So That’ll Be A Naw Then?


Fergus made a quote of a lifetime when he reminded us that it is not always easy to be a Celtic fan,but it is always worthwhile. Those words should be etched onto his statue when it is finally approved. In fact,I’d be in favour of renaming the main stand as not always easy. 

It hasn’t always been easy,especially as we were born a bunch of bolshie basterts in the first place. Ten Celtic supporters in a pub will give you eleven different opinions. All of them right,by the way-we know our stuff,after all. Problem is,we all know the destination and can’t quite agree how to get there!

When I first arrived on CQN in 2008-my first attempt at yon social media stuff-I knew nothing about the etiquette involved. 

I’d only recently discovered how to switch one of them computer things on!

(BTW,I’m being serious about that)

I made it plain that I was not PL’s biggest fan,and explained why. That even with our obvious advantages,we were being hamstrung by a non-football outlook of selling our best players and signing,quite frankly,dross. 

Blinkin flip,the list of dross that man signed,the amount of money in transfer fees,wages-no,I have a four year contract at £15k a week,don’t fancy a loan-and agents fees is eye watering. Worse,it isn’t even close to how much he cost us by hamstringing various managers over the years by selling their best players from under them. 

Ask NL MkI about Ledley and Samaras. Scunnered him,that did. 

Yes,Fergus was right. My Dad and everyone of his generation could give you chapter and verse on that. Now,I was born in 63,but far too young to know about Lisbon when it happened. My first game was later that year,but even though I loved football-I went to school,ate,slept and played football the rest of the time as we all did-I really didn’t know what was going on. 

I soon got the gist of it though,and I was none too taken with the PL approach. As I did to a certain extent with them computer things. As time wore on,PL doubled down,guess what?

So did I. 

Popular as a fart in a space suit-to begin with. And then it filtered through-do not think for a minute,please,that I was a sole voice in the wilderness here,this is only my own experience-but what the hell. But anyway,this is not about me or PL,more the fact that Fergus was right. We will always be Celtic fans,and what happens in the boardroom will doubtless piss us off mightily again,we will still always be Celtic fans. 

We didn’t have to live those famine years from pre-war till Jock in 1965,where my Dad saw us win a miserly two cups,a league and two league cups by the time he was 25yo. The highlight was an invitational,ffs. The Coronation Cup-definitely worth the winning,just for the GIRUY factor. 

Anyway,you already think I’m rambling here. I do that from time to time. But there is a point. Where were we when Jock arrived? Won nearly f..all in over a quarter of a century-and the few we did were when he was part of the team. Journeyman centre half? Aye,sure. He turned up,tore the place inside out. Told the players that here’s the deal,and this is how and where you play. 

Jock is rightly revered by every Celtic fan since,and rightly so. 

But Ange has that aura about him too. Do not get me wrong,the comparison stops there. But we have one single-minded manager whose first love was not Celtic but it will be his last. A man who can tell players that this might not quite be how you usually play,but this is how I want you to play. Similar to Jock,when he asked a player to play in a different position from his usual. 

Because,having watched you,I believe that is your natural position. 

Ask Bobby Murdoch,John Clark,Big Tam-Ach,all of them,none of them bar the goalie played the same role under Jock. Ange does that too. Maeda wasn’t a left winger. Mooy wasn’t an 8,nor Matt. Reo certainly wasn’t a 10! Etc. 

Btw,Jim Brogan was never a left back either,but there is always a place for a hard bastert,and a maverick as well,in my Celtic team. 

Anyway,getting back to the point. Two years ago,I defy you to get the correct answer from any of our Celtic pals if asked who Ange Postecoglu was. His early signings did not inspire much hope either. 

Who they?

Actually,neither did our early results! 

But Ange has built a team in his likeness. And my fear is that it is on the verge of being broken up. Our club is infamous for not building from strength,we could give chapter and verse. But when our top scorer and our likely POTY can’t get into their national team-and get kicked f… out of time and again-do not be disappointed when they leave. 

