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It was another traditional weekend in Scottish football, the big two won alongside more referring controversy. It’s getting quite easy to predict and Mondays articles almost write themselves these days.
As per usual the blue half of the city were handed the early kickoff, thanks Highland Paddy for drawing attention to the scandalous amount of times our club are placed in this catch-up position.
We all know by now what happened at St Johnstone or rather what didn’t happen, red cards which clearly change games.

Callum Davidson rightly hit out at the officials post match, he held his tongue somewhat to avoid a fine, but we can clearly add him to the list of aggrieved managers. The media of course downplayed the affair and took the cowardly option of hiding behind Jim Goodwin’s stacking.
The governing bodies will be delighted there’s an alternative news story available to deflect some heat, which was palpable across all Internet platforms come Saturday evening.
Sunday was not without its own controversy, with a penalty overturned which is a rarity.

To my mind there’s just enough wiggle room to overturn the spotkick decision as,,,
there’s a hint of offside in the buildup,
the keeper is clearly focused on the ball and indeed gets the touch he’s aiming for.
On the other hand the defenders elbow is hindering the striker while pushing him, and the striker is clearly contacted first by the goalies left hand.
The case for both yes and no could be made.
But that’s the point. When reffing our rivals the calls against go ignored by VAR, while anything around the opposition box gets flagged to study for potential transgressions to award the blues.
Meanwhile every Celtic goal or possible handball at the back gets scrutinized with the aim of finding any hint of a foul.
There’s clear double standards at play with decisions, VAR, fixture scheduling, penalty awards, fouls against, maybe more.
Which makes me wonder, have the officials gone rogue?
In the nefarious cesspit that is Scottish football it’s not a stretch of the imagination to envisage personal disputes and vendettas, lodge membership being placed before business acumen, even power struggles leading to vindictive sabotage.
Is that what we are watching,
Crawford Allen launching his own version of a smear campaign through his underlings?
After the recent high-powered confab regarding refs and VAR, the weekend just past felt like a big EFF YOU to the Professional Game Board and presumably their ‘orders’ for improvement.
Anyhow, the Champions pulled out the win to take one step closer to retaining their title. It must have been a strong halftime speech by the Greek Australian because his team visibly moved up a gear after the break and scored the winning goals.
How Jota turned that beautiful cross in is beyond me, the angle was too acute, but bhoy wonder pulled off the seemingly impossible to silence the critics.
I felt the initial selection was wrong,,for instance dropping Yuki after two games doesn’t make much sense, similarly benching our form player Maeda was questionable, Jota and Abada as the wide duet have been found lacking before, however I was delighted to see Matt replaced by Mooy who is a more rounded player. Oh is a big unit, very serious and determined, great qualities to bring onto the park, great to see him in the mix now.
We had enough in the tank to overcome the ref and stubborn opponents and that’s what counts in the end.
Points like yesterday’s help dictate where the league trophy ends up, the Parkhead trophy cabinet.
Refs like the weekends help dictate where the sport is going, the doldrums.
By Mahe

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A routine victory against well organised but limited opponents.
You could say that about every team we face in the league, Huns included.
Well, maybe not utterly shambolic Aberdeen.
More of the same expected on Wednesday.
Another 70% plus possession game.

Since Huns game( an under par performance by us) we have scored 15 and conceded none in all competitions.
Without tempting providence we don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Over by they are given a serious helping hand in just about every game. Ridiculous VAR favours influencing results.

In three of the last 4 games they have played against 10 men for over 140 minutes in total.
The equivalent of a game and a half.
Nice advantage.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Mahe, on the 1st half penalty you rightly suggest “the case for both yes and no could be made”. The starting point here is the referees decision was ‘penalty’. The VAR has a look and alerts the referee – alerts him to what, exactly? What was the possible “CLEAR AND OBVIOUS error by Don Robertson?
Personally I thought that it wasn’t a penalty but I was maybe 52/48 in my own mind on that so the original decision should NOT have been overturned.
It’s absolutely incredible that Celtic have not yet actually suffered any points loss or cup defeat due to VAR. Well, one possible exception being the Goldson handball at Ibrox but we don’t know if we would have scored the penalty….



These things even themselves out over the sewson,as we are always told. In St Johnstone’s case they only have to wait till Sunday,when we visit them.



