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An eventful couple of days,that’s for sure. The GB are banned indefinitely (for significantly less than the hun fans pulled last night,I might add) while on the pitch we pull off a minor miracle against St Mirren. Words I thought I’d never say! 

Our fans are accused by the coach of Israel of being anti-Semitic. That one has already been shot down by a club spokesman,and rightly so. Shame that the club remained silent when our own chairman accused us of the same thing a few years back,innit? If I remember correctly,it was in response to a censure against Lord Livingston,the previous chair and Tory peer,for voting in favour of austerity measures in The House of Lords. Which has certainly ended well. 

It seems that the charge of anti-semitism is an easy one to make these days,grabs and deflects the headlines. Maybe some of the old-fashioned practitioners of established journalistic methods might care to try investigating why this particular charge is so successful in its purpose of deflection? No,I’m not getting into that one either,and I doubt that anyone whose livelihood depends on it will either. Which is both cause and effect of why it works in the first place. 

Wednesday night though gave us the welcome sight of some fringe players getting a run in the team,including a few of our more recent signings. I hinted on Tuesday that I would return to this,so I will. We are fairly unanimous that under Peter Lawwell,the manager was largely sidelined when it came to signing new players. What Lawwell wanted,the manager got. 

NL famously said that the first time he knew the club had signed some players was when they turned up at training and he had to ask them who they were! Some gig,huh? Thankfully,we put those days behind us in early 2021,our annus horribilis which was only sweetened with the departure of said de facto Director of Football. 

In came Ange Postecoglu. I’ll decide who I want,it’s your job to go and get him. In his first two windows,he gave us Kyogo,Juranovic,G-Mak. Maeda,Hatate,Abada and Matt. CCV,Mooy and Jota. Now,I’m not stupid enough to suggest that he came up with all of them on his own-Joe Hart certainly wouldn’t have crossed his mind-but the club was sensible enough to listen to his opinions about players. Whether that be the ones that he wanted,or the ones offered to him that he certainly didn’t want to touch with a barge pole!

A number of our young projects had already been signed before he arrived,such as the lads from Sheffield Wednesday,and Kenny from Shamrock Rovers. I don’t think Ange was ever too bothered about that,they were just development level,not his concern. But of the players he ran the rule over in those first two windows,we had a stonking TEN successes. I can only think of Ideguchi as a failure. AND we made a huge profit from player transactions as well. 

Which ain’t bad. 

Fast forward four months. We bring in,believe it or not,Mark Lawwell. Oh wait. That name sounds familiar,eh? Yep. Son of. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water,huh? We have now had THREE windows under his transfer guidance. Yes,correct. We had finally found a formula that worked,and we threw it in the bin when a familiar name came a-calling. And how many signing successes have we seen in that time?


Admittedly the jury is still out on one or two others,like Odin,Oh and Palma-but Johnston,whose form has drastically shaded since his bad injury at the end of last season,is the only player with a definite pass mark. Our new manager arrived in the summer,and when asked what he was looking to bring to the club in terms of new signings,he had a one-word answer. Power. 

I think he actually meant some power in each area of the team. You know,defence. Midfield. Attack. I think the board might have reckoned he meant he intended to BE the power,and cut the balls off him right away. Our new signing guru,eighteen months into the job now,has overseen almost TWO DOZEN acquisitions. With an even lower success rate than his useless Dad ever had,I might add.  

Our new manager is resigned to saying he will “work with the players he is given.” With power nowhere to be seen,not by him or the fans anyway. 

Seriously,as has been said by others beforehand,in no other company in DD’s sphere of influence would such levels of failure be considered,or rewarded with anything other than the sack. But the Lawwells are rewarded for failure by around £20m+ in wages over the years-let’s not forget that Senior is Celtic’s highest paid employee EVER!-plus rapid reinstatement to the board as chairman PLUS a cosy wee sinecure as director of recruitment for his son. It’s like the bloody Politburo.

Having already wasted IRO £20m in fees for useless benchwarmers on long and lucrative contracts,isn’t it high time someone had the balls to ask Lawwell Jr WTF he is playing at? Or just how much of his CV was honest and verifiable? We spent a small fortune in dross in the summer,and I lay the blame for that at his door. Had Ange been in charge in the same way that he was in his first two windows-where every call was HIS call-would we have anywhere near such a high failure rate?

We got lucky in 2021,and we know that. We found a rough diamond,oh Bhoy did we. But we also had a new CEO who was beholden to nobody and was willing to put his neck on the block and back this man and his methods. Neither man lasted long,the methods soon followed. 

