My Celtic team hasn’t even begun to peak!

Yesterday our lauded Greek Australian leader spilled the beans, and stated what every Tim already realized, and what Scottish football didn’t need to hear, that we shall be improving as a team.
The best team in the land (by a distance) shall only get better. Cue gulps throughout Alba as the realization hits home.
There’s some obvious takeaways to be had from that line.
For starters the bean counters will be very happy at that particular statement of fact. He never said he needs more bodies which suggests the core has been assembled and outlays aren’t heavily needed.
Improved players bring in better transfer fees.
Finally the supporters, already happy with the journey embarked upon and enthralled by their new heroes, have added incentive to cough up their hard earned as this journey shall get only better.
All three will be music to the boards collective ears.
Next, the actual choice of words is instructive.
‘My’ Celtic side rather than ‘this’ Celtic side tells me he will be there to observe this upcoming peak, so those managerless clubs elsewhere can save their advances for a couple of years, at least.
It’s also notable he didn’t name individual players such as Kyogo will peak, but rather mentioned the team as a whole. It takes confidence to utter those words, there’s many managers out there who cannot say that with a straight face, like Klopp, Pep, or even yer man across the way who loves to talk. A confidence garnered by being in and amongst the group, assessing state of mind and will to win. He’s been around many blocks, and would only make such a statement if he knew with certainty it will come to fruition.
This despite the widely reported tendency for his teams to peak in their second year once they really have a handle on the gaffer’s demands, on and off the pitch. We are coming up on two years in charge, only to hear the future is brighter, so did Ange change tact upon joining the club and assemble a squad for the long term, as well as the short and medium?
Looks that way where I’m sitting, which further reassures me the chap has a vision for the club and won’t be hitting the door anytime soon. This doesn’t sound like an ‘impress and bounce’ plan at all, it reads more like ‘were going to do something special here’, music to our collective ears.
We were warned before not to get attached to players, these words echo that, it’s all about the team. It itself will improve through the player churn, and on some level this doesn’t sit easy with me. I guess I’m a bit of a traditionalist and players tend to fall into two categories, leavers or keepers. Traditionally I think it’s fair to say domestic Celtic players careers tend to be long or short, long if they are good enough to cement a position or happy to be in and around the first team picture, short if that proves a bridge too far.
When it comes to overseas signings I usually expect the chap to be allowed a season to bed-in, and be truly judged from the second onwards, but staying at least three years in an attempt to get the maximum out of that player,,Naka for instance.
That’s why it was somewhat disturbing to see 18 months players recently, I’m simply not used to foreign first team players splitting the scenes soo quickly. Given reports of children’s tears as their favourite player departed not long after arriving, I’m not alone in my bewilderment.
But it is what it is, and I’ve total faith in Ange on these calls, he’s certainly earned it. I guess we should all get used to ‘Boom, he’s gone, now you’re in’ and the next chap will get signed with those funds to replace the new guy when history repeats itself. As a slowly but surely type of guy, rapid turnover isn’t my style, but I admit it is damn exciting when it comes to the football pitch. You never know what you’re gonna get, just like Forrest’s Gumps famous box of chocolates.
It’s still gonna hurt though, the green tinted specs just won’t accept good players quickly walking away from our special club.
The same green tinted specs hint that Anges words also mean there’s a good harmony amongst the squad, which cannot be underplayed or understated.
Togetherness cannot be bought, ask Chelsea, and at the risk of repeating myself when a talented Celtic team is fully together in spirit and cause, special things tend to happen.
Personally, I think this was the perfect statement at the perfect time. With the players extra buoyed by the gaffer’s faith I’m confident doubling down on my prediction of swaggering to the season’s end, and I’m also confident Ange’s words of improvement shall ring true.
Onwards and upwards, a Tim could get used to this.
By Mahe

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Morning all,

Mahe, will read article shortly.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who attended the mini hoot yesterday. Brilliant day 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Special mention to Ron Bacardi who I know is going through a difficult time. Travelled a fair distance and bravo, you’re in my prayers.

