With a Treble yell, they want more, more, more!

‘A special team’ is the common consensus across Celtic cyberspace, an accolade hard to earn, but one increasingly hard to argue against.
Good teams show up on big occasions, and a Postecouglou team tends to improve for the final third.
Both came together beautifully at Tynecastle.
It’s not just the team that’s found it’s mojo, it’s the entire squad, which can be traced back to Ange himself finding his mojo. With a special squad already assembled including some waiting in the wings for their chance, he admits to planning for the summer transfer window.
Special is getting stronger,,what comes after special again? Super? I guess we shall soon find out.
The defense looks improved as is, plus there’s a natural left footer in the wings.
On one level it was the perfect all around team victory in that the defense, the midfield, and the attack all contributed goals wise,, extremely pleasing and sign of a good team in my book.
At the time I was thinking there’s plenty of managers who wouldn’t allow their main central defender to join the attack with ‘only’ a two goal lead and ten minutes to go. That’s Ange though, it worked and the feel good factor is boosted.
While Big Cam found the net (and a proper place to call home which is all he ever needed) a certain Mr Mooy has found his second wind. The journeyman’s dedication finally paid off so to speak,,good positive attitude even when benched, clearly learnt on the job hence getting better with age, and athletically he has looked after his main sporting asset which is his body of course. Now he keeps three players out of the starting eleven (Iwata, Turnbull, Matt) whilst contributing goal-wise and becoming a bit of a cult hero. And we love a baldy since Telly Savalas made it cool.
Up front our main striker broke the 25 goals barrier. In my opinion there’s a sliding scale when it comes to the first choice (over the course of the entire season give or take small breaks) striker as far as goals are concerned.
20 is good but the minimum requirement as the finisher in an attacking team, 30 is a very good season. 40 is an excellent season and 50 is world class.
I want Kyogo to aim for 40 goals in all competitions, which would be one hell of a finale. If he’s close to that number come the final few weeks, I expect a lot of audacious attempts which should make for great watching so let’s hope that’s the case.
However the chap hitting the big 40 would leave me in a quandary, usually that would easily be enough to get the POTY gong but his countryman is machine-like in racking up the points and looks a certainly to get the nod.
Could we accidently cause a split in the camp? I’m just glad it wasn’t my idea, we are merely the conduit Ange if you’re reading, we all love a baldy hint hint.
Did I believe the season would peeter out if we lost. No, I believe it would have lead to more experimentation which is always exciting alongside some fringe players getting time on the park, like Iwata and Kobayashi, maybe Ralston and Turnbull.
I think playing for your future and seizing the moment would have came into play, usually great viewing.
Now though, this juggernaut just needs to keep ticking over, same formula and mentality, same players that are dealing with everything thrown at them post World Cup. The Big Man will want this treble make no mistake, a tangible sign of improvement obviously.
And we all witnessed how much the players love a Cup Final, reveling in the occasion and usually the adoration.
There are collective reasons for going all the way.
Completely dominating the national scene and being much too good for Hampden to hold back is another one.
There’s a lot of folk hoping to avoid a Glasgow derby final, preferring a semi-final clash but I just can’t see that happening. The old heated balls shall smooth the way.
Giving Beale one more shot would create such a buzz leading upto seasons end, a climactic finale.
For the team playing out of Ibrox the associated revenue would be very welcome and I’ve no doubt their board would capitalize upon the occasion by issuing the season ticket renewal forms whilst there’s still a chance of success and dare I say it op-Tim-ism about the final is in the air.
On the flip side should the blues win, the season tickets fly off the shelves over there based on rationale Beales got his number now, it’s truly game on next season.
The pressure would all be on Mick to give that clubs support hope to cling to, those tickets need shifted soon and he must take one of two golden chances provided to stave off severe grumblings.
Added to that there are many walking out the door on a free after any potential final, which brings up questions such as how dedicated will they be on the day given they will be off and avoiding criticism or being dropped, plus it’s unwise to enter the Bosman market injured so how much exactly does one put oneself on the line to lift that Cup?
Ange would write a defeat off, analyze and rejig starting first game of preseason. He would learn from any defeat handed out and as such it would make us stronger, good position to be in. The support would collectively shrug and say he earned that free hit.
Minimal pressure on the green side of the city.
I tell you what though, if Kyogos on 37 goals going into the final game every Tim from Siam to Timbuktu will have a fiver on the hat trick.
I realize I’m counting chickens here but I’m fully confident our special team will negotiate the semi final regardless of the opponent, and as far as Hampden goes I always smell a rat, so the desire to avoid ‘Celtic completely dominant’ undertone throughout the nation shall ensure another O.F. final be cooked up I reckon.
A packed house to swell the coffers never hurts you see.
The famous Glasgow Celtic team just never stops these days, while their supporters Just Can’t Get Enough.
Quite the combination, move over Posh & Becks, we’re the happiest marriage in football.
By Mahe
Ps with the International break coming up please consider helping the site out by submitting a lead article, everyone gets published here, all opinions are equal.

