No Kyogo,So-Oh!!!


Tomorrow sees us host Aberdeen,who finally got a win in their last match after nine successive defeats. That it was against Motherwell,another side in freefall who fired their manager Stevie Hamill after crashing in the cup to Raith Rovers,is hardly enough to suggest that their fortunes may be on the turn,but we should be wary of them regardless. It seldom pays to treat the opposition too lightly,a recurring fact in football.

Despite the fact that we are in the middle of February,a week or so before payday and suffering the usual Baltic weather conditions,the game is a sell-out,quite a remarkable achievement in these straitened times. This should not be sniffed at,for Celtic Park can be a somewhat inhospitable place as we have discussed on here only this week. We don’t all have access to the heated seats,you know!

Getting the formalities out of the way,it is Collum and Newlands for us at Celtic Park,with Dickinson and Dallas for the huns at Livingston. Maybe one of these days we can stop checking who the referee etc are,for after all the whole point of being a match official is to run the game in a professional,firm and unobtrusive manner-is it not?

LMAO,try expecting that in Scotland. Such an approach would never be tolerated!

Anyway,we can cross that bridge when we come to it. There are three points up for grabs,same as every other match. Except,this one comes with just that little bit of added complication. Namely,that of our opponents next week. The last thing we want is for our any of our players to pick up any kind of injury which might threaten Ange’s well-laid plans for the Cup Final. But yet,we must take each game one at a time. 

I’m not suggesting for one second that we should be concentrating tomorrow on anything except the three points. That rarely ends well,you might as well put your boots on the wrong feet if you are not 100% committed to the fray. And there is little point in thinking that we can ease off if we get,say,a three goal lead-as I expect that at least a few of our opponents will be at their hammer-throwing best for the full 90+ minutes. Even if it’s only in an attempt to keep warm!

No,AP will remind them of his favourite three word mantra. We don’t stop. But having said that,is there a case for resting one or two of our stars? No-one in our side is irreplaceable,and we have options in every position. That,after all,has always been one of our strengths,the way we can mix and match our personnel,bring on our five subs in our usual sixteen man game plan. But there are still a few players in the side whom we would struggle to cover if they were injured-mainly because of injuries to their replacements already,or because they themselves are virtually ever-present,playing every week. 

No names,you will know them yourself without me having to tell you. 

Yet one of those names will definitely not be playing as he too is currently injured. Our talismanic striker,Kyogo,picked up an early injury last week and is already struggling to make it for next week. He certainly won’t feature tomorrow,and to be honest,unless he is 100% fit,I wouldn’t start him next week either. You,on the other hand,may disagree. Kyoto’s untimely mishap offered our new Korean striker Oh!!! more minutes on the pitch than Ange had envisaged,and he made good use of them. He looked sharp,swift,strong and scared of nothing! He struck me as the type who will run through brick walls to get what he wants-which is to get on the end of a pass or cross and belt it one. Yes,he looked the part to these eyes,and took his goal very well. 

He might not give defenders the fear in the way that Kyogo does,but that is because they haven’t been paying attention. He’s every bit as tenacious,and has the impatience of youth too. And Oh Bhoy is he fast! So there is one of my starting eleven,but who will partner him up front? Well,if Ange sticks to his usual plan of bringing on a central striker as a sub,there is no start for Maeda. And while he may be a Duracell Bunny,a wee rest and cameo role in the last twenty minutes will probably do him the power of good. Time then for Abada and Haksabanovic to play from the start? Hmmm,for me it is.

Our middle three could maybe do with a shake up,yet AP tried that last week,resting Reo in favour of a start for DT. The latter hardly seized his moment,while Reo was damn near faultless when he came on. Mooy seemed to struggle in the first half,but everyone can have a bad game and he should get the first hour. CalMac was left with a bit to do as a result,but his game improved when Reo and Matt arrived on the scene to take some weight off his shoulders. Difficult one,but it’s CalMac,Reo and Mooy for me. 

