Not all who wander are lost

Mags is my mate. Great company and not what you expect.

Would I choose his exact words? No. Can I understand why he does? Aye.

The PLC at the time treated these guys terribly, completely dishonorably.It left a bitter taste in many mouths.

Whether you know it or not he and people close to him were part of the actions and pushback against the PLC since the Lazarus event. Not many were closer to the action.

Clearly Mags is still bitter, very bitter about events. I was in the same boat for a long stretch but a little one has helped bring me patience and I felt ultimately rather than remain bitter it’s best to help prepare for the next big split between support and club by gathering a collective under one roof, one hand on heart honest roof with no hidden agenda, with the aim of garnering opinions, maybe votes and funds if needed. More on the votes aspect next week.

I mention bitterness with the PLC, but it would be remiss of me not to mention the Tims were also a source at the time.

I fully expected a severe backlash against any titles being awarded to a club that died, for starters. From then unto this point, I’ve learned a lot. 

To put it bluntly, the Tims were placed in a terrible position, between a rock and a hard place. Our club is imperfect, money orientated, and now we know for definite. The world famous support had their allegiance taken advantage of.

Incredibly one was manhandled out the door of Parkhead on one of the board’s orders, peasant be gone with your gripes. I’ll repeat that, the world famous Glasgow Celtic flung one of its own concerned supporters out on the street during a period of them acting shamefully. How could one not be bitter?

Hand on heart I’m no longer bitter at any supporter, especially the natives. With football in their blood and the life and soul of the community, going cold turkey and walking away would be harder than Roy Keane. I posit the Tims simply lacked leadership at the time, collective guidance through well kent names who wouldn’t have yelled ‘Boycott’ but instead met some board members with the aim of influencing decisions so all parties can walk away content, the ultimate aim of any negotiation. More on this subject next week.

I speak only for myself, but I think the majority if not all posters would admit the previous decade has been a bad one for Scottish football, and neither Glasgow giant covered themselves in glory. Now if you accept that, you’ll accept the right of a Tim to be bitter.

Do we collectively need reminding of our boards mask slipping off? Well it can’t hurt as we should all know what we are getting into bed with. I say what but realistically it’s who,,Dermot and Peter,,the Untrustables.

The word Sentinel suggests watching, and that’s exactly how I felt at the time of me and Bobby creating this house I’m proud of, these sumbitches really need watching. They still do. If a self sufficient manager is driven out the door,,,watch this space.

Mags shares my views on the boards actions or non-actions as the case might be, but the clear gripe is language surrounding the Tims. On this we differ.

As a man who believes all opinions are equal, by all means voice yours, I bloody demand it! No matter who you are or where you are for all opinions are equal, any every man, woman, and child has right to air theirs.

However Mags,,,,You’ve gotta admit being an expat is different. You’ve felt the buzz of the buildup midweek then the raucous gathering of the faithful in the bats before the park, character after character grabs your eye and ear. Familiar faces catch your attention, your handshake and your best wishes. You’ve smelt those chippy vans and been tempted, passed by the DelBoy t-shirt and scarf stands on the walk up to that turf.

Those days are gone my friend, or few and far between. That priceless interaction, cementing of relationships and community bonding, is lost to us far flung. 

And as such we are left with expectations. McCaff often states it’s the expats who demand action and that’s because it’s true. We hold the club to a sporting and moral standard from afar while forgoing the emotional attachment of attendance, and when those morals are breached (in our opinion) we expect the faithful to react.

Forgetting this that dad’s special time with his daughter, or this poor blokes main release from a shitty life, it’s that old legendary supporter and well kent face last year of making it after a lifetime of attendance, a fella fae Belfast finally got himself and his Italian best friend tickets and the night off work. Japanese tourists, a Polish guys stag-do,,there’s plenty of different reasons for folk to be getting off their asses to go to Parkhead. Especially these days.

