VAR-Checking Possible Fenian


When I read that Andy Walker had claimed to have heard a video assistant telling a referee ‘the easiest way out’ of a complicated call was ‘if it was offside’, my immediate thoughts were that it was a bombshell-and that Walker had better hope that A-his contract with Sky is watertight,and B-that Sky are able to record the referee/VAR interaction that he heard. My third thought was that it was the Jota Goal of the Season against Motherwell.

I thought I’d wait till the SFA reacted to the allegation before I said too much. The SFA have actually said even less-nothing! The referees though,they are furious. As I’ve said before,they are using VAR to get the decision they want. And Walker has called them out for it. End result seems to be an apology from Sky to the SFA. Hmmm,can’t help thinking this might have been done deliberately by them. Oops,seems we dropped a grenade in your lap. Sorry about that.

No remorse,no sackcloth and ashes for the referees though. Oh no. Caught with their hands in the sweetie jar,they holler blue murder. Blame whoever caught them out because it just isn’t fair! Well done,Andy Walker. Words I haven’t said since The Centenary Season.

In other news…

It is rarely quiet in the week or two leading into an O** F*** match,and this has been no exception. Apart from events on the pitch-which you might be forgiven for thinking would be what matters-there was the small matter of Celtic explaining to TRIFCo and the authorities that we would not accept an allocation of a tiny number of tickets for Ibrox,as it put our fans in harm’s way. 

That they were under a constant barrage of missiles etc inside the ground-a ground,remember,where the police found a large stash of weapons a couple of months back. Not a lot said about that at the time,and even less since. That they were under attack on the journey to and from the stadium as well. 

Our stance was a return to the status quo of 7000 tickets each. Or nothing. TRIFCo predictably told us to eff off. So we did. No tickets for us at Ibrox,none for them at Celtic Park. Not a situation that pleases me,but probably the only option our board had left. 

We had the miserable sight of their coach headbutting our manager. In a ladies game,ffs! It took him a week to apologise. His club still decline to comment. Then,a lout supporter of theirs from the executive boxes-aye,really!-was jailed for a year after hitting one of our staff with a bottle at an earlier match. We even had their U-21s getting involved,THREE of them being sent off in a match against ours. 

The famous raw meat diet is still a thing over there,it seems. 

It was actually nice to get back to the football,briefly,when Mick Beale told the world that he had been assured that megafunds were in place for a summer spending spree. And that those funds extended to the wage bill too. Aye,right. Believe it when I see it. And hell knows why he needs to sign players anyway,he and his players keep telling everyone that they are already better than us. 

How strange. 

What wasn’t strange or even the slightest bit unusual was the news that more of that equity confetti stuff was rearing its ugly head. I always thought that confetti was used after a wedding,not in preparation for a funeral. Mind you,I tend to be invited to more of the latter than the former these days. 

I think that brings the total raised to £4m since the turn of the year. This in the year after they recorded record turnover,and also their first ever profit. Hmmm,sounds like a money pit to me. 

Maybe it sounds like a money pit to someone else too. Douglas Park,their chairman,left the following day. Unlike most of our chairmen over the years,theirs is not the puppet of the CEO or major shareholder. Theirs is the man in the hotseat. 

I have little to say about him,no axe to grind. Except that he oversaw all of their poisonous statements released by a “PR Officer” whom he hired from The Dark North. Who had no PR experience,but he knew what the hordes wanted to hear! That he nearly sunk the cinch sponsorship deal for the entire SPL,and is trying to do the same with the Glen’s one now. That he was in charge of the “dossier”, the ludicrous attempt to cancel the covid-hit 19/20 season. You remember,our second nine? 


So,glad to see the back of him then? Not really. Not really bothered,as I said. Big problem is who has replaced him. John Bennett. He of still having scores to settle. Another who plays to the gallery,who still believes the relegation myth. Stokes the fires of resentment every time he opens his mouth. Who still believes that all of Scottish football conspired to destroy his club,and so nearly succeeded. That sumdy’s gonna get it! 

I think this man,unless other elements on the board can somehow control his worst impulses,will have no hesitation in undermining and bringing down the whole of the Scottish game. Indeed,that will be his game plan. The SFA,SPFL and Celtic are first on his list,and not necessarily in that order. They will need to fight fire with fire,I reckon. Be ready for everything,no matter how ludicrous. After all,he will have the media on his side,despite the fact that they are probably next on his list!

