What a weekend!

After a weekend extraordinaire it’s easy to see why it would be hard to walk away from Scottish football altogether.
In some ways it was a routine set of fixtures in that the big two won and there was (again) officiating controversy, but that doesn’t tell half the story. Scottish football is a living breathing soap opera with weekly twists and turns, a plot ridden whodunnit, with occasional instances of amazement. You couldn’t script it, and so the weekend proved.


Firstly the Bhoys spanked the Saints mostly late on in the game and that’s very much by design, the subs were deadly.
Oh poached a goal and celebrated his heart out, he’s clearly delighted to be here and the little boost of confidence is most welcome as he will probably lead the line for the next game. Matt contributed, and that’s exactly what he must do in order to start again.
Another squad member must step up to the plate, Bernabei, and I hope he takes this chance to impress for he won’t get many more.
The team did the job which was tougher than expected but ultimately cream rises and this team just love late goals.
Test passed, again.


The biggest talking point (online at least) was Ange’s future, primarily around his ‘anything can happen’ comment.
That’s a fact in life and football and if we are going to get upset about facts there would be little time for happiness.
Anything may well be a long term contract.
It did occur to me the gaffer looked a bit under the weather and that cough is persistent.


Onto Sunday and history was made.



I am amazed, infact staggered, that I am forced to write the following words.
Well done most of The Rangers for your display of sporting integrity.


Firstly the sporting standpoint,,
it reminded me of the Republic of Ireland vs France when Thierry Henry did a Goldson in our box then scored.
It was a travesty to say the least, and at the time I thought common sense would prevail and the French team would ‘gift’ Ireland a goal in return.
Those bassas kicked off as soon as possible to avoid that scenario.


When a goal results from poor sportsmanship it should be common courtesy to return the favour, but courtesy is often tossed aside in the cutthroat world of professional football.
Those rare occasions it arises should rightfully be praised and would expect that teams supporters endorse the fair play.
That expectation was misplaced, the decision has been unpopular to say the least. I like to imagine if the equivalent happened at Parkhead the home crowd would applaud the reciprocating goal, I know I would.


And so I’m once again forced to type words I never believed would come from these fingers,,,
thank goodness for Beale!
He made the call, not the Captain, but the manager gave the ultimate instruction, understandable.
I ask myself would any of the previous managers of The Rangers have made the same decision?
Ally, Walter, ‘Eck, no bloody chance. They would have hidden behind the officials decision and said talk to him!
Gerrard the same.


However lets hope there’s intense focus on the quite incredible fact one of the SFA’s cup entrants were forced to undo their referee’s blunder by conceding a goal, so bad was the mistake. That is shocking and once again proves the referees and the governing bodies who permit/select them are inept.


It’s also very ironic the club who gets the most protection from refs had to give up the ultimate on-field sanction for them,,but it shows no one is exempt from the ineptitude of the whistlers and/or VAR.


Reaction during the week from all parties shall make for interesting reading. Speaking of reaction I did state most of the The Rangers,, that pure piece of trash McGregor should get benched for his immature and against instructions antics.


What a weekend folks. No wonder them turnstiles are a’ringin’.


By Mahe

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Good evening, friends.
In the end it was another convincing win. St Mirren played very well for 75 minutes but without troubling Joe Hart at all. But the correct decision to award the penalty and the red card was the trigger for a really scintillating last 20 minutes. And with our 4 second half goals all coming from our substitutes there was further evidence that it really is a 16-man game now.
The best goal was saved till last with Reo and Liel performing one of the longest one-two’s that I can remember. Watch Reo pointing for the return about 2 seconds after he made his pass.
Domestically we have now played 30, winning 28, drawing 1 and losing 1, scoring 98 and conceding 20.
Thanks very much to the 58 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –
Hart: 0
Johnston*: 10
Carter-Vickers*: 56
Starfelt: 8
Taylor*: 5
McGregor: 4
Turnbull: 0
Mooy: 4
Jota: 1
Kyogo: 1
Maeda: 36
Abada: 5
Hatate: 40
O’Riley: 1
Oh: 1
Haksabanovic: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against St Mirren are –
Carter-Vickers – 5 pts
Hatate – 4 pts
Maeda – 3 pts
Johnston – 2 pts
Taylor and Starfelt – 1 pt

