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Once again,the fabled European Super League has reared its ugly head into The Beautiful Game. Like Banquo’s Ghost,or just a wee jobby that won’t go away no matter how many times you flush,it is once again getting an airing,a day in the sun. 

Except that it hasn’t this time,not really. Yes,the newspapers have had a few articles detailing the latest grand plans,but hardly the wall-to-wall coverage and ensuing outrage of the first proposals less than two years ago. And the details,such as they are,are sketchy indeed. 

None of the original suggestions have survived,including the recruitment of twelve big-name teams who would be permanent members. This time,the ESL will consist of three or four divisions comprising between sixty and eighty teams,with the normal footballing troubles and strife such as relegation. 

Interestingly,none of the potential members has been mentioned by name,suggesting it is far from oven ready-as does the whole announcement,which looks like something someone drew up on a napkin after a particularly boozy lunch. There is no mention of how the clubs will deal with restrictions imposed by the national and international associations/federations,though they still insist that all clubs would continue as before inside their domestic league structure. 

Well,that might appease the domestic leagues,though I doubt that. But it sounds the death knell for clubs wishing to play in Champions League,Europa Cup and Conference. So UEFA will be mightily pissed off once they stop pissing themselves laughing. 

One of the “selling points” put forward by the international consultancy group hired to make the case for it all is the return of around £300m pa to the member associations for dispersal amongst the rump left behind. I can’t see that flying at all. There are over fifty UEFA members from the nation states involved,which doesn’t amount to much each,and probably only about £10m or so for the bigger ones. Like England. 

When you consider that the EPL distributes around £350m pa to the non-EPL divisions,it really is a kite that won’t fly. As when the original plans were released,all parties with vested interests will simply kick out those plans,and any side tempted to join. And why would the bigger clubs especially have any interests in a fledgling idea which will bring in less than any income from UEFA competition,much less the money merry-go-round of the domestic leagues on top of that?

No,it is another non-starter in my opinion. There may be an appetite for it somewhere,but until there is a concrete proposal which can guarantee increased income and competition for competing clubs AND for UEFA and the national organisations and can get the blessing of the lower league sides and the money that goes with that,nobody will sign up. 

Sponsors won’t batter down their door,nor TV companies,not without the entire structure already planned in detail,members all signed up,associations giving their blessing,etc. And the members won’t sign up without those guarantees in the first place! Sponsors and TV companies would be concerned about losing UEFA access,and so too would the teams.

Which brings me in a roundabout way to Manchester United,and the ongoing saga of its imminent sale. Apparently the Glaziers want £6bn for it,or around a thousand times what Michael Knighton agreed to buy it for in the late 80s. Given that any new owner will have to spend another billion and more to rebuild the stadium and the training ground,pay off accumulated debt of another half a billion and spend lavishly-and probably more wisely than in the last decade-to get a competitive side,I can’t see that happening either. Not at those valuations. 

And especially not if they are being asked to take a flyer on a hare-brained scheme like above,one specifically designed to end the financial domination possessed by the EPL clubs. Qatar has been recently suggested as a possible,and that might be difficult when you consider their ownership of PSG. Can they persuade UEFA and the EPL of a separation of ownership and cross-cooperation of the two clubs,sufficiently enough to allow both to play in competition against each other?

Well,they allowed RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg to not only compete in the same competition,but in the same bliddy group-ours,by the way!-a few years back. So anything is possible. Will they be allowed that dual ownership if the new owners are strongly suspected of planning to join a breakaway league? 

Will the new owners even be interested in a new league which is likely to heavily reduce TV and sponsor money when they have just splashed a near eleven figure sum on their latest toy? Who knows,maybe the Glazers have made the first wise decision in their many years of ownership at United,read the runes for future income sources and decided to get out at the top of the market. I think the American owners at Liverpool are probably doing the same,and for the same reasons. 

