Aussie 100 Not Out-And Counting!


Ange celebrated his 100th game in charge last night in front of a rapturous crowd of admirers,although he will be the first to admit that things didn’t quite go exactly to plan from the start. I think that he has yet to be defeated at home domestically,but Hearts either hadn’t been told that,or were simply intent on ruining the celebrations. 

Buggers were one up after six minutes-or eight,if you include the VAR check for a possible offside. It certainly wasn’t in the script,and they had no intention of offering themselves up for ritual sacrifice. They pressed us hard all night,as far up the field as possible,and made things difficult for us throughout. In fact,I would have been impressed by their overall display,were it not for continually resorting to their ingrained habit of simple thuggery.

How it took referee Muir 3/4 of the game to pull out a card is beyond me,as is how he can justify only booking two of-oh,wait…

Yes,Hearts made it difficult on the night,but we are made of sterner stuff these days. Ralston is a capable deputy for Johnston,and just as tough. Bernabei took time to settle,but held firm most of the night. Starfelt and CCV are like teak and oak,there is no place for shrinking violets in our Hoooooops these days. I thought the midfield looked unbalanced,and with the three chosen,I think it only works with CalMac in the 10-but it is a minor quibble after such a victory. 

It took us another twenty minutes to level the match,no thanks to the near side assistant. Ralston picked the ball up in the middle of his own half and threaded a peach through for Kyogo to run on to. It was all the invitation he needed,as Maeda set off in hot pursuit to meet the perfect cross into the box and slot it home. 

Incredibly,the lino was in line with the play yet flagged Kyogo offside because he had beaten the central defender to the run. Ignoring the left back only five yards away from him! An absolute joke,and we can actually thank VAR for once. Decisions like that were everyday affairs not so long ago. The lino though has no excuse for this and there needs to be sanctions applied to halfwits like him. 

Maeda had to be taken off after being injured while scoring,replaced by the impressive Jota. Hardly a downgrade,and a mark of the strength of the squad. 1-1 at half time,and the players hastened up the tunnel to be first to the seats near the radiators. It was a cold night out there!

We came out for the second half,and the game continued in a similar pattern to the first,and although we were creating chances,we were just out with the final ball too often. Abada being a prime example from a superb pass as he tried to square it to Kyogo. But Kyogo would not be denied. Not tonight,he wanted to mark his manager’s big night with a goal. 

Jota started it,winning the tackle on the halfway line before squaring it inside to Mooy. The big Aussie hardly had to break stride to release Kyogo,who had lost his marker on the edge of the area and fired it home with relish. His ability to do that in a few strides is one of the features of his game,and he must be a nightmare to play against. 

Fortunately,he is playing for us,and deserves all the adulation coming his way!

Hearts continued with their game plan,pressing,kicking,running. Fair play,they never gave up and didn’t tire as so many of our opponents do under the pressure we apply. But apart from the goal,they rarely had us bothered too much. Due mainly to the display of our defence,who had a harder night than normal. So there was no doubt that a third would make us rest that wee bit easier,make the journey home that bit happier. 

One of our regular sixteen who rarely gets a start is Haksabanovic. In truth,he rarely seems to perform to his best on the few occasions that he does get a start-but from the bench,he can be dynamite! And indeed he was last night,scoring the third with a serious contender for goal of the season. 

He got the ball,static on the left side and faced with a packed area. Took it inside,and then a burst of pace across the edge of the area gave him the space to curl it right-footed into the top corner. If you missed it last night,here it is-courtesy of JIMMYNOTPAUL who provided links to all three goals. 


With only about five minutes left after that,there was little else of note. The game didn’t peter out,but 3-1 was probably a fair reflection. As noted at full time by SOLKITTS,it is one less game for the huns to catch us. Those nine points are still only the same nine points as three months ago,but there are only ten league matches left. 

Our next match though isn’t in the league-it is cup duty on Saturday. Against the same opposition,but on their own midden. More of the same,please-but without losing the early goal?


