It struck me that under Ange change is happening at a very fast pace. Given our propensity to be slow movers in recent times, the rate at which things are moving could easily be found dizzying.
It’s exciting for sure, constant fluctuation within the squad is much more interesting than the same eleven for three seasons in a row unless those eleven are very good quality players.
After Gordon and Neils ‘stand by your man’ philosophy, Anges ‘try and bye’ is very refreshing and captures the imagination more being a journey with no planned ending and detours possible.
I’ve never known a club to drop three new players straight into the team after signing in January, where traditionally squad back ups are acquired to cement league positions.
One player might automatically slot into the starting eleven mid season, three is almost unheard of, I believe it’s fair to say Johnson, Kobayashi, and Iwata will be named starters for the foreseeable future, not so much the impending Oh Hyeon-gyu who shall live in Kyogos shadow.
These changes show the manager’s ruthless side and his personal quest to keep upgrading, yet also show how our selling model is flexible. Previously only players who flopped lasted 18 months at the club, but in these whirlwind times starting players can be away after such a short spell in the team.
‘Play, Punt and Profit’ is fine as long as the bulk of the profit is reinvested,,profit itself on every player departing would be the sign of excellent scouting and recruitment, and most unCelticlike. But that’s what’s taking place, which might help attract players who like the idea of a brief stepping stone stint at a giant club with exposure.
Some folk don’t like change, but it’s not always a negative as we witnessed on Saturday. The new back four performed their primary task in keeping a clean sheet and our new left sided center-back got another 90 minutes under the belt. The best thing a new central defender can do in his first couple of games is not draw attention to himself, don’t set tongues wagging, quietly do the job full stop,,,Yuki has done just that.
AJ is considered a hot prospect already, usually after letting a Croatian International leave we would have a quality gap with the replacement but no one is majorly concerned about the Canadian becoming the top dog at right back, a very positive sign.
Saturday should be the death knell for the Calmac, O’Riley, Hatate triumphrat in the middle. All too often that particular trio failed to spark or showed flaws, given the form of Mooy and the quality of Iwata one of them should be on the pitch at all, Saturday was the case in point when a good performance followed switching the midfield up.
Cheryl Crow did tell us all a change would do you good, words which were proven prophetic at the weekend.
Keep going Ange, try and tinker, wheel and deal, never opt for standing still.
When your changes bring a four nil good performance, you’re on the right track.
By Mahe

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Good evening, friends.
Morton started the game positively and it looked as though it might be one of those days. And then came that ridiculous VAR decision in our favour. I really wish that Mooy had deliberately missed the resultant penalty. I don’t think it would have changed the outcome. But hey ho, we moved up the gears from that moment and ran out very convincing winners.
Most of our best play came in the first half and that’s reflected in the votes where 2 of our top 3 were subbed at half time!
Domestically we have now played 26, winning 24, drawing 1 and losing just 1. We have scored 88 and conceded 18.
As for the voting, my thanks to the 69 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –
Hart: 1
Johnston: 10
Starfelt: 3
Kobayashi: 8
Bernabei: 1
McGregor: 5
Mooy: 68
Turnbull: 5
Abada: 42
Kyogo: 60
Maeda: 1

Subs: Haksabanovic: 1, Iwata: 2, Forrest: 0, O’Riley: 0, Lawal: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Morton are –
Mooy – 5 pts
Kyogo – 4 pts
Abada – 3 pts
Johnston – 2 pts
Kobayashi – 1 pt

And after 32 games the overall standings are as shown below –
69 points – Hatate
47 points – Carter-Vickers
38 points – Taylor
37 points – Jota
33 points – Mooy
29 points – Kyogo and McGregor
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – Abada
22 points – Jenz
18 points – Maeda
15 points – Haksabanovic
13 points – Giakoumakis, Juranovic and Starfelt
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei and Welsh
8 points – Forrest and Johnston
7 points – Hart
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Kobayashi
0 points – Abildgaard, Iwata, Lawal, McCarthy, Siegrist and Vata

January has been an interesting and so far successful month and our 6th and final tie is next Sunday when we travel up to face Dundee Utd in a 4.00pm kick off, live on Sky and hopefully elsewhere 😉.
Hail Hail!


Morning all.
For the second successive week it was a hat trick of winners.

