The ‘Lucky’ Window slams shut

Who slams a window shut? Only football as far as I know, it wouldn’t happen in my house but the game I love takes every opportunity for some reason.

Anyhow, I shall forever deem the transfer window just past as ‘the lucky window’ because Ange was apparently lucky to make their signings.
We all know which idiot made the claim, manager of our nearest title rivals.


Talk about Pot, Kettle and Black.
Taking it from the start, ever heard a manager hit out at another for simply spending their budget when that’s exactly what said manager and every other one will do?


It’s their job after all, it’s what they do,,, acquire, play and hopefully profit from their budget
On a sporting front it’s an absurd claim, absolutely ridiculous.


From a PR point of view it reads like a premade excuse,,look what we are competing with, or simply they have more money. It was a terrible statement that shows little inner belief and portrays insecurity,,I like to think a strong leader for instance Ange would never make such an utterance.


In our never to forgotten Centenary season did the most expensive transfers emerge victorious or?
Which team had the more expensive pricetags in Martin O’Neills first derby?
Arsenal haven’t spent the most yet look good for the EPL title,
Leicester City certainly didn’t buy their recent Premiership trophy, and Napoli will lift Seria A, showing it’s common for the big spenders not to come out on top.


Big Billy understood it’s not the pricetag it’s the man himself, and would simply state we are focused on the task at hand rather than show classlessness in discussing another managers transfer dealings.
It worked, as we all know and will forever be thankful for.
Likewise Martin couldn’t give two hoots who cost what, he inspired to win, and more often than not they did.
Clough and Ferguson are other prime examples that the best team wins trophies, not the most expensive players.


From a sporting point of view it’s cornflakes over your laptop material. It’s an admission that things have changed, for that club in particular.
Spending one’s budget is one thing, to the detriment of your club is another, and although Beale is English and wasn’t on the scene at the time, it’s clear the irony of that particular club going bust through going big is lost on him.
Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, no Scottish football supporter deserves to be lectured about spending by the man spearheading the club that ultimately spent too much leading to their ultimate demise. Hes bloody lucky theres still a chair to be sitting on never mind a club to manage.


We are talking about ten million here, not a lot of money in today’s football environment and some 23 years later still less than one single January signing for that club, Flo.
Klos became one of highest earners in Europe via the winter transfer window, and that club were British football’s biggest spenders for two years in a row.
So spare me the dry eyes act Beale and every Bear, but keep delivering the realism please.


There’s one superpower in Scotland, right now that is. I continually point out the biggest club in the land ‘should’ win the league, but just pointed out that doesn’t always happen.
As a club and even as a PLC Glasgow Celtic shouldn’t rest on their laurels and assume dominance due to FSR regulations and more bums on seats than the rest but should be forward thinking IE set up Asian scouting systems right now whilst that market has been proven hot, work on identifying the next Ange and continue thinking outside the box on that front, keep the average age of the team low as there’s more potential for progress rather than decline plus shifting a player at a younger age is easier.
As a club we shouldn’t become complacent as the blueprint for how to be successful on the pitch and off it has been laid out, buy young cheap foreign talents, play and profit.
It’s not rocket science and the evidence is there for all to act upon, or not. I doubt Scottish football will take the hint though.


Ultimately any club strengthening in January within its financial constraints should never be labeled lucky.
They should be labeled fortunate to have Winter Window funds and well run if it becomes a common feature.
For once, on the footballing front, we are being run well, I’ve no complaints and the gaffer isn’t vocably unhappy with the squad he has assembled, so I’ll assume he’s pleased with how things are going player wise.
Pity others aren’t. Not.


By Mahe

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To be fair Hearts and Motherwell have brought in a player each from Japan. So others in Scotland are perhaps looking and learning.

Since you reference the Huns, it looks like Beale has luckily found a few Bob from somewhere to acquire a couple of players.
With no sales of any consequence – a fringe player left for what his new club stated was a fraction of the £350,000 claimed by the Huns- they are obviously running on fumes.
The telling aspect is they appear to have had absolutely no interest in any of their “stars”.
I would like to have seen Kent go, but no matter. They are stuck with players running down contracts. Never a good sign as we know.
Morelos, Kent etc May have little option but to re-sign, can’t see that being good for morale generally, although it will no doubt be heralded as a major coup.

