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An interesting weekend of football,that one. It certainly didn’t go as planned in my own case,but that is for another day,another place. And it certainly didn’t go as planned for a few football teams,here and elsewhere. And most definitely not as planned by the designers of the VAR system when it is executed in Scotland. 

Firstly,there was the almost unbelievable sight of runaway Serie A leaders losing at home to Lazio. Favourites by a long way for their domestic title and strongly fancied for the Champions League trophy as well,this result could look like a one-off to neutral observers. But there is a harsh history there too for Napoli,as they have been in similar situations recently a couple of times,and have blown up in the closing stages. 

They will be desperate to get the wheels back on the wagon,while even the fifteen point gap will not be as daunting for their rivals. And they defend a 2-0 lead against AWE NAW’s local favourites Eintracht Frankfurt a week tomorrow. Could be interesting. 

Seville,on the other hand,perennial challengers in La Liga and frequent winners in Europe,are in deep trouble at the wrong end of the table. They remain clear of the relegation spots only by a slender goal difference. Losing to Atletico Madrid by 6-1 won’t have helped their cause much either,and could have delivered a mortal blow to the players’ morale. Atletico haven’t had their own problems to seek this season,but are calmly building their points into CL qualification territory. 

Valencia,on the other hand,lost by the only goal of the game at Nou Camp,a respectable if ultimately pointless trip up the coast. But they are in even deeper trouble than Seville,lying two points behind them in second-bottom place! Mestalla,their home ground,has the sheerest of possible “terracing”,and I wouldn’t blame some of their fans for seriously considering the drop from it in preference to the one facing their side!

And then there was Manchester United on Sunday. Oh dear. They went into the match at Anfield still holding outside hopes of a quadruple-laughable as that seemed to most of us beforehand and I think to everyone now. A single goal deficit after a fairly even first half should have brought them out in fine fettle for the second half. It certainly didn’t,as the wheels fell off in the next 45. 

They eventually lost 7-0,only one short of inspiring millions of hilarious memes and gifs based on the old Monty Python sketch. A total surrender,and shamefully so,by a good few of their highly paid stars. The one or two still trying a leg were simply overwhelmed. It took me back a few months to their visit to The Etihaad,where they were remorselessly hammered 4-0 in the first half. But they came out for the second half and restored some pride by winning that 3-2,even if that meant a 6-3 loss. 

They clearly took some heart from that,and built on it. It will be interesting to see how they react to the result at the weekend,same as the other teams I have mentioned. 

Which brings us back to Scotland,and the unique interpretation of VAR up here. As half time approached at Ibrox,the home side were already two goals up,and cruising. Cue a forward and a defender chasing a through ball into the away box. Home player is held off as the ball bounces through to the keeper. VAR decision? Penalty-how did you guess? 

Now,the question is whether it was a clear and obvious error by referee Collum. It couldn’t have been obvious,and it wasn’t even clear that the ball struck the defender’s arm! In fact,former referee Dermot Gallagher said on his Ref Watch spot that it was the wrong decision for a number of reasons,not least of which was that the ball almost definitely struck the defender’s chest!  His studio presenters were also incredulous at the decision,struggling to contain their laughter. 

And then Sunday again,this time for Celtic away to St Mirren. I like to save the best for last. There were three penalties given in the match-and only one by the referee! The first was for the home side,ignored by the ref who had a clear view from close range. So if it was a penalty,it was certainly a clear and obvious one-but was it? I thought it was,but the handball rule definitely needs more work to clear up grey areas like this,which happen too often-and especially to us. We’ve given so many penalties away for this offence that you might be forgiven for thinking that it was handball and not football that we played. 

Fortunately,our second-half performance made up for a very poor first half one,bookended by another two penalty decisions. One given by the referee and overturned by VAR,the other the opposite way round. It wasn’t really a game for ref Dickinson to show on a highlights reel. The first,a clear pull on Kyogo as he burst onto a poor pass back from the defender. The original offence was obviously outside the box,no problem there. But the one that actually pulled Kyogo to the ground was inside,and thus a penalty. Yes,another fine-tuning of the laws since we were lads and lasses,but cast in stone nevertheless. VAR instructed the overturn without inviting the ref over to view the monitor,an almost unheard-of situation anywhere else but Scotland!

