Bang For Buck


Matchday 24 of our 38 game slog came and went without much fanfare,merely providing some more ammunition to torpedo Rentagob Martindale’s comments about being the most cost-effective manager in the league. Bang for buck? We all know the answer to that one.

I know. Cheap shot,like shooting fish in a barrel. But I still enjoyed it for that reason alone!

Celtic actually did their bit too,to be fair. (As did AWENAW,and if you read back to the comments from yesterday’s article,you will know what I mean.) Especially in the first half,where we were rapidly out of the traps and barely allowing the opposition to breathe,much less form any settled formation. Of course,that tends to be an easier task when said formation is pretty much 6-4-0,but they even struggled with that!

Celtic settled on our own preferred formation against such tactics,but did so with much more fluency across the front line. The mids weren’t merely passing it back and fro,but switching the play across and through. The ball could be winging itself forward to a wide player on the run-remember how much of a rarity that was?-or slammed through the defensive lines to a breaking Kyogo,Maeda or Jota. Sadly,Kyogo in particular had a tendency to be caught offside early on. But not when it mattered,oh no. 

With Walsh cast as the apron in the middle,we all knew that any of our forward forays would have to be squeaky clean. And even when they were,our first and third goals still took over four minutes between them to be confirmed. The second was either more clearcut or the words-onto plums here,sorry-came through sharpish,for it was a mere ninety seconds for the restart after this one. I dunno whether or not he has been caught on camera at his school workplace eating corned beef sarnies on a Friday.

You might think that,but I couldn’t possibly say so…

To the match itself-or more accurately,the first half. The second half can only be described as matching the weather on the night,with that unmistakably Scottish descriptive word dreich. Yes,we were swiftly out the traps,but we were actually creating few clearcut chances until the opener. And then we did it with a quick one-two either side of the half hour mark.

The first came just after Kyogo had split the defence wide open and laid it back across goal to Jota,but frustratingly just behind him. This time,Hatate gathered it on the left of the box and shifted it inside to Greg Taylor,who wasted no time in slamming it into the bottom corner. Goals still don’t come naturally to our most-improved player,but he is sure getting the hang of it! After VAR had done its bit to give the Livi players a chance to get their breath back,we knocked the stuffing right out of them. 

Again the chance was created from the left,saved from Kyogo and when the ball flashed across goal,it eventually found its way to the lurking Maeda. It wasn’t the easiest,it was difficult even to get a clean strike at all,but you wouldn’t know it from the way that he finished it off. It took us another quarter of an hour or so to finish the game off for good with probably the best goal of the night-and wouldn’t you know it,it came from a rare opposition foray up the park,right on half time. They rarely tried to be so adventurous in the second half,by the way!

Livi tried to dribble the ball past CalMac on the edge of our area,but he wasn’t for having it. He stuck a foot in,and Matt O’Riley threaded it through to Kyogo to shrug off his marker and dash in on goal. Now,the wee fella wasn’t having one of his better nights up till then,even if he was still a nightmare for the opposition. But he only had one thought on his mind here,straight in on goal. 

Clean through with the defence trailing in his wake,he calmly drew the keeper and stroked it past him to the same spot as GT had put it earlier. Three up just in time for the much-needed comfort of a warm and dry dressing room,and we could all pretty much relax.

It wouldn’t be fair to suggest that we relaxed too much during the break,but we did very little of note afterwards. Now,it has often been noted that our pitch is in a dreadful condition at the moment,and conditions were not conducive to any version of The Beautiful Game. We also fielded all five subs,but that is no rarity. Also Livingston made even less of an attempt than normal at adding to the spectacle. But to be honest,the second half was a damp squib. Not much helped by a flag-happy standside lino either,who somehow missed a lunge on a breaking Abada. Right in front of him,no free kick. Go figure. But it gave us more of a look at newbies Oh!!! and Iwata. 