And after 36 games the overall standings are as shown below –
77 points – Hatate
55 points – Carter-Vickers
45 points – Jota
43 points – Taylor
42 points – Mooy
35 points – McGregor
33 points – Kyogo
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – Abada and Maeda
22 points – Jenz
15 points – Haksabanovic and Starfelt
13 points – Giakoumakis and Juranovic
10 points – Johnston and Ralston
9 points – Bernabei and Welsh
8 points – Forrest
7 points – Hart
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Kobayashi
0 points – Abildgaard, Iwata, Lawal, McCarthy, Oh, Siegrist and Vata

Our next game is in just 6 sleeps time; a Saturday 3.00pm home league game when we entertain Aberdeen. At the same kick off time our closest rivals travel to Livingston. Potentially an exciting wee afternoon.
Hail Hail!



My comment from last topic, relevant to your penultimate paragraph.
A large minority share McGregor’s stance.

Since it’s quiet on here thought I’d share this. Enjoying the Huns existential angst.
Trouble ahead ?
They are Bealin’ down Ibrox way.

A blog poll – “Shocking decision by Beale for that goal- Correct thing to do?
Yes 58%
No 42%.

Some Bears aren’t impressed with Beale playing the good guy.
And that’s after they won!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
There’s a wee typo in my results post – Taylor actually received 8 votes, not 5 which is why he was tied for 5th place with Starfelt. Well spotted, JimmyNotPaul 😉

Jobo Baldie

Just had a wee lightbulb moment. Wasnt there a Celtic v Motherwell game, might even have been Brendan Rodgers last game in charge, where Celtic expected the ball back from a Motherwell throw in but the guy ran down the wing and scored? There was no “fair play” that day!


Lawwell’s mouthpiece Jackson spouting off about Ange in his rag again?
Should we be wary?
Scottish football well past the point of parody with officiating and governing body.
In England talk of punishing VAR officials over goal by Brentford v Arsenal as they clearly got it wrong by using selective judgment .
Here they have probably received a hearty handshake and a few beers down at their favorite watering holes for their selectivity.
On Saturday much wailing and gnashing of teeth that Saints player sent off at penalty when ref was only applying law as it is written.
No such inquest on VAR agreeing with refs huns penalty decision when it was clearly a foul outside the box if at all?
As their desperation is becoming clearer the farce will grow bigger.
The League Cup Final will be a monumental task for Celtic to win as the cheating will be off the radar.



If Lawwell is undermining our on field success behind the scenes I reckon we will know soon enough.
Ange is no naive RD, NL patsy or BR looking for his big time Charlie move back to the only place he wanted to be. He may well tell it like it is if his affection for the support is as genuine as it certainly appears.
No NDA handcuffs for him.

I agree, the Cup Final will bring their black arts to
the fore.
Kent, Tillman, Morelos will hit the ground at every opportunity. And VAR will be forensically used against us.

St tams

Jobo, you are correct.
It was against Motherwell. The player I’m sure was James Scott


I listened last night to Sportscene where that little rat McCann was justifying all and everything that Tillman did to score when basically he dived into the box for the missed pen – faked a serious injury to break up play and miraculously recovered to sprint at the guy who was clearly giving the ball back to Sevco then sprinted through to score. McCann dsays he didnt know that the ball had gone out of play. What absolute bs. Players all know whats going on. He was cheating and was caught out. I cannot abide cheats at the best of times but thats on a different level . Why did none of his so called team mates call for the ball and stop the game. Because like him they are all the same.

Big Audio Dynamite

Beale done the right thing? Did he, aye? Are you not supposed to do that?

He’s still a Hun!

Jobo Baldie

Big Audio Dynamite – great point! Why do we highlight someone who “did the tight thing” as if that’s unusual. Shouldn’t we concentrate more on the player who “did the wrong thing”?