Seen the movie before,aye? Yeah,it’s where they tell you it’s safe to go back in the water. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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November 2, 2023 11:55 pm



Good evening, friends.
Sitting 5 points clear and unbeaten at the top of the league would normally have us all feeling pretty positive going into the final game in the first round of fixtures. But that’s never been my Celtic experience. We dared to drop points at the weekend at a venue where we regularly drop points, d’oh, and we then learned of the Board’s decision to ban an entire group of fans from attending for an unspecified period. Then the rain joined in by teeming down for 12 hours prior to kick off. It’s never straightforward supporting Celtic.
And then the game kicks off a separate group of supporters sing one song, raise a few banners and then walk out! Well, not right out as reports suggest they then watched the game on the concourse TVs.
Finally, to cap it all off, some very slack defending results in a goal to St Mirren and the fear among some that we would soon be just 2 points clear at the top. But we were then treated to the David Turnbull Jeckyl and Hyde show with a stunning equaliser from 19 yards, then a 12 yard miss with just the goalie to beat. Level at the break but with most of our players being average at best.
The second half showed a gradual improvement, particularly after our ‘lets swap both wingers’ masterplan. Which worked in the sense that Yang had people off their seats just about every time he received the ball. Always trying to be positive, taking on defenders but still having a bit to learn in terms of decisions and final passes. The subsequent introductions of Holm and Oh were also telling, coupled with the wise decision to keep Kyogo on the pitch but more involved from a deeper role. Could he start in that position? Hmmmmmm.
Single goal victories can often be nervous affairs but when the points are secured so late in the game the excitement is just fantastic. And let’s be honest, their keeper was on fine form denying goals on 3 or 4 occasions and so to me, honestly, it was only a matter of time before the breakthrough came. Fine interchanges involving Kyogo and Holm saw Oh battering an 8 yard thunderbolt into the net.
Another 3 points secured, despite Mr Beaton’s best efforts with several unfathomable refereeing decisions.
We have now played 15 games, winning 9, drawing 3 and losing 3 with 28 goals scored and 14 conceded.
A huge thank you to the 62 who voted this time around. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.

Hart: 1
Johnston: 0
Phillips: 2
Scales*: 35
Taylor*: 8
McGregor: 6
Turnbull: 6
O’Riley: 9
Forrest: 1
Kyogo: 0
Palma: 22
Maeda: 0
Yang*: 47
Holm: 19
Oh: 29

And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against St Mirren are –
Yang – 5 points
Scales – 4 points
Oh – 3 points
Palma – 2 points
Holm – 1 point

The overall positions after 15 games played are –
47 points – O’Riley
39 points – Scales
19 points – Kyogo
18 points – McGregor
16 points – Maeda
12 points – Yang
11 points – Carter-Vickers and Johnston A
9 points – Nawrocki
8 points – Palma
7 points – Hart
6 points – Lagerbielke and Taylor
5 points – Hatate
4 points – Bain and Turnbull
3 points – Oh
2 points – Ralston
1 point – Forrest and Holm
0 points – Abada, Bernabei, Bernardo, Haksabanovic, Iwata, Johnston M, Phillips, Starfelt and Welsh

Back on the road again this weekend with a 12.30pm kick off on Saturday away to Ross County. A chance to come out of the weekend 8 points ahead.
Hail Hail!

November 2, 2023 11:56 pm

Might be the first time I can remember three subs scoring nearly half the points between them!

November 2, 2023 11:56 pm

JOBO POTY competition.

November 2, 2023 11:57 pm
November 3, 2023 6:03 am

Very interesting article

The second part of the lead is dealing with the aul’ elephant in the room.

It’s clear our Head Of First Team Scouting And Recruitment has not achieved very much so far and certainly not hit the remit set out by our Chairman.

After he reiterated his faith in moneyball* in this years financial statement he then stated…

…”we must balance the signing of players that can be developed and sold when conditions are optimal alongside the need to sign players who are able to make an immediate impact and deliver footballing success.”

*We of course now know that over a decade of moneyball has been a failure and as the various Manager’s aimed to put “an elite” first team on the pitch, while dealing with a large erratic squad not fit for purpose.

In regards to players who are able to make an immediate impact and deliver footballing success, a good solid pro in A-J is all we have to show for three transfer windows.

We now know, despite inference of the opposite after the announcement of his second coming, that Peter Lawwell is the mover & shaker in the Celtic Boardroom.

Let’s hope he’s minded to save his boys blushes and gives a wad of cash to our manager to strengthen the first team in January.

If so, our activist investors promise to our manager, that it was indeed safe to go back in the water, may hold true.

I’m certainly more concerned about the first part of your article.

Being brought up Roman Catholic in the West of Scotland I know only too well the anti Jewish sentiment in that community at that time.

Our parents, schools and churches told us that the Jews had crucified Christ, a few decades after the King of the Jews had inflicted the slaughter of the innocents as Herod the Great tried to annilate the Christian Messiah.

Nonsense of course but centuries of myth don’t disappear overnight, the idea that some Celtic supporters are antisemitic is not far fetched at all.