We do not like our stars upping sticks. Never have. Yet we gave the likes of Henrik,Stan and KT a free pass. Why? Because we saw the kickings they were getting every week. 

Twas ever thus. And until the laws of the game are properly applied indiscriminately in Scotland,its best players will always be on the first plane out. Can any of us really see that happening?

Above article by BMCUWP

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Big Audio Dynamite
May 11, 2023 6:43 am

I can totally relate to your luddism 😊

No doubt those lean years shaped your dad’s experience.
It’ll be why he’s enjoying these times so much.
For me, the lean years just make these times all the sweeter!
I’d give a pinky or toe just to have half his memories …even the bad ones :))
I could probably sit for days just listening to his tales of following the Tic.
If you know your history!

Big Audio Dynamite
May 11, 2023 7:08 am

If you woke up this morning wondering what Celtic were doing on this day in 1897, this is your lucky day!

Celtic were playing the og Huns ( @ Hampden) in the Glasgow Merchants Charity cup.
The beautiful trophy was played for from the 1870s till well into the 1960s.
Celtic played in the final 42 times – winning 28.
On the 11th of May 1897 we lost 4-1 to Rangers in round 1.
Rumours that Rangers had bribed the referee, may or may not be true.
We’ll need to ask BP later if that’s a true story …and if he can remember being at the game! 😕😉

Big Audio Dynamite
May 11, 2023 8:11 am

On this day – Celtic fc. 🍀

11th May 1889.

Celtic win their very first trophy.

Hoop hoop hooray
May 11, 2023 8:44 am

On our football chat we were chatting about fiormer players and where they are now. It kinda grew arms and legs and we now have over 100 former first team players who are finishing this season in clubs across 29 different countries. And theres some real dross in there amongst the kts and the virgils

May 11, 2023 8:54 am

A year ago today, Celtic draw 1:1 at Tannadice to clinch the title. 🏆

Giakoumakis with the goal.

May 11, 2023 8:54 am

11th May 2014, Celtic 3:1 Dundee Utd.

Stokes, Samaras and Commons.

Trophy day and Samaras last Celtic goal.

May 11, 2023 8:54 am

15 years ago today, Celtic 2:0 Hibs.

McManus and McDonald. @StephenMc446 @ScottyMcD83

May 11, 2023 8:55 am

11th May 2011, Hearts 0:3 Celtic.

Hooper(2) and Commons. @HOOP588

Hearts scumbag attacks Lennon on the touchline.

May 11, 2023 8:56 am

11th May 1991, St Johnstone 2:3 Celtic.

Nicholas, Galloway and Coyne. @CharNicholas10

Celtic come from behind twice to finish 3rd place on goal difference and qualify for the Uefa Cup.

May 11, 2023 8:56 am

10 years ago today, Celtic beat St Johnstone 4:0 and lift the title.

Ledley, Mulgrew and Forrest with the goals. @joe16led @charlie_mulgrew

Jobo Baldie
May 11, 2023 9:02 am

Good morning, friends from a warm and soon to be hot Estepona.
Haven’t been reading the site for the last few days but I hope everyone is well.
Bobby, it would gnaw at me all through the day if I didn’t say this but did you really have to start paragraph 7 with that expression?
More generally whilst I can understand anyone that uses profanities or swearing when chatting (I do so myself), swearing when typing or texting has always really confused me! 😁

May 11, 2023 9:16 am


I usually plan out an article,then write it and edit before posting it. There’s a lot of editing to make it acceptable,as you can imagine! Yet,I don’t always get it right.

Blunder corrected,and thanks for pointing it out.


May 11, 2023 9:17 am


I came across CQN through News Now — clicked on the link and quickly saw that the comments were more interesting than the original article.