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Awe Naw

If we are to improve in a competitive context for Europe I’d submit there are obvious areas of the squad where this is necessary.
At least 6 in an ideal world.

Goalkeeper ( admire Joe but need to look at succession with younger talent and Joe as back up).
Right back- AJ making this his position but Upgrade on AR as understudy.
Upgrade on SW as fourth CB.
LB is tricky- in a perfect world an upgrade on GT, with him and AB fighting it out for second.

DT to move on and an attacking midfielder to replace.

A third CF to cover injuries/ suspensions.

That would just about do it I think.

Problem is moving on a lot of contracted players – Ajeti, Scales, Johnston, Turnbull, Welsh etc
Good/ decent players who would be first choices elsewhere. There should be some transfer funds created.

Re the Huns, their sense of entitlement will see them maintaining season ticket sales at current levels. It’s the hope that will eventually kill them.

Another season of failure and manager change will be a game changer.

Finally I have to take issue with the following:

“And we love a baldy since Telly Savalas made it cool.”

The coolest baldy ever is Yul Brynner- outshone Mr Cool Steve McQueen in the cool stakes in The Magnificent Seven, long before Telly found his shaver.



Wonderful player. From Hugh McIlvanney-“no other player besieged opponents with such a complex, concentrated swirl of deceptive manoeuvres or ever conveyed a more exhilarating sense of joy in working wonders with the ball.”

I took my nephew to the LC Final a few days after he died,all the players wearing No 7 on their shorts in his honour. What a horrible disease to die from.

Rightly voted our best player ever.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. I hope to post the latest MOTM results at 10.00am. If you haven’t yet voted for Saturdays cup game, any really last minute opinions can be factored in for another hour or so SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM


I’m not superstitious, and it was an uneventful day today. I feel all right, and my weight is 58.5 kgs.

I was not so tired today, but my back gets sore now and again sitting in the bed. I didn’t get the Irish News, which makes me think there is probably something in it that they don’t wish me to see, but who cares. Fr Murphy was in tonight for a few minutes.

The Screws had a quick look around my cell today when I was out getting water. They are always snooping. I heard reports of men beaten up during a wing shift …

Nothing changes here.

Sean McKenna (the former hunger-striker) is back in H-4, apparently still a bit shaky but alive and still recovering, and hopefully he will do so to the full.

Mhúscail mé leis an gealbháin ar maidin agus an t-aon smaointe amháin i mo cheann – seo chugat lá eile a Roibeard. Cuireann é sin amhran a scríobh mé; bhfad ó shin i ndúil domsa.

Seo é cib é ar bith.

D’ éirigh mé ar maidin mar a tháinig an coimheádóir,

Bhuail sé mo dhoras go trom’s gan labhairt.

Dhearc mé ar na ballai, ‘S shíl mé nach raibh mé beo,

Tchítear nach n-imeoidh an t-iffrean seo go deo.

D’oscail an doras ‘s níor druideadh é go ciúin,

Ach ba chuma ar bith mar nach raibheamar inár suan.

Chuala mé éan ‘s ni fhaca mé geal an lae,

Is mian mór liom go raibh me go doimhin foai,

Ca bhfuil mo smaointi ar laethe a chuaigh romhainn,

S cá bhfuil an tsaol a smaoin mé abhí sa domhain,

Ni chluintear mo bhéic, ‘s ní fheictear mar a rith mo dheor,

Nuair a thigeann ar lá aithíocfaidh mé iad go mor.

Canaim é sin leis an phort Siun Ní Dhuibir.

Translated this reads as follows:

I awoke with the sparrows this morning and the only thought in my head was: here comes another day, Bobby — reminding me of a song I once wrote a long time ago.

This is it anyway:

I arose this morning as the Screw came,

He thumped my door heavily without speaking,

I stared at the walls, and thought I was dead,

It seems that this hell will never depart.

The door opened and it wasn’t closed gently,

But it didn’t really matter, we weren’t asleep.

