It’s all quietly taking shape

An evolution rather than a revolution, that was always the plan.
That plan has been activated and the time for in’s and outs has truly arrived.


A flurry of activity tells me the squad is being shaped and molded according to our current managers wishes.
The outgoings have started with Bosun Lawell, Liam Shaw, Stephen Welsh, Conor Hazard, and Albian Ajeti all staring at the exit door either on loan or just goodbye.
However it’s not a squad trimming as we will be replacing all five names above, with significant upgrades.


I suspect young Master Welsh wasn’t allowed to leave until we grabbed Rocki, I also suspect continental football will be good for his game and we might see him again in the future once he’s polished up. Our club just can’t afford that luxury at the moment, it’s tough at the top.


We’ve traded four raw talents for a much better class of raw talent, and in different positions.
The previous batch didn’t show much chance of achieving the high ceiling demanded.
The new batch have a much higher ceiling than those they are replacing, and have more experience to boot.


Last season some fringe players contributed, but not the outer fringe such as those 5 mentioned. Imagine if we can actually now turn to the outer fringe players, who really contribute in response.
I don’t think anyone could say we aren’t stronger with regards to squad depth.


Improving the first team is another issue and Rocki looks like our first candidate (more on him when it’s announced), but I do expect more, and fairly soon, with maybe one or two dragging out late while they access all options pre slamming of that transfer window.


Ajeti has been replaced by Maeda bringing us up to 3 strikers again, so I’m not worried about that position.


The wings have several options on each side, but I’m gonna predict Brendan will invert them putting left footers on the right etc. This opens up more options.


I think we are four signings away from being ideally positioned, but yet strong enough to cope in the short to medium term if one or two of those positions aren’t upgraded.
A keeper.
A defender to replace Yuki.
A solid midfielder.
An attacking midfielder.


There’s no crisis position, not even at fullback where Bernabei and Ralston might actually shine under this regime.
2 good defenders were enough last year and now we have 3.
In midfield Iwata, Holm, Calmac, Kwon, McCarthy, Turnbull, Reo, Matt, all have something to offer. The correct blend remains only to be found.


So yes, our squad is stronger, and they do say the strongest squad usually wins the league.
And now it’s time to focus on first team players as the gaffer said.
Better squad.
Better first team soon.
Better salary structure to keep the troops around longer.
Better man manager and tactician.
Better prospects for the club given FSR and straight into the CL.


Better not bet against the Bhoys, because it’s all quietly taking shape.


By Mahe

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July 24, 2023 1:12 am

With respect, if we rely on McCarthy and Turnbull in midfield, we will be in trouble. McCarthy is slower than a carthorse, and Turnbull spends so much time turning 360 degrees, he is worse than a man down in Europe, where you don’t have the luxury of time.

During the CL Group Stage last time, our midfield were unbelievably open. We were slow, incapable of tackling, and poorly positioned every time we lost the ball. Unless we want to lose another 15 goals in 6 games, this has to be addressed, and the inexperienced Iwata, Holm and Kwon are not going to be the solution. We need a serious big hitter in the center of the park, giving our back four a lot more protection than they had last time out. Sevco lost 22 goals, achieving a new worst ever record, and they are chasing an established international with World Cup Finals games on his resume for that position, as bitter experience has taught them it is critical.

Jobo Baldie
July 24, 2023 8:53 am

Good morning, friends.
Mahe – have those 5 players you mentioned actually left us either permanently or on loan? I haven’t read that elsewhere? Although far from the finished article I thought Bosun did well on Saturday.

July 24, 2023 9:28 am


Hazard has joined Plymouth for about £200k. Probably the right move for him at 25yo,he will be a busy lad for a newly-promoted Championship side. I didn’t think he did too badly in our season of hell which wrecked three goalies reputations as well as a few others.

Liam Shaw has been on loan at Motherwell and Morecambe for the last 18 months,and has now joined Maloney at Wigan for the season. He will be 23yo when he returns,with a year left on his contract. He knows what he has to do!

Ajeti has no future with Celtic. It remains to be seen if he has any future anywhere. It might be too early to judge Lawal,and he might be better served,at 20yo,with a closely-monitored loan. Maybe we can talk Broonie into that.

Of the five,I think Stephen Welsh has the best chance of making it. I thought he performed really well three years ago in hellish circumstances,but his chances since have been very limited. Not a loan for him as we need him for our European squad,which severely limits his opportunities. But as a replacement at RB and both CB positions,he can do a job for us when required.

Having said all that,we really need to be more proactive when it comes to trimming this squad. There are too many players as it is,and simply not enough places to go round. The likes of Ajeti,who refuses to move,doesn’t help. I doubt he is the only one who is happy to see out his contract and take his chances.

Happens far too often.

