All Roads Lead To Rome


Just about the only good thing about playing Lazio tonight is that it gives me a chance to do a match preview instead of beating myself up writing about that bliddy awful display on Saturday. That,and the prospect of spending a good few hours in the company of fellow Tims down the pub,which we convert to the Swindon Shamrock CSC for the games. 

Let’s not fool ourselves here though. We go into the game on the back of a woeful weekend display and with key players missing. We go into it too on the back of a BR tactical masterplan of passing instead of probing. Playing the easy ball instead of the difficult but deadly one. Taking out the effectiveness of our star player Kyogo by starving him of service. 

Lesser men than myself would be watching the whole show from their usual European slot,just behind the settee. But we are made of sterner stuff in my family. Plus,my settee is rammed up against the wall,and it’s too much effort to move anyway. 

On top of that,my sisters are on the road again. Searching out every trattoria in town,hoping that someone somewhere will take pity on two waifs and strays and offer them two tickets for the match. Well,if they can go to all that effort and expense,I can surely make it to the pub. 

We will be missing two main men through injury,Maeda and Hatate. We all know that. We all know that we will be missing Palma through suspension. We know too that we are prone to problems in certain areas of the pitch. Certain players are not performing to their best at the moment,which when added to the players missing is most certainly not the best preparation for an away European tie. Especially against the runners-up in Serie A last season. 

However,we can take heart from two factors. The first is in how well we performed against them at home earlier-we wiz robbed!-and the second is that Lazio are underperforming domestically,lying currently in 11th place. But then,we know that form is temporary while class is permanent. This is not a team to take lightly,they have the players to cut us right open. 

Apart from the problems we have of players being out of form-and to be honest,we don’t have the replacements available for them-there are also two other problem areas tonight. No 10 and the wings. I don’t think Tillo is in the squad,even if his cameo on Saturday had been successful,so it looks like we either go with Yang and Forrest or we change the system and bring Oh in alongside Kyogo. 

Alternatively,we could go with Yang and Kyogo and play with four in midfield. And if that happens,the game will probably be over before I recover from the shock. But it is probably the one I would go with. 

Play Iwata and CalMac in central mid,with Odin or Turnbull at no 10. That would free up CalMac for a more forward role while we are attacking while keeping some shape at the back without having to rely on him to be in about five places at once. 

So there you have it. My own wee masterplan. It beats the hell out of moving my settee,which is about all that I can say for it. Since I won’t be in town till about 330 tonight,and hope to be home for 830 to catch up with the 8pm kick offs,it means that I’ll still be stone cold sober when I troop through my front door. 

Which kinda sounds like a wasted day,except that I’ve got enough in the house to celebrate,or even to drown my sorrows. I really hope I don’t have to drown my sorrows again,this Champions League has cost me a fortune over the years. 

Would I take a draw at this stage? Naw. That means that we are out of the tournament,and out of Europe entirely. Again. I obviously don’t agree with our board policy of spending only for Europa League level-in other words,preparing to fail at CL level-but that doesn’t mean that we have to accept that. A win tonight is a tall order,and you can get 5/1 and probably more for it. But we are Celtic supporters,and optimism is our middle name. There’s even a clue in the middle of the word!

Or to put it another way,make the trip to Rome worthwhile for my sisters and every other fan over there. They haven’t just gone for the scenery,you know. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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November 28, 2023 12:01 am

JOBO POTY competition.

November 28, 2023 12:39 am


Does the pub have any settees?

Good article ( as usual ) 😊

November 28, 2023 6:40 am

Game will be over Bobby, it’s a 17.45 kick off.
Dreich day here after heavy rain last night.
Make the Celts feel at home in Rome.
Scenery not too shabby right enough.
Forza Celtic.

Just Sayin’
November 28, 2023 6:44 am


I hope your sisters are lucky. I travelled to a game last year without a ticket and got one on the day. Someone, somewhere generally obliges. And the craic is good.