Also a shout out for Philbhoy and Friesdorfer who again, made long journey’s to be there,

Big Jimmy’s generosity knows no bounds and thank you kindly, a gent with shitey jokes 😜😜😜

A real pleasure to be there and a fine bunch of Celtic minded gentleman ( Yes, even BRRB and BelmontBrian)😳😳😳

The staff and magnificent catering ✅

I now know how The Red Roads Flats felt when being demolished !!!
Timbaaaaaaaaaaa. !!!!!!!!!!

Big Audio Dynamite

Exciting times ahead, Mahe.

Ange stating that Reo has only just started to show what he’s capable of.
If that is true, I can’t wait to see the player he can become.
The idea that this Celtic team is only just getting started, makes the future seen very bright and assured.
We are gonna have to start buying Duraglit in bulk!

A future so bright, we gotta wear shades 😎



Constitution of an ox,the lot of ye. Well done to all in attendance. Especially the travellers.


Fr Murphy was in tonight. I have not felt too bad today, although I notice the energy beginning to drain. But it is quite early yet. I got showered today and had my hair cut, which made me feel quite good. Ten years younger, the boys joke, but I feel twenty years older, the inevitable consequence of eight years of torture and imprisonment.

I am abreast with the news and view with utter disgust and anger the Reagan/Thatcher plot. It seems quite clear that they intend to counteract Russian expansionism with imperialist expansionism, to protect their vital interests they say.

What they mean is they covet other nations’ resources. They want to steal what they haven’t got and to do so (as the future may unfortunately prove) they will murder oppressed people and deny them their sovereignty as nations. No doubt Mr Haughey will toe the line in Ireland when Thatcher so demands.

Noticed a rarity today: jam with the tea, and by the way the Screws are glaring at the food. They seem more in need of it than my good self.


Still a dozen or so to get their predictions in for Superbru. You don’t want to miss this week. With 3 additional midweek fixtures, its a great chance to win the highest weekly points total prize.


BTW- when Leggy fell off his wonky stool yesterday- full credit to whoever it was that shouted out, quick as a flash, “Penalty to Rangers!”



Better to have player churn if that delivers progress than let a squad stagnate and falter — MON style 2003 to 2005.
Some players will go — not good enough / wage hounds — but some will stay and grow with us.
There are plenty out there who could help us along the journey.

No use keeping players just because the name is on a wean’s jersey.

AP is looking like one tough cookie with the squad — which might be new to us but again we have seen the other side with NL20/21 where PL folded like the ignorant bully we always knew he was and we ended up looking like rabbits in the headlights.

Main point — AP has a growth agenda for the squad / club and how refreshing that is.
Where the squad goes the finances will follow and surely now we must start making plans for stadium / facility investment.


1pm start today on the Naps, don’t forget your pick



I saw the photos yesterday and recognised most of the faces including your good self. I now understand the comment at the time about the faller.

Tbh,I assumed it referred to one of BIGRAILROADBLUES’ horsey tips.

Sol Kitts

Posted this earlier, hadn’t noticed it was on the previous day. D’oh. 🤪

Big Packy
Glad you’ve been in touch with Jimthetim53 and thanks for letting us know how he is. Sciatica is a horrible, painful condition and I really feel for him having to suffer through it. My dad had it through a work related accident many years ago and spent 6 months in hospital in traction. He said after that he was never sure what was hurting most, the condition or the treatment.
Please let Jim know we’re thinking of him at Kitts Towers, and hope he gets some relief from it soon.

A thing of beauty

Good to hear you’ve been in touch with JTT. I wish him all the best and hope his health picks up.

Sol Kitts

The manager of our local Spoons has just called me to confirm delivery of copious amounts of Guinness in anticipation of today’s visit by BMCUWP. That is, if we make it to the pub after a few samples of Glenfarclas 105 and a 15 year old Highland Park Viking Heart. It’s gonnae be quite a weekend. 🥃🥃🍺🍺😎

BTW- when Leggy fell off his wonky stool yesterday- full credit to whoever it was that shouted out, quick as a flash, “Penalty to Rangers!”

