Deck Of Cards-Scottish Version


Today sees the first of two articles from BILLYBHOY. Grateful thanks for these,mate. Well done,excellent work!
Sentinels of a certain vintage will remember the hit song about the soldier who is being court-martialled for playing cards in church. At his subsequent trial he shows how the deck of cards is actually his Bible, his Almanac and his Prayer Book. 

Wink Martindale recorded this song in 1959 but I probably didn’t come across the old 45 in my granny’s big radiogramme until around 1967.

If you aren’t familiar with the song there are several versions available on YouTube.

Deck Of Cards – Scottish version. 
(With apologies to Wink Martindale)

When I see the Ace card it reminds me that Celtic were the first British club – and still only Scottish club – to win the European Cup. 

When I see the 2 it reminds me that there have been two Rangers clubs – the Liquidated one (RFC) and the current one (TRFC).

When I see the 3 it reminds me of the magnificent Treble that Celtic won in our Centenary year – one of our 7 Trebles to date including our clean sweep of honours in 1967. (This stat may soon be out of date).  

When I see the 4 it reminds me of the Unprecedented Quadruple Treble – an achievement unlikely to ever be equalled. 

When I see the 5 it reminds me of the scandalous 5 Way Agreement that has tainted Scottish Football forever. It also reminds me of the 5 SPFL titles that should have been stripped from the records of the old Rangers Club.

When I see the 6 it reminds me of the 6-2 Old Firm victory at the start of Martin O’ Neill’s reign. It signalled the start of our current domination of Scottish Football. Long may it continue. 
From today, it will remind me of the 6 Japanese players in our squad! 🇯🇵

When I see the 7 it reminds me of 7-1 victory over Rangers in the 1957 LCF – a record score in a Cup Final. It also reminds me of some of the legends that have graced the No. 7 Celtic jersey: Jinky, Provan and Larsson. 

When I see the 8 it reminds me of Paul McStay – our last truly home grown legend. 

When I see the 9 it reminds me that Celtic have achieved 9 in a row twice – against both versions of  our rivals. It also reminds me of Stevie Chalmers whose winning goal in Lisbon created the “Lisbon Lions” legend. 

When I see the 10 it reminds me of the night that “10 men won the League”. 4-2 on 21/5/79.

I’m trying hard not to think about throwing away “The Ten” not once but twice! 😞

When I see the Jack it reminds me of Ryan Jack and I break into a fit of uncontrollable laughing!

When I see the King it reminds me of King Kenny and the King Of Kings – Henrik Larsson. 

There are 52 playing cards – the number of times Celtic have been Scottish Champions. This stat may also soon be out of date. 😉

NB-I burnt all the queens!
Above article by BILLYBHOY. Great stuff,mate!

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Great stuff Billybhoy!

Big Audio Dynamite

We didn’t win a treble in our Centenary year, we won the double of league and Scottish cup 👍

Enjoyed that BillyBhoy HH


BBC this morning on a piece concerning the rise of ‘hateful’ chants at EPL grounds. Mainly concerning Manchester United and Liverpool the journalist at the end says ‘whether Celtic fans singing about the Ibrox disaster ( obviously not realising there were two ) and cites another couple of examples. In a very long time attending games and including ‘old firm’ games I have never heard chants like this. Not saying it hasn’t happened but to be included in that article is wrong.
No mention of the banner left at Celtic Park last year commemorating and praying for those souls.

Jobo Baldie

Well done Billy Bhoy. But what’s happened to The Queen? And no obvious answers please!!


We know that the BBC does it’s damndest to show Celtic and their fans in a bad light. This has gone on since BBC Scotland was founded.
There used to be some great print football/sports journalists, but now all the papers are just like Follow Follow.
Don’t buy the papers or click on their websites.


Fun read Billybhoy.

Much to the Huns’ disgust we did have their monarch open the CG in 2014. As far as I know, apart from her picture adorning their walls she has never set foot in Ibrox.
So there is a Queen connection!

Just sayin’

Prestonpans bhoys

Is that BBC journalist talking about the Ibrox disaster song from the 70’s? I’ve heard it occasionally sung in pubs but ironically only once at a football ground……Rugby Park, Killie v Huns. Some nut job started it and he definitely wasn’t a clandestine celtic fan😵‍💫



Thanks again for this,and also for tomorrow’s article. And for mentioning two of my favourite results in my 55+ years as a fan-the 4-2 match and the 6-2 humping. I did look at somehow editing in another mention of the Centenary Season,so that I could get my hat trick,but that would have been churlish of me.


And as for the Jack-mwahahahahah!!! AKA The Knave,rather appropriately.


Morning all,


Brilliant read and brings back lovely memories of the 4-2 League win ( Against 10 men ) and the Centenary Season.

Fantastic stuff 👏👏👏💚💚💚

St tams

Great stuff, buddy 👍



I’ve never heard anything like that anywhere. Pubs,clubs,supporters buses,the lot.