July 24, 2023 10:18 am

Far too early to say it’s all coming together quietly or otherwise. We do not know for certain if there will not be any further departures from the 1st team squad. Reports over the last few days state that Starfelt and Abada are wanted by other teams. IMHO If sufficient money is offered they’ll be offski, it’s the Celtic way with little thought about how they are replaced. Could it be the Polish boy is now being lined up as a direct replacement for Carl? As it stands we are a weaker squad than we were at the end of the season and could yet be further weakened. To date, we have not signed one ‘oven-ready’ player and that is with less than 2 weeks before the new season starts. True we have signed projects, perhaps I should use the Moneyball Mk 2 terminology and say prospects rather than projects🤔 BUT even Brendan has stated they aren’t ready yet so where does that leave us? Is there going to be a sudden rush of four oven-ready experienced players that will improve the quality of the 1st team in the next few days?

waiting with bated breath CSC

July 24, 2023 11:03 am

Steven Gerrard is set to add former Celtic defender, Jack Hendry, as his next summer signing at his new club Al Ettifaq.😮

The Nabbla
July 24, 2023 11:05 am


Reports from who?


July 24, 2023 11:07 am

The Nabbla

Check the timternet

St tams
July 24, 2023 11:15 am

Mahe, I’m sorry, but I’m with IniquitousIV, I don’t see where we have addressed our issue in the midfield. We don’t have any midfielders who can tackle.
I also still think we need another centre forward.
I wouldn’t like to be going into a CL game with Bernabei and Ralston as our fullbacks.

Prestonpans bhoys
July 24, 2023 11:16 am


From videocelts:

See new Tweets
Fabrizio Romano
Al Ettifaq are set to sign Jack Hendry on permanent deal from Club Brugge. He’ll join Steven Gerrard team after medical this week. 🟢🇸🇦

◉ Jordan Henderson deal to be signed this new week.
◉ Moussa Dembélé set to join as free agent very soon.
◉ Hendry will be third signing.

For £5m apparently!

The Nabbla
July 24, 2023 11:22 am

You posted it.i thought you would know.
Nothing as lazy as t’internet,timternet or gossip central.
All one and same.


The Nabbla
July 24, 2023 11:25 am

Prestonpans Bhoy
No problem or interest over Jack walker,query was of Starfelt as referred by Oglach.
Thank you

The Nabbla
July 24, 2023 11:27 am

Jack Hendry Prestonpans bhoy.
My error

July 24, 2023 12:58 pm

Left back is the glaring omission.
An Alistair Johnston type who is physical enough to handle Champions League.
Greg Taylor ideal as back up.
The thought of Bernabei up against quality in champs league would have me hiding behind the couch.
If you were a manager of elite opponents then I would imagine he would be the main player to target.
He struggles against the poorer clubs in our league never mind coming up against class.
He simply can’t defend.
Not every signing can be a success.

July 24, 2023 1:29 pm

Afternoon all,

My dyslexic pal as just txt me to say that a young Hun has just signed for Celtic.

I txt back saying ” Don’t worry, remember Alfie Conn”, although he was an older Hun 😉😉😉

July 24, 2023 1:44 pm



He used to be a hun,but he’s alright now!”

Another of the long-term injuries that Jock had to deal with in 77-78,and he never hit it off with Billy the following season. A sad ending to what was at first a promising time with us.

July 24, 2023 1:45 pm


Bernabei has been a major disappointment for us. No doubt about that. But Taylor’s form last season was exc3llent,so it was hard to dislodge him-even when he was injured.

July 24, 2023 2:08 pm

Sevco draw Genk or Servette in CL qualifying.

July 24, 2023 2:21 pm


Remember watching Alfie Conn playing for Celtic at Ibrox and he hit a 25 yard screamer which came off the crossbar.. The Huns gave him dogs abuse that day !!! If only that had went in 😉

Another cracking player from that era, that I remember, Pat Stanton. What a player and unlucky with a career ending injury.

Ahhh memories !!!!!!!!!!!!! 💚💚

Bada Bing
July 24, 2023 2:22 pm

Trevor Francis deid

July 24, 2023 2:31 pm


I was at that game,in the enclosure. I thought it was the inside of the post,but it was a bloody while ago!

Even striking the woodwork from nowhere silenced the doubters that day. He was one of us from then on.

As for Pat Stanton? What a player,indeed. I don’t think he ever broke sweat! Jock played him as a sweeper centre back,just as he had over a decade before at Hibs. Losing him,Danny,Alfie and others,as well as Dalglish,was just too much for even Jock to overcome.

I must check just how many long-term injuries we had that season. We were like an Old Crocks XI.

July 24, 2023 2:49 pm


RIP Trevor Francis
A very good footballer and seemed like a nice man.
When he did his Achilles Clough didn’t even visit him.

July 24, 2023 2:56 pm

I know incoming transfers is the topic of the day, but there are a couple of issues puzzling me.

Firstly, I read articles saying player X has agreed personal terms with a new club, before the two clubs have agreed a transfer fee. Is this within the regs? Does it mean a club can approach a player or their agent directly, without first contacting the player’s club? So tapping up is now OK?

Secondly, each day we read of incredible sums being offered for players to join the Saudi league. How can these outlays fall within FSR guidelines? Having no knowledge of the revenues of Saudi clubs, I cannot judge if they are simply ignoring the new regs. Thoughts?



July 24, 2023 2:56 pm


Always rated him as a player,apart from one notable stain on his CV of course.