There’s a new Celtic-inspired t-shirt available,and it is a beauty. The concept came from one of our regulars who apparently was wearing it last night for the first time! It is available from the designer as follows…



Above article by BMCUWP

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It is sometimes the footballer’s curse. To come off the bench, and get the goal that matters. Brilliant for the manager. Brilliant for the supporters… not so much for the supersub himself. I well remember Craig Johnston in the 70’s. Liverpool fans claimed him as a cult hero.

Hail Hail.


BTW- just did a quick check on Superbru and I see the weekly winning points total has been smashed by one of our near the bottom of the table performers. I will update formally sometime soon but it is the wife’s birthday and I may be going out for lunch later


I honestly think they flag some of our goals for offside because they know VAR will overturn it. Then they say’VAR done its job today’.


comment image?auto=format&fit=max&w=1536


That photo and a still from the goal both showed in the article until I went back into it to edit it. Now just two boxes wi a question mark. Oh dear…

16 roads

Danny Mac 23

16 Roads

90 goals indeed sir and more to come.Another league game ticked off and another 3 points.

Come Saturday we will have our usual full backs in situ and the exceptional Hatate from the first whistle.

The situation Ange has created in his tenure is to be lauded.

I am in awe of the man.We all know the back story and where we were to where we are.I echo your thoughts mate.

Lets enjoy a history maker as that is what we have in our manager.Football changes very quickly for a myriad of reasons but this guy whilst here and happy will continue to bring success.

March 8, 2023 10:25 pm

💯 %

Beat that rabble again on Saturday – it’ll put the seal on a tremendous few weeks for the football club.

That time of year is fast approaching, remembering the St.Patrick’s Day Massacre & the Palm Sunday Humiliation, two beacons of light in an otherwise gloomy period of Celtic’s history.

One could never have imagined how much things would change,from where we were then to where we are now.

HH. 🍀🏆

Big Audio Dynamite


Liverpool’s 70s supersub was David Fairclough, Shirley?
Craig Johnson signed for the Pool in 81 and won some massive honours …including the league, FA cup and the European cup
He was actually with Jack Charlton’s Middlesbrough as a teen, alongside Souness and Bobby Murdoch.
After one of his first trial games as a teen, Charlton told him he was one of the worst players he had ever seen lol.
Considering all he went through before getting to Liverpool, it’s amazing he made it with the best team on the planet.
He went on to invent the best football boots of the time (Predators), by taking old boots and sticking on pieces of used car tyres.
Ask John Collins if they worked 😉

HopingyoudontmindCSC 💚


Awe Naw

I watched the game last night in my mosquito net and thought we were fabulous. I do get Ange’s moan about not finding Kyogo but reckon Hatate is more likely to feed him. If they both start along with Taylor and Johnston then we will do them again at the weekend. What’s wrong with Johnston?

St tams

Can’t agree on the full backs Bobby.
Would not like to have to play the rest of the season with those 2 playing.

Ralston really is a poor footballer and Bernabei is never a full back, maybe a winger.


Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim,

Great game yesterday, it’s a real pleasure watching this Celtic side at work

We have touched on the challenges of having a squad of all the talents, how do we keep everyone happy!?

Obviously – play them all

Yet what is becoming clear is we don’t have twenty two interchangeable players

The team is just not the same without Hatate

Yet if we keep playing the same players week in and week out like we do with our fullbacks (and centrebacks) their back up get rusty and lack proper game time development

Hearts are a good side, in fact if the top six in the SPL remain the same, we could see an improvement in Scottish football’s European contributions at the start of next season…

… I digress

Hearts changed tactics from previous and got some purchase with it, they really gave us a game

Superior technique, fitness and A team/impact players coming on, showed the gap for what it was

We won’t have it our own way on Saturday and Hearts know they can rattle us, when they attack us or press us

But I expect Sunday’s team to start and we will be too strong for them

Kyogo – relentless and with a goal

Jota – Great contribution, winning the ball in midfield and counter-attacking with pace and quality to create Kyogo’s goal was an example of his desire and talent

Haksabanovic – His impact and goal were a delight, maybe others who played longer and had more of a contribution deserve a vote but Hacksa could only do what time permitted

Those are the ghuys winging their way to Jobo…

If we get some of these bhoys smoothing their rough edges, upping there quality and fit for a ninety minute lung bursting performance we will have an incredible base going into the summer break

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


Ange Postecoglou unlikely to bring up double hundred at Celtic
3 hrs ago

By Graeme McGarry
Senior Sports Writer

Ange Postecoglou has been a runaway success during his first 100 games in charge of Celtic. (Image: SNS)
THIS will likely make little difference to the correspondence I will receive on the back of this article, but it’s worth pointing a few things out straight off the bat in any case.

