CHALMERSBHOY Cheltenham Competition

Howdy,folks. It’s that time of year again. Not only The Festival,but one where The Gold Cup falls on St Patrick’s Day!

This year it will be run by CHALMERSBHOY,and here are the rules.

For those who are interested in the nags. Pick a horse each race.

Most points wins £50 towards their charity.

£5 Entry fee if you can afford to.

Once winner confirmed donate entry fee to his/her charity of choice.
All selections must be in before first race,no exceptions.


Thanks very much,CHALMERSBHOY. Very generous of you.


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Ty very much for your generosity. Much appreciated.

Jobo Baldie

Thanks for this Chalmersbhoy and hopefully I get lucky and don’t finish on zero points. And happy to donate a fiver to the winner’s charity of choice. So, here are my picks for the first 2 days

1.30 Facile Vega
2.10 BallyBREEZE
2.50 CLOUDY Glen
3.30 State Man
4.10 Echoes in RAIN
4.50 SUNdial
5.30 Mahler Mission

1.30 Hermes Allan
2.10 THUNDER Rock
2.50 Red Risk
3.30 Funambule Sivola
4.10 SNOW Leopardess
4.50 Riders on the STORM
5.30 Chapeau de SOLEIL (which if my 2 failed French o levels are to be relied on translates as SUN Hat)

A 10p E/W Patent on Tuesday (£1.40 to win £6,332.28 ) and a 10p E/W Yankee on Wednesday (£2.20 stake to win £43,451.12). God loves a trier!

A thing of beauty

I am useless at the horses but want to thank Chalmersbhoy for the competition. It’s good for the e site as plenty of the posters enjoy it. I will make donation to charity though. It’ll save me putting it on some future dug meat that I would pick at Cheltenham.



A brilliant idea and thanks very much for your donation.

I will post selections tomorrow morning.

HH 🍀🍀🍀🐎🐎🐎🐎

Weet weet weet

Cheltenham comp day 1
1 facile vega
2 el fabiolo
3 fastorslow
5 honeysuckle
6 bad
7 gaillardia du mesnil

The Real McCoy

Muchos Gracias 🙏🏻 Chalmersboy. Top Man 👏
Wee tune for ya from The Wakes 🍀
Bella Ciao Bella Ciao Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao …..



Chalmersbhoy I’m running late so number 6 through the card – too soon?

Good of you to run this and provide the prize money 👏.

13.30 marine nationale
14.10 el fabiolo
14.50 into overdrive
15.30 constitution Hill
16.10 honeysuckle
16.50 tekao
17.30 gaillard du mesnil

Good luck all

Cheers for that
The song highlighted below it is a cracker as well.

Celtic Champs Elect

Good evening all and thanks to CB for the comp

1.30 Marine National
2.10 El Fabiola
2.50 Monbeg Genius
3.30 Constitution Hill
4.10 Marie’s Rock
4.50 Bad
5.30 Chemical Energy




Thanks for your efforts and generosity on this. I’ll sort out my donation n the morning. Meantime,here are my selections.

130. Marine Nationale

210. Jonbon

250. The Goffer

330. Constitution Hill

410. Marie’s Rock

450. Byker

530. Minella Crooner

Be lucky,folks!


Cheltenham day 1
13.30 – In the pocket
14.10 – Jonbon
14.50 – Monbeg Genius
15.30 – Constitution Hill
16.10 – Honeysuckle
16.50 – Risk Belle
17.30 – Coolvalla
Good luck all 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
Thank you ChalmersBhoy for running the competition 👍


Tuesdays selections

Marine Nationale
Corach Rambler
Constitution Hill
Marie’s Rock
Sir Allen
Gaillard Du Mesnil

Thanks Chalmersbhoy and good luck to everyone 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

16 roads

13:30 Tahmras
14:10 El Fabiolo
14:50 The Goffer
15:30 Constitution Hill
16:10 Marie’s Rock
16:50 Sir Allen
17:30 Mister Coffey

Slainte Chalmersbhoy.

Good luck everyone. 🍀🐎


130. Facile Vega

210. El Fabiolo

250. Monbeg Genius

330. Constitution Hill

410. Marie’s Rock

450. Perseus Way

530. Gaillard Du Mesnil

Day 1 Cheltenham. etait temps
2.10.. jonbon
2.50..monbeg genius
3.30..constitution hill
4.50..morning soldier
5.30..gaillard du mesnil.

*Top point scorer will receive a £5 bet for charity for the following day.*

Good luck everyone.

St tams

1.30 Inthepocket
14.10 Saint Roi
14.50 The Goffer
15.30 Constitution Hill
16.10 Epatante
16.50 Risk Belle
17.30 Minella Crooner

Thanks Chalmersbhoy
Where do you make donation to.

bada bing1

Thanks CB

Facile Vega
Saint Roi
The Goffer
State Man
Marie’s Rock
Jazzy Matty
Minella Crooner

Well done Chalmersbhoy…but pick a horse a race, jeezypeeps I struggle choosing one for Twisty’s Naps!!
I’ll get the kettle on and hae a wee swatch!



Forget casual timepieces !!!!!