Now we come to the really awkward part of the pitch. The one where I think we will struggle if any of them are injured. I hate even mentioning the possibility,but we have to face the facts here. But which if any of them do we rest up? Can we afford,in fact,to do so? Should we simply play our trusted five,and just go for it? That,I think,is the most likely prospect,but Ange will be watching them closely for even the slightest twinge during the match. He’s no fool,and we know that. It’s a matter of risk management,and he will have weighed it all up beforehand. 

Come 5pm tomorrow,I want the three points on the board. So do we all. I want an unscathed and healthy squad,fit and fired up for next week. I want the match to be refereed in a professional,firm and unobtrusive manner too,but I’ll settle for the first two. After all,miracles take time.

Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY competition.

Margaret McGill

Bobby and Mahe
Your dedication to SC is phenomenal
Love you guys


With Barry Robson in charge, Aberdeen will be competing for every ball, and probably making the odd tasty tackle, but I don’t think they’ll try to boot us off the park. How will they play? I think they’ll have a go and try to attack when possible.
If we turn up on the day, the score could be anything, no matter how they play. That’s why Ange always says his job is to prepare his team for each game. Nothing else. Everything else falls into line if he gets that right. He can then swat away all the inane questions from the Huns with laptops as his teams execute his plan nearly every week. The table doesn’t lie. We are headed for our highest ever goals scored tally, and maybe points total too.
We can offer Ange advice on team selection but I’m ok with whatever team he selects. Ange has exceeded all expectations. The Huns are in shock at our spectacular improvement in 18 months. Ange is box office. He’s an A lister. Getting linked to every job going, and generating positivity despite the media’s best efforts. And to think I went on record here, worrying about how he would handle the media. Remember that Australian TV clip with him having a shouting match with a shock jock? We can enjoy the spectacle of Beale’ pathetically trying to somehow match Ange, and making a total arse of himself. Philosopher and football raconteur. Lol.
It would be nice for us to see more of the new recruits, but Ange has stated firmly that team appearances are earned. Therefore these guys must have to show more in training to get onto the park. Who am I to argue? That’s what makes the journos at the press conferences look so stupid. His use of “mate” is just like the Glasgow “pal”. I’m lovin’ it!!
I’ve to contrast my pleasure with the actual fitba’ and Ange in the media with worry at how much further will our board go to save the Huns? They’re headed for the rocks again, this time under much more scrutiny and stricter UEFA rules. The SFA rules on how to deal with admin/liquidation are now more relaxed than I 2012, making a The the the Rangers easier to achieve. We’ll see.
My prediction for tomorrow: Celtic 3-0, Oh first goal.



If , as Auldheid asserts, we have been instrumental in support/ drafting of FSR why would we not ensure the protocols were stringently pursued? Against Huns or whomever?
It is sufficient for us to keep them financially hamstrung: keep them going but not allowing them to be 38 game competitive. As we know they will always be with us.

They are tettering again as the recent confetti issue and King shares debacle demonstrates. They need this league desperately.

The league cup is a mere bauble to give Beale credibility. Cup games are diversions.

We will need to be as good as we were back in September and last February to put the final beyond the influence of Walsh and Beaton.
On team ability I rate us 65/35 to win, on an unfair playing field 50/50.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post ornlurk on this fine site.
3 bits of writing that cheered me up over my breakfast read this morning – Bobby’s leader, GER57s post which coildn in itself have been a lead article and Mags’ acknowledgement at 12.54 that we do indeed have a great online meeting place and long may that continue.
My, I’ve woken up positive this morning. Maybe it’s the thought of a Saturday 3pm home sold out match day being only one big sleep away!

St tams

The most important game is tomorrow against Aberdeen. Everyone who is fit should be available for selection. If there was a case for resting anyone, it was last Saturday, as the league is the prize and cups are a bonus.
Once tomorrow’s game is finished, with hopefully 3 points in the bag, we can concentrate on next Sunday.



One game at a time — the time for experiments was last week.
So — for me — full speed ahead tomorrow with the best team available.

If KF is injured / shaken up then it should be DM starting through the middle with OH-g waiting on the wings.
The M/F offers it’s usual share of decisions and quandaries but with CMcG the captain then we have two places up for grabs — RH and AM would be my picks. However it was good to see MO’R look much more like it last week. Hopefully he has settled down and ready for the un in.

