The wearing of the green

Many will wear green this week at some stage, traditionally you get pinched in the arm for not wearing green yesterday in the U.S. of A. 

But St.Patricks day is over by now, and eyes turn to two teams who normally sport the green week in, week out.

I’m inwardly delighted with this fixture, one which generally lends itself to actual football rather than hammer throwing. The very last thing I would like before the about to arrive International break is a physical battle for the Bhoys, so Hibs would have been my top choice for this particular matchup.

They have somewhat gone under the radar, but if I were a Hibee I would be delighted. In his first season their young (and pretty inexperienced) English manager has proven to be a good hire, he currently has his charges in forth place above much more settled managers such as Martindale and McKay, but there’s not much praise for his body of work so far.

Only five points behind their city rivals, I posit Lee Johnson has done better all around this season than Neilson, the former has his team moving up the table while the latter stays put.

It’s unfortunate for Lee he is meeting the nations form team, or should I say team in golden form, but such is life, he might not get the points but he can learn lessons about his team.

They are unbeaten in the last four games, and I’ve heard it said this the main problem for 10 of the SPL teams,,they go on a mini run of success only to face one of the Glasgow giants and have it ended. It’s only a problem if they let it become a problem in my humble opinion.

The other side of the city are there (especially next season when facing major transition) for the taking but dinosaur tactics and a lack of collective conviction means they are rarely viewed that way. That’s an attitude problem, not necessarily the leagues biggest flaw.

When it comes to playing a strong Celtic side flying high and capable of ripping teams apart with exquisite football, a manager could tell his team it’s a free hit due to the gulf in quality, and encourage them to learn from the experience, do their best in their individual battles in order to understand what level is needed to play for giant club. A defeat at Parkhead needn’t be a complete negative, that should be impressed upon the squad, any squad really. Especially a defeat to an Ange Postecouglou team.

But anyways, it is up to Lee how he motivates his lads or not. Ange and the Bhoys will do their thing regardless of who is lining up against them, and regardless of individual.

And a thing of beauty it tends to be.

A win is called for to bring the feel good factor into the break, though I doubt anything else would derail this group. Just like Martins team, nowadays its not did we win, it’s how many and who scored, mark of a quality side, and a quality manager which is why he’s being flirted with elsewhere.

Which reminds me of the old saying ‘I’m out of your league darling’, only this time it’s not opinion it’s fact, as in ‘Im in the Champions League’.

Which reminds me of the tale of the Tim stuck in an elevator with Allen Shearer and got chatting.

Upon hearing he was a Celtic supporter the English icon replied ‘Big club. Be nice to see them in another League’.

‘We are’ says yer man, “We’re in the Champions League’.

I digress, I’m always interested in the return of former Celtic players to Paradise, and was hoping for a threepeat but it’s not to be.

‘The Kid’, and he always will be in my eyes, is crocked, typical McGeady.

However we should get a return visit from Ewan Henderson and David Marshall.

It’s the former in particular I’m interested in, still raw at 22, but playing in the middle for the fourth best team in the land. Letting him develop elsewhere, then bringing home the diamond in the rough for the gaffer to polish him into a proper player would be his fairytale, which needs ended out there on the park, Ange doesn’t do sentimentality. 

Similar with David, sorry son nothing personal but this teams out to embarrass you.

I was wondering which type of result would boost team morale the most ,, goals throughout the team like last weekend, hard fought one nil, a romp,,,,

and I’ve settled 3-0 with big Cam, Reo and Kyogo all scoring to help wash away any blues regarding the International call-up situation.

Besides, they will shine next year on the biggest club stage. What’s Japanese for humble pie?

Given the conditions and the opponent it will be a tough game, tough for all if snow is falling, but passing tests is what this team does, and navigating a tough one to wrap up the third quarter of the season (give or take) would be just what the doctor ordered. It would be another mark of quality from this team. More self belief. 

Hopefully the Aberdeen vs Hearts clash ends in a stalemate to help out Hibs, because we sure as hell aren’t.

Not this winning machine.

Come On You Bhoys In Green.

By Mahe

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big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim great to see you posting, as all the posters have said, you have been missed,.another true story👍
ps wee joan is glad as well.