Our squad is superior in every department and we can only throw this league away. That isn’t happening.
More than good enough domestically, but will AJ, Yuki, Tomoki, Oh drive us on in CL?
I suspect we need further fine tuning in the Summer. Much as I love Joe , who does a fine job domestically, a top commanding goalkeeper would be my wish, with upgrades at left back and a quality creative midfielder.
I realise we are over represented in midfield and, for me, DT and Matt would be favourites to move aside, provide Funds for reinvestment and create room in the squad.
Both players have their attributes but a genuine, consistent goal sorer/ assists creator would be top of my list.

Prestonpans bhoys

Now now now, the Lord Nimmo Smith verdict clearly indicated that having “loads of money” doesn’t give you a sporting advantage 😉

Weet weet weet
Dean ford singing at a wedding
Brilliant version of “ in dreams “


Morning all…happy enough with the signings over the last few weeks. Does it strengthen us in the here and now? I’m not convinced but the 10 minutes we got from Oh on Sunday offered some optimism, he looks prepared to work and is a big unit. Ange talking being able to change his system with the guys he’s brought in, specifically Iwata. Maybe two up top will be a feature of the second half of the season.
Anyhoo, first things first – we need to hit the ground running tonight against the de facto pound for points Champions! I kinda respected Martindale when he arrived on the scene, appeared to have put his past behind him, turned over a new leaf etc etc. But, now I see he’s just another Hun Walloper!!
Mon the Hoops!!
PS weet weet weet…cheers for that clip, nice way to start the day!!


If you go into the naps table.
Folks giving you and i insults. 😂😂😂😂 Del boy and Rodney etc. 😁😁
I asked Twisty could I award you a spot prize, I think his reply is a maybe. 😂


JNP…already late leaving for work but I’ll need to have a quick look before I go! 😁


Scottish Championship leaders Queen’s Park earned a Scottish Cup win at Inverness Caledonian Thistle – but their last-16 place is in doubt after they fielded an ineligible player.

Euan Henderson joined on loan from Hearts after the tie was postponed on 21 January, but Scottish FA rules state that only those registered before the initial date are permitted to play.

It remains unclear what the punishment might be but it could render this victory, earned with goals by Dom Thomas and Scott Williamson, moot.

Queen’s Park thought they had set up a tie at Livingston but it may be that the top-flight side will welcome Inverness Caledonian Thistle instead next weekend.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and Happy Matchday! (Ange’s full presser)


Martindale and others- It doesn’t take long for the mask to slip revealing the ugly truth.



FSR was introduced in June 2022.

Lots of changes from previous FFP.



Auldheid…would you not think that the players’ wages to overall costs is the straightforward part of it as it is a monthly expense x12 against the turnover? A simple accounting procedure. The value of the player, ie the transfer cost has to be amortised over a period of time as his market value reduces ergo the agreed %age per annum.
The way I see it this seems to be the fairest way to audit it as everything is then based on Standardl Accounting procedures – all expenses offset against what you’re bringing in.
I see the calculation of players wages like you as being straightforward.

Amortisation of transfer fees has always been legitimate account practice but not 8 year long contracts. The effect of a longer period is to reduce the cost of the playing squad which helps get under the % limits.
That’s why UEFA are making 5 years the max but 4 would be more realistic.

You remind me to mention something I spotted when looking at the rules and that is what is shown in annual accounts must be reflected in the player squad licensing application.

That should bring in a degree of transparency as long as the audited accounts dont hide what UEFA have set out should be included.

bada bing1

Clark wins appeal against red card at Poundland on Saturday, how many appeals have been won,against the totally incompetent Collum?

