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Harking back briefly to the transfer window,the last day of which is today,there hasn’t been a lot of action outside of Glasgow. Ryan Porteous moved to Watford for half a million,or about 10% of what was being discussed in the summer when we were allegedly after him,and the huns have signed a discard from Norwich and are hoping for one more. 

Ange has been his usual busy self with four signings to date,the same number as a year ago. Of course,it is too early to pass judgement on them,but his signing record stands up very well to serious scrutiny. I’m happy enough with that.

Down south is a different matter. A lot of the action is from clubs desperate to steer clear of relegation,like Leeds and Wolves who have spent nearly £100m on five players between them. Bournemouth and West Ham have also dipped their toes,while at the other end,Newcastle too have been busy signing Gordon from Everton for £40m. Liverpool went for Gakpo from PSV for £40m while Man Utd took a Dutch striker on a six month loan. 

But most of the inward action has been centred in London. Spurs are always on the lookout,even as every club knows that Levy will chisel them out of every brass farthing. Arsenal are looking at Caicedo from Brighton,having already forked out on his colleague,Trossard. 

Once again though,most of the spending has been by Chelsea. You might have thought those days were over when Abramovich left the building,but the new owner knocked that idea on the head with a £200+ million spend in the summer. Not enough for him,he spent £9m a wages on a six month loan deal for Felix,€100m for Mudryk-what a bloody player he is!-and roughly the same or more on Fofana,Badasile and Dantos. With plans for another £200m on Caicedo,and Fernandez at Benfica!

The interesting thing with these permanent signings is the lengths of the contracts which they have got the players to sign. Mudryk is on over eight years,Fofana over six,and the others on standard five year deals. The latter is usually deemed to be at the upper length,but the others are virtually unheard of. 

Indeed,I’m reminded of the sordid contracts that Jim McLean used to get his players to sign way back when,or of the younger pros at certain Scottish Premiership clubs with contract which fell foul of National Minimum Wage regulations when they were introduced. 

In each case,the SFA to their credit intervened and outlawed such practices. And while FIFA/UEFA haven’t directly intervened in the Chelsea contracts,they have made clear their displeasure at them.

The problem is that the new Financial Sustainability Regulations currently have a loophole,one which was blindingly obvious in hindsight. That an incoming player’s transfer fee can be amortised in the accounts across the length of that contract. That means that,for instance,Modryk will only cost Chelsea around £11m annually instead of nearer £20m. That doesn’t sound like a huge difference,but multiply that by the number of new signings and it sure adds up. Additionally,of course,should they sell him at some point,the entire transfer fee is put on the books right away,a one-off payment even if the fee is paid in instalments!

It is in the interests of the wider game that such financial jiggery-pokery is nipped in the bud. That is simply too much of a temptation for some clubs to resist,as we have seen. Boehly at Chelsea has done it because he has a largely ageing side,who along with some misfits need to be replaced. But other clubs elsewhere will seek to exploit such a loophole,as we know to our cost. The last decade or so has seen a number of clubs using side-letters for instance,or other disguised payments. 

And no,it isn’t just the huns!

Juventus got their fingers caught in the till when they exchanged players with Barcelona for an inflated $80m each,with both clubs booking an instant €60m profit! (Interestingly,Barcelona have not yet been pulled up for this one.) That practice too needs serious investigation and restriction. 

Fortunately,the two organisations are making noises about tightening up in time for FSR introduction. There is already top level discussion taking place,with the intention of reducing the maximum amortisation process to five years. That is a very big step in the right direction,but I think they could go a stage further and put a limit on the lengths of contracts. 

The current system,post-Bosman,is a huge improvement on what went before,but it still stinks of the medieval method of indentured labour. Yes,a long contract gives a player a notional sense of security,but we know that not all players are properly advised. Indeed,some agents have been known to work both ends against the middle,or worse. 

Clubs can insure themselves against loss if a player is out with long term injuries,and even when a player’s career is wrecked by one. They have little to lose with contracts of this length. And if they are unhappy with the player’s performance,they can inform agents and other clubs that he is for sale. There are,in other words,ways of protecting the club’s investment. An unhappy player though can ask for as many transfers as he likes,and if the club decide to hold him to that contract that he signed as a callow youth,he literally has no place to go. 

