Mama said Knock You Out!

I want a knockout alright, and some Hearts broken in the process. I bloody hate the Jambo’s and certainly don’t rate their manager in case you didn’t know.
They have two small advantages today,,
home advantage and the whistler, both are linked in my book. At that old fashioned, stands almost on top of the pitch stadium, the home support seem to revel in the physical side of the game and the more the hefty tackles fly from their side the more venom rains down upon the Bhoys in Green and white, which usually results in the whistler aiding and abetting this rambunctious approach.
Pity, but it is what it is.
The world famous Glasgow Celtic on the other hand have two large advantages in my book,,the midweek victory by a pretty decent margin provides a timely confidence booster, plus the return of the A-team.
I’m not talking Face, Hannibal, and Murdoch here, rather Hatate, Johnstone and Hacksabanovic.
Our own MVP needs the occasional bench time in my humble opinion, but not for the usual reason. Resting him affords eyeballs to access other squad members, and leaves him fresher for the next clash, plus he doesn’t seem to mind unlike CR7 for instance. Last season I kinda felt a trend of five or six good games and one poor, this season he’s much more consistent, hence his runaway lead at the summit of the POTY awards.
The bhoy was saved midweek for a reason. This clash is that reason.
Great news for the Tims, good management by Ange is resting his most important player and still bringing home the bacon which is the perfect scenario, but bads news for our opponents.
If Hatates bad news, I’ll file the other two under nightmare.
Firstly the Canadian, the Tim Terrier also got a rest, and to be honest was probably one kick away from staying on the bench, for if Anto had scored that overhead kick after his slide rule assist, he would be on such a high it would be foolish not to give him the nod once again. It wasn’t his finest game but in the end he did the business, young Alastair will be aware of that and now must respond with his own 90+ minutes of demonstrating why that slot should be his. I’m enjoying this wee tussle, driving each other on.
Unfortunately for the Jambo’s and their crowd, he takes no shit, no Sirree, so if they roughhousing does commence he will do more than stand his ground, but that’s when the whistler comes into play. If my arm was twisted to confess which Celtic player is most likely for a red card tomorrow, he tops my list because of said attributes.
If I know that, Ange knows that, and although he might walk a tightrope he can waltz down that wing very well. He’s danger for Hearts, on a couple of different fronts.
They say sometimes danger lurks around every corner, but occasionally true danger is to be found on the Tims left flank.
Saed Hacksabanovic is a man on a mission as we all just witnessed. I feel like a kid who found a wrapped gift under the sofa, almost giddy at the thought of this new toy to play with. We’ve seen so little of the lad, but what we’ve seen leaves me in no doubt whatsoever that somehow we’ve enticed this raw diamond into the ranks, and his unleashing upon the footballing world has been building.
The moments here. Daizens misfortune is another man’s opportunity and I’ve no doubt he will thrive with game time.
I say man, but he’s still only 23, incredible, I actually thought he was older.
He tops my ‘tie down on long contract list’ and if this team are going to progress in Europe it’s players like Saed that will be at the heart of that progress. Technically excellent plus brave on the ball, being left footed only sweetens the deal as they are few are far between plus very easy on the eye.
His Robben-esque goal with the right tells me he has worked on improving his weaker foot plus he’s confident despite playing much recently, mark of a good player.
He’s got a free run at becoming the first choice in his position, surely the chance he wanted, and such is his quality I don’t think we shall look back at the Maeda injury woefully at all. If pushed for today’s MOTM, he would get my nod.
When an Ange team takes to field I’m generally confident, and thats where I stand. With good (and some bordering on great) players all over the park, it’s hard not to feel anything but confidence these days, mark of a good (bordering on great) manager.
I’ve read how most of the Lions needed to show up, and those that didn’t will get carried by the others quality, and that’s how I’m feeling these days.
The core have never had a ‘mare, shipped 7 like Man Utd, this team never seems to lose its head. Perhaps the five subs help in that respect, half the outfield players bringing a new mindset to the proceedings, and I like to think overcoming occasions such as today form the bedrock of such collective morale.
We suffered a slight scare in October yet scored four goals and changed the defense since, Jenz is away following that poor performance which sealed his fate imo, and I suspect Ralston shall give way to Johnstone while Starfelt has discovered his best vein of form in the Hoops. Big Cam has got better throughout the season just to put a cherry on the icing.
Also, Kyogo will lead the line, not G-Mak, big big difference.
And if Greg Taylor makes it he will want a repeat goal at that ground, his first in the league arriving there and a winner at that.
It was a bad day at the races, but still the Bhoys walked away victors, mark of a good team, and we have improved since. It’s the wrong time to play this Celtic side (again), brimming in confidence and who can kill off a team with just twenty minutes of football, boom three goals and usually different.
Take us down the long stretch and the ten quality legs from the bench up the tempo. We don’t stop, as everyone has realized by now.
And we are a team of unlikely heroes,,,you just never know who will pop up like Greg Taylor ala October. Time for a Forrest reminder or an Iwata opener, maybe a Johnstone dream game? Liel makes up for a couple underpar by over performing, or CCV via a corner header?
All sound plausible, that’s our team right now.
Goals come from everywhere, and today that’s Hearts biggest problem.
One they just can’t solve as we keep putting numbers of goals past them.
Their rearguard are weak, and there for the taking.
I don’t know the result but I do know there’s gonna be a show as the old song says, and this version of Glasgow Celtic being there is enough for me.
And too much for Hearts I expect.