I heard a bird and yet didn’t see the dawn of day,

Would that I were deep in the earth.

Where are my thoughts of days gone by,

And where is the life I once thought was in the world.

My cry is unheard and my tears flowing unseen,

When our day comes I shall repay them dearly.

I sing this to the tune Siun Ní Dhuibir.

Bhí na heiníní ag ceiliúracht inniú. Chaith ceann de na buachaillí arán amach as an fhuinneog, ar a leghad bhí duine éigin ag ithe. Uaigneach abhí mé ar feadh tamaill ar tráthnóna beag inniú ag éisteacht leis na préacháin ag screadáil agus ag teacht abhaile daobhtha. Dá gcluinfinn an fhuiseog álainn, brisfeadh sí mo chroí.

Anois mar a scríobhaim tá an corrcrothar ag caoineadh mar a théann siad tharam. Is maith liom na heiníní.

Bhuel caithfidh mé a dul mar má scríobhain níos mó ar na heiníní seo beidh mo dheora ag rith ‘s rachaidh mo smaointi ar ais chuig, an t-am nuair abhí mé ógánach, b’iad na laennta agus iad imithe go deo anois, ach thaitin siad liom agus ar a laghad níl dearmad deánta agam orthu, ta siad i mo chroí — oíche mhaith anois.

(Translated, this reads as follows:)

The birds were singing today. One of the boys threw bread out of the window. At least somebody was eating!

I was lonely for a while this evening, listening to the crows caw as they returned home. Should I hear the beautiful lark, she would rent my heart. Now, as I write, the odd curlew mournfully calls as they fly over. I like the birds.

Well, I must leave off, for if I write more about the birds my tears will fall and my thoughts return to the days of my youth.
They were the days, and gone forever now. But I enjoyed them. They are in my heart — good night, now.

St tams

I agree with that analysis.

There is no reason why we can’t achieve what you have suggested.
We have money.

Jobo Baldie

Oglach – I’m enjoying these morning posts but wasnt that the same one from yesterday?



No,OGLACH posted Thursday 12 March yesterday.



Always a pleasure to watch again. Thanks for that.

Jobo Baldie

Bobby / Oglach – apologies for that, d’oh!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. And it’s good to be back home!
I did manage to get to The Irish Fiddler in Costa Adeje to see Saturday’s quarter final decapitation of Hearts and felt that it was one of our best performances of the season. We could have been 2 up before Mooy scored the opener after 100 seconds – talk about a fast start! We now find ourselves just 2 Hampden performances away from winning Ange his first Scottish Cup and quite possibly another treble. We really should savour these special times where the entertainment on offer is quite fantastic.

Domestically this season we have now played 34, winning 32, drawing 1 and losing 1, scoring 115 and conceding 23.
A huge thank you to the 65 who emailed me with their 3 nominations. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked. And even though I was clearly out on a limb I thought that Greg Taylor had a fantastic game!

Hart: 7
Johnstone: 31
Carter-Vickers*: 56
Starfelt: 0
Taylor*: 1
McGregor: 2
Hatate: 13
Mooy: 37
Jota*: 27
Kyogo: 21
Haksabanovic: 0
Kobayashi: 0
Abada: 0
Oh: 0
O’Riley: 0
Iwata: 0

And so the players receiving POINTS for the game against Hearts are –
Carter-Vickers – 5 pts
Mooy – 4 pts
Johnstone – 3 pts
Jota – 2 pts
Kyogo – 1 pt

An interesting development (for anoraks like me!!) – that’s 3 games in a row where Hatate hasn’t made the Top 5. Not because his own performances have dipped but rather that others have all upped their game. Particularly Carter-Vickers who, in the last 6 games has been MOTM twice, runner up once and 3rd placed twice. But can he close the gap at the top……..

So, after 41 games the overall standings are as shown below –
86 points – Hatate
70 points – Carter-Vickers
51 points – Jota and Mooy
44 points – Kyogo
43 points – McGregor and Taylor
31 points – Abada
28 points – O’Riley
26 points – Maeda
22 points – Jenz
19 points – Johnston and Starfelt
16 points – Haksabanovic
13 points – Giakoumakis and Juranovic
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Bernabei and Welsh
8 points – Forrest
7 points – Hart
5 points – Turnbull
4 points – Kobayashi
0 points – Abildgaard, Iwata, Lawal, McCarthy, Oh, Siegrist and Vata

Our next game sees us return to league business on Saturday when we have a 3pm home kick off against Hibs. As things stand, we need 22 points from our final 10 games to be crowned Champions. Again!
Hail Hail!