I’m not saying that the EPL bubble is burst. It isn’t. But I think there is a much reduced potential for income growth in the short to medium term. And that’s while costs and fees are skyrocketing again. And that’s why the Glazers haven’t exactly been overwhelmed by a rush of interest in what is still one of the biggest clubs in the world. 

The prospect of a new ESL is not an enticing one for any of the top teams,not as it stands. And certainly not for the ones in England. And that makes the purchase costs of buying one of them far from enticing too. Sometimes when you decide to sell at the top of the market,it has turned while you figure out just how to do it. And sometimes when you announce plans for a new and disruptive competition,it is better to have figured out in advance how to make it work. 

The Glaziers  will still come out on the right side of the ledger on their investment over the years. Just not as much as they had expected. But the ESL? There is much work to do to make it viable,and even more to make it attractive enough to have a chance. I doubt that is likely,and I hope it never is.

Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY competition.


Margaret McGill

Capitalism ate all European leagues out of competitive existence except 5. Now it has finished with the big 5 in European competition it wants more. More money. More corrupt. In the same way as Qatar and how drug companies sell fentanyl I am looking forward to the ESL and footballs ultimate destruction. Canny wait.
There may be little vortices of corruption simultaneously eating itself out of existence like Scotland. ICGAF. Ultimately you get what you fucking deserve!

Prestonpans bhoys

Morning all

Yip this idea is a load of bullshite Bobby. Not surprisingly Ibrox noise thinks its a good idea for them, wonder why……

Margaret McGill

Prestonpans bhoys
Zombies have no concept of the future
The future ain’t what it used to be

The Real McCoy

I reckon the braindead from the Southside envisage they’ll be better off/above Celtic in the Super League because of the current UEFA rankings. Thums 31 Usyins 72 .
Therefore it’s a goodun 🤷🏻‍♂️
Hope you enjoyed your better wine than Four Crown 😂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to everyone who posts or lurks on this fine site.

I would like to see Celtic in the EPL or this Super Leugue that’s being spoke about, hopefully Celtic gets invited,but not them over Ibrox way ,



I’d just settle for a level playing field. We can’t seem to get one in Scotland,but I’m loath to support plans to leave. There have been many attempts to achieve the former and none of them have worked.

Indeed,VAR has made things worse!

Of course,that could all be part of the grand plan. That VAR is viewed as a game changer,so if they screw it up for long enough,it will be shelved. Which is why I think that we should stick with it,and hammer them every time a screw up happens. Even threaten to take our evidence of deliberate wrongdoing to UEFA.


ESL Mk2 — Same greed just different wrapping.

Interesting that they are now planning on a league structure with multiple divisions and not just a single league for eternals — the previous inclusion of Spurs was the joke that kept on giving.

Will this make it easier or harder for EUFA to get involved?
Will the splitters in chief be happy to throw EUFA 10% of something so that they can get their own / continental scale “Super / Premier” league?

EUFA have two runners in the race — NT’s and EUFA club competitions — is that a strength or a weakness.
If the NT’s suffer where will that leave FIFA and the WC?

Egg chasing in England — the clubs thought that they were bigger than the NT and many of their fans agreed.

Not looking that way now as they struggle under their financial absurdity — are you watching RM / Barca / Juve? — and the 6Ns get huge viewing figures with Saturday evening games with the RWC and Lions tours to add a bit of spice now and again.

Football is more tribal — fair point — but in the past our tribe has been less than 30K at P/head.
How would the crowds stand up to regular defeats / failure in a much more competitive structure?

80 teams — four leagues — how many teams would that mean from England?
What would be left behind to populate the national leagues?
Where would we fit in?

The Super league seem desperate — they either break away or they financially implode from time to time.
Not sure that Super League finances would be the saviour they think it will be.
I fear that they will just spend more and fail in the same old way.
Wage inflation — big names getting huge wages?

I don’t see the Super league working but it is the idea that refuses to die.
And they seem to be getting more shameless by the minute.
Tycoon capitalism — never a good look.


