I had intended discussing the latest tweaks suggested by the IFAB,the body responsible for the laws of the game,and how they are applied. But there is an international break shortly,and it can wait for then.

I’d like instead to discuss the milestones that some of our heroes have recently achieved,and the likelihood of those even being likely at times long gone. Ange himself has recently pointed out that few gave him much if any chance of being around for 100 matches in charge. Yet not only has he defied those early odds-and his many critics-he has done so with some style and much success. 

Much to the chagrin of those critics!

Of course,they will say that it wasn’t personal,that it was not meant as an attack on the man himself. Which is as close as they will ever come to telling the truth,I suppose. For in fact,for once,they were correct. It wasn’t personal,they weren’t attacking the man. What they were attacking was the position that he held,and the club that appointed him. 

That has always been their way,though you will never get them to admit it. Most of them don’t even have the courage to own up to the team that they support! At least in the days of John Fairgrieve,he wore his Heart of Midlothian on his sleeve-and he was a far superior journalist too. His weekly column in the Sunday Mail was a must read. 

Who have we got now,which of the pitiful crew employed by that floundering publication,would any of us make an effort not to miss? I genuinely can’t think of one. Not for many years either. Keevins comes close,but only for his shock-jock comedy antics as he continually ties himself in knots trying to justify his salary. 

He does come in handy though. Fortunes have been made by backing against his predictions over the years. 

Ange didn’t take long to find out the difficulties he would face from the press. In fact,he was given that very advice at his first fans forum. By the time September 2021 came round,he was being asked if he agreed that the league was over for another season? His reply was priceless,that Scotland must be the only league on the planet where prizes are handed out in September!

Ever since,the journos have gone out of their way to trip him up,to undermine him. Ever since,he has handed them their dinner. You would think that by now they would crawl into a corner to lick their wounds,but they are too thick-skinned for that. Or just downright thick. They keep coming back for more,and Ange just keeps swatting them aside. Usually with a casual disdain,other times with a weary irritation. 

Wednesday was his 100th match in charge,a big milestone for him. And I hope as we all do that he will be around for a good few tons to come. 

One of his first signings when he arrived was as unknown to us as Ange himself had been,bar a swift check via Google. Kyogo Furuhashi arrived on these shores as a 26yo Japanese forward with a handful of caps to his name. We soon came to trust his manager’s judgement! Although he struggled with injury in his first season,he soon endeared himself to the fans,and to his team-mates too. 

He barely played in half of our games last season,but still managed to hit the twenty goal mark. Contrast that record with Edouard the previous season,two goals more but playing most weeks. I know which I prefer,and Kyogo also won us the league cup in his first season,scoring both goals in the final against Hibs. And he repeated the trick this season against the huns too!

This season,the players around him have become more attuned to his runs,clearly a source of frustration for him in his first season. And the goals have come for him. Wednesday was his 20th league goal,always an important milestone for a striker. And it brought up another one too,his 25th of the season. 

It is never fair to compare players,but I venture that our Smiling Assassin is our most popular striker since Henrik Larsson. That is a tribute in itself. 

There have been two other milestones achieved recently,both without much fanfare. I suppose that is down to our perception that they have been around forever,but it only seems that way!

CalMac wouldn’t have thought that he would pass the 400 game mark for us when he was out of the picture under Neil Lennon Mk I. Sent down to play a season for Notts County as a 20yo before he had even made his debut for us,he was a forgotten man. He was virtually ever-present in a relegation battle,and finished as top scorer for the club. It was then that he got lucky-for NL walked out and was replaced by Ronny Deila. Deila recognised his talent and gave him his shot,and Callum responded by scoring on his debut!

He was appointed club captain when Broonie left,and passed that 400 game milestone two months ago. He will also get his 50th international cap on his next appearance,which isn’t bad going for someone who we hadn’t heard of nine years ago!

Last but not least on this is our current longest serving player,James Forrest. His time under NL Mk I was the opposite of Callum’s,making his debut under him shortly after he arrived. He too duly scored! As a winger,he can be inconsistent. And as a Celtic winger,he was often injured at the hands-or flying boots and elbows!-of the thugs he faced. 

It was under Brendan Rodgers that he found his most consistent years both in terms of matches played and goals scored,but he had shown us before and since that he is a player to be reckoned with. Capable on both wings,he can also play through the middle. He has been a tremendous servant to the club,and he and Callum have 20 and 17 major domestic medals to prove it. 

