Think Again


Ange’s stormtroopers did us proud on Sunday,sending their opponents homewards tae think again. And they have six weeks to think long and hard about everything that they did wrong in the lead-up to the match,during it,and afterwards too. 

Was it downright stupid for Beale and his players to be so disrespectful to Celtic and,particularly,their manager? Calling Ange lucky was laughable and so off target that the volley aimed by Beale swiftly turned round and honed in on the new manager himself. The folly of it was dissected on phone-ins,podcasts,articles on sites such as this and even in the press and on TV. 

The only place where he was lauded for it,rather predictably,was in the huns own random fandom looney tunes world,where every dig at us is a masterstroke and the sign of a genius at work. No,it is another sign of why they need to think again about everything they do,and they could make a start by concentrating on their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Was it rank stupidity for Fashion Icon/Victim/Sakala to refer to us as the other mob? See the above response about Beale’s comment for that one. This is a player who has had one good game against us. It came when we lost our first choice left back and replaced him with a right back whose mind was already elsewhere while his body might as well have been packing the suitcases for all the good he did that day. And it is important to remember that his own mob didn’t even win that day and were probably lucky to avoid defeat after Goldson’s little game of pat-a-cake was condoned or ignored by Beaton. 

Thinks he’s a world-beater entitled to mouth off at players who actually do have the medals in the display cabinet? Another one who went home to think again after yesterday,suitably chastened by his superior opponents on the day. 

Of course,they and anyone else Chez Ibrox don’t realise the error of their ways. They are after all only doing what is expected of them by their bosses. That’s their bosses in the boardroom and their bosses in the stands. It’s a helluva life,but that is the business they are in. Playing to the masses-oops!-who literally pay their wages,one way or another. But how can you play to the likes of them when they celebrate a cup final victory or a title win like it is V-Day all over again,yet leave the site of their celebration party looking like Hiroshima a few months later? 

Who,only a few months after reaching the final of a European trophy,hoist a banner in the stands demanding that standards must be reaffirmed after only two trophies in eleven years? Admittedly,it is the first time their fans have publicly declared they are a new club of only eleven years standing,but how many new clubs anywhere have achieved such glory in such a short time?

No,don’t be silly. This isn’t praise-it’s a backhanded compliment and a slap in the face for their fans,one they have so much difficulty trying to explain or justify. (I love it,it plays with their disjointed neural functions and usually ends up with them sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming-“Can’t hear you!” You should try it,hours of fun can be had with them.)

Or the really low point of walking onto the pitch on Sunday wearing their Sunday finest which unfortunately breached the accepted protocol of commemorating the occasion by omitting any mention of their opponents? Sent home to think again? What were they thinking of in the first place? That is such a cheap shot,such a low blow,that whoever came up with it should be named,shamed,paraded and publicly pilloried. 

Dignity FC,my arse. Their good ship Dignity is holed below the waterline and it is all of their own doing. Ange and his merry men simply turn up and swat them aside,like Ange does with journos at a presser or The Evil Genius on a media gig. They set them up,our Bhoys finish them off. And all the time,their fanboys,the fans with a typewriter as they were once disdainfully known by proper journalists,hail them as geniuses on and off the pitch. 

Though not all the time,as Keith Jackson proved yesterday in one of the bitterest fanboy rants ever published anywhere. This was a pleasure to read,but actually painful to dissect as you did so. Clearly the thoughts of an utterly disillusioned fan-thought there is no truth in the rumour that it was him burning his “55” rag on a clothes pole out the back door. It genuinely read like the work of someone experiencing a painful and distressing breakdown,except once you remembered it was by Jacko it just read like someone forgetting to attach a breathalyser kit to his device,and also being too blootered to remember to read back before pressing the send button. So bad in fact that my first thought was that David Legatt had got his old job back.

Perhaps The Daily Record should have taken a lesson from their sister paper,The Daily Mirror,back in the eighties. When their star columnist was unable to fulfil the contractual requirement of meeting a deadline,they simply explained it to their readers with “Jeffrey Barnard Is Unwell”. The readers understood then,and we would understand now. I should know,I once published an article after a defeat which consisted simply of “You all saw it.” What more could be said?