One thought about any football organisation outside of FIFA trying to go it alone.

Who owns the intellectual property rights to the rules that FIFA is ultimately responsible for and shares with UEFA etc?

I mean the rules have changed over the years and creating and maintaining them has value.

Would the way around for a separate organisation be to introduce a 17yard penalty box, a 5 yard goal area, shys must be underhand, bigger goals, new offside line, no VAR etc etc.

It would be football Jim but not as we know it.

Jobo Baldie

I don’t want Celtic to leave Scottish Football. If the new proposed Super League replaced the current European competitions and was run in conjunction with countries existing set ups then fine. So for example, SPL as it is but, say, 16 Super League ties over the course of the same season. But I don’t see that happening.
On VAR, someone on here the other day suggested that it was up to the clubs involved in the last 16 of the cup to decide whether to use it this weekend or not. So, Celtic and Sevco are doing so whilst Livingston and Dundee Utd are not. Have Celtic missed an ideal opportunity to let our feelings on VAR be known by saying no thanks for this Saturday as we have little or no confidence that it is benefiting the game?

Uber Feenyin

Morning all.

Still to read BMCUWP’s article, which I look forward to on this subject.

If you have a half hour to spare later, this is well worth a catchup on.


Some of the prescient knowledge put forward by Neganon, who braved some amount of nonsense abuse, and HT, and a few others, is quite remarkable. The comments from p37 onwards are a worth a careful read.

It’s as if, they were right 😳😳🤨🤔

So should we worried about Ange being chased? I know I bloody am. But it will be middle of next season imo.

Which is a tragedy as we need to be viable competitors in Europe for this stupid new super league, or even the current CL.

It might be roses just now for us, and aye, they smell bloody good; the football is sublime and the best I’ve seen in my living memory. But I fully expect this to be ripped away from us soon due to the Dark Arts. But more the Dark Arts in the Sellic boardroom than even the masons in Hampden.

This has been Uber Tim, reporting from a dark and wet Airdrie, so dark and wet it reminds me of the time I popped my cherry behind some manky boozer in Kirkcaldy in 1989. Alone.

Back to you in the studio, SC.

Jobo Baldie

Auldheid – rules? You mean Laws, surely?
#pedanticCSC 😁

Big Audio Dynamite

The Huns will vote for anything they think will get them out of their current situation.
Smart bears know we have dominated here since the mid-sixties, and will soon pass any records they hold dear.
With no sugar-daddies forming a queue on Edminston drive, they know they are never getting close to us again.
So, it’s hardly surprising they want change …any change.

AYE READY …for other people’s readies!


Jobo Baldie
Auldheid – rules? You mean Laws, surely?
#pedanticCSC 😁
Generally I make a distinction in my head between football rules/regulations and the law of the land.


Of course the Zombies favour a super league idea. Apart from appealing to their need to feel superior, think of the opportunity it will present to do a Manchester all over Europe,

Jobo 11.31am

Celtic don’t have the choice as the match is on TV, if VAR is available and game on live tv there is no option

Other stadiums that have VAR but not live on the TV both clubs have to agree and half the cost, if one club wants it and the other doesn’t they can pay the cost themselves … but if not live on TV it’s only then up to the clubs

Prestonpans bhoys


It was me but gftb has explained it well.

Ps the cost is £10k apparently, now SPL clubs have the infrastructure in place, so what are you getting for £10k, Collum in cupboard!

bada bing1

Game in doubt seemingly, fumes from fire still hanging about

Billy Bhoy

Uber Tim

Nearly as romantic as Prince Harry’s maiden voyage!

At least no one is going to come out of the woodwork claiming the credit! 😀


Looks like UEFA do mean business.

Rangers last licensing round almost breached the break even requirement under previous FFP. In next 3 years they will be subject to the % limitations imposed under FSR.