Do we need this heading into such a crucial match,such a poisonous fixture,at the weekend? Do we need it going into a four week period of three such matches? Football is known as The Beautiful Game,and not for nothing either. It is not about hatred and violence,or destroying your perceived enemies because you can’t bring yourself to believe the truth staring you right in the face. That if you don’t win,sumdy’s gonna get it. 

It should never be about this,never be like this. But it looks like it will be,for some time yet. It’s pathetic. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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April 6, 2023 10:25 am

Good morning BMCUW
I hope you are well.
Same as its always been with new co/ old co. If we’re no winning we’re no playing.

April 6, 2023 10:27 am

Pardon my grammar “if we’re no winning we’re no playing ” is the orcs war cry

April 6, 2023 12:00 pm


Ludge MIB are world leaders at VAR analysis / decision making.

They had 10 plus years of pseudo VAR operations when SKY used to rush replays / call out issues with our goals so that the 4th official could get the message onto the park.

That was the reason for the “Dougie Dougie” shambles — called out on SKY to the 4th official and then passed on the team on the field. Just a case that they couldn’t say that and then got caught out as they couldn’t keep their story straight.

Ludge VAR / Ludge MIB — when on duty — are bursting a gut to find something against us.
Interesting that they have been unable to keep things quiet and AW of all people is the person puttying it into the public domain.

As you note — how did he hear it?
Was it a one off or is there a feed they have access to?

If the SKY team do have regular access to the MIB group feed it would explain some of their comments regarding contentious MIB decisions where I get the impression that SKY are trying to set the agenda regarding issues because they can here the MIB thought process and get out their side of the story as quick as possible.

SKY = Hand in glove with Ludge MIB / Ludge Media / SPFL / SFA / TFOD2.1.
They are part of the PR wing — much needed.

April 7, 2023 12:08 am

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The TWISTY Magnificent Seven.

April 7, 2023 12:08 am

JOBO POTY Competition

April 7, 2023 3:23 am

Good morning all,

There are things you miss in life and there are things you don’t.

I know I said I wouldn’t be back, but never say never.

I’ve been looking in all the the time, and I really do miss the conversation, but if I can go back to last night’s conversation. It reminded me of something I said to one of the the best bloggers ever on this site ( old style) about divide and conquer.

For some unknown reason we are better than the huns. So we are the people!

This is not true, Scotland is a social experiment in divide and conquer.

My point to (?) was, we should never divide kids at school age and I don’t care what anyone thinks. If Scotland is to move on, this is the only true future.

If you think you are superior to anyone, sorry you are sadly mistaken! Whem some rich clown is tryingi to put you down with bullshite or statistics. We all know the the score!

In saying that, there is nothing worse.People of the same class trying trying prove their knowledge of a situations is better than yours, because you can’t articulate your point in the certain manner, or because they state you don’t know all the facts. When in reality you have been following the story from inception. But I might be thick!

The reality is, the social experiment is failing/ or working, what ever you believe in.

Scotland has a larger amount of none catholic people with differing religious beliefs and they are not allowed / won’t send their offspring to catholic schools, so they dont feel welcome due to their beliefs or social standing and if you are honest with yourself religion plays a massive part in scottish sport.

No we are not(the people). We might be the indigenous people, but we are no better or worse!

Until both groups of (the people) stand together against this social conspiracy, the united kingdom have provided, they will divide us all, and this is exactly what they want, and need to exist, in 4their Industrial revolution.

We will forever be slaves to the other side and so will they, all because we are not paying attention.

And now the website.

Not many arguments around the running of our club.

Is this because of big Ange? Bet your life it is! But we are the people

At this moment we are all right.
And we have a good manager ( I believe, A GREAT MAN) but give it time and I hope beyond hope he stays. At least until CL comes round and then the usual suspects come out saying he is rubbish because he only has one way of playing or that they know better.

Just remember every time celtic play at home on the tele box, the commentary tells us how far back in games and years its taken the wee Diddy teams to beat us at home and even sometimes away.