A comfortable night then,unless you were actually in attendance. We move on to Perth on Sunday with continued momentum and a happy camp. We can’t ask for much more than this at the moment,can we?
Above article by BMCUWP

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February 2, 2023 1:08 am

JOBO POTY Competition

February 2, 2023 2:01 am

Highlights for those who couldn’t see any of the match last night.

February 2, 2023 5:31 am

Good summation BMCUWPS…

And well done to those who braved the elements it seemed to be a really great atmosphere created in a rainy night in Glasgow

Really enjoyed the game again last night, very thorough job against well organised, strong arm opposition.

Difficult to pick three nominations, Hatate for me is an outstanding player and you can’t see past him – O’Riley came in and done a descent job again with an excellent assist.

The defence was solid, Hart made a finger tip save onto the post – Calmac was metronomic, Kyogo always let’s the opposition know he’s there.

Taylor settling back in after his injury with an excellent goal any striker would be pround off.

But I think for shear tenacity and putting up with two right backs who weren’t taking any prisoners but found our, pacy, indefatigable, inside left, more than a match for their physicality and his ninja goal Meada gets a vote

Jota back to his best is always difficult to ignore for a vote he is a fabulous player…

So winging it’s way to Jobo on  SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM is…

1. Hatate

2. Meada

3. Jota

Hail Hail

February 2, 2023 7:40 am

With a bit more composure/ luck we could have had a couple more in the second half.
Daizen and Liel were both played in well but took heavy touches.

February sees us with only two more league games. Surely 3 points assured v St J and ramshackle Aberdeen.
Progress in the SC hopefully and then a Cup Final versus the wonder of unbeaten Beale.

One to savour. Definitely the time to lay down a marker, having shrugged off our Jan 2 malaise.

February 2, 2023 7:58 am

Morning all, as I said last night the first half performance was as fast and dynamic as we’ve seen in a while. Ange had obviously decided Martindale had to be hushed and taught some manners. We were steps away from a repeat of the Dundee United 9-0 if we had been able to read or been brave enough to gamble getting on the end of the low crosses being fired across the box. It was good to see that aspect of our game return but we really need to be much more clinical when we’re getting these chances.
Taylor did what we’ve been shouting about for months – just have a crack! His finish was sublime. Kyogo’s goal – Cadete’s debut anyone? – was a masterclass in counterattack although he was lucky not to be pulled up for a VAR foul or a VAR offside, desperate feckers! Maeda’s goal…well, he deserved it for his Duracell Optimum Energy performance last night, not the most cinematic goal but putting your face where it hurts sometimes gets rewards.
I enjoyed the first half immensely but a bit disappointed we didn’t roll them right over to send Martindale away with a hiding that taught him a proper lesson.
A wee bit petty I know but he’s such a wee tadger!! 😁

February 2, 2023 8:37 am


As noted by many — good first half but very pedestrian in the second.
Livi played it very low key though a couple in their ranks had picked their victim to order.
Timing of some of their tackles suggested that they were targeting the man and not the ball.
Interesting that most in the team ignored them but AJ and DM definitely did not.

Bang for your buck Pt2 — JJ’s transfer was the second highest into the BL.
Probably gives a better view of the global health of football than the spendathon down south.
The lesson for us surely is that times are tough and there will be value available in the summer.
Bigger challenge that we should be aiming to improve the squad rather than fill obvious gaps.

Sunday will be a bigger challenge than some think — well to me anyway as a natural born worrier.
No easy games till the end of the season — what the opposition might lack in class they and the MIB supporting them for the day will make up for in effort.

February 2, 2023 8:41 am

Can’t see Sunday being anything other than another 70% plus possession/ double digits shots and a win, albeit nervy til we get that second.

Let’s face it this league is dross.
In no way prepares us for proper football when Europe comes around.