So with all the above in mind how about this Mags. The Celtic support are going to need representatives going forward. We have the SPL whistlers out of control, the board need watching, and pressure needs placed upon the SFA to implement the Independent Regulator role once England introduces theirs. It’s not fingers pointing at past failures we need now, it’s fingers pointing to future representatives, and at some stage a man must place faith in others.

Times change, and they have. I view the Res12 legal fees donation as a hand reached out across the table by the new man,,which took a decade of distrust to initiate.

They let us (SC) join the forums and Zoom chats once Dom came in, I doubt Peter would have, the archives are scathing of the board at the time.

What I’m getting at, is that we need to look forward and not back. Found structureless before, it’s imperative that doesn’t happen again.

Spokespeople will be needed, infact legislated of things pan out, and that my wise friend is where you could play a part.

Hand the battle over. Give it to the next generation. They will be representing you anyway, representing us all actually, so perhaps it’s best to get behind them.

The boards ‘Meh’ attitude to title stripping clearly lead the Tims, so it could be said the board are leading the Tims, whereas you and I agree it should be the other way around.

There’s only one way to change that my man. True Tim voices, right there, right then.

While echoes of the past shall always ring in our ears, the future arrives with every breaking sunrise, and destiny awaits. The proposed ‘Golden Ticket’ for supporters means WE are the bottom line, at last. It’s around the corner.

So don’t hit out, help out. Cajole rather than criticize, promote rather than provoke. Because some of these names you’re looking at might just actually achieve bettering our beloved club to some degree or other, and that my friend is priceless.

You’re more than welcome here pal but bring your wit, not your whip. Don’t be condescending, be corresponding. Organizing, not antagonizing, is the pertinent move here, so ‘we’ never create another Maggie McGill. Bitterness and Celtic should never be involved in the same sentence ever again.

Mags, make your peace with the blog, and say your piece on the blog. Blame the board, not the bampots. What say ye?

By Mahe

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“Mags, make your peace with the blog, and say your piece on the blog. Blame the board, not the bampots. What say ye?”

MMcG is held in high esteem by both you and BMCUW. You have your reasons obviously.

If you want this site to maintain and presumably increase the many good contributors it does, allowing one aggressive maverick carte Blanche to lash out at Celtic supporters without rebuke is not a good look.
By mid afternoon only three of us had commentated on his foul comment. Many more should have- where were they?
Cowed by the knowledge any criticism of him is effectively verboten on here?
Allowing unfettered abuse of Celtic supporters is surely not something you had in mind for SC when you set the site up?

An apology would be a start. And a bit more dignified debate rather than uninhibited foul mouthed tirades wouldn’t go amiss.

The answer why he is allowed to behave as he does and disgracefully state the old trope about catholic schools causing bigotry in Scotland is encapsulated in Mahe’s first sentence.

Celtic Champs Elect

Ah I see Mags has been a naught boy again :-)). Come on MAGS we are all good Tim’s on this site no need to be facetious.

Why don’t you stick your Apple ear plugs in and listen to Springsteen’s new album on soul songs it’s brilliant and IMO some of his covers are better than the originals. Do I Love You Indeed I Do :-))

Good morning from the bus to work

An interesting leader Mahe. I cannot say I enjoyed it but it was one of the more sane things I have read here in several days. Thanks.

I liked Mags when I met him a few years back in the company of one of his brothers and also an old family friend who used to occasionally post on CQN. The meeting was friendly , a mixture of excitement about the big game we were all going to, nostalgic chat about Celtic and one of us being on a plane piloted by Haraald Brattbakk. It was all better than the game turned out- a numbing 3-0 home loss to an AC Milan side that was some way short of the class of their teams who had failed to win at Parkhead 3 times in the previous decade.

I took a break from posting on any Celtic site early in the 2018/9 season but still occasionally read them . When I started posting on this site in the autumn of last year I was glad to see Mags was here – his posts were often pithy and original. Witty but acid. Yesterday mornings was not his finest work- lacking any of his usual wit it was the kind of thing you’d say in a heated argument in a pub and which the following morning would have you thinking ‘f*ck did I really say that?’ before you got out of bed. And it was the kind of remark that ends friendships. I understand why many here won’t forgive or forget.

