The wearing of the green

Many will wear green this week at some stage, traditionally you get pinched in the arm for not wearing green yesterday in the U.S. of A. 

But St.Patricks day is over by now, and eyes turn to two teams who normally sport the green week in, week out.

I’m inwardly delighted with this fixture, one which generally lends itself to actual football rather than hammer throwing. The very last thing I would like before the about to arrive International break is a physical battle for the Bhoys, so Hibs would have been my top choice for this particular matchup.

They have somewhat gone under the radar, but if I were a Hibee I would be delighted. In his first season their young (and pretty inexperienced) English manager has proven to be a good hire, he currently has his charges in forth place above much more settled managers such as Martindale and McKay, but there’s not much praise for his body of work so far.

Only five points behind their city rivals, I posit Lee Johnson has done better all around this season than Neilson, the former has his team moving up the table while the latter stays put.

It’s unfortunate for Lee he is meeting the nations form team, or should I say team in golden form, but such is life, he might not get the points but he can learn lessons about his team.

They are unbeaten in the last four games, and I’ve heard it said this the main problem for 10 of the SPL teams,,they go on a mini run of success only to face one of the Glasgow giants and have it ended. It’s only a problem if they let it become a problem in my humble opinion.

The other side of the city are there (especially next season when facing major transition) for the taking but dinosaur tactics and a lack of collective conviction means they are rarely viewed that way. That’s an attitude problem, not necessarily the leagues biggest flaw.

When it comes to playing a strong Celtic side flying high and capable of ripping teams apart with exquisite football, a manager could tell his team it’s a free hit due to the gulf in quality, and encourage them to learn from the experience, do their best in their individual battles in order to understand what level is needed to play for giant club. A defeat at Parkhead needn’t be a complete negative, that should be impressed upon the squad, any squad really. Especially a defeat to an Ange Postecouglou team.

But anyways, it is up to Lee how he motivates his lads or not. Ange and the Bhoys will do their thing regardless of who is lining up against them, and regardless of individual.

And a thing of beauty it tends to be.

A win is called for to bring the feel good factor into the break, though I doubt anything else would derail this group. Just like Martins team, nowadays its not did we win, it’s how many and who scored, mark of a quality side, and a quality manager which is why he’s being flirted with elsewhere.

Which reminds me of the old saying ‘I’m out of your league darling’, only this time it’s not opinion it’s fact, as in ‘Im in the Champions League’.

Which reminds me of the tale of the Tim stuck in an elevator with Allen Shearer and got chatting.

Upon hearing he was a Celtic supporter the English icon replied ‘Big club. Be nice to see them in another League’.

‘We are’ says yer man, “We’re in the Champions League’.

I digress, I’m always interested in the return of former Celtic players to Paradise, and was hoping for a threepeat but it’s not to be.

‘The Kid’, and he always will be in my eyes, is crocked, typical McGeady.

However we should get a return visit from Ewan Henderson and David Marshall.

It’s the former in particular I’m interested in, still raw at 22, but playing in the middle for the fourth best team in the land. Letting him develop elsewhere, then bringing home the diamond in the rough for the gaffer to polish him into a proper player would be his fairytale, which needs ended out there on the park, Ange doesn’t do sentimentality. 

Similar with David, sorry son nothing personal but this teams out to embarrass you.

I was wondering which type of result would boost team morale the most ,, goals throughout the team like last weekend, hard fought one nil, a romp,,,,

and I’ve settled 3-0 with big Cam, Reo and Kyogo all scoring to help wash away any blues regarding the International call-up situation.

Besides, they will shine next year on the biggest club stage. What’s Japanese for humble pie?

Given the conditions and the opponent it will be a tough game, tough for all if snow is falling, but passing tests is what this team does, and navigating a tough one to wrap up the third quarter of the season (give or take) would be just what the doctor ordered. It would be another mark of quality from this team. More self belief. 

Hopefully the Aberdeen vs Hearts clash ends in a stalemate to help out Hibs, because we sure as hell aren’t.

Not this winning machine.

Come On You Bhoys In Green.

By Mahe

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Hike is obviously … hope

Maybe my pillow needs a head

Hail Hail fellow Celts 🍀


Atlanta Utd, with Giamoukakis on from the start, currently lead Portland at home 2-0.


