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Still a quiet week on all things Celtic-even if it has been rather noisy on our site itself. I’d much prefer some harmony on the site,and we all would. Most of the time we have that,but you know what they say about opinions and everyone having one. Heyho…

Anyway,it seems that the manager of the Japanese national team doesn’t share our widely shared opinion of the Japanese stars that we have in our side. Not content with only taking Daizen Maeda to Qatar,he has again ignored perhaps the two form players in Scotland. 

That’s right. Kyogo and Reo aren’t good enough to play for Japan. Despite their outstanding form since they joined us,that disnae matter because they play in a diddy league. Seems to me to be what he is saying,though you might disagree. I say though that he is entitled to his opinion. Football managers may be judged by results,but those results hinge on the personnel he chooses. 

Do I think Reo and Kyogo are being hard done by,or judged appallingly? Of course I do. In fact,I expect Ange to be asked that question at his Friday presser,though he will swat it aside as he alway does. The question is looking for trouble. The answer has a few Fs implied. 

Ange is more diplomatic than I tend to be. Or perhaps most of us. Faced with an idiot oblivious to reason,we have few choices. The best one is always to walk away. Chances are he will apologise the next time,sobriety being a wonderful thing!

Am I suggesting that  Moriyasu was drunk when he announced his squad? Not at all. He is giving his own honest opinion,based on his perception of the SPL. I certainly can’t blame him for that,but there are golden nuggets and diamonds to be found in slag heaps. You just need to know how and where to look. 

I’d be very surprised if there are two Japanese players anywhere playing better than Kyogo or Reo. I’ll bet they would be too! But maybe Moriyasu has the same mindset as me-once you are gone I am not interested. 

I think about my heroes,long gone. Lou? Money-grabbing wee bugger at the time,though he deserves a knighthood and maybe even beatification for what he does for the homeless in Stoke and beyond. Kenny? Personal issues,had to leave. David-every tackle costs me a fortnight bonus! Ouch,etc,I could go on. I usually do.

The point is,once a player leaves,I genuinely CGAF about what he does. But I’m not an international manager,so I can make that decision without it affecting either my livelihood or how people think of me. Some of our players moved on when they had little left to give,either for us or elsewhere. That is as true for the personnel of MON as it was for those of Jock,though everyone was surprised by how little our former Lions achieved elsewhere. 

Bobby Murdoch apart,of course. To be a legend at one club takes some doing. To be a legend at another one-when you basically only had one ankle!-makes you one helluva legend!

So what’s my point here? Well,my point is that the Japanese manager shrugged his shoulders with Reo and Kyogo,and maybe Maeda’s injury made that choice even easier. Out of sight,out of mind. Sometimes we learn that our heroes have feet of clay. 

I found early on that they have the winged feet of Mercury! Couldnae wait to be out the door!!! 

Is that harsh? Of course it is,they were shockingly underpaid. Even their rivals at Ibrox got paid comparative fortunes,their Anglo colleagues at the occasional Scotland get-the-gither dripped money. I blame no-one for leaving us in search of the lucre,it is a short career. Unless of course,they downed tools to do so. 

There are only three players who left us in the last fort or fifty years whose later careers I was even remotely interested in. Stan,Choccy and Henrik. Why? Because they gave us their all,while they still had some to give. Others may have different opinions on this. Only two are considered as legends,but Henrik himself will tell you just how much a legend Stan is for him and the rest of the team. If you can’t get him to answer the phone,ask ATHINGOFBEAUTY-she was fed up wi me raving about him,finally deciding it was easier to just agree!

It is nearly four years ago now that we went into our nine in a row season. Oh,we had the players. They had the heart. Together,we had the beating of anyone. We won that one,but it was finalised in a committee room. Somewhat unfulfilling. Nevertheless,there was A New World Record to go for-but our stars don’t want to be there for it!

And some of them made it effing obvious. All season,we knew who wanted out. All season,the only one of them praised was Ajer,playing to his own standards. The rest of them downed tools. Do not even start me on Ntcham,what a player he should have been  Look at the progress since of the permanently injured Jullien,the permanently petulant Christie. Or even I Wanna,Edouard. Gone backwards. No medals,no adulation,and damn little option of a decent contract in the future. For any of them. They didnae GAF about Celtic in potentially our biggest season since Lisbon. I certainly don’t GAF about them,Ajer apart,either. 