It goes a long way to explaining how their past profligacy has weakened them, their present spend is curtailed and future FSR will hobble them. I think this is where Celtic think they made a significant contribution to FSR. I like to think Res12 and a report to a UEFA Whistle Blower site helped.

This article by The Scotsman providing a good picture I’ve copied in full.

Clubs warned against overspending in ‘reckless pursuit of success’ – Rangers on UEFA list last year, PSG’s eyewatering figures
European clubs have been warned against “reckless” spending on player wages and transfer fees by UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin.

By Ross McLeish
2 hours ago
2 hours ago

A new UEFA report found just 12 clubs were responsible for two-thirds of the overall £1.7 billion losses made by 144 clubs who reported financial results early for 2022. UEFA’s Club Licensing Benchmarking report released on Friday found that of the top-20 revenue-earning clubs in Europe who had already reported or estimated their 2022 financial figures, 16 of them had higher wage bills compared to the period before or during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report found Paris St Germain spent an eye-watering £642.6m on total staff wage costs in 2022, which the report said represented a wage-to-revenue ratio of 109 per cent. The French club, who agreed a lucrative new deal with Kylian Mbappe last year and also have Argentina’s World Cup-winning captain Lionel Messi on their books, were fined last September by UEFA for breaches of its new financial sustainability regulations.

UEFA has introduced new financial sustainability regulations designed to ensure clubs spend within their means and last year, as part of the new rules, cinch Premiership outfit Rangers were put on a UEFA financial watchlist and told to comply fully with club licensing rules. While the Ibrox club were technically able to meet the requirements to break even, this only occurred – in the words of UEFA – due to “Covid-19 financial emergency measures and/or because they benefited from historical positive break-even results”. Eighteen other clubs were also namechecked – they were Borussia Dortmund (GER), Chelsea FC (ENG), FC Barcelona (ESP), FC Basel 1893 (SUI), 1.FC Union Berlin (GER), Fenerbahçe SK (TUR), Feyenoord (NED), Leicester City FC (ENG), Manchester City FC (ENG), Olympique Lyonnais (FRA), Real Betis Balompié (ESP), Royal Antwerp FC (BEL), Sevilla FC (ESP), SS Lazio (ITA), SSC Napoli (ITA), Trabzonspor AŞ (TUR), VFL Wolfsburg (GER) and West Ham United FC (ENG).

The new report found player wages were up 16 per cent on average across the continent compared to pre-pandemic levels, with operating costs up by 11 per cent in line with the inflationary pressures in the wider world. On average, the clubs reporting early on 2022 were found to be spending 83 per cent of revenue on player wage costs, net transfer costs and non-player wage costs, even before other operating costs are factored in. It is understood UEFA will tighten the regulations so that clubs can only split the cost of a transfer fee over a maximum of five years of a player’s contract. That follows on from Chelsea awarding seven and eight-year deals to some of their new signings, which under current rules allows them to amortise fees over a longer period for accounting purposes.

Ceferin said in his foreword to the report: “The most significant challenges for clubs come from the cost side. Despite the unprecedented turmoil of recent years, wages have continued to grow, rising on average by 16 per cent compared to pre-pandemic standards. Top-division players’ salaries, for example, have more than doubled during the past decade. And while this is not a negative trend per se, it is clear that many are compromising their economic sustainability in their reckless pursuit of success.

“Therefore, UEFA and its member associations must remain vigilant and strictly implement the rules of financial sustainability at European and domestic level. UEFA took the first step last summer by introducing the first squad cost ratio rule in the new financial sustainability regulations, restricting spending on wages, transfers, and agent fees. The gradual implementation of this rule will see a limit on these costs set for 70 per cent in 2025-26, providing a direct measure between squad costs and income to encourage more performance-related costs, while limiting the market inflation of wages and transfer costs of players. The key is now to remain fair, strict, and consistent.”