St tams

I guess the question is how to prioritise the funds available.
I’d go keeper, left back( GT and AB are fine domestically but a more physical presence like AJ on the right would benefit us) and centre forward to vie with Oh for pitch time.
With the three other back up positions previously mentioned less crucial.
It’s then up to the other 16 we regularly see on the pitch to prove they have learnt from this season and look to make a serious impact in CL next season.


There was a moment in Saturday’s game where Hearts had a throw-in in our half,they’re right. I complained loudly that the taker had stolen twenty yards!

I wasn’t the only one who noticed it,but I would like to take this chance to apologise for my outburst,as I was wrong.

E-Tims today shows a still of the ball going out of play,and the throw-in being taken. Using the grass strips,six yards wide,as a guide,he clearly on stole eighteen yards.

My apologies to all concerned for this heinous error.



You mention Oh there,and I don’t think we will see the best of him till he gets a run of games from the start,with regular starters around him.

With Kyogo in his current form,that is unlikely.



I trust you had a lovely time in the sun,and that you saw the games while you were there. Who am I kidding,I know you did!

Thanks for keeping on top of this for us all,even as you were sunning yourself. And it’s good to see that I’m watching the same game as most of us for a change these days. Makes a pleasant change!


There was a moment in Saturday’s game where Hearts had a throw-in in our half,they’re right. I complained loudly that the taker had stolen twenty yards!
I wasn’t the only one who noticed it,but I would like to take this chance to apologise for my outburst,as I was wrong.
E-Tims today shows a still of the ball going out of play,and the throw-in being taken. Using the grass strips,six yards wide,as a guide,he clearly on stole eighteen yards.
My apologies to all concerned for this heinous error.
Did you notice defensive throws in the cup game.
We had them pegged back and ball often went out about 3 yards from their corner flag. Throws were then taken about 20 yards further up (ok maybe only 18 yards).
One throw was pushed back a bit as they tried to steal about 30 yards


Morning all,

Cheers Jobo for keeping the POTY going during your hols.👍

Thought Hatate was hosed in for first place this Season , but ………

Could he be Crisp and CCV Red Rum !!!!!!!

( Sorry for all the non horsey people on here) but it’s Cheltenham week 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

HH 🍀🍀


BMCUW / Admin — thanks for recovering my post yesterday.
I have to disagree with you regarding the GL farrago — football and politics do mix.
The scale of establishment / tory / Beeb hypocrisy is breaking records in an already crowded field.
Revolutions do ignite in strange places — we can but hope.

Disappointed in some of the arguments being put forward by the young team on here.
Sniffs of hyper individualism / neo liberal me myself alone / inability to link the start of a idea with then conclusion.
Not good — but hopefully they are young enough to learn.


Football yesterday — now that we have seen how well we can play we will be wanting more.
The start to the game yesterday was imperious — never gave them a sniff until we were a goal up and well on our way.

Work still to do — foot of the gas / sloppiness resurfaced / we looked a bit lost regarding how to keep going.
However we showed that we do have the talent to trouble teams — so the issue is now stamina.


According to another site today POTY is a three horse race 🏇🏇🏇(I blame Leggy)

Kyogo, CCV & Reo



Neigh chance !!!!!! 🐎🐎🐎



so the issue is now stamina.
Is spinach the answer? Seemed to help Popeye.

And it’s green.


Mm 11.46

Disagree when we always sub 5 – half the outfield.
Stamina of professional athletes isn’t the issue.

Opposition teams, no matter how crap, do have an influence on performance. Think you’ll need to look elsewhere for the negative vibe you seek.



You stated my own case for keeping politics off the site where possible in your comment at 1143.

“Disappointed in some of the arguments being put forward by the young team on here.”

There you are,in a nutshell. Nobody ever has their mind changed about a political opinion by reading a football site. Waste of time.

Asking you all to desist saves a lot of rancour and bitterness. And as a CQN veteran,you will remember some of that from various occasions,especially referendum time.

Morning all!
MM @11.43…I got a bit fed up with the chat surrounding the wider arguments last night, my problem no one elses. But your claim that the young team leaving issues incomplete is nowt more than irony; your shorthand, staccato, abbreviated posts require a degree of codebreaking and mindbending that’s too much for this youngster! 😴

Cosy Corner Bhoy

MadMitch: You’re certainly not a glass half full type…sometimes I think you’ve not even got a glass to consider
Read Jobo’s summation of games in Scotland where we PLAY… not exactly shit!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Don’t know what happened there
I didn’t mean to post twice!