Sadly we are not CL equipped and, looking ahead coefficient wise, a Pot 3 EL team should we allow the Huns to wrest the title out of our weakening, faltering grasp.
We really need to get a grip domestically, and as we are making up the numbers in our group this is a sideshow with potential to be another horror show.

I’d suggest the board policy is spending for third tier Europa Conference level. Which may be a reality in a couple of years as we sink down to Molde, Qarabag level coefficient wise. That’s a real possibility.
We are barely second tier quality as things stand.

As for tonight it’s almost as if we set out on the road with a psychological pre setting of a 2/3-0 forfeit, with a hard luck story in there somewhere to provide a hopeful distraction.
I can hear Brendan’s depressing post match analysis already.

Expectation level set at realistic, but I will be delighted to come off the anti depressants if proved wrong.

November 28, 2023 7:05 am

Good Morning Celts – Grand Day To Be A Tim,

Very interesting stuff yesterday and lead article today – yet all rather eclectic, which is a good indication of where we are as a Club…

Mike in Toronto @ 4:43 pm,

some random thoughts ….sorry, cant remember who said what …. so….

and sorry, just came out of court, and am a bit wired still, so this may come across as stream of consciousness rambling … but here goes…

What would TB have thought? None of us know for sure, but given that he never rolled over for anyone, I cant see that he would have meekly accepted Celtic”s disambulation (fancy lawyer word for lying… a word we use because we aren’t allowed to call opposing counsel lying bastards in court ) over the 5WA.

Like it or not, Scottish football is an irrelevance to all but a few die hards in Scotland (and fewer still in Ireland it seems …. every young Irish player now wants to move to Liverpool or Man United., etc.)… as its accomplishments in Europe dwindle, the awarenesss of Celtic to the world at large similarly dwindles…. I used to see Celtic jerseys in Toronto and everywhere on my travels …. but that is no longer the case…. but lots of Man U, Liverpool, Barca, Real, Bayern, Juve jerseys….hell, I bet there are more Barcelona supporters than Celtic supporters even in Ireland these days….everything is about the CL and TV… unless Celtic can figure out a way to get into those, then their slide to irrelevance will not only continue, but will increase in pace….

and remember, it the late 80’s, English teams were banned from Europe, so Scottish teams were arguably level with or above English teams at that time …. then the d’90’s and new media hit, and England boomed, while Scotland fell off the table …

unless people are content with the slide into irrelevance (and success in Scotland will no longer mean entry into Europe’s top competitions), people and the club (because the club is being guided by what the fans demand/will accept), then the club (and hence the fans) need to start doing something different….

but even if the ambition is simply to be better than Sevco, we always discounted Rangers’ wins because they were not honestly won …. well, we now know that, at least from 2012, Celtic have been in on the scam …….to be consistent, ifCeltic have become part of the corruption, dont similarly have to discount the value of any trophies Celtic won…

As for the coach… I have said, I dont think there is a British manager who is capable of coaching at the European level at the moment…. Even Eddie Howe, who many see as he best british manager just now, seems out of his depths in the CL …there is a reason that it was 3 decades since an english manager won his own national league …. the influx of money and foreign coaches has improved the players skill level in England, but coaching is still not quite caught up … and Scotland isn’t even trying to catch up ….Celtic sell parochialism, and hence keep going to Irish managers…. sorry, but BR was never the answer. Celtic had one shining star recently (Kyogo) and BR’s system has nullified that …

I actually think the squad is decent enough … a few positions need changed (LB and keeper) and others need moved (Calmac is never, ever, ever a number 6, and he stalls play in that role…. move him forward or dont play him.. need another striker … 2 is never enough, particularly is 2 are going to be away …. crazy almost criminal planning if that is allowed to play out…. but I think there is talent there (Iwata and/or Holm should be in the number 6 role)… but, as someone else said, the sideways crab football is enough to win most games in Scotland, but (i) isn’t translatable into Europe, and (ii) is as enjoyable as watching paint dry …

that’s enough rambling for now …

Very thought provoking and highlights many of the macro challenges we face.