February 2, 2023 8:44 am

Mitch…if Ange has decided we’re gonna play the hi-tempo game we played to such good effect at times last season the remaining games should see us wrap up the title at the earliest opportunity while giving us the Angeball that enthralled last season. The squad has real strength in depth now, for Scotland anyway. Getting the new guys up to speed quickly is vital. Keep the ball moving as he did last night, press high and press fast.
I’m with CFC…it’s all about Celtic, it’s only ever about Celtic. If we do what we know we can do they can throw the kitchen sink at us along with VAR and their cheatin officials, it makes no difference. It’s all about Celtic!!

February 2, 2023 8:45 am

Also, CFC, I’m with you…Europe remains an issue!!

February 2, 2023 9:22 am

Morning all,

Good performance last night especially first half.

The weather was terrible and credit to the fans who braved the elements 👏👏👏👏

I wish the Green Brigade would get a better songbook.Very repetitive and did my box in !!!

I’m in South Stand, a bit away, so would be interested to hear Jobo’s thoughts as he is right above them.

Still 3 points accrued 🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie
February 2, 2023 9:24 am

Good morning, friends. A game of two halves last night and I’m guessing (haven’t looked at any emails just yet) that folks votes might be based more on our first half display. But was great to see Maeda getting the full 90 minutes and not tiring in the slightest. Positive every time he collected the ball and has remained in great form since the World Cup. SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

February 2, 2023 9:40 am


I felt really guilty about not having Maeda in my top three!

February 2, 2023 9:57 am

CFC @ 8.41 / McC @ 8.43

Sunday — don’t quite have your positivity about the game.

I think that they will have a good go with on-field support from Ludge MIB / aircover from Ludge VAR.
Hope to be proved wrong but they are getting desperate — they being the TFOD2.1 glee club that run our game — only 14 peeps till the end of the season. Needing us to falter 4 or 5 times so the pressure is on.

Plus we are not playing at our best — we never stop … — well last night in the second half we never started.
Very sloppy / low energy play — over complicating things to the point of training ground routines.

Not sure if there is a SPL rope-a-dope strategy in play to offer little resistance until suddenly it all changes?
If yes then when would that change come?

Sunday — last gasp SPL effort to aid TFOD2.1 in the league?
SLCF — TFOD2.1 having to do the work themselves?

There is a storm on the way.

February 2, 2023 9:57 am


Hearts are as close to bottom team D Utd as they are to the Huns. That is the definition of mediocrity. Their win ratio is 45%,
Ours is over 90%.

Can see both us and the Huns remaining unbeaten versus the rest. There maybe the odd outlier blip of a draw somewhere, but not enough to derail us.

It’s definitely all about the Celtic.
As for Europe, still believe we need better in a few positions, one of the problems is finding that quality willing to test themselves against 10 poor teams and one limited one.
JJ had enough after 18 months and who can blame him for wanting to test himself against better?
The better the competition on a regular basis the better the player.

February 2, 2023 10:04 am


We all see things differently.
The conditions and 3-0 up can explain last night’s
easing up.
We could/should have scored a couple- would that have changed perceptions?

I think anything that comes our way will be a storm … in a teacup.
We were under the weather versus the Hun on Jan 2 and it showed. Still couldn’t beat us and we should have had the opportunity to win from the penalty spot.

Of course there will be plenty of Masonic interference over the next 14 games but our quality puts us psychologically ahead before the opposition step out onto the park.

We will win this league.

February 2, 2023 10:06 am

The opposition then look at our bench and think – any one from that lot is better than anything we have. I include the Huns in that.

February 2, 2023 10:38 am

Good summary of the match, Bobby.

You left nothing of significance out, so I am left with only feelings to express.

Frankly, I do not know what we are witnessing. Are we winning, playing watchable football, displaying skill? Emphatically, YES!

Now, here is the “But”. I simply do not know how good we are. Virtually no domestic team really threatens us. So, with the exception of you know who, they set up to keep us out. Sometimes we cut through them, other times we struggle to break them down. Sometimes, I am out of my comfy chair shouting Shoot, shoot, as we try to walk the ball into the net. Sometimes, I admire the artistry of Kyogo, Jota, and Hatate. I admire the skill and graft of Mooy. I admire the persistence and fitness of Maeda. Heck, all of the players excel at some point. Some less, much less than others.