But to us,and this was a cup final which we won,not just one that they offered us on a plate. We weathered their early storm in each half,got our act together and began to create the chances. That only Kyogo on the day was able to take any was down to poor finishing,bad decision making,simple bad luck at times. Their goal came from probably their only decent chance,and their portly scorer was subbed shortly afterwards. I hope he broke his foot off the chair that,manchild that he is,he gave a good seeing to on the way off. 

Our display wasn’t as good as it could have been,our performance might have been lacking an edge at times. Our game management though was outstanding. That is an aspect of the game that grown ups have,the big boys at the big table. It is one that we have been missing too often in Europe for instance,but if we are learning it as we improve and gel,then it brings us serious hope of a breakthrough there sometime soon. 

But that wasn’t the most pleasing aspect of our day,pleasure though it undoubtedly was. No,that was the simple fact of sending them homewards tae think again,as it always is when we beat them. But with the special pleasure of knowing that Sunday,for them,was probably as good as it gets. 

The confetti shares are in the past,their best players are out of contract soon,their fans are up in arms,and they are on a UEFA FSR watchlist. They can think again all they like,but they are in a vice of their own making. And the view is not a pretty one. 

Which is a pleasant way to finish the article,really. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY update.


Good evening, friends.
Another trophy in the cabinet and we have now won 3 out of 4 domestically since Ange came in. And how did we do it? Well, we won 4 games against Premiership opposition and none of them at home so we certainly fought hard to win this particular trophy.
I’d like to pay tribute to the scorers of our 12 goals that won us our 21st League Cup. We won 4-1 away to Ross County (McGregor, Giakoumakis, Maeda, Forrest), 4-0 away to Motherwell (Abada(2), Hatate, Kyogo), 2-0 in the semi final against Kilmarnock (Maeda, Giakoumakis) and of course 2-1 yesterday with both goals from Kyogo.
Since the last Sevco game Celtic have played and won all 10 games, scoring 33 and conceding just 3, 1 being a penalty. Domestically this season we have now played 31, winning 29, drawing 1 and losing 1, scoring 104 and conceding 21.
A huge thank you to the 73 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –

Hart: 0
Johnston*: 24
Carter-Vickers: 23
Starfelt*: 27
Taylor: 0
McGregor: 29
Hatate: 31
Mooy: 14
Jota: 1
Kyogo: 61
Maeda*: 9
O’Riley: 0
Abada: 0
Iwata: 0
Oh: 0
Haksabanovic: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Triggers Broom FC are –
Kyogo – 5 pts
Hatate – 4 pts
McGregor – 3 pts
Starfelt – 2 pts
Johnston – 1 pt

And a landmark was passed yesterday when Reo Hatate became the first player this season to break through the 1,000 votes barrier! As it’s a Cup Final report here are the top 5 “votes per appearance” players so far –
1st Reo – averages 29.7 votes per game (1,010 votes from 34 appearances)
2nd Cameron – averages 23.3 (721 votes, 31 appearances)
3rd Calum – averages 20.6 (557 votes, 27 appearances)
4th Stephen Welsh averages 20.5 (123 votes, 6 appearances)
5th Jota averages 20.1 (623 votes, 31 appearances)

So, after 38 games the overall standings are as shown below –
86 points – Hatate
58 points – Carter-Vickers
47 points – Jota
43 points – Taylor
42 points – McGregor and Mooy
38 points – Kyogo
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – Abada and Maeda
22 points – Jenz
19 points – Starfelt
15 points – Haksabanovic
13 points – Giakoumakis and Juranovic
12 points – Johnston
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei and Welsh
8 points – Forrest
7 points – Hart
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Kobayashi
0 points – Abildgaard, Iwata, Lawal, McCarthy, Oh, Siegrist and Vata

I’m lucky enough to be going for a week in the Tenerife sunshine, flying out in just 6 Big Sleeps time, next Sunday morning for 7 days. That means that I’ll actually be away for Celtic’s next 3 fixtures but fret not, everyone can still vote ‘as normal’ after each game and I’ll do my best to get the results out on the evenings following each game (Rioja permitting!).
Those 3 games are –
Sunday 5th 12.00pm – away to St Mirren
Wednesday 11th 7.45pm – home to Hearts
Saturday 11th 12.15pm – away to Hearts (Scottish Cup quarter final)
Hail Hail!