July 24, 2023 2:59 pm


That is becoming a major bone of contention. It happened to us with Jota,to Liverpool with Henderson and Fabinho. Bayern have reportedly agreed terms with Kane. Etc.

Either the rules are rules and strictly adhered to,or they are no longer rules. FIFA/UEFA need to make their minds up about this.

big packy
July 24, 2023 2:59 pm

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIMTHETIM53 ,just read mahes leader now I love him to bits🤩 but the thought of Bernabei and anthony Ralston playing as full backs in the champions league, against man city man utd liverpool etc etc fills me with dread,,another true story.LOL 😂

July 24, 2023 3:01 pm

Rebus, there’s no FSR in Saudi football, it’s for European clubs.

Bada Bing
July 24, 2023 3:06 pm

We are delighted to announce that South Korean midfielder, Hyeokkyu Kwon, has joined the Club on a five-year deal – subject to international clearance ✍🍀

big packy
July 24, 2023 3:13 pm

got to be honest, im just getting nostalgic having watched jim craig and tommy gemmell as full backs for celtic ,and Ian young and Jim kennedy before them, just dont think they would not cut it in Europe,bernabei and Ralston I mean🤩

July 24, 2023 3:19 pm


Two down,one to be announced. Plus Odin and Tileo. Good going so far,all things considered. Especially as we have only lost Mooy and Jota from our treble winning squad,even if we may have a couple of early season injuries to contend with.

Bada Bing
July 24, 2023 3:23 pm

BMCUW- seems Big Mick getting announced at 4pm…..

big packy
July 24, 2023 4:03 pm

just noticed my post @ 2-59 was edited, never mind ,🤩🤩

Fred Colon
July 24, 2023 4:24 pm

Bada at 3.06 –
Alfie Kwon ?

big packy
July 24, 2023 4:26 pm

just noticed our korean friend has just come from a club who have been fighting relegation al season,,FFS celtic show us the money,,another true story.LOL 😂

July 24, 2023 4:55 pm

big packy
just noticed our korean friend has just come from a club who have been fighting relegation al season,,FFS celtic show us the money,,another true story.LOL
And the other one is from the second division. I think both have potential, but at the moment they are prospects. I can’t see them contributing in the Champions League, and I don’t think we have done anything yet to achieve even a modest improvement to last season’s bottom place and immediate exclusion from either of the other two European competitions.

Bada Bing
July 24, 2023 4:57 pm

Aberdeen cutting away tickets now too,300…..need to object to this,their place has thousand of empty seats when we are there

July 24, 2023 4:59 pm


Mahrez and Kante had spent most of their time in the French second division before joining Leicester. Did not too badly there,and even better afterwards.

July 24, 2023 4:59 pm


Bloody joke.

July 24, 2023 5:01 pm

Wait till one of them objects to having to play an O** F*** team three times away due to the split.

“Losing the income from a big away support!”

big packy
July 24, 2023 5:11 pm

IniquitousIV yes the champions league is a pipedream for us even getting a place in the Europa league will be difficult dont forget when we won the big cup in 67 and got to the final in 70, the scottish league had some decent teams hibs hearts dundee dundee united aberdeen ,oh nearly forgot rainjurs 🤩 now we have cloggers from ross county ICT motherwell livingston hamilton accies etc,lets put it this way if celtic or rangers won the SPL for the next 20 years in a row who would sit up and take notice, ill tell you nobody,,our league is frowned upon by every tom dick and harry, yes big teams want to come to parkhead to feel the atmosphere knowing they will put 5 or 6 past us,makes me want to cry really,

Prestonpans bhoys
July 24, 2023 5:12 pm


Not convinced they are referring to us. They did say they have issues with certain SPL clubs away allocation and were reciprocating, they named hertz and the huns specifically 🤔

Bada Bing
July 24, 2023 5:34 pm

PB- ta,I read the headline, didn’t want to click on the link….

July 24, 2023 7:39 pm


“Mahrez and Kante had spent most of their time in the French second division before joining Leicester. Did not too badly there, and even better afterwards.”
No argument with that Bobby, but even these 2 would not have been ready to play in the Bernabeu 2 months after being signed. I would be a tad surprised if we tossed Kwon in against the likes of De Bruyne or Modric. We hope to improve on last year’s 2 points in 6 games total, based on gaining some experience last time. Of the players who gained some experience, we have lost Jenz, Mooy, and Jota. We should have CCV and Johnstone back, but in my humble opinion we haven’t signed anybody up until now that will give us some traction in the Group Stage.

July 24, 2023 7:41 pm


Can’t disagree with any of that,on the face of it. Looks like we will just have to see how things pan out.

Bada Bing
July 24, 2023 7:44 pm

Celtic v Wolves Saturday 2pm,live on Viaplay

July 24, 2023 8:13 pm


Thanks for that,mate. My local in Swindon,where the CSC is,have Viaplay. Gives me an excuse to go down the pub!

Sol Kitts
July 24, 2023 8:21 pm

Big Packy @ 313
Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.😂😂😎

big packy
July 24, 2023 8:28 pm

SOL hi pal, good to see you posting, took my car to the electric Brae this morning ,turned my engine off nothing happened, im blaming magua 🤩