I was very disappointed to the reaction to BMCUWP’s post in which he asked for some slack to be cut. Clearly rattled by the postings of Hypocrisy CSC and assuming ( knowing?) them to be the work of the contributor who was banned from the site in January. I was not sure I wanted that person to be banned but I had by the time they were ejected expressed a desire to be able to block them from what I could read. That was and is not possible and it had reached the stage that had he not gone I would have. I hear enough crap about medicine, history, free masonry, science etc from people I meet in the real world to want to read reems of that same type and consistency of bull here. I did not know that BMCUWP had , as he stated, been subjected privately to invective from that person and so understood the extent of BMCUWP’s exasperation last night at Hypocrisy CSC’s contributions and for BMCUWP’s wish for some slack to be cut. None was. Which was really disappointing to put it mildly.

Anyway I am now at work and hope you all have a good day. Stay warm and be kind



Before pressing ‘post comment’ I see a post in the yellow section from an unfamiliar name. Bye all


Long post lost. Do not bother posting though. Wondering Rock’s post at 6.59 encapsulates so much of what has made this site not what I hoped it was.

Have a good day



Everyone is entitled to their opinion and of course most fans would agree that the plc are a bunch of money grabbing tories but for him to constantly slate Celtic fans for supporting Celtic is bang out of order. If he feels that strongly about it why is he even on a Celtic site in the first place, does he get a kick out of lecturing the rest of us on morality.

The Gombeen Man


The FA don’t get to “implement an independent regulator” under the proposals in the White Paper.

The Regulator is implemented by an Act of Parliament due to the failures of the football authorities in England to administer the game to a satisfactory standard.

Further, the Regulator (that won’t come cheap) is to be paid for by the clubs, the clubs contributing in proportion their revenue.

If there’s a perception in England of a lack of satisfactory regulation and distribution of income, what’s happening in Scotland is off the scale.

For example, the White Paper highlights the fact that EFL clubs have failed to pay HMRC £30m in taxes.

What about Scotland?

£64.5m. HMRC cumulative claim at Ibrox.
£56m. Negotiated settlement figure.

£55.5m. Compensation for Malicious Prosecutions (and rising). Paid for by the taxpayer.

At one club.

– Don’t forget too that Murray was allowed by Lloyd’s to write down £57m in debt the minute he took Whyte’s grubby £1.

It’s against this background that Celtic operate.The maverick spending, EBT’s, dodgy UEFA licences. A complicit media and partisan police service.

The Regulator will (amongst other things) issue clubs with a licence to allow them to participate in the professional game, if they meet financial and other standards.

– Including the character of owners, source of funds etc.

Given the ongoing dysfunctionality in the Scottish establishment we’re a long way off these standards.

Unfortunately the contributions by a few people who have been involved in this affair for a long period of time are a matter of concern.

I’m not just referring to this blog.

I could list a whole number of statements by Mags over the years. But what’s the point?

The irony is of course ;

Many accuse Celtic of complicity by failing to act and then fail to act themselves when faced by a dilemma.

Maybe life isn’t that simple? Maybe there’s a bigger picture?

– Who knows?

The content of some posts by Mags (and others) is making it appear as though PLC they’ve been dealing with unreasonable people.

Till later.


Frank has now joined me on the hunger-strike. I saw the boys at Mass today which I enjoyed. Fr Toner said Mass.

Again it was a pretty boring day. I had a bit of trouble to get slopped out tonight and to get water.

I have a visit tomorrow and it will be good to see my family. I am also looking forward to the walk in the fresh air, it will tire me out, but I hope the weather is good. I must go.


Pebble in the pond time before I disapear to try and do some real work.

20% of the “Support” hate TFOD2.1 more than they like / loe CFC.
Plug numbers — that can be debated — I know but in the ball park.
They use the club to get at TFOD2.1.