Awe Naw

I prefer Sevco to Rangers. Calling them Rangers makes you a liquidation denier


Awe Naw

I prefer Huns, covers both iterations.

Give the media another couple of games and they’ll be back spouting feelgood pish.
Hammers Raith in the quarter final and the SPFL cannon fodder and it’s the Keith Jackson line- “That mob urnae any good/ average at best. Scraped a 2-1 in the cup final.
Beat them twice in the league and it’s game on!”

The way it has always been.

Danny Mac 23

Hi Boɓby

Your last paragraph is so prevalent.

Just read Tav apologises to the fans.Kenny Miller sends out a dont panic message to the faithless we only need a refresh not a rebuild.

They are in trouble.No money too many has beens and out of contract egotistical twats.

Ange sends a rallying call to the hoops fans that he is not going anywhere else soon.

Fonzy is still in the building.

Happy Days.


Great result on Sunday, that league cup victory felt good, really good – not for besting our old firm opponents, I leave that obssession to others

No, it was because as a team, squad, coaches and management we have created a style, commitment and hunger that all the best teams have

This team are capable of doing exceptional things in exceptional ways…

We could win four domestic trophies in 2023 for a start.

Well played Ange and the bhoys… Supreme

Hail Hail


Awe Naw @ 3:10 am,

That’s their name, Rangers, I call them that and know perfectly well the original Rangers were liquidated, we should not play games with semantics

On Celtic FC TV the commentor said before the kick off, form goes out the window on a Glasgow Derby

He of course meant an old firm derby, he was talking historically

In the vain of Jock’s “Only a fool would try to predict the score in an Old Firm game.”

Since the original Rangers died, the Celtic, Rangers games have gone pretty much to form.

Let’s stop playing kiddy on and leave newco and the old firm circus behind ~ Ange quite rightly gives it no truck

Let’s go forward and make our own true path in Europe

Hail Hail


Danny Mac 23

Get the golden handcuffs on the man- most important man in the building.
With Ange at the helm and incremental progress in Europe next season and the season after we are heading into financial pastures that will blow away any semblance of a threat from the Soo’ siders for years.

Key will be keeping the main components of the squad intact and continuing quality recruitment.


Kyogo’s post goal celebration when he pointed to the ground, beat his chest and pointed to his name on the back of the shirt is hopefully a telling sign.

Awe Naw


Until the continuation myth is properly dealt with and titles are stripped I’ll be sticking with Sevco

And Technically it’s The Rangers


I do also, see previous three years of posts


Some quotes from Ange that are doing the rounds in the papers this morning…

“I get it,” said Postecoglou. “I don’t think it’s unique to this city but there is a real fixation on you have to hate and you have to want revenge and you have to be vindictive. It just doesn’t get my juices going.
“I get so much more excited by beating teams I think are really good and are managed by managers I respect who are on the top of their game. That is what gets me going.

“I don’t need words or to hate the opposition or the opposition manager to get motivated. It is not what drives me. I have been pretty clear about what is going to motivate this group of players – it is about rising to the challenge of being the best football team you can be on a weekly basis.
“If you need these extra things to get motivated, that is where you fall into the trap. You are going to have off weeks. What happens when somebody doesn’t get you motivated because they haven’t said anything nasty about you? It is just not the way I am wired.
“That is part of the landscape here. But, for me, I get really motivated by trying to be the best. If I’m up against an opponent I think is good, then I am up for that contest.”
The Celtic fans unfurled a banner at the end of Sunday’s 2-1 win, declaring 22 trophies have now been won in 11 seasons. It’s an incredible run and Postecoglou is delighted to have been the brains behind the last three of them.
He smiled and said: “It is quite daunting as well. That is the reality. I knew when I walked through the door last year I wasn’t going to get three years to win something.

