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International breaks are usually the bane of the blogger with subjects few and far between, but luckily enough the weekend threw up some tasty Celtic related news.
Saturday saw the oul Hoops in action, literally. ‘Our’ legends vs the legends of another legendary club, one I have a soft spot for, one which did itself no favours in that regard.
I say no favours but I must tip my hat to the Anthill I mean Anfield mob for the generous gesture of making the Foundation the charity of choice on the day, well done.
And that’s the last bit of praise they get. A gentlemanly kick about for a good cause was marred by poor officiating and provocative goal celebrations on the day.
Our team manager publicly complained, when have you ever heard that in a legends match?
I’m embarrassed for anyone officially involved with the team in red on the day, they actually became sore winners. Whatever, but my sour taste in the mouth from the result was washed away by a debutant in the Hoops, who just happens to come across as a real genuine bloke appreciative of life.
I follow Trevor Sinclair on Twitter and he often has a pint of Guinness in his hand, cap on his head, and a smile on his face.
Saturday delivered the biggest smile Ive seen yet.
He waxed lyrical about finally achieving an ambition of his, the club and its support, and walked away truly delighted to be involved.
A certain MrGerrard walked away from the occasion with his reputation further tarnished. Not content with once again hitting the back of the net in front of home support, the idiot then makes it personal with the away Tims.
I’m filing this under playing to the gallery, as he knows this will further boost his credentials with the Ibrox mob, who have become his fallback employers as managerial life down south is proving a tough nut to crack for his meager talent.
For some reason I can’t quite grasp he’s highly rated over there, and I for one would be relaxed about any return to that dugout.
His actions show you can’t buy class, whereas Ange oozes it.
The Tims did seem to have a great day out though, our supports credentials were boosted, thanks everyone.
Sundays postman delivered the news of a record yearly turnover for the famous Glasgow Celtic, one hundred and twenty two million smackeroonies has become the figure to beat.
This doesn’t mean much on the park, football operations will self produce revenue (Abada, Welsh, Turnbull) to fund summer strengthening, bigger turnover won’t increase their budget by any significant amount.
It has meaning off the park.
First and foremost it shows the current board approach to be rewarding in all senses of the word. Having hit upon a winning formula, there’s no incentive to rip it up, and clearly prioritizing football operations over the balance sheet is working. One might say it’s down to Ange, but I would reply the blueprint has been laid out,, an experienced foreign manager who can specialize in a value transfer market(s).
These figures must help as far as Dermot and Peter are concerned,,the majority shareholder should be happy the share price rose upon the news, and as a support we can breath easier that the experienced hand of Peter to steady the ship is definitively not needed, hopefully not ever.
Doing great without you thanks.
The bank account will swell, and there’s been conjecture enough over why accumulate such a large amount. As the clubs largest income stream and it’s lifeblood, I feel we should be entitled to some type of answer on this front, this hoarding cannot continue long term without an explanation. We shall see what transpires, but that cash must benefit the club in some capacity, and must not swell pockets under any circumstances. Ideally it’s the sweetener for a new owner, first few transfer windows covered, I doubt it though. A large degree of trust must be placed with the PLC here.
Records are made to be broken, and with the extra Champions League game at home, the record turnover announced should be broken fairly quickly, the big one and a half beckons. I believe it’s fair to say we are undergoing a growth spurt, but unlike humans at a football club that doesn’t necessarily correspond with becoming bigger and moving up a tier.
I believe the club sits on the precipice of moving to the next level, it need only be grasped.
Infrastructure improvement, revised wage ceiling, stadium expansion, better the scouting network,,with the aim of annual Champions League entry to further establish the name and entice names, to reach the next level.
With football operations within budget the slow lane doled out to Martin need not be an option. As a club we are perfectly positioned to break a new ceiling, on and off the pitch.
The problem there however, is once that genie is out of the bottle, it’s very hard to put it back in. Supporters want progression not regression and when the latter occurs heads tend to be called for. It’s uncharted waters for an elderly and traditionally risk adverse board of directors, but yet there’s more money to be made.
Dermot will make the big call, but if business logic dictates that by expanding the enterprise profit via income and share price would grow, as a businessman he will find that hard to ignore. That’s somewhat reassuring, his bottom line and the supporters hopes could become unlikely bedfellows.
Should become in this instance. What he decides will leave an impact upon which he shall be judged.
He likes fast horses, so why not the fast lane?
Finally, the new Samaras, a mystery wrapped in an enigma aka Mikey Johnson.
It’s somewhat notable the gaffer never sold him but loaned him, this suggests to me he wanted a fresh body of work to analyze before deciding.
Go out and do your best would have been the message.
Looks like he did just that, impressing at club level plus on the International stage when given the opportunity.
With Liel Abada heading elsewhere will Mikey be given his final shot?
Ange is clearly a man who admires skill and attacking instinct. Unfortunately it’s Mikeys body that often gets in the way of the true breakthrough into the first team proper.
I suspect he will be given one more shot.
For everyone’s sake let’s hope it works out.
Up The Hoops
By Mahe

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bada Bing 1
March 27, 2023 10:11 pm
March 27, 2023 10:18 pm


Stiff upper lip there from Kyogo. He was fit to be tied!

bada Bing 1
March 27, 2023 10:22 pm

McCaff- remember this is Scotland, and what Klub he represents……HH

March 27, 2023 10:27 pm

I know BADA but it’s no the men’s game, I can’t see the SWPL letting it go. If they try it I’d be expecting Celtic to make the biggest noise!

March 28, 2023 12:38 am
March 28, 2023 12:41 am

Bada bing.

I remember going to a Scotland v Eire in early sixties at Hampden with my dad, a bit ignorant on Irish history whilst knowing it played a part at Celtic.

I remember my dad saying it’s going to be fun when the Eire national anthem is played. He did not say why but when The Soldiers Song was played and belted out at the Celtic end I got why he was chuckling away.