set up FSR but the board will never come out of this smelling of roses by simply giving £12k or so (most of which, if not all, was no doubt income accrued from fans) to the foundation, there is no personal or financial loss or reprimand from the ones who were complicit/negligent/deceitful in this whole charade, that took up so much of all of your time, as far as I’m aware none of them have come out and personally apologised, for their part in this whole shameful episode.

Much the same as SDM or the SFA have never been held to account for their outrageous behaviour within Scottish football. I think that’s what most of us would have wished for, but I understand the limitations the requisitioners were faced with, and their goal.

I have been quite observant of how you reply to other posters, in a courteous and dignified manner, your character shines through within said replies. I hope I have replied in kind.

Best regards


St tams

Leggy @ 11.20
Agree, with all that.
O’Riley is overdue being dropped.
The only place up for grabs is right-wing.
Either Abada, Forrest or Jota.
I think I’d go for Abada

Is Turnbull available again , or was it a 2 match ban ?

St tams

Agree, that Starfelt has improved defensively
But his control/ touch and passing are still poor.


St tams @ 12:35 pm,

Yes, his improvement under Ange has been immense but he still has a way to go, of course we’ve often seen it at CH, players, playing beside a rock often look much better, not wishing any downtime for CCV but it would be interesting to see how Jenz and Starfelt perform together

It was a two match ban btw, no point sending him off if he’d be available for the Rangers

Hail Hail

St tams



ASWGL @ 12:21am,

Good coherent post.

It needs to be understood what was going on in Scottish football at that time, the idea that a group of Celtic supporters were going to clear out the SFA was a non-starter

One quick example, SFA CEO Stewart Regan stated at the time, that SFA President Campbell Ogilvie was heavily conflicted in regards to the Rangers affairs

Not only did he not stand down but he was actually one of the main witnesses in the LNS Commission

If this what they were up to in plain sight the mind boggles as to the shenanigans that went on behind closed doors

The requisitioners and those who supported them got a result imo, especially in the light of the general Celtic supports’ apathy

Turns out they just wanted the old firm back and to win the banter war

Hail Hail


Superbru Update

Round 19 is the last set of fixtures for 2022 and also when we give out some prize money to the current top 3 in the leaderboard.

First of all, we will get this week’s winners out of the way.

The yellow cap goes to Greenpinata with 10 points, holding off kelvinbhoy with 9.5 and McKenna_88 with 9. Three predictors ended up with 1 point each this week. BillyBhoy 13 was one of them but the computer arbitrarily awarded the wooden spoon jointly to his two fellow single pointers, LanarkBhoy and Friesdorfer.

On to the money announcements.

In 1st place winning £75 is A Thing of Beauty, proving yet again that men know nothing about fitba. Congratulations as you lead the points total with 117 points.

In 2nd place winning £45 is Leggy, surprising his brother-in-law again with his 111.5 points

And with a good performance in Round 19, Ayrshire Tim held on to 3rd place when he faced a strong challenge, and won £30 with his 107.5 points.

Please use the Banter column in Superbru to give me an indication of what to do with your prize money. I will leave an e-mail address there for you to communicate with me. We can transfer money by bank transfer or we can hand it over personally at the next home game, whichever you prefer.

We have a couple of entrants who have not been able to maintain participation regularly but, at the bottom, in the race for a prize of a real wooden spoon, we have Pro Cierto who has gone for 55 and achieved that in one half season, surpassing Serco’s 55 that took them a whole season. PC has held off stiff competition from Craig76 on 55.5 points and Park Road 76 on 59.5.

The individual best week points total prize is being shared currently by Ayrshire Tim and Melvin Udall with 14.5 points and that is a target everyone can aim at in the second half of the competition.

Once again, thank you all for your support and enjoy Hogmanay, New Year and an Ibrox event on the 2nd, above all.

16 road's

There was an old army surplus store in Belfast city centre, still there I think.
Well the bloke who owned the place also sold old military medals – said see when it was coming up to the marching/silly season,he couldn’t hold out to the medals.
The old brethren used to buy the medals and pin them to their sashes for display on the 12th parade.

Kenya ,Palestine – Irish army medals from the UN peacekeeping mission in the Congo – you name it.

Dirty rotten scoundrels indeed.



Chairbhoy thanks for your reply, it’s no secret that the SFA are a despicable vehicle, that Scottish Football fans have been forced to reside under, and always have been so, as far back as my Grandfather taught me, and his before remembers.