At 4-1 up,the game was won. So really there was no reason short of spite for Dickinson to ignore Oh!!! having the shirt pulled off him. But he did! Fortunately,VAR was a bit more sensible this time,enough controversy already without adding to it unnecessarily. 

IFAB,the advisory board on the laws of the game,have just finalised their recommendations for next season,and I’ll deal with that probably on Friday. They recommend increased UEFA/FIFA scrutiny at member associations,but apparently only for the addition of time at the end of each half to make up for injuries and time-wasting,etc.  They would do well to add VAR in Scotland to that shortlist-it is a system that works fine,but the interpretation is so open to abuse that it makes it a white elephant. 

As Ange said-VAR misses nothing,especially where we are involved. I continue to believe that the way it is being abused will eventually bring them to heel,but it can’t come soon enough. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY update.


Good evening, friends.
Coming to you live from Tenerife and you’ll be glad to know that for the 3 games played whilst I’m over here I’ll just be getting straight to the results! And anyway, I haven’t seen the St Mirren game yet, something to catch up on if it clouds over!
Domestically this season we have now played 32, winning 30, drawing 1 and losing 1, scoring 109 and conceding 22
A huge thank you to the 55 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player with my own choices asterisked are as follows –

Hart: 0
Johnston: 47
Carter-Vickers: 22
Starfelt: 5
Taylor: 4
McGregor: 11
Hatate: 4
Mooy: 12
Kyogo: 0
Maeda: 0
Jota: 9
Abada: 49
O’Riley: 1
Oh: 1
Haksabanovic: 0
Iwata: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against St Mirren are –
Abada – 5 pts
Johnston – 4 pts
Carter-Vickers – 3 pts
Mooy – 2 pts
McGregor – 1 pt

So, after 39 games the overall standings are as shown below –
86 points – Hatate
61 points – Carter-Vickers
47 points – Jota
44 points – Mooy
43 points – McGrehor and Taylor
38 points – Kyogo
31 points – Abada
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – Maeda
22 points – Jenz
19 points – Starfelt
16 points – Johnston
15 points – Haksabanovic
13 points – Giakoumakis and Juranovic
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei and Welsh
8 points – Forrest
7 points – Hart
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Kobayashi
0 points – Abildgaard, Iwata, Lawal, McCarthy, Oh, Siegrist and Vata

Our next game is on Wednesday evening at 7.45pm when we entertain Hearts in the league.
Hail Hail!

Awe Naw

Randal Kolo Muani is suspended for the Napoli game. Eintracht out of their depth at this level.I will happily take a non humiliating defeat right now

Awe Naw


The above sevco financial scenario is one that is government sponsored. I don’t mean that in an exasperated they’re all out to get us kind of way. I mean it in an explicit multiple historical ‘malicious prosecutions’ initiated by the Lord Advocate of Scotland kind of way. He/She is the person that does the governments bidding with regards legal matters. The Lord Advocate does not work independently but reports to the government as a de facto cabinet member.

So the above financial figures..click on link does not include the 80 million quid and possibly more that the British tax payer had to pay to allow the old Rangers board to officially return to the scene of their previous proven fraudulent tenure at an original cost of circa 168 million pounds without a single prosecution and continue with their financial mismanagement.

Your job …not mine …as a UK tax payer and being on the UK electorate role is to ask your sitting MP and MSP what was the logic/policy behind this official government action that’s costing you millions that could be spent elsewhere. It is those Members of Parliament that represent you and it is to them that the government cabinet answers to.

I think it is now safe to assume that the Scottish Government is Sevcos new sugar daddy and the questions I would be asking if I was permitted;

Dear MP, MSP

Why does the Scottish government deem it necessary to interfere in matters to allow the original failing board to continue with new Rangers ?

Is it now official government policy to provide Sevco with government funds by illegal means ?

What assurances can the government provide that the previously fraudulent behaviour at Old Rangers without prosecution, will not be repeated by the same individuals who were on the board then and are now on the new board due to government interference and will not be repeated at either board level 80m (HMRC defaults) of taxpayers money or at government level 80m (malicious prosecutions) of taxpayers money ?

Wouldn’t it be better for all concerned if the SNP and Conservative government were honest and open about this specific matter?

If it is a Scottish cultural matter where the well being of new Rangers is considered as being an intrinsical part of the very fabric of Scottish society and beneficial to Scottish society as a whole, why isn’t it written into law? Why the necessity to break the law as it stands? Why is it not open and accountable?