Ajer though? Still playing to those same standards,the ones that he never allowed to drop even while he was pissed off. Like Stan,Choccy and Henrik. Or others of your own choice. And like Reo and Kyogo will continue to do for us. 

Don’t worry about not being selected,lads. Just put yer feet up for a week,you deserve it. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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Prestonpans bhoys

Morning all.

Perhaps the Japanese manager looks at our games and observes the neanderthal tactics of our opposition managers.

This 10 man defence mostly around their box is not a good look and does not enhance the reputation of the league. He could be getting his impression from that , thinking what a garbage league.

Just a thought…….


I’ll take the more positive view on the omissions. The manager of the Japanese national side stated

“ Moriyasu said he took into consideration the “level of the league” when deciding his call-ups as he addressed the absence of the Celtic pair, telling the Japan Times: “I’ve watched all of Celtic’s games and seen what they’ve accomplished and their presence in the team. But there’s no bar to clear to be called up; it’s a comprehensive decision.

“We think about the level of the league and various other factors when making the decision. For this squad we focused on the squad from Qatar as well as some new players. There will be other call-ups. As I said, we’re trying to build strongest team possible ahead of 2026.”

“In order to do that we’re taking a wide view of how to build the team… as I think we all agree, (Furuhashi and Hatate) would absolutely be able to contribute to the team, but this time I wanted to try out some different players and that’s why they weren’t selected”

That seems fair enough to me. He’s taking a longer term approach and on this occasion wants to bring in some new players.

Given we have some season defining matches looming, I’m happy that the risk of injury to our players is lessened by the omissions.

Big Audio Dynamite

VG, Bobby.

Although you want the players to achieve as much as they can during their short careers, I have to admit to a slight feeling of relief knowing they will be fit and available for us during what will be a crucial part of the season. Sorry, Bhoys!

On the Japanese manager.
I doubt we are the only fans in football who will be scratching their heads at the inclusions and exclusions this week.
I didn’t think his reasoning made sense ..though you need to remember, right or wrong, it’s his job on the line.
Even though the Players may get overlooked for international honours by playing in Scotland, there is little we can do about geography!

This season has gone a long way to restoring my love of the game. Watching this team develop over such a short space of time has been incredible. A team usually reflects its manager, and our team certainty does. No talking shit in the papers about what we are gonna do, just completely professional in our approach and outlook, while doing all our talking where it matters most ..on the big patch of green. There is a togetherness in this team, a fact that is making it very difficult for anyone to get close to us. We have been sensational to watch this year ..let’s hope we finish in style!

Calmac , What a pro!

One of those lads that ANY manager would be happy to work with. Has a unique record that I don’t think anyone else can match. From youth to pro level he’s played 15 finals at the national stadium, winning every single one!
We are so lucky to have him (With many years still to come) what a brilliant man to have as captain of our great club.
When we become the most decorated club in the land, I’m glad it’ll be Cal who is lifting the trophies.

HH 🍀


Look at their faces! 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/OyBnoAzvSp

The next game they lost 6.1.
I wonder why? 😬😂😯


I had a wonderful visit today with my mother, father and Marcella. Wonderful, considering the circumstances and the strain which indeed they are surely under.

As I expected, I received a lot of verbal flak from Screws going and coming from the actual visit. Their warped sense of humour was evident in their childish taunts, etcetera.

I wrapped myself up well to keep me from the cold. My weight is 58.25 kgs today, but I burnt up more energy today with the visit. I’ve no complaints of any nature.

I’ve noticed the orderlies are substituting slices of bread for bits of cake, etcetera — stealing the sweet things (which are rare anyway) for themselves. I don’t know whether it’s a case of ‘How low can you get?’ or ‘Well, could you blame them?’ But they take their choice and fill of the food always, so it’s the former.

They left my supper in tonight when the priest (Fr Murphy) was in. There were two bites out of the small doughy bun. I ask you!

I got the Sunday World newspaper; papers have been scarce for the past few days.