So the idea of extremely lengthy contracts doesn’t just protect the club in its accounts-as has been suggested-it ties a player to a decision he made when he was a completely different person.

There is a strong case to be made for introducing a four-year limit on contracts. Who knows,it might even make some clubs think twice about the spiralling transfer market,and bring back some much needed sanity. 

Above article by BMCUWP.

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Good evening, friends.
Not the best pitch, not the best game but 3 more valuable points on our road to the Championship. We were dominant and in control right from the off and for the entire 100-odd minutes but just had to be patient that we would eventually wear down a resolute home defence. On the 41st minute it looked as if we’d have a great chance to take the lead only for Don Robertson to change his mind about the penalty he initially awarded. Hey, Don, what was the “clear and obvious” error that caused you to change your mind?
Fast forward to 10 minutes after the break and we are 2 up, curtesy of a Larssonesque header from Jota and another fine penalty from shy man Aaron Mooy. And interesting to note that a deliberate hand ball no longer warrants a yellow card. Hmmmm….!
Domestically we have now played 27, winning 25, drawing 1 and losing 1, scoring 86 and conceding 18.
As for the voting, my thanks to the 69 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –
Hart: 0
Johnston: 2
Carter-Vickers*: 19
Starfelt: 2
Taylor: 0
McGregor: 47
Hatate: 11
Mooy*: 60
Abada: 0
Kyogo: 3
Jota*: 63
Subs (no votes for any of them): Maeda, O’Riley, Turnbull, Haksabanovic, Oh.

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Dundee Utd are –
Jota – 5 pts
Mooy – 4 pts
McGregor – 3 pts
Carter-Vickers – 2 pts
Hatate – 1 pt

And after 33 games the overall standings are as shown below –
70 points – Hatate
49 points – Carter-Vickers
42 points – Jota
38 points – Taylor
37 points – Mooy
32 points – McGregor
29 points – Kyogo
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – Abada
22 points – Jenz
18 points – Maeda
15 points – Haksabanovic
13 points – Giakoumakis, Juranovic and Starfelt
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei and Welsh
8 points – Forrest and Johnston
7 points – Hart
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Kobayashi
0 points – Abildgaard, Iwata, Lawal, McCarthy, Oh, Siegrist and Vata

*Player Of The Month for January*
There were 6 fixtures played during January, 4 league games and 1 in each of the cups. The Player Of The Month award is based purely on the TOTAL votes given to each player during that month’s games.
The winners for the earlier months of this season were Jota (August), Hatate (September and October), O’Riley (November) and McGregor (December).
For January, in 3rd place with a total of 142 is Reo Hatate. Runner up with 157 votes is Cameron Carter-Vickers. And the Player Of The Month for January 2023 with 193 votes is Aaron Mooy.

Next up is only 2 more sleeps away when we have a home league game against Livingston on Wednesday with a 7.45pm kick off.
Hail Hail!


Mooy been a welcome surprise to me. I thought he’d slow us down, too many short side ways passes. Pleased to be proved wrong. He’s been excellent.

Think that makes the score roughly:

Ange P 7
Twists 0

I will find his weakness though 😁

Morning all!
Mudryk at 22 has just made the biggest financial decision of his life and good luck to him. Shaktar’s owner has pledged a significant sum to soldiers and soldiers’ families affected by the war, establishing a new Foundation on a percentage of the transfer fee. Chelsea have secured the signing of one of the most exciting prospects in Europe. What’s not to like, it seems that everyone should be happy with this deal!
The term of the contract was always gonna be significant, the massive fees now routinely changing hands is unsustainable in terms of FSR rules, they have to be circumvented. Juventus’ latest plight was a warning shot that you are being watched and you need to be careful. On a local level do you think TRFC would be sitting on their hands when Swansea ask £2million for a player if they thought it would give them a wee chance in the League, or if the Raskin move would be taking so long if they weren’t being watched by someone somewhere!
It now looks like clubs do need to be careful about how they conduct their business. Chelsea had no option but to sign Mudryk on such a long contract. It was their only way to get the deal over the line. Mudryk won’t be there 8 years, he’ll move on in 4 max, maybe 5. All parties will be happy again, the transfer merry-go-round never stops.
The system is there to be exploited, just ask Zehawi or Baroness Mone!!