In fact, it is known that Nir Bitton was subjected to social media hate that Celtic promised to look into it.

The Green Brigade banner “VICTORY TO THE RESISTANCE!!” Displayed at Celtic Park while the most heinous atrocities were taking place in Palestine; as Jews were being kidnapped, maimed and slaughtered by the Gaza Resistance Movement was either hugely antisemitic or hugely idiotic.

We could give them the benefit of the doubt had an explanation and apology for such an outrageous display been forthcoming but it wasn’t.

It tars all Celtic supporters, I’m not sure how many of us have got Jewish Zionist Friends but I certainly do.

Personally my views do not chime with either these Roman Catholics or the Zionist Jews in this regard but with an atheiest’s…

“To care for what is noble, for what is beautiful, for what is gentle; to allow moments of insight to give wisdom at more mundane times. To see in imagination the society that is to be created, where individuals grow freely, and where hate and greed and envy die because there is nothing to nourish them. These things I believe, and the world, for all its horrors, has left me unshaken.“

— Bertrand Russell, The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (1967–1969), Volume III: Postscript, p. 890

Hail Hail

16 roads
November 3, 2023 8:08 am

Chairbhoy @ November 3, 2023 6:03 am


In your opinion,of course.

Genuinely don’t know wether to laugh or cry after reading that diatribe.

Mind boggling tripe.


November 3, 2023 8:21 am

16 roads @ 8:08 am,

No not, in my opinion, took the blinkers off years ago.

Went to Catholic schools in Scotland and England, very different experience.

If what I say is diatribe how come you can’t think of a counter argument?

Hail Hail

Jobo Baldie
November 3, 2023 8:29 am

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to everyone who posts or lurks on this fine site 😀

November 3, 2023 8:29 am

Chairbhoy…I’d proffer that the Green Brigade viewpoint is borne of an understanding of the similarities in the Imperialistic actions of the English and Israeli states rather than any kind of anti-Semitic values! I think I can honestly say I’ve never heard any anti-Semitic chat in all my years in the West of Scotland!

November 3, 2023 8:32 am

Morning Jobo…apologies, again, I forgot to send the MOM email!! Was waiting on a reply to my text from my nephew which never came. I’ve had a look, though and the results wouldn’t have changed!! 🙄

November 3, 2023 8:42 am

McCaff @ 8:29 am,

Seen a tik-tok of part of an interview with James McClean by Patrick Kielty.

It was very insightful, he talked about getting grief in England because they wanted to force their opinions on him and would not see his view as legitimate.

Well worth a watch….

Will catch up later

Have an Funeral this morning, not a close friend just supporting family.

So aff oot

Hail Hail

November 3, 2023 8:50 am

Chairbhoy…exactly what’s happening with the Israeli stuff at the moment – the media has everyone terrified to voice a Pro-Palestine opinion for fear of being targeted as anti-Semitic! We are living in strange times, indeed! Labour MP Andy MacDonald, Middlesborough is suing Conservative MP Chris Clarkson over comments that were misrepresented and libellous re the conflict. Despite pleading for peace Clarkson has cherrypicked part of the speech and used it to defame MacDonald, apparently/allegedly!
Free thought and Free Speech seriously at risk in these times! George Orwell was right, after all!

November 3, 2023 8:51 am


Scroll past if you want to avoid an incoherent rant.

Questions were asked re. Bona fides of Lawwell Jr. at the time. Hardly a reply or murmur on here, if the truth be told!

With his da’ still hovering about the place…as we hear he is ‘out’… but then the CEO told us he wasn’t leaving “it makes sense” in his first presser … again, barely a word on here about that.

Then an ongoing campaign…’no chance he is coming back’….someone in Dublin told someone else he wasn’t coming back…

As if …why would some anonymous guy in Dublin have more credibility than folk here telling ye straight to yer face he is defo. coming back!!!!!

The dugs in the street knew he hadn’t left and was just biding his time. FFS!!

As they all lied at yet another AGM about the replacement for Bankier.

Really! how many times will folk suck this up, they don’t even change the menu of the crap they serve up, just slightly different flavours cheap mince.

Why not. It works every time.

Did anyone seriously, apart from gaslighters, expect anything to change for the better?

The pattern of behaviour repeats time after time, cycle after cycle. Copious hoovering up of domestic trophies whilst continuing to stumble from half decent to rank-rotten in Europe ( focusin, nay, gloating about sevvies’ terrible CL results, when ours were hardly much better ) is our immediate and medium and long-term future.

Folk Keep paying up front for tickets and this is what they can expect …forever … so it seems.