ASK, Where are we in European competitions and guess why? go I dare you, ask yourselves why the huns got to a European final a few years back only ten years old. Just ask yourselves and stop thinking, is football rgged.

No celtic are rigged. The wages within the club are rigged. The league is rigged .

CQN / Sentinel celts, see I saId it and has the world stopped turning?

MAGS your still some woman/ man


16 Roads
April 7, 2023 7:29 am

No two games are the same,obviously.
Still think back to the LC final however, and what proved to be managerial masterclass from Ange Postecoglou.

Straight after the zombie club scored, both our manager and Ian Beale rang the changes – O’Reily replaced Mooy,der zombie brought in two midfielders, honestly questioned the manager’s thinking at the time.
Surely replace one of the attacking players with another midfielder to strengthen that area of the park?

They began to put us under a wee bit of pressure for a ten minute spell,then as the game wore on Celtic began to cut them open at will, could and probably should have scored at least another three goals before the finish.

Striking thing is that AP was oblivious to the zombie substitutions,he didn’t care – the mentality was it doesn’t matter what the opposition do, it’s what Celtic do that counts.

Matt O’Reily didn’t become a bad footballer overnight, therefore I’m not overly concerned if Reo doesn’t make the starting eleven.
AP will adjust the team accordingly.
Reo didn’t play the last twenty minutes of said cup final, when Celtic were in the ascendancy.

We are too good for them, simple as that.


April 7, 2023 7:51 am

16 Roads

My greater concern is if Greg doesn’t make it.
When he went off v them on 21 mins at Ibrox replaced by JJ the imbalance was such that even as limited a footballer as Sakala had a purple patch.
I guess Daizen will do as he always does and motor up and down that side, keeping Tavpen occupied and offering left side support.

I agree, we are better overall,
Still need to strengthen the left back position for next season though.

April 7, 2023 8:10 am

From last night and relevant to the leader.
Walsh is on VAR duties, Brother Beaton the 4th official.
Clancy will be the man tasked with keeping the peace and he’ll be joined by assistant referees David McGeachie and Ross Macleod. John Beaton is the fourth official at Celtic Park.

VAR duties will be carried out by Nick Walsh, with Daniel McFarlane assisting with the video review.

St tams
April 7, 2023 8:10 am

I agree that the left back position is a concern for tomorrow and going forward.
I would consider either Kobayashi at left back or Johnston, with Ralston at right back.

I have seen nothing in Bernabei, that tells me he is going to be a player for us.

April 7, 2023 8:26 am

Very Interesting article again BMCUWPS…

Again huge questions regarding VAR, again the SFA in deny, deny, deny mode.

It looks like Sky have forced Andy Walker to eat humble pie and apologised.

Glasgow Times…

“Now, Sky Sports have issued a response to the matter offering an apology to the Scottish FA and insisting Walker has “admitted his regret” over his remarks.

A spokesperson for Sky Sports said: “Sky Sports has discussed the matter internally and provided the Scottish FA assurances with regard to permitted use of the VAR audio.

“Andy Walker has also admitted his regret over his comments and how they have been reported by the podcast company who invited him to their show.”

This quote caught my eye

From the Record…

” It is understood the SFA have no issue with the wording from the VAR camp – as offside calls are no longer open to interpretation due to the use of Hawkeye technology.”

Now whether AW was indeed talking about Jota’s goal that was deemed offside at Motherwell or not, we need to remind ourselves of the statement the SFA issued after that debacle…

“Referee Operations can confirm that during a VAR review at Motherwell v Celtic, the footage from the relevant 18-yard line camera did not capture an appropriate view of the incident.

While the broadcast footage was only able to show a wider camera angle for viewers, Hawk-Eye technology is designed to calibrate an accurate offside decision from either of the two 18-yard line camera positions, with the subsequent VAR review determining that the Celtic player had received the ball in an offside position.

We have provided feedback to the host broadcaster on the incident as part of our regular review of the system operation.”

The Celtic player receiving the ball in an offside position!? They didn’t have an issue with that wording either and they’re still hiding behind Hawkeye as being infallible on offside…

At these times, it is worth going back to the FA guidelines in the use of VAR…

“VAR will be used only for “clear and obvious errors” or “serious missed incidents” in four match-changing situations: goals; penalty decisions; direct red-card incidents; and mistaken identity.”