Then there was the viewpoint being pushed — looked like someone in the “Young Team” on the board trying to make themselves heard in the then current cacophony of BQ vs MO’N squabbling. Very cutting edge to use non trad media channels to get your message across so whoever was priming PB @ CQN was a pretty sharp cookie when it came to comms / agenda setting and so it would turn out

That then pointed to the bloke who was part of the retail WEWW posse or someone called PL who seemingly had a career in property bean counting before he joined the management team — strange title that morphed over time into CEO.

Didn’t take long to work out that the opinions behind CQN were coming from the bean counter that was PL — not sure if you can remember the “amortisation war” that broke out when CQN shouted to the world that we were about to invest £5mill in the squad through a reduction in our amortisation charge.

I offered an alternative viewpoint — cash is reality — and PB stopped replying to my comments as the battle lines on the site started to crystallise between the “Happy clappers” and the realists.

CQN must have got their wires crossed when PL was dictating the story to PB but there was no backing down and the credibility of the site suffered — well in my eyes at least — but you had to hand it to PL as he really was playing a blinder.

CQN had its coterie that included a talking dug.
E Tims had its mole in the Heilen Jessie that provided snippets for its Rumour Mill.
Sharp suits were arriving at the Heated Driveway in Thorntonhall by the dozen.
A whole meta-verse was being sustained by morsels dispensed by PL.
Not so much succulent lamb as Wetherspoons Curry Night.
No matter HMV was the way forward for many.

However no matter your control of the channels — the message has to have some level of credibility.
And that for me is where it all started to go wrong — football was not at the centre / something else had primacy.
So I bumped my gums about the not so hidden agenda without initially understanding the dynamics in play.
And then it all became clear and PL became SPLOB — aka the bonus lover and then the bonus thief.

He was DD’s — aka the Irish Raj — point man at the club who’s sole aim in life was to make sure DD never had to put his hand in his pocket again to support the club where the pantomime of 2005 was never to be repeated. So the club paid him well above his ability / worth so that he could follow his master’s voice and implement his instructions.

No more investment into the club / keep the EPL dream alive — bigger as a Glesga pair / no surprises — after that the floor is yours to work as you wish.
That only takes us up to about 2010.
Couple of bumps in the road but PL was the man up until BR arrived.
No matter — he could play the long game / managers come and go — and so it turned out.
BR broke DD’s heart in 2018 and PL was back with a bang / huge bonus.
And the slow motion trainwreck of NL2 played out to a disbelieving crowd.

It is a small miracle we have came so far so fast over the past 2 years.
That is what we need to savour — May 2021 was deep hole worthy of the Western Pacific.
Marianas Trench sized hole — we have been very lucky.
And long may it continue.

The Real McCoy
May 11, 2023 9:33 am

Good Morning Sentinel Celts 👋🏻
JNP , BAD et al thanks for the Celtic history updates 🙏🏻
Blinking Flip Bobby/ Mick .. that edited right in front of my eyes 👀
Wee phrase in the leader reminded me of something that has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now. Never got around to it or intended it for the nightshift.
But …
“ But we have one single-minded manager whose first love was not Celtic but it will be his last. “
Hopefully an earworm for you all that you will never forget when you hear this song 🎵.


Celtic was my first love
And it will be my last
Celtic of the future
And Celtic of the past
To live without my Celtic
Would be impossible to do
In this world of troubles
My Celtic pulls me through
Celtic was my first love
And it will be my last
Celtic of the future
And Celtic of the past
And Celtic of the past
And Celtic of the past
Celtic was my first love
And it will be my last
Celtic of the future
And Celtic of the past
To live without my Celtic
Would be impossible to do
‘Cause in this world of troubles
My CELTIC pulls me through


Vijeo ⬆️ complete with Celtic Park lights 👍🏻

I expect the Shipbank Shipwrecks to be giving this laldy ramorra 🎵🍺🍺🎵


May 11, 2023 9:39 am


An epic masterpiece,and possibly the only means of improving on the original was to give it the full Proms treatment.