Not sure I am getting all this AP negativity.
Not sure I am getting all the worry about what would happen if he left?

AP has broadened our horizons as well as delivering big time regarding a growth agenda.
When he leaves — three years plus would be my hope — then he has shown the way regarding who we need.

Lots of good managers out there / well out if sight of the EPL.
No need to go local / go well ken’t face — the collapse / implosion of NL2 surely has put a stop to PL’s brain farts having any credibility in this field or hopefully any other.

Big 4 months coming up but we are in a good place to deliver success and set ourselves up for an even better season starting in Aug. I think that AP want’s to do Europe properly and that is not going to be on the agenda regarding the EPL jobs on offer.

Regarding the future — waiting for DD to sell up is my best guess / best hope.
Not sure if he is waiting on the details of the much rumoured ESL Mk2 to crawl out from underneath a stone.
If it is to his advantage — one of the 80 golden tickets — then he will cash in as all good arbitrage merchants always do when things go in their favour.

Bit conflicted …

Us into the EPL — not a fan of this at all.
Selling our soul for mid table TV money / No Euro football / the redneck republican element of the away support would have a field day at our expense. Plus would we leave anything behind in the SPL?

Us into the ESL Mk2 — not a fan but better than the EPL alternative.
Closed shop angle to keep RM / Barca credible in the coming world of football — bullies looking for social work support more like.
Hoovering up TV money at the expense of the rest of Euro football — it has tyhe potential to the EPL on steroids.
However better than the EPL.

The main thing is that we will be able to face the future with confidence if we make the most of who we are / what we have got.
So AP and your growth agenda — I salute you.

Finally — just what should we do with the £10mill compo money?
Surely we can invest it locally to improve some aspect of the club?
Sticking it in the bank is just an admission that the board are only there for a jolly.

Brentford bloke vs Fridge Magnet — discuss.

bada bing1

Watched the huns game in the pub,when Beale made the call,the Tims amongst us had a spontaneous round of applause, for the sporting gesture,maybe that’s why the huns are revolting, they’re only happy when they are hating.


From BBC Website.
John Brooks has been replaced as the VAR operator for Liverpool’s game against Everton on Monday and Arsenal’s game with Manchester City on Wednesday.

Brooks made a mistake when he was in charge of VAR for Brighton’s 1-1 draw at Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Brighton had a goal disallowed for offside after the VAR guidelines were wrongly drawn.

Andre Marriner will replace Brooks on Monday, while David Coote will assume VAR duties on Wednesday.

Howard Webb, chief of referees’ body PGMOL, has called a meeting for Premier League referees to discuss mistakes in the use of VAR this weekend.

The former World Cup final referee has already rung Arsenal and Brighton to explain errors in their games.

VAR operator Lee Mason did not draw the guidelines to check for offside on Brentford’s equaliser against Arsenal.

Arsenal & Brighton: VAR mistakes due to ‘human error’
Ivan Toney’s 74th-minute goal was the subject of a VAR check by Mason following Ethan Pinnock’s challenge on Gunners defender Gabriel.

That incident was cleared but there was a suggestion Christian Norgaard was offside in the build-up.

However, Mason, who has moved on to dedicated VAR duties, did not use the system’s lines to check Norgaard’s position relative to Arsenal’s defenders.

In Brighton’s game at Selhurst Park, Pervis Estupinan’s strike on 32 minutes was disallowed after a VAR review deemed the Ecuadorian to be offside.

However, the offside line was wrongly drawn from James Tomkins rather than his fellow Palace defender Marc Guehi, who was stood in a deeper position and playing Estupinan onside.


You can tell Tillman knew what he was up to, as he runs clean through on goal, he looks behind him, to see if ref is allowing play to go on ( in my opinion ) a totally unnatural movement for someone clean through on goal.


