The Sweetest yet!

I’m very happy to be meeting Killie on Sunday. Given our lacklustre form I certainly didn’t want a ‘stroll it’ Cup tie as we would learn little, Id much rather have a team in form who represent a genuine obstacle in a fixture where momentum can begin to be assembled.

I’m also happy to see the depth of the squad tested early, many will be raring to go, and some injuries offer others the chance to shine.

My first name on the team sheet would have been Stephen Welsh to complete his own treble, sub appearance, new contract, full appearance, but it isn’t to be now he’s injured which shows Lagerbielkes signing as very timely. His debut simply makes the tie more interesting, and I fancy him to at least try for a debut goal attempt via corner at some stage. Good luck Gus!

One might also be inclined to say it’s Rocki’s first test in the Hoops. Big Cam helped bed him in, now he’s the main man at the back and must sink or swim. 

It could also be said Tony Ralston needs a good 90 minutes in order to assure the gaffer he’s adequate backup when called upon. However if Lager n Rocki start in the middle with Iwata shunted out right I will firmly believe he’s been judged and found wanting, likewise if we move to back 3 then I’ll assume the same for Greg on the other flank.

Yang is an obvious candidate to begin the game given his intricate ball control,,on a plastic pitch he who masters the ball is king, as opposed to the good passer.

Odin might well start to bring some solidity, a missing ingredient recently. I personally get the feeling once given the chance he and Yang won’t look back. I’ve read comments such as if you’re relying on two new rookies to improve the team there’s something wrong but I disagree and would argue you’re doing something right when new projects force their way into the team through their play. That’s why you sign players, to come in and make an impact, forget the age and pricetag, if they are good enough play them. And they do look good enough.

My predicted team is 












and they’ve more than enough to wipe the smile of MacInnes face I believe. Unfortunately it could be costly, I think they will go physical, use the pitch, being at home, and the referee to their advantage, plus it would be so very typical to get another early season injury to further muddy our beginning to the season. 

But there’s also a lot of motivation to win this time. This is our Cup we are defending, another glorious treble opportunity, the chance to sew some doubt into our title rivals with a good performance, and one of the last chances to find our feet as a team before the big European clashes begin.

I just can’t see past an away victory especially after another week together on the training pitch perfecting our play.

Will the win be silky and convincing? Maybe, maybe not.

Will victory be sweet?

The sweetest yet!

Go do it Bhoys, go kill off Killie and march on.

By Mahe

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August 19, 2023 12:20 am

Naps Competition starts on Saturday,folks. All welcome!

Details here-

Includes a very generous additional incentive from CHALMERSBHOY!!!

August 19, 2023 12:20 am

POTY competition

August 19, 2023 12:36 am

Chairbhoy from last night,
“You can see the logic of that, oil is a dirty commodity that isn’t going to be in demand forever.”

If this is oils last hurrah why invest heavily in a sport that will cost rather than earn, unless they have a plan for those clubs to eventually earn?
Or its politics?
I’ve already read an article that Man Utd itself, that great bastion of British football, might be held hostage by foreign purchasers in political negotiations.
When one thinks about it the pub, football, and work is the social fabric holding the UK together. The pub just went up and will continue that trend while inflation makes thee visit heavier on the pocket,,good paying work will become harder as companies relocate due to Brexit, and football, the last thread, is in danger of being tampered with.
This Qatari bid for United might end in tears.
Hail Hail and good chatting as always.

Harlem Celts
August 19, 2023 12:56 am

Talking about BR might be in need of a wig or weave soon I never realised Antonio Conte had a wig until I seen a old pic of him playing with Juve

August 19, 2023 1:04 am

Where is the Legend that is Ernie Lynch to outline why Celtic might be breaking the law by employing daddy Lawwell?

August 19, 2023 1:04 am

No human is illegal !

Harlem Celts
August 19, 2023 1:10 am

Who do you reckon was the best slapheid to play for Celtic. I would vote for Jimmy Delany

August 19, 2023 1:17 am

The incredible Kevin Rowland has turned 70 ! 😎

August 19, 2023 1:29 am

August 19, 2023 1:32 am

Just back in after a lie doon…Chairbhoy and his accusations of perspicacity had me seeking refuge in a cool room! Anyhoo, Gordon, if you’re still there the Young Fathers ‘Shame’ video is excellent! I think the song can be interpreted to mean whatever you like except about hanging an oil painting of yersel in the hall! 🤣🤣🤣

August 19, 2023 1:35 am

Here’s a new band, from Falkirk, playing good old fashioned jigs amongst others types of Scots/Irish folk. Catch them live at loads of different places soon…or at Belladrum on iPlayer. Play this as loud as your missus allows…

August 19, 2023 1:38 am

Another local band, Paisley this time.