Check out:

The Holy Ground Of Glasgow Celtic’ LP

Hail Hail.


And Gia scores to make it 3-0 after 58 minutes.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Mother’s Day to any that are looking in! And, of course to any fellow Joe’s then Happy St Joseph’s Day to you too.
Everyone else can just have a nice Sunday 😁


Morning all.
A good week for the napsters, with 6 winning naps and all good prices, too.
Stars of the show this Week with Major Dundee winning the Midlands National, at 12/1 were BMCUW and me!. Ha, I had to do something to annoy Twists on his holiday. 😉😁😁. BMCUW, now moves up to second. Next up Leggy , whose selection Equus Dancer romped home at 8/1. Jobo’s weather themed, naps, paid dividends, as Autonomous Cloud brightened his day by winning at 15/2. Vogue Punter also picked a 15/2 winner as Trelawne won at Uttoxeter. V.P. I hope you were on, If not you can console yourself by knowing that’s you back above Bada.😊😊. The 6th winning nap was CCE with Outlaw Peter which won at a handsome 3/1.

Week 39 table

CCB £34.58

BMCUW £29.12

St Tams £25.00

McCaff £23.33

Weet Weet Weet £23.14

16 Roads £18.19

JNP. £14.88

DRM £13.37

Big Packy £10.93

Jobo £9.10

GFTB £5.00

VP £4.38

Leggy -£0.67

Bada -£2.62

CCE -£3.13

Craig -£4.00

Charlinic -£6.22

Twisty. -£10.67

Danny Mac. -£10.92

Lefty -£12.87

Mahe. -£13.50

Call me Gerry. -£16.75

Gordon. -£19.17

Jungle Gerry. -£21.00

The Real McCoy -£26.00

Chalmersbhoy. -£26.13

Jim. -£30.91

BRRB. -£36.38

As ever, If anyone spots a mistake let me know, please.
The last favourite of the day, lost.


Shug with his expert analysis yet again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Craig 76


Some outstanding winners yesterday,ourselves apart. Not sure whether there is only one week left,or two. I’ll have a check.

Though my answer will be subject to verification by VAR/TWISTY.


Well done on your nap, some cracking winners for you all yesterday … with a couple of Saturdays to go in Twistys competition it’s looking like a father & son reverse forecast …



OOOOOPS,haufwit here just noticed that you had Week 39 there for all to see!

So,last week next week-!-I think.

Craig 76

Craig 76


The winning machine stalled for large parts of yesterday’s game.
Not helped with injury to Reo, and AM missing in the engine room.

Matt and DT provided less creativity. Matt hasn’t quite regained his early promise and DT doesn’t look to fit the system.
A ruthless Ange may decide that Euro progression next season needs something more dynamic and creative, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those two moved on and better are purchased.
Cover for an aging AM too.
Matt and DT sales would generate decent funds.

Similarly CS just won’t do. Erratic and costly decision making by him in almost every game.
Not good enough.
Fine as 3/4th choice for domestic games but we cannot build a positive Euro campaign with him beside CCV.
I wanted Kobayashi to play yesterday. He surely deserves his chance.

So the wish list is improved midfield options, and demote CS.
Also, good as GT has been, a robust version of AJ on the left would strengthen the back line.

We Never Stop … Improving.


Killie v St Johnstone.
When you see some of the stuff VAR gives.
How is this not a penalty? 😂 VAR man.


BMCUW 9.52.
Yes, same as you, M.
I think next Saturday is last week, hopefully if Twisty looks in, he will confirm.

St tams

I can’t disagree with any of that.

The worrying issue about Taylor is that he has obviously not been fit for a few weeks as his performances have shown.
His £3.5 m replacement is not trusted unless there is no option.
5 minutes before all the other players came out for the second half. He was out have a fitness test with one of the fitness staff. He obviously wasn’t right.
Why not just take him off at halftime.
As for O’Riley after an initial good 6 months, he has been woeful.

bada bing1

Raging 😡,need to start picking a few favourites….