Take Starfelt, as an example, I have come to expect one avoidable blunder from him per game. Against a half decent striker, he would have given away a goal last night. However, he can be a defensive rock. Then there is the new Samaras, re-emerging in pint sized form, as Abada. More likely to hit the upper rows or corner flag, but can hit a crisp goal from out of nowhere.

Last night there were some signs of players trying the defence splitting pass. Johnston has it, Jota has it, Hatate has it, and O’Reilly pulled it off for the third goal. Then there is the possession for the sake of possession syndrome! Round and round it goes….witness most of the second half! Wait, you say, the game was won by then, so the team was in cruise control. Maybe, that explains it!

We never stop? Sometimes, it seems like we never stop to think! Motion for the sake of motion. Effort for the sake of effort.

So, I end as I started. I really do not know how good we are. The Australia trip looms large.


February 2, 2023 10:40 am

Have a look at the third goal in the highlights reel I posted earlier.

Now,CalMac makes a great tackle where the ball spins forward to O’Riley to hit a peach of a pass for Kyogo to run onto and finish. Great stuff all round,right

Watch C after his tackle but before Matt even plays the ball. Immediately points-and presumably shouts-in the direction of Kyogo! Great awareness and leadership.

February 2, 2023 10:48 am

Kyogo, var for a foul… wait, everyone knew there was no foul, em, change it to offside, no offside ( think he was even in his own half). Var on first goal, supposed obscuring keepers view, var on second, possible hand ball or offside or alien intervention. This is the norm now.
Walsh talks to the keeper early for wasting time, five minutes later the key does the same thing ( bringing the centre backs in to play short then changes his mind )
Huge numbers of stewards last night !
Maybe practice for forthcoming game.
Greg Taylor was a very deserved man of the match
Berlin have bought the wrong full back.

February 2, 2023 11:02 am


Some excellent points about our individual players there! But-we never stop? Hmmm…

Well,we sure seemed to stop early in the second half,having created a few chances and fluffing our lines. But is that fair? Was it down to the substitutes? Breaking the rhythm,or just not slotting in the same?

I have another suggestion. Or a few! The third goal was scored right at the break,but beforehand Livi had paid more than lip service to trying for a goal. Maybe Martindale then told them to concentrate on damage limitation.

Our subs certainly limited our ambitions,but actually they performed the roles they would normally be asked to do. Iwata being tidy,shielding the defence-but from not much! Mooy linking up with AJ and Liel,even if to little effect. Same on the left with DT. Oh!!! can only try to use his time getting used to his new team mates. Etc.

But I think the biggest block on our ambitions during this period were the conditions. A bouncy pitch,teeming rain,very physical opponents with a lenient ref. (Five fouls? Aye,sure.) The game was won,there was a lot of time left to boost the goal difference. But that meant too a lot of time to pick up needless injuries.

Back of an envelope risk calculation will tell you the answer every time. Simply not worth it!

Jobo Baldie
February 2, 2023 11:03 am

Leggy, re your post at 9.22, the Green Brigade (that’s the front section of that corner) certainly sing non stop for 90 minutes, no matter who we are playing. But your post got me thinking, rather strangely, about church choirs. bear with me here!
For about 25 years I played the guitar/organ/piano at Mass in St Leonard’s parish in EK. But I always resisted suggestions about having a regular choir as my view is that the rest of the congregation then tend to leave it to them to sing, rather than joining in. And it’s a bit like that with the Green Brigade – an awful lot of their songbook is them singing alone. But when they (occasionally!) start one of the more popular greatest hits then that can energise the whole stadium to join in. Nothing personal against him but the guy right at the front with the megaphone really does ma nut in!
Having said all they, on the occasions where they’ve not been in attendance the atmosphere has then been a bit flat to say the least.

Prestonpans bhoys
February 2, 2023 11:19 am

I’m assuming the two guys in front of the GB get the rest of the GB to pay for their ST because they would be lucky enough to see 5% of the game.