Jobo Baldie

Hopefully this is accurate but here are the January wheelings and dealings for Celtic and our current closest rivals –

Yuki Kobayahsi (Vissel Kobe)
Alistair Johnston (CF Montreal)
Tomoki Iwata (Yokohama F Marinos)
Oh Hyeon-gyu (Suwon Samsung Bluewings)
Conor Hazard (HJK Helsinki, end of loan)
Johnny Kenny (Queen’s Park, end of loan).
Tobi Oluwayemi (Cork City, loan)
Josip Juranovic (Union Berlin)
Johnny Kenny (Shamrock Rovers, season-long loan)
Scott Robertson (Fleetwood Town, free transfer)
Moritz Jenz (Schalke, end of loan)
Oliver Abildgaard (Hellas Verona, loan).
Todd Cantwell (Norwich)
Nicolas Raskin (Standard Liege).
Tony Weston (Cove, loan)
Charlie McCann (Forest Green).


Bada. 11.11.
Yet that fanny Stuart Dougal was saying on BBC varcast, that it was an obvious red card or words to that effect. That sums up the brotherhood.
Ricky Foster was saying, no professional player would ever think that was a red card.
Jobo 12.30.
Thanks for that.
Giakoumakis will still leave, I reckon, as USA and Japanese Windows are still open.



Collum on Saturday could rely on advice from his assistants and VAR. Including a slo-mo highlights reel of the tackle.

Yet he still made the wrong decision. And compounded it with more equally bad and crucial ones.

Of course,the SFA will now subject him to their sanctions policy,the one they have perfected over the years. Of doing SFA.

bada bing1

Currently watching another incompetent Tory minister getting absolutely rinsed on Hillsborough, knows absolutely nothing…..

bada bing1

just got a parking fine from a visit to Livingston recently , via Group Nexus ,seen debates over the years,is this enforcable?


bada bing 1
Colum is not incompetent.
He perfectly well understands the landscape he resides in.
After therangers complaint and his subsequent punishment a few seasons ago he become more proficient in remaining in the refereeing top tier.
A self preservationist and cheat hence Saturday’s performance.



Kenny arrived with glowing reports as an 18yo. His time at Queen’s Park has been moderately successful,given their league position. Off to Shamrock Rovers,Ange will want clear improvement before his return in the summer.

He is,after all,the same age as Liel Abada when he joined us,so the time for using youth as an excuse is running out. He needs to kick on,we didn’t sign him for a laugh.

St tams

CFC, from 7.07am good summary of where we are.

Agree that it’s all ifs and buts regarding whether we are going to be stronger going into the CL next season.
I’d be looking for Kobayashi, Iwata and Oh to be permanent fixtures in the starting 11.
One area that is a concern is left back. I like Taylor, but going forward we need better in that position and Bernabei doesn’t look an improvement..

One area where I would like to see Ange concentrate some focus is the academy.
We are not seeing a good enough reward from it.
If B players at 19/20 years old are not pushing for places in the squad, they should be moved on to allow the 16 to 18 Yr old s a chance to impress



Ange has the most deadpan delivery of putdowns since Jock himself-e.g. the withering “only a fool predicts the outcome of a OF game.” Instead of getting tired of the blunt barbs aimed at hm,he simply swats them aside. And with some glee!

He must flick through the papers of a morning and think,

“Well,that’s today’s press conference covered. I love the smell of heads exploding in the morning.”

He himself though has never trash-talked anyone. Not players,not the fans,not his bosses. Not even the refs or the press. Certainly not his opponents,who could learn a lot from that.

And he’s never lost his temper either,at least not that we have heard of. And they could all certainly learn from that.

bada bing1

Fan- you explained that far better than I did

Big Audio Dynamite

Scottish refs will absolutely love it if we put their actions down to incompetence.

Don’t be kidded, they know EXACTLY what they are doing!

Jobo Baldie

As we enter February I thought it might be a good time for a minor relaunch of the ole Player Of The Year thing. So, especially for those that haven’t voted in a while or those who maybe have never voted at all, please do jojn in and make your opinions count for something.
It’s dead easy to ‘play’. There no signing up, no joining fee, no obligation to justify your opinions. You don’t need to post on here so lurkers or even 2nd cousins in law of lurkers are all eligible to participate. All that’s required after each game is to –
> decide which 3 Celtic players most deserve recognition;
> put the 3 names into an email;
> and send it to me by 10pm on the day after the game.
It’s only a bit of fun to try to stimulate debate but the more that participate then, arguably, the more representative the results become.
If you have any questions on this, email me at SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM and I’ll reply pretty quickly.
Hail Hail.