Why should I vote for you ?

Your’s Sincerely
SC moniker

And send the email to mymp and mymsp’s email address

If you cut and paste the above should take 5 minutes maximum

Who knows maybe the Scottish government football regulator can build this into the new regulator statutes. The we are the peeple clause.


The interesting thing about the Sevco penalty for me was that Nautalis Kent never requested a penalty even although he was the player challenging for the ball. He knew it wasn’t one that’s why. Following on from that I just read on the Celticblog an article where wee backpack Barry was commenting on the weekend VAR decisions claiming that Goldson was fouled at Killie goal and all the camera angles were too difficult to assess clearly the other decisions over Sevco and our games. The laughable bit is he said nobody cares what the ex ref Gallagher says. Bit of a pot and kettle there from that wee rat. As a wise man said better to remain quiet and have people think you are stupid than speak and confirm it Baz..
Roll on tomorrow night .



Thanks for the latest updates,mate. So many of our players showing remarkable consistency. A credit to themselves and the manager.

Hope you are settling in nicely to your wee home from home. Honestly,you and FRODSHAMBHOY should be on frequent flier status!



“As a wise man said better to remain quiet and have people think you are stupid than speak and confirm it.”

True,but it was also said by Keith Jackson yesterday. A guy with no self-awareness who just got The Bumper Book of Quotations for his birthday.



I was discussing that RTC tweet last week with my hun pal,a rather smart lad except when it comes to his team. After telling me that we were lucky at Hampden,he went on to say that his side weren’t far away,and Beale’s summer splurge will claw that back.

I drew his attention to the tweet-and the FSR limitations on their spending. Politely. He then astounded me by saying that RTC was discredited,knows nothing,as HMRC lost the tax case.

Me-they won it in The Supreme Court.

Him-aye,but they lost it everywhere else.

Me-they f…..g won it for good the minute they took it out of Scotland! And if you’d listened to what I was telling you fifteen years ago,you wouldn’t have been so suicidal in 2012.

You just canny ejikait pork,mate.


I received a most welcome note tonight from Bernie, my sister. old Bernie. I love her and think she’s the greatest.

I am now convinced that the authorities intend to implement strict isolation soon, as I am having trouble in seeing my solicitor. I hope I’m wrong about the isolation, but we’ll see.

It’s only that I’d like to remain with the boys for as long as possible for many reasons. If I’m isolated, I will simply conquer it.

A priest was in today, somewhat pleasant, and told me about Brendan O Cathaoir’s article in The Irish Times during the week, which I saw. We had a bit of discussion on certain points, which, of course, were to him contentious. He was cordial in his own practised way, purely tactical, of course, and at the same time he was most likely boiling over inside, thinking of the reference to this week’s AP/RN (February 28th issue) calling him a collaborating middle-class nationalist, or appropriate words to that effect.

He is too, says I, and I sympathise with those unfortunate sons of God who find themselves battling against the poverty, disease, corruption, death and inhumanities of the missions…

I am 61 kgs today, going down. I’m not troubled by hunger pangs, nor paranoiac about anything pertaining to food, but, by God, the food has improved here. I thought I noticed that during the last hunger-strike. Well, there is a lot at stake here.

I got the Irish News today, but there’s nothing in it, that’s why I got it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the comrades at Mass tomorrow, all the younger looking faces, minus the beards, moustaches, long rambling untamed hair matted in thick clumps.

One thing is sure, that awful stage, of the piercing or glazed eyes, the tell-tale sign of the rigours of torture, won’t be gone – if it is ever removed. I wonder is it even conceivable that it could be erased from the mind?

We got a new comrade during the week. Isn’t it inspiring the comrades who keep joining us? I read what Jennifer said in court. (On being sentenced, Jennifer McCann said: ‘I am a Republican prisoner of war and at the moment my comrade Bobby Sands is on hunger-strike to defend my rights as a political prisoner.’) I was touched and proud, she is my comrade.

I’ve been thinking of Mary Doyle and Ellen McGuigan and all the rest of the girls in Armagh. How can I forget them?

