Ding,Ding. Round Two


The title is,strictly speaking,inaccurate. Tomorrow’s match is actually the semi-final of the Scottish League Cup,or whatever name it goes by these days. But it IS the second match in a row against Kilmarnock,so round two of a double header.

I’m not sure if any of our “January” signings were registered in time to be eligible for this one,which may present us with a problem at right back. If Alistair Johnson is indeed ineligible,our two choices are Juranovic and Ralston. Ralston has not yet recovered from injury,and Juranovic frankly gives me the fear after his nightmare at Ibrox. 

Granted,he too was returning from injury and he was parachuted into a left back role which doesn’t suit him,but what a howler he had. While I would be comfortable enough with him at right back,the prospect of him having to be substituted due to having another bad day at the office,or even being injured,is not a cheery one. After all,who comes on in his place? On the bright side,I doubt his transfer prospects can withstand another shocker,or even Monza will probably look elsewhere. 

McInnes in the opposition dugout is in full-on foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy for the occasion. He has his own secret weapon all ready to unleash on us. I dunno about The Geneva Convention on warfare,but Lafferty should have been banned a long time ago for the thug that he is. Ask Andreas Hinkel,for example. Indeed,he is returning for a ten game ban,imposed due to an ugly sectarian slur. While it was brushed aside as banter up here-you know,the usual-had it been made against any other religion,he would have been hounded out of the game. Same if it had been racist,and deservedly so. Except in Scotland,of course. He’s the victim here,all of a sudden!

No,I don’t fear McInnes’ secret weapon. Certainly not for his attempts at football. But he will try very hard to leave his mark,regardless. The Celtic players,of course,will be wise to him. They’ve played against him before,and plenty like him too. A heavy dunt from CCV early on,followed by a dull one off AJ-if eligible-will have us all cheering loudly. It might not be how I prefer things to be,but many of our greats from the past were no strangers to getting their retaliation in early. 

To more cheerful things though,and that is-how we actually intend to win this one. There is little doubt that Joe is having one of his less inspiring patches,but nobody has pushed him for his place. The defence picks itself,dependent again on the right back position. Kyogo and Maeda are nailed on up front,with only the right-side to consider. Here,I would put Abada up first dibs. See how he gets on,hopefully gets his eye in again. He could do with a run in the team. 

Midfield? How do you drop Reo? CalMac is rarely “rotated”,and Mooy has made a spot for himself either side of The World Cup. There are various options for Ange to consider though,and that is a healthy position to be in. And the players who reckon they are due a run in the team will probably get one anyway after an hour or so. 

The League Cup seems to be dismissed by many of us,yet I remember the pain of watching us lose so many finals in the 70s and a few more since. Martin O’Neill still remembers the Hartson goal being wrongly chopped off over twenty years ago. I could go on. 

The final of 2006 became a Jinky Day of Remembrance,and that is just one of the reasons I want to win this cup every season. It is the first trophy competed for each year,so the first leg on The Treble. Ange is undefeated in it so far,and I’m sure he wants it to stay that way. So do I. And I want it to be the first of four successes at Hampden this season. That would cheer me up no end. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY Competition…



Reo at right back?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Same notes but in a different order …

The Leopard’s Rimshot

The Wolf shows Jim up fir what he was here while at the same time extolling all the perks and virtues of being but a simple working class janitor …

The Leopard’s Rimshot

One for Jeff Beck.

Cheers for everything, boss.



Okay dokay

At core all I am saying in respect of going forward is


The Leopard’s Rimshot

I always have done, Auldheid, particularly after that shite year just gone past.

That’s why I’m listening to this …

The blues eventually makes the peace but peace don’t make the blues.



I too smiled at the final payment of £15.

An earlier contract might have said One shilling and sixpence.

The entry price at the gate as I recall.

Avoided if small enough to be be lifted ow’er.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.
Bobby, I’m pretty certain our new signings are eligible for tomorrow. They haven’t already played in the competition for a different team. And wasn’t it Johnston who was at some sort of press event at Hampden with players from the 3 other semi finalists? And certainly Hugh Keevjns has been mentioning the high profile start to Johnsyon’s Celtic career with his 1st 3 appearances being at Ibrox, Celtic Park and Hampden.
Hopefully Anges prosser will clear that up and we might also learn that Big Tony is available too.