Morning all,

I agree with Twisty in that after seeing Mooy’s first couple of performances, thought “ Nope, too slow “.

With O’Riley, McGregor, Hatate and Turnbull all competing for Midfield places at the time, the phrase “Slower than a week in the jail” sprang to mind.

However Mooy has stepped up and has been excellent and well done to him 👏👏👏

I still think we need more pace in midfield but some could argue that you don’t need Speedy Gonzalez and the Bhoy’s there to be successful, you’ve just got to be intelligent with your use of the ball !!!

Ohh wait, that was the Maestro !!!!!

HH 🍀🍀

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Leggy: ATOB will love you for mentioning the Maestro!!
Still her favourite player after call this time
Having said that… mine is Charlie Tully after even more time😀


Good Morning Celts…

Great informative lead BMCUWPS, some crazy dealings by the “big clubs” put in perspective

Good result at Tannadice on Sunday, it seems to me that many SPL clubs are very well organised and know how to defend against us.

Howevah, we never stop…

What an incredible goal by Jota.

It is no secret that Gordon Strachan held no deep affection for Sir Alex, so it came as a blow to him when Mr Ferguson, as he was known at that time, got the gig at old Trafford

I remember a comment WGS made after he’d left, about the convoluted tactics of “new” managers, and I paraphrase – why can’t we just have me crossing the ball into the box and big Gordon (McQueen) heads it in!?

The exquisite beauty of Mooy’s deep cross and Jota’s sublime finish was a variation on a theme but the manager, coaches and players of Glasgow Celtic deserve great credit for bringing elegance and finesse to the beautiful game.

Looking forward to what we have in store for the Livingston centre halves…


Hail Hail


As BMCUWP rightly says, the English Premier League behemoth shows no sign of any belt tightening. Chelsea can spend, in one transfer window, an amount greater than the combined annual turnover of all 12 SPFL clubs. Ironically enough, if they had taken Mudryk off Shakhtar’s hands this time last year, then Celtic might just have got that third spot in the CL group, and we would be looking forward to European football in a few weeks time. The difference one player can make to a team.

Man U, Citeh, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, and, new petro-dollars kid on the block, The Toon, will all be ramping up for the expanded CL format from 2024/25. Seven EPL clubs in the competition ? You never know.

The likes of Jota and Abada will watch MOTD and be very much aware of the riches on offer just down the M74. As will their agents. That close proximity is our good fortune and should be used to maximum advantage.

St tams

Very interesting article.
As far as I’m aware. UEFA are bringing in a rule , where transfer fees can only be spread over 5 years , maximum.
It’s being implemented, from the end of the season


Fitbaw clubs. Wit ur they like?

There is more on the length of contract discussion on the BBC link on Phil Mac Giollabhain’s site

I can see how the ability to lengthen contracts can make a big difference to final ratio of football expenses to football income if transfer is in region of £100m over 8 years = £12.5m as opposed to 4 years (£25M).

What I am not sure of is how the annual wages to a player grossed up do not offset to some degree. It is more than likely it is the higher wage cost that has made big clubs find the loop hole that UEFA want to close down.

It is the domestic application that intrigues me i.e the lower transfer costs and players wages in Scotland of ourselves and that lot.

It needs someone with reasonable accountancy experience to set out the figures from both clubs accounts against the various expenses and income categories set out in FSR at Annex K to arrive at a credible answer.

Annex K – Elements relating to the calculation of the squad cost ratio
K.1 Squad cost ratio numerator
Definitions for the calculation of the squad cost ratio numerator are as follows:

Employee benefit expenses of relevant persons

Employee benefit expenses of relevant persons are the aggregate of the employee benefit expenses incurred by the licensee or any entity of the reporting perimeter, as defined in Article 65, in respect of each relevant person.