If that’s the case we need to ask ourselves how that fits with what Andy Walker heard, which of course, the SFA has in actuality admitted was said…

“And I heard the VAR say ‘the easiest way out of this, is if it’s offside’. That to me is really poor language. There should be no idea that we get an easy way out. You have to look at what’s happening on the pitch and apply the laws of the game – don’t look for the easy way out.”

Correct Andy!!

Interesting how the blame is on the podcasters on this one, the “host broadcaster” on the Fir Park incident – there is always a sloping shoulder or someone to blame.

It was very interesting how the match officials reacted at our Viaplay games, much fairer officiating I’d say. We now can see as clear as day, Sky work hand in glove with the SFA.

Viaplay declared an interest in bidding for the SPFL broadcasting rights when they were first on the scene, we can tell they we’re serious in that regard

However Neil Doncaster rushed through a cobbled together extension to the Sky broadcasting contract – it runs to 2029.

Everyone knows that Scottish football isn’t getting value from this deal.

The SPFL-Sky-SFA scratch back alliance is far too cosy – from my perspective, we need a public inquiry into these defacto monopolies screwing the football punters and corrupting the game

Hail Hail

April 7, 2023 8:27 am

Pitymevin. 3.43.
Welcome back.
A lot in your post, to think about.
I will touch on the conquer and divide.
I agree, the 1%, elite, love division, as they steal billions, they will say look over there, at that squirrel, there’s a poor immigrant ( for example, many examples could be used ) it’s their fault, that you are poor etc.
There’s a cartoon on the internet, that explains it brilliantly, Rupert Murdoch with 99 cookies, there’s one left and he’s saying to a poor man, watch that immigrant doesn’t steal your cookie.
As for superiority, I couldn’t agree more, I hated, even, when I was growing up, when Celtic supporters would say the opposition/ enemy are ALL scum etc, I was always like, that’s the vast majority of my family you are talking about, I’ve never bought into us being superior, I would like to think most Celtic fans, feel the same.
However, I fully accept, we do have some in our fan base, who think like that. The same as I accept one or two in my family, have had to be called out for their WATP superiority attitude.
It all comes down to control, the more division, the easier it is for the elite to control us and leave us as paid slaves, to do their bidding for them.
Another old joke, rich business owner turns up to the place of work, he owns, driving a brand new top of the range expensive car, a member of his staff, says wow, what a beautiful car, the owner, replies, see if you work your socks off and perform to a really high standard, next year, worker says yes, owner says, I will be able to buy another new one.

April 7, 2023 8:27 am

St tams

Kobayashi looks very assured in the limited game time he’s had.
Strolled through v Jambos second half last month.

From what I’ve seen Bernabei has the defensive instincts and attacking verve of Tavpen!

April 7, 2023 9:06 am

Incredible how poor the crowd is here, for a Saturday, roughly 6 weeks later, 10 men would win the league.
7th April 1979, Celtic 2:0 Partick Thistle.

Mike Conroy and Andy Lynch.

Just checked Celtic Wiki, 19,000 given, as the attendance.
Thistle appear to have a healthy support, too.

16 Roads
April 7, 2023 9:11 am


16 Roads

My greater concern is if Greg doesn’t make it.
When he went off v them on 21 mins at Ibrox replaced by JJ the imbalance was such that even as limited a footballer as Sakala had a purple patch.
I guess Daizen will do as he always does and motor up and down that side, keeping Tavpen occupied and offering left side support.

I agree, we are better overall,
Still need to strengthen the left back position for next season though.

April 7, 2023 7:51 am


Yes, indeed.

The manager stated after the Ross County game that Greg Taylor got a dead leg, and that he should be alright to play Saturday.

Obviously Taylor hasn’t trained this week, which is a slight concern, understandable.

I wouldn’t read too much into him not participating in training though because rest is the most effective remedy for that injury.

Ange Postecoglou is keeping the opposition guessing, unfortunately this applies to us also.

Nil desperandum.