Good Morning to all you sane people and BRRB.

Hope you all have a lovely day and be careful out there 👻👻

Friday the 13th !!!!!!!!!


Just to add that The Shipbank Shipwrecks next away fixture is exactly 1week away in East Kilbride.
Full details will be published next week.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that BRRB is definitely going to behave himself for a change.

. Bit like Leonard Cohen doing an Ibiza Foam party gig, but you never know!!!

Anyway watch this space !!!

I’ve also heard BelmontBrian has scoured Social Media to find some fantastic new jokes. Unfortunately, he didn’t find any, but did manage to pick up a half price box of Xmas Crackers from Poundland, so at least his jokes should be of a higher standard !!!

Stay safe and HH 🍀🍀🍀

16 roads

Can’t see us throwing away a nine point lead now.

Yes we did once squander a 7 point advantage going into February – a combination of Strachan/Lawwell incompetence put paid to that.

Man should have been sacked in the immediate aftermath of said unmitigated disaster, which gave the dead club a further two seasons of life support.

Things are different now with Ange at the helm & with PL less influential, seemingly.


Big Audio Dynamite

16 roads, there are 17 league games left, eh?
If we only Win 13 of our 17, Sevco would need to WIN 17 of 17.
Ain’t happening! 🍀
We should be aiming to reach 100pts.

Awe Naw

Complaint against Sheriff Lindsay Wood withdrawn over lack of confidence in Scottish judiciary’s impartiality
3 JAN 2023
Clock icon Reading time: 2 minutes
Complaint against Sheriff Lindsay Wood withdrawn over lack of confidence in Scottish judiciary’s impartiality
A complaint against a sheriff who held shares in Rangers FC and who granted more than 20 warrants as part of a failed police inquiry into the club’s takeover has been withdrawn due to the complainer’s lack of confidence in the judiciary’s ability to deal with the complaint properly.

David Grier, 61, had lodged a complaint against Sheriff Lindsay Wood with the Judicial Office in May. The sheriff was accused of a “glaring judicial conflict of interest” after it became known that he regularly appeared at matches and social events and was said to even have a framed photograph of the club’s stadium in his office.

Mr Grier was told in September that Sheriff Principal Craig Turnbull had completed a report into the matter and passed this on to the Lord President, Lord Carloway.

Yet no findings have emerged.

Mr Grier told the Judicial Office in a letter that he had no confidence that his concerns would be dealt with and said that pursuing the complaint was a “pointless endeavour”.

“I am now reluctantly bound to accept that in Scotland there could never be any wrongs committed by individuals who subsist under the protective cloak of the Crown and judiciary. I reserve my rights to challenge this in England and through the European courts.”

Mr Grier was arrested with others a decade ago following the collapse of Rangers. The group were later cleared of all charges and the Crown admitted that they had been maliciously prosecuted.

Records from 2008 show that Sheriff Wood had 110 shares in Rangers, which became worthless upon its collapse. Between 2013 and 2015 he signed 22 warrants during the incompetent Police Scotland investigation.

One warrant even allowed officers to raid the offices of London law firm Holman Fenwick Willan, which was later found to be unlawful and executed “without proper safeguards”.

The raid was requested by Detective Chief Inspector Jim Robertson, the senior investigating officer, who is reputed to have chanted Rangers songs while conducting interviews.

In 2019, he said: “Sheriff Wood was interested in the case. He told us he was a season ticket-holder at Ibrox.”

The Judicial Office said: “Judicial conduct complaints are dealt with in accordance with the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules 2017. This seeks to ensure judges uphold the highest standards of professional and personal conduct both in and out of court.


bada bing1

The Bhoys are back in league action at Celtic Park next week, with St Mirren the visitors in the cinch Premiership on Wednesday (Jan 18) and we’re giving supporters who can’t be at the match in person the chance to catch all the action LIVE on pay-per-view.