We ourselves have seen it in the Fergus days, shocking that twice they backed Jim Farry on the Cadette registration fiasco (even when Fifa told them three times they were wrong) until. The Bunnet eventually had enough and took them to the arbitration hearing, forcing the SFA to sack Farry and pay out six figure sums in compensation for being caught out with their incompetence deceit and lies, (a sum again taken from fans, as those lying blazers generate feck all income), and hold back the game in Scotland.

Farry incidently was dismissed from his SFA post with a £200,000 pay off, (in payment for his deceit lies incompetence and gross misconduct) that in itself shows just how dishonest those b*stards are.


16 roads

That Maeda goal just gets better each time you see it.

See him dip the shoulder and send two Hibs defenders to the shop.

Amazing goal:


HH. 🍀



We have seen Starfelt and Jenz at least once together
We definitely missed CCV v Real Madrid in November when Starfelt got to play on the right for once, Jenz left.
Perhaps not the best game to judge the budding partnership !


A bit of a mixed bag last night on an appalling playing surface. Celtic only require half the team to be on the money to brush aside the SPFL journeymen. And that includes Ryan Porteous, despite his agent’s best efforts at bigging up his client.

Ibrox will be a bigger challenge but I will still be surprised if we lose, even if we go behind early as we did on our last visit. If JJ is fit then he should start, without question, with Hatate replacing the out of sorts MOR in midfield. Hatate still has too many careless moments in his play. Abada wasn’t great last night but would put him ahead of Forrest. Jamesie is a serial Ibrox bottler.

This will be the first high profile VAR game in Scotland, with the biggest TV audience yet. I just hope that Celtic have the foresight to engage the services of a respected big hitter to monitor the performance of Beaton and the VAR studio refs. If we are victims of blatant bias and cheating, then the club should make a proper statement and withdraw from the Scottish Cup.


ASWGL @ 1:22 pm,

Yes, you are right and figures like Fergus are very unwelcome in Scottish football, it’s why a Nation that for so long punched above it’s weight is looking in wonder at new nations like Croatia and understanding that Scotland are always going to underachieve.

It’s interesting that the despicable behaviour you duly describe produced the mortar that binds the Celtic and makes it the famous phenomenon that it is in European football

It’s just the forfeiture of our rights and a lack of belief that seems to stem from a strange manifestation of a Stockholm type syndrome, that gets me – it allows the football authorities and our own Board to “play” us at every turn

Let’s hope the Ange era sees the end of this and importing outside cultures from staff and players will break the hoodoo

Hail Hail


CFC @ 1:27 pm,

Yes, to me they weren’t over impressive together and Jenz looking the better player, yet since his return from injury Starfelt is getting better all the time

Now that says alot for the manager and backroom staff, yet how much of this is masked by CCV, so seeing the two playing again might highlight the progress Starfelt has really made

Your point about missing CCV in the Bernabei is interesting, we’ve had players out at crucial times this season

BR seemed to have the art of having his first choice team ready for the big occasions, if I could make a criticism of Ange it would be this, players missing at crucial times

Was playing CCV at Livingston a predictable mistake?

Hail Hail



I think Carl is improving and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the new recruit Yuki breathing down his neck. Gives us good options in central defence. I don’t think Jenz let’s us down either.

Difficult to legislate for injuries but CCV’s injury happened on that horrible surface. He only missed Madrid and was back for the weekend game.
We definitely missed him and Calmac that night!
Our captain and vice captain.

Craig 76



I think you should stick to your earlier conviction that the end game for Res12 is disappointing. It is unrealistic to expect that a small group of shareholders of one club could reform Scottish football. Yes, I like the Sinatra hit about ants and plants, but this is reality. The only possible methodology that might have worked was the one illustrated by Turnbull Hutton of Raith Rovers that rejected Doncaster and Regan’s soft landing for Sevco. In other words, an initiative led by a club other than Celtic and having the support of additional clubs was the optimal. Was it feasible? Perhaps, but it required a product champion like Hutton and a broad group of doers who would both gauge supporters’ opinions and galvanise them. Further, such an initiative had to be the only one on the go. Running Res12 etc in parallel with it would have destroyed both. Understandably, Celtic supporters reaction was the most visceral because we suffered the most from the “fraudulent “ issue of the licence, but others suffered as well, especially when there was the threat of exposure of the whole can of worms…ebt’s, the role of the banks etc.

However, the window for an alternative was small and closed at or before Res12 hit the agenda of the AGM….from that point, it was a Celtic crusade, or rather, a small group of Celtic supporters/shareholders crusade.

What that group achieved is no small matter. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that the fighting spirit survived and that the club is prepared to acknowledge their efforts. For it to then to be obliquely hinted that this was a put up job to deflect other efforts by supporters, would try the patience of a saint! If that were true, that would be a bigger scandal than the licence issue. Let’s see the proof! The Res’rs spent years of effort getting their proof together, they deserve an equal quality of data to support the allegation.

