Fortunately for me, Friday happened to throw up some interesting snippets regarding our club of choice, and while I often don’t act before official confirmation I believe the occasion calls for some chat.
First news broke of an imminent long term contract for our Greek Australian leader, followed by a leak of the clubs half season financials.
To me both fall under the same banner, simply put they are both acts of protection in one way or another.
On Ange it’s easy to see the logic involved. He’s impressed more than just the Tims, his name is out there as quality manager who clubs in bigger leagues should take under consideration when the manager’s position is up for grabs. It’s easy to envision that reputation growing and eventually another top club in a more prestigious might decide he’s their man. It would take another top club to tempt him away but they are out there, and that’s how he leaves in my opinion. Onwards and upwards just like his team.
Tying him down is the best of both worlds,,,a 5 year contract on top of his current body of work is long enough to make a serious impact on the club itself and Europe if successful,,,
and of course it’s a lot more expensive for others to buy Ange after he’s signed a five year contract.
It’s also a free public relations victory, real good news to keep the positive flowing throughout Timland. I fully agree with the board’s decision here and with the green tinted specs on its best for Ange also.
The jump from his previous clubs to Celtic was big but not too big, however the jump from this level into the Premiership for instance is enormous. He’s never operated at the highest end of transfer market and hasn’t handled footballing and financial superstars.
It could go well given he would have high quality players to truly enact Angeball, but at that level you get punished when teams break on you. Same in the Champions League.
That’s why I believe it’s in his best interest to try and crack Europe, and learn from the experience.
Do you need two holding midfielders? Both wingers come inside? Etc etc. Learn from the occasional experiences at the cutting edge, before diving full time into the next level,,,that would be my advice.
Signing that deal protects everyone involved and I sincerely hope this one has legs.
Onto the clubs financials which look legitimate if not verified, and it’s clear the club itself has moved up a gear. It’s hardly surprising given the European income after the last reshuffle, but even still they read very well. For a club that only broke the hundred million mark not that long ago a hundred and a quarter (give or take) arrived quickly.
I must state well done to all involved but especially YOU as you helped create the atmosphere that fully appealed to the governing bodies when looking to fill slots. The club was in the right place at the right time once Russian clubs were booted, mostly due to the atmosphere in my book.
Parkhead for a big midweek European tie under the lights is truly something special, and never let the suits take credit for YOUR help in making it magical.
That’s the good news.
The bad news is the 50 million and change in the bank.
Look, if this cash were being stockpiled for a stadium rebuild or even that next generation indoor training park, it would have leaked by now.
That would be a free positive PR hit that would spin the board as geniuses, winning while saving.
It’s certainly not going to be spent on first team football operations, that’s apparent by the size of the possible warchest (unheard of in Scottish football) and the slowly but surely gathering of said funds.
Added to that I read informed opinion clubs don’t front up big bucks for stadium rebuilds unlike the average man buying a house, the anticipated income stream enables a long term mortgage. Tottenham for instance didn’t put a hundred million down payment on their new billion pound stadium.
Unfortunately I’m forced to conclude there’s bad news in the pipeline regarding the Celtic Boys Club case and a fund is being assembled for compensation purposes.
I view this big bank balance as another form of protection, should the club be held liable.
The custodians have a primary duty above all else, and that is to protect the club. I didn’t agree with their handling of protecting the club in 2012, but these acts of protection I could get onboard with.
Finally, Up The Hoops and let’s spank these Saints!
By Mahe

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I think you are on the right track in terms how the cash in bank will be used and I would welcome it being used in that way before there is any court ruling.

With CL entry more or less assured for foreseeable future as result of the quality of player we have and FSR removing what our rivals have consistently done by one means or another to reduce the risk of Celtic not qualifying, Celtic are in a good position to remove the child abuse thorn from our side.

Reading PL’s statement to Interims- a good while after I posted the Scotsman article for purposes of informing SC readers of UEFAs report – , I noted PL saying that with CL entry more or less assured, Celtic could enter the transfer market early a big reversal of Celtic’s policy under PL.

I guess the change from being run as a business to fund the football, to football to fund the business will take another couple of seasons to absorb, but all the signs are there. We’ll see.

Prestonpans bhoys


That’s a good read. In relation to hoarding cash for compensation does the PLC not have insurance policies covering all aspects ?

St tams

I thought they were hoarding the cash , as they were expecting another pandemic.
They’re certainly not spending it on upgrading the facilities at the stadium.



Delighted at suggestions that we are negotiating an improved and long-term deal with Ange. But it is all based on ONE text allegedly seen by Alan Brazil. I’m hopeful,but not counting any chickens yet.

As for the financials,they are excellent,no doubt about that. But our second half income will be much reduced,nearer break-even,as our income stream is heavily front loaded. As for the money burning a hole in our pockets,I doubt it is being hoarded. Just haven’t found a use for it yet-most of it was only declared yesterday!