April 7, 2023 9:20 am

Yes, JNP, great post by Pitymevin, lots to think about

Reading* Religious, Spiritual, philisophical and Esoteric literature is a thing for me, you can get enormous insights into ancient wisdom from these, often classics

I came across one that didn’t really float my boat but had some very interesting passages, it was a Hermetic text, now Freemasonry is very interested in Hermetic Philosophy, though where this book fits in I don’t know.

A passage that stood out.


… there are countless ranks of men, in the great hierarchy of life whose being and power transcends even that of the highest masters among men to a degree unthinkable by mortals.

Of course us being “mortals” can’t begin to understand the games of the higher masters and those above but we are certainly casualties.

*Audio books – e-books are a huge plus in this regard

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man
April 7, 2023 9:29 am

Pitymelvin @ 3.23

“…ask yourselves why the huns got to a European final a few years back.”

Unwittingly you’ve highlighted a part of the issue.

I’m speaking generally not at all personally.

Anytime you see the word Hun simply substitute another label like Jew or Black.

It’s that animalistic or ego brain talking. The primitive, survival mode that we all carry.

The fact that the mind is inherently dualistic makes divide and conquer so easy.

Sadly much of our thinking is simply repetitive, programmed propaganda.

Pretty dull, predictable and lazy, often lacking credible research, evidence or balance.

– Usually just thinly disguised attention seeking, fear based opinions.

Just the way we’re wired to survive at all costs I’m afraid.

– No matter how it’s camouflaged by religion, culture, customs, history or politics.

Paradoxically, on Good Friday, many of the great teachers were seeking to lead us out of the cycle.

Not an easy thing to do.

Yes, that was my ego speaking.

Maybe that’s why they say God is silent?

– Good to see you back, you raised good points in your post. We’re all in the same boat with this stuff and as stated I’m talking generally.

16 Roads
April 7, 2023 9:30 am

Another factor that seems to have been overlooked, and that is going to be very much in our favour – the Celtic Park atmosphere.

That zombie outfit are notorious for crumbling in the face of adversity.
Perhaps they’ll break the habit of a lifetime,and miraculously get a result?

Me personally think they’ll revert to type though, and fold like a pack of cards when the pressure is applied.

Only time will tell.



Jobo Baldie
April 7, 2023 9:32 am

Good morning, friends.

April 7, 2023 9:35 am

16 Roads

The atmosphere will be a factor.
They lack good leadership and their factory setting is to lose the heid when things go against them. Recent events show this.

No Nil Desperandum here more
Carpe Diem

April 7, 2023 9:38 am

The Gombeen Man @ 9:29 am,

Excellent post, you hit the nail on the head with “hun”.

It speaks to the ironic way the divide and rule is embedded in our egos.

The first step to not allowing divide and rule is don’t allow yourself to be divided

Hail Hail

St tams
April 7, 2023 9:41 am

I was at a fans forum at Celtic Park on Tuesday.
JPT, without going into detail , was confident that the away fan situation would be changing next season.

April 7, 2023 9:59 am

Sweat, concern, panic. Greg Taylor might not be fit enough to play for Glasgow Celtic.

Who’d a thunk it?

April 7, 2023 10:02 am

Since we were talking about birds.
The Red Necked Grebe, it doesn’t breed in the UK and it’s estimated, on average, 20 a year visit the UK, usually on the East Coast and here is one that turned up in Hogganfield !och, in Glasgow, yesterday. That’s the thing about birds, you just never know.
Right that’s me heading out.
A rare visitor, @Natures_Voice @RSPBScotland #BirdsSeenIn2023 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #NaturePhotography #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #birds #birdphotography #birdwatching#TwitterNatureCommunity

April 7, 2023 10:09 am



April 7, 2023 10:18 am


I’m guilty of pointing out how far we have come under Ange. Reminding everyone of the enormous rebuild required-to the extent that the only player here before him who gets a regular start is CalMac. That’s how easy it is to forget that GT was also here before him. Because in all honesty,Taylor was shockingly poor before.

It is to the credit of the player that he has improved so much since that he is now such an integral part of the side,that we expect his absence to have such an impact. As it is,of course to AP’s management skills. I struggle to remember such improvement in a player.

The Gombeen Man
April 7, 2023 10:24 am


Sadly this protection mechanism seems to be deeply entrenched in us all.