Now, if I was a Resolutioner, I would be proud of what I had achieved….and rightly so. But these worthy citizens made a mistake. They did not invite me! Just relaxing the mood, a bit! Where I think the current narrative is sliding of the tracks is the furthering of the belief that Res12 is responsible for the FSR. This idea can be extended to include PL’s involvement in the latter, or the involvement of any other Celtic official.

It stretches credulity to believe that UEFA regs would be determined by what goes on in Scottish football. Think about it for a minute. Pause, close your eyes, take a deep breath, imagine a club like MC or RM obeying rules created as a result of what happened in Scottish football. Open your eyes now and laugh because keeping that kind of thinking inside is bad for your health!

The FSR watch list contains many clubs that have much more influence than Celtic or its associated association(did I really write that!). The Rangers licence issue is a small bucket in a small broom closet in a large room, contained in a huge warehouse called UEFA. Think of the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark as the camera pans back!

No, Celtic were at the table, or some table, for sure, but FSR did not, could not happen because of the SFA/Rangers debacle. A more likely explanation is the power struggle going on inside UEFA, part of which surfaced in the proposed super league, of short lived but still not quite dead duration. Like it or not, Scottish football is just not that important any more.

All in my opinion, of course,


Craig 76

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Very well articulated, Rebus, echoing many of my own thoughts & feelings on the matter.

It will always irk me that PL has been credited with playing a key role in the implementation of FSR as it simply comes off as more Brennanesque cheerleading.




Fantastic predictions. 👏👏👏👏👏

Very well done.

HH 💚💚💚


I see someone highlighted my questioning of Maeda rather than Jota last night. Well, who ever you are, you are now on a list. What list you say?

Let me tell you a story about a list.

My first car was a 1964 Vauxhall Viva, commonly known as a rust bucket. I bought it as a chariot for me and my new bride from a couple of Greeks in South London. At the first opportunity we drove up to Glasgow to show off our affluence. Around Northampton the whole car started to shake as I attempted to pass through 60. It shook so much it dislodged the carpet on the driver’s side of the cabin, exposing a hole in the floor. Fortunately, it was a hot day so the extra vents were useful. The whole floor had been coated with a bituminous tar to hold it together. But as the song says, I was singing a happy song.

At Northampton, the shudder was diagnosed as wheel balance and quickly fixed. We continued on our way, keeping in mind not to place too much weight on the flooring. Around Penrith, the speedometer packed in, but hey she is still drivable, right?

Onwards to Glasgow and arrival at the folks castle in Knightswood. Mum and even Dad came out to meet us, but, there was something important that had changed. Rusty, the lovable family dog had died and been replaced by an angry brute called Sandy. Sandy was the worst kind of property owner, a narrow minded one who had teeth! As we entered through the garden gate, Sandy overtook Mum and Dad and proceeded to savage my wife’s ankles. The Rebusette has never been comfortable with animals, including me. She was quite badly cut up and, being a microbiologist, concerned about infection. So, it was goodbye Mum and Dad, and off to the hospital.

I got as far as Anniesland Cross at the traffic lights and to distract my ailing wife, I revved up and said look at this! Are you still out there? Where is the list? It’s coming just like the league championship.

My Viva took off like a bat out of Hell…easily first out of the blocks. Now, a police-car was finishing off its doughnuts just up the first side street. Perhaps, coffee was spilt, perhaps there was not enough springles on a doughnut, whatever, using streams of consciousness literary style, looming presence, blue light, siren, pulled to the side.

A large man approached my chariot. Judging by his accent, his wonderful accent, officer, he was a teuchter, fresh from the highlanders’ institute. The kind of man whose arms replaced the usual wooden baton. His opening remarks illustrated he was very focused. “Do you know what speed you were doing,…Sir?”

“No”, I said, “My speedo is broken!” I am sure if I had used both arms and a bulldozer, I could not have had my friend recoil further from the car! “Do you realise it is an offence to drive a car without a working speedometer?” “No”, I lied. “My wife has been savaged by a dog. I am on my way to the infirmary.”

“Wait here!”, he said. There followed an animated conversation with his buddy in the car, punctuated by grins.

The mountain returned to the Viva.

“Right! I am going to take your name and address and put them on a big list that we keep for people like you. Now, we have a copy of this list in London as well. If you step out of line again, we shall find your name on this list and it will go hard on you. Do you understand?”

“Yes”, I replied. Now as far as I know my name is still on that list!

Whoever, flagged my critique of Maeda, your name is on a similar list. Don’t step out of line again, and get your speedo fixed.