May 11, 2023 9:46 am

BMCUW @ squad regeneration

My thoughts — probably glass half full.
Fair point regarding the SPL hammer thrower angle / kicking players off the park.
All leagues have it to some extent — however we revel in the “man’s game / contact sport angle”.
We as in the media / commentators / pundits / print media — it is deified as the official status of the SPL.
Who cares about skill / talent / ability — more so if you don’t have it but somebody else does.
Then it is all about blood and snotters — who cares about the football?
The result is all that counts …

And we are surprised when the SPL is played of the park by a LoI team …

So for next season — I think there will be change and probably a lot of change.
Some is needed / some will bring disappointment — the main thing is hat it is planned for / prep’ed for and the surprises are kept to a minimum.

KF has moved up a gear this season.
CCV and CS have really got it together over the past 4 months — CS in particular.
RH has been a bit variable but his best is close to brilliance.
LA has taken a back seat recently — possibly unsettled but he has a lot more to give especially in the CL.
JPNF needs more coaching / time to settle — another with unfinished business in the CL.
MO’R needs time to settle down and get his head back into the game — trying too hard.
AJ has been a revelation — hopefully more to come.
DM still needs to settle down / relax / get his timing right.
TI is my pick for big things next season — hopefully the MF will be transformed.
OH-g is settling in nicely — trying too hard to impress but making progress.
JH has had a good three months — came back onto a game.
YK will benefit from a full pre-season.
GT is still learning at LB.
SH is another who still has to settle.

People will come and people will go.
What we have at the moment is not to me the definitive AP team.
It is a point on the journey — I think that there is a lot more to come.

Net investment including add ons from previous transfers — £20mill would be my first guess.

So overall — positive even if players move on.

Big Audio Dynamite
May 11, 2023 9:59 am

The Real McCoy,

My pleasure, buddy.

HH 🍀

May 11, 2023 10:02 am

Morning all,

The Real McCoy,
Excellent tune and words. I will pass on to the Shipwrecks tomorrow ???

My only thought is who’s giving it ” Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be John Miles?? ”

BRRB – At bar — No chance
Big Jimmy/ Belmont Brian – both telling crappy jokes – No chance
SFTB – Not drinking – No chance
Jobo – On holiday – No chance
Magua – Dark horse – Possible
Me – Shitey singer – No chance
The Lurkin Tim – Too busy Lurkin – No chance.

All others – In the running and you never know !!!!!!

Could be an interesting afternoon.

Invite is open to all and hope to see a few of you there 💚💚

Big Audio Dynamite
May 11, 2023 10:14 am


Tony Tiger, Viking, Yuki and Greg.

Callum and Reo

Matt, O.

Jota, Kyogo , Daizen

After some thought, i think i’d be going for 5 wins in the remaining games.
That team should be good enough @ the weekend.

May 11, 2023 11:51 am


I came across CQN through News Now — clicked on the link and quickly saw that the comments were more interesting than the original article.

E Tims had its mole in the Heilen Jessie that provided snippets for its Rumour Mill.
E Tims were no PL lovers and strong supporters of Res12.

Here is an interesting snippet. Ralph Malph managed to get a meeting with Peter Lawwell (PL) and Paul Brennan (PB)

Ralph asked what was happening with Res12 and PB answered it was dead, to be quickly corrected by PL.

At the time mixed signals like that were coming out via CQN and it later transpired that it was Winning Captains who was fully supportive not PB. This helped unscramble the signals.

E Tims also got the reply of 8 June 2016 from Andre Traverso Head of UEFA Club licensing to Celtic shareholders out on social media. The NEW club/company reply that had the dark side supporters frothing at the mouth before taking refuge in denial,

Ralph Malph was shown it unredacted in a pub in Glasgow, but because whoever published it might get unwelcome attention on social media (like I had already) a bit of camouflage was needed. So “Not The View” published and sold it at games and E Tims took it wider from there.

Why UEFA replied at all is interesting as they only deal with clubs but that was addressed as result of my suggestion to PL that he ran with, reluctantly I reckon, but I just could not understand why Celtic would not take Res12 to UEFA at all. (I think I know now).