For an even bigger slice of the support TFOD1.0/2.1 live in their head rent free.
Their whole engagement is seen through the efforts and endeavours of our friends in Govan.
As long as we are / were one step ahead pf a football cripple then everything was OK.

Euro football is not for the likes of us / too much hassle / slanted playing field.
Until TFOD2.1 do some damage — pun intended — in Europe and then the cries go up that we must do the same..
P/head and its 94 year old main stand — nothing wrong with it / we don’t need fancy hospitality / facilities.
Until TFOD2.1 do something with their relic and suddenly all we will hear are cries of what are the board waiting for.

Me — I can’t be bothered by them / they mean nothing to me.
They exist so we need to beat them and we need to keep beating them.
We should follow our own path and leave them behind.

Be the team we can be rather than the best dressed man in Cov vibe that we currently have.
AP and his growth agenda is changing things for the better.
At long last.

Smell the coffee

I’ve lurked here and on other Celtic forums for long and weary.
M McGill has issues. It’s blatantly obvious the guy has Narcissistic and Histrionic personality disorder. You’ll have observed the less attention he receives the more abusive he becomes. Clearly not all is well in his life. Heightened sense of his own importance. All sorts going on in his head. Sees himself as the most important person in the room. No moral compass. To try and defend him does him no favours and takes the more sensible posters who can differentiate between an opinion and personal abuse, for fools.
For those who tell us they’ve met him and he’s a kitten, no shit Sherlock. Classic cowardly trait. Keyboard warrior. Face to face not their thing.

The Gombeen Man


A final thought.

If you don’t want to respond to this, no bother.

Can I ask you to clear two things up?

– Is it possible to publish who provided the funds to setup Sentinel Celts?

– Who pays for it on an ongoing basis?

My reasoning behind this request is about transparency and accountability.

Blogs provide a platform and shape opinion, much like other parts of the media.

Editorial integrity and independence.

To make it clear that SC isn’t agenda driven. Is motivated by the pursuit of truth, the best interests of Celtic and her supporters.

(Its reading like the anger in some quarters is motivated by a personal spat that a number of folk have with the PLC…

“Incredibly one was manhandled out the door of Parkhead on one of the board’s orders,”

Mags or a close contact?

– The anger at Celtic supporters paying to attend Sevco games seems irrational almost personal).

Sorry for asking but the time has come to sort this out.

Have a great day everyone.

Morning all, that was a most unpleasant read. How not to screw the lid back on this can of worms!



How the site came to pass is no secret. It has been discussed here often,usually in response to queries such as your own. MAHE and I amongst others were regular posters on CQN at the time and he contacted me via mail. We had a few chats by phone after a while,and things came to a head near the end of the 2018 transfer window.

He had suggested setting up an alternative site,which I didn’t think was possible. I can navigate a site-but how do I set one up? MAHE has roughly the same familiarity on these matters as myself,so the good intentions are just gonna lead to one road to hell,filled with frustrations such as the dreaded What If?

I forwarded MAHE a couple of mail addresses,and asked him to contact them. Explain what we wanted,ask if it were possible. And the sooner the better! All of them,every one of them,offered to help-even if not all were convinced of the viability of the idea.

They each put in a lot of time,a lot of effort. Using their own professional skills,not all of which were IT related. Indeed,one of the original benefactors has rarely posted on the site. And much prefers it that way.

MAHE pays for the monthly upkeep of the site,even though I’ve obviously told him that is hardly fair. Seems that a regular DD into a personal bank account in the US-no matter how big or small-attracts the interest of the IRS. So,MAHE coughs up for the monthly upkeep while my contribution is the Royal Ascot competition.

One of the promises we made to EVERYONE who helped set the site up was that we would NEVER accept advertising,no matter how lucrative any offer might be. Which they have been. If those friends hadn’t offered their expertise and time free of charge,the site would not exist. How could we take money from that,and still be the same two idiots of five years ago that people thought they could trust?