I am not ‘hurting’ because of Celtic’s success. I am not a member of any kind of shadowy, secretive organisation. Though, I acknowledge that is precisely what someone who is a member of a shadowy, secretive organisation would say.

Neither am I that word once reserved to describe Attila and his hordes as they rampaged across the Roman Empire, but now used to derogatorily denote anyone suspected of supporting Rangers.

As both a football fan and reporter though, I have covered Celtic closely since Ange Postecoglou arrived on these shores, and I have thoroughly enjoyed attending most of the 100 competitive games he has now racked up in charge of the club.

For the vast majority of that time, the team he has created has produced fast, free-flowing football that has proven impossible for domestic opponents to live with. Even when his players fail to reach the heights they are capable of, he has instilled a mental steeliness within them and an unshakeable faith in his brand of football that ensures they almost invariably get the job done in any case.

They have carried Postecoglou’s philosophy unquestioning onto the European stage, admittedly, with mixed results. But while success there has been harder to come by, there is much to admire in his obdurate belief that the only way his team will ever compete at that level is by testing the game they work on every single day at Lennoxtown in that arena.

Even without an emotional connection to Celtic and the added detachment that the job requires, it has been impossible not to have been frequently excited by the football that has been on display from Celtic over these past 18 months or so.

It is easy to forget just where Postecoglou picked this team up. I remember a pre-season friendly against Bristol City at their newly opened training ground a couple of summers ago, where all he had to work with essentially boiled down to Callum McGregor and a host of youngsters, as a watching horde of wantaway players sat disinterested on the sidelines.

They were soon despatched, but the scale of the rebuild required meant that the early hiccups of his reign barely hinted at what was to come. After regaining the Premiership crown and winning the League Cup in his debut season, he is now heavily favoured to tuck a Treble into the Celtic Park trophy cabinet come June.

And boy, can he talk a good game, mate. From a professional perspective, believe me, there is not a journalist in Scotland who wants Postecoglou to leave any time soon. He is engaging, whip smart, and despite the reporters often being the butt of the joke, he makes for cracking copy.

Postecoglou ‘got’ Celtic from day one and made the happiness of their supporters his top priority. He defers to them rather than claiming to be one of them, earning him a place in their hearts that Brendan Rodgers – supposedly ‘one of their own’ – failed to ever really occupy.

Postecoglou, then, arrived at his 100th game against Hearts – ironically, also his first domestic opponent – as an undoubted hero to the Celtic support.

You would have got long odds on that scenario coming to pass on that opening night at Tynecastle, something Postecoglou pointedly mentioned in the lead up to last night’s game.

But at the risk of attracting his ire, and the certainty of attracting that of the Celtic support, might I gently suggest they enjoy the Australian as much as they can while he is still here.

Postecoglou recently said that people would be surprised just how long he will be the manager of Celtic, and given all I have detailed here, I would indeed be astonished if that was another 100 games.

Postecoglou often gives the impression he can see round corners. His recent prediction that one day soon, he would be labelled as lacking in ambition if he didn’t leave Celtic for England by a member of the media laid a trap that I am going to try awfully hard not to be the one to stick my size nines in.

I certainly wouldn’t level that accusation at him, and I don’t expect him to leave Celtic in the short term. He has ambitions to fulfil here, first. And when the day arrives when he finally does take his leave, I don’t expect it to be to a Leeds United or an Everton, as has been mooted at various points in the past.

If he continues as he has done though, it is almost impossible to imagine that his stellar work will go unnoticed among the real elite-level clubs.

I absolutely believe Postecoglou when he says that Celtic gives him everything he ever wanted in a job. Celtic are a massive club. They handed him the opportunity on the big European stage where others balked at his lack of experience on this side of the footballing world. They have been rewarded beyond their wildest expectations for doing so, granted, but it is a debt Postecoglou undoubtedly acknowledges and carries.