In effect UEFA were to be told by Celtic that their shareholders were coming via their lawyer and UEFA could reply as appropriate.

That reply shocked everyone, the requisitioners who never posed the new club question, PL and the Comp Sec at Celtic, The SFA at Hampden where Darryl Broadfoot the SFA Head of Communications must have seen it and a few days later STV’s Grant Russell published a sanitised version from the UEFA Media Dept omitting ” new club/company” words.

My point in writing this? CQN with the benefit of hindsight was a den of skulduggery, a device to divide and divert the support , something that Sentinel Celts hosts are not guilty of and which contributors should be wary of when all 10 arrive at 11 solutions (metaphorically speaking of course.)

May 11, 2023 11:51 am


Five wins gives us another two records. 107 points and an eighth treble. So,very much on my wish list too.

May 11, 2023 11:53 am


Major 👏👏👏 and 👍👍👍

Margaret McGill
May 11, 2023 12:38 pm

What’s German for shattinfood?
I always tend to a wry smile over the last 20 years when I hear the pish spouted by Tim’s about next season in Europe. If only the board could live so vicariously

Angel Gabriel
May 11, 2023 12:43 pm

Auldheid 11.51 .

Spot on ✅.
Darryl ( of the missing sentence ) Broadfoot was given the platform of Radio Scotland to proclaim & promote the same club guff . He did so with relish.
When challenged on Twitter about the important missing sentence, he either ignored or blocked.

A Fuds fud .

May 11, 2023 12:56 pm

I am not a fan of CQN anymore but I once was. Originally it was a free source of information about the club. I shall never forget the saga of the Bellamy transfer….will he come, will he not. In the beginning there were several posters who provided credible financial and non financial analysis of the activities of the club. Posters such as NeilR, The Hat, The Battered Bunnet, even Kojo in his many forms brought credibility and interest to the site, whether you agreed with their conclusions or not. The Evil Rum Baba was worth reading just because he represented one of my favourite desserts!

My point is that CQN changed/evolved over time, as most blogs do. What it became suited some but not others.

Actually, IMHO, if someone sets up a blog and runs it on their time and money, they have a right to have their own agenda. You and I may not like the agenda but we are only guests not the authors of the site. If you disagree with the agenda, then you have the options of saying so on the site, and/or leaving.

Most social media started as one thing and ended up as something else, in many cases ultimately becoming owned and operated for corporate interests. To condemn CQN if it followed that path is merely to describe what has and is happening to much of social media, as entrepreneurs cash in…..think Napster and Google.


May 11, 2023 1:00 pm

Have my musings been posted twice? Perhaps it is a transitional thing to use my technical knowledge to its max!

Regrets if I slammed it into you twice.


May 11, 2023 1:40 pm

Glasgow and the Irish Revolution Walking Tour
Yesterday’s walking tour organised by the 1916 Rising Centenary Committee and Glasgow Trades Council was hailed a success by the participants. An enthusiastic band of walkers met at the old archway that led to the Meat Market in Moore Street, off the Gallowgate. The significance of the location is that that Volunteer Charles Edward Carrigan was born in this street in 1882. By a strange twist of fate Carrigan was killed in action as a member of the GPO Garrison in Moore Street, Dublin during the evacuation of the GPO on 28th April, on what was his 34th birthday. The walkers led by their guides, Stephen Coyle and Keith Stoddart, stopped at a number of places in the Calton, including the site of the Irish Volunteers drill hall in Risk Street, which has now vanished. The group then made their way to Glasgow Green, where on Fleshers Haugh, it is recorded that 3,000 members of the Irish Volunteers were drilled by Captain John Carney before he marshalled them through the city centre. The Irish Citizen Army was later drilled by Captain Jack White in the Green which caused a sensation at the time. The Green hosted mass demonstrations in support of the Manchester Martyrs in 1867, the Dublin Lockout in 1913, May Day rally in 1919 addressed by the main speaker Constance Markievicz, and Irish hunger strikers protest demonstrations in 1920. There are many other Irish connections with the Green. The party visited the nearby sites of three Sinn Féin halls.
A highlight of the visit was the spot where the bullet marks are still visible on the remains of the old prison wall at the top of the High Street. This was where the episode known as the ‘The Smashing of the Van’ occurred, when the IRA attempted to rescue Brigadier Frank Carty of the Sligo Brigade, from a prison van on the 4th of May 1921. The ambush was unsuccessful and in the melee a police inspector was killed, and a detective sergeant was injured.
Feedback from the participants was most encouraging, and some people were surprised at the extent of Glasgow’s connections with the Irish struggle for freedom.