So,to put your mind at rest. There is no outside money involved here. There is no inside agenda,driven by anyone other than MAHE and myself. Our opinions are our own alone,not as requested by some powerbroker elsewhere. Of the people who set up the site,whether that be the idea or the various strands required for it to be viable,MAHE had never met any of them beforehand. Not even me.

In fact,I had only met two of them,once each!

I reckon that takes a helluva lot of trust in people based on the square root of eff all,don’t you? And it places a helluva lot of trust in our posters too,for which we have been largely rewarded. But not in monetary terms,M,no. It has never been about money,nor even hiding any alleged income source. There IS no income source.

There is no input source either. Only our own and those of our posters. Our opinions are our own,with no-one pulling the strings or manipulating us from behind.

Every penny that has ever gone into the running of this site from Day One has come from MAHE.

Every part of the website from inception to launch,including the set-up costs,has been by the goodwill of people we have rarely if ever met.

That extends to the goodwill and expertise of ASWGL,who is Johnny-on-the-ball when it comes to the daily IT problems thrown up by WordPress.

There is no-one pulling strings or hiding in the background here,M. There never has been. But there are a number of people who deserve the credit for doing it all for us.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for that.

I was getting concerned that there might be something in the background that was affecting the blog’s decision making.

It’s not always easy to let Mag’s comments slide.

I don’t think I have your patience.

Good luck at Cheltenham.

Till later & I promise this time.

St tams

Not that an explanation was needed.


Fasting / Hunger strikes in relation to Irish history and law

According to the Brehon Law Academy, the use of hunger striking in Irish history dates back to the 5th century when the Brehon laws were first established within Gaelic culture. Under the Brehon laws, an individual would perform a ‘troscud’, which translates to fasting. The ancient act of troscud was used by the lower class against the upper class as a necessary legal step when bringing forth a grievance. It gave an individual of lower standing, a temporary position of moral and legal power over a more privileged individual. For some time, especially through the work of D. A. Binchy (1899–1989 Scholar of Irish linguistics and Early Irish law), the laws were held to be conservative and useful primarily for reconstructing the laws and customs of the Proto-Indo-Europeans just as linguists had reconstructed the Proto-Indo-European language. For instance, historians have seen similarities between Irish and Indian customs of fasting as a method of shaming a wrongdoer to recover a debt, or to demand the righting of a wrong.



Honesty, passion, integrity and a whole lot of other words describe the way the site was conceived.
Don’t let it wither or be undermined by bitter, arrogant, naked aggression.

Mate or not, the rules of decency apply.
A genuine apology and an undertaking to rein in the nastiness would go a long way to retrieving the situation.


Kyogo and Reo miss out on a Japanese squad call-up again. Aye Japan must have some pool of quality footballers to call on🤔



You may recall a while back being the subject of abuse from another poster-and giving it back in spades. I didn’t ban either of you then,I asked you both to behave and I deleted a couple of the worst comments. And I told MAGS yesterday morning that he was wrong,and why. Not for the first time.

Read back,it is all there.



That,I am delighted with-if disappointed for the players. Let them rest up. Keep them off the radar.

And maybe suggest that even The Lisbon Lions were barely acknowledged,outside of our own community.

Prestonpans bhoys


Their manager said this:

“We think about the level of the league and various other factors when making the decision. For this squad we focused on the squad from Qatar as well as some new players. There will be other call-ups. As I said, we’re trying to build strongest team possible ahead of 2026.”

You can take that paragraph in a number if ways. They are concentrating on the Qatar squad, fair enough. There will be current additions, fair enough, but there seems to be a caveat there around the level of league. Is he suggesting that no matter how good you are in our league you not getting picked 🤔 🙄

Ps Daizen Maeda doesn’t count as he was in the side before his move


One moral of the Genesis story is how mistrust was brought into the world. Bear with me. (that’s a joke)

Adam & Eve were told by the Big Fella ” Do not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil or you will die”

Along comes the snake and asks the question having persuaded A and E that the Big Fella or Fellas do not want humans to become Big Fellas ” If you eat of the fruit, will you SURELY die.”?

