The wearing of the green

Many will wear green this week at some stage, traditionally you get pinched in the arm for not wearing green yesterday in the U.S. of A. 

But St.Patricks day is over by now, and eyes turn to two teams who normally sport the green week in, week out.

I’m inwardly delighted with this fixture, one which generally lends itself to actual football rather than hammer throwing. The very last thing I would like before the about to arrive International break is a physical battle for the Bhoys, so Hibs would have been my top choice for this particular matchup.

They have somewhat gone under the radar, but if I were a Hibee I would be delighted. In his first season their young (and pretty inexperienced) English manager has proven to be a good hire, he currently has his charges in forth place above much more settled managers such as Martindale and McKay, but there’s not much praise for his body of work so far.

Only five points behind their city rivals, I posit Lee Johnson has done better all around this season than Neilson, the former has his team moving up the table while the latter stays put.

It’s unfortunate for Lee he is meeting the nations form team, or should I say team in golden form, but such is life, he might not get the points but he can learn lessons about his team.

They are unbeaten in the last four games, and I’ve heard it said this the main problem for 10 of the SPL teams,,they go on a mini run of success only to face one of the Glasgow giants and have it ended. It’s only a problem if they let it become a problem in my humble opinion.

The other side of the city are there (especially next season when facing major transition) for the taking but dinosaur tactics and a lack of collective conviction means they are rarely viewed that way. That’s an attitude problem, not necessarily the leagues biggest flaw.

When it comes to playing a strong Celtic side flying high and capable of ripping teams apart with exquisite football, a manager could tell his team it’s a free hit due to the gulf in quality, and encourage them to learn from the experience, do their best in their individual battles in order to understand what level is needed to play for giant club. A defeat at Parkhead needn’t be a complete negative, that should be impressed upon the squad, any squad really. Especially a defeat to an Ange Postecouglou team.

But anyways, it is up to Lee how he motivates his lads or not. Ange and the Bhoys will do their thing regardless of who is lining up against them, and regardless of individual.

And a thing of beauty it tends to be.

A win is called for to bring the feel good factor into the break, though I doubt anything else would derail this group. Just like Martins team, nowadays its not did we win, it’s how many and who scored, mark of a quality side, and a quality manager which is why he’s being flirted with elsewhere.

Which reminds me of the old saying ‘I’m out of your league darling’, only this time it’s not opinion it’s fact, as in ‘Im in the Champions League’.

Which reminds me of the tale of the Tim stuck in an elevator with Allen Shearer and got chatting.

Upon hearing he was a Celtic supporter the English icon replied ‘Big club. Be nice to see them in another League’.

‘We are’ says yer man, “We’re in the Champions League’.

I digress, I’m always interested in the return of former Celtic players to Paradise, and was hoping for a threepeat but it’s not to be.

‘The Kid’, and he always will be in my eyes, is crocked, typical McGeady.

However we should get a return visit from Ewan Henderson and David Marshall.

It’s the former in particular I’m interested in, still raw at 22, but playing in the middle for the fourth best team in the land. Letting him develop elsewhere, then bringing home the diamond in the rough for the gaffer to polish him into a proper player would be his fairytale, which needs ended out there on the park, Ange doesn’t do sentimentality. 

Similar with David, sorry son nothing personal but this teams out to embarrass you.

I was wondering which type of result would boost team morale the most ,, goals throughout the team like last weekend, hard fought one nil, a romp,,,,

and I’ve settled 3-0 with big Cam, Reo and Kyogo all scoring to help wash away any blues regarding the International call-up situation.

Besides, they will shine next year on the biggest club stage. What’s Japanese for humble pie?

Given the conditions and the opponent it will be a tough game, tough for all if snow is falling, but passing tests is what this team does, and navigating a tough one to wrap up the third quarter of the season (give or take) would be just what the doctor ordered. It would be another mark of quality from this team. More self belief.ย 

Hopefully the Aberdeen vs Hearts clash ends in a stalemate to help out Hibs, because we sure as hell aren’t.

Not this winning machine.

Come On You Bhoys In Green.

By Mahe

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Big Audio Dynamite

Sometimes you have to graft for what you get.

These boys aren’t robots …cut them a wee bit of slack for the first half performance.

15 home games, 15 wins ๐Ÿ˜Š


Spot on.
It was so important to keep the 9 point gap going into the international break, if we had dropped points it would have been 2 weeks of how the title race is back on, how brilliant they are, etc, etc.
BAD. 5.11
Couldn’t agree more.