Moreover they need to learn that when you have a megaphone you don’t need to shout 🙄

February 2, 2023 11:42 am


Our family tickets were in 111 for years,long before the GB arrived. Once they did,along came the wannabe hangers-on. Didn’t take long for my Dad and my sisters to demand a move. They were spending all match on their feet because none of the new mb would sit down!

Now,I agree that we used to stand for the entire match thirty years ago and thought nothing of it. But it is not the same thing,not when you are restricted forward and rear by unyielding steel and plastic. Anyone who disagrees wants to give it a try.

February 2, 2023 11:48 am


I know the GB add to the atmosphere and agree when they are not there, it’s very quiet.

Jiust thought last night, they sang so many ra songs.

The 14th verse singing about Sam missiles in the sky was particularly annoying.

If they sang more Celtic songs ( Of which there are loads ) I think it would enhance the atmosphere for everyone

Just my opinion obviously.

February 2, 2023 11:56 am

Real Madrid v Valencia on ITV4 tonight at 8pm.

February 2, 2023 12:03 pm


Thanks for the response. My comments were not just based upon the game from last night. Although it may not appear so, I am enjoying the games this season.

For Celtic to prosper long term, I think we need a system of play that emphasises the team over the individual; a good recruitment system that includes youth development. We have a manager that understands all of that. He has a system that I have had doubts about its sustainability, but Ange is probably smarter than I thought. He mitigates the physical demands of his system by having a large squad, most of which are first team starters. He also is prepared to churn the squad. I expect players of the status of GG and Juranovic will leave every two years. Ange also has access to an under priced market in Japan. Japanese culture favours the philosophy of the collective rather than the individual. Bringing these players in suits Ange’s philosophy of playing to a system. In addition, and I am sure the Board has noticed, he gets value from most of his signings. Profits await on all the Japanese signings, with the exception of Guchi. He has also improved the values of Taylor and Ralston. All of this looks good. At last a long term, sensible plan for which the whole club seems to be supporting.

I am confident that Ange’s approach will not cause financial stress irrespective of whether it succeeds or fails. He has brought in too many bargains for there not to be profitable player trading. It is succeeding domestically. As others have said, Europe is the acid test, and to a lesser degree, so is Sevco. Perhaps, we shall understand what progress has been made after one more exposure to Europe.

Interesting ride, tho’.


Prestonpans bhoys
February 2, 2023 12:31 pm


The GB first appeared in 119 as ticket sales, we were in 118 as part of the parent and child experiment. We moved to the second back row of 111 once I knew my daughter was old enough to handle a “OF” game.

There was just about a dozen of us not in the GB at the back of 111, no idea how that suddenly occurred. True they never sat down but the demogragh was significantly older than the majority of the weans who are in front of me in 110.

Oh forgot to add that my seats were dismantled for enlarged new stairwell in 111 and the ticket office asked if I wanted a seat in this new standing area at the front. Naw I don’t want to be in with them and was allocated seats near the back of 110.

Jobo Baldie
February 2, 2023 1:28 pm

And in a tenuous link to singing, my boy noticed at half time last night that the DJ was playing The Vervs’s “Lucky Man. Subtle but great.

February 2, 2023 1:39 pm


An excellent choice. Maybe a special request from Ange?

The Real McCoy
February 2, 2023 2:20 pm

Jobo 👋🏻
I read about Lucky Man being played on James Forrest blog.
Being of a certain vintage my first thought was—
Surely the Celtic Park announcer has never heard of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer 😂
After a bit more research I realised it was The Verve 🤷🏻‍♂️

The Real McCoy
February 2, 2023 2:24 pm
The Real McCoy
February 2, 2023 2:29 pm

Lucky Man — The Verve


The list could be extensive 🤔
Get Lucky- Daft Punk
O Lucky Man ( from the film) Alan Price
And for Micky Bealin
Kylie – I Should Be So Lucky
And dare I mention The Wets – Wishing I Was Lucky 😂
HH 💚🍀

February 2, 2023 4:20 pm

Does VAR have the Celtic board squirming?