It’s so easy it seems to get carried away with often legitimate justifications.
Powerless, I guess.

It’s in the unconscious, so it leaks out in so many unforeseeable ways.

– The human condition I guess.

Ironically from where we appear to see this is beyond the contamination of the mind – thoughts and feelings.

The trick of not listening to thoughts, I guess.

Till later.

April 7, 2023 10:53 am

Morning all

Feeling more than a touch under the weather today. The tests say ‘negative’ but feeling awfully like I felt before I tested positive 11 months ago. Or it’s flu.

Anyway I think it looks most unlikely I’ll make the game tomorrow. And as such I may not watch it live- a certain superstition involved as work circumstances meant I missed the 4-0 game at start of season and most of 2-1 win last year but almost all of derbies since 2012 that we have lost that I have sat down to watch on TV. (Although I have been there when we have lost too)

I do detest these occasions – I did not attend one derby between May 1999 and October 2010 – and unless my mum ( now dead) invited herself to mine to watch the match at mine I often avoided the tv coverage- although I did switch on just as Chris Sutton scored in the last seconds to greenwash them for the 2003/4 season.

These are deeply unpleasant occasions- games like a 1993 nil-nil draw when much of the chanting was aimed at Richard Gough, the 1997 home loss in March 1997 and that Dallas game in 1999 were odious even before a ball was kicked. I am sorry if it offends the sensibilities of some but ever since I was 6 and the personally miserable summer of 1967 I have had low expectation of a certain type of bullying Rangers supporter but in those games I mentioned earlier the hatred was driven by our own support. The games bring out the worst in too many otherwise rational, tolerant individuals. Including, up to that game in 1993, me I would admit. There is a fairly substantial minority in our support who hate Rangers and all their supporters more than they love Celtic. Much more. I dislike being a part of it and, oddly, the derbies I have enjoyed most since 2012 have been at Hampden or Ibrox.

Anyway I am now going to make an attempt at shaking a leg. And putting a washing on.


April 7, 2023 10:58 am


Hope you recover in time for the match,big fella. Get well ASAP

April 7, 2023 11:59 am


I heard that after the death of Desmond White the turnstile wallahs were gathered together for a Rosary. The chief wallah was reported to have included in his remarks an observation along the following lines:

“Mr White had an acute eye for numbers: he could look at the crowded terraces and estimate ‘Looks to me like 19,750 [or whatever] in today’ and he’d rarely be out by more than 100 or so….”

April 7, 2023 12:04 pm

The Gombeen Man @ 10:24 am,

Yes, as you’re aware, the last thing we should be listening too is our ego, yet it is incessant.

Seeing it for what it is, quieting the jibber, jabber and embracing the silence.

Unfortunately modern life is the antithesis of that – fortunately I personally have knowledge and techniques that facilitate an equanimous life state but until the majority of us are doing it, this “human condition” will continue and from the evidence that I see, get worse.

In that respect Good Friday has a powerful message, if we would only heed it…

Have A Great Easter…

Hail Hail

April 7, 2023 12:08 pm


Welcome back!

I am afraid I did not get a lot of what you were saying.

Are you saying that because Celtic are a better team than Sevco, Celtic supporters think they are superior people to those that support Sevco? If so, where is the evidence of that? Surely, individuals are characterised by more than a mere game, namely football? But may be I do not get your drift.

Your separate schools point I agree with. However, Scotland is not the only jurisdiction where kids are separated due to religion. I lived for decades in Newfoundland where until recently schools were separate. Due to tight budgets that system stopped, but many Catholic schools chose to go private rather than convert. With or without separate schools made no difference to religious tolerance. So, is it really the schools that are the problem or is it a much deeper problem?

By the way, who is doing the divide and conquer? Religious leaders? The bosses? Politicians? The People themselves? All of them?

You have opened a huge issue that, I suspect, does not have a simple solution.