Here’s the 3 goals ๐Ÿ€
That’s a great header from Oh.

Big Audio Dynamite

Strong as an Ohx.

Great header.

big packy

MAGUA, how are you pal, yes the answer was john cushley ,not a great performance today, but we got the win, ive seen the lions struggling to beat hibs on many occasions,,hope you are well, wee joan sends her best wishes๐Ÿ‘

Big Audio Dynamite

We have had some great contributions from the bench this season.

Prestonpans bhoys


Don’t worry that five sub rule will be dropped next season, too beneficial to Celtic

Thinking if it’s a draw nothing would be said about subs……that’s it now back pushing for three subs because we are too strong bitter Scotland.
Heart attack city today couple of great goals but our crossing has to be better………..excellent three points.
Barmaid in the Irish Club is a “rangers” fan lovely woman…….wonder if she will give me a hug today or get lost Tiny Tim.๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช


The thumbs-up thingy. International breaks are a nightmare at the best of times, but more so if points are dropped.

Big Packy

Love to Joan


I fair enjoyed that post about Willie Hamilton.


Could big Oh be the answer to our squandering of numerous chances at corners? I would also love to see either big Carl or CCV coming up for every corner. Hell, the way most teams set up against us, why not have both coming up for corners? Sure it may leave us vulnerable at the back, but it’s a chance worth taking.

Hail Hail.

big packy

to be honest back in the late sixties and early seventies when i went home and away, the pain of hibs beating us, was nothing like the pain of hearts, or the grate glesca rainjurs beating us,๐Ÿ‘ another true story.hh


Great result but thought it was a poor performance.

Not got a scooby for my 3 picks for Jobo !!!!

No standouts today and a few were off it.

Perhaps a nice bottle of white wine and a few ciders will help me decide ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

HH ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

Jobo Baldie

This is magic.
One of the best penalty shootouts youโ€™ll ever see ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฅ

Danny Mac 23


Totally agree,the retention of the 9 point lead and 27 goal advantage in goal differemce deprives them of oxygen.9 games to go,we keep on winning.We dont have to beat them on April 8th but we will.

The Semi final becomes their must win game not lost on all their cheerleaders outwith their supporters.

Watching Ireland beat England in the rugby and how refreshing is it watching the miked up referee explain the English red card and ask is there any mitigation?

Tell me I am wrong?


Mike up cheating Beaton in the semi final explaining why VAR was checking for a fenian.(Got the T shirt).It will never happen because they need leverage they need an advantage because when push comes to shove they had to stop the 10.They have to stop is going up 8 7 up in trebles and they have to stop us usurping their club with the most trophies in the world shite.Continuity myth apart.I know they are a new club.

We keep doing what we do.Win against the odds and hope that our board have that mindset too.


Worrying if Reo has a hammy, if so the international break could be a good thing to get him and Mooy back fit for the run in, a lot will depend on if it is a hamstring injury, whether it’s a grade 1 injury or a 3.



Oh really is a unit of a guy.



Is that at The Baseball Ground? Or maybe Cappielow? Great stuff,but how did the outfield players keep so clean?


Strange things happening in Superbru today- our leader earned. the wooden spoon. Last year’s winner has made a move and in the personal battle between Sammybhoy and Hutchybhoy, there may have been an attempt to bribe the competition organiser by one of this pair. I am awaiting a rival bid from the other party to see who is offering the most. Update later tonight.

St tams

Great result.
As poor a performance as we have had all season.
Hard to pick to pick 3 for mom.

I’m going for Oh, Haksabanovic and Johnston


BMCUW 6.18
Great shout, it could definitely have been the Baseball Ground, back in the 70s.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


The lad Simms, who played for Hertz last season, just scored a belter for Everton at Chelski.

St Tam’s…same 3 as me! Johnston was excellent today and Oh and Haksa were winners! That’s what we needed today when virtually nothing went for us. CCV and Jota for his second half if Oh and Haksa hadn’t got their goals.

St tams



McCaff/St Tam.
Great minds think alike or fools, seldom differ.
Hmmmm, ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’š

bada bing1

Oh goal was Hartson like

One Hun, trying to out-do another Hun on BBC Scotland, for uber-staunchness. Take a bow Messers Foster and McCann. Thank feck I don’t pay the license tax.