August 19, 2023 1:40 am

August 19, 2023 1:45 am

Not sure I could tell the difference between the 1982 and 2022 Come On Eileen but enjoyed it nevertheless! Here’s a brand new one form the singer of Fontaines DC, a Dublin band I’ve played on here loads…

August 19, 2023 1:48 am

The last song, Bob’s Casino, is about the death of a man from alcoholism. A sister of a friend has just passed from this wicked disease and I’ve a very close friend in isolated rehab at the minute in the hope of a kind of recovery. Spare a thought…

August 19, 2023 1:52 am

McCaff 🙏

August 19, 2023 1:57 am

August 19, 2023 1:59 am

This Glasto ’22 song would feature on my Top 10 singles of all time, this isn’t the best version but features Phoebe Bridgers who has the voice of an angel…

August 19, 2023 2:02 am

…and here’s Phoebe Bridgers with a nearly tribute to our Japanese striking sensation…

August 19, 2023 2:12 am

Adios amigos 😎

August 19, 2023 2:25 am

This one’s for Puff, I had the wee guy out on a job with me today. He plugs his phone into the radio to play his tunes, this was one of his choices…

August 19, 2023 2:27 am

And one for Belmont if he reads back…

August 19, 2023 2:48 am

John Prine’s introductions are as entertaining as his songs. This is a cover of a Blaze Foley song, just a beautiful song…

August 19, 2023 3:09 am

Got a wee family day out tomorrow, paddle boarding somewhere roundabout Stirling area. At the moment the rain is battering the windaes and the wind is howlin’!

August 19, 2023 3:15 am

Another local band…

August 19, 2023 3:32 am

This just came up on my sidebar, superb!!

August 19, 2023 3:44 am

Gonna go back a wee bit now. This is from about 84 or 85. I had a load of Paul Haig 12 inch singles, electro pop from one of the Postcard Records stars…

August 19, 2023 3:50 am

And from slightly later, 1986 or ’87 I think, Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes…

August 19, 2023 3:54 am

Another oldie…

August 19, 2023 4:02 am

August 19, 2023 4:08 am

August 19, 2023 4:14 am

Last yin for the night. Night all…

August 19, 2023 6:51 am

Good Morning Timland – Grand Day To Be A Celt

Gordon64 @ 12:07 am,

“Not saying we should be challenging for CL but a club with our resources we should regularly be featuring in the final stages of European competitions HH”

Spot on, Celtic are a huge Club, how many get above our average attendance in Europe? TV input is a large aspect of the game, it skews the European competitions, no doubts, yet it’s one aspect, we have half a dozen major advantages going for us.

Regular Champions of our country, large stadium with a huge season book uptake, large profitable merchandising business, a history that puts our name world wide, a phenomenon that is literally more than a Club; with local, national and global business partners we should leverage all these advantages

If we are not striving to be competitive in European competition some folk are having an easy life, running Celtic, being a Board member of Celtic, shouldn’t be a cushy number, jobs for the boys and nepotism.

We need the sort of smart people that the likes of Benfica and Ajax have, those Clubs don’t look for excuses, they look for excellence

Hail Hail

August 19, 2023 7:06 am

Mahe @ 12:36 am,

Cheers, always illuminating.

Firstly great lead, though your optimism is greater than mine, for me, going to McInnes’s Killie, on that pitch with that team…

Lack of aggression, physicality, experience, game time together, we may well win but it won’t be a doddle, all our Manager’s experience will come to bare.

On the Arabs in football, as I said, the medium to long term aims of the Saudis et al are beyond me at the moment, the obvious one is the bread and circuses of course.

Jota is in a bit of a fix as the foreign player rule in Saudi is so strict, only eight per team.

It suggests they want to develop local talent and become a real home grown competitor in world football.

A real Muslim Footballing World Superstar, then World Superstar team.

The Islamic world is huge, with exponentially growing wealth

From North West Africa to the Eastern most point of Indonesia, that is one huge potential undertapped football audience.

Many Pakistani heritage men and boys around these parts support Liverpool due to the Salah effect.

The very successful Qatari World Cup, despite all the naysayers and gloom mongers, was a show piece.

If the Arabs can create a football phenomenon to rival South America and Western Europe, they can reap the huge cultural and financial benefits.