Relevant persons include:

each professional male player registered with the licensee at any time during the relevant period;

any other professional male player whose registration the licensee has agreed to temporarily transfer to another football club for the relevant period;

any other professional male player in respect of whom the licensee has incurred employee benefit expenses in the relevant period;

any person who acted as head coach, as defined in Article 47, in the relevant period; and

any other person who previously acted as head coach and for whose role as head coach the licensee has incurred employee benefit expenses in the relevant period.

Employee benefit expenses of relevant persons include:

gross wages/salaries, i.e. gross of any income tax and employee social security charges;

non-monetary benefits for current employment e.g. benefits-in-kind, access to private medical care, housing, cars and free or subsidised goods and services;

signing-on and loyalty payments;

sporting performance bonus costs and other bonus costs;

post-employment benefits, including pension contributions and any lump sum payments on retirement, and any other post-employment benefits, e.g. life insurance and access to medical care;

other long-term employee benefits, e.g. long-term paid absences, jubilee or other long-service benefits, profit sharing and bonuses, and deferred remuneration;

termination benefits/payments;

fees, performance or other contractual bonuses;

image rights payments directly or indirectly resulting from contractual agreements for the right to exploit the employees’ image or reputation for promotional, media or endorsement work in relation to football and/or non-football activities;

any employer social security charges;

if not otherwise included in items set out above, any other forms of consideration such as cryptocurrencies, crypto-assets, fan tokens and non-fungible tokens; and

all costs incurred in respect of a relevant person, by a third party relating to appearances, sponsorship, endorsement or merchandising work, unless the licensee can prove to the satisfaction of the CFCB that the arrangement is genuine, is at fair value, and has been negotiated and entered into independent of any relationship between the sponsor/third party and the licensee.

Amortisations/impairment of relevant persons’ costs are calculated from the licensee’s annual financial statements and/or interim financial statements as defined in Annex G. (The reason for long contracts)

Costs of agents/intermediaries/connected parties

Costs of agents/intermediaries are costs of agents/intermediaries not otherwise included in employee benefit expenses of relevant persons and amortisation/impairment of relevant persons’ costs.

Costs of connected parties are all costs paid to a connected party and incurred by the licensee, any entity of the reporting perimeter or a third party in respect of a relevant person.

Connected party means, in relation to a relevant person:

any close member of such relevant person’s family, where close family member means:

– a spouse, domestic partner or civil partner;

– any other person with whom the relevant person lives as partner in an enduring family relationship;

– children or step‐children of the relevant person or of any person falling within paragraph (i) of this definition;

– any children or step‐children of a person falling within paragraph (i) of this definition who live with the relevant person and have not attained the age of 18;

– siblings;

– parents; and

– dependents of the relevant person or of any person falling within paragraph (i) of this definition.

any agent/intermediary or representative acting on behalf of the relevant person;

any legal entity in relation to which a relevant person or any of the categories of person identified within paragraphs (i) and (ii) of this definition is:

– beneficially entitled to 20% or more of the entire issued share capital of that body corporate; or

– entitled to exercise or control the exercise of more than 20% of the voting power at any general meeting of that body corporate; and

any company, trust, partnership, or other body, organisation or mechanism established or operating directly or indirectly in whole or in part for the benefit of or in respect of the relevant person or any or all of the other categories of person referred to in this definition.

K.2 Squad cost ratio denominator
Definitions for the calculation of the squad cost ratio denominator are as follows:

Adjusted operating revenue is calculated as the sum of the following items as described in Annex J: There is a lot more detail there so I’ll just post the link.

( )

Revenue – Gate receipts

Revenue – Sponsorship and advertising

Revenue – Broadcasting rights

Revenue – Commercial activities (net of costs directly attributable to merchandise sales)

Revenue – UEFA solidarity and prize money

Revenue – Other operating income (net of costs directly attributable to non-football operations related to the club)

The above revenues must be decreased if any of the elements listed in i) to vi) above include any of the items below:

Income transaction(s) above fair value as described in Annex J;

Income from non-football operations not related to the club as described in Annex J;

Exceptional income.

Net profit or loss on disposal of relevant persons’ registrations must be recognised as described in Annex G.