Stealing the show this week was Celtic Champs Elect with a superb 9/1 winner in the shape of Beau Geste, who got the verdict in a photo finish. That winner takes CCE into profit for the season.

Our second winner was Charlinic’s runner Obsidian night which obliged at nice odds of 11/2. The Tom Marquand ridden winner got home by just under a length and that also puts Charlinic into the black for the season.

Third and final winner of the day was the 16 Roads selection Mahler Mission. He stormed home by an impressive 10 lengths to get 16 Roads back in the winners enclosure, and was nicely priced at 100/30 .
16 Roads was in blistering form at the start of the season. Is he about to catch fire again?

Many napsters went chasing the big prices at the weekend. Understandable with only 9 weeks remaining.

The last favourite of the day lost, so any unreplaced selections bit the dust.

I’ll be fine for this coming Saturday competition, but I’m heading off to Qatar the following Thursday. I’ll be gone a couple of weeks but will try to keep up with selections and updates.

Updated table appears below.

Week 31 table.

CCB £29.58

McCaff. £27.08

St Tams £25.50

BMCUW £23.12

Big Packy £16.02

Weet Weet Weet £13.76

16 Roads £9.66

JNP. £8.88

DRM. £3.37

VP £2.88

Jobo. £2.60

Charlinic £1.78

GFTB £1.00

CCE £0.13

Craig -£2.50

Bada -£2.62

Twisty. -£2.67

Danny Mac. -£2.92

Mahe. -£5.50

Call me Gerry. -£8.75

Leggy -£9.67

Lefty -£10.37

Jungle Gerry. -£13.00

Gordon. -£17.17

Chalmersbhoy. -£22.13

Jim. -£22.91

BRRB. -£28.38

The Real McCoy. -£31.00



“Anges ‘try and bye’ is very refreshing and captures the Imagination …” Good line.

Ange’s keen eye for a player and the platform we provide to ambitious players for self advancement is where we are at.
JJ going to the third placed team in the Bundesliga is not a shabby move. Testing himself at a higher level- who can deny him that? Good luck to him. Perhaps we will meet again in the CL?
GG is potentially leaving for different reasons it would appear. Enrichment over career success?
Can’t deny him that option to secure a viable future for himself financially- so thanks and good luck.

We rightly let them move on , whatever their motives.

We should have more than enough in the tank domestically, and although some have pointed out that this league is not won yet, barring a wholesale collapse where are we being challenged?
For all his mouthy rhetoric Bealing is leading a tired squad on its last legs.
They are stubborn opponents but no more than that, and have a tendency to concede more than we do.
I would not be sorry to see Kent leave – he’s the only one who can create game changing moments against the rest in the league.

I don’t doubt we will see some further fine tuning from Ange in the summer.
A new goalkeeper perhaps, upgrade at left back if AB doesn’t cut it.
Maybe a sale or two in midfield, and room for a third striker?
The nucleus of a decent squad is there- whether it will be competitive in the CL remains to be seen. Incremental progress there will be to finish third and drop into EL. The last time that scenario will be possible with format changes in ‘24/25.
But that’s another topic altogether.

Small correction to the above – we won 5-0


Morning all…here’s a brand new tune from a wee Glasgow band some of you might have heard of, it’s been a while but this is a grower! For JJ and GG…



Politically I can see the advantages of Trotskyism – permanent revolution is to be preferred over stagnation / new hierarchies developing who will inevitable defend their status quo.

Football — not so sure.

Never happy with the PL low energy / Ladybird book of moneyball approach of two years then gone.
A sign of our development would have been VW / VVD / MD staying for three or four years as we grew at the same rate as them.

Consequently happy that AP is going through the squad like a dose of salts.
However progress for me will be the finding of talent that will stick around.
That is good enough to take us to the next level that AP craves.
CL results and knockout rounds credibility.

Football is in a state of flux all over — EF second in Germany / Napoli causing havoc in Italy / the Erse in the EPL !!??!!.
We need to be part of this ongoing revolution — and my guess would be that AP is all in.

He is doing it the hard way with new blood and not seasoned CL professionals.
Maybe that is the next step — AR coming home to fill in at LB for a couple of years.