The Screws are staring at me perplexed. Many of them hope (if their eyes tell the truth) that I will die. If need be, I’ll oblige them, but my God they are fools. Oscar Wilde did not do justice to them for I believe they are lower than even he thought. And I may add there is only one thing lower than a Screw and that is a Governor. And in my experience the higher one goes up that disgusting ladder they call rank, or position, the lower one gets…

It’s raining. I’m not cold, my spirits are well, and I’m still getting some smokes — decadence, well sort of, but who’s perfect. Bad for your health. Mar dheas anois, Oíche Mhaith.

Big Audio Dynamite

Sevco got a debatable pen at the weekend? Do they get any other kind?
Would’ve been great to see the trophy count in this wee shithole, if we had played in a fair country since 1888.
I’d be willing to bet on us being streets ahead.
In a few months we will pass their trophy haul, then what will the nuggets be left with?
I could take a guess …the sick f@ckers!

I canny wait.



The 1970 Cup final for one,according to JIMBO67 and everyone who was there. Cost us a treble too. The SPL 2003 according to Sutton and all of us. 83-84 League Cup. And those are only a few finals off the top of my head. Plenty of games throughout plenty of seasons which cost us accumulatively.

Big Audio Dynamite

Danny bhoy, from last night.

Sorry, Danny, I fell asleep with the headphones on :))

Top5 songs? Tough one.

Sitting on the dock of the bay – Ottis Redding.
This must be the place – Talking Heads.
All lost in the supermarket – The Clash.
She’s lost control – Joy Division.
Street spirit – Radiohead.

I need a longer list! 😉


Morning all….had a very busy weekend so wasn’t on much. Belated Happy Birthday to ATOB, was it Saturday? That was my missus’ birthday, she happens to be the same age as you – 21! Who’da thunk it!!


Alternative Top 5 Songs, in no particular order…
Jesus and Mary Chain…April Skies
Half Man Half Biscuit…All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit
Echo and the Bunnymen…Ocean Rain
The Growlers…Love Test
Carter USM…The Only Living Boy in New Cross.

Some nice easy listening for anyone who’s interested! 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, in the distant past, when you could only read reports on the games, what must the cheating have been like back then? Any coincidence they dominated the decades up to the sixties? I wonder what kind of helping (Hidden) hand they were getting in the 1920s, 30s and 40s? I didn’t think they would have been brazen enough to keep it going in this age of instant news, where everything is analysed over and over …I was wrong!

The only difference between now and 100 years ago? Their need is so much greater now.

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, cupla belters in there!

Half Man Half Biscuit ..😁

Awe Naw


They are again delaying the inevitable. No sugar daddy is on the horizon as Barry Ferguson was hoping in the papers yesterday. Middle east my ass. They haven’t turned a profit in half a century. The more the British empire erodes into the sea the less relevant and endearing they become to anyone not with a British bent. Last time round it was the SNP that bailed them out. So the precedent has been set. I presume that this will now always have to happen. I suspect the SNP need to do so again soon or they are finished. By they I mean The SNP, Scottish establishment, Sevco and the Scottish media and by extension faith from the electorate in those bodies , throw in the polis and the CPS. Genuinely glad I don’t contribute anymore. It does make me mad though when I hear my Ma and Sister tell me about the state of the NHS and the Scottish education system. I wasn’t joking in any of my previous post. Most Celtic fans would wear such a wee arra peeple statute with honour and wallow in it being official rather than fire of a 2 minute email in the hope of improving things for their weans.

St tams

Great article Bobby.
It’s just blatant cheating, that we are now seeing.
The people who run our club will say nothing , as usual.



I don’t get the “link” you suggest to Scotgov/SNP funding. Hardly any Rangers fans vote for them! Seems self defeating to me. Re the state of public services,you are preaching to the converted. They are even worse than down here,and that says a lot.



Our lot still haven’t learned that using the usual channels reaps the usual rewards. SFA,coincidentally. I have noticed though that the outright thuggery has much reduced this season,which is a start.

Of course,we have two games against Hearts in the next few days…

BTW,the whisky is bottled,but mine is still with the syndicate organiser. Will let you know when it arrives and when I can get it to you.

Awe Naw


Read the first paragraph of my post dated March 7, 2023 4:49 am

I can’t be any clearer. Or are you trying to illustrate a point ?


Just an early reminder that some people can still make Superbru predictions for tomorrow’s 3 midweek games that conclude this week’s total.


Apologies in advance — not about football — self indulgence regarding BEVs.