Ceferin’s remarks come in a week where Manchester City have been referred to an independent commission over more than 100 alleged breaches of the Premier League’s financial rules, and where the backers of a European Super League have pitched their new plans, arguing that the continent’s current football model is unsustainable. Despite soaring interest rates globally, bank debt among the early-reporting clubs in 2022 was 51 per cent higher than for 2019, though the report highlighted a trend towards borrowing costs being converted into longer-term financing arrangements.

Andrea Traverso, UEFA’s director of financial sustainability and research, points out in the report how active investment funds and private equity investors have become in the football industry. He said that this activity confirmed “the current financial distress suffered by a sector that analysts consider highly undervalued”. He added: “It is exactly the forecasted high margin for future growth that should be encouraging. Scratching the surface of aggregate figures, the report informs that two-thirds of the losses are generated by only a dozen of clubs; that 45 per cent of the clubs report a break-even result; that several of the currently well-performing clubs at domestic level do so by having their finances in order.”

(that last bit made me smile – he knows who he means.)

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, just walked past it on way home and it’s still smoking a little.

Is it seriously gonna threaten our game? I fail to see how.

HH 🍀

Awe Naw

Uber Feenyin

3200 posts on that CQN thread in a two day period and some very fine posters with excellent content. It would take about a fortnight to get that many posts in 2023 with the quality not quite as high being kind About three years needed to match the content.

They can´t all have passed away although many have. There doesn´t seem to be many new names either which is a shame. I bet there´s more revenue being generated by CQN today than there was then. Aye and there´s the rub

I lurked on there today to hear that Ernie Lynch has packed it and that Canamalar also got a yellow card for being “pravda-esque” oh the irony

The rehabilitation of Master Lawwell not going so well.

You mind how you go now Auldheid

Uber Feenyin

Billy Bhoy @ 12.44

Uber Tim

Nearly as romantic as Prince Harry’s maiden voyage!

At least no one is going to come out of the woodwork claiming the credit! 😀

Indeed, I don’t prefer to not hide in the non-woodwork, and not to use lots of negatives in my verbose statements to re-enforce the belief that I might not be an intellectual .

I might also not be young. But as for the European non woodwork, the sellic will keep hitting it, while the non-wooden board keep catching the rebound.

This has been an exclusive, non-brief non-coded report Uber Feenyin, reporting from a OAP sanctuary in deepest darkest Airdrie.

Back to you in the studio, SC, where hopefully you won’t try to start an age comparison census throughout the day to divert from any more important issues. I’m 94 btw, and find the language on here atrocious.

Uber Feenyin

Awe Naw @ 2.07pm.

You got there quicker than I did. I read through those pages for an hour or so this morning, and a few things happened in my sluggish brain. Bit of an eye opener, as I think you’ll agree.

Also, what a sad loss. What a great source of intelligent chat it was.

It seems the solution now is to get rid of the last of the intelligent posters 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣

Need to bite my lip and respect that this is my opinion, and certainly not that of SC.

Awe Naw

Uber Feenyin

Totally agree. Thanks for posting it

Prestonpans bhoys

Latest post from celtic slo…. coaches who park in Nuneaton St to park at the Emirates!


Strange how there is lots of chit chat about EPL, ESL 2.1 or whatever, and not a single mention of the bloke that currently calls all the shots at Celtic. What does Dermot think, what is Dermot’s opinion ?
Apart from the fact that he thinks Rangers are a great club will a great history, we don’t hear from him too often. Doesn’t bother to attend the annual AGM.
Have Celtic become a bit of a nuisance to DD? He wants to go down in our long history being fondly remembered but isn’t sure if he will ? What will his legacy be ? Stability ? That’s a bit boring and not in the Fergus McCann league, is it.

Well Dermot, rebuilding the main stand out of your own pocket would be a start. You can’t take those billions with you.

Dermot’s exit strategy should be interesting, and will define how the next generation of Celtic fans enjoy, or otherwise, the future.



Can’t blame DD for staying schtuum on such matters. Any time he opens his mouth is a disaster.