There is a certain Screw here who has taken it upon himself to harass me to the very end and in a very vindictive childish manner. It does not worry me, the harassment, but his attitude aggravates me occasionally. It is one thing to torture, but quite a different thing to exact enjoyment from it, that’s his type.

There was no mirror search going out to visits today — a pleasant change. Apparently, with the ending of the no-wash protest, the mercenary Screws have lost all their mercenary bonuses, etcetera, notwithstanding that they are also losing overtime and so on. So, not to be outdone, they aren’t going to carry out the mirror search any more, and its accompanying brutality, degradation, humiliation, etcetera.

Why! Because they aren’t being paid for it!

I’m continually wrapped up in blankets, but find it hard to keep my feet warm. It doesn’t help my body temperature, drinking pints of cold water. I’m still able to take the salt and five or six pints of water per day without too much discomfort.

The books that are available to me are trash. I’m going to ask for a dictionary tomorrow. I’d just sit and flick through that and learn, much more preferable to reading rubbish.

The English rag newspapers I barely read, perhaps flick through them and hope that no one opens the door. A copy of last week’s AP/RN was smuggled in and was read out last night (ingenuity of POWs again). I enjoyed listening to its contents (faultless – get off them ! – good lad Danny (Morrison)). I truly hope that the people read, take in and understand at least some of the truths that are to be regularly found in it. I see Paddy Devlin is at his usual tricks, and won’t come out and support the prisoners…

Well, that’s it for tonight. I must go. Oíche Mhaith.

Uber Feenyin

Our lovely BMCUW before the pub opens in Swindon….

Ffs, I KNEW you could moonwalk, I just never thought of a way to make you demonstrate it…. 😁😁


Uber Feenyin

I thought Japan looked great in the finals. Obviously I had an interest. What would that be you might ask? 🤔🤣🤣 well, they are just suddenly the coolest footballing country in the world.
Maeda was excellent, and what a joy to see him score. Was such a sad thing seeing them going out. I was actually in London at the time, and the young bar keep asked who I was supporting, and I immediately said, I like them both, but I’d love to see Japan progress. He immediately agreed.

He may have spotted me as a sucker for easy tips mind you 🤔🤔, but I don’t think so.

Japan had a lot of support, innit.

Was like seeing an international Celtic, only better tbh. No alcohol (meh !!l), and total respect for everything.

Lovely people. I wish I’d moved there to become Director of Culture when they offered me the job, but instead I chose to wait and see if Sandra Bullock’s cousin would marry me back here in the arse end of Lanarkshire 🤷‍♂️

This has been Uber Feenyin, reporting from deepest darkest Airdrie on the sunniest day of the year, with my wellies swimming for survival.
Back to you in the studio.

Uber Feenyin

As an aside, what a joy to watch, ole Modric is. My favourite player in the past 20 years I think actually. Possibly of all time, Celts aside.

Imagine that fella sitting in our midfield with Lubo and the 3 amigos up front….and Danny McG hoovering up at the back to feed him.

Ffs football really is a beautiful sport but a dreamers joy.

I’m off to create another xbox FIFA22 team… 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣😎




The Japanese coach has every right to have a low opinion of Scottish football. However, I reckon that once Celtic start to show progress in Europe, he’ll accept that they are quality, and pick them for the national squad.
In the meantime, the boys can rest up to prepare for what could be a historic run in. If we beat Sevco another three times, most of us will be ecstatic.
There’s media talk that Ange is gonna sign three or four new players in the summer window. If the new guys are an upgrade of what we already have, as per Ange’s declared policy, next season could be even more spectacular than this.
I’m enjoying Celtic just now.

The Gombeen Man

A good article this morning BMCUWP’s.

Ange certainly doesn’t waste time with the clique/entitled mentality that seemed to undermine coaches at Celtic in recent years.

He doesn’t shrink from difficult decisions and the players respond positively, a difficult task for many.

Tom Rogic left, Nir Biton, GG, JJ.

One could expand that rationale to the Boardroom too – but why bother.

No running about after unsettled players.


“There remains fundamental problems of perverse incentives, poor governance and defective industry self-regulation…

The free market does not properly account for the importance to fans and communities and regulation has remained inadequate.”