Postecoglou’s driving ambition seems to be the betterment of Celtic and the culture around the club, rather than his own career (you may sense there is a ‘but’, coming…), but even Postecoglou, by his own admission, can’t be sure what the future holds.

“There is no manager that will sit down and say: ‘I will be here’,” he said this week. “It’s not our decision sometimes.

“That’s why I’ve always consistently said I don’t think about those kinds of things, all I think about is my responsibility at the moment.

“That’s to produce a football team that brings success to this football club and that the fans can be proud of.”

As illogical as it sounds, the harsh irony for those who wish to keep him here to stomach is that Postecoglou is almost doing that job too well. His work will not have gone unnoticed in larger leagues, and while I do believe it would take one of the mammoths – even in England, for example – to tempt him away, it is a matter of time before he faces that dilemma.

For now, then, I would encourage Celtic supporters to live in the moment. To use the parlance of a sport beloved in Postecoglou’s homeland, he is 100, not out. How long that innings lasts, can only depend on when a top-level club twigs on to the brilliant work he is doing.

Oldest first
James Muir
26 mins ago
User ID: 1922453
I think all Celtic fans know that Ange will leave one day, and hopefully that it is to one of the top English/European clubs as this would be the biggest validation of the job he will have done at/in Celtic/Scotland. We can all speculate as to whether that will be this summer, or the next or even the one after that however, that is largely irrelevant. The one thing that Ange has understood more than most, Celtic will prevail long after he has gone and therefore, I think he understands his role fully – to bring a ‘Celtic brand’ of football with the associated success while he is here, and the shape the Club to continue his legacy once he has gone. One thing that cannot be underestimated, is the position that he inherited with some of the Club’s structures like the Academy, the succession line, the scouting network etc. I truly believe that he sees a wider overhaul of Celtic as part of his legacy and that will include developing a structure for his successor – so I think it reasonable to assume that he is here for a little while longer.
Last Updated: 10 mins ago


Colin Henderson
21 mins ago
User ID: 1110324
With games running out, its the age-old desperation tactic of trying to unsettle the manager and/or players. No coincidence that in the week before the League Cup final the press was full of articles about the Celtic manager and players about to be lured away.

No manager stays forever, particularly the successful ones. Where I do disagree with the writer is the implication that one of the very top English clubs would take him, whereas the reality is that they fish in a very different pool for their managers. When someone like Klopps time is up, theyll be looking at the top managers in the biggest leagues, regardless of the success Postecoglou has achieved.
Last Updated: 7 mins ago


Matt Sally
1 hr ago
User ID: 1109065
I enjoyed that article.
I dont think it smarts of if I float this notion it may come true. (Although the title would make you assume that).
He is genuinely impressed at the football he promotes and his intelligence when he speaks.
His thoughts that he defers to the fans, rather than he is one and betterment to Celtic rather than his own career is so true, though I hadnt thought of it in this way.
I think you nailed Ange Mr McGarry, oh for a few more like you.
Last Updated: 6 mins ago


Gerard McEwan
2 hrs ago
User ID: 1025909
You do sound just a tad disappointed though Graeme, not a Gorgie Boy are you? If you keep up the hope that AP leaves, it might come to pass, but in the meantime, just try to enjoy something positive in Scottish football.
Last Updated: 5 mins ago


↪ in reply to Gerard McEwan
william logan
1 hr ago
User ID: 1022085
There is nothing in that article which suggests that the journalist wants Ange Postecoglou to leave Celtic. If he had a better European record behind him with Celtic, I reckon that one of the elite clubs would have enticed him away before now.
Last Updated: 5 mins ago


schlermie beckermann
2 hrs ago
User ID: 1582031
Desperate stuff, Mr McGarry.

The Star Above The Crest

The big clubs in England couldn’t care less about what a manager achieves in Scotland (unless a manager actually won a European trophy). Even MON who got to Seville and restored a measure of Euro respectability could only get offered the Villa job. The big clubs down there generally look to La Liga/Serie A/Bundesliga for their gaffers. I’d like to think AP wouldn’t leave us for say, Bournemouth or Leeds.