Big issues over the next couple of months is how to get AB moving forward / more consistent.
I think he needs time on the park to develop / mature but he has a mistake in him so it could hurt us.
Not sure if he is settling down with us but we need more from him next season.

Plus how do we get TI and YK into the team — we are not good enough to have players of this calibre sitting on the bench.
We need to improve our defence and M/F for next season and these would be players that can help us achieve this.
Hopefully they weren’t bought to add depth to the squad — the issue now has to be improvement for next season.

Sheep = tough game / BR will have them fully engaged — that was always his style and I don’t think it will change now.
We need an all action 45 minutes to get rid of the notion that their luck might be about to change.

Big Audio Dynamite

So, Michael Beale is furious?

We know …he’s a Hun!


16 roads

Only 8 more league games remaining, before the split.

A victory tomorrow would be fantastic, however nothing has been won yet therefore we take nothing for granted.

The one league fixture I’m confidently calling now is the final zombie game @ CP – VAR,MIBS, whatever – Celtic will obliterate the zombie outfit.

Forget about even money for the home win – yer looking at 8/11 at best, probably 4/6 or we could be as short as 4/7.

By all means invest, minus one or two goals though for value.


16 roads

F off Beale ya idiotic clown ye.🤡

Big Audio Dynamite

If I was Aberdeen chairman, I’d be doing all in my power to convince Gordon Strachan to take over. Not sure he can be arsed anymore, but I think he’d at least make them competitive again.

Would be good to see them back stuffing the Huns regularly.

Big Audio Dynamite

16roads, taking on big Chris in a verbal joust?

Haha, this should be fun!


Chat from the past couple of days.

All the positivity with the talk about crowds / sell outs at P/head in the middle of winter.
AP and his growth agenda delivering record T/O numbers and cash in the bank.
We are turning people away in their thousands.

Followed by the realisation last night of the importance of Euro football credibility.
Watching the games last night — like a starving Victorian urchin — through a frosted window at the feast within.
Very sore that we were not involved.

The positive angle for me is that AP seems to have this view — he wants to be in the mix.
The Irish Raj and the board have never been bothered about it in years gone by.
Only interested in counting the cash that the 6 autumn Euro games generated.

Here’s hoping we develop the squad we have over the rest of the season.
Get jiggy with it — in the transfer market at least — over the summer and be fully prep’ed for the autumn.

This week has shown the standards that we need to aim for.
Loads of smaller / second rank teams very competitive / iving a very good account of themselves..

If they can do it so can we.

The main issue is not talent / ability it is desire / appetite / belief.
We have the first group in spades but we lack the second group in Europe.


Phil posted this link on his latest post about referee appointments.
Basically tells us what we already know about England.
The article is from 2016. Wonder why the BBC still hasn’t asked the same questions in Scotland.


67 might be a favourite number for many on here,but not if you are a Bristol City fan. For that is the number of matches since they were last awarded a penalty!

AND they went 46 games without one previously!


I mind we went until 11 minutes before the end of the season before we got a penalty in 1990-91 (which was the 46th game that year plus a few from the season before) . But 1 in 113? Canny blame Crawford Allan for that stat. Although I am sure if I thought hard enough I could




Good points and similie for European football.
I think the main issue is not as you posit ( I think that is already there) but the development of players and a style of playing that leads to the first team.
I’m not sure we have it, or the personnel, right throughout the Club. We finished bottom of our youth section of the CL playing games on the artificial grass of second Airdrie. You could argue that the Quality Street Kids came through on Barrowfield but they did have excellent coaches, role models and Jock
A recent piece in the Athletic on Benfica youth and their philosophy was very interesting.
One of the longest continuously signed players at the Club is in the wilderness because we keep buying ( defenders). For long enough he was considered good enough but now isn’t.
I believe Ange is looking at this.


Last night watched a few Europa matches and one thing fairky apparent was how compact and positionally sound most teams at that level are,
No huge gaps for good opping onents to exploit.
This goes a long way in explain our European struggles as positionally without the ball we are scattered and reactionary at best.
Teams last night needed no reactionary panic when opponents had possession as they stuck to positional assignments .
Some great goals scored due to speed and movement.
Our problem is that in SPL our openness does not cost us as often as opponents are reticent and limited.
While SPL employs such limited coaches and permits thuggery as a substitute for skill it will always be difficult to bridge that gap in Europe.
Would like to see more attention paid to our players positioning and assignments without the ball in SPL with an eye on European readiness .