May 11, 2023 1:54 pm


Perfectly correct. MAHE and I don’t have a problem with the obvious fact that not all of our articles will meet universal approval. Or any of them,come to that.

All we’ve ever said is that the site is for polite if passionate debate about our club,open to anyone,and NO adverts. Ever.

Oh,and that the board need to be more aligned with the thinking of the fans than was the case in 2018 and for more than a decade beforehand.

Btw,it was my much missed pal THEBARCAMOLE who broke the news re Bellamy on CQN. It’s where he took his moniker from!

Explain later.

May 11, 2023 2:25 pm

Below, is a list of Peter Lawwel’s finest achievements, as CEO at Celtic Football Club:

May 11, 2023 3:12 pm

AH @ 11.51

There is more to the club / the SPL / football in Scotland than Res12.

My point about E Tims is my suspicion — more than that pretty sure / p**h stained mole in the Heilen Jessie nonsense — that back in the day they were getting Club help to write the Rumour Mill feature which was a support event of some note a few years back.

That was at the time when the “sharp suited” angle was being promoted.

What happened after that I don’t know.
There appeared to be a split in the E Tims crew with some going off to run the CU site.
Not sure if that is a crystallisation of the PL divide that you hint at?

I’m sure you can understand my thoughts regarding CQN — the chat / discussion was a lot better than the articles but as you say they were being worked up the back to get out the PL bonus friendly narrative that a “Generation of Domination” was upon us and being one step ahead of our friends in Govan was our rightful place in the football world.

The CL was not for the likes of us — and how PL burst a gut to make it happen and have the happy clappers primed to explain the failure. We talk about the possibility of 5 trebles in seven seasons but little about the 4 year gap in CL group stage participation.
Football is about the here and now — fair point — but PL has worked that angle to hide his own failures.

Made for an easy life for him even if we had to cover the second tier of the LL stand and we had a succession of substantial payments going through the accounts to pay off all the frogs he had kissed and still bought to keep his agent pals happy.

Not sure how big the invite got but PL was having regular meetings with the CFC interweb community.
Nothing to do with engaging with the support but everything to do with getting his message out.
Fly as a pet monkey.

May 11, 2023 3:24 pm

R67 @ 12.56

My guess / hunch — 80% of the CQN output was tailored to fit the PL / Bonus friendly agenda.
There were a couple of times when hand and the glove were out of sync but not many.

I do appreciate that CQN was PB’s gaff and he called the shots — or he did until m88 showed up and took his cue from the weather / the colour of socks he was wearing — but I did not appreciate the PL friendly propaganda that he spouted on a regular basis.

Very obvious/ too obvious — seen by most as the interweb wing of the board.
And once that attitude is out there — very difficult to remove.

May 11, 2023 3:31 pm

Magua @ 2:25pm

As the shameless charlatan might say himself ………

For 18 years I fooled most of the people most of the time……. and I’m back in the building.

Top bloke that Brendan Rodgers, got me a £3.2m bonus and I didn’t need to kick a ball.

For the (not quite)10IAR season, 55,000 fans parted with their hard earned but never set foot in the stadium. I restricted (sic) myself to a basic salary of £1.2m that season. No point in being a shameless charlatan and not proving it.