ATOB @ Range Anxiety hell / yesterday

Electric car debate — interesting viewpoint regarding consumer attitudes dealing with the big switch.
Early adopters look at the tech / its advantages and go all in.
Mainstream punters are a harder audience to crack.

Interesting that you want a car with a 300 mile plus range — very fringe requirement in real life car use.
The average vehicle is lucky to do 31 miles per day.

Even road warriors driving Transits and demanding ever bigger fuel tanks came up against the size of the human bladder — no need for 120L fuel tank when the average human needed a comfort break every 5/6 hours.

Lots of experience back in the day of driving non stop from Bas Vegas to Glas Vegas — all 425 miles of it — back teeth swimming / fuel tank on fumes / range predictor at zero as I drove up to the in-laws house.

Not good — sweating like a cannibal on a nudist beach.
Range anxiety is not just a BEV issue.

First up — are you a two car family?

If yes then use your existing ICE vehicle for your road trips.
Save the electric car for the smaller scale stuff — Glesga to Carlisle and back.
Current tech makes charging a bit of a chore but help is on the way.

Plus if you have a domestic charger and trickle charge overnight then the car will always have 90% range availability.
Compare and contrast with normal ICE practice where you go to the garage once a week and drive about on fumes to get there.

As for range variability and driving styles — big issue with ICE powertrains just a case that through habit we understand the concept and make our own decisions rather than the new situation with BEVs where a powertrain controller has been programmed to deliver a pessimistic view of the world so that you are never stuck. Also heat pumps are on their way to help out — next gen BEVs will be that much better.

As for the costs involved — BEVs like all cars are in demand / double demand in fact so deals are hard to come by.
The good news is that it would appear that car prices are on the turn downwards.
Plus there are more BEV models coming to market with big volumes.

Money where my mouth is — will be looking at BEVs when we need a new car in 6 months time.
The charging situation is improving — number of public outlets / charging rate using HVDC.
EM / Tesla were first movers with this sort of stuff but Big Auto is fast catching up and will soon overtake.

BEV is the way forward — soon it will be full circle regarding petrol.
Need to go to a chemist to get it — only took 150 years.

ICE — Internal combustion engine.
BEV = Battery electric vehicle.
HV = High Voltage


Big wins / strange scorelines — I wonder how the betting markets reacted to these type of results?
The only issue is that 7-0 results attract attention and generate scrutiny — not what the fixers want.

Still think that the EPL needs constant vigilance regarding some of the mid table results.
Up and down like a certain kind of back street sole trader’s undergarments.

Big tax case / wee tax case — if the Nats had gotten their wish and we were independent in 2010/12 then TFOD1.0 would have been saved by way of a tawdry tax stitch up.

TFOD1.0 vs Scotland — too big to fail.
We have been warned.



I read it,and I agree with almost all of your thoughts about this. Have done for years. IMO the malicious prosecutions case,start to finish,was exactly that. And a car crash into the bargain,doing the concept of Scots Law as a beacon no favours until the judiciary themselves got involved at the ensuing trials.

It showed Police Scotland up as a law unto themselves,manipulating the warrant system via friendly sheriffs to get the desired end result. I have a second cousin who will testify to how corrupt that organisation is,that he hasn’t had the chance to do so is proof enough. And he was a copper! What I don’t get though-and I’m no fan of the SNP,as you know-is how operational failure at sergeant level is a government conspiracy. Mind you,the two coppers involved got heavily promoted!

Anyway,we can disagree amicably on that,while agreeing on the bigger picture. That the huns are being supported in clear view,aided and abetted by their fans and placemen in the game and elsewhere. But guess what? It might be keeping them alive and almost relevant,but that’s it.

It isn’t working very well otherwise!


Awe Naw…you’ve posted this kind of stuff before and it has merit but if I thought my MP/MSP would devote the time required to do your questions justice I would fire it off in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, it’s not where we’re at either as a government or as a country. My feelings are they (the government) would be happier to see the matter gone and forgotten about and therefore have zero interest in rekindling the fire – let sleeping dogs lie. Maybe there’s a fear of major public disorder, maybe it is just the Brethren protecting the Brethren or perhaps even the liquidation and subsequent writing off of the monies owed and the birth of the new club was enough for those in power to move on and not create unnecessary waves. Who knows how these people really think? For what it’s worth, and I’ve said it before, I’d have happily seen that mob due never to return but not everyone feels the same.