As for future liabilities re Celtic Boys Club,I’m sure Employer Liability Insurance will be used. In which case,the insurers will be the people in charge of any defence. Which would explain the club’s continuing near-silence on the matter.


Is it only me or is it a coincidence that auldhied was posting facts and figures about how poorly other clubs finances are playing out.

Low and behold within a matter of hours we have celtic tell us all how well we have done.

Well done the res12 guys, this is a great success.

Perfect outcome 11k to a celtic charity,

Tell me I’m paranoid please do.

F### me it’s like joining the dots and half of you are drawing a crown, instead of a pile of shite.
It was a coincidence.

I had not looked at Celtic Interims although I saw they were out.

My purpose in posting the Scotsman articles was to inform SC readers that Rangers were lucky to meet the old FFP Break Even requirement and its FSR replacement means they will have to reduce their wage bill over 3 years or legitimately increase their football earnings.

UEFA have also strengthened the monitoring rules, which puts SFA under more scrutiny after licences granted to check on sustainability, something that Traverso commented on about clubs already domestically operating successfully. (Celtic have been for years)

Now if you think I am claiming the evidence provided to Traverso via Res12 and the UEFA Whistleblower site has played it’s part in bringing ” Rangers” to heel you are correctly connecting those dots.

When Celtic made the offer to pay for the legal costs after 2021 AGM and failure of CST to present the Resolution their members voted for at that AGM, which meant the end of seeking change via AGM process, should Celtic been told to shove it or was payment to Foundation in keeping with the buried spirit on which Celtic was founded?

What would you have done?


Lead up to cup final announce Angel 3/4yr deal with buy out option, wage rise / security for the boss, deflate the Huns/media and buy out clause to protect the club, especially if Ange starts making headway in Europe which I think is a distinct possibility, last season the majority of the team was their first venture into the CL so much better prepared for the next time (if we get there no chickens counted yet)

IniquitousIV 1.48

Would be my pleasure to have an ale or ten in the future if your in the vicinity 🙂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Scottish Cup Matchday to you all.
Its potentially (if other chores allow!) one of those Super Saturday things for me – EKFC v Dalbeattie Star at 3.00pm, stroll home then Celtic v St Mirren at 5.30pm. What’s not to like.


I mentioned Thomson Solicitors in a post yesterday evening. They are very good at what they do and are not publicity shy.

For me, as a person first and Celtic fan second, this is about truth and justice for victims.
Lawsuits, by their very nature, tend to focus on winners and losers. This should only be about truth and justice.

Appalling characters operated under the Celtic name, they knew full well the hopes and dreams of the boys in their charge. That could have been us.

A chance to wear the hoops, at any level, was a dream of mine. Didn’t happen. Those boys who did live the dream ended up in a living nightmare.

Do the decent thing Celtic and avoid these nightmares being re-lived in a courtroom.

Prestonpans bhoys


You’ll be amazed to learn that my bus is leaving this time at……….. 1pm 🙂

The last 9:30 start was a bit much even for our bhoys, think all 16 of us are going to the association 🍻🍺

Good morning all, the interims and the Court Case reminded me of this article I submitted almost 3 years ago…


GFTB 10.15
Where’s my invite?🤔

Awe Naw

Morally speaking when has Celtic PLC ever done the right thing ?

BRRB 10.42am

You are the man who never needs an invitation to anywhere

You’ll just be there 🙂

Craig 76


UEFA seem to mean business for clubs run on a unsustainable business plan.

Now I appreciate there is view UEFA dont mean it but they are now under threat and threat can change attitudes. Human nature, which I base my views on, not optimism.

Not the best of human nature , just the self protection mechanism that kicks in when any person or organisation feels threatened.

As aside I wonder if the enthusiastic praise for supporters by UEFA will help bring about one of the Tracey Crouch recommendation for increasing supporter involvement in football governance in Scotland.

A thing of beauty

I read the article you penned all those years ago. We are no further forward except we have £10m more in the bank than we did then. The fact is the victims are still not being heard and have no closure whilst we hide behind legal liability. We need to do the correct thing morally and support these men in anyway they see fit.
Crown Creighton for me and Paddys maw today. No scones, no lunch, no messing about. Just black rum and coke and plenty of it. Oh and irn bru for me, the driver!! Glad to see you bhoys and ghirls are having a sensible day oot!!


The legal vultures in the US and Australia are circling awaiting the verdict of the Celtic boys club civil action claim. Should the Club lose then there is a possibility of numerous multi-million dollar civil actions in relation to tours to the US and Australia of the boys club over many years when boys from those countries came into contact with the boys club coaches. It is also alleged that in one instance directors of Celtic traveled over to the US to speak with the police and an alleged victim’s parents. Morality aside Celtic and or its insurers have little option but to fight the case.