I have left this rather late tonight and it is cold. The priest Fr Murphy was in. I had a discussion with him on the situation. He said he enjoyed our talk and was somewhat enlightened, when he was leaving.

On the subject of priests, I received a small note from a Fr S. C. from Tralee, Kerry, and some holy pictures of Our Lady. The thought touched me. If it is the same man, I recall him giving a lecture to us in Cage 11 some years ago on the right to lift arms in defence of the freedom of one’s occupied and oppressed nation. Preaching to the converted he was, but it all helps.

It is my birthday and the boys are having a sing-song for me, bless their hearts. I braved it to the door, at their request, to make a bit of a speech, for what it was worth. I wrote to several friends today including Bernie and my mother. I feel all right and my weight is 60 kgs.

I always keep thinking of James Connolly, and the great calm and dignity that he showed right to his very end, his courage and resolve. Perhaps I am biased, because there have been thousands like him but Connolly has always been the man that I looked up to.

I always have tremendous feeling for Liam Mellowes as well; and for the present leadership of the Republican Movement, and a confidence in them that they will always remain undaunted and unchanged. And again, dare I forget the Irish people of today, and the risen people of the past, they too hold a special place in my heart.

Well, I have gotten by twenty-seven years, so that is something. I may die, but the Republic of 1916 will never die. Onward to the Republic and liberation of our people.

St tams

Awe Naw
He is what he says he’s not.
A hurting hun



A 4:5:1 isn’t a press. It’s designed to nullify Celtic playing out through the middle and, as both our full backs ( not surprisingly) were ineffective in inverting, five against three, it worked… for a while. Ginnelly just ran at the two centre backs hoping to panic them, which it didn’t but the five smothered any attempts at playing triangles out Ralston often had two ( admittedly one being Halliday) and was caught out leading to their opener. Wasn’t helped by both full backs, Bernabei in particular, giving away possession.
When it’s not going his way though Tony Ralston works hard to change that and his pass to Kyogo to set up the equaliser ,( you watching Carl) was superb.
Second half, particularly due to the absence of Ginnelly, they sat in and, after our second, did more so. Excellent subs swung it more in our favour again and their ‘press’ such as it was, caused no problems. In fact, by trying it after going behind and particularly when Hatate came on, Neilson showed naivety.
The third best team in the land…
Time wasting from the start , throw ins, goal kicks, sitting down to stop play, even when behind
Cynical fouls
Cheating to go down,
Looking for red cards ( Bernabei)
Awaiting var then going to the Celtic half corner flag to celebrate.
Picking the waste of a jersey that is Halliday
Ranting ‘decapitate’ manager
Utterly vile chanting,Union Jack waving, rule Britannia ‘fans’


There is now only 1 club that could catch us in the league, and it won’t be long until no one can 🍀🍀


Awe Naw, St Tams,

Yes, trying very, very hard to tell us what he is not, why!?

Anyway, despite all the bluster he gives it away when he says Ange is doing the job too well

By any measure the only folk who think that, is Celtic’s domestic football opposition, so that’s where Mr McGarry is coming from.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Chairbhoy, St. Tams

Our chairman believes that an ‘Old Firm’ manager has a shelf life of four years or is that only when he is chief executive 🙂

It inhibits the Messiah syndrome that is undesirable for the PLC


Awe Naw @ 11:21 am,

Yes, too true

He certainly thought Brendan Rodgers was doing too well and was certainly never going to give him the support to do better the opposite in fact

He was certainly happy to support Lenny to the hilt knowing fulll well his limitations, yet maybe not the dearth of his temperament

So how much clout does he now hold!?

Hopefully not enough to stop Ange reaching the height of his ambition

‘Cause if he does still wield that sort of power we can be sure he’ll exert it

And the Celtic Board won’t push against him

And the Celtic supporters’ organisations won’t rise against him

And the Celtic owner will have his hand up his back

Just hope those days are behind us

Hail Hail



Lawwell sticking his oar in once too often resulted in Rodgers quitting. No great surprise here-the site was set up at the end of the summer 2018 window precisely because of that.

