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All pretty much as it was in Scotland at the weekend. Celtic won,with neither help nor hindrance from VAR-bar the usual interminable wait for our four goals to clear. The huns won,with the aid of two rather dodgy decisions along the way. The first,a needless shirt tug in the box which,while clearly a penalty under the laws of the game,was definitely in that bracket of one that only the huns would get,while the second led to a red card,a free kick and a goal. 

It wasn’t even a free kick,as Roofe did a Brian Laudrup and left his leg trailing. I wonder if “Mr Why Are You So Good?” is in charge of some special training at Murray Park these days? Oooops,better not call it that. Brings back deeply repressed memories,I fear. 

On which,it was nice of the hun faithful on Saturday to publicly declare that they are indeed a new club,unfurling a banner celebrating their achievement of two trophies in those eleven years. Actually it is three,as they forgot their first ever trophy,the Petrofac Cup. I mean,I’m sure it is on their Wikipedia page and everything. Do some research,lads. 

What has changed over Ibrox way is that Chris Sutton has taken to squatting in Mick Beale’s head in the last few days or so. In fact,he’s moved in all the furniture,including a bed and a widescreen telly. Settling down for the long run and making himself very comfortable indeed. And all over a silly remark from Beale at a press conference,designed to show the hordes how strong and in control he is. All necessitated by the vilification he received from those same fans for allowing Tillman’s piece of cheating to be cancelled by a Thistle equaliser the other week. 

The Evil Genius is going to have so much fun with this,and it will run and run. Sure,he’ll let it drop-then wheel it out again every so often,with perfect timing,just to needle him. That nickname might have been earned on the pitch,but he has carried it over into his post-playing career. Sit back and enjoy the fun,especially if Beale is stupid enough to open his trap again.

Meanwhile,Beaton was warming up for his stint in the VAR control room on Sunday by overturning his own decision of a yellow card to instead flash a red via VAR advice at Kilmarnock. I’m at a loss with this system,I really am. One very senior and highly respected former official down South was fired from his position as a VAR monitor last week. Gone,out the door,never to be seen again. Another,the ref in charge of that game,found himself downgraded and publicly shamed. Up here,everyone searches for reasons why a particular decision is actually correct,rather than asking the really searching question regarding consistency of those decisions for ALL teams and in ALL circumstances. 

As in-no matter the colour of a jersey that they or their opponents are wearing. 

And then,on a similar theme,came perhaps the highlight of the weekend. No,it wasn’t our display against Aberdeen,magnificent though it certainly was. It wasn’t even the belly laughs provided by the time-wasting Villa goalkeeper making a twat of himself-twice!-in the added time against Arsenal that he was almost solely responsible for. No,it was some nutter from Sevcoland phoning in to complain about the ratio of yellow cards for us and his own side. 

His reasoning is very simple,on the face of it. That the huns get a higher percentage of yellow cards awarded per free kick conceded than we do. Well,there are lies,damned lies and statistics. And then there is manipulation of those statistics to suit your own argument,such as has been done here. The question is not why we get so few yellow cards per free kick conceded,while they get so many. It is though something that we have spoken about on here frequently,and that is the sheer volume of free kicks awarded against us. 

Yes,we play a high press when we lose the ball,but that means that our domestic opponents rarely get the opportunity to break through it and attack. So,the ref blows for a non-existent free kick at the merest brush of an opponent,play is broken up,our opponents can lump the ball forward. We see it every week. 

We have around 75-80% possession in most games,yet we usually concede at least twice as many free kicks? While the huns possession/free kicks ratio is more aligned with what you might expect,they do tend to only be penalised for the more blatant ones. Therefore,a higher chance of a yellow.

Most of our “infringements” aren’t infringements at all,much less a yellow card. The radio caller in question needs to go and bile his heid,albeit it is tinfoil-wrapped and oven-ready. I could say that he did us all a favour by revealing these stats,thus giving us a reason to explain why they are total bollocks. And I should,really. Because no-one on that phone-in was brave enough to explain that to him,and to the wider audience. And like I said at the top of the article,

All pretty much as it was in Scotland at the weekend. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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I wouldn’t say Chris was squatting in Beale’s brain; Beale invited him in. Did he honestly think he could insult Chris through the media, and expect no comeback? Maybe he and his PR team, haha, thought Chris’s response would be angry, intemperate or offensive. Chris simply filleted him like the media professional he now is. Gotta love the Evil Genius.
One would think that our referees would want to up their game. The elite ones, ahem, must be missing out on lucrative, and prestigious, Euro and International gigs because they are so poorly thought of by FIFA and UEFA. All to soothe the hordes.