ATOB and Oglach…it’s a viper’s nest we’re in but it’s a viper’s nest of our own making. Not necessarily the current incumbents but responsibility lies with the Club. The debate/argument/discussion of Legal/Moral responsibility/liability will be fought out in the courts and Celtic can do nothing but present its case, hopefully honestly!
Maybe the £50m was indeed meant for non-fitba matters after all, not bonuses and emoluments!
Thoughts today with all victims of these bastards!


Mahe — some interesting stuff.
Not sure that I agree with it all.

Trying to be brief …

AP — didn’t know he is getting a 5 year contract.
If yes then we are telling the world that he will go but it will take BR money to get him.

My thoughts are that 3 years at P/head would be the tipping point — any more than 3 years would be a bonus and we are 20 months in at the moment. I think he will want another crack at Europe and you are not going to get that at LU next season. He is ambitious / driven / 57 — the curve ball is that his growth agenda might surprise both him and us as to where it ends up.

Good Euro campaign next year and we could all be be straining a gut — board / execs / PL excepted — to get to the next step and if that means the CL quarters are a credible target then AP ain’t going anywhere.

AP vs the EPL — I think you do him a disservice.
Some of the dross that they have taken onboard as a coach / manager is shocking.
How many appointments have their been where the first thought that comes to mind is WTF are they doing?
Consequently AP vs EPL = good fight with lots of punches.

Money: as noted I am not sure what the plan is?
Occams razor points to a shareholder wanting out or more probably a local tycoon wanting in.
Money in thee bank is cash in a shareholders pocket further down the line.

We were working this angle pre-CoViD19.
Now we are working the same angle post CoViD19.
There is a big hint in there somewhere.

22/23 revenue @ £120mill’ish — lower than my original £125mill target but the 4th place finish in the CL has hurt us at the £10mill mark where our form but lack of results hurt us regarding win bonuses and spring Euro football.

Going forward — £150mill is within our grasp.
29/30 target — £200mill definitely a goer.
In my eyes anyway.

To do that we need to play more football in front of a crowd.
Whether that is in G40 / AUS / Canada / 26 counties — not sure but worth an investigation.

Indoor training pitch — £3mill for the basic model / £5mill for mid range version with some seats.
B team / Ladies stadium — £5mill to upgrade Crownpoint / £10mill to build on the weedpatch in front of the Emirates.
Main stand rebuild / £100mill budget / better than the FMcC build = £20mill down possibly £30 mill for the SPL risk factor.
Other stuff is sponsorship / corporate debentures / lifetime seats / retail bond offering to the support.
4/5/6% coupon would generate some interest — feedback on this appreciated.

CBC angle — don’t buy it.
Fair point that with an Auld Reekie jury then anything is possible.
My abiding memory in the 70’s were that we were rationed regarding signing CBC players.
Couple of memories that choices had to be made — 2 players only per season.
Seemed to be the trade off — they could include the club in their name for the pick of the litter.

That is not the controlling mind that lawyer would love to show in court.
The six month cadence regarding lawyer led pre-packed press / publicity campaigns would suggest that the legal fight is not going his way.

Me — I would hope that the club would show leadership on this and get the full story out.
We should not be afraid of the truth — the issue is much bigger than the club / football in general.
The issues are still with us — the weak being preyed upon by the strong.
Magic circles / the in crowd — all preying on the marginal and the misguided.
We still have many battles to fight.

MAHE, Regarding Celtics good financial results,you said can’t see the board spending much on facilities etc,Well according to Hail Hail,and John McGinley Barrowfield Training Ground is to to upgraded for the Girls football players, everything has been planned,just waiting on the authorities giving the club the go ahead, seemingly since 2021 the council gave Celtic the ok,to do the essential with surveyors with the conditions of the land and sewage etc,which was approved,so the club are just waiting on the authorities rubber stamping it .

Morning all

I read Mahe and McCaff’s articles with sadness and unease. This story has been around for a long time – mid 80s there were rumours which one newspaper alluded to and to which Celtic ( F & A Co ltd) responded to before more specific allegations -some of which led eventually to convictions- were made in the summer of 1996. The story has never really gone away since.

I once met Torbett- outside Ibrox prior to the first derby of the Souness era- in the company of an old friend who had played for the Boys’ Club in the early 70s and JT struck me as being very full of himself and in with the bricks at Celtic. I also met a guy in Taupo in New Zealand in the 2000s who had played for the Boys Club and he was a) still a Celt and b) harrowing when talking of Cairney who had , to his disbelief, not long before been acquitted. And then we talked about Henrik and Lubo but it was an odd night.