It’s a feckin’ system. Rotten to the core

I hope I’m wrong … maybe Brendan will get 3 or 4 oven ready ‘plers’

I’ll come back on after January window and hold my hands up… fall on my sword and give ye a larf 😊

Until then I’ll refrain from poisoning the blog and leave ye all in peace & love ❤️

November 3, 2023 8:51 am

…and I hope your funeral goes as well as can be expected.

November 3, 2023 8:56 am

Morning SES…I, for one, miss your morning rants! You should post more. You, Twisty and JNP always sparked the day’s conversation with your early reckonings. Here’s a wee tune for the 3 Amigos…

16 roads
November 3, 2023 9:01 am


16 roads @ 8:08 am,

No not, in my opinion, took the blinkers off years ago.

Went to Catholic schools in Scotland and England, very different experience.

If what I say is diatribe how come you can’t think of a counter argument?

Hail Hail

November 3, 2023 8:21 am


Of course it’s your opinion,and that’s all it is.

Your statement is nonsensical,in my opinion.

I don’t appreciate how it reads either.

It’s like a scolding.

Pointless even attempting to reason with,or debate it.

We’ll leave it at that.


Billy Bhoy
November 3, 2023 9:19 am


Once again a great match report to accompany the stats.

If Man Yoo come and whisk BR away I’d have no hesitation in giving you the job! 😉

EDIT: wait – I’ve just noticed that you voted for GT. Don’t bother buying a new suit for the interview. Your Contract offer has been withdrawn!

November 3, 2023 9:44 am

Hmm, quoting ( Earl ) Russell is it ?

“Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education. Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim. The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.“

Also grew up ( still) in a Roman Catholic WoS house.
Never once heard anything against Jews at school or home.
House of Orange, Tories and the Monarchy were and still are ‘the other’

Anyway, whoever and however Phillips was scouted ?
Have heard part of the deal is that Celts play him a certain number of times in the loan.
Surely not !

St tams
November 3, 2023 9:53 am

Great to see you posting again.i for one raised concerns when Lawwells son was given the job.
There wasn’t even an official announcement made when he was appointed, they were that embarrassed about it.
Similar to when his da was made chairman. They waited until after the AGM, to speak out the news.

St tams
November 3, 2023 9:54 am

Maybe it was the same guy who scouted Bernabei. Remember him.

November 3, 2023 10:03 am


You are laying it on a bit thick — we have bought a fair bit of quality over the past 18 months and worked the unsettled to our advantage but what we have struggled with is the planning / development of our squad with problem positions not addressed and experience lost but not replaced.

AJ and CCV are good players of a standard that fits with our current situation — but both are recovering slowly from injuries.
The biggest criticism that can be laid at their door is that we have be slow to improve the back-ups.

Plus the negativity you show to individuals — YI for one — suggests that you are hypersensitive to the snash coming out from the exec level about AP. Why highlight an individual failure when AP was a huge step forward from what had gone before. That would be a semi-detached manager and a CEO who was all ego and no delivery.

Bending over backwards to include failures suggests that a sense of perspective is missing and the exec level agenda is getting traction it definitely doesn’t deserve.

2021 / 22 windows — number of strands in place.:

PL inspired punts / bargain basement rummaging.
AP inspired recruitment.
Scouted / Pet agent available talent.
Cash position inspired loans.
DD inspired recruitment
Last minute gap fillers / desperation plays.

2022/23 window

AP inspired recruitment — youth focus.
Scouted / Pet agent available talent — youth focus.
CB injury crisis recruitment — youth focus.
Last minute desperation plays / loans.

What was missing from the summer was any form of established talent.
Not sure if that was on Page 2 of AP’s “To Do” list that was lost in the office swap.

Regarding who has came in — I think we need to give them every opportunity to develop.
They should not be the focus of any criticism of the way the club is run — that should be the exec level.

If you are going to criticise the management of the squad then they come first and then BR.
His use of subs and his continual reflex reaction for comfort blanket team selections are holding us back.
He has improved the coaching and the detailing of our play immensely but he has been slow to introduce newer players.
Not sure if that is ego or insecurity but he has been slow to play some of the talent that AP had spotted.

If we are wasting money it is not on projects but fat contacts to established players.
Given our current levels of performance in the MF they should be taking wage cuts.

Ernie Lynch
November 3, 2023 10:13 am

‘Chairbhoy…I’d proffer that the Green Brigade viewpoint is borne of an understanding of the similarities in the Imperialistic actions of the English and Israeli states’


Please don’t try to rewrite history by air brushing from history Scotland’s importance in the whole empire thing. The Sots were eager participants. not not helpless victims.

Big Audio Dynamite
November 3, 2023 10:15 am


Brendan is holding us back?

Glad you don’t have an agenda here! 😉

Big Audio Dynamite
November 3, 2023 10:17 am

Just question ANYTHING Israel might be doing, and you will quickly find out about being labelled anti-Semitic.

It’s just not allowed.