No prizes for guessing the source of these two crackers

They’re from the Executive Summary to the  Conservative Party’s White Paper -‘Reforming Club Football Governance.’

This from the shower that tanked the economy with the Mini-Budget. Dodgy PPE deals, breaches of international law and countless other fiascos.

They really have a brass neck.

The Gombeen Man


I believe that the inspiration behind your moniker might be the late Colin Mitchell better known as Madmitch.The well documented British soldier, right wing Conservative politician and failed businessman.

After experiencing some kind of epiphany Colin Mitchell later, redeemed his reputation by becoming the driving force behind the clearance of thousands of dreadful landmines across the world.

I don’t know if you are aware but over the years many in Ireland have taken great pride in the painstaking academic work done by Madmitch’s son, Dr Angus Mitchell.

Angus lives here and is an academic of distinction. He’s an authority on the Irish patriot Sir Roger Casement and has done much to uncover the extent of fabrication and lies by British intelligence services at Casement’s trial, prior to his execution.

During the centenary celebrations of the Easter Rising in 2016, Angus Mitchell was much to the fore by publishing what’s regarded as the authorative examination of the contribution of Roger Casement to Ireland and the world.

Isn’t life unpredictable?

From Colin’s British army and right-wing politics to professional failure and ultimately a highly regarded humanitarian.

Dr Angus Mitchell, renounced historian. Irish based authority on the life of Ulsterman and Irish Republican martyr, Sir Roger Casement.

This is from Irish Times, 15th February 2016.

The author (Dr Angus Mitchell) writes: “Once Casement’s treason had been identified, the challenge to the British authorities was intricately bound up with controlling his narrative. In the century that has passed since his death, it is evident that an internal policy had evolved whereby Casement’s story was framed and manipulated for public consumption. Through a mix of officially agreed deception, the engineering of his archive, and the maintenance of a policy of confusion, his history was shaped in a manner that was amenable to a retreating British Empire and a partitioned Ireland.” In an even wider context, the author also makes the point in the Introduction that “[Casement’s] legacy also obliges us to think about the ethics of international trade, slavery and his relevance to the modern discourse of human rights.”

Roger Casement: 16 Lives by Angus Mitchell review: an excellent effort – The Irish Times

Dr Angus Mitchell has contributed much to the rehabilitation of the reputation of a much maligned man.

Given Angus’s background that’s a life very well lived.

Prestonpans bhoys

My morning patrol of the smsm, well I’m retired I have an excuse, comes up with this from the mighty DR

“UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin says clubs like Celtic and Rangers don’t ever need to worry about a breakaway from the Champions League.”

I then read the article and Ceferin does not even mention us or old firm fc. They just made it up, no wonder their circulation is under 60k 🤔


First class stuff Bobby.

I don’t have a nationalistic bone in my body so all I see when our players are away on international duty is potential injury.
However, my opinion counts for nothing if Reo, Kyogo, and the rest of them crave a national call-up. Their national coaches give a less than subtle hint that the SPFL is dross. And they would be correct. We really need to win a few European games next season to retain, and attract, a good level of player.

Anyone who suggests that we would give the current Liverpool team a good game doesn’t really know football. Right now I wouldn’t be confident of giving Brentford a good game.

Bobby mentions Olivier Ntcham. What a great talent but gave the impression that he couldn’t really be bothered earning a living as a footballer. Would probably be far happier as a taxi driver in the south of France, cruising around the sunny streets of Marseille in his battered Skoda Octavia. With old mates Dembele and Edouard for company.


TGM @ 9.40

Sorry to disappoint you — no big conspiracy it is all about irony.
MM was my third attempt at a name / login for CQN.

My main interweb alias failed — currently still in use for politics / architecture / electric vehicle chat although banned from quite a few sites including the Grauniad. To their eternal shame I might add as I was falling out with their Nat minded Scottish mod on a daily basis as they didn’t like the “Not Jacinda” jibe and my complaints that they were using Nat slides to highlight SG announcements — so much for fairness / transparency / progressive politics there then.

Then another one came and went and I ended up using MM.
The name comes from my old egg chasing club captain.