By Mahe

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POTY Competition


Best Tim-shirts on the net right here

Robbie Neilson is a hun bawbag 🍀

Big Audio Dynamite

As you say, Mahe, goals from all over the pitch.

Compared to some seasons past, we have been kind of lucky with injuries this season.
Having the majority healthy the whole season, has meant there is competition for almost every position in the team.
I can’t remember too many times we’ve had such healthy competition for places.
That competition for a starting spot is what’s driving the team to even greater heights.
Ange is doing an amazing job in keeping all these bhoys happy …starting or not.
For me, he is the best thing to happen to Scottish football in a long time.
Which begs the question, why does this wee shithole country want him to leave so desperately.
I think we all know why!

Well, they all better get used to being disappointed.


You gave me a good laugh, reading back, thanks buddy.
As for not being allowed to stay up late, on a Friday night.
9.30 p.m. that was me being allowed to stay up late.!!!!😂


16 Roads.
If looking in, Navan abandoned.
Sandown has just passed an inspection.

Uber Feenyin

This was me and Big Jim, back in the day.
He was the lanky one.

If you watch that, no wonder Big Jim has sciatica ffs. Imagine all that excitement, then imagine it on someone double the height of Hutch ffs.

Big Audio Dynamite

16 roads, 3.36am.


And bloody true!


Come on ye Amazin’ Bhoys in Green.

Pretty Shuah,

The OH OH OH chant will be going tonto Jam & Spoon.

St tams

Need our 2 full backs back in for today.
Haksa for Naeda and Hatate for O’Riley

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Matchday from hot and getting hotter Costa Adeje. Think I’ll wait on the team confirmation before predicting my own MOTM but Johnstone is already in my thoughts for some crunching 40-60 tackles.


I received a large amount of birthday cards today. Some from people I do not know. In particular a Mass bouquet with fifty Masses on it from Mrs Burns from Sevastopol Street. We all know of her, she never forgets us and we shan’t forget her, bless her dear heart.

I also received a card from reporter Brendan O Cathaoir, which indeed was thoughtful. I received a letter from a friend, and from a student in America whom I don’t know, but again it’s good to know that people are thinking of you. There were some smuggled letters as well from my friends and comrades.

I am the same weight today and have no complaints medically. Now and again I am struck by the natural desire to eat but the desire to see an end to my comrades’ plight and the liberation of my people is overwhelmingly greater.

The doctor will be taking a blood test tomorrow. It seems that Dr Ross has disappeared and Dr Emerson is back…

Again, there has been nothing outstanding today except that I took a bath this morning. I have also been thinking of my family and hoping that they are not suffering too much.

I was trying to piece together a quote from James Connolly today which I’m ashamed that I did not succeed in doing but I’ll paraphrase the meagre few lines I can remember.

They go something like this: a man who is bubbling over with enthusiasm (or patriotism) for his country, who walks through the streets among his people, their degradation, poverty, and suffering, and who (for want of the right words) does nothing, is, in my mind, a fraud; for Ireland distinct from its people is but a mass of chemical elements.

Perhaps the stark poverty of Dublin in 1913 does not exist today, but then again, in modern day comparison to living standards in other places through the world, it could indeed be said to be the same if not worse both North and South. Indeed, one thing has not changed, that is the economic, cultural and physical oppression of the same Irish people…

Even should there not be 100,000 unemployed in the North, their pittance of a wage would look shame in the company of those whose wage and profit is enormous, the privileged and capitalist class who sleep upon the people’s wounds, and sweat, and toils.

Total equality and fraternity cannot and never will be gained whilst these parasites dominate and rule the lives of a nation. There is no equality in a society that stands upon the economic and political bog if only the strongest make it good or survive. Compare the lives, comforts, habits, wealth of all those political conmen (who allegedly are concerned for us, the people) with that of the wretchedly deprived and oppressed.

Compare it in any decade in history, compare it tomorrow, in the future, and it will mock you. Yet our perennial blindness continues. There are no luxuries in the H-Blocks. But there is true concern for the Irish people.



I too despise this mob. Always have done. I remember about ten years ago in the LL Stand,an old Bhoy collapsed near us. Emergency crews on the ball in no time and he was stretchered away ASAP. The vile abuse from their nearby support had to be heard to be believed.

Scummy basterts.