Going out so replies to others will be this evening but I can make a quick reply to yours re Celtic’s .modus operandi under PL.

He is one of the personalities you do get rid of. Mendacious by nature.

My main point is the behaviour you describe is an anathema to me in terms of the kind of honest behaviour I expected of Celtic based on the ethos of love that brought Celtic into being.

Anti Christian behaviour which is one of the reasons why I took it on in 2013, plus I dont like being lied to.

However until I see a return to the same behaviour, and my dealing with Comp Sec showed no sign of that, I’ll do what I can to get that ethos central to Celtic’s thinking..


Billybhoy clever piece of writing, that deserves a wider audience 👏 👏


Quite a discussion yesterday on the moralities or lack thereof regarding the Celtic board, anyone who thinks there will be change regarding how our club will be policed with VAR is living in cloud cuckoo land, the SFA couldn’t give two flying f*cks what we think or complain about. They only care about one club…………it was ever thus.

Top Goalscorers in 2022 in all competitions (penalties in brackets)

24 – Georgios Giakoumakis (1)
22 – James Tavernier (15)
19 – Kyogo

Get used to it.



Auldheid @ 12:00 pm,

Thank you for the reply, like you I’m happy with the way the Board are now operating – I would like to see things change but not too rapidly, evolution vs revolution if you like.

Your values have shone through all of this and obviously I was sure you didn’t want a return to the days when “mendacious” characters ruled the roost at Celtic

The Clubs representatives seem much more in tune with the ethos these days; executive, manager and staff and of course, the hand picked players

Ling may it continue

Hail Hail


Every club in Scotland has felt hard done by VAR screams another hun rag.
Wonder which VAR decision sevco are complaining about?
They have not had a single adverse VAR decision against them since it’s introduction.
Video Assisted Rangers.
The mssm whitewashing of SFA and referee’s dishonesty continues at a furious pace.

Craig 76

Ladies and Gentlemen, a last reminder that the Shipbank Shipwrecks are meeting tomorrow at 12pm onwards. Come along and have a good time. 👍



Aye,indeed. The huns don’t like to see green cheese gaun past them.

(Don’t blame me for that one,it’s my Mum’s old saying!)



Bummer,I’ll be just arriving back in Swindon about then. You planned that deliberately!!!

bada bing1

Wee Greg Taylor, clearing up a few things…


Most unkind. I bought an extra bag of hula hoops just for you. 😜

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM if god spares me one month from today the 5th of february ill be 70 years old,, we have been cheated ever since my first game at parkhead in 1964, nothing will change unless the board grow a pair and do something about it, but hey the auld firm money speaks volumes as dermot said rainjurs are one of the great football teams or words to that effect,,good god my father and my uncle packy would have been turning in their graves at that comment, if it had been a level playing field rainjurs would have been lucky to get 25 trophy’s never mind 55, another true story.hh



Terrific blog. Made me laugh and admire your ingenuity.

Prestonpans bhoys

The mssm whitewashing of SFA and referee’s dishonesty continues at a furious pace

Last piece I read went along the lines of how sure are you that it hit Goldsons hands.

They know they have went too far………..

Billy Bhoy

Many thanks for all the comments guys – much appreciated!

Jobo I DID mention the Queen (sort of) and Bobby I DID mention the Centenary Year. I want you both to write out 100 times ” I MUST READ MORE SLOWLY IN CLASS ” 😉

Craig 76


Billy Bhoy

Absolutely outstanding…and a right good laugh too. One question: Are you trying to outdo Robbie Coltrane? 😀


That was a brilliant post earlier.

Hail Hail.

Big Audio Dynamite

Craig, AJ doesn’t sound like the average football player, eh? Sharp young man.


Evening all

Enjoyed the leader article even if it did bring back painful menories of Max Bygraves performing a cover of the original on TV in the late 60s or early 70s. Max is with Derren Nesbitt, Joan Crawford, Chris Quinten and DLT one of my betes noir from showbiz

Prestonpans Bhoys.

In fairness my one query on the incident was whether the ball did hit Goldson’s hand. This was before I had seen a picture that rather proved he did.

Your point re the Mainstream Media is one that I agree with. I have over the years come and gone with the idea that the SFA,/refs are biased against us- recent months like 2009-2011 were particularly bad but other times less so. But the media – particularly since April 1986- has been shamefully pro RFC #1 & #2 to the extent that they now resemble something George Orwell would have come up with. A despicable bunch.



Good to see some of The Bhoys biting back. Long may that continue.

Billy Bhoy

I meant to say earlier that I was struggling to come up with something for the Jack. I had absolutely nothing – until I read an argument by two fans of TRFC as to whether Ryan Jack should get a new contract. One said that he wasn’t good enough. The other responded ” a fit Ryan Jack is the best midfielder in Scotland ” And that was all I needed! 😀

Magua – Robbie Coltraine? As wee Manuel used to say to Basil Fawlty …que?