GFTB. 1.30.
Can just imagine sitting beside you at school.
It wasn’t my fault, JNP made me do it. 😉😉💚💚

Chairbhoy 1.47pm

For some reason it’s always raining on the Saturday of the St Patrick’s festival … the parish priest (of St Pats) father Sweeney (and the committee) put a lot of work into it and include all the local schools of whatever denomination… the Main Street was really busy and am sure the local shops got an extra few quid … yesterday was the first for a few years because of Covid have a wee look at this link … might bring back some memories of North Lanarkshire 😂


I have often said that it is rare for any season to be defined purely on head to head results between the Ibrox club and us. This season may yet prove to be close to being one of those.

Celtic have played 29 SPFL games this season and lost in Game 7 to St. Mirren and drew in game 20 at Ibrox. We have had win streaks of 6 and 12, and are currently on a run of 9 wins in a row. We are undefeated in 22 games now

The Ibrox club have lost twice and drawn 4 times this season. They lost in the 6th game of the season heavily to us and in the 14th game to St. Johnstone, so can claim to be undefeated for 15 games now but they have drawn twice at Ibrox to Livi and us and twice away from home to Hibs and St. Mirren. these results happened on Matchdays 4 (Hibs) 12 (St. Johnstone) , 16 (St. Mirren) and 20 (Celtic). They have finally shown some resilience in winning 9 games in a row since we drew with them. That is their longest winning streak this season.

Now Beale has certainly not turned them into the kind of team we feared he might, based on his rep from the Gerrard-winning league year but he has certainly made them harder to beat. Van Bronkhorst was sacked after match day 16 so Beale is only responsible for 2 dropped points so far (and a lost LC final).

The Ibrox fans won’t see the nuance in this since they are still a poor 2nd and out of one of the two cups but I think we will be happier if we put them down clearly in the forthcoming April match and take away any lingering hopes they may have that Beale will improve them.

JNP 1.51pm

100% correct 🙂

Prestonpans bhoys


I think their unbeaten run is more down to inexplicable official decisions rather than a remarkable improvement by Beale. Their second goal not being offside with those doggy lines which looked like a child with crayons had drawn them.

big packy

a quiz question for JIM, Why does the Catholic Church use the colour red in eccliastical vestments at certain times of the year?


Superbru update – round 30

Strange things are happening. Our current leader has been awarded this week’s wooden spoon for amassing only 1.5 points as she gambled on Well getting a draw against the rotten mob and got all her points from a 3:0 winning prediction for the hoops. She thought Hearts would draw, United would win ( I thought they might too), and bravely predicted 2 away wins for Ross County and St. Johnstone (probably an Ayrshire bias against Killie and McInnes showing up there😀)

As well as the current leader having a bad week, last year’s winner and my tip as most likely to break into the top 3, Call me Gerry, spoiled my best chance of topping a weekly leader board as he scored 3 more points than any other predictor.

So our top performers this week are:-

1. Call me Gerry- 13.5 points

2= jmccormick- all on 10.5 points

2= One Malloy

2= Park Road 67 (who managed to move up only 1 spot on the table)


With only 8 non-predictors yesterday, a thing of beauty stole this week’s wooden spoon from Bada Bing who had 2 points

Overall, our leaders remain:

1. A thing of beauty – 179 pts

2. Leggy- 173 pts (gap closing)

3. Celticrollercoaster- 165 pts

Calm Gerry has moved up 6 places to 5th spot and I’ve broken into the top 10 for the first time too.

At the bottom, we have McCaff on 103 points in 60th place, leading the wooden spoon race from Park Road 67 (despite this week’s great showing) and LanarkBhoy.

60 of our 68 have now scored over 100 points, but I am told that one of the 8 who have not been making predictions recently will re-join the battle so the wooden spoon prize looks like it will be mightily contested and may have to go to VAR ( Very Abject Results-forecasting).

In the private competition between siblings sammybhoy67 and Hutchbhoy where the competition organiser may have been approached with a bribe offer to assist performance, both brothers fell 5 places yesterday to 32nd and 22nd place respectively. Lesson learned, I hope- never attempt to bribe an honest man – or was it make the bribe larger? I forget, sometimes. Might be quicker asking our top performers for tips😀

We have a wee break before the next set of predictions are due in on, appropriately, April Fool’s Day with five 3pm fixtures and a Sunday trip to Dingwall for us.