But it ultimately cost Lawwell his own job,one that I’m sure he thought was his for as long as he wanted it. Now,granted he doesn’t seem too great at learning from experience,but he won’t be stupid enough to try it again. Especially as he is no longer the big cheese.


Aw Naw

I have looked at the deviation clause in FSR you referred to and get your point but cannot answer with any certainty, so I have e mailed the Celtic executive via the Celtic SLO who was involved in the creation of FSR to get his view on its application . I also suggested Celtic produce an FSR Made Simple (It sounds better than FSR for Dummies) for shareholders and supporters alike.

Call me Gerry

Not a fan of criticism towards our own players, unless it’s constructive, but if Bernabei & Ralston are the answers…we’re asking the wrong questions (imo).

They were not alone in having an off night…yes, they did improve as the game wore on, but they could hardly get worse, could they? Calmac was off it as well. Poor passing too often from too many.

Full backs play an integral part in our game plan so changing both, and resting our most creative midfielder, was always a risky move. So it turned out, as we laboured tonight. The opposition outdone us 3-1 by HT with shots on target.

Their keeper was obviously not 100% after twice going down. Yet we ended the game with only 3 shots on target. There in lies our problem tonight. How many more goals would we have scored if only we’d more shots on target?

Too passive. Jota’s shot off the post was an early indicator that their keeper was struggling to cover his goal. Still, we never tested him enough.

3 for Jobo?

CCV was solid. Mooy hardly wasted a pass. Kyogo’s runs caused havoc – an assist for the 1st, and scored the 2nd (from another Mooy assist).

Those 3 get my vote tonight.

Hoping to see Johnston, Taylor and Hatate back in the starting XI on Saturday.



Afternoon all,

I must agree and was very apprehensive when the teams were announced.

Ralston and Bernabei were very rusty first half but did improve second. I thought McGregor was off it unusually for him, and didn’t think the double act of Mooy and O’Riley gelled at all.

Still as we all know, in Ange we trust and another 3 points in the bag.👍👍👍

For the record, my 3 for Jobo were ;

CCV – Steady again
Kyogo – for goal and workrate
Haksabanovic – for a special goal to wrap up the match.

HH 🍀🍀🍀

Awe Naw


Thank goodness it’s no just me. A good idea and a good initiative. A simple flow diagram would help and a few examples also


As I analysed the match last night, it occurred to me that perhaps match analysis says more about the analyst than the game itself.
Here are my take aways from the game. Firstly, for the neutral that was a good game of football. Yes, Hearts defended in numbers, as is the norm at Parkhead, but for large periods they controlled the midfield. We are still vulnerable to a fast break and that is a worry for next season as we hope to make an impact in Europe. It is also a concern, domestically, against our biggest rivals, Sevco. Sevco are a counterattacking team when they play us and they have better players than Hearts.

Every Celtic fan has a player that frustrates them. For me, it is Abada. I have seen comments that Haksa is better used as a sub. I am not sure about that but Abada certainly falls into that class. Against StM he was very good. Last night he was competing with Bernabei for the wooden spoon award. In my view, he won it easily. He has pace that he rarely uses. If he is presented with either time to think or options, he chooses the wrong one. Most concerning, is that none of this is improving.

If Southampton want him, they can have him, as far as I am concerned.

Bernabei is not a FB and never will be. Hearts saw that last night and targeted him with high balls and a double overload. Neither was necessary as he is very capable of giving the ball away without too much pressure. Three point five million for him? Ditto for Johnston. Compare and contrast! I’d like to see him tried as a winger, but, alas for him, we are strong in that area. I doubt we shall get much of our money back on him.

I can see Hearts causing us problems on their own pitch, especially if Ginnelly is fit. If our CBs have a weakness, it is on the turn. Ginnelly and Shankland can exploit that.

Sometimes it is easier on the losing team to rejig their approach than it is for the winning team. Why change anything since we won? However, Hearts now see how they were hurt but can they adjust to counteract it? Surely Michael Smith will return at left back to deal with whoever plays on the left. Mackay’s pace will help them with their long high balls over the top. Will Celtic be daft enough to play Abada from the start?

Neilson is not the guy I would want to share a drink with but he knows the physical side of the game and how to set up for it. Hill, Halliday and Devlin are just some of an array from his squad who are very capable of implementing his approach. Pity he does not seem to be able to find that game plan versus Sevco.