Doubt was placed in A/E’s minds by the snake. There was an implicit choice made and that was who to trust?

The Big Fella or the snake.

A lie was believed because of what was offered and the rest as we say is history and trust went oot the windae.

Once lost it is hard to regain and only happens when the truth becomes paramount and that depends on trusting who is delivering it.

Reading BMCU’s pain at the blog being distrusted (I’ve felt it myself, I think it is time for some recalibration of default thinking of the Celtic Executives. (TGM was right to seek assurances so I’m talking generally here)

I’ll fetch later an example of a default position and why it is not true.

I’ll also try to clarify how Serendipty created Res12 and how the deliverer was given short shrift by a doorman whose job it was to prevent access to the building by someone with no authority to enter.

I’ll be checking that with delivery man first.

Big Audio Dynamite

As has been said already, the Celtic support were placed in an impossible situation.
I completely understand Mags anger, but where we differ is in how we express that anger.
If fans want to spend their own money following the club, how can anyone say they are wrong?
Are we not all here because of our love for the club?
I go to see Celtic, it barely matters who we are playing.
Is there anyone here who isn’t disgusted at what Scottish football has become?
We are all well aware of what happened a decade ago- our biggest rival ceased to exist- all that’s been proven since is how bent out of shape our game really is!
We are all big Bhoys here (And ATOB) I’m sure if Mags directed his anger at the correct people, we could move on swiftly and get back to what we are here for, to talk football.
Maybe after all the explanations we have had in the last 24hrs, we can understand a bit better why people like Mags are still angry.
I almost walked away from football numerous times, but my love of Celtic overrides any feelings i might have about how bent Scottish football is.
I don’t want to sound like I’m condoning what’s happened, but haven’t we all hit POST comment at least once, only to regret it later?
I choose to believe Mags is angry because he feels his love for the club has been torn from him.
Try and imagine how that would feel, and then you may be a little more understanding of his situation.

Hurry back Mags …just please direct your anger at a more deserving crowd.

HH, buddy 🍀


Bobby / Prestonpans bhoys

I agree, selfishly prefer to keep the players for our domestic league and cups. I can understand their manager picking players from more competitive leagues and looking at their squad most of their midfield does play in larger more competitive leagues than the SPFL albeit I do not know if most of these guys get regular game time at their respective clubs. The forward positions are different with only 2, including Diazen, playing out with the J league. Their loss our gain I guess.



Indeed I do.
Not quite the same level as this though.
We had a spat, that didn’t involve the entire blog, which we resolved, and have conducted ourselves in a decent manner since.

That’s what I’m, and I guess others are asking of MMcG.


Og @ 10.32

Surely you are having a laugh with all this chat about the Brehon Law Academy and its desire to link 5th century Irish laws and customs to the present day?

All the chat about inks to the sub continent — what next?
Burds throwing themselves onto funeral pyres when the old man snuff’s it?
Would offer up an “green” alternative to the bonfire on the12th all the same.
Nah don’t think so — we have global warming to deal with and better just to plant them as normal.
Human scale carbon capture if you like.

So I wonder what their thoughts are on slavery and involuntary servitude — big business back in the day?

You know the industry that made Dublin an economic hub through its position as having the largest slave market in NW Europe and the largest outside the Med / Baltic.

It takes a lot of effort to be that stupid / reactionary / obsessed with the past.
No wonder the 26 counties leads the way with stealing bread out of the mouths of poor Yank children.
Tax gymnastics for local gain / distant pain is never a good look.

If hunger strikes — or sorry the more acceptable concept of fasting as it is explained in more detail — has the noble history that you claim why aren’t more people doing it today to get what they want / make a point / deliver Sandy Ireland?

Or is it the case that civilised behaviour finds the taking of life for political purposes abhorrent and that the circumstances surrounding the hunger strikes reeked of weakness and despair– a death cult in anyone’s language.