Get your bets on 😜😜😜


1.30 Inthepocket
14.10 Saint Roi
14.50 The Goffer
15.30 Constitution Hill
16.10 Epatante
16.50 Risk Belle
17.30 Minella Crooner
Cheers E. 👍



More of these are in hope of places :

Marine Nationale
Saint Roi
Oscar Elite
Constitution hill
Queens Brook
Sir Allen
Minella Crooner

Gl all

Send entry fee to the winners charity.

It has occurred to me that choosing the favourites leads to a higher chance of scoring but I’m not gonna do that! But I’m no gonna go for the 100 to one shots either, so, here’s today’s wasted 20 minutes!!🙄
1.30 Il Etait Temps
2.10 Dysart Dynamo
2.50 Happy Go Lucky
3.30 I Like To Move It
4.10 She Wears It Well
4.50 Bad
5.30 Chemical Energy
Cheers Chalmersbhoy, good luck to all!

Danny Mac 23

Chalmersbhoy Thanks mate.

1.30 Marine Nationale
2.10 El Fabiolo
2.50 Nassalam
3.30 Constitution Hill
4.10 Brandy Love
4.50 Byker
5.30 Gaillard du Mesnil

Good luck to all.


Well done Chalmersbhoy 👍🏇

1 Facile Vega
2 El Fabiola
3 Happy Go Lucky
4 Constitution Hill
5 Honey Suckle
6 Gordon’s Aura
7 Tenzing



How do you pay the entry fee to Cheltenham comp.

The Real McCoy

Day 1 Cheltenham.
1.30.. Facile Vega
2.10.. Jonbon
2.50.. Happygolucky
3.30.. Constitution Hill
4.10.. Honeysuckle
4.50.. Byker
5.30.. Gaillard Du Mesnil

Good Luck Everyone 🤞
Many Thanks 🙏🏻 Chalmersboy

The Real McCoy

G64 ,
Good Luck with Gordon’s Aura 🤞
Noticed it last night. Free 50p e/w 😂🙏🏻

Cosy Corner Bhoy

1330 Inthepocket
1410 Johnbon
1450 The Gofor
1530 State Man
1610 Epatante
1650 Bad
1730 Mahler Mission


1.30 Doctor Bravo
2.10 Jonbon
2.50 Nassalam
3.30 Constitution Hill
4.10 Love Envoi
4.50 Tekao
5.30 Tenzing.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Some man ChalmersBhoy!
As is Jobo!! He’s done 2 days and I’m rushing to do one!


Cheers Chalmersbhoy
Guesses for day 1 are:

13.30 Marine Nationale

14.10 Jonbon

14.50 Corach Rambler

15.30 Constitution Hill

16.10 Marie’s Rock

16.50 Samuel Spade

17.30 Gaillard Du Mesnil

Morning soldier non runner in the 4.50
Will go with
Sir Allen.



There isn’t an entry fee as such,but when the winner is announced he will nominate a charity for all entrants who can afford it to donate a fiver to.

I think I’ll do that with the Royal Ascot competition too. A great idea from CHALMERSBHOY.


thanks foe explaining. 1st time I have entered so a bit ignorant as to rules.
Great idea for a bit of fun

What a start we had 7 winners
Well done.

3 with 100% but have picked different horses in the next race.
Hope you have actually have a had a punt on them.


Your tip from Roscommon is being backed off the boards in the 2.50 was 16/1 this morning with 365 now 15/2.
Is that your £10 grand each way, that’s done that.

Got to be a Steward’s Inquiry for the second race! My wee nag was leading the chase by 5l at the 6f and nobbled with 2f to go , whatever the feck that means! Who do I complain to Chalmersbhoy? 🤬

Danny Mac 23

Bada bing 1

Jazzy Matty Great shout mate.🍀🍀

Celtic Champs Elect

Wednesday picks GLA

1.30 Good Land
2.10 Gerri Cologne
2.50 San Salvador
3.30 Energuemene
4.10 Galvin
4.50 Final Orders
5.30 A Dream To Share

Celtic Champs Elect

Wednesday picks GLA

1.30 Good Land
2.10 Gerri Cologne
2.50 San Salvador
3.30 Energuemene
4.10 Galvin
4.50 Final Orders
5.30 A Dream To Share

bada bing1

Danny Mac- not a thin dime on it😡

Points after day 1.
Weet weet weet..21
DRM.. 25
Cce.. 15
16 roads..11
St.tams 7
McCaff.. 3
Ccb.. 6

Well done DRM with 5 winners
Trm,frodshambhoy,leggy and dannymac23 with 4 winners.
I hope you had a few pennies on them!

Well done Bada with a 18/1 winner.

£5 charity bet goes to DRM
Let me know some time tomorrow morning.

We go again tomorrow.

Good luck..

Weet weet weet

Day 2
Impaire et passé
Sir gerhard
Run for Oscar
Franco de port
Epsom du Houx
A dream to share


Chalmersbhoy what’s the £5 charity bet?

Jobo Baldie

My original pick in tomorrow’s 4.50 (Riders on the storm) is a non runner. Can I change it to Malystic?

DRM et all

Most points won in a day will win a free £5 charity bet for the next days card.
Use the £5 for any bet ie singles,double,treble etc.
If you are successful you can donate winnings to a charity of your choice.
Add it to the sum which will be donated to the overall winners charity.
Good luck.

You can pick another horse anytime if your horse is a non runner.
If no pick it will be the will be given.

bada bing1

CB- 18/1 winner? Maybe ive not read rules properly?

1 2 3 4