So what has the above revealed about me? Have a great day and push your worries deeper into the snow!



BMCUWPS @ 12:18 pm,

Well, you seen the writing on the wall and the only reason that summer of 2018 transfer debacle will not be seared into our phyche as a painful signpost of when we eventually lost the ten and “the Rangers returned”, was the re-establishment of our domestic dominance by Ange

From my perspective PL’s screwing up because he was interfering where he had no expertise or experience was one thing (and by the time he’d “left”, every aspect of the club was inflicted by that) however the 2018 summer transfer window was another thing, it was sabotage

His ego had decided that Celtic’s success could be compromised as long as he was able to give BR a bloody nose – a ridiculous state of affairs that would never have been contemplated by a Celtic fan, as he claims he is

Fergus spent £20mn + on rebuilding the stadium

DD spent £20mn + on his CEO

Who got more bang for their buck?

Hopefully DD can see that really competing in the new format UCL in a couple seasons time, is the only way he’s going to add significant value to Celtic

Hail Hail



Good to see you back,and with your usual commonsense. Your absence has been remarked upon!

There are a few of our players who seem to deserve a start but rarely perform well when given one,Abada and Haksabanovic especially. Is it rustiness-as I think was the particular case for Ralston and Bernabei-or maybe just trying too hard?

I dunno. But the sight of Maeda on crutches last night means one of the two is likely to get the nod on Saturday. Which also means that Jamesie had best get some extra sessions in,as we will need him too.

We have a big squad,as we know. Very few subs let us down when they come on. But there are some players who are clearly key to Ange’s game plan,Maeda being one. He will be sorely missed,and I hope he is not out for too long.


Agree with TSATC @ 10:34. Our league is not taken seriously by the decision makers in the EPL. And it’s hard to disagree as the quality of player across the SPFL is as poor as I can remember. Journeymen, thugs, and bodybuilders, but very little footballing talent.

Ange is a man in his late 50’s, first time managing in Europe. His future in football management will depend on how happy he currently is in Scotland, what alternative job offers come his way, and, probably most significantly, where his wife wants to spend their next few years together as a family. It is just his job after all. At Ange’s age, most managers have already peaked.

All four goals in last night’s match were top drawer and, as already has been said, most of our players have a flaw in their game. That is essentially why we were playing a league game on the same night that Champions League football was being played. For Ange season 3, we really must improve our record in Europe. Twenty years ago to the month, we were putting Liverpool out the UEFA Cup, on the way to Seville. Twenty years.

I get the feeling that Ange will be very much aware of the importance to start winning matches in Europe, for his own reputation and Celtic’s. After (almost) twenty years of Desmond and Lawwell, I doubt if they have the same ambition.


BMCUW. 1.40.
Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou said: “James Forrest got a bit of a muscle strain in training so he is going to be out for a little while, which is unfortunate for him.

“He will miss the next period of games probably beyond the international break “.

Ange said this on Monday.



Re: you’re jumping off CQN and forming your own excellent site with Mahe…

Just wondered if you were aware, I know you don’t venture over to CQN much, but Paul67 recently confirmed that during Rangers demise he spoke to PL most days.

My thoughts it was an interesting, if not altogether surprising, insight.


Hail Hail

Rebus…re Abada, Ralston had a stinker of a first half and a poor second half. He played a wonderful ball in the channel for Kyogo to set up Maeda but other than that had no bravery in possession. He had countless opportunities to pass to Abada, and Jota second half, but chose to turn and pass back to CCV or Starfelt. Ralston effectively killed Angeball in our game last night with negative play. I’m sure this will have been noticed and I doubt Ralston will be in another starting 11 before we wrap up this League. Bernabei is still finding his feet at the Club and it shows in every performance. You think he’s not a full back but I think he’s a full back being asked to play ahead of his teammates and also the inverted FB role and he’s struggling with the theory of it – much like Greg Taylor did for a lot of last season, too! I like both Ralston and Bernabei for their commitment and physicality but they’re not at the level of their teammates yet in how the manager likes to play. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ralston can reach those levels and I’ve not seen enough of Bernabei yet to make up my mind.
Good to see you on, though!! 🙂

Awe Naw

We should all club together and get Auldheid on this course. 3,800€

big packy

AFTERNON ALL and JIM, brought up in wishaw he scored 42 goals for hibernian, and won nine england caps, cyber pint for his name ???