Prestonpans bhoys


Someone on these pages or the other channel stated that Caldwell was a better defender than Starfelt, no more needs to be said……



Can’t dispute the stats but my point is we need better for Europe. More dynamic.
DT didn’t start one CL game. So not trusted to make an impact from the off.
He was a sub in 5 usually around 65 mins onwards.
His domestic stats should get good sides looking for a player like him.
In my opinion he’s just not Euro level we need to make an impact. His record of appearances show this.

St tams

Agree, GT and left back position is a worry.

Matt is not close to where he was.
With Calmac, Tomoki, Reo and Aaron likely to be around for CL, I’d change up Matt and DT for better. They’d both generate decent fees.
No idea who – I don’t watch other leagues much/ that’s what our recruitment department is for !


P b

Damned by feint praise!

Kobayashi deserves a run- strolled through second half v Jambos.


This is from Twitter, 2 separate posts.
They are bang on.
Hibs tactics today.
1) Waste as much time as possible from every shy,free kick and bye kick
2) Keeper to hit long diagonal balls from every bye kick
3) Put the boot in.
4) When Celtic get the chance to take a quick free kick or shy,kick another ball onto the park
Brutal to watch

And every journalist and tv panellist will say they were unlucky and simply refuse to question their tactics.Scottish media in an nutshell 🤦‍♂️


Impressive, from his own 6 yard line.
Just a goalkeeper scoring in the Chilean Primera División ⚽️
(via @TNTSportsCL)



Just seen that penalty. WTF?


Happy St Joseph’s Day everyone (and packy). Hope all your mother’s have a good day too whether they are here or in heaven


Agree with your summary.
Does anyone know what happened to the big Bodo Glimt left back. I thought he was terrific against us and hoped we’d try to sign him.


Jimthetim53. 12.09
How lovely to see you back, posting.
I wish you all the best with your health issues.
You have been missed, we need someone to keep that rascal McCaff in check, you were always the only one who could do it. 😁😁💚💚💚💚



Happy St Joseph’s day to you too, good to see you posting.

Hail Hail


Interesting game yesterday, why it’s often more difficult to play against ten rather than eleven is a footballing anomaly.

And that’s what we had yesterday.

All round we underperformed so giving Jobo three for POTY is a struggle.

So votes are going to a couple of solid contributiors and a power driving diving header

So winging it’s way to Competition

1. Oh

2. CalMac

3. Jota

Have a great day fholks

Hail Hail

Danny Mac 23


Hibs tactics were disgraceful from the first whistle.The condemnation of the quality of Scottish football in the media on the week of the game was played out by that Hibernian team.All that is wrong with Scottish football on the park at least was there to see.I wonder how the Hibs fans viewed it?

Re the Twisty naps competition.I need to pick a 100 to 1 winner and hope everyone else picks a donkey.

Much appreciate the time and effort the guys on the site put in to provide us with great fun and entertainment.

Cheers guys.🍀🍀💚


Chairbhoy 12.17.
Once again, we have picked the same 3 players.
Thank goodness we weren’t at school together, we would have been belted for copying.

Chairbhoy / JNP

Great minds ?

Fools seldom differ 🙂

I didn’t see the full 90mins so can’t put my top 3 in, but without watching the 90mins I would have included Callum as well as I know he is an 8 every game he plays


Keep well, delighted to see your moniker, all the very best


Great to see you posting.
Hope your on the mend




Sol Kitts

Welcome back, mate. 😎


18 years ago!!!

19th March 2005, Dundee Utd 2:3 Celtic.

Craig Bellamy with a tremendous hattrick.


GFTB 12.44
As you know, from my perspective, it has to be fools seldom differ!! 😁😁
I’m not sure what Chairbhoy will say, though.