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, yes i keep saying jim, morning jim afternoon jim evening jim,,he is my best buddy I e-mail him on a regular basis,, just looking for just one response, but it never comes,JIM if your lurking luv ya to bits pal and those of you cqn posters who ridiculed me for saying that, JIMTHETIM53 is a better celtic fan than the rest of you put together,,another true story and if bobby wants to ban me for saying that so be it, another true story👍

bada bing1

16 Roads- Taylor’s run takes 2 defenders out,for Maedas goal

bada bing1

Rebus thank you for your much valued input on the Res12 discussion. I can only look at this from a normal supporters view, as I am neither a shareholder or part of the requisitioner group. Personally I have not suffered (as they have) a financial loss, you could say my only loss, might be, through skulduggery I was denied the opportunity of seeing Celtic play in European competition for the stated year.

If nothing else the data collected by the requisitioners has exposed the shenanigans of both the SFA and the Celtic board, however it’s interesting that you prefer to go with the opinion that FSR was always going to happen regardless of whether some of the Celtic board were instrumental in some or all of the changes to the financial regulations, I had not given this much thought as to whether the Super League proposals could have been instrumental, or indeed paramount to these changes.

As far as I’m led to believe Rangers are the only Scottish club on the UEFA watch list, meaning the end of their Director loans, and confetti share nonsense, any money put in to that horrible club, now has to stay in, which I’m sure anyone here will agree is a good thing, as directors don’t like putting in money they can’t get back (see: DD) regardless of why the new changes were set up.

I agree many would have liked the Turnbull Hutton approach you stated above, but it seems none have the willpower or know how or funding to champion such a cause, and are restricted by SFA rules that a member club cannot take them to court, and that’s why we as a country we will remain a backwater, held back by it’s national association, and it’s blazers.

As has been stated many times, lots of fans only care about old firm-ism and bragging rights, and have neither the stomach or perseverance to do what the requisitioner group undertook, it really matters not what I think, it is those few who took up the fight and it’s how they feel at the end/outcome that I believe should matter.

Best regards



CFC @ 2:18 pm,

Agreed Carl is definitely improving and is the type of CH I like.

Yet, you have to think that Yuki is pencilled in for that left berth at CH, with CCV first choice how much game time for Starfelt, Jenz and Welsh

How many quality CH can we afford?

The reality should be that we have two players for each position, if, like right back at the moment we find ourselves without our first choice players, there should be a Celtic B team player capable of deputising in the role

Hail Hail

Craig 76

Amazed this never happened, can’t see what the issue would of been 🤣🤣🤣


Jobo Baldie

Good afternoon, friends.
There’s been a very healthy flow of emails into the ole Inbox with numbers approaching pre-World Cup levels. Loads of good debate on both of the channels that I tune into as well as other social media platforms. So if you haven’t done so already (or ever before!) why not make your opinions count for something – just stick the names of the 3 Celtic players that you feel performed best last night on an email and send it to sencelpoty@gmail.com by 10pm tonight. As I’ll be out most of this evening I don’t expect to publish the results until tomorrow morning. But you never know….it might be later tonight.
Thanks for your continued support.



Things you really shouldn’t say to a traffic cop,my speedo isn’t working!

Surprisingly,I’ve never been pulled over by traffic cops. It’s the jam sandwich local cops who have me on their list. Everything from my rear lights not working-ain’t that strange,officer. Seems they work fine now. Or,rear number plate is obscured. No it isn’t. Certainly no more than your own. You were doing 55 in a 40 zone-turns out she was doing 55 in order to catch me up! Pulling out on them when they were 130 yards away,and in a 30 zone. Or nine seconds in front,and nearly ten times their braking distance.


Got to the stage I just asked if they had proof of my offence on their dashcam. Which probably put me on another list!

Jobo Baldie

I have many lists!

Can’t believe the criticism of Starfelt.Some comments on here today i hope we win against “rangers” or this place will blow up.

Prestonpans bhoys


Are you sure it’s only a SFA rule about members being unable to take an association to court and not a Uefa one?


Rebus67 I would like to add in my defence, that I have been binge watching Father Ted and i may have inadvertently picked up some of Dougal’s traits, I am sure this should be enough to exclude me from said list.


Prestonpans bhoys to be quite honest I am not 100% sure, I do however seem to recall that back in the Cadete saga days, civil court was not an option and Fergus had to go to an arbitration tribunal regarding Farry’s/SFA mishandling of the players registration.



Cut that out.

big packy

good god bobby, this is the end,,have a good life👍

Prestonpans bhoys

I did wander into Uefa’s Web site but I lost the will to live🥺 and gave up!

1 2 3