Even the one settler / one bullet mob back in GHQ didn’t want them to go ahead.
Delivered a further decade of sectarian violence with huge numbers of local casualties so that the Burton’s Commandos of the Maze could get to dress up.

So fashion for a few was more important than political justice for a whole community.

One of the issues we have in this wee country is the lack of competition, or rather quality opposition, on the park. It’s one of the reasons we’re not competitive enough, or have enough quality, when the European games come along. Training camps and games at International level serve to raise the standards of every player who attends, no matter your nationality. It’s a loss for Reo and Kyogo to be left out of the latest squad. Theirs n the short-term and maybe ours in the longer term, from both a developmental point of view and a future sale value perspective.



You were politely requested to refrain from responding to any of my posts. But in reply to your nonsense

comment image



It’s Cheltenham Week,which is actually a good time to discuss the Adam and Eve quandary. So many temptations,so little time!

So,yer living the dream. Can have anything you want. Everything,because the world is your oyster. In fact,oysters are plentiful. Millions of them

Which is where the problem arises. I’ve got my oysters,and I’m happy. Cos I don’t know any different. But actually I do.

Lots of friends and acquaintances are in better places. Lots are not. The world is full of the latter. Would I gamble the little I have-the huge amount I have,in comparison with about 80% of the planet-to win…


What was the promise made? Where was the upside? Eat the apple to prove that you can risk it all with no benefit even if you win? Eve did not know what she stood to win,nor how desolate her loss would be. She had never seen the alternatives. But she took the bet? Sounds like shooting yourself in the head so that you can be sent home because you don’t want to fight this war anymore.

If Eve had checked the odds at Paddy Power that day,she would never have made that bet.


Og @ 12.15

Fair point — it must be close to your afternoon nap.
Might need to wait 20 years to get an educated response.



Loath as I am to keep having to ‘politely’ swat away a nuisance I’ll request one further time that you refrain from responding to anything I may post in the future. I am also fairly confident that my ‘education’ both tertiary and life experience would very much leave you in a dark place should I wish to engage with you which I don’t, as you sir are a dull exceedingly tiresome person, a bore.

Apologies to the blog

Not so young team CSC

One thing that strikes me, and I’ve said it before on here, we’re mostly anonymous to each other. We can be whoever we want to be as we sit in the comfort of our own homes, typing bullshit for a couple of hours – or a good few hours with a good few beers if you were on the nightshift as was! But there can be a world of a difference from the image of the guy you imagine typing a reply to the person actually typing it. We’ve no idea what is going on in peoples’ lives and we’ve no right to know, either. A flippant remark in reply might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back (McCaff, no need for more bible analogies today, I’ve covered that. Auldheid 😁) A flippant reply might be the source of wee Juno (my wee Govan Dug) getting booted oot into the snaw with nae dinner!
I had a couple of wee local shops at one point, of course you would get every type of person coming in, all personalities and characters. Some you took to, some you could see far enough but no matter who they were I took the time to talk to them. I was always aware that when they left the shop I might be the only person they spoke to that day. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors – or laptop screens (now, now, you know what I mean!!)
My point is that antagonism or insults might have a more lasting effect on the reader than the writer and we should be aware of what we’re saying and how it could affect others…
Can you all stand please for the I Believe…oops sorry, forgot where I was there!! 😳😂

Oglach…you should’ve waited a few minutes ’til my sermon was finished!! 🤣🤣🤣

bada bing1

Don’t know what country Hunt is talking about, but I’m definitely moving there….

bada bing1

Hearing that the semi final is on the Sunday 2pm ko

Don’t go booking flights, hotels etc……not confirmed

Prestonpans bhoys


Interesting, that would be in direct competition with Sky’s super Sunday!

Waiting on g64 and brb.15mins to go


Hunt — you have to love the brass neck / so big you can mine it.
The economy will contract by 0.2% this year but we won’t have a recession.

Stagnation more like.