“If I didn’t win anything in my first year, I had no chance of survival – even though the club have been fantastic with me from day one. The support I have had behind the scenes from the people who matter at this club has been outstanding. I think they’ve seen something in me to believe in me but that wasn’t enough for me.
“I really felt that I had to deliver if I was going to stay at this football club for any length of time and deliver in a meaningful way. Whatever my ideas were, whatever I had in my head, I had to bring success to this football club because that is what they are used to.
“People like Gordon Strachan, Martin O’Neill and Neil Lennon have won a hell of a lot at this football club. I am the next in line. I have a responsibility to deliver. At the same time, I am pretty fixated on doing it a certain way and playing a certain way. Without veering away from that, the end game has to be success.”

“There is nothing that is sort of monotonous or tedious for me, I love all of it. I love every day of it, I enjoy every day of it. Every day is an opportunity to just do something special.”

Awe Naw


Clearly Ange feels he hasn’t been too much diddled out of any titles unlike WGS and MON yet



And yet you managed to call them Rangers twice in a one-line reply to an entire article which didn’t call them that at all?

Awe Naw


Isn’t 99.9999% a first class honours also?

You’re a hard man to please. Your wife has my sympathies


Awe Naw

Ange is Unlikely to be diddled anytime soon.
In the MON/GS eras we faced a doped up club.
The only way they could be competitive.
That is beyond them now.

They have massive structural issues and need to move on a lot of dead meat in the Summer.

If Hearts, Aberdeen, Hibs etc were to get their shit together they could find themselves in a 4 way fight for second.

I don’t think that conjecture is too fanciful.



Any wife of mine would need more than sympathy,I assure you. As for a 1st-class honours,the bar is set much lower than that. Though others here are probably more qualified to comment on such things.

Awe Naw


He will though


I’ll try harder to be more consistent especially when addled 🙂


Like BIGPACKY and a number of others,I am concerned about the continuing absence of JIMTHETIM53. It has been far too long now since he graced us with his presence,though the latest information I had on his well-being was comforting if hardly positive.

Get in touch with one of your off-line acquaintances please,Jim.

On that subject,it has been a while since REBUS67 had anything to say on here either,and his musings are always a worthwhile read. So,REBUS,the same applies to you as well,get the finger out and post the occasional thought of the day. There’s a good lad…


Yeez are aw bein overconfident on huns future struggle’s
Operation denigrate is coming to a close and today we see the beginning of Operation Rally Cry!
That world class performer Raskin based on 2 passes against Livingston leads the charge today.
Simply put Bealing made a mistake not playing a guy who had minutes against Livvi and demonstrated a talent not seen since Zidane in his prime and who has De Bruyne fearful for his international place.
In fairness was impressed by his skill and passing ability though it was mostly to a Celtic player.
With a guy like that and future England lightweight superstar Cantwell in their ranks the future is bright.
Wonder who will be next to spout some blue bollox



Still adjusting to the oul’ Jungle Juice?

About 10 years ago,my nephew and his pals decided that a month in The Philippines was called for. I phoned The Barca Mole in Cebu for any advice he could offer. Of course,there was plenty,and in fairness,they listened to their elders.

Especially about the local Banana Rum,a steal at $2 a litre. I think those lads discovered then that alcohol is a food,and certainly one of their five a day.

Awe Naw


It:s the heat 32°c 86% humidity along with prices. Expect inconsistencies until St. Patricks day. I should automatically get a SC amnesty anyways


I agree. Treble is far from assured and then is Ange aware of Celtic’s 4 year OF protectionism shelf life? I did read today that Beale is unbeaten in the league

Morning all. Head to work soon.