Since VAR’s introduction and weekly expose Scotland’s shame have sailed through regardless and now stand uniquely unaffected. The Celtic hierarchy have to admit openly that there is anti Celtic bias, they have to do it before we win the league. This poses the next question of why?
The answers are for Scottish society and there are people including Celtic fans who don’t want to admit that there is a new problem, as history prepares to repeat itself.

Res12 – let’s not go there, title stripping – let’s not go there, £49.00 a ticket ©️KevJ – let’s not go there, same club mythology – let’s not go there, Are we there yet? genuine unaddressed grievances resonate and are resurrected when cheating reappears in plain sight.

The Michael Nicholson ‘let’s not go there’ reply to a specific question at the AGM may have served at the time, but it was no better than ‘VAR’s teething issues’ that have now developed in a full mouth of molar.

Celtic require a full scale VAR war with the evidence so far in a continuing trend, if not then the Celtic supporters are being cheated twice over. The fingers in ears, don’t rock the boat, can’t chalk them all off brigade, will have once again, prevailed.

VAR in full swing ‘working perfectly’ with retired masons zooming in to back up the SFA on every decision, those waiting on Celtic parity from VAR will move on to the same generational waits endured before.

Unbeaten in the league at home for over two years Celtic as ever, have the best football squad and apparently the best and most popular manager in memory. It’s time for our board of directors to earn their corn and preserve our club’s future before inevitable seen miles away incoming arrives.

The answer should no longer be – let’s not go there.

February 2, 2023 4:28 pm

mattdamon @ 4.20

Spot on.

A shareholder revolt- I’ll throw my couple of grands worth in.

February 2, 2023 4:45 pm

BSR Well said 👏 Let’s go there ! HH

Jobo Baldie
February 2, 2023 4:45 pm

The VAR involvements last night were annoying and time consuming but fortunately nothing worse than that. We have to choose our battles in relation to VAR and I don’t think last night’s minor irritations would be the ones to highlight?
Fans must surely know by now that the VAR team are reviewing the whole game as it happens and in particular relations to goals they ALWAYS check that there’s been no infringements missed by the ref such as fouls in the build up or offsides. Having accepted that VAR is here to stay I’ve no problem with the principle of those checks but they should be getting resolved far far quicker.
PS – SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM by 10pm tonight please. Thank you.

February 2, 2023 4:52 pm


We need to highlight the trends that are undoubtedly happening without undermining our case with unclear shows of bias!
What is becoming obvious is the time it takes to legitimise genuine goals by us.
Wonder if that’s the same elsewhere?
Another trend perhaps?

Craig 76
February 2, 2023 5:14 pm

February 2, 2023 5:24 pm

Craig 76

Team togetherness comes across as a genuine thing.

Watched reruns of our annus horribilus pre Ange.
Kenny n Laxalt , Duffy/Welsh n Ajer,
Christie n Edouard.
We tried but No wonder the Huns fecked us over.

February 2, 2023 5:35 pm


Your let’s go there was a better last line.


February 2, 2023 5:36 pm

Superbru Update

Round 25 saw two clear leaders and a 5 way tie for 3rd place. I assume all of these resisted the temptation that I succumbed to in expecting the minis to take something from a home fixture vs Sevco.

1st = Auldheid – 10 points
1st= Nawlite- 10 points
3rd= all on 7.5 points
Borgo 67
Ayrshire Tim
& Bada Bing

There was a 3 way tie in bottom place on 1 point with Jobo Baldie and Bognorbhoy losing out on this week’s wooden spoon to kelvinbhoy

Overall we have the same top 3 but the race to 2nd spot has closed up a bit:-

1- A thing of beauty- 144.5
2. Leggy- 136.5
3. Ayrshire Tim- 136

We now have 50 predictors on 100 points or more and there’s a chance for all right down to BMCUWP in 56th place to break that barrier this coming weekend

It may take a couple of weeks for our wooden spoon contenders to get there as we have

Belmont Brian on 85.5, Melvin Udall on 86 and Raplochbus on 87 – all chasing the prized wooden spoon.