Add his appearances for Scotland to those he has made at Celtic,and he achieved the milestone of 500 games for club and country last month. 

The latter two mentioned have achieved their milestones in over a decade each at the club. And they are to be commended for that. The first two have achieved theirs in just over eighteen months each,and they too are to be commended. We can be proud of the four of them.

Above article by BMCUWP

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JOBO POTY Competition


Update from JOBO POTY Competition.

Good evening, friends.
Coming to you live from Tenerife and as I only caught the last half hour then, again I’m going to cut to the chase!
Domestically this season we have now played 33, winning 31, drawing 1 and losing 1, scoring 112 and conceding 23.
A huge thank you to the 55 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player are as follows –

Hart: 0
Ralston: 4
Carter-Vickers: 38
Starfelt: 12
Bernabei: 3
McGregor: 4
Mooy: 19
O’Riley: 0
Abada: 0
Kyogo: 44
Maeda: 5
Jota: 18
Hatate: 1
Oh: 0
Haksabanovic: 17
Iwata: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Hearts are –
Kyogo – 5 pts
Carter-Vickers – 4 pts
Mooy – 3 pts
Jota – 2 pts
Haksabanovic – 1 pt

So, after 40 games the overall standings are as shown below –
86 points – Hatate
65 points – Carter-Vickers
49 points – Jota
47 points – Mooy
43 points – Kyogo, McGregor and Taylor
31 points – Abada
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – Maeda
22 points – Jenz
19 points – Starfelt
16 points – Haksabanovic and Johnston
13 points – Giakoumakis and Juranovic
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei and Welsh
8 points – Forrest
7 points – Hart
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Kobayashi
0 points – Abildgaard, Iwata, Lawal, McCarthy, Oh, Siegrist and Vata

Our next game is on Saturday at 12.15pm when we travel to Tynecastle to face Hearts in the Scottish Cup Quarter Final. And as I’ll be flying home the following day the results for that game will be delayed until 10.00am on the Monday morning.
Hail Hail!


From an original idea of one of our regulars. Go on,you know you want to!


Talking about Aussies, Mr Mooy continues to impress. His through pass on the run for Furuhashi’s goal was the latest of a series of technically astute and gifted moves by him.

He can pass, tackle and shoot. He has not a bad engine either.

And….the clincher….he came without a transfer fee.

I am struggling to think of greater value for money than Mr Mooy.

Anyone think of other “frees” that have provided value? Agathe?




Bobo was set to cost around £1m,still a snip. But the fee was cancelled due to Toulouse going bust.

The Star Above The Crest

Auldheid @6.09

I once read the word enthusiasm came from en theos meaning the god within rather than a gift from God. I think it was a book about Bill Hicks.

Magua @4.22

Fair play to you for 1, engaging in a worthwhile act of charity and 2, for not giving him a boot in the baws.

Hail Hail 🍀

The Star Above The Crest


Mooy was a bit of a slow burner but has become indispensable IMO. He reminds me of Paul Lambert. He has his special moments like the assists etc but even without them he’s still MOTM.

A la L’ubo, if we’d only got him a few years earlier

Big Audio Dynamite

Am I reading this right?

We are only just ahead of Sevco due to Ange being here?


Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on this fine site.
Forecasting 26 degrees here today. Must remember to take on extra fluids! HH



Where did you read that?



Living the dream!!!

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, read back the last thread …I’m sure you can guess who said it.



Ah. The perils of usually scrolling past,I suppose.

You had me rereading my own comments about Ange in case what I’d said could have been misunderstood!

The Gombeen Man


Yes not only are Celtic only ahead of Sevco because of Ange.

Scottish revisionism teaches us that the main culprits in one of the largest frauds in world football are Peter Lawwell (5WA via hacked e mail) and Frank Mulholland (Celtic supporting Lord Advocate, malicious prosecutions).

Don’t fret Henry ‘Officegate’ McLeish’s forthcoming Scottish Football Supporters Association Review is likely to suggest ways to clip Celtic’s hard earned financial wings.

(Lawwell and Desmond are lazy charlatans anyway, despite steering Scottish football through the Ibrox cheating and financial meltdown.)

“Of course, there must be changes in Scottish football. But these changes must be looking at key issues such as the financial distribution model within the game.”

Henry McLeish.

Chairman of the the Scottish Football Supporters Association review…

Scotsman 5th October 2021.