No matter we are moving forward at pace with a growth agenda.
That would explain the negative man chorus from the Cave / Phil McG / PL interweb poodles.
The board are scared fartless at where we might end up.

If one Aussie coach can do it on a budget / sorting out a shambles then questions need to be asked at our recent failures given the millions that we spent on our seemingly stellar ex CEO.

AP — the TFOD2.1 are scared of him / our board are terrified.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
There were a couple of wee errors in my MOTM post above as pointed out by Call me Gerry on the previous article but none that affected the points. I blame beer.



You even confusing yourself with your Initials approach?
“AR coming home…”
I assume you mean KT!

Jeez oh.


Og @ last night

26 county gammon / new age Blue-shirts — the article in the Grauniad caught my eye.


As noted in my original comment the protest was given a lot of prominence — you then have to ask why?
The focus on SF would appear to give one particular game away but it might grow with time.
Migration is a huge issue at the moment and it is an easy target for rabble rousers everywhere.

It made a mark with me as I nearly got kettled going to the Egg Chasing in 2020.
Not expecting to find a bunch of Green “Faragists” shouting the odds in the middle of Dublin but there they were.
Struggling to remember their exact title — “Seed of Ireland” is my best guess after nearly 3 years.

We unfortunately live in interesting times …



I get the thrust of your argument.
Even the “ Erse” is producing high energy, relentless football of the type we are aspiring to.

Btw you may want to catch the Arsenal documentary from last year.
I think you may change your opinion of MA- an enthusiastic, charismatic engaging character- like a young Ange.
Not all ex Huns are to be besmirched by association.


CFC @ 9.42

The plan is AR first and then KT — I think …
KT still has to win the EC / CL before he returns.

KT — interesting how quickly it has all gone south for him.
Last year him and his Tesco bag were going to be the next Erse captain.
Talk of him moving up a level to RM or someone similar.
Now he is seemingly third in line for the LB spot.

Hopefully he gets things sorted this week.
Far too good to sit on a bench at his age.



You did mention coming home!

Whatever…agree KT’s halo is on the slide big time.
Could do worse than come home. He could certainly bolster the left back position and would, of course, be Captain in waiting when Calmac runs his course.
Succession planning right there.

His options down South would be many, and much more financially attractive but having made his multi millions can see him being the type to return to his first love.
He’s only likely to end up at a second/third tier EPL team who will not be competing for honours.


CFC @ 9.42

The plan is AR first and then KT — I think …
KT still has to win the EC / CL before he returns.

KT — interesting how quickly it has all gone south for him.
Last year him and his Tesco bag were going to be the next Erse captain.
Talk of him moving up a level to RM or someone similar.
Now he is seemingly third in line for the LB spot.

Hopefully he gets things sorted this week.
Far too good to sit on a bench at his age.

January 23, 2023 9:50 am
I think that GH with GY along with DR and WE will mean AS and PL will benefit AX and RD




CFC 1001

I doubt KT will return here as a player. He was damn near crippled by the hammerthrowers,with the complicity of the refs.

St tams

I found the Arsenal documentary fascinating.
I actually was told that Arteta was considered for the managers job after Brendan Rodgers left.



Now,that would be interesting,an ex-hun as our manager! He would probably slink into the shadows when he saw Chris Sutton in the press room,same as he did when they played against each other.



Aye, right enough.
Naive Wishful thinking I suppose, but stranger things have happened !

St tams

It was a very good watch. I thought Arteta came across well- under the microscope in a pressure situation.
Interesting he was considered- would have no qualms about him managing us, whatever his background! We went for the wrong option then in a madcap scenario Hitchcock should have directed.


Rewind to summer 2021

After the departure (allegedly) of his favourite CEO patsy, the Eddie Howe no-show, and the blink and you missed him, Dom McKay, Dermot Desmond stated that he assisted with recruitment, just to give newbie Ange Postecoglou a helping hand. That is no mean feat given how poor the mobile signal is from the 8th green at the Barbados Sandy Lane Golf Resort and Country Club. But The Great Desmondo found a way. Welcome to Celtic Liam Scales and James McCarthy.

Ange said welcome to Celtic, Kyogo Furuhashi. And, after a few games, so did the Celtic support.

