The wearing of the green

Many will wear green this week at some stage, traditionally you get pinched in the arm for not wearing green yesterday in the U.S. of A. 

But St.Patricks day is over by now, and eyes turn to two teams who normally sport the green week in, week out.

I’m inwardly delighted with this fixture, one which generally lends itself to actual football rather than hammer throwing. The very last thing I would like before the about to arrive International break is a physical battle for the Bhoys, so Hibs would have been my top choice for this particular matchup.

They have somewhat gone under the radar, but if I were a Hibee I would be delighted. In his first season their young (and pretty inexperienced) English manager has proven to be a good hire, he currently has his charges in forth place above much more settled managers such as Martindale and McKay, but there’s not much praise for his body of work so far.

Only five points behind their city rivals, I posit Lee Johnson has done better all around this season than Neilson, the former has his team moving up the table while the latter stays put.

It’s unfortunate for Lee he is meeting the nations form team, or should I say team in golden form, but such is life, he might not get the points but he can learn lessons about his team.

They are unbeaten in the last four games, and I’ve heard it said this the main problem for 10 of the SPL teams,,they go on a mini run of success only to face one of the Glasgow giants and have it ended. It’s only a problem if they let it become a problem in my humble opinion.

The other side of the city are there (especially next season when facing major transition) for the taking but dinosaur tactics and a lack of collective conviction means they are rarely viewed that way. That’s an attitude problem, not necessarily the leagues biggest flaw.

When it comes to playing a strong Celtic side flying high and capable of ripping teams apart with exquisite football, a manager could tell his team it’s a free hit due to the gulf in quality, and encourage them to learn from the experience, do their best in their individual battles in order to understand what level is needed to play for giant club. A defeat at Parkhead needn’t be a complete negative, that should be impressed upon the squad, any squad really. Especially a defeat to an Ange Postecouglou team.

But anyways, it is up to Lee how he motivates his lads or not. Ange and the Bhoys will do their thing regardless of who is lining up against them, and regardless of individual.

And a thing of beauty it tends to be.

A win is called for to bring the feel good factor into the break, though I doubt anything else would derail this group. Just like Martins team, nowadays its not did we win, it’s how many and who scored, mark of a quality side, and a quality manager which is why he’s being flirted with elsewhere.

Which reminds me of the old saying ‘I’m out of your league darling’, only this time it’s not opinion it’s fact, as in ‘Im in the Champions League’.

Which reminds me of the tale of the Tim stuck in an elevator with Allen Shearer and got chatting.

Upon hearing he was a Celtic supporter the English icon replied ‘Big club. Be nice to see them in another League’.

‘We are’ says yer man, “We’re in the Champions League’.

I digress, I’m always interested in the return of former Celtic players to Paradise, and was hoping for a threepeat but it’s not to be.

‘The Kid’, and he always will be in my eyes, is crocked, typical McGeady.

However we should get a return visit from Ewan Henderson and David Marshall.

It’s the former in particular I’m interested in, still raw at 22, but playing in the middle for the fourth best team in the land. Letting him develop elsewhere, then bringing home the diamond in the rough for the gaffer to polish him into a proper player would be his fairytale, which needs ended out there on the park, Ange doesn’t do sentimentality. 

Similar with David, sorry son nothing personal but this teams out to embarrass you.

I was wondering which type of result would boost team morale the most ,, goals throughout the team like last weekend, hard fought one nil, a romp,,,,

and I’ve settled 3-0 with big Cam, Reo and Kyogo all scoring to help wash away any blues regarding the International call-up situation.

Besides, they will shine next year on the biggest club stage. What’s Japanese for humble pie?

Given the conditions and the opponent it will be a tough game, tough for all if snow is falling, but passing tests is what this team does, and navigating a tough one to wrap up the third quarter of the season (give or take) would be just what the doctor ordered. It would be another mark of quality from this team. More self belief.Β 

Hopefully the Aberdeen vs Hearts clash ends in a stalemate to help out Hibs, because we sure as hell aren’t.

Not this winning machine.

Come On You Bhoys In Green.

By Mahe

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JOBO POTY Competition

Big Audio Dynamite

There is only one giant in Glasgow!


Hibs,(h) Ross C (a), Huns,(h) Killie (a), M’well (h) then Huns at Hampden.

I realise the generally accepted wisdom is one game at a time but this is a very winnable series of games before the split.
With the added benefit of sending the Huns on holiday early, before May Day. Defeated and scunnered with lots of self recrimination to keep us amused over the Summer.

After today the spine of the team can rest up and will be raring to go on April 2nd v RC.

big packy

CFC yes as you say very winnable games coming up, but let’s get this one out of the way first πŸ‘ was going to say COYBIG but will just say come on the hoops, hope you are well.hh

Big Audio Dynamite

Joe, Ally, Greg, The Rock, Carl, Calmac, Reo, Matt, Jota, Daizen and Kyogoal.

5-0 The Mighty Hoops.