– The financial distribution model?

What might McLeishs’ review mean for the CL qualification/participation money?

A more equal distribution of UEFA’s money?

What about the distribution of gate money? A change from the current model to give a bigger slice to the team playing away from home?

A mighty chunk of Celtic’s gate proceeds, CL/domestic prize money/ tv money/ revenue pilfered and laundered to tracksuited brethren up and down the country?

What credibility does Mr McLeish have in the area of financial distribution?

Wasn’t he forced to resign as First Minister as a result of the Officegate scandal? Was there not also considerable disquiet about the protracted police investigation and subsequent decision not to prosecute Mr McLeish?

“McLeish quit last year after it was revealed he had wrongly claimed nearly £40,000 in expenses for the rent of his office in Glenrothes.

He asked for the public cash to meet his office expenses while also renting out space to six different organisations.

One of those groups was Third Age, a charity set up to help pensioners.

The inquiry report, by Fife Council chief executive Douglas Sinclair, says Julie McLeish (wife of Henry McLeish) was head of services for the elderly at the council when she approved grants to Third Age.

Third Age ceased to exist in 1998. But Julie McLeish and others concealed that fact from local councillors and continued to fund the defunct organisation with public money.

The report claims council employees destroyed crucial records which would have explained the relationship between Henry McLeish and Third Age.

Mr McLeish came clean about five of his tenants when the Officegate scandal broke.

But he did not mention Third Age – the so-called sixth let – and was forced to resign when his link to the charity was revealed.

Yesterday’s report, obtained by the Daily Record, suggests he knew of the let as early as 1995. McLeish wrote to Fife Council that year, asking for the rent from Third Age to be paid to him.

That letter is evidence of a web of McLeish friends and Labour activists involved with Third Age.’

McLeish wife is slated over charity cash. – Free Online Library

“A muddle not a fiddle…” Wasn’t that the bold Henrys’ excuse?

It’s amazing how easily duped these establishment Scottish big hitters are.

Same old, I’m afraid.

Celtic supporters should be very cautious before embracing any form of review that’s the product of sterile, outdated thinking.

Talk of financial redistribution in Scottish football is really about underminining Celtic, levelling the playing field and putting money in the pockets of incompetents.

Scottish football really needs to embrace the fact that Fergus McCann and Dermot Desmond in terms of business acumen are in a completely different league.

Simply redistributing money won’t work, it’s about finally accepting that the entitled, privileged, lodge mentality has failed.

Scotland’s problems are more about an outdated, male dominated mindset of lazy entitlement.

The Scottish Football Supporters Association’s decision to appoint Mr McLeish to Chair the review was a mistake.

His reported comments about John Reid and Brian Wilson confirm that he’s damaged goods (‘Henry McLeish, the first minister, appeared to call John Reid, the Northern Ireland secretary and former Scottish secretary, a ”patronising bastard”.

During a conversation with Helen Liddell, the Scottish secretary, Mr McLeish also refers to Brian Wilson, the foreign office minister, as a ”liability”.)

Glasgow Herald 8th June 2001.

McLeish is seemingly also critical of the amount of time Brian Wilson spends in Dublin.

Whether one is a fan of Reid and Wilson or not isn’t entirely the case. There are issues about McLeish ‘s judgement. He is damaged goods and won’t be trusted in the East End of Glasgow.

There’s too much baggage with McLeish, he’s old school with the all too familiar whiff of an anti-Celtic mindset.

Henry McLeish’s financial distribution model –

‘Aye right.’

The only folk with a credible record of managing finances in Scottish football are employed at Celtic.

I’ll be waiting to see what their view is of any financial distribution model.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, scrolling past? Never scroll by a troll are missing plenty of lol moments 😉

Btw, Ange pledging his future to us seems to have broken this country.


Big Audio Dynamite

TGM, we’ve been totally dominating Scottish football since the day Jock took over.
If Ange left tomorrow, not a thing would change in that respect.
If Ange is the only difference between us and the new club, how do we explain the last 60 years 😆
The trolls are getting more desperate by the day!



OMG — the cave must be cold this morning.

Last 60 years — we have had our ups / we have had our downs …
In the last 60 months we have had our ups and we have had our downs.

I fear people with short memories are now shouting the odds.

Big Audio Dynamite


Big Audio Dynamite

11 of the last 12 titles.

Ups and downs.


St tams

Good article Bobby. Reminds us of how fortunate we are to have these 4 guys.