Hail Hail.


big packy

MAGUA ,how dare you sir, not paying the licence fee,๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ more power to your elbow๐Ÿ‘


Far from our best today and way below the level of performance from last week. For me it was never a red card for Hibs which changed the game and couldn’t see how we got a pen. The Ref and VAR were shocking today. 8 mins added in the first half and 7 mins in the second half ๐Ÿค” All in all lucky to come away with 3 points today thanks to Big Oh HH ๐Ÿ€

big packy

MAGUA, a true story, as you know ive got claustrophobia, remember going to a game at easter road against hibs probably 69/70 they beat us 2-1, but the crowd was over 40.000 we were penned in like sardines, very frightening.hh,,another true story๐Ÿ‘

Right had a good skinful on top of yesterday’s
But let’s not beat around the bush.
We won but not convincingly,still to much passes that don’t matter,in Europe we would be found out, if this is the way forward we will be euro fodder.
We are no where near where we want to be,we have the manager but not the right tools.
We have got to let a good few go and sign quality to achieve our and ange’s goals.
If we do not it’s Kennedy for the next manager!
Tin hat on ..
As soon as hibs scored I knew your bet was down.
But I predicted 3.1 so the winnings will be split between yours and Danny’s charities..
Every cloud..CSC..


I had big hopes for O’Riley but he’s now looking like a player comfortable in a middle of the table Championship team . Johnston was caught in possession 3times and outwith a superb pass had his worst game in the hoops. As for Jota and Maeda ๐Ÿ™ˆ Did Kyogo touch the ball ๐Ÿค” And dont start me on bombscare Startfeld ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Delighted to come away with 3 points after one of our poorest performances of the season HH

Big Packy

Haven’t paid it for years. I refuse to fund the Bluenose Broadcasting Corporation. Having said that, it’s easier for Celts in Scotland to take this action. Hoops fans in England and Wales could face serious sanctions for doing the same. As for Tims in the six counties? Back in the day, no-one paid the license fee. I wonder if this still applies?

Hail Hail.


I’m not disagreeing that we weren’t at our best, but you are asking did Kyogo touch the ball?
He nearly scored twice. Marshall made a good save from Kyogo at 0.0 and then Kyogo best Marshall to a through ball, but a Hibs player made a goal line clearance, so yes Kyogo touched the ball.
Jota, in the second half, most of the attacking stuff came from him. He was one of my 3 for M.O.M.
St Tams and McCaff have already said Johnston was in their 3, I guess it’s all about opinions, except Kyogo that’s fact.๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


As for big Joe does he even practice saving pens. He must have one of the worst records in saving pens ๐Ÿค”


JNP No problem mate. From my vantage point they all looked well of the pace today HH

Even the best goalies seldom save penalties.
Odds 1/10…
Though boruc was superb when it mattered…at both ends!!.


Calmac kept up the tempo and would be my motm and Oh dug us out a hole HH



Gordon. 8.51.
I’m in agreement, now.
He was one of my 3.
Jota and Oh for his magnificent……
Six pack and ok, his goal as well. What a header.

Voting for a player who only.scored a goal and done hardly half the work of Kyogo?
Therefore if I came.on as a.sub and.scored i would be in the top.3.players?
I would have scored a hat trick if I was on!.
Oh is getting there ,we.will see the best of him next season.
He will beat Kyogo..


Chalmersbhoy. 9.10
You missed out, Oh showing off his 6 pack, so there is no chance you would be in the top 3 or Kyogo.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

Anyway that’s me, bedtime.
Night all, enjoy!!

Craig 76

Big Joe saving penalties(just not for us)

Always a 20.pack,no less watching Celtic!!


Turnbull on for Reo
March 18, 2023 3:16 pm

Just catching up.
Is that Angeโ€™s worst mistake as Celtic manager.
We had Haksa and Iwata available.

PS As usual I kept telling the guy next to me Haksa would score.
He left 4 minutes early so I couldnโ€™t tell him how clever I was.
To be fair he did well to last so long listening to my drivel ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Don’t think iwata or Mooy were on the bench..


Good news for everyone. JIMTHETIM53 just texted me to say that he will be back on the site soon. About time too,thatโ€™s nearly five months.

Iโ€™ll let him explain the reasons for his absence,should he wish to,but in the meantime,he says hi to everyone-especially BIGPACKY!


Donโ€™t think iwata or Mooy were on the bench..

Oops I knew Mooy wasnโ€™t. People around me were calling for Iwata. Shows what I know.
Do you think Turnbull was a good choice?
Personally I thought it was a bit of an olive branch to keep him sweet

Brilliant news..
Hope you are hunky dorey…


Brilliant. Along with the 3 points today, it’s just wonderful that Jim will be back.

Hail Hail.