Just popped in for a Monday Club read of SC while propped up against the puggy in Sharkey’s Intellectual Corner as my Jupiter sized hangover screams incessantly for a pint or two of ‘Cure’, and my mind wandered into the fanciful realm of just how Video Assisted Refereeing could revolutionise Scottish Football ….for the better…if it is developed properly….as follows…


The Rangers board, eyes popped wae fright,
As headlines shrieked …”VAR GETS THE NOD”
The chairman said… “feck! This is shite”
“This is no way to treat The FOD”

“Haud yer wheesht” the newsreel screamed
“there’s mair that has been stipulated”
“it’s worse than anything you’ve dreamed”
“The checks are gonnae be backdated”

“Aw naw” the board in concert wailed
“ What if they cover Legned’s years
“Our NINE might end up being curtailed
“Our sniggers drowned wae acid tears”

“Its worse than that…our club is smitten
reviews go back tae film’s invention
History’s tae be rewritten
And of the ‘gers’ there’s no’ a mention.”

Bigot songs all put on mute,
“Wee arra people” never screeched
Nae marching sash, nae squealing flute,
Nae suckers’ blood frae dumb-fecks leeched.

“Our years on earth a ripened boil
ANY trophy will be our furst!”
Our royal loyal, six feet ‘neath soil
The “fifty five” that plook is burst

But then appeared from hellish ash
A burnin’ soul that Satan fried
“Aw right Ah may have just been on the lash
“the fact is folk we feckin died”

“That chase I mentioned wisnae welcome,
We knew that wan day we’d be rumbled
But still oor fans “deif, daft an’ dumb”
Donated cash and never grumbled.

“They’d clearly misconstrued the score
and thought ‘all’s well’, but here’s the gen
Those letters on my hellish door
Spelt ‘S-lied’ not ‘S-truth’ … We’re Deid!…AMEN!”

“An’ whit is worse” the suits wailed greetin’
“The pawn shop’s deemed ‘nae mair a lender’..
“We cannae pay for lights or heatin’
“It’s time to cry….. ‘Aye…WE SURRENDER’..”

Right….OK Mags, Jist wan mair hen!!!.Aw feck, wait a minute, Harry The Shark, Tolbooth Tony and Shotgun Shannon are on their way….Better make that 4 pints Mags.

Danny Mac 23


At least the English VAR people are open to assess and review.Continuous improvement requires self analysis with a view to the process evolving.Will not happen up here in our inclusive self and hun preservation environment.

Beale did not read the room,the hun win at all costs we arrow people >>> mantra will be explained to him I am sure.

His condescending we dont need a goal like that to beat Partick Thistle comment shows his arrogance and to me means if it was v the hoops he would not have made the call.

Can anyone remember his statement when he said we can bring on Colak if we need a penalty?

Might be a throwaway comment in terms of his ability to cause problems in the penalty area but I have a different interpretation.

Decent coach he maybe but under Slippy G I think there was a reason why he was not in front of the camera.


Danny Mac 1.10.
Also, if Scottish officials were dropped after making mistakes, there wouldn’t be enough to officiate the next set of fixtures.😂😂
Its a self preservation society, for them.
They are all working in full time professional jobs and enjoy the riches of being a part time official, when they can be one of the best paid that are actually on the pitch.
Livvy v Ross County, the part time ref would probably be highest paid.
Plumbers, joiners, brickies, labourers not welcome.

Prestonpans bhoys

I think a refs fee is between £800-£1000. Although there will be preparation time and post match stuff.

Sol kitts will know how much time is required but a good earner irrespective


Tilman knew exactly what he was doing, you can actually see Colak in the background shouting and waving his arms at him to stop him but he still carries on. On a separate note, when have you ever know a linesman to come out after the game and issue a statement that includes the line “We had a good Scottish Cup tie, it was six goals, competitive up until a sending-off that changed the nature of the game.”??



I had a chat with an SPL ref, pre-pandemic and your data on fees is, as one says, on the money. However, he indicated that expenses were generous, especially if you got a European game. One of his complaints was the short amount of notice that you got about which match you were reffing in Scotland.

He also indicated that both of the big clubs were very demanding.