Yet stoic wisdom tells us…

“…we should always be asking ourselves: “Is this something that is, or is not, in my control?” ~ Epictetus

You mention the lack of top, top coaches from Britain, can Ireland be included for arguments sake? As you state, Celtic have had several Irish coaches.

Yet in Scotland two of the best ply their trade and have made an impact.

Brendan Rodgers and Steve Clarke.

They of course learned their trade in the EPL and did it by coming through the ranks.

Still Ange Postecoglou made an impact and GvB also.

It proves that getting first class coaches (even if the elite are beyond us) makes a significant difference to Scottish sides.

Celtic winning trebles, Sevco in a European final, the NT coasting to next year’s Euros in Germany.

Good coaches make a huge difference and Celtic have one of the best.

Now we could do the aul’ swot analysis on our Brendan but what’s the point, if we agree that we are not going to get the perfect Manager in the near future.

Brendan has a great track record for bringing through young talent

He has an equally strong record for taking young talent and making it much better

This is key if Celtic are to get players of the desired level into a first XI.

Tactically he is a very good Coach, again proven by his teams continuely punching above their weight.

Europe of course is viewed as an achiles heel.

Let me give my view on the last two points, which have led to renewed criticism this season.

We have almost exclusively played a 4-3-3 this season, a preferred formation of our last Manager, but not our current one – his formations and tactics have been based around player ability and player availability.

For instance the 4-3-3 we played against Sevco Rangers was modified and relied heavily on Meada’s relentless pressurising and pace.

When we played Athleti at home, for the first time this season we had the players available to go five at the back, that tactical switch in the second half gave us the only UCL point we have earned this season – and a hard earned point to boot.

The Kyogo conundrum is interesting, yes, he looked the real deal with Angeball in domestic football, yet one could easily make the argument the Giakoumakis was Ange’s best striker and is sorely missed this season.

To set up the team to make Kyogo the fulcrum is wrongminded, not quite as barmy as sticking our left back on the back post ’cause he can’t defend in the box, yet still a short term solution, which is not even a solution in Europe.

The Manager asked for a few things when he came in, including; experience, power, time…

He hasn’t had any of that yet.

He’s stated he will reduce the size of the squad, he stated he only wants to bring in players that improve the team.

Patience as we know is a virtue, a very rare virtue in this day and age.

Here’s my prediction, if Brendan Rodgers is here this time next year, we will be seeing a much improved Celtic Glasgow competing at Celtic Park.

BTW: Totally agree on Calmac, we seem to be creating another Broony Damoclean sword for ourselves

Hail Hail

November 28, 2023 7:24 am


Hope your sisters get their tickets…

If some Celtic supporters are criticising Brendan they should remind them Rome wasn’t built in a day.

More importantly remember…

…when in Rome do as a Tim does.


Hail Hail

November 28, 2023 7:29 am


I know when the ko is,mate. That’s why I said I intend to be home about 830 after watching the game with the local CSC. (Hourly busses after 7pm.)

Hope you get a ticket. Ya spawny git!

The Gombeen Man
November 28, 2023 7:57 am

Thanks everyone for the replies yesterday. Sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to respond to each of them, I will catch up later in the week.

The UEFA Coefficient table looks more and more like a rogues gallery of teams, who by and large are operating at the margins of financial good practice.

Huge amounts of debt, unsustainable spending/excessive spending, dodgy owners…

(Don’t forget Lazio and Feyenoord are on the UEFA Watchlist. Both have almost gone bust in recent years).

Where apathy seems to come from is the game’s failure to sufficiently sanction clubs who achieve success by financial doping.

For me, that’s the underlying issue.

If cheats are winning competitions, getting to finals and sustaining higher coefficient standings, the game is broken.

Just Sayin,

The EL Pot 3 teams,

Pot 3

Molde (NOR) – UECL K
Brighton (ENG) – UECL L
Sheriff Tiraspol (MDA)
Union SG (BEL) – UECL M
Freiburg (GER) – E
Sparta Praha (CZE) – G
Maccabi Haifa (ISR) – UECL N
Sturm Graz (AUT) – J

Their standing are here. A look at their transfer spends/sales via a site like Transfermarket is interesting too.