Morning all,


Yes, that’s also my team πŸ‘

COYBIG πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday!
Celtic Park. On a Saturday. At 3.00pm. Cant beat it!
Any news on how to donate to the ‘Cheltenham Charity’? Apologies if it was on the last thread but I’ve woken up to see over 400 comments there and didn’t plan to scroll back!

Big Audio Dynamite


Starfelt went off injured at HT last week, eh?
I’m hoping as it wasn’t anything serious he should be fine to take his place.

Big Audio Dynamite

Are the Huns really intending to offer new contracts to people like Jack and Arfield??

Oh man, I really hope so!

Uber Feenyin

I see ole Canamalar is successfully swatting away the pish from faux left morons on the other channel.

Reminded me of this great tune.

An Tearmann, I see you have successfully bullied the young “mod”.
But this is good. I think it’s important people see your replies to Canamalar .

I’ll say no more….

Yours truly,

“Wee angry ffm”.

Good to know size isn’t important to you. Whilie you insist everyone meets you to prove their credentials, then you fail to appear and apologise later cos you are SO busy being a good guy.

You are worse than Tony Donnelly ffs. Just do one.

This has been Uber Tim, reporting from a cloudy last feenyin outpost in North Lanarkshire

Jobo Baldie

Thanks Chalmersbhoy. So are we all just making separate individual donations? Or is there a way of showing its coming from the Sentinel Celts group? HH

I said it was on behalf of cce/Dannymac23 of sentinel celts.


b p

All good buddy, hope you n yours are too.

Aye, Ange will stress one game at a time.
Just looking forward to April once this boring International break is out the way.

Re today’s team I’d happily see what Kobayashi can do, he strolled through last week’s second half. A natural left footer to complement that side.


Still over a dozen to get their Superbru predictions in before the first kick off at 12.30 pm


Big thanks to Leggy for letting me have his ticket today. βœ…βœ…βœ…

Walked down from Trongate towards city centre 10 minutes ago. Place was swarming with Hoops fans heading in the other direction. My wife was insisting it must be a 12.00 kick off 😁😁


CB Cheltenham Charity Donation made πŸ‡πŸ‘HHπŸ€

Prestonpans bhoys

Huns down 1:0


Strange VAR scenes from Sky there. First shot with line drawn showed Well player looking clearly offside. it looked as though the shot was taken after the ball had left the passer’s feet. After the goal was awarded they showed the official pic with the line drawn correctly and the same Well player was clearly onside. Begs the question- why are they using unofficial clips that would just provoke a sense of injustice re this decision?

Prestonpans bhoys

I missed the goal but must say the huns are truly awful

Prestonpans bhoys

Poor goalkeeping 1:1

Prestonpans bhoys

Aff to watch rugby this game is shite


Forgiveness speel next McCaff
Please be seated for the homily.
Just caught your response above. I could give it any meaning I want and since you have enabled a donation from your horse racing initiative I am taking it as a joke.
However if you were being naughty, I forgive you.
On a more serious note you might not like hearing about the power of forgiveness but others might benefit from it, so if I think the situation merits pointing to forgiveness I will mention it. You can do as I do when I read something I have no interest in and scroll by.
I might have missed my vocation, too fond of the ladies, but it is not the first time I’ve been called Father in the Catholic sense, so I got the joke.



Just managed a pint to settle things down after yesterday.
Are there any medals for surviving a day out with Leggy and BBRB 😡😡


Donation made to St Andrews on behalf of cce of sentinel celts.
Having problems with MacMillan site. Will try again later.

Jobo Baldie

Chalmersbhoy – 2 x donations made.
The McMillan link is –


Frodshambhoy no medals for drinking with Leggy & BRRB but you could try the prayer that both of them use each morning.

Our Beer
Which art in Barrells
Hallowed be thy Drink
Thy will be Drunk
I will be Drunk
At home, as it is in the pub
Forgive us this day our daily spillage
And Forgive those that spill against us
Lead us not into Wine Tasting
and Deliver us from Alco pops
For mine is the Guinness
The Heavy and the Lager
Forever and Ever


Craig 76

GOAL Motherwell 2-2 Rangers
Bevis Mugabi
Rangers fail to clear their lines from a corner and the ball pops around for a while before Bevis Mugabi flings in a leg to poke the ball home.


Summers on the bench. Can’t say I’ve seen the name before.


Sakala offside before crossing for goal. VAR a joke.


Motherwell collapse. Now 2-4.

Craig 76

Well have now Hibs’d it


Craig, a young attacking midfielder coming through sounds good. Hope he gets a wee run out today and during the run in to have a butchers at the lad.

Hail Hail

St tams

Good to see an academy player on the bench today


How is this not the same stage of play?


And just to make sure, Motherwell get a red card.


Emdae with a sperr sausage?
No a skwerr sausage.
Thanks in advance.


ASWGL πŸ€£βœ…



prepare for a bolt of lightning!


Awe Naw
Craig 76



Reo down


Turnbull on for Reo


Hibs getting away with a few robust challenges


We were cut open like a tomato can there. Long ball over Taylor, headed back to oncoming attacker.

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