Awe Naw


I believe it to be more complicated than that. The polis are acting on orders. The Prosecution service has more leeway and do regularly tell the polis to fuck off and behave themselves. This one that has cost the uk taxpayer 80m so far and that’s just in compensation. All instigated by the SCPS. They done so to bring back the old guard that were never prosecuted in the first place i.e they whom defrauded all and sundry to the tune of 160m and no prosecutions. Now we can debate who calls the tune with regards HMRC prosecutions. Westminster or Holyrood. I genuinely don’t know.

McCaff my point was raised due to the Tax case guy see link …. pointing out that it’s inevitable that it is going to happen again. The figures comparable with when Murray called the game a bogey …so I suspect it may be closer than some…Barry Ferguson et al may think

I think it’s important for the uk tax payer and uk voter to ask whether this is now accepted practice regardless of how clandestine the Scottish Government may think it operates. The fact that they wanted the old guard to return and were never ever prosecuted needs explaining. Either at a Uk or Scottish government level and I suspect both.

The time is surely now than waiting for the inevitable according to the RTC guy. He was on the money before. To not do so would indicate the last precedent was set and acceptable to all.

Big Audio Dynamite

I think it was Fan (?) who said that without the help they are getting, they are just a mid-table irrelevance.

I believe that 100%.

In the past, when the help wasn’t enough to keep them relevant, they were finishing 4th and 5th. Remember when their greatest hero was manager? :))



I don’t get the “link” you suggest to Scotgov/SNP funding. Hardly any Rangers fans vote for them! Seems self defeating to me.
Bobby, irrespective of Sevcoites not voting for the SNP there sadly remains within that party a perhaps not insignificant number of the ‘Scottish nae papes’ mentality. Alex Salmond and his efforts to influence the UK government and HMRC in order to save Rangers IL, or his quote about the North of Ireland ‘The blood of our blood, bone of our bone’ i know he wasn’t referring to me and mine when he said that. How about the deputy leader of the SNP in Westministers comments on ‘plastic paddies’, any apologies from Miss Black for that, or a telling off from the SNP? I guess one could also question one of the candidates for 1st minister of Scotland position on the Roman Catholic faith given her own Calvinist beliefs. Now just imagine the furor if Humza Yousaf was a member of an Islamic fundamentalist / “orthodox” faith such as Wahhabism. All my own views of course and I am not advocating support of any Scottish political party



The original offence was obviously outside the box,no problem there. But the one that actually pulled Kyogo to the ground was inside,and thus a penalty. Yes,another fine-tuning of the laws since we were lads and lasses,but cast in stone nevertheless. VAR instructed the overturn without inviting the ref over to view the monitor,an almost unheard-of situation anywhere else but Scotland!
IFAB have made it clear that the defender does not have to be in the box for it to be a penalty with the addition at


Did the defender stop impeding Kyogo before he got his foot on the line, did his initial impeding not stop Kyogo reaching the line sooner?

In such circumstances when a clear goal scoring opportunity was denied should any doubt not be given to the team whose forward was fouled?

I think Dallas should be called out on this one. why was he so sure the impeding stopped before K’s foot on the penalty box line or was he unaware of the IFAB rule referred to in the Tweet re when the impeding stopped?


Awe Naw

Re your letter. I’m currently working with SFSA on a similar approach what do you estimate is the total cost to the UK tax payer in tax lost and compensation paid?

Angel Gabriel

Auldbhoy . 8.30am .
Trying not to be pedantic here . HH

The quote about not caring what the Sky Ref says, when monitoring the previous weekend’s decisions was made by Andy Halliday on the radio Clyde phone in last night.
The first caller basically said that there’s blatant cheating going on . Halliday said that Dermot Gallaghers opinion stands for nought.
Every club has its Var complaints apparently.

Alexa was then instructed by moi , to switch aff .

Same old same old CSC

Awe Naw


It really shouldn’t matter what anyone’s allegiances are to any party or nationality to seek answers to these questions? Why? Because it’s absolutely irrelevant. The more the better it is for everyone who wants to prevent corruption.

They were not prosecuted or punished for the original fraud. They were returned using the full force of the Scottish prosecution service. They have continued to act recklessly so can we assume the same procedures and process will be implemented again WHEN it happens?

I really don’t see the difficulty here unless you are in possession of a rigid Old Firm belief system.