Next predictions are due in by Saturday 4th Feb at 3pm with a final fixture on Sunday lunchtime when the Hoops trail to Perth. Good Luck to you all!

Awe Naw
February 2, 2023 6:20 pm

Celtic PLC as always want their cake and eat it. That´s the way to make the most money. Never forget it when dealing with the PLC. If at any time you forget that then you´re a fool and you are only going to be taken for a ride

When we as a club adopt the “lets not go there” mantra it´s because we as a club are lying towards the public and our own support and the PLC has something to hide. Res 12, Celtic boys club, Strict liability etc. The list is endless but mainly it´s to hide “Old Firm” cooperation and coordination.

When it comes to VAR and cheating lets call it Mibbery as that is all it is and has ever been then a very delicate balance has to be reached, and that´s not easy. Calls have to be made within the boardroom with regards short term financial gain and long term stability. See deliberately looking the other way for the hun UEFA licences etc.
Risk Averse FC would be a more appropriate name for us Since Dermot Desmond got a stranglehold on us. In Europe the four bears Sevco has already outstripped Dermot Desmonds Celtic FC on the field of play at least they took their EL cup final to penalties. Lets not go there

If mibbery ensures that the huns finish in 2nd place in the SPFL and not Livingston or Hearts then that´s ok as our PLC want to garner as many UEFA coefficient points as possible for Celtic´s benefit and to promote the “Old Firm” for possible further league invites. We don´t want mibbery being used to give the huns 1st place as we normally want that for ourselves but not always as Martin O Neil, Gordon Strachan, Neil Lennon, Brendan Rodgers finally realised the “Old Firm” glass ceiling which normally dawns on them within four years in the job.

What the PLC require is a manager like Big Jock or Ange who are willing to accept that we take our place at the back of the bus by only concentrating on what´s happening on the park and advocating the mantra; If they get 3 dodgy penalties then we have to score four great goals against a bent ref. Forget about the environment that makes such a mantra necessary … don´t go there

February 2, 2023 6:34 pm

In 1900, the physicist William Thompson allegedly pronounced: “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.”

Then along came the greatest conjunction since 1+1 =2, ….57 and 67.

Two great years of course but the undercurrent that rivals the magnificence of the double slit experiment as on the 1st feb 2023……..

Goal Difference = 57,!!
Points on the board = 67.!!

Quantum Physics are you listening? You can stick yer Spooky Action at a Distance right up yer Schrödinger’s Cat.

The answers you seek await you at Celtic Park.

Hail hail


February 2, 2023 6:37 pm

Awe Naw

We can only exist in the Environment that allows us to be, achieve and succeed.

From the start we became, we achieved and we succeeded beyond anyone’s dreams.

Beyond this we have created a cultural and social acceptance. The rest is up to those to decide what happens next.

The king TAL🍀🍀
February 2, 2023 7:05 pm

Dry yet eyes get the rebs on hh 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Margaret McGill
February 2, 2023 7:08 pm

yes and no.

February 2, 2023 7:40 pm
A thing of beauty
February 2, 2023 7:59 pm

Great posts today but two that echo my thoughts in particular. One from Rebus about the game and the team in general and one from Leggy about the GB. I am the first to agree they add to the atmosphere but the IRA stuff completely dominates the songbook. No one really joins in with them and the atmosphere suffers though I have to agree when they are not there no one picks up the mantle.
King Tal
I am not against a rebel song but it’s about 80 plus percent of their repertoire now. And please don’t get me
Started on the Jimmy bell song. I should point out it was not sung last night but it definitely is at away games. A stain on our name in my opinion.

Prestonpans bhoys
February 2, 2023 8:12 pm

Real Madrid v Valencia on itv4, be interesting to see how they conduct var