Club coefficients | UEFA Coefficients |

I think many of us have an understandable touch of the green tinted glasses when it comes to our achievements in Europe from 1980 to 2003?

Have a look by going into the Results section, then scroll down to by Season.

Look at the 60/70s, then look from 1980 to 2003.

Then from 2003 onwards. Our ‘slide’ started before 2003.

Post 2003 the landscape has changed dramatically with qualifying rounds/play offs, the impact of broadcasting revenue tc.

The manipulation of the system by financial doping doesn’t help either.

An analysis of our recruitment track record from 1980 to the current date is interesting too.
Especially when contrasted with teams in our peer group, the coefficient standings and teams consistently spending money they don’t have.

(Or have access to virtually unlimited funds).

Fingers crossed for tonight.

On Sunday it’s an early kickoff against St Johnstone.

The Saints posted a £1.5m loss for last year.

Football’s credibility is at breaking point.


Thanks for the reply yesterday. Personally I don’t worry to much about what happens to the guys mentioned in Alex Thompson’s article.

In my experience many of these guys live a chaotic type of life. Always looking over their shoulder and rarely find any contentment.

The media might put a gloss on things but I don’t think these guys really find what they’re looking for in the places they are looking.

When the penny drops coefficient tables and the futility of trying to wake folk up hits home.


I enjoyed the article. I don’t know how you produce so many per week.

That’s a great idea about an article on Copenhagen, Brighton etc.

I hope Atob and Paddy’s Maw get tickets for tonight.

Fingers crossed.

Early kick off tonight.

Till later.

November 28, 2023 8:25 am


Sorry, misread read that. Apologies.
Have home end but the potents not good re match up with passport and tickets.
Briefs bout in US but that black passport may do us in.
Some checked and some not for the Roma game on Sunday and in like Flynn last year at Bernabeau.
Talk of a poor Lazio turnout and demo.

November 28, 2023 8:30 am

March 1994 Fergus McCann took control of Celtic acquiring a 51% controlling stake in the “Celtic Football & Athletic company Ltd.” for £9.5 million. Ousting the long term family directors of Bullshitting Utd. Could we ever forget those days of near foreclosure, standing over the precipice, teetering on the cliff edge, with a stadium of decaying stands, reminscent of the 1930s.
The letter had arrived from the Bank of Scotland giving Celtic less than 24 hours to pay our debts.
1987/88 apart, Celtic’s centenary season with a League and cup double was our frugal tally of memorable success since the “Mighty Stein”. Bear in mind that we also had to comply with the ‘Taylor Report’ on ground safety, Brutus was standing behind with his dagger in hand, there would be no saving the Celts, it was all down to us to SOS.

The Bunnett how he gave us back our hope and pride back, he being the catalyst for saving our club, plenty of Vulture Capitalist’s were all waiting to pounce and pick up the bones of the club. Fergus gave us all hope for the future, no way would he let us leave our spiritual home, his plan from the outset was to build a 60,000 seater stadium. From a personal perspective this was the best of times following Celtic, 60s apart and big Jocks time. We were united as one, as the new stands bounced to the tunes of our past glories. Pleasure came further down the track when the lazy smile returned, the beautified Tommy Burns, could our football life get any better? The Bank of Scotland had been told to fuck off and replaced with the coop Bank.

Shares were offered to those that wanted to purchase them X2, as I recall Fergus was suprised at the few supporters who took up his offer to be a small part of Celtic, but equally suprised at the number of shares that the wee shareholder purchased.
Its easy to forget sometimes how near we came to going under, but perhaps its the love of the club and what it stands for that demanded that someone would come along and answer its call. when Fergus came there was 7000 season ticket holders and when he left there was 53,000, the grandsons and grand-daughters were back, they had answered the question, our history preserved. Remember the good times, it could be worse, much worse. The last time that I looked two years ago there was 28,335 small shareholder all with a different views, but still, they too answered the call along with the support.
Celtic in Rome, meeting the Papa, great memories are being made, enjoy them.