I have no inside info on Ange’s situation w.r.t. jobs in England. On balance, I think he will be in no rush to leave during this season. Jobs with clubs like Leeds, Everton, Southampton crop up regularly so opportunities will always be there. I would not place too much weight on Ange’s standing with the fans. Sure, he will respect it, but he will know that a few bad results can change that mucho pronto. He has a duty to his family and career, or should that be the other way round?

Apart from the succession thing, should he leave, there is the serious effect on the squad. I would suspect that he will take Kyogo, Hatate, and one or two others with him. That will devastate the team.

Still I think we shall get a third season of of him, then…..probably a crisis.


Prestonpans bhoys


Just saw Ross on videocelts, you could agree that sending off and penalty stopped the game being competitive.

You can also argue if the guy hadn’t stopped a certain goal with his arm then that shot would have been in the back of the net and at 2:0 the game would have been uncompetitive too!!


Prestonpans bhoys

Sound points which I can’t and won’t disagree with, what I was trying (perhaps clumsily) to point out was when do you ever hear a linesman talk to the press? It’s akin to referees supervisors only finding their voices when we get a tight decision in our favour. Plus the unchallenged point is that said linesman is most definitely guilty as charged for being a c… 😉


Someone can fact check me here but I’m pretty sure playing right footed centre backs on the left side has now cost us four penalties (3xStarfelt and 1xJenz). Thankfully it’s not seriously cost us but having a defender swing their wrong foot across an attacker is eventually going to cost us points or a cup. I can’t be alone on wanting Kobayashi to get a run? I believe it would also bring out the best in Taylor. Thoughts?


From Oct 22.
How much do Scottish referees get paid?
Premiership fee per match:

Ref: £850. Asst Ref (including VAR) £450. All get 45p a mile for expenses.

Championship fee per match:

Ref: £500. Asst Ref: £250. All get 45p a mile for expenses.

League 1 fee per match:

Ref: £320. Asst Ref: £160. All get 45p a mile for expenses.

League 2 fee per match:

Re: £260. Asst Ref: £120. All get 45p a mile for expenses.

Those Scottish refs officiating in UEFA competitions such as Willie Collum and John Beaton earn much more and can expect to collect between £2,500 and £7,000 per game, according to Surprise Sports.


Video from North Curve, Saturday
Anti-Tory Glasgow Celtic https://t.co/WqDKRWOpck


Totally agree re left sided centre back.
I thought Jenz was a much better prospect than Starfelt. I know Starfelt is a decent defender but I get the jitters every time he has the ball at his feet and he has cost us penalties.
From the limited amount I’ve seen of Kobayashi I think he would be the ideal partner for CCV.

Prestonpans bhoys


Thanks for the fee & expenses stuff. So a Lanarkshire ref, say from Hamilton going to Dingwall, would get £850 plus milage return 366*.45=£164.70. A grand and more if they have to stay overnight.

As for the European stuff, you can see why they wanted var in asap. You wouldn’t get that gig if the home association didn’t have var 🙄

St tams

Agree, re.Starfelt.
As well as being unable to use his left foot.
He is one of the most uncomfortable players on the ball, that I have ever seen.
In the semi final against Kilmarnock.
They allowed him to have loads of the ball , as he didn’t have a clue what to do with.
Would like to see Kobayashi as a regular before the end of the season.


P.B. 4.53.
Douglas Ross, anytime he officiates in the Central Belt, that’s a fair bit of mileage from Moray.
You are spot on about Europe and the rush for VAR.


1) Ange and Celtic.

If Liverpool were to sack Klopp tomorrow and offer the job to Ange I would expect him to take it.
He’s a professional football manager and he would be within his own right to put himself first.

2) Qatari football club ownership.

If PSG’s owners get the go ahead from UEFA to buy Man Utd, then European football as we know it will simply become a cartel.


