Good manners cost nothing

Firstly our deepest condolences go out to the Mc Garvey family. Every Celtic fan knows Frank’s name, he is synonymous with the club and his exploits for the team left a mark on thousands.
He lived the dream. May he rest in eternal peace now.
Scouring the internet for some pregame chat the news the home side have been denied their planned TIFO caught my interest.
Such displays can add to the occasion, are supporter funded, and help make each fixture unique,,so why exactly would the request be denied?
Call me paranoid, but I suspect this particular display was denied on the grounds it would cross the proverbial line.
On this occasion it seems common sense or decency has prevailed, but that should be a given. An unsavory scene may have been headed off, but they are never far away where this particular venue is concerned.
Last season the fixture witnessed an injured staff member and broken glass on the field of play,,now throw into the mix the late Popes passing, the Celtic boys court case, and of course Frank’s death, a lot of bait for those of a certain mindset.
It’s my hope that denying this TIFO was the first step of a serious attempt to inject some sanity into the Ibrox derby clashes. Come Monday afternoon, it would be great if all the talking points were solely football related, no matter the outcome.
Good manners cost nothing and the nations flagship sporting event offers the opportunity for all involved to walk away with credit, or not.
Could 2023 begin with the pleasant surprise of a proper derby clash?
Answer coming shortly.
Up the Hoops.
By Mahe

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Happy Game Day to those of us in the Monday time zone, nerves have predictably kicked in and common sense thinking has left the building re score predictions for me. If we play our game, our way at our pace we should do well and as much as I’d love to hand out a hunmping I’d settle for any win and all our bhoys on the pitch and in the stands to come through it in one piece. As much as I’d love to see a Celtic official speak out on our treatment at the hands of VAR it’s pleasing to see the gaffer lob some strategic antipodean ammunition in that direction this morning…

“I am sure the authorities and officials are well aware of the magnitude of the game and the eyes that will be on the game.

“The last thing we all want is to be standing around and watching an individual with his hand to his ear for too long.

“That’s not what people around the world want to watch.”

One last word for any of our players who have the goal in their sites, go low and left as the volatile gloved one’s back is showing it’s age now.


Morning and Happy Big Matchday to you all.

Nerves kicking in already, so might need an early snifter 😜

We turn up and we win. Simple !!!!


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Glasgow Derby Monday to you all. Remember, just like any other game it’s just the very same points at stake…… MOTM gets 5, etc etc 😉



Awright,I admit it. It’s a bit late for both versions of the classic festive choon,but I confess to enjoying more the one sung with such joyous gusto by Celtic supporters over many years. Hopefully we can enjoy it again,loud and long,in a few hours time.

Both sets of supporters will approach this game not knowing what the line up will be,and in both cases it is down to injury problems in the main,and perhaps some minor tweaks due to tactics or form concerns. In each respect,I think Celtic hold the upper hand,as we have a bigger and more fluid squad with capable replacements across the board. Rangers will most likely attempt to deal with their own concerns in these areas with a wee trip to the in-house pharmacy.

I’m not suggesting any use of illicit substances,of course. Only the use of the ole cortisone or painkilling injections. All above board,and no illegality implied.

It seems to have been their way of dealing with these problems for some time,this season in particular,and I am not a fan. Cortisone brings its own problems,with many players over the years having the residue literally scraped off their joints as the years and the injections go by. As for painkillers,pain is the body’s way of pointing out that there is an injury,that something isn’t working properly,and Gonnae No’ Dae That.

Playing through the pain barrier is one thing. At least the player knows how far he can push the affected area. Clue-Ow,f…..g hell that hurts. A painkilling injection runs the risk of more severe and lasting injury. You’ll gather that I am not in favour,and with some of these injured players running down their contracts,they might need to weigh up the pros and cons. It is however,their choice.

We are more than good enough to win. The huns and their sympathisers know it. Be prepared for some dark arts to be on show,but hopefully that will not be enough to put us off our game.


No guarantees in these games,as Jock famously pointed out in a put-down of Davie White. The bookies have us at a ridiculously low price though. They have run up four wins from four under Beale. That will give them some confidence. We have won every game since the first weekend in September,and that form trumps theirs. Better form,better squad,better starting eleven,better fitness. And a better manager. Hopefully,that will be good enough.



Ange is being very diplomatic,which must infuriate the hacks trying to trip him up. Of course,they shouldn’t be trying to trip him up. He shouldn’t have to be diplomatic. Sadly,this is Scotland. But he is well up to their games.

St tams

Morning all and a happy Derby day.
Off to Celtic Park in an hours time to watch the game in the Jock Stein lounge.
As long as we don’t loose , I’ll be happy.