Is a thing of beauty having a breather before having a second breath or has the muse departed? Is Call me Gerry timing a late surge? Will Park Road 67 surge from last to first in the run-in? Tune in for the next edition of Superbru Soap Opera.


GFTB @ 1:53 pm,

Great photos, St Pats is a great Church.

See a chap I know, Liam, in a photo, holding the tricolour, interesting he’s behind what looks like a Scots piper and he plays the Uilleann pipes.

Must get up one year…

Hail Hail

Chairbhoy 2.51pm

Glad you enjoyed them … even better you saw somebody you knew 👍

St Patrick’s is easily the 2nd best chapel in ML5 after St Augustine’s obviously 🙂


How Edouard continues to get a game for Palace is puzzling. He hardly ever scores and doesn’t try a leg.
His next move will be interesting, as his unique style means he needs to play in a team that dominates opponents.


How to take a convincing penalty. Scroll to -0.26 seconds. He has missed 2 this season, but these are hard to stop. Scores quite a few direct free kicks as well.

IniquitousIV 3.04pm

Pre Covid I thought Odsonne & Leigh Griffiths were outstanding as a partnership both played great football and big smiles on their faces … obviously two careers that have went on different paths …

I sometimes think pre pandemic both would love to back in that place … I really liked both of them and would love to see both rekindle their careers … Odsonne was massive for the French u-21s the
, think that’s what got Celtic his fee

big packy

CHAIRBHOY ,used to go to midnight mass in st patricks church many moons ago ,lovely church, hope you are well

Afternoon all and especially Jim, good to see you back on! I hope that’s you on the mend and up to posting regularly.

My overriding feelings on yesterday’s game are that the ref, the VAR and the Hibees did everything in their power to cheat their way through the game. From minute one the time-wasting by Marshall was so obvious it deserved a warning. The players booting balls onto the pitch, booting balls away at throw-ins to get one which was further away, the players on the bench booting a ball onto the pitch, the subs warming up kicking balls away from ballboys all designed to interrupt play and delay the game. From the first few minutes McLean (I think he was the ref) allowed poor tackles to go unpunished, ironically I thought the Hibs player was unlucky to get the second yellow. The way the game was going it was inevitable that VAR would get involved. My thoughts on their penalty, and I know Awe Naw confirmed it was a stonewaller, nobody claimed it, there was nothing obvious at the game other than the Hibs player was offside, not the one who was pulled by Starfelt but the player on the left side of our box. That to me should have been the offence that was punished, not the pull but of course, we know it’s only when Celtic are being penalised that VAR will go back as far as he needs to find fault! The penalty we were given, and the subsequent card for Marshall both rescinded by VAR but again, I thought it was the defender rather than the keeper that fouled Abada. I’ll need to see the highlights for that one. The foul on Haksa as we broke forward looked a straight red, studs up, feet off the deck, from behind, no attempt to play the ball. Again, the highlights will confirm for me.
In saying all that Celtic were poor, not enough pace in the passes, not enough urgency or movement throughout the first half. I said to the wee guy Ange would put a rocket up their arses at halftime because he wouldn’t be happy either with the team or with how the game was being reffed. The second half was more like it, Jota was a different player and forced the play, much more energy and much more direct. He changed the game. CCV was a rock and Johnston was superb.
But Oh’s strength and physical presence had Hibs struggling and tiring. Kyogo as a 10 to accommodate Oh didn’t work. The change to sub him and bring on Haksa gave us a better balance even if it was only for a short time. Haksa’s goal was sublime, a top drawer strike that left Marshall nae chance! It suggests that Haksa is due a start but the wee guy reminded me he started a couple of games ago and wasn’t that bright, he obviously prefers him as an impact sub!!
Anyway, another win, another 3points and one game less to play… we’re getting closer every week to wrapping up this League. Yesterday was a big step as for so long it looked like nae points or one, the relief when Oh fired us in front was felt right around the ground!
Final note…that’s the third game in a row we’ve had to come from behind to win a game, I hope we’re not starting a bad habit!!

big packy

GERRY st augustines chapel was one of the loveliest churches in coatbridge after st patricks obviously, our school st augustines used to go there once a month for prayer and thanksgiving,,,dont know whether it’s still standing,,you will know👍


Hi Gerry. I think you are reinforcing my point. It’s no like you!🤣
The French U-21 team were a marvelous team at that time. They laid chances on a plate for Edouard.
But in the EPL, it doesn’t matter how talented you are – you also have to fight and work hard.
Odsonne doesn’t have it in him.
The Griff was underrated in his prime. He had an absolute wand of a left foot, and his right was pretty good as well. Sadly, his personal demons were his undoing. ( a bit like masel! ) The sort of guy who badly needed a Life Coach, although I’m not sure he would have listened to him!