Joe Ledley was not bad for a free


Bi @ the madam

So what is it?
60 years or 12 years?

Good to see that you have gotten over the self inflicted mega shambles of 20/21.
Because I certainly haven’t.

Big Audio Dynamite

2 x 9 in a row.
Quad treble.
Going for our 5th treble in 7 years.


Crazy Mitch, which ever one makes you happiest -happier 😉

16 roads

Forgot to email Jobo POTY selections for hertz game

One sentence I utter every day in life – Yer an effing dhead (directed at myself). 😩



AP leaves tomorrow — we will have big boots to fill.

A dripping wet JK will get the gig because he is cheap and pliable.
Coaching talent will play no part in the selection process.

The board are currently getting nosebleeds because of the potential AP sees in the club.
They are not used to working with a manager with this level of football ambition.

BR was very ambitious — but only for himself.
AP gives the impression that he is ambitious for the team / squad / club.

Big Audio Dynamite

Ange is going nowhere.


16 roads

🎶 Walking in a Fenian wonderland..🎶

Love The Snow CSC. ⛄🍀❄️


Enjoyed the article. Great stuff.

I remember hearing the breaking news of Ange’s appointment. My heart sank. My overriding emotion was one of extreme disappointment. Automatically, I was thinking biscuit tin. I searched for Ange’s recent results and homed in on a cup defeat he’d just suffered at the hands of a much lower league side. King’s Cup rings a bell? I genuinely cannot remember the exact score but it was 4 or 5 zip I think. By now the blinkers were on and my overriding emotion had went from disappointment to rage.
I commented on the SC forum about it at the time, along with a lot of others who clearly shared my feelings on the appointment. Of course, Ange’s initial results didn’t quell my anger. In my mind, it merely confirmed I was correct. The board had excelled themselves on this one. I assumed Ange would be gone sooner rather than later. We’d gone out of the CL at the qualifying stage and lost to Hearts.
Despite those losses there was something about Ange’s demeanour and his responses at press conferences that had me reluctantly thinking I really like this guy. I say reluctantly since I was probably still looking for evidence that I was correct in my opinion re his appointment, and didn’t want him hanging around too long.

Within a few weeks we had battered a couple teams and Kyogo, was looking like a player. I recall Ange stating at the time that it wasn’t just goals that made Kyogo a player, it was also his incredibly unselfish work rate and movement. As we’ve now seen for ourselves, he wasn’t wrong! A point he reiterated only last week.

Of course since then it’s been pretty much success all the way domestically and he’s proven an extremely shrewd manager in practically all that he’s responsible for. Gathering points and trophies, his eye for a player, and his use of the squad. His press conferences remain a joy to watch as he has the interviewers carefully considering their line of questioning. ( has the term ‘Mate’ ever been used so menacingly?)

So not for the first time my judgement was miles off the mark. I remember the late Garry was convinced of Ange’s quality. How right he was.

Probably the half full glass mentality in me wanting more in the respect of Europe. Our manager may just be shrewd enough to have learned what he needs to do in order to grab a few more points in the group.

Inevitably though, the half empty glass reappears. I’m conscious that to get that extra, he will need support from the board. I’m aware of the fact that things seem to have improved as far as they’re concerned, but conditioning, borne out of a lifetime of Celtic boards, has me asking myself if it’s a realistic ambition?

It took Ange a few short months to let me realise I’d been wrong in my early judgement on his appointment. The board have had practically my entire Celtic supporting life to try and convince me they share my ( and I’m sure Ange’s) ambitions.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, the Celtic rollercoaster is a grand ride at present.


Bi @ 9.59

That is really going to help us tomorrow …

SPL pot hunter living in the past.
PL must be very proud.

The Gombeen Man


Even if Ange did leave, he’d have a replacement lined up.

Let them think it’s only because of Ange.

The irony is that FSR, which Celtic apparently helped develop might prevent them from going over the financial cliff again.

Folk forget that Celtic are operating in a dysfunctional system.

The reality is we are hated and everything is done to undermine the club and her support.

Celtic minded folk seem to be the cause of all Scotland’s woes according to some.

Amazing how much flak Celtic minded folk get for the mess at Ibrox/Scottish football.

£50m in the bank.
Strongest squad.
Best management team.
Regulatory credibility.
League champions etc etc.

Bhoy it must hurt.

Till later.

Big Audio Dynamite

Mitch, you’re giving yourself away.