Interesting to read Ange’s comments in Maccargo’s post. One thing that I have gleaned from the various quotes and tweets from Bluenose/Hun/Sevco/Rangers supporters is how rattled they have been by Mr Postecoglou- Rodgers and MON knocked them off their stride but Ange almost brings to mind the way they felt about Jock Stein and in their collective mind what makes AP worse is that he was meant to be a patsy. Any cup finals against Celtic would be a rerun of the 1963 Replay not the league cup one of October 1965. Thanks Ange!

And yet I wonder if Ange is getting fed up. The stuff about ‘hate’ really struck a chord with me – I dislike RFC or whatever you want to call them and think their is something sinister about their latest model but I cannot be bothered with things like chanting ‘Orange Bastards’ as the Losers collected their losers’ medals, jeez we’ve just won a cup and folk are coming up with that crap. Same with the fixations on Davie Cooper and Jimmy Bell- bloody kit man , for feck’s sack. Can all of it. It is not good enough for me that they are worse because their hatred of us reaches to their boardroom. We have a smashing man in charge of our team and that team plays good football but on Sunday we showed we can win ugly-ish. Loving that is better than hatred for an institution that has busted its own flush

Anyway I need to get out to buy a shirt for a funeral.




I spoke to my wee hun pal shortly before kick-off,and he said he would be more confident if Raskin and Cantwell were playing.

I asked him why,based on what?

His reply was classic. Well,you’ve got to give them a chance,they’re only just through the door!

Yep,he would feel more confident if a pair of newbies,just through the door,were playing. Despite the fact that he couldn’t think of one positive contribution from either of them in that time.

Nor the fact that he told me his team hammered us at New Year,and they wuz robbed,etc. I reminded him of that,and he vehemently stood by that statement. Ah,the look of confusion,of pain,when I pointed out that Beale had named the same starting eleven.

I always believe that you should leave an opponent an honourable way out,but he left himself with nowhere to go. A trap of his own making that Beale faced on Sunday,with a similar outcome.


“Ange is Unlikely to be diddled anytime soon.
In the MON/GS eras we faced a doped up club.
The only way they could be competitive.
That is beyond them now.“

To clarify the above comment referred to the League.
Cups are always up for grabs and offer best chance at some sort of Hun redemption.
So yes, Ange may get diddled in those competitions.



Amnesty my Arsium,as Billy Connolly might have said. But you get a waiver based on adhering to the principles of its five o’clock somewhere. Oh,and that us Celts aren’t designed for high temperatures and humidity.

Anything above 70 is tropical in my opinion,and that’s in auld money.


They are not the yardstick. The Europa League, in the short term is. No entitlement but the hoped for CL entry should be getting worked on now. We know the styles of play that will come to us and we will face. In a good place but work to be done yet. Ange knows it.


February 28, 2023 9:23 am

Spot on✅
We are better than them on and off the park.
Don’t let some of us drag the whole club down to their level in the eyes of the rest of the world.



My condolences on your loss. Sadly,we are invited to fewer weddings and christenings these days. And I could have seen them far enough when I was younger.

I can’t comment on Jimmy Bell,but Davie Cooper? Wonderful player when the opposition allowed him to play. Kick him twice in the first five minutes and he would usually disappear.

Having said that,I’ve seen some fantastic goals at Hampden. Henrik’s diving header as he ran away from goal against Killie defied physics and logic. Dixie’s goal in the 6-1 final. Provan’s free kick,etc. I’ve never seen a better one than Cooper’s juggling act.

Only time I’ve applauded a goal from him or any of his colleagues. It was a Glasgow Cup Final,I probably wouldn’t have been so gracious in a bigger match!


Awe Naw @ 8:21 am,

Looking back my reply reads a wee bit curt, apologies for that…

You of course must call them whatever you wish

I call them Rangers which only slightly distinguishes them from The Rangers F. C. that was est 1972;)

Me ~ I just dont find it all that exciting Lording it over a ten year old club

The way Ange and the bhoys are going about their business – that’s something to get excited about

Have a great one

Hail Hail


Jimbo67 @ 9:23 am,

Grand post, good stuff again on SC…

Hail Hail


When Mick Beale arrived in these parts, last Autumn, he was a mixture of confidence and arrogance. He, and bluenoses everywhere, would still be revelling in the almost sycophantic praise he regularly received from Gerrard, on his coaching ability.