Big Packy 3.27pm

St Augustine’s still going strong … my young great nephew Finn made his confession during the week… it’s thriving … we had young Shays (Finns wee brother) christening in the chapel then into the chapel hall a few weeks back

The chapel hasn’t changed one bit … if ever at a loss they stream the masses on a Sunday live if you ever want a wee bit of nostalgia 🙂

Just type in “st aigustines Coatbridge” and am sure you’ll get a link


KT gets 25 minutes from Arteta. Edouard subbed at same time. Arsenal up 4-1.


Napoli an incredible 21 points ahead of second place team.

IniquitousIV 3.29pm

Like Chalmersbhoy, (CB if lurking I enjoyed our conversation last night that’s what in my opinion makes a decent blog, would be boring if we all just agreed with each other) IniquitousIV me and you will probably agree on 99% of things but that 1% disagreement is far more interesting 🙂

Celtic (in my opinion) only got top dollar for both Odsonne & Moussa because of their French u-21 form



Thanks for that analysis. I wonder if Beale has made Rangers harder to beat or draw with or that the standard of those clubs below both us and them has dropped over the season?

They ran over Hearts and Hibs away in latest games.
Aberdeen have given them more competition in the two games v them , particularly at home which might be said of us v the Don’s away but comfortable at home.

The next time I would be thinking they might drop points is Aberdeen away on 22 Apil and if Aberdeen make top six then again after the cut off when it might not matter.

We have played Aberdeen 3 times HAH with a tight game at Pittodrie.. An away game after cut off might not matter in title terms.

Unless the standard of Aberdeen , Hearts and Hibs beneath both Celtic and Rangers rises, it will become all about who gains most points in head to heads which is not healthy in the culture under which Celtic operate.


It’s grand to see you back, Jim.

Hail Hail.


Feyenoord win at Ajax in top of the table six pointer clash. Score in 86th minute for 2-3 result that puts them 6 points clear.

big packy

GERRY, thanks for that, could you send me down some proper pies and bridies from christies, you know what i mean, no relation by the way🤩

Big Packy 4.00pm

Christie’s still going strong … it’s moved further up the street to bigger premises but still a brilliant bakery … since am off chocolate & crisps for lent MissGFTB gets me a wee chocolate free cake when she goes shopping on a Saturday from Christie’s … their pies, bridies & sausage rolls are still top notch

big packy

GERRY, you cant beat christies, the best bakery in the uk, but I am biased 🤩

big packy

GERRY a true story, my late mum would give me a shilling for the school dinner at st augustines ,but went down to christies, a pie and bridie and a cream ring, remember them🤩 ,and id still have enough money for a penny caramel at the wee shop across from the school. ach happy memories.hh,🤩


This is very good.
A story of two Clubs told through music..

Danny Mac 23


Agree with your summary of yesterdays game.

I think regarding our subsitutions in terms of impact players Haksavanovic and Abada have proven their ability to change games or put them to bed.

Conversely when they start games neither seems to have been consistently effective.This is were Ange has to be lauded in his descion making game to game.

With no Mooy and the loss of Hatate we looked predictable at times.With no space to run into it which made it easier for Hibs to negate Kyogo.

The introduction of Oh and the physicality he brings made it more difficult for the Hibs defence.

I know the jury may be out on Oh at the moment gauging the hoops support but I think Ange knows his capability and I think he will come good in the semi final.

Regarding Mr Beale does he come to Celtic Park and sit in and try to protect his unbeaten run in the knowledge the league is gone?Or does he come out and play?