BADABING from yesterday

Sorry,meant to reply to your question about a competition for Cheltenham. LEGGY’s comment reminded me there.

None planned AFAIK,nor as it stands,for Aintree. If someone wishes to volunteer their services for Aintree,I know we will all be grateful.

I’m still scheduled for the Royal Ascot one though,with the usual prizes. But volunteering for other festivals doesn’t necessarily involve prizes. We have plenty of fun without them.



I wish you had corrected your original post-the ending doesn’t make sense.

Prestonpans bhoys

“Disappointed in some of the arguments being put forward by the young team on here.”

Who the hell is the young team on here, would be surprised if there’s half a dozen under 50 🤣😂



I am led to believe that spinach is mistakenly thought to have a super iron content as the scientist conducting the research at the time put the decimal point in the wrong place.
Popeye’s feats of strength enabling him to blooter Bluto resulted almost exclusively from a diet of square slice and black puddin’
You’re welcome.



You answered your own question. My Mum is still trying to figure out how it is that her son is nearly 60,yet she’s only 21.

Big Audio Dynamite

We looked a bit lost v Hearts?

Oh mammy daddy.

So the storm in a teacup has ended. Gary Lineker will be back in the MOTD chair at the weekend. It looks like the Govt have stepped in and told the BEEB to get it sorted, pronto! Ooh, what a palaver!!
In other news, let’s hope the ramifications of it rumble on and on and on…I’d be happy to start with Davie and Sharp and the BEEB being the first sacrificial lambs but the real target has to be Nazi Home Secretary Braverman.

Big Audio Dynamite

Back to reality.

I wasn’t shouting at the telly, Bobby, though I was sitting with a wry smile at some of the goings-on.

Fortunately we were imperious on the day.

Big Audio Dynamite

MCCaff, like watching anything on tv, the actors just take their cue from others.

Everything is agenda driven.

I know BAD, votes is the agenda here. This government see it slipping when Lineker gets so much positivity, they can’t have a populist, crisp-munching national hero steering agenda! They’ve telt Sharp and Davie to suck it up and let it lie!

Big Audio Dynamite


That’s one way to describe Gary 😂


Edited that for you.


Had to laugh at various reports on the Arsenal match yesterday leading with “Jesus returns”

For those who are interested in the nags.
Pick a horse each race.
Most points wins £50 towards their charity.

£5 Entry fee if you can afford to.

Once winner confirmed donate entry fee to his/her charity of choice.
All selections must be in before first race,no exceptions.
Can you do a link for this.

Sorry for short notice.
Good luck.


Afternoon all.
Apologies for the delayed update. Time not my friend at the minute. My elderly mum took a nasty fall and was hospitalised for a wee while. Home now but I’m caring for her pretty much 24/7 at present. She’s some woman. 90 years old and learning to walk again 😁

Anyhow to the weekend. 3 winners to report. All three hold some importance to the final outcome.

Our current leader Cosy corner Bhoy got on the winners list once again with a very well deserved 5/1 winner. Having suffered a misfortune with a missing post a couple weeks ago, I was delighted to see him get his choice up this week. The Skelton trained Iceo getting home by almost 4 lengths. Cements his place in top spot though there are still a few biting at his heels.

One of those is McCaff and he saw his selection Artic Row get home by a length. Trained by Nick Alexander it was priced at 9/4. McCaff stays within striking distance as we approach the winning post.

Last but most certainly not least was Weet Weet Weet’s winner Crambo. Priced at 15/2 it makes WWW our top Bhoy this week and he certainly holds some sort of chance of overcoming the current leader. Congrats to WWW and indeed well done to all three.

Last favourite lost so non runners are losers I’m afraid.

I’m heading off to Lanzarote on Sat morning. Early flight so I’ll not be around much. I’ll post the deadline on Sat morning but it’s likely you won’t hear much from me again until the following Sat. Please check the off time and non runners.

Updated table appears below.