Bobby, the free kicks Celtic concede are for minor brushes with opponents who transform from Vinny Jones to Tom Daley in two seconds. Collum loves to stop the play, benefitting the opposition nearly every time. He good a good clatter from Jamesie, and a worm’s eye view of Leil’s goal. He’s lucky he wasn’t my RE teacher at school. He’d have been roasted.
Is he just incompetent, or is he bent? Either way, he should get his jotters.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Just 5 more Big Sleeps. I saw some tweets from Chris Sutton yesterday suggesting that his TV role for the final was different and he’d be doing the pitchside reporting as well as the interviews with both managers. Now that could be fun!


Afore I head out.

Must confess to being far less certain that we will prevail on Sunday or that if we do not it will be all down to refereeing. Not that I think the ref might not play an unwelcome part but…

Partly it is down to remembering the final of the same tournament of October 1970 which we went into as clear favourites but lost to a goal scored by a 16 year old in a game which ended with Willie Johnston sitting on the ball. Willie Wallace missed our best chance to equalise after ballooning over and Wispy was never as reliable in front of goal from thereon.

There is more to it than memories of soakings in that vast old Celtic End. Rangers have by all accounts not being playing as well as us but have still been racking up the points. Our midfield has more flair than theirs but is less physically strong. Three and a bit years ago we did beat them in a league cup final almost entirely because of the brilliance of our keeper- their power in midfield rendering our more skilful midfield men impotent. Beale might talk like Stanley Holloway in My Fair Lady but when he was at Ibrox before we rarely won and were usually outthought as well as outfought in the matches. In the most recent Derby we were second best for more than half the game and although the only good football in the game was played by us prior to Greg Taylor’s injury it was still a surprise when we equalised

I am not saying we will lose on Sunday but we will have to play as well as we have all season and take our chances- Rangers might be stodgy and boring but they are a lot better than the teams we have cantered to victory against recently.




You are Moriarty and I claim my five pounds.


But when do I get to captain the Love Boat?



JIMBO is the captain of our ship,of our ship🎼🎶


TFOD2.1 moonhowler — his argument was the wrong way round.
It is not that we get too few yellowcards — it is a case that we are penalised far to much for fouls that don’t exist.

MIB Ludge training have over extended themselves — they stretch the laws of the game to award fouls against us but these “fouls” cannot are so forced / weak that they can never be used to book us.

Also a bit surprised by the negativity on some on here.

They put up a fight regarding the quality / balance of our current MF — pretty close to perfect is the common refrain when points are made regarding some poor performances / poor play from the MF.
Then when we are about to play our friends in Govan we have lacked guile / power / energy in games against them in the recent past and this is a worry for Sunday.

My thoughts for Sunday — we are the better team but we are not good enough to beat them if we do not turn up. We have a number of rough edges that leave us open if they play at their peak. We were poor — strangely poor — at times in Jan.

Numbers game — we are ahead but then you have the officiating.
NW has form — the game will not be refereed fairly that is a given.
Yellow cards against us would appear to be the way forward — heavy tackles can now be reviewed.

So we will be behind even before the VAR lottery kicks in.
Not really a lottery as only our friends in Govan will have a ticket.



Allow me to play Sgt Oddball to your Moriarty.
I understand your apprehension but rid your heid of negativity😀

A number of extenuating circumstances surround that last game.
Firstly, against all good sense Ange started with Jamesie. Should have been aware that he has never convinced playing them at Ibrox.
So wrong move from the off.
Secondly, the untimely injury to Greg result in JJ playing left back badly.
We had two right footers on the left of defence- no wonder Sakala had a MOM second half.
Not only was JJ out of position, I’d suggest he was already mentally away – to Germany as it turns out.
Thirdly the strong suggestion, never acknowledged let alone confirmed, that the squad was suffering from an illness outbreak.

The alarming drop off from the start of the second half indicated something wasn’t right.

All in all we had two shots on target and two goals!
I’d bet we multiply the shots on target on Sunday, … but may not have to multiply the goals to win.