Other transfer income/expenses are calculated as the sum of the following items:

Costs of relevant persons in the relevant period which are not otherwise accounted for using the capitalisation and amortisation method of accounting in employee benefit expenses or in other costs of agents/intermediaries;

Loan costs comprising amounts incurred in respect of the temporary transfer-in of a player from another club or transfer-out of a player to another club plus any directly attributable amounts incurred towards another party such as another football club, agent/intermediary, or national football association/league;

Income accounted for in the relevant period from disposal of relevant persons’ registrations which is not otherwise accounted for using the capitalisation and amortisation method of accounting; and

Loan income comprising amounts recognised in respect of the temporary transfer-out of a player to another club or transfer-in of a player less any directly attributable amounts paid and/or payable for a commitment to another party such as another football club, agent/intermediary, or national football association/league.

I know a guy who MIGHT be able to provide that in due course.



Blinkin’ flip,plenty of room for loopholes in that list! Worse than the tax code.



Yes, most SPFL teams are now better organised, and have developed a way of playing Celtic. Basically, it’s everybody behind the ball, 40 yds from their own goal, closing down space and then hoping for a set piece from which they can try to cause a bit of mayhem in our defence and maybe nick a goal. Aberdeen tried this a few weeks ago at Pttodrie but were undone by a late goal from our skipper. Their fans were raging at Goodwin’s negative approach and I think he lost the dressing room over it.
The tactic hasn’t really paid off in terms of results as the league table shows. We have scored plenty of goals and let in the fewest, but the “low press” makes for dull viewing. St Mirren showed a bit of enterprise, caught us on a bad day, and won three points. The “defenders” may say that keeping the score down is about the best they can do when playing us. What a defeatist attitude!
If we’re on form, it doesn’t matter how they set up. We win convincingly. If we’re not on it, the negative tactics don’t allow them to take advantage, whereas a positive approach could yield 3 points.
I thought Dudee Utd tried to be positive in possession and they only lost 2-0. Maybe a wee lesson for others.

I ‘watched’ the game in the pub on Sunday so neither voted in Jobo’s POTM or commented on the game afterwards. I’ve just watched it though and can offer this…
Jota looked excellent for the first time in a while.
Mooy was superb and everything seemed to come through him – and at last we look like we have a confident penalty taker!
And Taylor, for all the criticism I read on here after the game, had a great game. He was involved in most of the stuff that Jota created, feeding him and backing him up.
So that’s my three belated POTM choices.
Kyogo was tireless as usual and again it’s down to service, earlier balls into the channels would surely see the wee scoring at least one every game.
Johnston and Abade don’t yet seem to have an understanding.
Starfelt…why, when we have a left fitted centre back in stock now!
Hatate for the first time in a while looked ordinary.
Ref Watch – every major shout wrong!!

St tams

I think the voting, tells it’s own story.
With Taylor receiving nil points

St Tams…maybe, or it shows that yez aw know feck aw about fitba! 🤣🤣🤣

…or it shows I know feck aw aboot fitba! 😱🤣🤣🤣



I voted for Johnston. Shows what I know.

Bobby…it’s all about opinions, some people need the hot poker removed and realise that!
Not you St Tam’s!! 😁



You been on the Ginger wine 😜😜

Taylor was very rusty on Sunday and that’s being kind to him !!!!

Nice to see you posting 👍

Hope to make it down to the IrvineCSC some time this Season 🍺🍺🍺

HH 🍀🍀

Leggy…just watched the game sober! Was expecting the worst from Taylor because of the comments I’d read after the game. I never looked at the POTM ratings either so watched it with an open mind. I honestly thought Taylor decent! I’ll concede that DU played the ball behind him a few times, exposing Starfelt’s lack of left foot but we kinda know that anyway!!
I’ll stick by my judgement and take the criticism that goes with it!! 😁


Can I also ask if you could say a wee prayer for ……….

Me !!!!!!

I’m meeting BRRB for a pint today !!!!!”

Please forgive give him Lord that he does not knowth what he is doing 😜😜😜😜😜

Wish me luck 🍀


GER57 @ 11:14 am,

Yes, agreed, it’s interesting that teams that have tried to take the game to us have had a bit of success

The contrast with the Kilmarnock game in the SPL and the cup was interesting in that regard.