November 3, 2023 10:17 am

St Tams

Or the exalted Diego Laxalt.
Or Landry N’Guemo.

November 3, 2023 10:21 am

CB @ 6.03

Anti-semitism in post war WCS — from personal experience there was a bit of it about. / not much but some
As you note some of the cartoon history from the RC church seemed to provide the foundations.

Bit of a local flare up in 1977 when Menachem Begin became the Israeli PM.
His past in wanton revolutionary violence / atrocities — King David Hotel et al — was a particular source of grievance.

My extended family had / has Irish Nationalist leanings not Burton Commando Republicanism.
So wanton revolutionary violence against a civilian population was a step to far.

GB @ 7th October — it was knee jerk attention seeking stupidity.
Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes.

November 3, 2023 10:23 am

BR is getting up to speed.
Relegation rust to lose and then he will be back up to speed.

The coaching has improved but the squad management hasn’t.

The Gombeen Man
November 3, 2023 10:26 am

Anti-Semitic? Celtic supporters?

Does the occasional tone of the discourse on Celtic social media give anyone any confidence that the support don’t have a problem?

(Argentinian c***, Irish c***, Tory b******, Orange c***, Hun?)

The cult of the Ultra and the notion that stewards or rules are to be selectively followed is alien to the ethos of the Club.

The unsigned statement by the cult the GB and it’s admission of liability for breaking rules and agreed procedures hopefully represents the beginning of the end for the Ultra at Celtic.

When we last visited Rome four supporters were stabbed following the pointless protests of the GB at the home leg.

The GB and Bhoys are organised gangs masquerading behind politics and flags.

Anyway to an unrelated matter,

From the Jewish Chronicle, 2021.

Celtic’s Israeli midfielder Bitton called ‘dirty Jew’ after derby defeat – The Jewish Chronicle

Celtic’s Israeli midfielder Bitton called ‘dirty Jew’ after derby defeat

One social media user said Bitton and his wife should be ‘hanged’


JANUARY 04, 2021 12:41

Celtic Football Club’s Israeli midfield player Nir Bitton has been subjected to vicious antisemitic abuse after fans  rounded on him following the club’s defeat to rivals Rangers.

The 29-year-old  was branded a “dirty Jew bastard” and a “Zionist rat” in social media posts after Sunday’s Old Firm derby clash.

Mr Bitton’s wife Bar also  confirmed she had received many “awful” messages and shared a screen grab of one which called for her and her husband to be “hanged” while adding further abuse directed at the couple’s two children.

The message read: “Here you ya cow, you and yer husband deserve tae be hung on the streets. F**k you and yer wains.”

Mr Bitton, who was born in Ashdod, has previously spoken of his  frustration at the abuse he receives from Celtic fans because he is an Israeli.

In 2016 he wrote on his Instagram that the trolls were “nothing but idiots” and said they accused him of supporting the killing of children.

“I’m all up for the banter but not when you guys texting my wife’s Instagram,” he said.

He continued: “As a father if you guys think I support the death of children or any human being then you are nothing but idiots!!!

“I’m getting abuse for a while so I just felt that I had to say that. Don’t mix football and politics, you are better than that.”

Celtic fans had displayed an “end Zionism” banner  in May 2016  during the Scottish FA Cup final in Glasgow.

The club has previously been disciplined by Uefa for similar gestures, with fans regularly holding Palestinian flags aloft at matches in a sign of their hatred of Israel.

Police also launched an investigation in August 2016 after another Celtic fan said gassing was “too good” for the club’s Israeli midfielder.

Student Daniel Yahia also described Bitton as “a filthy Zionist rat” and claimed: “Zionists are subhuman.”

One of Yahia’s friends, who called himself Podge Mullan, then suggested that Bitton should be “gassed”.

Yahia replied: “Be too good for him mate.

“Expose him to the worst torture the Israeli Defence Force uses on young Palestinian kids, see how much of a man he is then. Scumbag.”

In November 2015, Celtic director Lord Livingston, a Conservative member of the House of Lords, was also targeted with antisemitic abuse by Celtic fans.

The former Minister for Trade received the abuse after  voting against delaying  £4.4bn worth of government  cuts.

He said he had received a message from someone under the name Michael Higgins who had said: “Get this Ashkenazi c*** out of OUR club and take that other fake jew p**** [Celtic’s Israeli midfielder Nir] Bitton with him. This is typical of their sort, infiltrating and destroying every country and establishment from within”.

Another person writing as ‘Ross Grant’ had told him: “He’s a Jew what do you expect”.

Mr Bitton was shown a straight red card on Sunday after he was judged to have denied a goal scoring opportunity when he brought down Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos  in the 62nd minute of the crunch Premiership tie.