A thing of beauty

Greetings from the Irvine No. 1 CSC. In here at 9 this morning to get a seat. Let’s hope it’s worth it!! Nerves kicking in now. Hoping we turn up and if we do we’ll be fine.



Above and beyond,but thanks!

See y’all shortly.


A Scottish New Year Special for you, this week.
The Full Scottish LIM.

Thanks for listening, folks, and I hope you all have a peaceful, loving, and happy new year.

If you missed it live, worry not. It’ll be available on the platform later this evening.
🎶📻 Full Scottish New Year Special!

@gfpaterson’s Lost In Music radio show



First 10 minutes are important today. Given how we’ve started against them in recent matches they’ll be determined to start on the front foot. We need to match them.

Futile trying to predict these games so I won’t.

3-1 Celtic.

Mon the hoops

JNP… Happy New Year pal, I hope ’23 is good for you, your family and your burds!! 😉😁
Your Ochone Ochone post just made my day – Catholic Action’s Rita Ora! Well well, who’da thunk it, my nephew’s old band hitting the heights of obscure local radio!! Cheers, enjoy the game!

Morning Twists! Happy New Year to you and yours. Keep up the sterling work on here and enjoy whatever time you manage to make your own in ’23!
Hail Hail!!



Hope you started New Year by emptying a few bookies satchels. I had one winner yesterday in my L/15. By god,that bet is badly named. At Musselburgh anaw. 20/1-thought returned at 11s-and nothing to back it up.

To add insult to injury,that was when I remembered why I don’t do that bet with Paddy Power,as they only pay the single odds on one winner. Basterts.

St tams

Guy on Ken Bruce popmaster .
Giving a shout out to the Bhoys and the Brazen Head.
HH 🍀


Well done to Jim the tim from the Brazenhead on winning Ken Bruce’s Popmaster today HH🍀👏👏👏



And that wasn’t even AWENAWEed!!! Come some distance n those 18 months or so.

Happy New Year to you and yours. And to your brothers too!


Teams up….

Hart, Johnston, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt Taylor, McGregor, Hatate, O’Riley, Maeda, Kyogo, Forrest



Bain, Giakoumakis, Abada, Mooy, Jota, Kobayashi, Bernabei, Abildgaard, Juranovic

A thing of beauty

In Ange we trust but.. and there is always a but, I have never seen James Forrest play even a half decent game at ibrox. Every time he comes out the tunnel he falls in a hole. Prove me wrong Jamesie:

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Packed out here at Irvine No1CSC and entrance restricted Just met golfer from club who’s not at the golf today either😀
In Ange we trust but wee Jamesey and Ibrox not the best of pals

Cosy Corner Bhoy


St tams

I just said the same to my son.

As you say, we need to trust Ange


A bit surprised by that starting line up, to say the least.
If JJ is fit for the bench but Ange decides on an AJ Ibrox debut, strange call. Serial Ibrox bottler, Forrest, starts ahead of Abada ? Another strange one. Off form MOR and not in form Mooy, a third strange one.

Beale has gone for a very attacking line up. Probably wants two early goals before we get into a rhythm.

Space all over that park today. Come on Celtic, bring the A game.

Jobo Baldie

So, a new name to add to this season’s POTY spreadsheet! SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

Prestonpans bhoys

I’m assuming Forrest is in there as he provides defensive cover which Abada doesn’t. However don’t know why O’Riley is there ahead of Mooy

16 roads

Baptism of fire for Johnstone!🔥

No respect for thon zombie tripe, mediocre at best they are.

HH. 🍀

If Celtic win or draw today the SPL is finished for the season so….

Beaton et al, do your worst 🤬

16 roads

Astonishing Ange, astonishing that line up is.

Celtic for the victory.


Billy Bhoy

Hmmm that’s a curious line up. I’m not too sure I’m 100% on board with it – but here goes!

Prestonpans bhoys

Beale is full of buzz phrases, I would say full of shite💩

16 roads



I hate that fukinnnnnnggg song

16 roads

Let’s mince that Tina Turner tripe now!

16 roads

Nothing whatsoever in that challenge.

Possible dive,if anything.

Prestonpans bhoys

Hun tactics not changed, just stop their full backs crossing

Prestonpans bhoys


Sol Kitts

Maeda, yaaaaas.



Prestonpans bhoys


16 roads

Aye ready. 😂😂

16 roads

Such a goal it was too!! 🔥

16 roads

What’s the betting the hordes actually manage to sing a football song? 🤔

Prestonpans bhoys

Only football song I can recall was sandy in royle blue!

Prestonpans bhoys

And that wasn’t yesterday

16 roads

Prestonpans bhoys – Only howls of derision now! 😂👍

Prestonpans bhoys

At the moment huns all over the place Bealeball working

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