Teams may not win the tie or the points but they certainly look more likely to do so.

The defeatist attitude as you say is draining the life blood from the Scottish game – clubs like Aberdeen at home should always fancy themselves to get a result.

It was interesting that the Aberdeen chief gave Jim Goodwin an ultimatum – the Hibs result showed that he had indeed lost the dressing room and there was no way back.

Hopefully they show more ambition with their next appointment

Hail Hail


Perhaps I am missing something but if a player costs 100 million, then spreading amortisation over 8 years yields an annual hit of 12.5 million. Whereas, a 4 year contract generates a hit of 25 million. So, for one player, contract extension results in a “saving” of 12.5 million.

Say, the player is on 100,000 per week, then that is an annual wage of 5.2 million. So, for each additional year of contract, you are still saving 12.5 – 5.2 million= 7.3 million. It would take a lot of benefits, insurance and incentives to soak up that 7.3 million.

One additional aspect about longer contracts is it could make it easier for bonuses to be achieved for both the incoming player and the selling club. If I have to score 40 goals in 5, 6, 7, 8 years as opposed to 4 years, I am more likely to trigger that bonus for myself and my selling club.

What this does illustrate is the capacity of clubs to find ways round any fiscal restraints. In this case, even before new regs are implemented. As McCaff indicated it fails the Zahawi smell test. There needs to be a clause in the regs that permits UEFA to prosecute on the basis that the spirit or intent of the regs is being violated. Perhaps, there is such a clause, but even so, it would involve a tricky prosecution to enforce.

For those, further down the conspiracy rabbit hole than myself, perhaps UEFA know their regs can be side stepped and do not care. Afterall, they have been seen to have tightened up the existing regs. Wink, wink!

On another hand, could contract drift benefit clubs at the other end of the food chain, say Sevco or Aberdeen? Could they now afford a 2 million player on an 8 year deal? Amortisation savings would be 250, 000 but an annual salary of 250, 000 or 5000 per week would negate the advantage. Nope! Contract creep is only for the big boys. The cynic wins again!




A very thought provoking art tickle!




I thought on Sunday that “ we’re not on it” for extended periods,and even though DU were far from an all players behind the ball approach,we seldom looked threatening. Having said,that,they caused us few problems and were very much in control

While we have all seen many “one of those days” where we cannot score for love nor money,Sunday never looked like that. Very pleased with everything these days,whodathunk I would ever write that?


Gers, Chairbhoy, et al,

Teams in Europe that take the game to us, win, e.g. RM and Leipzig. Teams that contain us, and counterattack draw with us. Let’s hope that changes.




Don’t go for a hun game. Members only. Rest of the time is usually ok.

About 18 months ago,we had arranged to meet CRAIG76 there. Smashing guy,and welcome back anytime. GARRY gave us a surprise by travelling down from Dalmuir! Great night!!!

Mind you,GARRY was no stranger to watching a match in The Market in Ayr with the troops. A good judge of both character and hostelries,that man.

Bobby… Celtic had only 18 shots on Sunday, low for us I’d say, with 6 on target.
DU had 4 with 2 on target.
73% v 27% possession.
Rebus probably has a post somewhere which breaks theses figures down more meaningfully but essentially it comes down to taking your chances. Both teams are playing percentage games, Celtic’s high possession leads to more chances. DU playing, like everyone else, on the counter will have fewer chances. Playing, against Celtic or TRFC, with a lone striker expected to hold up the ball is a tough tactic for any team in the SPFL to master.
We were never in danger on Sunday.
Wednesday, against the wee ned’s de facto Points For Pounds Champions, is a slightly different proposition as they do attack well on the counter with 2 up front and a quick break. We’ve got more than enough to deal with them but it can be tricky!
I’d like to see Kobayashi in on Wednesday from the start!