March 4, 2023 11:21 am

Calton Tongues yer mhan, brilliant. 😉 :).

Baldy Brian 🙂


Jim the Tim…I hope you’re lurking and have seen the messages for you. As you can see you have been sorely missed on the blog, even if it is for the high bpm electro disco tunes at 3am on a Thursday, or whenever, and the beautiful hymns/classical or operatic on a Sunday morning! All of it leaving a wee gap in our bloglives. Keep well and if you feel like it drop a note to let us know how you are.


Good Day Fholks

What a great day yesterday with a fine bunch of Tims in the Old Shipbank. Outstanding hospitality from Big Jimmy, very much appreciated by one and all, thank you Big Mhan. Brilliant craic all round. HH


…and Big Jim Packy, thanks for the update on Jim. Much appreciated by many! 👍


Have missed the contribution of Jimthetim53 on here.
Sorry to hear of his medical issue.
Get well soon big man so we can have some sensible post’s on here.


I have not been on the blog recently for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a slice of life just lands on you. I was sorry to hear about JimtheTim and offer the following. Perhaps it may help him.

Sciatica is a dreadful condition. It is both extremely painful and a cause of depression because you cannot see a way out of it. Just over a year ago I suffered a bout of it. It was my first time. I suspect it will not be my last. I have never encountered such pain. All I could do was sit in a chair and rock back and forth to tolerate the pain. After a day and night of it, my wife called in the paramedics, who immediately transferred me to the local hospital. There followed intravenous pain killers and exercises which did help. However, there are after effects. My right leg is considerably weakened and I have a constant tingle/lack of feeling in one of my toes. I am sure more episodes will follow but I have got off lightly so far. Healing of the nerve does occur on its own but it can take months. Surgery is an option but I have decided to live with my current status. Ange was never going to call me anyway to play in the team. I would place Taylor and, even, Bernabei ahead of me in the pecking order.

Consequently, I feel for Jim but there is hope. My situation did improve over time. Jim, make use of all the medical help you can get plus see a good physio. The latter can help you get back a lot of your function. Starting small with exercises helped enormously. I found a combo of extra strength Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen ever 4 hours helped with the pain at the beginning. These were a welcome alternative to opiates. It does mean you should stay off the booze while taking the Acetaminophen but that can be another benefit of the treatment. Please accept my best wishes and prayers for your recovery. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I shall return to the shadows now but know that I am thinking about you, Jim.



Mahe, that was a real marker of a press conference yesterday

My feeling has always been Celtic need to find a way to get to the next level

My opinion is that Ange through his belief, attitude and approach to football is that way

The football purests might see a gung-ho approach and wince, for me it’s out of the box playing and gives us an edge in Europe over our monied opponents

We have to be totally prepared and committed though if it is to work – Ange has the backing of the Board and should be backed to the hilt

Hail Hail


Fine sentiments re JTT57 Rebus et al

Hope we see your pal back on once he’s fit big Packy, hope it doesn’t take too long

Thoughts and prayers 🙏

Hail Hail



Lovely advice-sadly,based on experience-offered to JIMTHETIM53. I hope he has the opportunity to read it.

Meantime,no need to be a stranger. We always enjoy your input on all things Celtic-and beyond.

Prestonpans bhoys

Greetings from The Albert in Bowness on Windermere, a week of drinking begins 🍷🍸🍻


Henrik Larsson has just qualified for the Men’s 60 metres finals at the European Indoors Championship. Some Man!


Here’s the penalty Ragners got today….

Here’s the penalty Kilmarnock didn’t get today…

bada bing1

Normal service is restored. Tav (pen) scores his umpteenth, awarded by Gollum.

I would love to be a journalist at a Beale presser. Knowing the sensitivities of the assembled churnalists
(Courtesy PMG), and their familiarity in addressing our gaffer as ‘Ange’, I would start out by saying, “Mick, I have a question.” If he objected to the abbreviation of his birth name, I would respond that this was his name all his life, and that was how he was addressed in his QPR pressers. It would be interesting to hear his rationale for changing his moniker. Regardless of his response, I would persist in using it, to discomfit him. That would be fun.😊

Prestonpans bhoys

What did Gollum see on that var screen that we missed


West Ham being absolutely gubbed.