“ In three of the last 4 games they have played against 10 men for over 140 minutes in total.
The equivalent of a game and a half”

Bloody hell,good spot.



I found that gem on a Hun site I dip into.
One of the very few more aware types that post there can see that the Beale unbeaten run has not been plain sailing and hides a number of deficiencies in their team.


Sevco are a bang average side. I think years ago, the few half decent sports journos would have been pointing this out. The difference now is that they’re skint. They can’t go out and buy the star players from any Scottish side as they used to. Murray was even outbidding Man Utd for players whilst chasing their Euro fantasy, albeit illegally. The journos, rather stenographers, job is to placate the Klan at every turn. Look, we know that if it wasn’t for the dodgy refs and VAR, we would be 3 or 4 points further ahead; and so do they. They’re clearly shitting themselves at the prospect of coming to CP. Their blogs tell the story. A mixture of fear and bluster.
VAR is a distraction really. Yes it’s used to help them; but we are proving good enough to still win games. They’re able to hide their financial distress.
They need CL cash for next season, just like McCoist & Co back in 2011. UEFA are watching them like a hawk. This shower cannot win two qualifying rounds. I honestly think that this time, they are well and truly fucked. Even in Scotland.



Don’t dispute what you say.
The Beale effect, weakened opposition and favours give the deluded in their support (99%) hope.

Simple test – would any of their players get a seat on our bench?



You are becoming far too nice to our friends in Govan.
And you are far too even handed regarding the penalty that wasn’t given.

The incident reminded me of the “Hand of God” incident at the 86 WC
GK is slow to see the danger and comes charging out — can’t get any height so is struggling to reach the ball.
Has to go through the player rather than over him — surely foul play after the HS debacle at the 82WC SF.
Looks like a penalty to me and that is before you take into account the shove by the fullback.

86WC — no fullback shove and Maradona flicks the ball over the advancing PS into the net.
Did feel sorry to England at the time as they were the better team — Arg were DM and 10 stiffs.
Plus Eng had got rid of their names and were playing their form players.

Right about VAR being used as a sweeper to find any infraction in our play so that the goal can be chalked off.
The scale of the Ludge MIB negative agenda against us is off the scale at the moment.
As is the positive Ludge MIB agenda for TFOD2.1

Back to yesterday — very disjointed performance.
Team selections looked to be squad rotation in play.
Surprised to see YK dropped — hoping to see him start alongside CCV.
GT had an absolute shocker — undercooked and very slack.
MF was very patchy — in and out the game with little cohesion.
LA was missing JJ and JPNF had the bombscare version of GT at LB.

Thank heavens the SPL do not have a shot clock in the game.
We passed around in circles to take the ball from the corner of their box back to JH on multiple occasions.
if this is pre-planned then we need to review our tactics pronto.

Round and round in circles and then back the FB who if pressured has to lass it back to JH.
Highlights a lack of endeavour / direct play / movement in equal measure.

Consequently great result / some good play / lots of low energy stodge.
If DU had started with the energy / effort they showed in the last 15 minutes it would have been a different game.
And a much better one at that.

Teams have worked out that if they start slow we will follow suit to our major disadvantage.
They try and keep it tight and then give it a go in the second half.
Sometimes it works / sometimes not.

Billy Bhoy


You make a great point re the penalty. I thought it was a penalty in real time but on viewing the replay I changed my mind. I turned to my son and said that I didn’t think that VAR would be able to intervene due to the “clear and obvious error” requirement. Now, we KNOW that this is a thing as we’ve seen it so many times since VAR came in. I guess our club has some sort of exemption?🤔

I’ve got to say that I was quite underwhelmed by our performance. Plan A seems to be to walk the ball into the net and Plan B seems to be just keep trying to do Plan A!. We absolutely refuse to play crosses into the box despite being in great positions to do so. Ironically, it took until the 51st minute for Mooy to break the rules and throw a cross in which miraculously Jota managed to convert to break the deadlock.

I thought it was fitting as these two were our top performers. It says much about the 90 minutes that I’ve struggled to find a third candidate. I’ve gone for Calmac who, on his 400th appearance, has finally mastered the art of the tackle! 4 challenges successfully completed without the issuing of a yellow card. Take a bow son!