Morning all,

Agree with St Tams ✅

Taylor, Johnston, Reo and Haksa all to start




Brussels 1830 — here we go again …
Revolutions can have the most absurd beginnings.
Just a case that the sense of grievance is tinder dry and any spark will do.

The total lack of awareness by the current home secretary who is peddling cheap solutions to complex problems.
There is a reason why the political charlatans who were her predecessors stepped back from the easy headlines.
Rwanda solution vs Madagascar solution — that is the history lesson that shames you.


Teams up…

Hart, Johnston, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Taylor, Hatate, McGregor, Mooy, Jota, Kyogo, Haksabanovic


Season defining game coming up …
Well for me anyway on this particular day.

For various reasons we owe them a total footballing lesson.
Plough salt into the rubble style of doing — right from the start.

Ludge MIB will really be up for it.
Ludge VAR has been putting in the practice.

We need a full on performance from everybody
Scipio Aemilianus CSC.

Game on.



Bain, Abada, Turnbull, Kobayashi, Oh, Iwata, Bernabei, O’Riley, Ralston


And before anyone asks he cannot play left back …


Offski,game on!



Revolution? Mwahahahaha!!!


Haksa starting.✅
Hope he finishes them.

I’m usually confident but my brother in law is on his way over from Yorkshire. He’s a Hearts fan and a jammy git. Hope his luck runs out or I’ll struggle to talk to him later.

Big Audio Dynamite

Of the last 15 times we have met, Hearts have 1 win.

And that only happened cause Ange had just arrived.

Easy daze!

0-4 The Mighty Hoops 🍀



The revolution — someday this way it will come.
The power imbalances are both unsustainable and unfortunately growing.
At some point in the future their will have to be changes — more and more of the same will eventually implode.

At the moment it is looking like the elastic will snap not unwind gradually.
Establishments throughout the world will do anything and anybody to stay in power / defend the current status quo.
Victim blaming / excuse mongering / identity politics / wedge issues / outright lies — everything is in play no matter the longer term societal downsides. We are having our future destroyed for the day to day survival of the establishment.

The issue them becomes what will replace the existing shambles.


Brilliant on ETims

The bad news is there is no word from Michael McIntyre. Miranda Hart or Brendan O’Carroll that they will stop making shows for the BBC to support their colleagues.

Also looks like Football Focus has been binned today.

Big Audio Dynamite

Really hope Haksa brings his a-game today. Big opportunity for a sustained run in the team.



I think MOTD has been cut to thirty minutes too.


I wonder if BBC Shortbread will be covering the football today?
Class solidarity vs identity politics / nationalism — discuss.

The Nats will be wanting Shortbread to work as normal.
Progressive politics will be wanting support for free speech / the oppressed.


Bargain Hunt being shipped in to fill the gap.
Homes under the hammer — maybe not if Big DD phones in sick …

16 roads

JNP – I’ll select another one now.

Thank you chieftain, appreciate it.


bada bing1

5 Live shows cancelled as well as BBC football shows


No Shankland or dirty Devlin for Hearts.

Big Audio Dynamite

Tynecastle thriller.

Big Audio Dynamite

Maccargo, that’s good news. 2 good players.

Bluegrass celt

Last Saturday, the wife and I joined the rest of her family for a wee Eagles tribute at Whitburn bowlers. Noo, my missus ( a Whitburn lass) has absolutely no interest in football. Every time I’m watching a ‘Tic game on telly, she’s off. Either upstairs to catch up with her tv programmes or goes on the blower to one of her pals. Either way, during a match, she’s offski till it’s safe to come down.
Anyway, after a rather pleasant evening with the troops and a few beers/ haufs later , we headed back on foot to the brothers home bar for a “last wan” before our taxi comes. The wife was struggling in her heels ( the half mile walk was just a step too far I think). All of a sudden, doon she went! Before I could come to her aid, she looked up and shouted “penalty Rangers!”………and in Whitburn tae! I don’t know where that came from but I couldnae help her for creasing myself !……….and that IS a true story!



She’s been kidding you on all these years!!!

Big Audio Dynamite

Hearts 0 v Celtic 7

Big Audio Dynamite

One of my fav Hearts games.


Back in the day — Hertz SC seven goal gubbing.
Rugby Irish Club never had a better Sunday.

They took a bit of persuading to put on the game.
But they certainly enjoyed their afternoon.

16 roads


16 roads

Yeeee ha!!

Sol Kitts

Yessss, Mooy 1–0

16 roads

Such a goal.

Big Audio Dynamite

:)) BOOM!

16 roads

Celtic faithful bringing the noise..

Billy Bhoy

I’ve failed a late fitness test – still got Covid – so I’m still banished to the bedroom.

Decent start – could be two up already. Ooft! That will do for starters!

16 roads

All over this mob like a rash we are.

16 roads

They can’t even get close enough to our players to actually commit a foul.

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