Gotta be much more subtle. Keep the anger in check 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

TGM, ach that all means nada! You are imagining it! 😁

Have a good one 👍

Jobo Baldie

Oglach, let’s be ‘avvin you – you’ve been my morning coffee read in Tenerife.



I’m always in favour of judging Celtic appointments or signings either positively or with a time will tell approach. If the latter,then it is because I am struggling to work up any great enthusiasm. I freely admit that with Ange,it was the latter.

Not because I didn’t think there was enough in his record-he had been successful elsewhere,even if that was rarely consistent-but because of the size of the rebuild. How can he do that with no knowledge of the European market and no scouting department? Impossible!

Well,who can expect to be right ALL of the time?



Indeed,getting a bit concerned here.


The Star Above The Crest
Auldheid @6.09

I once read the word enthusiasm came from en theos meaning the god within rather than a gift from God. I think it was a book about Bill Hicks.
Thanks for that. Had I found it in my quick search I would have used it instead.

This by Labi Siffre either inspires me, tries me or tires me at times.

16 roads

Twisty – Most of us probably had concerns regarding the club’s appointment of Ange,initially

Said game against hertz – we were robbed blind – never happy after a Celtic defeat, however can remember thinking after the game that the style of football we played was really enjoyable to watch,in spite of the result.

Only God knows how longer Ange will be at the helm, there really isn’t anything we can do, apart from appreciate the time that he is with Celtic.

Desmond and Lawwell?

One simply cannot argue that they have both brought unprecedented, domestic success to the football club, silverware is the bottom line, irrespective of whether people like them,or not.

It got to the stage where both O’Neill and Rodgers just couldn’t work with them – can remember Rodgers being asked by a journalist about a player the club had signed – Rodgers replied, “there’s no point asking me, I don’t know anything about the player!!”

Two things though – ambition, and environment – the board can’t be held responsible if Ange does decide to leave the club for a job in one of the big European leagues.



The Gombeen Man

Yes not only are Celtic only ahead of Sevco because of Ange.

Scottish revisionism teaches us that the main culprits in one of the largest frauds in world football are Peter Lawwell (5WA via hacked e mail) and Frank Mulholland (Celtic supporting Lord Advocate, malicious prosecutions).

Don’t fret Henry ‘Officegate’ McLeish’s forthcoming Scottish Football Supporters Association Review is likely to suggest ways to clip Celtic’s hard earned financial wings.
I’m afraid you have the last part wrong. The limitation on player squad spend in FSR to bring financial sustainability to all football clubs has had input from Celtic. It is for the good of the game as a whole and that includes Celtic who already act in a sustainable manner.

Further, part of the recommendations from The Tracy Crouch Review of English football is to bring in independent oversight of the financial sustainability of all clubs via an Independent Financial Regulator.

The Scottish Football Supporters Association, who should not be demonized because McLeish is part of it, there are Tim’s involved in the review, want similar oversight in Scotland and until we read what the SFSA led review says, pre judgements without knowing its contents are unhelpful.

Most if not all of the complaints made on Celtic forums have their root in the SFA and the case for oversight is irrefutable unless the current corrupt state of affairs is acceptable.

I for my sins joined up with SFSA over 5 years ago because, as Rebus rightly says, changing the way Scottish football is governed has to come from a wider base than Celtic and the only show in town in that respect was the SFSA. That happened on realising the opportunity for SFA reform Res12 presented was not being grasped.

If independent oversight of the FA becomes law in England the case for the same in Scotland is stronger.

The one club who have more to lose from independent oversight than any is that playing at Ibrox.

Mc Leish has been advocating SFA reform for years and piggy backing on what is developing in England is the best opportunity in years to level the playing field off the park.

Apart from the oversight issue TC has advocated supporters playing a bigger role in the decision making processes of a club.

Exactly how that is to be acheived is something that has to be worked out by each club.

The situation is similar to what created the SLO post at Celtic. It wasn’t altruism that made it happen. It was a football law under FFP that clubs competing in Europe had to have one.

The Fans Forum at Celtic that resulted does not go far enough (SeS has testified to that) and again if it becomes law that clubs have to set up a more meaningful conduit between their Boards and supporters it would be irresponsible to prevent that happening because of perceptions of those seeking change.