He had already demoted me to the 4ths / we had issues — tactics / politics / religion / talent …
That was my growing talent vs his complete lack of it — we both played the same position.

… who on hearing my comments / viewpoints on the 1983 election saw the irony in the views I held and was very happy to share with the rest of the club while sharing a surname with the army bloke / mentalist right wing Tory ex MP who made his name in Aden.

The name stuck — egg chasing before I got contact lenses made some of my tackles / attempts to get the ball a danger to everyone on the park and not just the opposition and so unfortunately the name took hold.

As for the detail in your post — I will follow it up later.
Establishments playing games / pulling strokes / telling lies — same as it ever was.


BMCUW — the ones that got away …
Quite a list regarding the summer of 2021 and its outcomes.

KA — huge talent who would be a great fit / perfect fit next to CCV.
Still very raw looking even after 18 months in the EPL.
Interesting to see that AH is getting more game time.

OE — Stayed a year too long.
Victim of PL’s limited management skills.
CoViD and the NL implosion have made him half the player he could be.

RC — left half cooked.
Not quite ready for the intensity of the EPL.
I think that he has a lot of talent / ability but had a bit of growing up to do.

ON — huge talent that seems to be drifting towards a full career stall.
Some of his play for us was incredible but he seems to have let the intensity slip and can’t move up a gear.
Starting to become a bit of a pattern regarding our exe’s.
NL should to be in the spotlight.

CJ — man on the edge of a nervous breakdown.
Some weeks he looked as if he was capable of doing everything including driving the team bus.
Other weeks he looked to be ready to burst into tears.
Big talent who needs a lot of support and mentoring.
The exact opposite of CCV — too flash.
Plus we paid too much.
Far too much.


Sunday 30th 1:30pm KO for Semi Final.

Big Audio Dynamite

JimDom, you don’t believe we could compete with teams like Brentford?

The Gombeen Man


No I’m not disappointed, actually pleased I broached the subject. It had been on my mind for a while.

I don’t have time to fully read your post, heading out here.

We’ve got a Grand Slam to prepare for and Celtic v Hibs @ 3pm on a Saturday.

Thanks for the reply.


JD @ 10.34

L/pool would struggle to give B/ford any sort of game on last night’s performance.

The defence has holes you could drive a bus through.
The MF is non existent — No.3 / Fab is a fan dancer extraordinaire.
The attack is in transition with too many not ready to step up.

We did not have a good CL campaign.
We started OK but fell away.
Lost our focus.

The WC impacted too many — as it got nearer their intensity for us dropped.

Therefore I think that we have improved substantially in the last 5/6 months.
Our first 15 minutes against Hertz / SC game was sensational.
We are getting there — L/pool would be an interesting test.
They are well of it now.

Finally a question back — this season vs the EPL — where would we end up this season if we had been in it?
7th vs 11th vs 15th vs 18th — and please show your working?

Big Audio Dynamite

We have met English teams 20 times in competition.
Teams like Man U, Liverpool, Leeds and Man C.
We have lost just 6 times.
I agree with the poster who said we would give Liverpool a game.
Nothing wrong with having confidence in your team.


Celtic v Sevco SUNDAY, April 30th Cup Semi
The match will kick-off at 1.30pm

JNP…the QPR clip was like a staff meeting in Wullie Lows when Jim the Tim was the gaffer! 🤣🤣🤣

Big Audio Dynamite

Rangers, when they were still breathing, met English teams 14 times in competition.

They won 3 times.




The football review took into account the views of English supporters.

There is a video somewhere of the Geordie fan who took part explaining their input.

It is just wrong to portray the review of English football as some Machievelian plot.

The game here is corrupt and needs oversight. It needs supporter involvement to keep some vestige of probity to call it a sport rather than a www match.

There will be a launch of the latest Scottish footbal review that has similarly sought input from Scottish football supporters.

All I am saying is give peace a chance.


Big Audio Dynamite
JimDom, you don’t believe we could compete with teams like Brentford?

We definitely can’t compete when it comes to signing strikers 😡😡



It’s been quite some time since Celtic beat a team of genuine quality so not at all straight forward to predict if we could beat Brentford or where we would finish in the current EPL. Would say bottom half for sure as our players would be tested on a weekly basis against good players, and some very good players. Not the Alan Powers of this world.
The Ange Homecoming jaunt was a money maker but we didn’t win either game.