Last of the G7/ G20 to recover from CoViD apart from probably Russia who need a war / economic sanctions to do worse than us / make us look good.


Og @ 12.49
Regarding your stellar tertiary education — all ears …
I wonder what your specialist subject was at Oxbridge — Land Economy vs Geography?
Probably Land Economy as you spent more time in the fresh air and didn’t need to do a project.
Majored in trashing restaurants / pubs?


BMCUW @ Admin Central

Losing posts again …

Basic question regarding the stellar tertiary education history of ne of your stalwarts?
I have a feeling we are talking about Oxbridge — just a case of Land Economy vs Geography?



I have no idea what qualifications OGLACH has,or otherwise. I’ll have a look for your lost post,but I suspect you might wish it was your one at 127 that went walkies.

If OGLACH did in fact attend Oxford or similar,is that suddenly a reason to sneer? Isn’t our education the very thing that dragged the starving,the homeless,up by their bootstraps?

Aye,you tell them. Tell them that if you think that they are thick,their opinion doesn’t count. But if you as much as suspect the opposite,they aren’t allowed to comment.

That would be fun.


MadMitch, post restored.

Happy day of Woden y’all.

Sitting here trying to get cheap flights to Porto for my wee girl and her bf, I’m discovering there’s no such thing as a cheap flight to Porto! Anyhoo, got some tunes on and this is probably not a bad accompaniment for today’s main chat…

St tams


bada bing1

Sir Rod serenading Ange in Australia


BMCUW @ 1.42

If someone wants to push their level of tertiary education / lived experience as being greater than someone else’s in any set of circumstances including web cat about football then I think they open themselves up for ridicule and derision.

If I have unfortunately hit the nail right on the head then that is a miracle that I will celebrate in some style.

The desire to live one’s life in the manner of some poorly remembered / understood analysis of 5th century norms is something that needs to be challenged everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

Reminded me of the US TV show where the president was having a debate with a fire and brimstone red neck Republican — US politics not 6 / 26 county politics — who demanded that the US transform itself into a country based on Bible certainties / live by the good book.

To which the President responded — Isiah Chapter 27 / the rules around slave owning / procurement — it would suddenly be allowed / back on the agenda and how much was his 20 year old daughter worth if he had to sell her to pay off debts?

That is the downside of trying to bring ancient history back to life.
Helps make my case that the Oxbridge experience was more likely Geography and certainly not history.


I am not taking sides or getting in the middle of the current debate, or brouhaha, but that was a very thoughtful and well written lead article Mahe. Hat doffed.


I have not commented on the debate re Mag’s comment. I mean his latest comment because he has been consistent in his tone.
I agree with McCaff in that Mahe’s leader does the opposite of helping the situation. It does, however, raise a fundamental question. As a blog, do we reply to the post or to the person behind the post?
Replying to the latter is very dangerous for most because it requires a knowledge of individuals that most of us do not and cannot have. That is true even if you think you know someone through frequent contact.
So, I try to respond only to the post not the individual behind it.
IMHO Mag’s post was both inaccurate and unacceptable. Is that clear enough, CFC?
Also, the TLR, when he was on this site, very quickly strayed into unacceptable behaviour. Why? I do not know. Large chunks of the blog would be dominated by consecutive posts from him. Further, if he sent abusive emails to BMCUP and his family, then he needs to be banned sine die from the blog, and his actions, if threatening, need to be reported to the police. Nobody should have to tolerate that.
The blog is at a crisis point which was probably inevitable. Managing it has become more difficult. Previously, it relied on the goodwill of those participating. I think we have gone beyond that point now and we need to step back from the emotional discharges and rethink what is unacceptable and what the consequences should be for unacceptable behaviour.
BMCUWP, thanks for giving that review of how the blog was set up and run. I did not think for a minute that there was a dark agenda, but some might.
Finally, I am tempted to say, people who disagree with my above comments are morons, but that would be contradicting my points. Perhaps, you get my drift.

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