Big Audio Dynamite


His income dropping?


Arsenal with another last second winner. Bournemouth very unlucky.

St tams

What a goal from Arsenal, to win the game


Unsurprisingly when international scrutiny not on huns get another debatable penalty.
Calum really trying hard to stay on the good side of huns and SFA.

Prestonpans bhoys


Exactly he was barred from any hun games last time!

bada bing1

Rebus- sorry to read that all the best

Craig 76


I watched 20 minutes of huns game today and remain even more convinced that without Scottish referees they are no more than a mid table outfit.
Like we saw last week Beale ball is basically a defensive system with a long ball attacking slant.
Beale is aware of advantage in forward areas from refs so punting long balls into forward areas gives them a 60/40 advantage over opponents.
It is a deliberate tactic full in the knowledge of how the corrupt landscape benefits his club.
A corrupt and compliant media also help to keep the lid on the cheating.

Craig 76

Inside The SPFL
Fergus McCann saved Celtic 29yrs ago today, since then

▪Built 60k seater Stadium
▪17 League Titles
▪11 Scottish Cups
▪12 League Cups
▪5 Domestic Trebles
▪Unprecedented Invincible Treble
▪Double Treble
▪Treble Treble
▪Quadruple Treble
▪Reached a European Final

bada bing1

God bless Wee Fergus


Good summary and a lot to like about Ange’s vision. P.s skip the journey patter, think Sevco have copyrighted that phrase

big packy

hi ghuys just come on to thank you all on behalf of JIM, it takes jim forever to post a few sentences on his laptop, but he knows who you all are, and wants me to say to you all, he is overwhelmed by your kind comments,👍 and to you mcaff he told me to tell you, he taught you all you knew at willie lows,another true story.hh 🤩🤩


Good evening all,

A dodgy stool and and a wee fall. Help me boab !!!

Tough crowd though.

I think the Nazi’s got more sympathy at Nuremberg !!!!

Still a great day though !!!!!!

HH 💚💚💚

For the reason that the admin of this site is working (edited)

Prestonpans bhoys

alanya escort

Cheers mines a double 🍹👍


I hate Spam, online and the food.

Jobo Baldie

Good evening, friends. If anyone’s in Prestwick Airport Departure Lounge tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock please do say hello. I’ll be the guy in the very bright green golf polo with a smile from ear to ear.



Alanya Escort,
“For the reason that the admin of this site is working (edited)”
Day off thankfully and the best Escort was always built by Ford, drove three of them in my younger years. A decent vehicle indeed.
Mind you, the third was a 1.4 litre engine which guzzled a lot more than the previous two 1.3 litre engines, it didn’t last very long despite being easier on the eye as they say.
Currently on my third Toyota in a row, the man in front is driving one as they say which is a terrible slogan imo as it implies slowness, but I must admit I’m highly impressed by the beloved ones Subaru.
My next purchase will be electric, whether hybrid or full is still to be determined, but if I cut out the gas bill for my almost forty mile daily commute and the house solar covers the extra juice for a plug in of some kind, which it should being in that Cali sun most of the year, then I would be a happy chappy indeed.
Of course the government grant of 7,500 smakeroonies towards an electric sounds good, but it must be American made to qualify and the big 5 as they are called here immediately raised their prices rather than pass the consumer the saving.
Thanks Joe, great soundbite, poor practicality, typical government I guess.
I was just checking the market actually and would probably lean towards the Hyundai hybrid SUV but I’m in no rush having just broke the 100k mark and being happy with the Rav4 altogether.
Living in the country and with big snow sometimes 4wd is essential, and I need a big trunk for a big dog. These new driver assist features truly take most of the work out of being behind the wheel, but some minivans aka mom-mobiles come with a vacuum, fridge, wifi, and captains chair. Sounds like I could hangout there occasionally!?
Final words, avoid Fiat.

Ford girl yourself or,,,

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