January 2023

Despite the efforts of the smsm and pundits alike, telling us that Porteous and Nisbet could “do a job” at Celtic, Ange continues to put his faith in the East Asian market, for quality and value for money. For these past 18 months he has witnessed at close quarters the collective journeymen, thugs, and bodybuilders who populate the SPFL.

The current version of Ange Postecoglou is a different beast for the one that washed up on our shores (only the huns do jetted in) 18 months ago.

If TGD offered his recruitment services now, AP will probably say no thanks mate, stick to your golf and horses. But, if you want to stick your hand in your own pocket and bring Kieran Tierney back to his beloved Celtic, then that would be wonderful. At that point the poor signal from the 8th green gave up the ghost, much to Dermot’s relief.



I’m not too bothered that two of our star men from our title-winning side last season want to leave,and are being allowed to do so. What does bother me is their reasons for it. Sure,their age comes into it,they are nearing the stage where a big contract will be their last,and certainly Celtic won’t have offered them that.

Still.Ange has got JJ’s replacement in already,and he seems a more than capable deputy. He hasn’t yet got a G-Mak replacement,but it is gratifying perhaps that he is focused on his original options and doesn’t want to lower his standards.

However,time’s a marching. Not just for G-Mak,but for the club too. Finger out time,methinks. And maybe also nearing time when we get certain other players signed up if they are of a similar frame of mind,or prepare to move them on in the summer.


N P F A W. J B L. I T T F O MM’s U O I


JD @ 11.38

That is what is scaring the board fartless — AP is not the guy they thought that they had hired.
Wanting new players in on a tight budget — sanction the sale of the restless to get some money in.
Wanting more new players in — bring them in on loan with a contractual obligation to buy.
6 months free use — bed them in nicely.

AP is a man in a hurry — so he is giving it his all / no excuses — in a “march or die legionnaire” sort of way.
The board don’t know what has hit them.


The cave must be very quiet today …
Hopefully no-one has given up their day job.


Ange stated a short time ago that turnover of playing talent is the way ahead.
Guess we better get used to it. In a different market pool there would be greater longevity of talent and more sustainability.

The constant is the system and the players are the integral parts that are interchangeable.
Maintaining that structure with replacements, and upgrades hopefully, is what Ange does.

Without him, or someone equally capable, it falls apart.
We’re lucky to have him- hope it’s for long enough.


Ange is key. That’s the worry if he goes. Crossing my fingers for at least one more season in the CL, should we get there (hopefully), and definite progress to be demonstrated. If not…



Post Christmas Euro football is the target. And season after next the new 36? Team format.
I’m hoping he’s around for the next couple of seasons.

St tams

I read a very good article yesterday, about one of Artetas coaches.
A guy named Carlos Cuesta. He’s 27 and being tipped to become a manager by the time he is 30.



All very well but


Aye but naw but .

For his return to mean putting the brakes on, would mean DD ignoring what is now working to replace it with something that did not.

He is either doing that because he is a poor business man or does not like Celtic being run more professionally.

It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility people learn from their mistakes.

Mine taught me a lot.

Let’s sit back and enjoy the reality of where we are and focus less on where we would like to go.

We might miss it.happening.

Sol Kitts



Mad Mitch

I’m with you right up to this.

The board are scared fartless at where we might end up.

The Board is made up of different folk with different views on what is right for Celtic.

Is it stretching credulity behind breaking point that some Board individuals want the same as us ie Celtic prospering?

Is it too much of a stretch to think lessons have been learned by Board individuals including DD and as a group they voted for change?

I speak with advantage of meeting individuals as human beings doing what they think is the right thing.

That is something Celtic have still to work harder on.

I was thinking of chucking it in terms of persuading those humans at Celtic executives level they have nothing to fear and that depends on them picking up where a conversation left of.

There is another development though coming down the line shortly, that has the potential to break down the existing divide depending on the meaning Celtic give it as well as the supporters, so I’ll hang in there until it happens.


AH @ 1.31

The issue for DD and by extension the board is that they are not in control of the agenda.
AP and his focus on growth — his own / the squad / the team / the club — mean that we could be heading in a direction DD et al do not want to go.

Well my two bobs worth anyway.

AP has filled the stadium for SPL games — the waiting list is now real and growing.
If he makes progress in Europe then the clamour for tickets will be deafening.
That will generate questions from a growing segment of the support.