Some decent crosses going in. Giakoumakis nowhere to be seen.
January 29, 2023 4:21 pm

Billy Bhoy
I posted the above 21 minutes into the game yesterday. At that point we had put 4 or 5 decent crosses into the box with no takers. Maybe that’s why we stopped.
I think Oh will give us a better option to connect with crosses.
Like most people I also think we need to try a shot now and again. It worked for Turnbull 2 games in a row.


Brief return

Actually thought that with our penalty ( not given) right call was eventually made but not for right reasons. However I just watched the highlights there and we were denied an absolute definite penalty just before then- look at the incident where Hatate hits the post with a lob- Kyogo cannot get the rebound as his jersey held. I thought this ‘live’ but had not seen replay until a few moments ago.



Have to agree with other posters I thought we were at best average yesterday. Sounds a bit churlish given we won the game but there is something lacking IMO.


Careful what you post on here as some posters start taking the hump at any observation others have that is less than gushing praise.
Becoming more like CQN every week.

St tams

Got to agree, re. Taylor.
I know he was just back from injury. But he was not any better than Bernabei has been.
AJ , the other side wasn’t much better.


I think a lot of the praise for AJ since he arrived is wishful thinking due to the departure of Juranovic and Ralston’s injury.
Taylor was rusty yesterday.
Bernabei has been overly criticized.
His biggest flaw is due to being an inverted full back and opponents taking advantage of our system and playing ball to space behind him.He will learn like Greg did when to stay or go and his attacking instincts are good.

Billy Bhoy


Yeah I remember a few early crosses going in but it doesn’t alter my view that we are very reluctant to throw crosses in. If you look.across the city one of the reasons that Sevco get so many penalties is that they continually shell crosses in from both sides via Barasic and Tavpen. Saturday’s opening goal just the latest in a very long line. Now, I’m not saying we should do that – their route one football is dreadful to watch – I’m just saying that we need to mix it up more!


Re the left backs.
Not having a left footed centre back playing alongside doesn’t help either.
Was hoping to see Yuki alongside CCV.

Type of players that would open up defences cost millions, yes its frustrating seeing us every week trying but its hard work.
Were a very good team in Scotland but Europe is a different kettle of fish..


I had developed a long post showing that Celtic did not use possession as effectively as they could have, versus DU.

It contained some crap reasoning so I deleted it and you are getting this rubbish instead.

Have a great day. 👀



Dropping in to say thank you to the poster, named fan, for all his tips on how I should be setting up the side, why we’re not as good as we could be, where all the players are going wrong, blah blah blah.
He’s obviously a top drawer manager who knows the game better than everyone else. Week after week, game after game, paragraphs on what went wrong.
Thank you mate. You’ve obviously reached high levels within the game.
Wee tip back at ya. Stick to your day job.



I didn’t think we used our possession well either,which is why I said this-

“Fairly comfortable if pedestrian win today,eventually achieved without anyone really earning high pass-marks.”

I thought our midfield were poor,Mooy aside, and the same for Abada and Kyogo up front. It all made for an unexciting day,really.


Reading the comments I was reminded of Rhona Cameron’s famous rant on I’m a Celebrity.


Hart is careless
Johnson fails to go forward
Ralston is poor defensively
Starbuck makes a bad pass
Taylor isn’t Tommy Gemmell
Bernabie gets rag dolled
Mooy is too slow
McGregor plays a world cup pass.
Hatate is careless
O Reilly is less than impressive
Turnbull is in danger of drilling himself into the ground
Abada is a heidless chicken
Kyogo misses certainties
Maeda slows down
Jota lets his hair get ruffled,

C’mon guys you have to laugh.


A good leader, Mahe. Now as to whether the referees have gone rogue lately. I’m not quite sure that they have. On the other hand, a referee acting fairly and impartially towards all teams in the league…that would meet the very definition of a Scottish referee having gone rogue.

Hail Hail.

Prestonpans bhoys

“After the recent high-powered confab regarding refs and VAR”

Has anything in public been said about this or is it a big secret.



Fan is correct, the very site rapidly turning into a CQN / Pravda affair. Rather than slagging off posters who are doing nothing more than offering opinions, If I were you I’d be more concerned about sorting out a plan B for when Celtic are drawn against sides that actually meet the criteria of decent footballing teams rather than SPFL cannon fodder, obviously IMHO that is.