Gordon64 A fan initiated campaign to transform The Celtic End into a safe standing section



“Would like to see more attention paid to our players positioning and assignments without the ball in SPL with an eye on European readiness .”

I take your point but our 70% plus weekly possession rate kinda renders this point moot.
The time we are without the ball is sporadic and very rarely means we are under any sustained pressure, unlike Europe where we can be at the receiving end of 65/60%.
We are simply not tested enough and positioning versus Scottish opponents is unlikely to make us battle ready for serious challenges from superior players.

Our biggest issue was converting shots on target to goals. Against RM at home we had 4 to their 6 and look how that turned out.

It is an interesting quandary- how do we close the door middle to back without curtailing our effectiveness in at least getting shots on target, if not goals scored.


Our SD away performance was of a decent quality. The template for Europe.
Greater possession 56%, that should have seen us convert more than one goal from six shots on target.
Our failing that led to missing out playing Rennes last night.

16 roads

Big Audio Dynamite

16roads, taking on big Chris in a verbal joust?

Haha, this should be fun!

February 17, 2023 10:12 am


I refuse to engage with imbeciles such as Beale.

Total and absolute nightmare the bloke is – spewing spontaneous nonsense on a daily basis.

Stupider than Warburton & Murty combined.

HH. 😵‍💫



I doubt the GB will give up “their territory” easily. Not sure there is sufficient call for a standing area of that size either if it involves rail seating.

bada bing1

I take it, Beale paid in to watch Chris Sutton play? Absolute clown,trying to get the hun hordes onside, as the vast majority didn’t agree with the gesture v Thistle, they still prefer no one likes us etc


Gordon 64

Got that message from a guy in my supporters bus this morning and was going to pass on but had a few personal matters to deal with so you beat me to the punch.

First off f I’d say I think it’s not a bad idea – and not just because it might mean that git with the megaphone moving further away from me. If the club consulted the German clubs who’ve lived with mixed seating standing/seating stadia for years now we might learn how to rebuild things so that it does not have to be the rail seating and which would actually increase capacity for domestic games by several thousand.

But I cannot see it happening. I doubt the council or governments of whatever stripe would be keen on the idea of something which would to all intents and purposes be a terracing as we knew them. As Celtic cannot even put hot water in the toilets for us plebs I doubt that the plc would be keen on spending money on something that is not going to increase income by all that much. Factor in that the Celtic End/Jock Stein Stand has a lot of executive/sponsor boxes and comfy seats whose users probably wouldn’t fancy their view being obscured by folk standing directly in front of them then this, sadly I’d say, a non-starter.



Not often you see a match where a home win, away win and a draw are all odds against. Seems no-one can predict Everton v Leeds

Big Audio Dynamite

16 roads, a Hun manager that touchy? Hmmm, I don’t see this ending well for the nugget.
Big Chris loves all this stuff. The big man will eviscerate him.

And btw, I’d be worried if Ange was that easy to get at.

bada bing1

Kyogo trained today


While not converting our chances was a major issue conceding goals was even more of one.
Real Madrid was proof of such.
Not asking we curtail our attacking spirit just thinking a different approach when we lose possession rather than the wild goose chase with a more cohesive formation.
Positioning better would force opponents to beat us even in SPL instead of giving up chances.
For example in forthcoming final against huns we know the danger comes from long diagonal balls to edge of box so being more set and not so sporadic in spacing would make it more difficult for them to execute.
In recent game our over pursuing led them to bypass by hitting long balls allowing them access to our final third which makes it difficult as selective reffing once they ar in final third makes it harder for our defenders.


BMCUW 1.17.
The North Curve are helping promote it, so G.B. are on board with it.

The Celtic End

A campaign to transform the Jock Stein stand into an iconic standing area.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, great news!