Dermot first, Peter second, and Celtic…….. well………. I couldn’t really give a f…

May 11, 2023 3:34 pm

Much chat about the B Team game last night?
Great first half once we had settled down but I thought we had blown our chance with the comedy cuts defending.
Hopefully SMcM and DO’D will be one year older and wiser next season and move things forward.

As for the future — very thin pickings for the main squad.
Some might benefit from loan moves but overall it looks like a pretty barren group.
RV looks like he could be in the first team squad next season but no-one else made much of an impression.
Plus DM and JD are out injured — so maybe the medical room will provide some raw material yet.

TFOD2.1 — their finishing let them down especially in the first half.
Us — our final ball let us down repeatedly especially in the second half.
They passed the ball forward while we used individual skill to build the play — they lasted longer than we did.

However … great to see a CFC GK get into the grove regarding saving penalties.
Saved it for us and then won it for us — don’t think his name will be forgotten anytime soon.
One to watch going forward — seemed to be young in the context of the rest of the team.

May 11, 2023 4:43 pm


Big Dermo got off lightly. While he was visiting exotic places to play a few rounds of golf, his pet poodle took all the flak.

Hail Hail.

May 11, 2023 4:44 pm


There is more to life than football.

Res12 is part of that life and I’ll refer to it to remind us whenever I choose.

If you do not like the insight or info provided scroll past.

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. Res12 has many lessons to offer.

Those who do can keep Celtic on the right track of life .

You support in your way , I’ll support in mine.

Rebus has it right that differences of opinion occur and I used Celtic Underground a lot to put blogs out. One asking if SFA cheated Celtic got the highest number of views ever.

It was the CU lad who helped me use Twitter for the first time at the Keerydale St Open meeting when Jeanette Findlay jokingly suggested NL be appointed manager to replace Mowbray.

I’ve found all blogs and bloggers have a role to play in informing the support

PL realised that pretty quickly.

The guys at The Celtic View were pissed off at the leads PB was being fed by PL.

Human nature tends to separate more than unite but that in itself is creative. It produced Sentinel Celts for example.

May 11, 2023 4:51 pm

The b team looked streets ahead in the first half but ran out of intensity, and couldn’t maintain an 3-0 advantage. Lawal was very casual at their second, and we didn’t get to grips at all with them taking the game to us.

Can’t say there were many standouts, RV apart.

Another bauble is welcome, but don’t see many threatening the first team/ squad.

For them, they hold high hopes for Lowry, Ure and Lovelace – on last nights showing they are not going to give Beale serious options.

Big Audio Dynamite
May 11, 2023 5:03 pm

Some of the young hoops are really good players.

It’s making the step up to first team regulars that’s difficult.

They have the talent, no doubt,, you can’t play like that it you dont.

It’s an age-old problem.

May 11, 2023 5:07 pm

CFC…I agree but think with another season of Angeball and these boys being a year older and stronger we could see more than just Vata coming through, Summers, Brooks and Letsosa maybe! They were our standouts other than Clark’s pen saves!
I thought Lovelace looked a real handful when he got a sniff!! Lawal definitely struggled with his directness and he also held the ba’ up well to bring others into play. And he’d learned from the last game not to go down too easily, worth watching I’d say!
Lowry wasn’t the player I thought he was gonna be, he was very poor, one chance to lay off for a shot but went himself and lost possession too easily. Could’ve had a 2nd yellow before being subbed, too.
All in all it was a good game though and deepens their misery! So, Win /Win! 😁

May 11, 2023 5:17 pm

McCaff. B A D

They are good players, the point is good enough?

And that is, indeed, the age old problem.
Transitioning from prospects to the real deal.
The attrition rate is high.

I’d imagine most will go on to have pretty decent careers. Good luck to them.

Well done on the victory, and another trophy is obviously welcome.