The JC has approached Celtic FC for comment over the antisemitic abuse sent to Mr Bitton.,Contact%20us

November 3, 2023 10:32 am


Hardly an incoherent rant,mate. Pretty close to the bone,in fact.

The problem with bringing in Lawwell,Jr or Lawwell,Snr even as a “non-executive with no role other than that”-aye,really-is clear and obvious. While I am not a believer in visiting the sins of the father,etc,the name is simply toxic to an overwhelming majority of Celtic supporters.

Lawwell,Jr could be the best talent spotter in history,and he would still have a mountain to climb. That he isn’t is just another problem that he-and we-are stuck with.

It’s worth remembering that Ange was opposed to bringing in anyone in that role in the first place,btw.

November 3, 2023 10:36 am

Morning all,

On my way to the Shipbank Shipwrecks outing.

Wish me luck. 😉😉😉😉😉

November 3, 2023 10:41 am

MM 1003

Absolute nonsense. You’re just disagreeing for the sake of it. I’ll repeat-AJ is our only successful new signing since Lawwell,Jr arrived. CCV,whom you incredibly use as an example,was already there,albeit previously on loan.

I’ve given the benefit of the doubt to some others,but it’s worth remembering that we are three months since the last transfer window closed. In the three months after Ange’s first two windows-before Lawwell,Jr arrived-all of the players mentioned in the article had already shown enough to be rated as successful signings.

It’s worth remembering also,lest ye forget,that we won two leagues on the trot because of that. And only AJ since those first two windows has established himself in the team.

Try harder next time yer on the windup,mate.

November 3, 2023 10:42 am


Have a ball at The Shipbank. Remember to go easy on BRRB,he’s been out of training for a month. You can’t just expect someone to waltz back into the first XI after only two days of light work.

Big Audio Dynamite
November 3, 2023 10:44 am


I agree Brendan may still be “Getting up to speed”
Unbeaten and 5 pts clear and yet, not even firing on all cylinders??
Ohh, I will take that every season …every single season!
This must be scary for anyone with designs on winning the title.

November 3, 2023 10:45 am


Te the STM warm up.

Two squares about 15×15 players at each cone ( no truth one of the cones was Phillips )
Player passes to next player and around they go.
Same direction
One ball
No intensity
No pressure
Two groups doing the same thing at the same time.
Will send it to you if can be arranged.

Madrid… first team only… obviously warmed up before and they did some other things but,
In a circle
Copy the coach
No other players on their half of the pitch
Four coaches in a staggered line watching intently from thirty yards away.
Point ?… you have the jersey, you are representing this team, look, no one else is here.
We are watching.

While I’m at it, that one we ( not just us ) do where the back line stands in a line and ( Lawwell ) throws a ball at them from twenty yards away ?
And Maeda practicing crosses.
And John Kennedy playing passing
And Holm playing keepie up with a wee ball.

I’m in too early aren’t I

Billy Bhoy
November 3, 2023 10:48 am


I’m still on the hunt for a spare ticket for Madrid. If anyone hears of one can they let me know please.
Its for my son and his girlfriend who have been let down late in the day.

November 3, 2023 10:53 am


Hopefully there will be some available now since the GB won’t be going. I could also do with at least two for Lazio,as my sisters are going.

Big Audio Dynamite
November 3, 2023 10:54 am

As for people writing horrid things online to the Bitton’s, or any others related to the club, is there actual proof these people are Celtic supporters?

I’m not saying that can’t be the case, but it is just not my experience of how Celtic fans conduct themselves.

Ernie Lynch
November 3, 2023 11:02 am

‘It seems that the charge of anti-semitism is an easy one to make these days,grabs and deflects the headlines.’


Anti-Semitism has been politicized and weaponized deliberately in order to shut down any criticism of Zionism as a concept or its application by the state of Israel.

Anyone interested in how we have got to this situation might find this of some help

Antony Lerman – Whatever Happened to Antisemitism?

November 3, 2023 11:10 am


Nice to have you back,old son.

I remember well the vitriol aimed at Nir Bitton. It was shameful.

I remember too that it was called out as such by the club,Timternet and virtually all Celtic supporters. Something which you seem happy to ignore.

There was an attempt to label ALL Celtic supporters as anti-Semitic,which was rightly condemned by the club. Certainly,there will be some who are,and I don’t doubt that. As there is anti-Semitism in wider society too,does that mean that ALL of society is anti-Semitic? I doubt anyone would attempt such a conclusion.

There are some people on this planet who believe it is flat too. Doesn’t make us all flat-earthers,and I doubt you would try that parallel on us. So why the post which in all honesty looks like an attempt to make the twisted comments of a mere few representative of all of us?

In doing so,you insult every Celtic supporter bar those few,and only give further oxygen to their poison. Surely that was not your intention?

Big Audio Dynamite
November 3, 2023 11:13 am

Bobby, maybe you could point me to the proof that these people were Celtic fans.
Is there any actual proof?