Awe Naw


Initial estimates were that Old Rangers were in debt to 160m. How much of that was paid off in football debt and what the final tax bill was would need extensive research. Also not accounted for is the time and effort that was consumed by politicians, civil servants, police, judges, lawyers has never been taken into account but millions surely. These guy’s don’t come cheap

Awe Naw

10 pens for Sevco in the last 14 games that Andrew Dallas has refereed in.

33% of opposition goals against Celtic this season has come from the penalty spot. 0% in comparison for Rangers. Slam dunk


Afternoon all,

Awe Naw,

I fired off an E Mail to my local MP this morning.

I will post reply in due course.

HH 🍀🍀


Awe Naw…yip, I agree with it all but, and there’s always a but, you and RTC are approaching it from different angles. He’s dealing with the reality of the TRFC financials – all readily available, albeit he’s collating them from various sources whilst you’re advocating action against TRFC to stop what happened before. To do so would mean conflating Oldco and Sevco, a veritable can of worms which naebody in their right mind wants to touch. And I’m not sure I’d be any different if I was in their position due to the possible ramifications… hence why I said ‘let sleeping dugs lie’!
It’s a poison chalice to whoever picks it up, I think!

16 roads

Thank God for Ange Postecoglou, and the Celtic squad he has assembled – we would otherwise be in serious trouble what with the MIB/VAR corruption.

Industrial scale cheating this season, it’s nothing short of a miracle that Celtic are ahead in the title race.


Awe Naw


It’s the same board. The same people that they helped engineer into position. The Scottish government will tell you it’s the same Rangers. You can make that the first question

Awe Naw


Hat doffed


Leggy, good on you, I await the update with interest. 👍



Did you instruct Alexa in the time-honoured WoS manner-Alexa,turn that shite aff!

I did that the last time I was home,my Mum was in hysterics. But only after she’d given me a bollocking for language.

Awe Naw


I’m not press ganging anyone here. You are all fine gentlemen that can think for yourselves. I’m only saying what I’d be doing. May I ask you what update are you waiting on ?


Awe Naw

No, I mostly agree with you and I am certainly no adherent of ‘old firmism’ as I believe Scottish football and perhaps Scottish society would have benefited if they were simply allowed to cease to exist as legally they should have been. However, why and who ensured the Scottish judicial system did not prosecute the original fraud, and likewise why ‘they’ were returned using the full force of the Scottish prosecution service? Deep-rooted Scottish societal issues i would venture🤔


Awe Naw…Leggy’s MP’s response.

16 roads

Not to get involved in politics, however it’s a real shame none of the political parties invested in Hampden Park.

There’s something special about that venue, famous throughout the world of football, like it or not.

Pitiful looking it is, poor facilities – still a fascinating, and unique ground, steeped in history.

Obviously the corrupt football authorities must also shoulder some of the blame.


Awe Naw


I suspect UK one’s due to Sir David Murray still being one of the chosen ones. I could be well wrong.

Awe Naw


Ah ok. Cheers


Awe Naw…there’s no requirement for an OF belief system. The simple get out is the fraud was punished by liquidation. The offending company no longer exists , I know it’s too simple an outlook to be realistic but it is a fact!
Anyone in authority can easily differentiate between Oldco and Newco, the problems arise when you dare to admit it in public.
At present the company operating out of Ibrox has taken investment, lots of it, in return for high interest repayments and tonnes of confetti shares, but they’re not acting illegally.



I remember that comment well. It showed him in a bad light,IMO. Not that the voters bothered too much. Most of them probably agreed with him.

As for Mhairi Black,I think she was 14yo when she said that. And straight after her team had been gubbed by us. I’ve called Rangers and their fans a lot worse,and to their faces. Knowing I’d get it back,but that’s what friends are for!

Having said that,the SNP have a long history of anti-Catholic,anti-Irish vitriol and worse,going back as far as the party itself. The Church of Scotland regularly opinionated similarly,but at least had the courage and decency to publicly apologise for that.

The SNP hasn’t,and the Wee Free still hold to those beliefs! Even to the extent of expelling Lord Mackay,the senior law officer in Scotland,for the sin of attending the Catholic funeral of his friend and colleague,Lord Wheatley.

Never mind the politics,that is just hatred. And far from any form of Christianity that any of us were brought up in.

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