That will include questions DD and the board do not want to discuss — like the re-building of the 94 year old main stand.
That means money / investment / debt / risk — nothing that a normal business of our scale could not handle.
But for DD we are not a live business — after his repeated EPL failures — and he only wants a quiet life from us.

No big issues / no big spends / no putting his hand in his pocket / no financial risks — just a tidy wee business that washes its face and gives him no more sleepless nights / hot flushes about the need for extra funds.

That is why I think that DD / the board are scared of AP.
That is why P67 and now Phil McG are starting to snipe away from the side-lines.
They want a quiet life while AP likes what he sees and wants to push us on.

And then you have the base question — if you don’t want to rebuild the Main Stand now when do you think it will need replaced?


I was puzzled at antipathy towards Arteta until reminded he was an ebt recipient.

All his other qualities as a human being dismissed.

One mistake. As the poor Aberdeen supporter said. ” just ONE sheep”

There ya go.


Mad Mitch

In any business The Board set the policy and the executive execute it.

We seem to differ on that. Ange is an employee of Celtic brought in to execute Board policy.

He didnt turn up at CP and say I’m the answers
to all your problems. Get in line.

My view is based on how I think businesses work based on my experience which is not necessarily that of others hence the difference.

Viva la diverencia.


AH @ 1.55

Struggling to keep up …

I do not know anyone on the board personally.
I have never spoken any of them directly.

However I have seen the results of their actions — their recent actions.
Starting with the shower scene debacle and how that degenerated into the shambles of autumn 2020.
Not sure who was calling the shots but the board got it wrong and made no efforts to recover the situation.

The issue of a payoff to NL defining their efforts to stabilise the ship — to me that is the low rent nickel and diming that we have come to expect from a weak board / a poor quality + limited CEO / an absentee owner aka the Irish Raj who is only interested in a quiet life and peaceful retirement.

So the business basics at the club are poor from where I sit — so from the disaster of 20/21 to removal of DMcK and the silence over various unsavoury events n the last year I do not think things have improved one iota.

That and the lack of talent on the board suggests to me that old habits die hard.
If they have reached out to you and offered plans for improvement then the future will tell all.
However on the level that I can engage with them they still look second rate to me.

First rate manager vs second rate board / “owner” with his own agenda = not a great track record at P/head.


Mad Mitch

To do all of those things requires a business case to support it.

A cost benefit analysis which is based on informed assumptions of risks, cost return on investment

How to reduce the risks. I’m stretching it here but FSR that Celtic claim to have played a significant part in is a major move in that direction.

A few years of regular CL income to meet the costs is one way to go.


AH @ 2.11

Operational success can bring its own challenges if it does not align with the instincts of the board and their plans for the future.

Big Auto example — product / vehicle line selling to well and the board start to feel threatened by by the hired hand.

Then the gossip starts about the selling price being too low / the margin not being what is could be / factory investment being too high — all made up of course by a second rate board scared of a future they could not deliver themselves.

Not sure where your business exploits have taken you but success can generate its own tensions.

I fear AP might be starting to make the board jealous — and if not the full board then PL and DD.

This is not our first rodeo.

bada bing1


When Jinky met Henrik


AH @ 2.20

To get anywhere — you need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.
That has been beyond the custodians of the club since FMcC left.

We should be working on plans for the Main Stand rebuild as we speak.
Understand the base economics and the risks / opps of the large scale project we will need.

My plug number would be a £100mill spend — what would we need to do to deliver this amount of investment / service this scale of debt?

So if your good news involves civil engineering then great.
If it involves more work for our legal friends then not so good.


7.5mill received for JJ who we paid 3mill for. We spent 3.5mill on AJ, so potentially a small profit realised once Jura’s wages & bonuses over 18 months and any potential sell-on fees are deducted. I guess the real question that remains to be answered is if Celtic has replaced a departing player with a better one as Ange said was the aim in future player trading, early indications would point to young Alistair being a decent acquisition however as usual time will tell.


It has started again. Exaggeration, exaggeration! AP as the super hero….all conquering, relentless in the pursuit of success. A ball of fire that the poor old board and DD cannot handle!

We have seen this before with BR, even with NL Mark 1.