Stream Digital’s pay-per-view service is available to buy now for next Wednesday’s league clash, with all the build-up, live match action, half-time and full-time analysis included for just £12.99.


bada bing1
The Bhoys are back in league action at Celtic Park next week, with St Mirren the visitors in the cinch Premiership on Wednesday (Jan 18)
A couple of weeks ago I, at last, managed to bag a ticket for St Mirren game. Now it happens to be the day after my mom’s funeral so I will be up in the area on match day.
Although I’ve constantly failed to get tickets this season due to being “sold out” I noticed the crowds are hardly ever reported as full capacity. The average is less than 59,000 and Kilmarnock last week was 58,612. I couldn’t get a ticket for Kilmarnock yet there were almost 2,000 empty seats.
I think this was mentioned on here before with the answer being season ticket holders not attending. Why can’t season book holders recycle unwanted tickets through the ticket office and share the sale proceeds with the club.


A wee reminder that Superbru fixtures start with the Hearts game at 7.45 pm tonight

16 roads

BAD – Good thinking!

100 points total should be the objective from here on in.

No reason whatsoever that 💯 cannot be achieved.


bada bing1

Daughter on her first solo trip,just been charged £40 for a bag,which i take free on Jet2 to Portugal every year,it’s 3-4 mm bigger than whats ‘accepted ‘, it’s a standard cabin sized case,beware……absolute dogs

bada bing1

Frodshambhoy- this came up recently on the other channel, other clubs operate the type of system you’re talking about, even Oldco had a ticket exchange, if you notified them 3 days before a game,they re-sold your seat,and a £10 credit against your next ST…..

Jobo Baldie

Frodshambhoy at 1.18 – that’s one area where Triggers Broom, and some others, are shared of Celtic. I can remember the ins and outs of it but seem to remember it was a win/win for both club and supporter.
Could Celtic not offer the following scheme:
Season ticket holder knows he cant attend so registers his seat as “for sale”.
Club make the seat available at usual matchday price, say £30.
If the seat is actually sold, the season ticket holder gets a £10 credit to use on merchandise
So, Club are effectively £20 up, customer is £10 up and theres an extra 1 fan in attendance – a win/win/win situation?
I suppose itd only work if the season ticket holder decides not to go at least X number of days before the game?

Afternoon all.

Leggy, as you well know, I’m the ‘Thief of Bad Gags’. 🙂

Hope this not out of turn, but I’d like send a positive message to one of my favourite posters and a great guy (and family) that i have personally met through this wonderful place.

SeS, I hope you and yours are well, hope to see you posting regularly again, however, I look forward to meeting up with Mrs SeS and yourself, hopefully in the near future.



Big Audio Dynamite

16 roads, we should be setting our own attainable goals, instead of gauging ourselves against whatever might be happening in Govan. If we get close to 100pts in a season, we should be comfortable winners.

Stand alone? Prove it to the world!

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, rotten b@stards.

They couldn’t have let it slide one time? A young girl travelling by herself! Did she say how full the plane was?

bada bing1

BAD- Half full, only Glasgow- Belfast, 25 minutes, we were all a wee bit nervous as was her first trip on her own

Sleazy Jet-cabin bag 45×36×20


Jet2- 56 x 45× 25



I echo what Brian says.

Hope you and your family are well. Take care Buddy 💚💚💚



Your story rang a bell. Before Covid, I had taken a carry on bag for years all over the U.S. and Europe. When in the U.K. I used it on Flybe flights to and from Glasgow and Stornoway every year. Never an issue. Then, in 2019, I used it on a Flybe flight from Manchester to Newquay (just after using it on 2 other Flybe flights). Again no problem. Then I check in at Newquay for the return to Manchester. I was gobsmacked when the Flybe check in staff ( a Glesga lassie, of all things ), said, “That will be £40 for oversized carry on bag.” I said, “Whit? This thing has been all over 2 continents for years with no issue, including my last 3 Flybe flights.”

She wouldn’t budge. It was the only bag I had, and I said, “O.K. Put it in the luggage hold.” She said, “It’s still £40 pounds.” Flyway robbery. I was delighted when they went into administration, but now I see that, similar to a certain Zombie Club, they have been transmogrified.

Afternoon all

Interesting article BMCUWP. Not sure what Johnston’s status is but I’d go with Hatate rather than Jura at rb if the Canuck is not available – his (Reo’s) and our performances when he played in that position against St J and Hibs were the best we’ve played since the Clocks changed by a distance

I also wonder if Siegrist will play tomorrow- think he played in one of the League Cup ties ( possibly both) and so may get the nod even if Joe was playing at his best

Extraordinary stuff posted by Awe Naw re yon Sherriff with conflicting interests. I know that on 14 Feb 2012 I thought the two Duff and Phelps guys looked as trustworthy as Richard Nixon c1973 – and still think there was something a bit rum about how that Administration panned out- but the Sheriff and Cops don’t seem ever to have had much more to go on than thinking ‘I wouldn’t buy a used car from either one of them.’