JimDom @ 2:05 pm,

Good post, agree with most of that, though not sure the SPL is as dire as made out

Often compared to England’s lower divisions

I went to see Wycombe v Fleetwood on Tuesday and have seen better football in Scotland

Of course Celtic are head and shoulders above the teams in Scotland so it distorts the image but we do, do down our league.

Got to agree with Ange moving to an elite club from Celtic – only a seismic display in Europe is going to get him close

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


I’m sure Joe Baker scored more than a ton for the Hibees

The Star Above The Crest

Chair boy @1.31pm

I don’t believe PL is a Celtic fan in the way that most people would describe a fan.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who has ever attended a game with him or seen him on a supporters bus or even heard of anyone who has seen him attending a Celtic game where he’s had to pay for his own ticket.

I too would be a fan of almost any organisation that paid me millions of pounds a year plus perks.

The Star Above The Crest

JimDom @2.05pm

I can’t believe the Liverpool game was 20 years ago.

Seems like yesterday although my beer belly has increased significantly from those ☹️

big packy

AWENAW well done ,cyber pint on its way👍



Re: you’re jumping off CQN and forming your own excellent site with Mahe…

Just wondered if you were aware, I know you don’t venture over to CQN much, but Paul67 recently confirmed that during Rangers demise he spoke to PL most days.

My thoughts it was an interesting, if not altogether surprising, insight.


Hail Hail
I wonder if he passed on my view following a meeting with Paul B that it was possible (this was before harder evidence emerged) that RFC Plc had committed fraud in 2011 to obtain their UEFA Licence.

I well remember Paul’s reaction . ‘That is very serious’ would describe it.

Remember The Judicial Review punted by PB? It came to nowt. I had a meeting with the law firm involved to express my perceptions based on what was known then. I wonder if that helped get the JR dropped as in “That is useful but v F me. This is serious.”
PB like David Low, for other reasons, resisted placing any focus on Res12 and UEFA Licence 2011. I have a theory that it stretched back further than 2011, not enough yet to go public and even wondering if it matters any more, but the resistance to taking Res12 to UEFA as resistance became obvious had me thinking there is something missing here.

big packy

AWNAW your correct, 102 goals scored for hibs 👍



One of the reasons I say less about the fitbaw itself is I invariably agree with your assessments. I am thinking how fickle the support are based on one game. From Abada” should start” after the St Mirren game to he blew it last night. His weakness have not gone and against better opposition can be costly.

Bernabie is a bomb scare defender but good going forward.

Ralston can play better, too much the ball facing back rather than ahead but he has a pass in him.

Kyogo should have a word with him. I do not know the Japanese for FFS Tony swivel on receiving, look for me running and try the pass.

Ange spotted Kyogo not being fed and I expect that to change at Tynecastle.

Awe Naw


It’s a way of thinking. Those individuals cannot separate making money and Celtic success. They go hand in hand

big packy

played for partick thistle, but captained the wembley wizards against scotland in a charity match at celtic park in 1918, cyber pint for his name ??

Awe Naw


Thanks I’m not losing it after all

The Star Above The Crest

Awe Naw@ 2.52pm

The swine that is Michael Kelly once said he feared a time would come when Celtic supporters would be more worried about their share prices than the team on the park. I never thought I’d see the day I agreed with him on anything yet for those 2 that time arrived quite a while ago.

The saddest part for them is having someone like Micheal Kelly looking down his nose at them.


Awe Naw

It’s a way of thinking. Those individuals cannot separate making money and Celtic success. They go hand in hand.
Which is where an independent regulator has a role to play. Check this informative article from a Sporting Law firm about what an IFR aims to achieve. retrospect Kelly’s fears were based on what he and his family would lose, not about the effect of wider ownership of the Club’s shares. He’s been proven right in one regard but the immediate development of Celtic Park when Fergus came in rendered Kelly and his ilk obsolete.

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