After turning down an approach from Wolves, the QPR head coach said “I have been all-in here and I have asked other people to be all-in, so I can’t be the first person to run away from the ship “.

And then big Dougie Park got in touch.

Big Dougie knew that Beale, as the brains behind the operation, had a good record against the other mob. As the main man Michael ( can’t be Mick now) would quickly get the Gers back on top. He has beaten all the other SPFL dross but still winless after two games against the team that really matters.

What does this coaching genius do after his first defeat ? He holds a post mortem on the Hampden pitch immediately after the final whistle. Only green and white left in the stadium, celebrating big time. But Beale decides that that is a suitable environment to form a sad circle of blue. Can’t imagine that too many in a Rangers shirt were impressed by Beale’s man management of the situation. The privacy of the dressing room a far more appropriate place, surely. Perhaps the coaching genius will very quickly lose that dressing room.

Awe Naw


I do so to remind everyone that justice was never served. I also feel that anyone who wishes to see justice served should do likewise. If that failure of injustice inspires anyone to act reprehensibly then they can hardly be blamed when those institutions that shouldn’t act like that and should set the example are doing far worse. That’s where our focus should be and the best way to solve the situation. Anything else is glossing over it I feel but every man to themselves. I’m not a preacher but I tend to choose my words carefully when not half cut 🙂

No need for the apologies.

Awe Naw

Btw I don’t want to boast but I’m also having a bit of a sun glare problem



“Michael ( can’t be Mick now)“

I’m surprised he isn’t known as Billy Beale,or Ted. As in Billy (Kevin) Drinkell and Ted (Kevin) McMinn.

As an aside,Bobby Russell was always known as Rab outside of his day job,but Bobby at Ibrox. For reasons unknown,Rangers past and present hav never had a player known as Rab. I’d love to know why!



Because yer too bloody thick to avoid it? No offence intended as it is a mistake I’ve made myself once or twice too. I got third degree burns on holiday in Germany when I was a kid,ffs.

That’s what shade was invented for,for wimps like us.

Awe Naw


I love the heat but not a fan of sunbathing. For half a day ok but more than a day it bores the tits aff me. Luckily the wife has the exact same facial expression as my father had when I bought a crate of water in front of him whenever its suggested. One of complete incomprehension

Morning all.

Cracking article Bobby, get it round them.


Sounds like you enjoyed yourself writing this article, Bobby. I was delighted with the win yesterday but I had a tinge of disappointment over our performance. For whatever reason- the state of the pitch or the physical challenge posed by the opposition, I felt we dropped below our standards of recent weeks. We still ran out well deserved winners but is it wrong to want o have given them a proper skelping?

Or is that best reserved for April at Parkhead? I think we have it I’m us to give them a true chasing. Meanwhile thanks to the lads that are doing the business even when we were less slick than usual.

Awe Naw

The most pleasing aspect of Sundays game apart from winning obviously was the officiating. As I said on Sunday it raises more questions than it answers.



Well,therapeutic,shall we say. Especially avoiding the trap of callling our opponents by their preferred name,or by any antagonistic ones-except in the context of them using those terms against us.

Actually,you are right. Who am I kidding? It was a pleasure to write!