Awe Naw
April 7, 2023 12:10 pm

Parks resignation and timing was a very interesting one indeed. I was suggesting last month that The hun @TGM 🙂 were getting their finances in order for preparation for FSR and unquestionable entry into Europe. Which I suggested was the right thing for them to do. It was what CQN would term as prudent. Thems have performed much better these last two years and the innocent would presume that it leaves them in a better situation to cope with being on the watchlist and readdressing the situation. However as someone already has pointed out whomever pays the flautist over their is top dog. First it was King. He didn’t have the money and was eventually forced to cash out. Park had the money and took over won a league, cup and EL final commendable record but was he forced out or did he voluntarily pass over the baton? I reckon he passed over the baton to Bennett because he wasn’t prepared to invest any more ‘soft investment’ of his own money. He and Dermot Desmond know exactly how expensive reaching a EL final in Sevilla costs and how risky it is to continue with that level of investment with such a poor return provided mainly due to TV pooled money. Eintracht received 33m for winning the EL. It’s unsustainable and another reason why we have an eye on entrance to a larger league.

King cashed out. The question I am raising is; Has Park also cashed out and done so at the first opportunity to do so? After two years of good financial performance has he decided he has done his bit and the timing is right for him. Seeing the writing on the wall with regards FSR compliance?

That could fully explain why they seem to be acting prudently recently I.e it has fuck all to do with FSR compliance and everything to do with Park decreasing his exposure and cashing in his loans.

For King it was a profitable exercise. For Park maybe not but I’d suggest if he wanted to be taken seriously in the financial world he would have to. Nobody who has been top dog since Murray exited the scene hasn’t profited.

On the face of it Park hasn’t cashed in if Beale is being promised their largest spend in recent times without their being any real assets to sell. That however is in direct contrast to the continual issue of monthly shares as soft investment if they want to comply with FSR and/or rounding off the books with a Park cash out. If they don’t comply with FSR then am I right in thinking that they will only be fined by deductions from prize money?
That may be acceptable to them and like many other clubs in Europe they are adopting a Mexican stand off situation with UEFA….who will blink first? I suggest UEFA

If Park has cashed in then Bennett needs to find new soft investment that is based on promises as he’s at the end of his net worth legally speaking and that’s what Beale is being sold. How that sits with FSR can’t be good. One thing is for sure is that the complete lack of scrutiny from the organization that operates outside Ibrox from any authority or media outlet still makes it an attractive investment.

April 7, 2023 12:10 pm

Morning all and a Happy and Holy Easter Weekend!
Chairbhoy…you said “I personally have knowledge and techniques that facilitate an equanimous life state”. yeah me too, I call it Tinto Rojas!! 😁

April 7, 2023 12:11 pm

This podcast is a good follow up to anyone who has read Great Hatred Little Room by Jonathon Powell about the Good Friday Agreement.

April 7, 2023 12:15 pm


Rioja, good Rioja is expensive here! So my system is to use Baco Noir!
More seriously, a good system of quashing ego is to think about more than yourself.


April 7, 2023 12:17 pm

Apologies, Rebus, if it makes you feel any better I’m happy to share the wine! 😲🤣

April 7, 2023 12:20 pm

Rebus…I doubt you’d get a Baco Noir here for less than a tenner, maybe even £20! Rioja can be had, bottom shelf of Sainsbury’s on the day before PayDay for about a fiver – and it’s better than the label and the price suggest!
Recently been drinking Portuguese reds from Sainsbos…around £7 a bottle and damn good vinho!

Bada Bing
April 7, 2023 12:21 pm

Awe Naw- the recent share issues,could be to pay him back,and he’s offski with the accounts late……again

April 7, 2023 12:22 pm

McCaff @ 12:10 pm,

Well funny you should mention that, heard t’uther day that alcohol was our go to drug for anxiety – that made perfect sense

Unfortunately Mr Booze is not agreeing with me at the moment, finding zero Doombar last night was all very nice but hardly anxiety busting:)))

Hope you’re having a well deserved holiday weekend

Enjoy the Tinto Rojas..

Hail Hail

April 7, 2023 12:25 pm


I remember that anecdote. Until about 1983 our crowds were always ’round’ hundreds. And , as many have speculated over the years, made up too

My memory is imperfect – and currently affected by painkillers- but there was a rumour for years that the given crowd figures – other than all ticket games- did not include those in the stand. What I also recall – and this is true- average home crowds for league games went up by 5100 the season after White died. This despite a 3500
reduction in capacity and , until its unexpected finale, a poor one on the pitch. Coincedence?