Controversial CSC

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,ANGE sorry mate but if you cant give an opinion on a celtic blog without being criticised its a bad day ,sentinel celts is all about opinions FAN and OGLACH have given theirs so you dont like it, tough, have a nice night👍


Would have taken you more seriously if you had used your normal moniker.
But thanks for giving credibility to my post about the blog.



Not heard a word. Must have been held doon the ludj.



Constructive criticism is a positive thing.


Superbru update

Round 29 saw a close run thing but we got a clear Yellow Cap winner

1st- Pannysbhoy- 9.5 pts
2nd= Auldheid- 9 pts
2nd= One Malloy – 9 pts

There were a lot of low scorers but no-one could deprive McCaff of the wooden spoon as he earned 1 solitary point.

Overall, our top 3 remain the same with:-

1st- A thing of beauty- 140 pts
2nd- Leggy- 131 pts
3rd- Ayrshire Tim- 128.5

We now have 44 of our starting 68 on over 100 points and I’d expect a few more to get there by midweek.

At the bottom of the overall participants list , we have:-

Scaniel on 70 pts
Park Road67 on 71 pts
& McCaff, thanks to this week’s score – on 71.5 pts, so it’s all to play for on the very competitive wooden spoon front. Remember – the winner gets a genuine wooden spoon, worth at least 99 pence, from Morrison’s.

Our next deadline is the Ross County v Hibs match tomorrow at 7.45 pm, followed by 5 more fixtures on Wed. 1st Feb, including the mighty Hoops against Livi and Minis v Zombies all Kicking off at 19.45

Good luck to you all


SFTB…no surprise in it, I forgot to put on my predictions for Saturday!! My predictions have been pretty shit anyway so I’m not convinced it would have made any difference anyhoo!! If I win the wooden spoon I’m happy to pay the difference to upgrade to a silicone one, preferably in olive green!!😁


The debate reminds me of when I was gainfully employed teaching. Some of the things you learn when grading include:

1. Use the full range of grades available from the floor to the ceiling;
2. Do not only add negative comments, try for as near to a balance as the work merits. I tended to go down the PCP route: Praise, Criticise, Praise.

Note to self, must try to add positive comments as well as the constructively critical.

So, this comment shows the poster has read other comments; unfortunately once again refers to his former job, but still uses British English and not NA.



So, how would you grade your comment then, Rebus? 😏


For the record…I ain’t Ange!

big packy

MCAFF had you down as a cert🤩🤩 another true story.hh


Big Jim Packy…I know, I’ve changed my name a few times so I thought I’d be Suspect #1!!

big packy

MCAFF wee joan has just said how is the wee dug,👍



I would grade it as incoherent, but beautifully presented 😀

I am an incurable analyst. The post that I deleted contained an analysis of how Celtic used possession as compared to DU. The problem really needed a lot more data and not just from Celtic, and DU. If I had been grading that one, I would have been brutal!😛



Aye, she’s fine! She goes aff her heid when the door bell rings or a delivery van pulls up! She goes aff her heid when the shitty wee one-eyed pug next door comes out to the back garden, the two of them really go for it against the fence, vicious barking, front paws up on the fence to defend her territory! When we got her, she was’t allowed in the bedrooms or on the furniture, now she has the run of the hoose, although I don’t let her in my bedroom. If she wanders in I just oint to the door and say “Oot, yer no allowed in here!” and off she toddles int the girls’ room. I came home one day last week, I’d forgotten something, everyone was out including the missus who normally works from home, anyhoo I went up to my room for whatever it was and the feckin’ dug is sprawled out on my bed!! The fly wee shite drives me mental at times!! 😂
Give my love to Joan and the Pooches

bada bing1

“I just said to the lads in there, they’ve got to appreciate they’re sharing a dressing room with a real special individual. He’ll obviously go down as a legend of this football club. The biggest compliment I can pay him, and what I said to the boys was, he plays every game as if it’s his debut. As if he’s got everything to prove. He scraps for everything, is involved in everything, even though he’s done it all in the game here in Scotland. The players see it themselves. They live and breathe it. They’re amongst it every day. Mainly by actions but in his words too. I still don’t know what our dressing room at Lennoxtown looks like, I don’t go in there, because that’s his domain.” – Ange Postecoglou on Callum McGregor.

big packy

MCAFF cheers pal,👍


Suber…couldn’t agree more!! 😁



CalMac has been terrific for us ever since RD gave him his chance. But…

He scored on his debut,and I wish he would do that more often!