The McGeady magic, for the 4th goal doesn’t get mentioned as often as it should, for me. Sublime.
15 years ago today, Aberdeen 1:5 Celtic.

Nakamura, McGeady, McDonald(2) and Robson. @ScottyMcD83

McGeady destroys Aberdeen and Robson scores with his first touch as a Celtic player. https://t.co/SndYXc9soo

Margaret McGill

I see only Nazis are allowed on the other channel now.

I suspect at some point unknown in the last 20 years the mustachioed Macroom Miser suddenly realized that Celtic were Scottish and not Irish and has since just delegated.

Margaret McGill

According to major eleedists that bastion of truth and integrity the Daily Record says that Ange has signed a new deal at Celtic!




The footwork and cross from McGeady was simply world class.



Dragged our feet for long enough over a new contract for Ange. Hope he is in place for a while yet.


Evening all,

McGeady was a class act and he still got dog’s abuse from some supporters.

Guys beside me gave it laldy every home game.

Think actually, one game this guy was blootered and gave McGeady the usual crap. I turned round and said mate ( In Ange style now!!!! )

“ McGeady is injured and is not even playing”

Cue, Red Arrows over his head and he didn’t have a scooby !!!!!

Ahhh, the good old days. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Big Audio Dynamite

Ange had to wait till his fifties for a chance at a really big club …Celtic gave him that chance. Ange strikes me as the kind of guy who would appreciate someone giving him the opportunity to pit his wits against the very best. He seems like a very genuine bloke.

I believe Ange thinks he can genuinely build something special here …a real football legacy he can be proud of.

We just fit each other 🍀🍀

Prestonpans bhoys

Hope the rumours about Ange signing a new contract are true. Good work by the smsm, instead of destabilising our manager hoping he would leave, may result in him staying even longer 😂


From John McGinley on Twitter.
Celtic revenue for June to December 2022 up 45.8% from 2021 to £76.5m as the club rakes in UEFA Champions League money.

Celtic say period end cash held after adjustments and borrowings is a remarkable £50.2m.

St tams

£50m in the bank , what is the point of that.
Spemd it and compete in CL

Could you please point out the nazis on CQN.


Tim Horton,
Apparently if you oppose the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, which I certainly do, then you are a Nazi.

Margaret McGill

Are you in Mossad?

Nazis on CQN

Mein Fuhrer! I can walk!

Jimbo formerly known as Dr Merkwrudigliebe

Ernie Lynch

Evening, chaps.

Yet another émigré/exile from CQN, a site now exhibiting all the signs of what happens when you leave the Saturday boy to run the shop.

For anyone interested I have been sine died from CQN for supposedly sending the Mod ‘not a very nice email’ immediately after having received a one day ban from him.

I had sent no email of any sort, nice or otherwise, to the Mod.

Later that evening I did email the site, pointing out that I hadn’t sent the email complained of, and that someone else must therefore be responsible for it.

I’ve had no response to that email.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that someone on CQN is engaging in personality disorder levels of deceit, malice and manipulation.

A strange way to live your life, but I suppose it takes all sorts.

Prestonpans bhoys

St Tams

It’s worse from the accounts statement “Period end net cash at bank was £59.2m (2021: £25.6m).”

16 roads

Speaking with a few of the Bhoys in work, told me that ticket demand for the Aberdeen game has been unprecedented.

Never seen anything like it, not even during the Martin O’Neill era, boats fully booked, some having travel over three days before the game.

The Ange Postecoglou effect.



Ernie. 6.53.
That’s poor that you were sine died, for something you didn’t do.
On a happier note you should enjoy it here.
I would imagine you would be familiar with most who post.
On an even happier note, for me this time, a Great Spotted Woodpecker was in my garden, on the feeder today, eating the Sunflower Hearts, it stayed for about 30 seconds.

Prestonpans bhoys


As I said on cqn, you shouldn’t have got the 24 hour ban in the first place!

Anyways……welcome aboard 👍