I believe Bobby Charlton has just passed away. Great player .

big packy

EVENING ALL AND JIM, i agree with everything frodshanbhoy says, he is taller than me, but most of the posters on here are, wee joan is only 5 foot 2, and im not that much bigger,,another true story.LOL 😂 👍 frodshambhoy if your lurking any update on the patter of tiny feet, you know what i mean👍

big packy

AH bobby Charlton seen him play against celtic in 1966/67 in a friendly at parkhead, roasting hot day we won 4-1 if i remember my lasting memory of bobby charlton ,he got the ball about 35 yards out hit a shot and it just skimmed the crossbar,, im privileged to have seen him in the flesh, RIP BOBBY

No time for that banner regarding Ross the use of the word c**t seems commonplace back home and i have no time for it…………now wanker would be appropiate.

Prestonpans bhoys

Hertz away in the cup


P.B. 5.42.
Both men’s and women’s teams away to Hearts in last 8.

Prestonpans bhoys


Was hoping for the huns at CP. Wonder if that arse of a hertz manager will play the same formation against us as the one he picked against the huns !


Im in the Ring o Bells wetting the baby’s head. Again. Wee baby Alfie was born on Thursday by emergency caesarean. All a bit of a panic but everything is fine now.
Thanks for asking.
Off to Tenerife on Wednesday. Will catch up when we get back.
Hail Hail


P.B. 5.48
As you know not a chance.
He is an erse, indeed, there was a time when, as a player, he stayed relatively close to me, he was obviously in the plush part and I was in the plebs bit.
He never hid his admiration for Rangers. He was a Paisley boy, when he was younger.
I heard he moved, as it was too close to Renfrew and McCaff. 😂😂😂😂


Frodshambhoy. 5.51
Congratulations on your news, I’m sure you’re looking forward to creating loads of happy memories with Alfie, once you return from Tenerife.
Have a blast.


Thank you ✅
Barman in Ring o Bells in Frodsham is a Hearts fan.
He’s raging at the draw. Reckons Scottish fitba is fixed. 😁😁😁
That’s a true story BTW

big packy

FRODSHAMBHOY GREAT NEWS ,enjoy Tenerife 👍 went there once it was closed🤩🤩


Big Packy, everywhere you go is closed.
Have you ever thought the locals were trying to tell you something 😁😂😂😂😂

big packy

FRODSHAMBHOY, yes every time i go down to solkitts house in essex its always closed,🤩🤩

A thing of beauty

Frodsham bhoy,
Congratulations on the arrival of your grandson Alfie. More head wetting in Tenerife next week I suggest.
I’m curious. I can only see BP referring to Bobby Charlton as a player then you reference him and say he never hid his admiration of rangers. Please tell me I’m getting my wires crossed.
As for others wanting to see Koboyashi. I agree in that I have been crying out for a left sided centre half for as long as I can remember. But and there is always a but, Starfelt and CCV have not lost a league game in a long, long time so changing that pairing would be harsh on Starfelt. I agree though that teams are happy to leave him with the ball as he is a very poor player when it comes to passing and travelling with the ball. I don’t think they’d have the same option with Koboyashi.

Sol Kitts

Huns get a home draw. Whodda thunk it?

JNP…us Renfrew Tims are a minority in the Royal Burgh, there’s covert and overt sectarianism here as everywhere in this Best Wee Country.
My uncle John, sadly gone at the end of last year was an overt Tim, took all their crap and gave it back in spades. One lasting memory is the Red Hand (a marigold glove) filled with dog shit and posted thru his letterbox!
It was a few years ago now, early/mid 80s, but you’re guaranteed he repaid them! He never said anything but you know he did!!
I like to think the wee toon has come on a bit since then but I was disabused of that notion when we were discussing colours for the new kit for the wee man’s team a few years ago. When I suggested green as it’s not too common in the league, red, blue, black , yellow etc being most prominent, you’d think I’d suggested Independence was a good idea and No Loyalty to the Crown an even better one! 😳😁

Danny Mac 23


I think with Koboyashi,Iwata and Oh Ange is ensuring they know and get the system he has instilled before giving them extended game time.

I agree Starfelt looks uncomfortable and ungainly in possession and awkward stepping up into midfield but he can certainly defend.

Think Bobby Charlton was more hoops minded than the Forces of darkness but JnP can put me right.Wont be the first time.

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