May 11, 2023 5:40 pm

CFC…the attrition rate is naturally high, for multiple reasons, but these boys are the cream of the crop, supposedly. They’ll never have a better chance of success than they have now. The next stage is what separates the real winners from the guys who will find they can’t make the step up. We all know someone who coulda been a contender but…

May 11, 2023 5:48 pm

Expectations high but Dreams dashed.
Must be crushing for some kids. Feel for them.

I have no idea but do clubs provide support networks or is it on to the scrap heap and …

May 11, 2023 5:58 pm

CFC…it’s a great question! I expect some clubs are better than others – bringing in local employers and educators to ensure its not straight onto a scrapheap at 19/20/21!
A pal of my nephew got a business degree 5 or 6 years ago and his dissertation was about what happens to young fitba players when they’re released. He had been a decent player, Junior level, but had suffered a knee injury that put him out of the game so he had a wee bit of knowledge about it!

May 11, 2023 5:58 pm

MM 312

I disagree with you about e-tims. Ralph reported at the time that he was invited to meet PL in his office,and was quite astonished to discover that PB was there too.

PL’s lure was clickbait in return for favourable articles. Ralph flatly refused. Clickbait is of no interest to him. His site is like ours,all offers rejected out of hand and out of principle.

Shows what we are up against,right enough.

May 11, 2023 6:00 pm

B @ 5.03

What is a good player — what standard should they be able to deliver in senior football?

10 seasons in the SPL?
10 seasons in the Sch?
10 seasons in the EngL1?

20 years ago our stiffs made good careers in the SPL — some caught the eye to the extent you were questioning our decision making.

5 years ago our stiffs struggled to get contracts in the Sch. Not catching the eye anywhere at the moment.

So our youths / B Team — where will.most end up?

Then there is the bigger question — our U16’s / what should we expect from them?

Same question for the U18’s and B Team?

Are the players getting better compared to their peers as they go through our system or are they regressing?

Last night we looked off the pace regarding poise / posture / balance / anticipation — real basic stuff.

We had the talent — two tanner ba’ players in the MF plus RV on the right and a real attacking combo on the left.

CF took his two goals well — easy street.

Unfortunately we ran.out of steam / made silly mistakes then the MF evaporated and we had little to fall back on.

We looked like a team that only trained for futsal and left the big picture football stuff to chance / personal discretion.

Corners — us vs them — not good.

The contrast between the U18’s last week and the B Team last night was stark.

U18’s = recognised youth coach who seems to have instilled leadership on the park.
B Team = two guys getting real responsibility for the first time with a team that looks a bit thin on character.

Might be time to change things around.

May 11, 2023 6:09 pm

BMCUW @ 5.58

E Tims — I thought they were getting inside help for their Rumour Mill / Cartoon strip.

Plus some of their podcasts have been a bit Board friendly when I have managed to listen to them.

Or it might have been financial / business conservatism on show.

So a leap into the dark was made …

Never quite understood the CU breakaway — is it to do with advertising?

However one of their names would appear to be up for a curry with “Pete”.

Outsider looking in but PL really has worked this to the max and beyond.

CL — not for the likes of us …
Would you believe the brass neck in that concept?
Too many have forgotten all about 1967.
It might be hard but we have to try.
No excuses — just full on effort.

May 11, 2023 6:21 pm


There have been a number of reasons for my distaste of PL. His expectation management is pretty close to the fore.

May 11, 2023 7:23 pm

4 simultaneous semi-finals on in 40 minutes on the Golazo show, 3 of them in Italy. No skin in the game, so should be a treat.

Rooting for Sevilla, Bayer and West Ham ( for Moyes ). Can’t make a decision on Fiorentina-Basle.

May 11, 2023 7:45 pm

I’ll be keeping an eye on how Frimpong does. Seems an eternity since he was brutalized by the thug Power and stretchered off.

May 11, 2023 7:54 pm

Angel Di Maria’s Europa Cup goals have just been replayed. All superb, including a bullet header to his weaker side. What a player he is!

May 11, 2023 8:01 pm

Basle aiming to be first Swiss team to reach a Euro final.