November 3, 2023 11:30 am

BMCUW @ 10.41

You are the one who see’s ML hiding behind every curtain you pass.
Some of the players brought in this summer were brought in under the influence of AP.
If ML brought them in under his own steam then he is working to the AP playbook.
Hopefully he hasn’t worked it yet out but he is doing AP’s job for him.
And we are not paying AP’s wages so even better.

The issue for me would be the mix.
We bought all the projects / development players on AP’s list.
And forgot about the experienced players he had been looking at.

One major point outstanding — who has the final say on player purchases?
Surely BR must have the final say?

As for others from last season they are still developing their career with us and for whatever reason have not had enough time on the park — currently the responsibility for this state of affairs rests with BR and his safety blanket team selections.

TI should be starting.
OHg should be getting more game time.
Of the rest
AP choice — YK looks a bit undercooked probably needs a loan move as others are more effective.
AP choice — AB should be getting coaching morning noon and night because we are desperate.

Others have come and gone for whatever reason.
We are not a well run outfit but the issues extend well beyond ML.

Harlem Celts
November 3, 2023 11:33 am

The timeing of the banner on October 7 was crass and offensive after the slaughter of so many innocent Jews. The GB have had a couple of statements out since but no condemnation of Hamas actions on the day plus the taking of the hostages. The GB don’t speak for me

November 3, 2023 11:36 am

BMCUW @ 10.31

The three month test — not the full picture is it.

21/22 — after the shambles of the previous season and the player exodus all we had left was new players and plenty of empty jerseys and a manager in a hurry. Sort of ham meets eggs situation.

22/23 — apart from the CB implosion — the new players are trying to get into a successful team with a new manager clutching a comfort blanket. Totally different scenario which you would do well to acknowledge.

November 3, 2023 11:40 am

Great admirer of yours Bobby.
You encapsulate the essence of a true Celtic man.
(No jokes please about his essence)
I thought we struggled to find any real rhythm last night, but were worth the 3 points.
Forrest is shot & when he’s a starter, my heart sinks.
We should be starting Abada, I’ll come back to that.
We missed Hatate but we’ll have to get used to that.
Turnbull is an enigma, scores a fine goal & misses a penalty. Otherwise he didn’t impose himself & at times joined Forrest as anonymous.
Having both in our midfield is a luxury too far.
Odin is far superior midfielder than either of these 2 but needs to feel that the manager has as much confidence in him as he does in Forrest & Turnbull.
His pass for Oh’s goal was special.

To Abada now.
I’ve lost track as to whether he’s injured, recovering or just “resting” because of the other thing.
That thing is the antisemitism that you so casually dismiss, while equally as casually impugning the integrity of those who accuse the club of antisemitism.
I’ll come back to that too.

I don’t think Celtic FC is antisemitic.
I definitely think the GB & some others are antisemitic.
I do think the board have mangled all things connected to the GB – until their last 2 decisions, ones that I wholeheartedly support.
Until recently, the board have given the impression that they just don’t know what to do about the GB.
The GB have been taking the piss big time for years & the board have been too soft or too scared to deal with them in a professional & comprehensive way.

For clarity, the GB have cost Celtic goodwill, thousands in Uefa fines, increasingly nervous sponsors & simply damaged our reputation. Outsiders regard us as a poorly managed club business, saddled with fans who only want to stick ot to Uefa & their own board. I’m always shocked at fans shrugging their shoulders as cash that those same fans generated is thrown away in fines by idiots who cannot even support the clubs Supporters Charter. Read it and see what I mean.
We cannot place our personal political agenda ahead of Celtic when we are at Celtic Park. To do so starts the process of rejecting the Supporters Charter AND the essential ethos that we admire so much, ‘a club open to all’. That ethos cannot be just a soundbite or a myth we enshrine in songs.

Who aren’t welcome at Celtic Park you might ask?
That’s easy.
Tories & Jews are unwelcome at our club, as far as the GB & some others are concerned. The board & possibly a majority of fans are unfazed by these groups & practice what we believe, ‘a club open to all’.

The GB have assumed the self appointed mantle of the “soul of the club” & take immense joy in challenging anything the board promotes or stands for. Their own politics take precedence over supporting Celtic when they attend matches. I don’t give a stuff about their politics away from Celtic Park, but at Celtic Park they are the WORST example of a real fan. Most of us find something at the club with which we disagree, but we assume positive intent & defer making judgements.
The GB do the opposite. They assume negative intent & jump straight in to criticize. It’s the actions of a group of people whose agenda is just to be disruptive & nasty as an end in and of itself. I deplore their attitude to Uefa, other fans who disagree with them, to the board and sadly, to some players.