Big Packy 4.18pm

Yip … Christies cream rings are still on the go

Especially during lent … no chocolate but plenty of sugar, my wee maw always got us a cream ring on a Friday (school cleaners got paid every Thursday)


Late to the party so my comments would be tautology. I shall content myself with two thoughts.

Firstly, I renew my thanks to Bobby and Mahe for providing this blog. I know I could not put up with some of the behaviour on it…..especially my own.

Thanks, Guys!

Secondly, if that is you, JimtheTim, welcome back. Take your time easing back into the stramash. Go at your pace, not that of your many fans. Some day you must tell me how you generated so much respect!


Craig 76


Danny Mac,

Re Beale’s tactics at P’head, I think he has only one option. He tries to stop us scoring. Look at the trouble that we sometimes have, as yesterday. They will be better than Hibs at bottling up the midfield and packing their defence. Then they will try to hit us of the break, and/or use long diagonals on to whoever is playing LB.

An early goal will mess them up.


bada bing1

Danny Mac, cheers for the reply! I’ve just watched the BBC highlights… Starfelt definitely pulled the jersey for the pen, needlessly but it’s a pen nevertheless. The question now is how many times have we seen those pens given to us? Seldom if ever.
Also, as I said Marshall wasn’t at fault for the foul on Abada, it was the defender Egan-Riley who clips Abada’s left foot! The question is how did VAR not pick that up!
As we say every week…it’s plain cheating, pure and simple!
By the way, the irony of yesterday’s article shouldn’t be lost on anyone. If this is how Johnston wants Hibs to play they’re nowt more than a Livi or a poor Hearts. Despicable stuff on show yesterday, Ange’s comments after the game alluded to it…”there just seemed to be a fair bit of stuff going on the whole game, particularly in the first half!”


These Energy companies are taking the piss with their price increases whilst they are making record profits, My Gas bill which i pay quarterly (every 3 months) has just risen from £250 to over a grand £1050.

Centrica’s who own British Gas half-year profits soared _five-fold_ to £1.3 billion,

Yet these cnuts quadruple home owners bills.


Good to see you send a short message to the blog JIm, get well soon buddy 👍


Big packy @ 3:19 pm,

It was my dad’s parish Church when he was a boy – the family moved down to old Monkland but my dad still preferred St Pats.

Hope all’s good

Great to see your pal JTT53 posting again

Hail Hail


Good afternoon all from Paddy Neesons. You are an absolute shower. 😁👍

big packy

CHAIRBHOY cheers pal.,H.H

Chairbhoy 4.54pm

Would that be St Monica’s for old monkland ?

One thing about Coatbrig they have a few saints …

In no particular order

St Augustine’s
St Patrick’s
St Ambrose’s
St Mary’s
St James (great supporters bus)
St Andrews
St Barthomlews (Belmont Brian’s parish)
All Saints (Coatdyke)
St Stephens
St Monica’s
St Edwards
St Kevin’s (Bar Gee outer Coatbrig)

big packy

remember my uncle packy taking me to the hibs walk in coatbridge. i was about 12 so mid sixties, when we got to st pats church the band stopped playing and they all blessed themselves,,the things you remember,,another true story👍

Prestonpans bhoys


Thats a very scary gas debit. I’m all electic with a smart meter and if my daily electic bill is under £6 it’s because I’m in my caravan in the Trossachs…I turn everything off when I’m away…

big packy

GERRY, so glad you put our school at the top there,🤩🤩


ASWGL. 4.46.
Spot on, buddy.
Ours is ecotrictity, last 2 months £436 and £417.
It’s brutal, thankfully we had a fair bit of credit, so that was put towards the higher amount, previously it was £215, it’s a total piss take.
Thats gas and electricity.

Danny Mac 23


Re Starfelt penalty

This situation happens every week in every penalty box and if focused upon its a pen.My only gripe is that as we were team handed outnumbering their forwards Carl did not have to do it,easy for me to say.I kicked a ball but not at a high level as such though I can see it is basically a reactive action as the forward had moved quicker than him.

Starfelt and CCV together having not lost a game speaks volumes for their patnership.

Long may it continue.

Jobo Baldie

Keep the votes coming, please SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

big packy

got some square sausage ,black pudding, tattie scones and 2packs of bells scotch pies this morning from farm foods, its not christies, but it will have to do,,another true story.hh 🤩