Big Audio Dynamite

The Scottish press are a laugh a minute.
The desperation is palpable.
They are now linking Ange to jobs that aren’t even available.
I think that’s every team in Prem ..where’s next?
This wee shithole just cannot deal with a dominant Celtic.
Drives ra people to distraction ☺
With us basically having a run at 10iar each decade, I suppose the desperation is understandable 😉

Postecoglou’s here for …..??

HH 🍀


TGM @ 10.22

That is the issue for me — you mention that if / when AP leaves he will have a replacement lined up.

AP will have a replacement lined up but not our board …
That points to us relying on AP for far too much.

The exec level are just hanging on to his slipstream.
Our board should be providing the leadership / strategy / direction.
Given our recent improvement / success then thank heavens they are not.

So that is my point from last night — our success is down to AP.
He has turned up with ambition / some tactics / good scouting nous.
Another NL2 style appointment and we would currently be demolishing the Main Stand brick by brick.

When he was announced AP looked like another RD style punt.
The two elements he had in his favour — NT experience / solid family life — have roved the difference.
Where RD folded under the pressure of his circumstances — internal / dressing room — AP has grown with each passing game.
He is a much more driven / focused / ambitious individual than I had ever imagined.
And we are currently reaping what he has sown.

My thoughts are that he could stay with us for 4 or 5 years before moving up.
H is playing with a blank canvas at the moment — we have no legacy football / corporate memory / vision — and he is self funding.
He gets to do what he wants to do and the Irish Raj doesn’t have to worry about further investment.
Bigger clubs will demand more oversight and that is not a good mix with him.

You never know this might just about work.



The SFSA Review has not been published yet. McLeish’s original was shelved.

The new one s due out next month.

I dont recall any TC recommendations on redistribution of income, not sure if a law could be passed demanding that without challenge.

The focus is on the type of financial regulation contained in FSR but properly policed. Celtic welcomed the FSR changes that they had contributed to.

Chris McKay is yer man.


Afternoon all,

I remember the late Great Garry Duncan singing the praises of Ange when he was appointed.

Most people thought it was a disaster, remember the Huns had just crushed the League by a massive points difference, but I disagreed.

What could Ange do ???

There were people thinking, get within a single points difference with the Huns and that’ll be a big improvement.

I managed to dig this out from the archives and it’s dated 17th June 2021.

A good Season for me is winning the league. No more,no less.

I think the Huns are a very well organised team and that’s it. They have one or two “good” players,but the rest to me are very average but know their positions and are well coached.

I don’t think it would take a massive turnaround for us to challenge this forthcoming Season.

So, AP it’s up to you now !!!!!!

#OptimisticCSC 🍀🍀🍀


It has been a fairly normal day in my present circumstances. My weight is 59. 3 kgs. and I have no medical problems. I have seen some birthday greetings from relatives and friends in yesterday’s paper which I got today. Also I received a bag of toiletries today.

There is no priest in tonight, but the chief medical officer dropped in, took my pulse, and left. I suppose that makes him feel pretty important.

From what I have read in the newspapers I am becoming increasingly worried and wary of the fact that there could quite well be an attempt at a later date to pull the carpet from under our feet and undermine us — if not defeat this hunger-strike — with the concession bid in the form of ‘our own clothes as a right’.

This, of course, would solve nothing. But if allowed birth could, with the voice of the Catholic hierarchy, seriously damage our position. It is my opinion that under no circumstances do they wish to see the prisoners gain political status, or facilities that resemble, or afford us with the contents of, political status.

The reasons for this are many and varied, primarily motivated by the wish to see the revolutionary struggle of the people brought to an end. The criminalisation of Republican prisoners would help to furnish this end.

It is the declared wish of these people to see humane and better conditions in these Blocks. But the issue at stake is not ‘humanitarian’, nor about better or improved living conditions. It is purely political and only a political solution will solve it. This in no way makes us prisoners elite nor do we (nor have we at any time) purport to be elite.

We wish to be treated ‘not as ordinary prisoners’ for we are not criminals. We admit no crime unless, that is, the love of one’s people and country is a crime.

Would Englishmen allow Germans to occupy their nation or Frenchmen allow Dutchmen to do likewise? We Republican prisoners understand better than anyone the plight of all prisoners who are deprived of their liberty. We do not deny ordinary prisoners the benefit of anything that we gain that may improve and make easier their plight. Indeed, in the past, all prisoners have gained from the resistance of Republican jail struggles.