How to start an urban myth…
“They put up a fight regarding the quality / balance of our current MF — pretty close to perfect is the common refrain when points are made regarding some poor performances / poor play from the MF.”
Never seen anyone on here suggest our midfield is pretty close to perfect. I have seen some robust criticism being challenged but ‘perfect’?
Better to make the point without hyperbole, MM!


McC @ 10.57

I fear that you cannot see the wood for the trees.

St tams

We also started that day with O’Riley who had been poor for weeks, instead of Mooy.

Agree with Jimbo67, we need to stronger and more physical in the midfield area.


The reports this morning that this will be Ange’s last season aren’t without some credibility.
Although it’s found its way into the record, the source seems to have some substance.

I know it’s cup final week and typical Daily Record, Scottish journalists M.O. however, as I say, the source has some substance.



I think we are agreed on here that we are by no means near perfect.
We beat what is in front of us, and Sunday’s challenge will let us know if we are improving.
Our toughest challenge outside of Euro games.

For that reason I expect us to be very much up for it.


Other sources moving swiftly to discredit the Ange leaving story.
Time will tell I guess.

In what respect, MM?



Well,we will just have to hope that Leeds get relegated.


Our track record of keeping managers is very poor. Whether it’s backing them or the League being not competitive enough we have underperformed in this aspect of managing the Club. If Ange thinks that Leeds is the answer to his ambition I fear he’s very much mistaken. Like a lot of players who’ve left Celtic he’ll quickly find the grass is always greener at Parkheid…unless you’re Virgil of course!!


In recent weeks we have been composed, organised and fluent. Everyone (apart from Joe Hart) knows their job and how to do it.
Maybe Hart is so fed up just watching he is deliberately trying to create some work for himself.

CFC has explained the circumstances at Ibrox. Despite injuries, illness and being way below our best we were denied a potential match winning penalty and left undefeated.

They will need to fly into us from the off to try and upset our rhythm. That’s where their friends in high places will be most helpful. If we get to 20 minutes at least level our superior squad should do the job.

Keep the faith.

PS someone is going to take a hammering from us before long.


BBC Sport
Former Watford boss Javi Gracia is set to be named the manager of Leeds United, ending the club’s search for Jesse Marsch’s successor.

Is he only a caretaker?

Frodshambhoy…the U21 coach was the interim manager so I’d expect Garcia would be permanent. Maybe!!
Anyhoo, irrespective of who takes the Leeds job if Ange has itchy feet I doubt it’s got to do with Celtic and more about his own desires. If that’s the case it’s out of our hands!


AP — if he goes after two years then he goes …

The board would then have the opportunity to show where they think we should be heading.
If JK gets the gig then we will have learned nothing and the PL / “OF” attitude is very much in charge.
I would not put it past our exec level to try this if AP leaves early and we all have breaking up pains.
Any port in a storm is never a good look but PL would give it a go.

AP looks to be a man in a hurry but two years with us would not be optimal for his career — well to me anyway.
Might suggest that he is desperate for a step up / any step up or it maybe that he feels that he has run his race with us.
My thoughts are that he would have wanted another crack at Euro football after the poor results of this season.
Euro results means that he would be in the mix for clubs that have realistic ambitions of the top half of the EPL.
The EPL is no great gig if you are fire fighting from the off.

AP — hope he stays and keeps the fires burning regarding his much needed / much appreciated growth agenda.
He has done more in 18 months than PL managed in 18 years.
Not difficult I know but very welcome.



“ He has done more in 18 months than PL managed in 18 years.”

Damned by faint praise! But bang on the money too.

CFC @ 10.52

I take your points re the 2nd of Jan game and hope you are right.



Afternoon all,

We knew this would happen in week leading up to Cup final,

Ange away, Huns injury worries etc etc etc …,..,

We concentrate, we turn up on Sunday, we win, end of !!!

Forget all the BS that comes with the occasion, it’s all bollocks. !!!!!!!

Stay focused and eyes on the prize 👍

Loved the wee “ Negative waves “ montage.
Brilliant film 😜😜😜



I hope it’s not misplaced optimism and I’m reading the runes clearly.
Looking at both teams since that game we have both won every one but I’d say we are much more convincing.

Sunday will tell us a lot.



Just checked my bills which are too high, so I have changed energy companies,

I’ve moved from Red Bull to Lucozade 😜😜😜

Where’s ma coat ???

Big Audio Dynamite

Ange leaving …again? Course he is.