At the end of next season’s CL group games we will know where we stand in the hierarchy. If we are again Pot 4, then wins against Pots 2&3 are a must.


McCaff. 11.23
Hopefully Jim will soon be well enough to reply.
A mix of Alan Partridge and David Brent. ( QPR, not Jim )


CCV is not included in the USA squad. Another of our player of the season candidates ‘blanked’ by his home country 🤔


I have no evidence at all for this view but I wonder if……….

Given that Hatate and Kyogo were not included in the Japan squad AND, more tellingly, CCV was not picked by the USA, could it be that Ange has made a deal for them to be excused this time, so that they can help Celtic in the run-in.

However, I can understand why Hatate and Kyogo were overlooked as Japan’s squad played well in the WC and Endo and Kubo looked even better than Hatate but the USA decision is unjustifiable because CCV went to the WC and was successful and is in great form.

It is obvious that many National coaches see playing regularly with a club from the lower reaches of the Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga and Serie A as a higher achievement than playing for a top team in the SPFL.

I have no doubt that CCV will get back in the US team, and that Hatate will get his first chance with Japan. I would worry that Kyogo might be seen as too old at 28 to be given priority for re inclusion with he squad. He deserves such a chance.

Big Audio Dynamite


I’d be gobsmacked if this Celtic team couldn’t compete with Brentford.

St tams

If this Celtic team were in the EPL.
We would be in the battle to avoid relegation

30 mins to the off
Waiting on
McCaff,frodshambhoy,twisty and Trm.


30 mins to the off
Waiting on
McCaff,frodshambhoy,twisty and Trm.

I posted this morning
Will try again.

I added thanks for all your good work.
Will just post selections this time✅


Thanks for the heads up.
I posted just after 10.00.
Latest attempt seems to have worked ✅

10 mins to the off
Waiting on twisty and McCaff.

16 roads

Got the new tap there.

Celtic shop in Belfast city centre is incredibly busy, feel sorry for the staff – they’re earning their corn today alright.

HH. 🍀


16 Roads ( from yesterday )
When I was referring to the supreme optimist on CQN, I was not referring to you mate. I must have missed your post. I didn’t want to name him, as I refuse to get personal, but he specifically said we could give any of the CL Quarter Finalists a run for their money, with the exception of 3, – Napoli, Bayern and one other. I’ve forgotten which, but it wasn’t Madrid. More than a glass half full perspective, and he has every right to have it. I just don’t understand it.


For those discussing Talking Heads, the other evening.
If the suit still fits… This year, we’re bringing Jonathan Demme’s groundbreaking 1984 Talking Heads concert film STOP MAKING SENSE (newly remastered in 4K!) back to theaters worldwide.
#StopMakingSense2023 https://t.co/Kh2Nevaf2X

16 roads

IniquitousIV – Not a bother chief.

This current Celtic side is a different animal to the CL outfit though, the progression has been astonishing.

That Lpool team? Honestly don’t see how they could cope with the Celtic attack.



If the Pool has any sense they would try to nab CCV, Reo, and Kyogo who wouldn’t cost the world and would improve that side throughout.
Those three could grace any EPL team.

HiHo time, play nice everyone.
Happy day of Thor y’all.
Bonus points for naming his famous hammer anyone?


Respectfully disagree with you re CCV and Liverpool. CCV has been a rock for us. He is Mr. Reliability and is strong as an ox. What’s the difference between him and Virgil, Konate, Gomez and Matip, Liverpool’s 4 central defenders? They are all greyhounds. They have amazing recovery speed. CCV, despite all his assets, is not fleet enough of foot to play at the highest level.


30 mins to the off
Waiting on
McCaff,frodshambhoy,twisty and Trm.

Beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered.


Why don’t we leave it to the media to speculate how much our players may be worth and how they might fit into whatever team elsewhere? If offers come in, and the players want to go, then it’s done. All we can do is hope that Ange can move for someone a bit better. His record so far suggests that he can.
VVD et al might be greyhounds, but they can still be given the runaround by quality players like Modric. Any of the elite sides can give nearly every other team a proper going over on their day. It puts our recent European skelpings into some perspective.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the earlier reply.