Amortisation is entered on the books as a cost,so Chelsea decided to spread that cost over 8 and 1/2 yeas rather than five. An annual reduction in that cost of ~40%. The wage bill will also be a cost,but that would be the same amount pa whether over four or eight years.

bada bing1

Following a comfortable win in the last round of the Scottish Cup against Greenock Morton, the Celts will now face St Mirren at Celtic Park on Saturday, February 11 (KO 5:30pm). Tickets for the match are on sale now, exclusively to Season Ticket Holders.

Ange and the Bhoys will be looking for another positive result to progress to the Quarter Final and season ticket holders have until 9am on Monday, February 6 to secure their seat.

Tickets are now exclusively on sale online only to Season Ticket holders who are not members of the Home Cup Ticket Scheme, priced:

Under 16 & 65+

Under 13
The closing date for Season Ticket holders to purchase their seasonal seat is 9am on Monday, February 6.

Jobo Baldie

The comments above regarding Taylor highlights a potential misunderstanding in the role POTY thing. When any player fails to receive a single vote that does not necessarily mean he played poorly. All it means is that everyone watching thought that there were 3 players better than him. For all we know, Taylor might have been everybody’s 4th pick, although personally I doubt that!
Matches like Sundays are interesting for me collating the votes. Almost everyone included Jota and Mooy so it was all about the minor placings and “who got the 3rd vote”.
Arguably a better idea would be for folk to place the 16 players in order, from best right through to least good. But there’s no way ole Jobo is taking that task on! Keeping it simple seems to work just fine for now. Unless you’re Greg Taylor…


If Giakoumakis does manage to collect his boots and his big girls blouse before the window slams shut, then we should get Steven Fletcher in the door. If for no other reason than to bring the Steven Fletcher window full circle. 15 years later.

These planned and sensible early window arrivals make us look like we know what we are doing. What happened to the days of I’ve just seen Teddy Sheringham get out of a blacked-out 4*4 at the Parkhead Forge McDonalds ? Miss those deadline days.



Rebus did have a long, elegant post on data from the DU game but did not post it.

It was beautiful but basically useless so it is in the circular file.

My concern was how effective is our dominant possession strategy in generating shots on goal. In order to judge that, you need a benchmark, e.g. the opposition. The problem with using the opposition is that they get so little of the ball, and we tend to beat them. In research, it is known as the small statistics problem. For example, suppose you are calculating an average salary based on two salaries. If one salary was abnormally high, it would skew the result upwards. On the other hand, if you had 100 salaries, then the effect of one freak is lessened. So, DU had 4 shots on goal from 27% possession. Celtic had 3x DU’s possession, so, if Celtic were DU, we would expect Celtic to generate 3x the number of shots, i.e., 3×4=12 shots. In actual fact, Celtic had 15 shots according to my data, but you say 18. So, Celtic outperformed DU in generating shots. Shots on goal is a different matter. Celtic had 6, DU had 2. Given Celtic’s dominant possession(3 times more than DU), we would expect Celtic to outperform DU expected shots on goal, if they had the same level of possession. I know you have gone for a coffee at this point! So, DU’s expected shots on goal, adjusting for possession is 2 x 3=6. Celtic actually had 6 shots on goal, so, on the face of it, Celtic did not outperform DU on this statistic. Now, that is worrying, but…….it was only one game, and it is only one statistic, and…..

A better benchmark would be another team that uses a similar possession based approach, say MC. However, is that a fair comparison, given that one of their players is valued at more than the whole Celtic team(or thereabouts)?

Then there is the access to data issue. Shots on goal is not a good measure of chances created. Blocked shots are not included in that measure.

Can I be bothered? If I put the effort in, would it matter? Will I get the time back that I spent on writing this?




Like all things Celtic, it “is always worthwhile.”


Hope LEGGY isn’t legless yet!

Billy Bhoy

Excellent analysis Bobby! Lots to digest there.

McCaff – I think Taylor has been poor since the restart post WC. When he got injured I was looking forward to seeing Bernabie get 4 or 5 consecutive games to see what he has to offer. Unfortunately, despite being more skilful and faster than Taylor, he played poorly and has been binned.
I see no improvement in Taylor since his time out. I’ve given him several votes since the start of the season and agreed that Ange had improved him considerably but for me he has regressed again.