When Ange first arrived in Glasgow, the media, and quite a few of us, were more than just sceptical about his ability to turn things around, especially given the three defeats in his first six league matches. There were several offers to drive him to the airport, and comments like, ” He’ll be gone by Christmas.”
He stated that it was his job to put together a squad that collectively wanted to work hard to improve every time they played. Nothing else really mattered. He believed that the players had the ability to achieve that, and he was able to convince them to believe it too.
We are now 18 months down the line, in which time we have lost ONE league match, away to St Mirren, and the cup semi final to the Huns. The improvement in performance is simply fantastic. And despite the best advice from some keyboard experts on here, Ange insisted that we don’t change our way of playing, even when up against the best in Europe. We now know what improvements we need to make in order to compete at the top level. Our first half against Real Madrid at CP proved that we could. The second half highlighted that the top teams are able to play the full game at that level, or even higher. Had we parked the bus in order to keep the score down, a la Livingston, and still lost by two or three, we’d regret not giving it a go and still been none the wiser about where we truly were as a team.
When we play anywhere near our best in domestic games, we simply blow the opposition apart, Sevco included. The atmosphere we generate at CP when the team plays so well is unique, and I’ll bet Ange knows inside that he won’t get such an emotional buzz anywhere else.
Isn’t it strange that an “outsider” takes to the Celtic fans in such a way? Jock Stein often said how he warmed to the Celtic fans, and that, despite his background, Celtic would be his last love.
I’m really encouraged by Ange’s hint that he’s here for longer than many think, and that is a kick in the bollocks for the Huns. Their attempts to link him with every job going show how desperate they are to see the back of him.
The Scottish fitba’ media now run scared of Ange, just like they did with Jock Stein. I’d love to see him in post for a few years. Who knows what he could achieve with us? I think he wants to find out.
We could be at the start of a most interesting journey. C’mon the Hoops.



I noticed that our own Rab Douglas tweeted a well done Celtic on Sunday night. And he was looking forward to the next installment from Chris Sutton.

Maybe the wee Swedish guy, Robert Prytz, was a Rab inside Ibrox ? The name Robert, then brought to mind the keep-the-weans-away-from-the-fire Govan contingent. For every Laudrup there is a Robert Fleck, Billy Urquhart, Gregor Stevens, Ian Durrant.

Apologies to those enjoying enjoying a mid morning cuppa and biscuit.

Prestonpans bhoys

Well the hun blogs have decided that they got beat because Beale picked the wrong midfield. Cantwell and Ruskin would have won them the game.

Now unless I’m missing something none of these two made me sit up, especially Cantwell who actually looked pish.

It’s this failure to believe that we have better players, Ibrox noise before the game said Vickers was the only player who could play in their team 🤪


Morning all,

Bobby, a fine article from a fine scholar 🍀

Well done 👏👏👏👏👏

I’ll have to celebrate on Friday with a beer or 2 😜😜

HH 💚


Prestonpans bhoys
I linked into a thread on Follow Follow. Are all their blogs so dull and predictable and full of bile?
The contrast with blogs like this is so stark. The WATP attitude prevents them properly analysing their position. How can any fitba’ fan honestly say that Cantwell, Lundstom and Co are a match for Hatate, Calmac and Co?
If their fans are so deluded, it allows their bosses to feed them all sorts of nonsense wrapped in a fleg. Keech is their pacifier in chief, as shown by his rant in the DR yesterday. There must be some amongst the hordes who realise their true financial position. Why are they so silent, especially when they’re not winning on the park? Is there something in their DNA that stops them protesting in a meaningful way? Are there more sinister forces at play behind the scenes? Why aren’t they going nuts at all the financial shenanigans?
Leave them to it and enjoy the show, I say. Ange is keeping our focus on improving game by game. We’ll be out of their sight in a couple of years, SFA and MIBs and all.

Prestonpans bhoys

Look at the video within this link, the anger is palatable 🤣

Awe Naw

Waste eh ah guid claes line there

Big Audio Dynamite

So glad Ange has confirmed what I suspected, he is more than happy with the job he has.
That must be a kick in the nether region for any Huns reading it 🙂


Prestonpans bhoys

Thought about another thing on that video, are their tops so highly flammable or did he pour petrol on it beforehand 🤔


Awe Naw
The most pleasing aspect of Sundays game apart from winning obviously was the officiating. As I said on Sunday it raises more questions than it answers.

I’ve praised the ref on here as well even though his good behaviour may be partly down to wider coverage of the event and pressure of comments in the lead up to Sunday.

Having said that has anyone seen the video of the big push on Mooy to create the space for their goal.
Definitely something VAR should have reviewed. A goal for us would definitely have been chalked off.