A late lunchtime ramble.

The earlier comment was more aimed at the inconsistency in the strategy of the Westminster government.

Yes, the proposals in the White Paper are far reaching.

Whether the Conservatives take the concerns of football supporters seriously is anyone’s guess.

Football is a political hot potato. The recent Motd controversy highlighted that fact . It’s potentially a vote winner and connects with the population.

Get on the right side of football supporters and you’re not doing too badly.

The prospect of the Super League seems to have the catalyst behind this. Too much of a potential financial hit and likely to unsettle the natives (voters).

Football Governance has been poor for decades.

Nothing new, apart from more money.

Nobody cared less, although HMRC might of had a word or two. £55m at Ibrox and £30m in the EFL. No doubt there’s all kinds of dodgy schemes that Hector would like to see a Regulator scrutinise.

The English financial distribution model is different. The first issue is their Sky money and the disparity of the income levels between the top tier and the others.

Parachute payments too create the ‘yoyo clubs’.

That undermines competition.

Scotland doesn’t have the advantage of huge income from broadcasters.

That creates a difficulty with how do you find the money/reduce the income at the top of the SPFL and spread it throughout the pyramid?

Gate receipts? Prize money? Tv money?

Distribution of funds is key to improving competition.

Celtic have £50m on deposit while teams particularly in the second tier overstretch themselves in an attempt to gain promotion.

For income distribution to work there has to be improvement in the quality of the strategic management at clubs and transparent oversight via some kind of Regulator.

If the Conservatives don’t think the EPL’s regulation is fit for purpose what would their opinion be north of Hadrian’s Wall.

-Dave King, Club 1872, soft loans, confetti shares…

Virtually all highlighted in the White Paper as examples of why the government felt the need to legislate.

The legislation will require a complete change in mindset at club level and require thorough background checks of the backgrounds of investors and board members.

This is Scotland we are talking about, the track record is extremely poor.

If they follow the lead in England the Regulator is funded by revenue from the clubs, funding levels are proportionate to income.

This is only at White Paper level and very few of the specifics have been worked through.

There’s potential for all kinds of legal disputes and conflict with other bodies, FIFA/UEFA/FA/clubs.

There’s talk too in England about where the Regulator should be situated.

If in some distant date a decision is made to reduce the income at Ibrox and order them to finance an independent regulator to audit their books and set financial thresholds…

There’s a disused nuclear bomb-shelter near St Andrews that might be available.

Additionally, the thinking of the SFSA is comprised by the McLeish Factor.

Would Henry pass the forthcoming tests for competence set out in the White Paper?

He wasn’t convicted but there are concerns about his financial competence.

(I’m sure they’d find a way.)

Let’s see what the SFSA propose about the number of clubs and development of the game.

How do you increase competition by taking income from the top two, without killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

And make sure that you get a return on that investment?

-Improved standard of financial performance.
-Improved levels of competition.
-Youth development.
-Quality of coaching.
-Reserve league, pathway for development.

I think Patrick Thistle benefitted from a reasonably large scale investment, I don’t think that went particularly well initially?

Quality of financial management and strategic thinking perhaps?

It’s not just about resources, it’s about the quality and integrity of management and planning.

It’s a pity that they missed an opportunity to take a different direction in the choice of Chairman.

That said, this is a welcome development given the fallout from the collapse at Ibrox, the subsequent cover-up and ongoing litigation.

I’m interested to seeing what Celtic have to say about any proposals.

They are about the only club with any credibility in the management of resources in the country.

Back to earn my corn.

30 mins to the off
Waiting on
McCaff,frodshambhoy,twisty and Trm.

Beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered.
Me also frodshambhoy,having a terrible Cheltenham.

bada bing1

Seems a proposal at a meeting today was next 4 Derby games,home fans only

Hearts cut our allocation to 600 tickets next season



Bloody ridiculous,both ideas.

bada bing1

BMCUW- I would be happy if we never took tickets for the midden,until the old allocation is reinstated

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