The Taylor/Starfelt pairing is I believe where we are most vulnerable in defence. I’m already very concerned about our 6 CL games next season if we don’t strengthen there.

Jobo – I’m glad to see Jota, Mooy and Calmac get the top three positions as I picked those three on here after the game – and then forgot to email you! 🙄



Having a ball 👍👍👍

No Johnny Mathis yet !!!!!!

Cryptic clue 🍺

Rebus…interesting table on stats in this link. I’m not sure what formula is used to get these results but an interesting take is that Celtic are scoring on average 0.41 goals per game than expected, Hearts are 0.34 more than expected while TRFC are pretty much doing as expected! How this information ties into your deleted analysis only you and the Great Incinerator in the sky know…

Billy Bhoy…it looks like I’ve made a rod for my own back with sticking up for Wee Greg!🙄
He’s been out for a month almost. I read the comments and thought he must’ve had a howler. I watched the game this morning and thought he had a good game. I know it’s easier watching a game when you know the result and the pressure’s off but my view was he had a ropey first 15 or so minutes then came onto it. He was instrumental in Jota having as good a game as he’s had in a while.
I’m standing by my opinion while accepting you all have the right to be wrong!! 😉😁

Billy Bhoy…re Bernabei, I was looking forward to him challenging Taylor but so far he’s not done it. Taylor has been the most improved player under Ange so we (me) are expecting a lot for a young guy to travel halfway across the world and settle immediately. Hoefully, as this season progresses we’ll see a bit more from him – but he’s got to be given time! Think Stan Petrov!


Can I also ask if you could say a wee prayer for ……….
Me !!!!!!
I’m meeting BRRB for a pint today !!!!!”
Please forgive give him Lord that he does not knowth what he is doing 😜😜😜😜😜
Wish me luck 🍀
I notice ‘pint’ is in the singular!
You have nae chance.
Is there no end to this jolly?



Stan was played,if at all,as a right back. Left alone ,a teenager with no language skills in a big foreign country. Hopefully that is not the case with Bernabei,but it was dereliction of duty from the club.

Btw,he was also on a derisory £2k a week. When MON found out,he upped that to £8k initially,and more a bit later.



A Billy Connolly sketch from way back explained that “a pint” in Scotland is a somewhat elastic concept!


Anthony Stokes arrested after Dublin chase

Bobby…I think the Club has come a long way since then. Understanding these guys are an investment that needs to be cared for should be Rule #1! Although, Bernabei getting the nick after only a couple of weeks in the country was a bad look it mibbe goes some way to explaining the pressures and anxieties of a major move!


2nd time in a month that Anto has been chased and arrested by the gardaí. He also has a previous conviction for assaulting an Elvis impersonator. Could be looking at spending some time in Jail. Such a pity as he had a lot of talent when he could be arsed. Him and Hooper were some pairing back in the day.

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AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, yes jim is always in my thoughts🙏 anyway talking about pints, when i first moved down to liverpool was in yates wine lodge, barman asks what you having, a pint of heavy i reply, he looks at me like i had 2 heads🤩 ah your a jock, you mean a pint of bitter, well if thats all you’ve got 🤩🤩 another true story.hh

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going to post 5 quiz questions later, and id put them in the hard category🤩 got to walk the dugs first tho,, another true story👍

Billy Bhoy


As things stand I sadly don’t see either Taylor or Bernabei being an adequate replacement for KT.

For instance, is there anyone here that would not love to have KT back? Leaving aside, of course, the caveat that we were all relieved that he had gone to extend his career and get away from the hammer throwers trying to maim him!



Yip, ain’t no pint 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

big packy

1 In which season did Celtic first compete in the Champions League group stage?
2 Which was the only trophy Celtic won in 2000?
3 willie maley was celtics first manager, how many years was he in charge of celtic, and how many trophies did he win
4 What was the score when Celtic played Benfica at Celtic Park in the group stage during the 2006-07 season? and who scored the goals.
5 Who scored the only goal of the game when Celtic defeated Rosenborg at Celtic Park in a group stage match in October 2001?
good luck all, a cyber bottle of whisky for the correct answers👍