The key ingredients are a) exaggeration of success; b) the hero figure as the manager, c) inevitable predicted conflict with the “Board.”

Sorry, I am not going down that road again. In a short while the conspiracy themes will emerge…..the “Board” conspiring to thwart AP. It’s coming, just wait!

I used to say to my students, “Is an increase of 10 a sign of great progress?” Of course, the answer depends on what the original base was….up 10 starting from a base of 10 is impressive, but up 10 starting from 1000 is possibly disappointing.

AP’s so called success needs to be examined in this light. Has he dramatically improved the squad and results? Of course he has, but look at the where he started. AP was essentially faced with the type of managerial situation that most SPL managers face every year…..player churn. Motherwell, St Johnstone etc have to rebuild their squads virtually every year because they lose their best players. Yes, the expectations are higher at Celtic (and Sevco) but the problem is the same.

Don’t get me wrong, Ange rebuilt much faster than I expected, but all that he has achieved so far is some domestic success. Let us not place him in the Stein class just yet. He may be that good but it is too early to tick that box. Remember there have been selection snafus and failures to use subs appropriately. Also Ideguchi and Bernabei can hardly be regarded as clever signings. In addition, By the time NL left his managerial acumen had declined to a startling level. Even a competent SPL manager would have been an improvement.

All I am saying is keep the heid. Ange has proven to be a good manager and one that has a system, but, as yet, he is not a great manager. BR had hero worship status but look what happened there. Strachan got us out of the CL group stage, then a hero, later to be the architect of turgid football.
Keep the heid! You will suffer less disappointment.



Mad Mitch

I brought a million £ project in time and on budget under pressure from Sir Chrstopher Patten then a Govt Minister.

To be fair it was only because I told him our latest computer purchase in a chocolate and fawn livery with green flashing lights was a coffee machine, but as a human being he had a great sense of humour. Phew.

So did the Perm Sec whose signature I forged.

All I’m saying is there is a process to be followed but where we might agree is I’m not sure if Celtic as a business have reached that level of business maturity.

That does not mean they have not, nor does it mean they are incapable of it.



Entirely agree Ange has done very well domestically but then again I think we would all agree that the bar hadn’t been set too high in improving on the previous incumbents last season.


“Everton could really do with someone like Postecouglou but why would he leave Celtic?”
Martyn Ziegler , the Times chief football writer
Happy day of the moon and allegedly Hyeun Gyu Oh signing day.

Take care Jim and everyone.



Spot on

As my Auld fella said to me ” never expect anything from anyone and you will never be disappointed..

Pig headed as I am, I work in expectation.

My auldman used to say that my head was full of broken motors.ì

The jury including my own is out on that one but if true I kind of like the endearing way my Auldman said it.

St tams

Rebus67 @2.44
A lot of sense in that post.

Sol Kitts

Lampard binned

bada bing1

Lampard bagged



Unsurprising. Except who is gonna be daft enough to take the job?

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, mahe thanks for thinking about jim.,but dont mention ange for the everton job ,my brother in law is a mad evertonian and he would take ange in a heartbeat,,FFS dont encourage him,.another true story.hh


Og @ 2.36

I really hope you do not have budget responsibilities anywhere …
Voodoo economics / budgeting of the highest order.

Please don’t mix up investment and current spending ever again — please don’t.
In your financial world — what was the alternative at RB?
Pull a guy out the crowd and give him a jersey?

Our squad investment efforts at RB over the past 18 months are that we have a £3.5mill RB on our books and £1mill plus in the bank — that is starting from scratch / nada / nothing apart from a ground zero of AR picking skelves oot his bahooky — so the manager has done well.


So Lampard has been sacked, no surprise there. Stupid choice in the first place.

Ange’s name might be mentioned in dispatches, probably by our own media and pundits. Everton will go for one of the survival specialists, that’s not AP in a million years. If AP had a better Euro record then he might just be a credible candidate. His 2022 Euro record of P8, W0, D2, L6 , eliminates him from any EPL job. The best Rodgers could get, even with an EPL profile and immaculate domestic record at Celtic, was Leicester.

The Merseyside oufit will move to a new docklands stadium ( don’t tell MM !) for season 2024/25, so the ambition and potential is there. The vain Brendan might even fancy his chances with the blue half of Liverpool.

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