Are we playing the Huns soon?

While the Celts are strollin’

big packy

I know its hun media speculation but id be gutted if ange went ,when my uncle packy took me to parkhead in the sixties and seventies ,we always went to the rangers end, when I went with my mates we always got behind the dugouts so we could have a close up of the players, but I always watched Jock stein, just the way he presented himself, and to be honest ange is the closest ive ever seen to Jock,,another true story👍



MON was on the same wavelength too. Never ask a player to do what he cannot.

big packy

BOBBY yes martin was up there, but just the way ange presents himself and talks to the media, he reminds me so much of Jock stein,👍



Ah,the Jock classic putdown to Davie White via Arthur Montford-

“Only a fool tries to predict the outcome of an O** F*** match”

big packy

BOBBY, AYE🤩🤩 arthur the morton supporter👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Leeds are about to end speculation by announcing ex-Watford boss Javi Garci as their new manager.

Guess we are stuck with Ange!


big packy

BOBBY, when you think about it there was no rainjurs supporters in the scottish media, arthur supported morton, think alex cameron supported partick thistle, chic young is a big st mirren fan, jim traynor a big airdrie fan, and the other guy who’s name escapes me is a big motherwell fan, aye that wull be right 🤩🤩 another true story.hh.


Whit, Ange is away again you say😲 Well for my dhá phingin worth he’ll see out another Euro campaign. If it ends prematurely / badly he’ll seriously consider moving on as that will be the real test if he is creating something at Celtic out with the domestic arena, which whether we like it or not winning the SPFL season after season will not satisfy an ambitious manager, which Ange certainly seems to be. If he is unable to progress Celtic in Europe (for whatever reason) he’ll look elsewhere and I very much doubt he’d be short of suitors throughout Europe.

Big Audio Dynamite

One more time.

Ange had to wait till his mid-fifties for an opportunity at a really big club.

We have given him this opportunity to manage at the highest level of club football.

He is now managing one of the biggest names on the planet.

Ange will be here for years to come.

As long as he is here, the league trophy will reside in Paradise.

Hence the constant attempts at unsettling.

The Huns in the media will just have to suck it up.


Danny Mac 23



In total agreement.

Ange played down the bug around the squad thing and the majority of hoop fans queried the team selection.

As The Rangers go into the final on an unbeaten run during Beales tenure I think some of us are seeing ghosts or obstacles in our way that will prevent us winning trophy,me included in terms of the referree and VAR chosen individuals.

Read McGregor saying the team that is up for the game are usually victorious,well thats us.

They are only unbeaten due to the penalties awarded and not conceded and opponents being sent off.

It goes back to the mantra they cant chop off all of our goals but we must take the opportunities that we create and we will win the trophy.

We are a country mile(JNP) a better team than them and if 11 hoop jerseys remain on the pitch there is no way they beat us.

Danny Mac 23

Big Packy 4.14

Bang on the button.

Would be the same if our referrees like in England had to state their preference they would be Hearts Airdrie, etc.


big packy


bada bing1

Ange looking well uncomfortable sitting next to that tramp Beale,at a joint presser today

Big Audio Dynamite

Our defensive record has been sensational lately. Our defence definitely don’t get the credit they deserve.
We have lost only 2 goals in our last 9 games.

Now imagine we played in a fair environment.

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE unfortunately we dont ,hope you are well👍

bada bing1

Hibs Chairman Ron Gordon RIP

big packy

MAGUA, have not seen you on for a while, if your lurking wee joan sends her best wishes👍

I’ve always said the media are all a bunch of liars ,the mugs over at Ibrox believe everything they print in The Daily Record and The Sun ,The Scotsman ,The Herald they the media target them ,for one simple reason,a lot of Celtic supporters don’t buy into there stories,so there left with the rangers supporters to keep them afloat , hopefully some day they will go down to he pan.



Yep,the media backed the wrong horse. But they won’t change horses in midstream.

Big Audio Dynamite

Right back at ya, BP 👍

Bielsa couldn’t do it with Leeds in EPL i doubt if the way Ange wants his teams to play will work.IMO

Danny Mac 23


They play up to their demographic and only put out feel good hun news.

The circulation of most newspapers are circling the drain and wben last I looked the Daily Record costs £1.20 and a Sunday Mail £2.50

Better of reading how it is on here than reading the hun loving puff peices in print.

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