I recall the Fenians and Tom Clarke, who indeed were most instrumental in highlighting by their unflinching resistance the ‘terrible silent system’ in the Victorian period in English prisons. In every decade there has been ample evidence of such gains to all prisoners due to Republican prisoners’ resistance.

Unfortunately, the years, the decades, and centuries, have not seen an end to Republican resistance in English hell-holes, because the struggle in the prisons goes hand-in-hand with the continuous freedom struggle in Ireland. Many Irishmen have given their lives in pursuit of this freedom and I know that more will, myself included, until such times as that freedom is achieved.

I am still awaiting some sort of move from my cell to an empty wing and total isolation. The last strikers were ten days in the wings with the boys, before they were moved. But then they were on the no-wash protest and in filthy cells. My cell is far from clean but tolerable. The water is always cold. I can’t risk the chance of cold or ‘flu. It is six days since I’ve had a bath, perhaps longer. No matter.

Tomorrow is the eleventh day and there is a long way to go. Someone should write a poem of the tribulations of a hunger-striker. I would like to, but how could I finish it.

Caithfidh mé a dul mar tá tuirseach ag eirí ormsa.

(Translated, this reads as follows):

Must go as I’m getting tired.

Big Audio Dynamite

Ange will leave one day.

Celtic will continue to dominate.

Been that way my whole lifetime.

Big Audio Dynamite

Let’s assume we win the treble this year.

Since the turn of the century:

17 League Titles.
11 Scottish Cups.
12 Scottish League Cups
9 In A Row.
Quadruple Treble.
5 Trebles in 7 Seasons.
1 Euro Final.

If this ISN’T us being dominant, then I can’t wait till we start! 😂

HH 🍀

Awe Naw

Our domestic achievements have been very impressive since the turn of the century skewed by the demise of the hun. Unfortunately there is no money to be made domestically only in Europe. Yes it is our passport to gaining access to Europe but unless Ange can work the same wonders in Europe as he does domestically then we will always be part of the Old Firm model. Post Sevilla austerity, Willo Flood, 5WA, sacrificing the 10IAR so that’s not going to change. Participating in Europe is the extent of our PLCs ambition as it’s more important to turn a profit than to increase our brand name because it is too risky.

The ESL would help us here. An OF invite would solve all of the risk issues as would the removal of the top 20CL teams from the CL. It would help revive all European domestic leagues which have basically become stale due to the CL closed shop. I can also see an unwanted imposed football regulator in England on it’s CL clubs expediting the foundation of the ESL. There is nothing else on offer except more of the same. UEFA costs too much.

Awe Naw


That FSR uefa course link I sent you had an interesting proviso. The course fee was waived for the national association participants. Do you know who attended on behalf of the SFA and I suppose is now our FSR tsar?


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BMCUWP @ Milestones

Not so sure about Forrest playing his best football under Rodgers . Was it not Paddy Roberts who was a first pick for the wide right berth ? Forrest did get game time but Roberts, on his game, was on a considerably higher level than the Prestwick Pele. Also, Paddy did turn up for games at Ibrox, something that Forrest has never quite managed. Hence the collective reaction when the team was announced for the New Year game.

Midfield . Any three from Mooy, Hatate, Iwata, CalMac, O’Riley, and Turnbull. Turnbull struggling to take his game up a level and O’Riley seeking a consistent level of excellence, but falling short. Mooy currently finding a nice groove but will it be good enough when playing against quality opposition ? Hatate ? Has found the lungs to last 90 minutes as apposed to the 70 from last season. His all-round game certainly up a level this season. Calmac, metronomic in style with a great engine, but first touch often lets him down. No Neil Lennon in that respect.

First impressions of Iwata is that he is a player. At some point this season Ange will give him 90 minutes, then we can better assess whether he deserves to be a first pick.

Are those six good enough to move us out of the CL Group wooden spoon position ? Yes, but only if they all reduce their current flaws. If they can’t, then we will need to buy better.


SPL Pot hunting just won’t cut it.
Hame’ll dae mae — not really our vibe going forward.
Happy clapping brought us to the shambles of the most famous shower scene since Psycho or at least Kentucky Fried Movie.

PL took us from Seville to regular Euro irrelevance / embarrassment / failure in 18 years.
AP has brought a focus / direction to the club in 18 months.
Brought us out of the grubber and gave us hope.

So we are in a good place — hopefully Hertz will find out just how good tomorrow.
Wallowing in the past is not now our style — so thank you AP with your little dose of reality.

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