Man City, PSG, Newcastle, now Man Utd – the wooden horse of Troy!?


Hail Hail

August 19, 2023 8:35 am

Reading back on yesterdays lead and listening to Brendan’s presser it hasn’t instilled any confidence that he will hang about , something I mentioned when he came back and especially with the ex CEO in the building . He more or less made it plain he wasn’t the main man regards who is recruiting for the team . We have been calling out for a bit of steel in the midfield ,BR knows that’s what’s needed in the team but it’s left to others to take those decisions , a scandal, he won’t last unfortunately and to be perfectly honest I couldn’t blame him . Just as an aside we don’t hear a lot from michael Nicholson at present . Is he back to being the office junior ,,he was doing a grand job too . HH

August 19, 2023 9:01 am

SFTB @ 7:01 pm,

Tx Chairbhoy & Bobby- of course Mark was referenced in his player recruitment role. I had missed any reference to the Chairman and, thankfully, there were none. Maybe BR is more chilled this time round about our position in the food chain. Just as long as he is not pissed off or uninvested.

Yes, from the beginning he has stated he was happy to work with the model.

He even stated the modern Manager hasn’t got the time to go and look at footballers and has to depend on the recruitment department.

The only player he has had a chance to see in action was Maik Nawrocki as far as I’m aware.

So yes, he seemed much happier with his position this time around.

However since the January window it has to be said “the model” has produced a mixed bag when it comes to signings.

We now have ten, that’s pretty much a full team though three or four look future prospects and three or four not making the grade, of course Iwata does look like a solid utility player.

With only AJ establishing himself as first team regular, Maik looks to be the next one to take a regular berth and with CCV and Welsh injured Gus gets a chance to stake a claim.

My feeling is maybe BR’s “input” isn’t taken with the gravitas he expected, we were choosing between two CH’s, my feeling were BR didn’t look over enfused by Gustaf so maybe Xavier Mbuyamba was his preference

With another few additions in the pipeline he knows having fully assessed that squad that he very much needs quality.

So he’s made it clear to us and he’s made it clear to the recruitment team, he will develop and work with the players provided but isn’t taking responsibility for their signing.

Hail Hail

August 19, 2023 9:07 am

Jimtim @ 8:35 am,

Good points,

We need an upgrade at left back, an upgrade in goals but at the end of the day we currently have reasonable, experienced players in the first team

The central midfield fulcrum is totally missing, Kwon and Iwata don’t seem to be up to the Manager’s standard, so we definitely need a quality experienced player there.

Micheal Nicholson both in terms of role, statements and name check is totally awol.

Very different from last year and when AP arrived, is he the new Ian Bankier!?

With your old boss becoming your new boss the dynamic has to be very odd, no matter what way you slice it, it is a challenging situation and MN disappearance is worrisome.

We must hope that our principal share holder is alive to this and is willing to back up BR in any agreements that were made. I’m not so sure he is as invested and dominant as he once was.

Hail Hail

Craig 76
August 19, 2023 10:46 am

St tams
August 19, 2023 10:47 am

In one of his first press conferences after coming back.
Brendan said he had watched most of our games in the last few years and he felt that we lack physicality and need to be more robust.This is something that most fans were aware of.
I don’t see any evidence of that being addressed.

I also think Brendans tone and enthusiasm has changed in the last few weeks.

August 19, 2023 11:28 am

Morning all from a very hot Rhodes ☀️☀️

Thought for the day
If she said ‘ It’s Celtic or me” would you miss her !!!🤔🤔🤔

Enjoy your day everyone 😂😂😂

August 19, 2023 12:55 pm

An excellent thread describing the impact of not keeping the coefficient high.

A comment that stands out is Celtic might get more from CL participation but at a cost to the coefficient and the aim has to be EL participation which is our level in the real world where economics hinder higher ambition.

August 19, 2023 1:39 pm

Morton get a penalty against Sevco, there’s a first

August 19, 2023 1:40 pm

And score 0-1

August 19, 2023 1:41 pm


I’m sure BRRB was in that survey 🤔🤔🤔

Hope your well 👍👍

August 19, 2023 1:48 pm

And Dickinson gives Sevco one back, 1-1

Craig 76
August 19, 2023 2:03 pm

St tams
you need to pick another Nap, Cairn Gorm is non runner

St tams
August 19, 2023 2:08 pm

Done 👍

August 19, 2023 2:35 pm

I wonder who newcomer want in the next round at the Victorian lavvy

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