Just a reminder that the foundation started this tonight.
All are welcome.

Paradise Pit Stop – Pop In & Refuel
By Celtic FC Foundation

With January nearing an end, the ongoing cost of living crisis continues to put a strain on household budgets across the country. With this in mind, Celtic FC Foundation is launching a new project which will kick off next week – ‘Paradise Pit Stop’.

The project launches on Monday, January 30 and will see the doors at Celtic Park opened every Monday and Thursday night between 5pm-7pm providing a free warm meal and a selection of hot and soft drinks to enjoy in the comfort of our lounge.

Club and Foundation colleagues are volunteering their time to serve up food and provide a warm welcome to those coming along.

To keep children entertained there will be games available, and also a quiet space if they want to do any of their homework.

Celtic FC Foundation’s Chief Executive, Tony Hamilton, said: “We recognise that many people are going through challenging times just now and that even being in employment doesn’t necessarily negate this.

“For many it’s a struggle to pay the household bills with anything left over, so we really hope that people in and out of work who could benefit from coming along take the opportunity to do so.”

Celtic FC’s Chief Executive, Michael Nicholson, added: “The club is delighted to support our Foundation’s activities in this area, as we continue to try to find ways to support people in need, in line with the ethos and founding principles of the club.

“We hope that this project will make a positive difference in our community.”

If you’re interested in coming along, please feel free to pop in on Monday, January 30, 2023 between 5pm and 7pm.

Entrance is via the North East entrance. For more information, please contact Celtic FC Foundation at


Following on from your e.mail.
Here’s the second goal, that you enjoyed for its beauty.
A fine goal indeed.

Here’s a better view of Kyle second goal!⚽️🤩


Lest we forget

On 30th January 1972, British paratroopers shot 26 unarmed people, 14 of whom would die after an anti-internment protest march in Derry. All were male, aged between 17 and 59. To date, no one has been held to account for the state-sanctioned mass murder of unarmed civilians.

Along Glenshane and Foreglen
and the cold woods of Hillhead:
A wet wind in the hedges and a dark cloud on the mountain
And flags like black frost
mourning that the thirteen men were dead
The Roe wept at Dungiven and the Foyle cried out to heaven,
Burntollet’s old wound opened and again the Bogside bled;
By Shipquay Gate I shivered and by Lone Moor I enquired
Where I might find the coffins where the thirteen men lay dead.
My heart besieged by anger, my mind a gap of danger.
I walked among their old haunts.
the home ground where they bled;
And in the dirt lay justice like an acorn in the winter
Till its oak would sprout in Derry
where the thirteen men lay dead.

Séamus Heaney

big packy

OGLACH, remember watching it on my grandfathers black and white tv, the priest with his white hanky up in the air, now my grandfather was a devout catholic, never missed mass on a sunday, never swore, but remember him swearing at the tv that day,,another true story.hh

Call me Gerry

My observations on the game.

We plugged away against a very defensive set up. Build up was slow at times. Chances created were few and far between. Pretty dull viewing, in the first half especially. Unlike Mahe, I don’t think Ange’s HT talk galvanised the bhoys into scoring two quick goals (Ange confirmed this himself in post-match interview).
What actually happened was the Mooy tried to put a dangerous cross into the box. He ended up delivering a ball a lot closer to their goal line than intended. Thankfully, Jota was on his toes, and followed through with his run and got on the end of the cross. Am I alone in thinking he scored with his shoulder?
2nd goal quickly followed, thanks to a brain freeze by their defender which gifted us a penalty. I’m not sure how we can attribute that incident to Ange’s HT talk…lol

I thought we lost some momentum after subbing Mooy & Jota. Game drifted to a conclusion after that imo.

3 pts bagged. 9pt gap maintained.
Could have played better. But job done.


A thing of beauty

If you are going to criticise a poster for their views have the courage of your convictions and use your own name. I think it’s fair to say that I don’t always agree with Fan but I enjoy his take on the game and when for a period there he stopped posting because of others his views were missed. Btw good job you weren’t sitting next to me at the Irvine CSC yesterday in the first half because I was giving Mooy pelters yet ended up giving him MOTM. All about opinions eh!!