If I were Liel Abada, if any of us were in fact, how welcome would you or i feel welcome at Celtic, allegedly a “club open to all”?
With our club’s background in feeding the children of the excluded & marginalized Irish, poor & mostly Catholic, community in Glasgow, you’d think we understood better than others how he must feel.
He is not welcome at Celtc according to the abuse his homeland gets from certain sections.
I’m sure some of my family voted Tory & some voted SNP while others voted Labour & few didn’t vote at all. Their choice is their choice & as long as they don’t shove it down my throat, I don’t care who or what they voted for.

In the old days of my youth, job interviews or appl forms always included questions about what school I attended. Used to find out if you were Catholic without directly asking you, is how this was seen by many & probably correctly in many cases. We all know the response we got when we spoke about that in front of our non Catholic family or friends.

“You’re just being paranoid. It’s nothing like that. We all get aked that question too.” was the gist of it from most.
In effect, we were being told that we imagined it, that we exagerrated discrimination when there was none at all. The fact that our complaint of discrimination was so casually dismissed as “our problem” only made it worse.
It is the classic retort of the abuser.
In the modern jargon, we were subjected to ‘gaslighting’.
Dismissing our genuine concerns of discrimination was actually, further discrimination: something that would often enrage us as a greater injustice particularly if accompanied by the snigger or pisstaking smiles.
We weren’t taken seriously & that made it worse because there was no possibility of dealing with it when the bigots were in denial.

I won’t get involved in the complexities of the israel/Palestinian conflict, but I can disagree with things that both sides do & have done without hating Muslims or hating Jews.

Support who you want in that conflict but not at Celtic Park. To see Jews or Muslims harassed, stalked or beaten up in the UK over something that is happening in the Middle East is as crazy as Irish Catholic poor being dehumanized because of their religion & some grievance held from long ago. But to casually dismiss the fears of either group as a conspiracy or not genuine is arrogance of the highest order. I can never know how a Jew or a Muslim feels, but I can empathize because of what i endured as a child & in my yourh. If theyvsayvthey feel discriminated against, listen & understand & disciss if you are able.

Liel Abada deserves more, not less support from Celtic fans because as a marginalized figure in the wider society, there is one place where he should KNOW he can depend on folk having his back. A safe place amongst friends, not an alien environment with angry voices raised against him.
I don’t believe he feels that at our club, which is to our shame. He is no more responsible for what Israel does than Joe Hart is for what Tory Govt in Westminster does. Too many Pro Palestimian demos descend quickly in to anti Israel or antisemitic chants which moves the demo into a different area of blame protesting.

Abada is a good player, a decent human being & never features on the front page of the tabloids over his off fork activities. He is a model pro who deserves better from the fans of his chosen club, Celtic.

Remember how you & I felt when we were discriminated against & nobody took us seriously or claimed we were taking the piss by making the allegation.

Antisemitism & Islamophobia are real & each need to be eradicated from our support wherever we encounter it. We either believe in the Supporters Charter or we’re not really Celtic fans.


Big Audio Dynamite
November 3, 2023 11:40 am


We are not a well run outfit?

You can’t be talking about finances.
You certainly can’t be talking about levels of success, as it would be difficult to be more successful without it becoming ridiculous.

So ….

How exactly are we not well run?

November 3, 2023 11:45 am


“The three month test — not the full picture is it.”

No. Except that it gave us a full picture in those first two windows.

Plus,some of those players have had fifteen months and more,and still little sign of progress.

But I’ll point you in another direction then,shall I? Let’s see you worm your way out of this one. Ange always said that he liked to get the signings done early in the window. As proven during those first two windows. And in the next three windows,we take things down to deadline day.

Carry on disagreeing while tying yourself in knots. I’ve got all day.

(Actually,I don’t. I’m bored with you now.)

Harlem Celts
November 3, 2023 11:46 am

Ryan wise words

November 3, 2023 11:48 am


Thought the players gave a good account of themselves, two very goid chances fall to experienced players but Jamsie and Kyogo miss – we missed a penalty an awe…
It turns out so did Beaton and VAR when Kyogo was clearly upended in the penalty box by St’s defender.

One official missing it bad enough but two?

The guys on Celtic TV spotted it so the club knows.

It is a pity Celtic have not explained the process by which such mistakes are brought to the SFAs attention.

It would make a good video to share with shareholders at AGM as would another clarifying how exactly the recruitment process works and if the Chairman has any role in the day to day running of the club.

November 3, 2023 11:50 am

HC @ 11.33

Replace the word “Jews” with “people” and I will agree with you wholeheartedly.

The Burton Commandos of Hamas with a bloodlust just slaughtered everyone they could get close to.
The casualty figures for the Thai economic migrants suggest that their bloodlust was pretty blind.

To think that Hamas used to be BN’s pet mentalists to get one over on the PLO.
Some people never learn.

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