I remember that Thistle game JNP posted and 19000 as the attendance seemed a bit on the high side. There were times in the Sir Robert Kelly and White eras when if the figure given was above 25000 this seemed nonsensical. I recall games in 77 and 79 when huge matches with Dundee United where the crowd was given as 37000 and the obvious question on both occasions was ‘where are the other 30000 meant to fit?’ A game with Airdrie in April 1969 – a 2-2 draw that is on You Tube and which contains some ‘interesting’ refereeing- was the first game my sister ever attended and for a day when a win would have tied up the league apparently only 34000 turned up. Hmmm

But I also think if crowds were given as less than 20k then , as with that Thistle game, the crowd give. looks to be rather more than was given. Or maybe sometimes Big Des remembered to include the stand in the released figure.


Awe Naw
April 7, 2023 12:30 pm


To help pay Park off I’d agree or to make up any projected shortfall due to Park’s recent decision.

He seems to be a very petty man and after the sterling work..excuse the pun…he might me a bit aggrieved at how he is being perceived by the inbred factions at Ibrox

I don’t believe that it’s just a marketing ploy to keep the inbreds onside. I mean it must be a high percentage of their income that’s now being used to come in second. 12 years and counting.

The baton has been passed to Bennett to try and appeal to all factions especially the inbreds and he’s daft and bitter enough to try to do what King and Park failed to do.

April 7, 2023 12:31 pm


I second that motion 😁
Have a great day and an even better day tomorrow.

April 7, 2023 12:35 pm


37,000 v Dundee Utd became a a standing joke between me and SOLKITTS,who was a recent Celtic convert,over the years!

April 7, 2023 12:38 pm

Awe Naw…there’s a helluva lot in that post with so many what ifs!
I’m not sure about Park, what his intentions were or are but my first thoughts when I heard the news was that his health was a main factor in his decision to quit. Mibbes aye, mibbes naw!
Of their confetti issues no names are ever attached to the disbursement so it’s impossible to see who the benefactors of the share issue or cash repayments are. Park undoubtedly must be one of them, Bennett too I presume. I estimated 85m extra shares issued in 5 years, at a cost of 25 p each is about £20 million give or take. The latest issue of 7.7m shares would have brought in about £1.8m, not a great deal of money to get rid of the Chair, unless its the latest payment in a series of dues!
Who the hell knows, its a byzantine system of lies, smoke and mirrors and corruption. Unless they go tits up again we’ll never know the levels they’ve gone to to a/ line their own pockets and b/ ensure the name of their fine institution lives on.

April 7, 2023 12:39 pm

Jimbo..the “The Crowd Today…” announcement was almost as entertaining as the game sometimes! 😁

Awe Naw
April 7, 2023 12:46 pm


When their accounts are released the picture should be about 2% 3% 5% clearer. That’s an institution well worth hanging onto if you can appeal to their customer base and get away with it. I’m also interested to see if Ashley was fully paid off or not. I don’t see why Bennett would be taking cash out though. He needs to find it.

April 7, 2023 12:50 pm


A lot of the grounds were ‘at it’ right up to 1989 when safety at last became paramount after Hillsborough. Hampden and Easter Road were , if anything, worse than us especially after the mid 70s when their capacities were ‘slashed’ . Worst I ever experienced for that was though at either Tynecastle in 1989 when the Scotland Youth team played Portugal in a World Youth semi- final when the exact capacity of 29000 turned up – I’d been in Tyney with 40000 plus and there were more in the night Brian O’Neill got the winner. The other joke was the 27000 at Love Street in 1980 – a fairly terrifying evening and again I’d been in that ground when bigger figures were given


My dad and I thought we were doing well if we got to within 10000 of the given figure!


April 7, 2023 12:52 pm

Awe Naw…my read of it would be that these guys Park, Bennett, Ashley are Business Men. Feck the club if it means personal dollar, short term loans for high returns is king, the money is guaranteed. Ashley is a brillinat case of how to screw them and get away with it. He’ll have had every penny he’s been due and he still has control of their kit and merchandise deals – and they feckin’ hate him! They’d love for him to be off but he’s showing them who’s the Daddy! It’s a fantastic sideshow and most of the Bears don’t know they’re being shafted!