Prestonpans bhoys

The possible extended seating area, what struck me straight away was is it safe on the top tier. It built to seat folk or stand not for 3000 pogoing up and down.

Reminds me of being in the top tier of the Apollo in the 70’s listening to the Stranglers. The stewards asked us to stop pogoing as the whole tier was moving. Pointless as no one listened 🕺🕺

Big Audio Dynamite

An open goal for a top class striker and WUM

Big Audio Dynamite
Big Audio Dynamite

Prestonpans bhoys,

One of my very first live gigs was the Stranglers at the Barrowland.
I don’t think my feet touched the ground till we were back out on the Gallowgate.


Big Audio Dynamite
Brilliant news.

It is great news.
I’d still like to see Oh start tomorrow. I think he has a lot to offer. More game time will benefit him.

Big Audio Dynamite

Frodshambhoy, I’m sure Ange said something about Oh being a few weeks away from 90 minute type fitness.
He also seems to really like Kyogo,, so if, as you’d expect, the we man says he feels good enough to start, then he will.
Oh looked sharp and clever at his goal, eh? I think the early signs are good 👍



If’s n maybe’s I know but our first half display v RM could have seen us a goal or two to the good and who knows?
I was in Warsaw for game two and we should have definitely won that evening.
Our Euro progress will be incremental and we can only expect what our quality of player can give v often superior opponents. It’s those on a par with us where we need to see progress.

I’d argue that what you describe is a personnel issue.
Which is why it would be useful to see what Iwata, Kobayashi bring to the table.
But until this league is secured I guess Ange will go with the tried n tested.


It’s not a personal issue for me just observational.
Last night it was obvious how consistent the teams positioning was with and without ball.
At that level there are a lot of individual players who can hurt you so a cohesive formation minimizes such.
Mudryk had the beating of JJ in both ties against Shaktar and JJ was too far off to slow him down .
He needed a teammates help but it was not forthcoming as Mudryk had acres of space to run at him.
When Chelsea signed him he terrorized Liverpool who have poor spacing when he came on.
In next game against Fulham who are a well organized side he struggled as there was no space to run into with his pace.


I’d argue that what you describe is a personnel issue.
Which is why it would be useful to see what Iwata, Kobayashi bring to the tab
For me Kobayashi was a stand out on his debut. Looked like a proper football player who could head the ball and defend. Terrific composure on the ball and spot on pass selection. Has the extras that Starfelt, good defender though he is, lacks.

I’ve also mentioned Haksabanovic on here many times. He brings urgency and pace to our attacks.

I can accept that Ange probably knows a bit more about the game and his squad than I do. He seems to be doing not bad so far😁

I do worry that very good players will not hang around if they only get 30 minutes or less every other week. That seemed to be Giakoumakis’ problem and it’s difficult to blame him.


Ange being his usual brilliant dismissive self today…



I was up your neck of the woods, at Brew 74.

It was a funeral, but decent space upstairs .



I don’t watch much EPL but take your point.
Less vaunted sides can nullify threats.

My point is Organisation works with better personnel.


Agree re Kobayashi, the little we have seen.
Haksa – need to see more of him too.

St tams

Prestonpans Bhoys
Was that the gig in 77, if it was , I was in the stalls.

St tams

Fan, you make a few really good points.
I said to a mate a few weeks when discussingour CL games, , that surely our coaching staff did their homework on Mudryk. But it certainly didn’t look like it.
It not about playing defensively. It’s about having a tighter midfield and reacting better when we loose possession

Agreed about Haksabanovic , Kobayashi and Iwata. They all should be getting more game time.

Prestonpans bhoys

St Tams
Sunday 7th October 1979 @7:30pm !!!

bada bing1

Leggy- that’s my local mate,good space upstairs HH


Had to laugh at Ange handing that journo his hat today. It’s probably the most tiresome part of the job-apart from fielding gibes about the refs after the match-but I think he looks forward to it,highlight of his week!


Anas Sarwar cracked a good one about Douglas Ross at conference today.

He was talking about Ross’s vacillating from Boris to anti-Boris, from Liz to anti-Liz and from pro-Rishi to ….

“Let’s go to VAR…. Douglas Ross is………… confused”