St tams

It’s a mixture of expectation and hope that the players you mention improve the team/ squad.
Early signs are positive.
Greg, like Joe, is a player I like but I agree left back is an area for improvement, as I argue goalkeeper is, certainly in Europe.

I imagine Ange is looking for at least Lawal and Vata to progress as squad contenders.
Given how the squad looks now, one or two a year from the Academy looks to be maximum.



Apparently he complained about the drop in income. Presumably promised to be a good boy in future.

I think there is a more valid reason for that drop. He hardly got any European games either,after many many complaints about him being utterly rank.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,the real McCoy from last night, glad you enjoyed the toons,but FFS dont tell wee joan im a marmalade fan, she thinks i only like deep purple and led zeppelin😎😎 another true story.hh

big packy

just heard bhoys, jock is going to rest some of the lions for tonights game, the line up is
fallon young and o,Neil
clark McNeil and Kennedy
macari McBride wallace auld and Hughes, we should still beat Livingston with that team.hh


I hand fed a stag yesterday


Mahe 3.18.
A joy to see!
Thanks for sharing.


I see that Jack Aitchison signed for Motherwell.
I wish him well, he’s 22 now, so its almost now or never for him.


Cheers JNP, took months for that, shyness and all. I’m the last of the bunch to hand feed him.
Hail Hail

St tams

Where are you frequenting before the game tonight

bada bing1

BMCUW- another blackmail victim on VAR for the huns tonight, Clancy, terrified of getting banned by them again, check out how many hun games him and Gollum involved in. Corrupt to the core.


St Tams
Won’t be able to make it tonight. Have a few for me. 👍🍺

St tams




Where I come from,that would be hanging in a garage,awaiting the pot next week.

The Real McCoy

Big Packy ,
Thanks for the toons again and Weet Weet Weet for Dean Ford from earlier 🙏🏻
I’ll no let wee Joan ( or Paddington Bear) know of your fondness for Marmalade 🍊 😎.
Led Zepp / Deep Purple got nothin on this group local to your birthplace 👍🏻( true story 😂)



Around 10 still to trap for Superbru

big packy

HI THE REAL MCCOY , how are you pal ,yes middle of the road fronted by the great sally carr from muirhead, used to go to celtic games on the muirhead celtic supporters bus, ach happy memories, thanks for posting the video and dont forget sally was married to that well known st mirren supporter, forgot his name😎



Their lead singer was married to Chick Young,apparently.

big packy

OK 3 quiz questions about the great jimmy quinn,if you can answer these questions correct, im going to put you in the brain of britain contest along with bob crampsey 😎
1 jimmy was born in croy but what street was he born in, a clue same street as my auld da,😎
2 what was the forward line that was known throught the country,,a clue, the first name is bennet the last name is Hamilton.
3 jimmys cousin was a well known musician in scotland and beyond ,he played the accordion, good luck all.hh

Margaret McGill

I found it!
the summary is here:–explainer-uefa-s-new-financial-sustainability-regulations/

However, there is a line item:
“The cost control rule restricts spending on player and coach wages, transfers, and agent fees to 70% of club revenues. (The gradual implementation will see the percentage at 90% in 2023/2024, 80% in 2024/2025, and 70% in 2025/2026). ”
…… so if your “revenues” include oil oligarchs its worthless and the “the immoral depravity of unlimited transfer fees” will continue….
whats your opinion?

The Real McCoy

Aye . Sarah / Sally Carr was married to Ooh Hoo Chick Young. Remained friends after parting years ago( 1884).Only officially divorced 2020.
Tragically lost a son Keith aged 20/21 in a motorcycle accident in 2001.


Thermals on tonight !!!

It’s going to be a cold wan !!!!


Jobo Baldie

Mags at 5.14
I thought that the “revenues” were specifically defined within the new rules to only include things like ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorship, TV income and the like. Incomings that arise from share issues, loans etc wouldn’t count towards the revenue figure. I think.


A funny ( or not so!) doing the rounds:

“James Tavernier’s penalty against Hearts tonight will be the 50th he has scored for Rangers.”

In Bar 67, with Toothache.


big packy

does anybody else on here miss jimthetim53, or is it only me ,a genuine question.

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