Toodleloo the noo




Good article. I for one, have always been a fan of the League Cup…and I refuse to call it anything else but that. My first League Cup final was in December 1972. Pat Stanton’s Hibernian side deservedly won on the day, gaining his only senior winner’s medal…until the 1976-77 season that is. He of course won a league and Scottish Cup double with a fine Celtic team.


What a lovely sentiment, Brian. Saltires, you are indeed missed by us all.


I am very much looking forward to seeing old-and hopefully new-friends, next Friday. Brian’s jokes urnae half as bad as my singing. 😀

Hail Hail.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Many thanks to ALL for the birthday wishes of yesterday😀👍
A late birthday present would be a semifinal win over the Killie.
I’ll be watching in CSC Irvine as still not ‘allowed’ to attend gamesMaybe Wednesday 18th
Thanks again for birthday wishes and also of course, more importantly, the better health wishes.


Aw Naw

“I (David Grier) am now reluctantly bound to accept that in Scotland there could never be any wrongs committed by individuals who subsist under the protective cloak of the Crown and judiciary. I reserve my rights to challenge this in England and through the European courts.”
I hope he does, he knows where the bodies are buried and was incredibly helpful in being able to demonstrate how a licence was granted in 2011 by fraudulent means.

Chances are some settlement will be reached. Silence is Golden.

The Nabbla


Thank you for your article yesterday.
Most enjoyable.👏👏


Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, as if you didn’t have enough on your plate worrying about her being ok, then this rubbish.

Half full 25m flght? She could’ve spread herself over 3 seats ffs.

I’ll bet if the issue was anything other than getting more money from her, it would have been resolved in seconds.

Just another indication of how petty and greedy the world has become, mate.

Helluva way to treat a young person travelling on their own.

bada bing1

BAD- Thanks for replies mate,i know these rules have been in place for years,but i thought someone could have noticed she was young,and travelling alone,to say BTW your case doesn’t comply for future reference…..these Jobsworths might be on commission…..HH

Billy Bhoy

I’m just back from taking my mum shopping. We were in the M&S at Bishopbriggs and I spotted big Connor Goldston picking up a grapefruit. I had to hold myself back from saying “Can you juggle with that as well – ya basturd?

BTW – the best sports program of the week is on bt sport at 6.30. Wee Daryll Currie with Sutton and McCoist. Its a brilliant show!


I see that my good name and reputation are being slandered by that big dumpling Leggy. My lawyer shall be in touch. When he gets out of Pentonville.

Awe Naw


This was always going to happen. Grier was responsible for Sir David Murray´s portfolio at the royal bank of Scotland during the 90’s. He was always Murray’s go to man with regards finance. He brokered the original Ticketus deal for Sir David Murray and advised Craig Whyte on the Ibrox takeover but not the second Ticketus deal. Yeah believe that if you will but it´s important as that has to be taken as the gospel truth for the establishment. Grier was always on the inside. I always had him down as the primary and sole architect of Craig Whyte’s takeover. One thing Grier has been very good at over the years at is protecting Murray. Note I am solely talking finance and specifically the swaperooni here, nothing to do with football.

The swaperooni not being Craig Whyte´s initial take over at Ibrox but fulfilling the main and primary objective which was the required return of the old directors King, Park (The four bears) and Rangers FC back into the arms of the establishment. This is where and when the Celtic PLC was completely out manoeuvred and why we got Brendan and a quadruple treble. As the path that was agreed upon at the shame game summit had officially been reneged upon from our perspective.


At government level it was agreed that the main players involved in the swaperooni would be compensated through the public purse. Whyte, Clark, Whitehouse, Green, Ahmad have all been compensated to the tune of multi millions of tax payers pounds for their successful i.e desired outcome part in it. Grier only joined Duff&Phelps after Charles Green took the reigns im preparation for the takeover from the four bears and after his arrest. As he helped to broker the original deal and was arrested. Now was his arrest just fine detail that had to be adhered too with regards the original plan or a mistake ? Either way did Grier try to use his extra leverage to get himself a pay out. The only one who hasn´t been compensated via the Scottish Crown Prosecution service !! Now why is that? cause it was his plan and he was in on it from the very beginning.