Craig 76

No chance the sheep will get anything from VAR in the semi final

Prestonpans bhoys


My initial view of the real time hun penalty was …it is a penalty. Var operated properly and unbiased should at least invited a ref review.

Similarly real time action made me question if it hit his hands. Var again should have invited a ref review, from video clips seems to lip read that he’s not giving it.


Billy Bhoy

In the utube search engine enter:

Mason Boyne preaches in Paisley.

2 minutes of comedy gold.

Hail Hail.

Jobo Baldie

Magua, thanks for that tip. A fine 2 minutes indeed!

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
When I was up in Scotland recently I went to the Electric Brae. Tried to charge my phone up, but it must have been cut off.
True story.



Cheers, Jobo. I believe it’s a clip from ‘A Kick Up The 80s’. I think it was Craig76 who posted a few Mason Boyne sketches a good while back. They are also worth a look.

Hail Hail.

big packy

SOL was that a true story😍 the electric brae brings back so many memories, sol if im not mistaken was the electric brae near butlins holiday camp,??


Highland Paddy

I looked back at your “rant” the other day trying to identify what I wanted to respond to.

On the Celtic Board not acting on refs/VAR I’ve covered that in terms of evidence granting but what I will add it is human nature to protect oneself and if nothing is done and the path of denial there is a problem then Scottish football will fall into disrepute and Celtic will not be able to recruit players and mangers of sufficient quality to satisfy supporters and that is simply not good for business which The Board would not wish so it is in THEIR interests to look for solutions. There is nothing like selfishness as a driver for change.

If they are doing nothing then the risk is they become like the dodo’s – dead.

On ensuring competition it is ridiculous to create it by artificial means, but has that not been the modus operandi of Celtic since PL arrived?
What would the financial gap be after say 5 years of regular CL income, reinvested year on year to improve the squad? Just as we expect to beat every team regularly because of the quality gap added income enables, Rangers would fall into that less challenging category meaning no domestic competition for quite some time if ever.

An adjustment to the rewards for playing in the CL would would help level up competition but its difficult for supporters to swallow, yet without some levelling up we go back to playing alternative shots at the CL like what happened after PL arrived. 3 titles to WGS Celtic, 3 titles to WS Rangers. Do we want that to return?

Given that regular loss of CL access is going to be crippling to the losing club, Rangers most likely route without the other past ways of increasing their income – ebts and share sales – increases the temptation to cheat and the only avenue left is referees, so its not quite as ridiculous as it sounds given their past record.

The same club statemen by Doncaster is an insult to the intelligence of every football supporter in Scotland bar the Ibrox hard of understanding.
It poisons our game still and has cost Celtic lost revenue, but not enough for them to force SFA to revisit it by simply asking UEFA who deny sight of the 5WA that created the myth, to review it and see if it conflicts with UEFA’s licensing rules that protect the integrity of UEFA competitions, which imo it does.



King David – David Murray. Too late for my brain to consider that.

Given that SDM, Eric Riley of Celtic whom I was told was a Mason and Andrew Dickson of Rangers who sat on the SFA Licensing Committee that awarded the UEFA licence in 2011, administered the players ebt contract’s from 2004 and whom I heard described as The Golden Child , my question is how do they get non masons to act against their own interests?

I am not saying they don’t exert influence, the fact that in spite of costing the Scottish taxpayer up to £100m through tax evasion and malicious arrests SDM remains out of custody and Dickson is still in post as a Director at Ibrox, some levers are obviously being pulled but how is it done?

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Not too far, also very close to Culzean Castle. Went there once and it was closed, so BMCUWP stole a branch off a tree 😂😂 and that is a true story.



Great and very clever lead.

Haven’t heard the original in decades, will have to give it a listen

Hail Hail


big packy
SOL was that a true story😍 the electric brae brings back so many memories, sol if im not mistaken was the electric brae near butlins holiday camp,??
Yup it is south of what is now the Craig Tara caravan site on cost road to Culzean Caste, I had a caravan at Culzean Bay Holiday Homes that lay below The Electric Brae.

big packy

SOL👍 did i tell you about the time i scored 5 goals playing for ardeer recreation against ardrossan athletic,, very strange because it was a no score draw🤩🤩

16 roads

All the money in that EPL yet it still only serves up a constant stream of pash.

Tripe league.

big packy

AULDHEID, remember going to croy bay in a caravan, probably about 1965/66, would that be the same one??

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Ayrshire junior clubs had interesting names….Ardrossan Winton Rovers, Saltcoats Victoria, Auchinleck Talbot, Kilbirnie Ladeside, Irvine Meadow, Irvine Victoria, Craigmark Burntonians, Ardeer Thistle, Lugar Boswell, and some mob from Kilwinning 😃😎