A thing of beauty

Hallelujah, you are back. All the blog will be delighted!! Post us a wee sweet heart of Jesus just so we know it you 😜😜
I have to say we were as poor as we’ve been all season but for very selfish reasons I loved being in paradise yesterday. CCB was back beside me and for us that means the world is back on its axis.
I agree with others about Turnbull. He’s been a long time at Celtic now and is not anywhere near the quality to start every week. Why persist. His stats belie the fact that he is not doing enough. He’s one paced and one footed. He has become in my opinion, scared to play any adventurous passes so just plays it safe, mostly back to who passed it to him. I thought that was very evident yesterday.
O’Riley’s form has fell off a cliff since Calmac came back and he got moved back to his original position. I know he has said he doesn’t want to play 6 but if doesn’t start contributing more going forward then 6 may be the spot he naturally falls into. Not sure about his ability to get about the park in either role to be honest. He looks sluggish and his body language points to a player struggling with his game. I could be wrong and I’ve always said he has poor body language but he looks way off where he was last season. The difference between him and Turnbull is he’s been here less time so gets more time to sort out his issues.
Starfelt switched off completely yesterday but how can we change a partnership that is so far undefeated in the league. And that’s from someone who has been screaming for a left sided centre back that can bring the ball out!! Fitba eh 😂😂

JNP 1.11pm


Am the same if anybody ever agrees with me …

3 cracking finishes from Craig Bellamy in that clip, just a pity he didn’t finish like that with the 15 chances (exaggeration) a few weeks later at Fir Park on Scott MacDonald day …. never mind the 20/21 season am still not over 2005 !!!!!!


JimmynotPaul @ 12:31 pm,

Ah! Once again you bring credence to my dilettante offerings…

GFTB @ 12:44 pm,

As it’s JNP, I’ll go for the former:) Calmac often gets overlooked I think, maybe taken a bit for granted

Hail Hail


GFTB. 115

Just what I was thinking!

Chairbhoy 1.16pm

I still remember after Callum going on loan at Notts County and they seemingly offered £500,000 to make it a permanent deal … I thought take the cash as he’s not good enough to start with us …

That shows exactly what I know … delighted to be so so incorrect … he has became a terrific player and captain for us

Hope all is good in the Chilterns


A t o b

Agree with what you say but my criticism of CS is he is not of the quality we require for progress in Europe.
Undefeated domestically isn’t helping us on the bigger stage.
Give Kobayashi his chance, we need to see what he offers.

We can also do better than DT and the current version of Matt.

Ange’s ruthlessness will see underperformers go.

BMCUWP 1.21pm

Your in a bad place if your in the same wavelength as me 🙂

All kidding aside I thought Bellamy was terrific for us but the chances he missed that day were pretty dismal we should have been 3 or 4 up before Scott MacDonald even got near our penalty box …

Apologies for bringing 2005 to the blog but it was actually JNP for making me relive that year 😂


I came across this on Facebook Glasgow Celtic Supporters Page. Thought I’d lob it in and watch.

John Parks recruitment specialist – is adamant he wouldn’t have wanted a bumper signing kitty despite the likes of Odsonne Edouard and Christopher Jullien arriving for big fees following his exit. He said: “Never, never in my life. I find it strange that people spend that amount of money on some players when you can find 100 players just as good, if not better, for a portion of that money. Have Celtic spent money and done well? I don’t know. You look at Edouard: £9 million. But then you include his wages for a couple of million, and then the sell-on (40 per cent of profit to PSG), is that value for money? “There are some excellent young players out there that you can find through the right tools and processes, which the right scouting team can deliver. I’m totally convinced of that. “That’s the part of it I love.”He added: “I was never asked by Peter (Lawwell) to balance the books. We never once spoke about it. If the right type of player was available at a good price for each of the coaches, for each manager I worked with, then Peter was happy to work with that. “We were ahead of the game. We had our own data analysis department back then, with Craig Dunbar and Paul McLeish. “They ascertained the facts from the data to compare players and value them against what we’d got in the club at the present. When you look at the stats and leverage them against the scouting reports, you come to the conclusion that they can be the right ones for the club.”Park also insists he is as proud of the “bread and butter” signings who thrived in Glasgow just as much the marquee names who departed for big money. “It’s a lowball game, a Moneyball game, but it’s down to the staff behind the scenes to spot these guys approaching the end of their contracts, and knowing they’re good enough for Celtic, or at least being confident of it.



Glad you feel well enough to post again.

Health is wealth but age is a robber.


GFTB @ 1:25 pm,

Yes, really made an impact down there, remember seeing him scoring good goals – a part of his game that hasn’t developed strangely enough.

Glad Ronny gave him his chance, he has never looked back.

All good in the Chilterns, took the opportunity to go and see Broony’s Fleetwood the other week.

How was St Patrick’s day in the brig!?

Hail Hail

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