I suspect that this is dead now. The whole shebang. Grier has played his part and played his part to perfection. A knighthood beckons. There will be no English or European courts involved. Celtic have also got some closure by placating the support with regards the matching law fees donation for Res 12. Good timing I´m sure they are unrelated but as always the establishment gets what it wants and the UK tax payer pays for it and nobody gets punished for it.

Starring as themselves

Sir David Murray
Alistair Johnson
Martin Bain
Dave King
Dermot Desmond
Peter Lawwell
Michael Nicholson
Eric Riley
Craig Whyte
Charles Green
Paul Clark
David Whitehouse
David Grier
DCI Roberston
Lindsay Wood QC
James Wolffe QC
Lord Mulholland CBE
Craig Turnbull QC
Alex Salmond
Nicola Sturgeon

The End

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM non celtic post, wee joan grooms 2 dogs a day, FFS she is 65 , after she finished the second one today this was 12-45, she got a call from a former customer, who went to another dog groomer because it was a tenner cheaper, oh god joan can you help me my new groomer has just made a mess of my dog, can you do anything to help, well joan picked the dog up from the womans house because she had no transport, she brought the dog round the back into the grooming room, what a mess the poor dog was matted from head to toe, wee joan started on it at 1-0 clock and finished at 4-o clock, the dog looked lovely it could have won crufts, the owner was over the moon ,the moral of the story, the cheapest is not always the best, another true story.hh

Prestonpans bhoys

Awe Naw

A very interesting read, any reason why the esteemed Bankier ( using a w more appropriate) escapes your list 🙄

Awe Naw

Prestonpans bhoys

There are many players who didn´t have a starring role. Literally hundreds of them. Bankier came in 3 months after the shame game summit when and probably where John Reid was jettisoned/sacrificed. A masonic friendly face for the Common Wealth games clean up.

A thing of beauty

Awe naw,
The revelations you have posted this evening tells us all we need to know about this country. We live in a bigoted backwater that is set up and continues to protect the establishment. When you read it set out before you it is the stuff of fantasy. It should be the subject of a full judicial enquiry but now we discover that the judiciary are also bent and up to their eye balls in this cover up.
Possible the worst part in all of this was that Murray was allowed to dump £850m of debt into the public purse whilst keeping the profitable parts of his business. Utterly incredible yet all perfectly acceptable in this shithole country. I doubt in all honesty it will ever change.

Prestonpans bhoys

Ah that explains it, once I posted I did start to wonder when that git started as chairman 👍

big packy

just got ma ticket for ramorras gemme SOLKITTS what a bhoy, he only charged me 250 quid for the ticket, but as it was a late delivery from amazon they charged me 50 quid, you can take the bhoy out of ardrossan but you cant take ardrossan out of the bhoy 🤩 funny thing is it says the beach end on the ticket, didnt know hampden had a beach end, you learn something new every day🤩 that reminds me of another time sol sold me a ticket for parkhead against the infamous glesca rainjurs, got to the turnstile the guy said this ticket is for kirkintiloch rob roy against blantyre victoria, another 250 quid down the swanee 🤩

Awe Naw


yup and Scotland has two to three more layers of bigotry to cope with than your average English citizen. It has been a fascinating watch for me seeing how this “little problem” has been dealt with. The exact same shakers and movers that covered up Hillsboro. With that in mind in 20 years from now information will be disseminated much to the chagrin of the fanatical Celtic fan base.


The above wasn´t Stewart Regan idea he´d been well warned just too stupid and English inexperienced to realise that the comment he had heard elsewhere (i.e above him) was stupidly trotted out for public consumption Eeeek Mistake. It betrays the pressure put on him or the line he was fed. It could only have come from a non accountable football employee as anyone else; police, OF employee, politician, Journalist would be subject to an official grilling at how this deemed possible scenario had been arrived at. So well organised and maintained you got to hand it to them.



I don’t doubt a word of what Reagan said was true,and the “experts” quoted,who disagreed with them only need to remember the scenes in George Square in 2021when they actually won something! Twice,as I recall.

Not to mention 2014 post-referendum.