I rlalso remember back in the early 80s it was stated by Celtic and accepted as fact by all that there was no formal connection between Celtic FAAC Ltd and the Boys Club and this was one of the main reasons Celtic had not been able to tie down several youngsters – Alan Brazil , Joe Miller and John Collins I think- who had played for the Boys Club ( which had several regional versions) but who were prospering for other teams at that time- irritatingly at a time whilst the quality of young player Celtic had on its books had dipped severely since the emergence of Paul McStay. I would doubt that even then I thought there was any legal documentation to back this up- why would there be? Businesses have relationships and enter into written binding contracts with other businesses but that does not make them the same businesses, but nor did it absolve one business from reporting wrong doings within the second business. 35-40 years ago I would have doubted there was any documentation which disproved that there was no formal connection between Celtic and Celtic Boys club. I still do.

And yet whilst I wonder what the actual strictly legal case the pursuers really have I have doubted that Celtic was handling this matter well- that this was purely a legal and financial matter to Celtic plc and it’s last but one CEO it often seemed. Naively perhaps, I have wondered why Celtic plc never established a goodwill fund from its cash reserves and simply made an offer to victims- accepting and firnly stressing no strict legal responsibility but because it was not good enough to say Celtic had no moral duty. It might have been a big financial hit and the publicity horrendous, but it would be in the past now- we might be doing quite well on the pitch but the future for Celtic could be worse than anything we can imagine at the moment. And then there might be no Celtic.



Testing / testing / testing …

TB10 @ 1.04

Good link on the rigid tent going in at Barrowfield.



BRRB 10.42am

You are the man who never needs an invitation to anywhere

You’ll just be there 🙂
Gerry, you owe me a keyboard. Coffee spluttered all over it.
Really made me chuckle.
I’d love BBRB to be there, although I couldn’t keep up with him.😊

Margaret McGill

A £50m+ Pedo fund? A Lawwell squirrel if ever I heard one

Just a thought Mags, nothing more nothing less!


Would like to see Kobayashi, Iwata, and Oh, all start this afternoon. Plenty of safety net on the bench if game doesn’t go to plan.
Will be a tad disappointed if it’s the usual suspects who start.
There is nothing to fear from the journeymen from Paisley.

JimDom…it’s an important SC Cup tie, there is nothing to be scared of but they can be tricky. St Mirren under Robinson have done okay this season and shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

St tams

Would like to see quite a few changes today.
With, Kobayashi, Iwata, Oh and Haksabanovic all starting.
Cups are important, but not nearly as much as the league

A thing of beauty

I’d like to see changes today too. Haksabanovic and Oh please. I heard on the cynic this week that Iwata wasn’t exactly bursting with confidence on his chances of replacing Calmac. Spoke very highly of our captain and what he brings to the side, things that he does not possess as a purely defensive midfielder. He’ll need to learn them quick because I can’t see Ange playing with a Lennon type def mid in Scotland and if he’s not getting game time he won’t step in to European games. I think it will be next season before we see Iwata.


The two St Mirren front men are both physical and have an eye for goal.

Not a game to start with a changed CB pairing.

Turnbull for Hatate … only change

St tams

In only making one change.
Makes me think that Ange doesn’t actually trust some of the squad to start yet .
Which is dissapointing.


Toney scores again today. 3rd top scorer, behind only Haaland and Kane.


A thing of beauty
I’d like to see changes today too. Haksabanovic and Oh please.

Spot on, been dying to see Haksabanovic get a proper run since he arrived. Now feel the same about Oh. They would terrorise Scottish teams.


Comeback of the day for Dunfermline.
3.0 down, away to Airdrie, with 30 mins left.
They have just won 4.3.
At least 4 non Premiership teams into the last 8 of Scottish Cup.
Inverness, Raith, Ayr/Elgin ( currently extra time being played ), Ayr leading 2.1 and Darvel or Falkirk playing on Monday.
A long shot but maybe Patrick Thistle could make it 5. 😁😁
Currently Hearts and Kilmarnock through from SPFL, they will be joined by Celtic/ St Mirren and maybe Sevco, if they can overcome Patrick Thistle.
Of course Inverness were knocked out in the previous round, by Queens Park, who were then thrown out for fielding an ineligible player.
Inverness have taken advantage of that by thumping Livvy on their shitty plastic pitch.



I think Haksabanovic is a terrific player. Long overdue an extended run. But who to rest/drop?

Nice problem to have. But not always for the player losing out.


With regards Oh.
Ange said last week, that it would be a few weeks until Oh was ready to play a full 90 mins.



Maybe Lawwell refused to sign Ivan Toney because he thought he might be Alex Tonev’s young brother?

Craig 76

Craig 76


That link was heavy on virus warnings. Apologies if you used it.


If Taylor would pass the ball rather than running with it, we would progress faster.


How unlucky is Maeda?


Kyogo fouled by Baccus. McLean ignores it.


The Australian clearly trips him. Jerk McLean says play on.

St tams

Abada !!!

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