Week 38 table

CCB £35.58

St Tams £26.00

McCaff £24.33

Weet Weet Weet £24.14

16 Roads £19.19

BMCUW £16.12

DRM £14.37

Big Packy £11.93

GFTB £6.00

JNP. £1.88

Jobo £0.60

Bada -£1.62

Craig -£3.00

VP -£4.12

Charlinic -£5.22

CCE -£7.13

Twisty. -£9.67

Leggy -£9.67

Danny Mac. -£9.92

Lefty -£11.87

Mahe. -£12.50

Call me Gerry. -£15.75

Gordon. -£18.17

Jungle Gerry. -£20.00

The Real McCoy -£25.00

Chalmersbhoy. -£25.13

Jim. -£29.91

BRRB. -£35.38

Thoughts for yer wee Ma, Twisty! 90 years old and still putting up wi’ ye! She’s some wummin right enough, give her a wee kiss and a wee cuddle from me but tell her it’s fae Jim the Tim, she’ll appreciate that! 💚


My mention of stamina was not physical it was emotional / focus on the game.

We started at full chat where Hertz looked slow to get started — possibly put on the back foot by our all action start which they would not have been expecting given that it was a home game and all the comment beforehand had been about their need for energy / physicality.

So we cam out the traps fast — flying into them and soon creating good chances,
Had the look of men against boys and it was no surprise that we scored — movement / vision / precision pass — goal.
We kept this intensity up for 10 minutes afterwards and then our focus / intensity began to drop.

The issue then was that we were not able to control the game as our our intensity / focus dropped.
We allowed Hertz to get back into the game and they started to cause us problems.
On other days they would have scored — game of very fine margins at times — and our great start would have come to nothing.
At times it looked as if half the team weren’t at the races and were hoping the other half would help them out.

Their purple patch came and went — they didn’t have the intensity / ability to keep it going.
We got back into the game and showed our class with the second goal.

All very positive but we suffered a similar dip — needing a bit of Alamo defending to survive — in the second half.

So to me we have a bit of a way to go to be Euro ready for next season — I think that we need more stamina regarding the thinking required to keep the game under control. We looked a bit surprised when Hertz started stringing a couple of passes together and it took us a bit of time to respond.

WE don’t seem to be able to do boring on Saturday — it was either full on or sloppy / half cooked.

Big Audio Dynamite


Celtic TOTALLY Dominated.

The end 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

Beating the Huns.



PpB @ lunchtime

Some of the chat on this blog is very scary regarding the common thread running through the common experiences that far too many on here seem to have had.

There would appear to be a group on here who are joined together by age / experience based on first Olympics / Munich or first WC is West Germany with scarily similar life events.

The chat about the hi fi separates craze of the early 80’s brought back a huge number of memories for me.
First where is all the stuff now and why don’t I have it polished up / on show in my current house.
Probably based on my wife’s “dusting” efforts that mean they would be scrap if I had put them out.

Currently trying to google what turntable / amp I had — stuck at Wharfdale speakers and a Sharp tape deck which came a year after the budget triple I managed to talk my mum into funding probably from Richer Sounds but definitely from an advert in a hi fi magazine.

Bit of let-down for buying a hi fi mag but an improvement from trainsets / RC car / skateboarding / Star Wars.
The poor student that was me back in the early 80’s — where “style” arrived with a proper haircut at 21 and a pair of 501’s.



Some bad news for you and on a Monday as well. I agree with your assessment of the squad. What I do not know(and it may influence recruitment) is how many youths are showing promise.

I specialise in getting player assessment wrong so you should cycle away from me ASAP. It started with my brief brush with the professional game. On the first week or two at training, I saw this short, rotund guy playing keepie up with the ball. I asked the trainer what position did Mr Rotund play. Centre forward was the surprising reply. This gave me great hope. If Mr Rotund is here then I have little to fear! In a knock about game, I moved further into the centre of defence to sort him out. It was impossible to get the ball off of him! He was able to shield the ball by leaning into you, and he had a short burst of pace, plus a cannonball of a shot. He went on to become one of the most expensive exports from Scotland to the Henglish southern climate.

Since then, I have continued to get it wrong. Taylor is a current example. Maeda is another. Further I was convinced both Henderson brothers would make it at Celtic. The list is impressive and will only grow, I am sure.

All of this to make a simple observation. As Mrs Dale might have said, “I am worried about Oh.”

Yes, it is early days but I see too many flaws thus making him either one of our failing projects or simply a player out of his depth. His ball control is poor. He does not appear particularly fast..a feature that saves Maeda. He is strong and enthusiastic. Every time I see him, he looks like the cat that got the cream. However, I fear the cream did not get a viable cat. Images of Amido Balde flash before me. So, we very much need another centre. I can see the logic of going for Oh as a counterpoint to Kyogo. Someone who can win headers in the box. Time will tell but I have a bad feeling about this one.

Nope, I am not going to reveal who Mr Rotund is/was!


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