November 28, 2023 8:42 am

Hat tipped, Bawheid!

November 28, 2023 8:58 am


Damn buses are only one an hour after 7pm here. Hicksville after dark,it is.

Good luck with the ticketing system. Seems a bit draconian,but heyho. The home end is usually more fun anyway,in my experience. It’s always been full of Celtic supporters!

At Leverkusen two years ago,I didn’t hear a single German voice in the queue for the beer. And made the acquaintance do some lads from Bristol. They’ve been over to Swindon a couple of times since for a match,with me and the troops hitting the heady heights-and prices-of Bristol in return.

November 28, 2023 9:04 am


All true.

Fergus is one of the Parkhead greats. No doubt about that. He deserves a statue beside the door,and a stand in his name. I suspect these things have been offered to him already,but he is too modest to accept them while he is still alive.

The Gombeen Man
November 28, 2023 9:18 am

Final thoughts,

It would be interesting if UEFA introduced FSR ratings into the Coefficient table?

If you are not compliant you lose points and drop down the table.

If they are serious about sustainability the measurement of performance needs to reflect sound financial practice and sanction financial doping.

At the moment the table has all the credibility of a horse race, where more than half the runners are ‘doped-up.’

Great post Bawheid.

Have a great day.

Jobo Baldie
November 28, 2023 9:20 am

Good morning friends and a Big Happy European Matchday to all who post or lurk on here. HH

November 28, 2023 9:28 am


Thanks,mate. It’s surprisingly straightforward to write three articles a week-you’ve seen me in a pub,I can be a bit opiniononated!-and the fixture schedule helps.

The international breaks are a killer though.

The idea for the article about Copenhagen,Brighton etc has been a long time coming,dealing as it will with clubs who know what they are doing while we just throw shit at the wall to see what sticks. That link from you yesterday gave some focus for it,and will be a great help. So thank you indeed.

November 28, 2023 9:29 am

Yo,JOBO. Fingers toes and eyes all crossed for tonight.

November 28, 2023 9:44 am

Good morning all,

Good luck to Celtic tonight and hope all travelling fans enjoy their day, stay safe and bring home a victory 🍀🍀

Hail Hail 💚💚💚

November 28, 2023 10:05 am

Jeezo seen a bit on the news this morning that VAR might start to get used for corners, throw ins..basically everything.Be like bloody Ameican football soon with all the stoppages.

maybees thats what they want

November 28, 2023 10:10 am

Forgot to add.the less set plays the better for us.not our strong point!

St tams
November 28, 2023 10:33 am

With the personnel that Brendan has at his disposal, I don’t think we’ll get better than a draw and would not be surprised if we have another defeat.
I would have thought that he would go 352 formation, to try and get something from the game.

Bawheid, excellent post

Awe Naw
November 28, 2023 10:37 am

For me a “dodgy owner” of a football club is an owner who has no interest in actually owning the football club but just maintaining enough under the shareholding threshold to not to have to ever take over full responsibility, yet is still calling all the shots within the club. An owner who invests absolutely nothing of his own disposable income into the club. Only takes income out of the cub and invests very little of his own time into the club , never attends an AGM never mind a game. An owner who as no affinity with it´s fan base or it´s history. An absentee owner.

November 28, 2023 10:40 am


We have been up against it in the CL this season.
The squad is half cooked with gaps you can see from space.
BR is struggling to get into gear — coaching he is a man down and surrounded by stiffs with apologies to HK.
Plus EUFA have really given us a going over with their choice of MIB and VAR personnel.
For whatever reason we have had a target on our back this season — GB please note.

As others have noted 2003 — not Seville but BM at home — was a peak and we have been on the slide ever since.

We have an exec level that are back in excuse mode after 2 years of AP’s growth agenda.
We are nowhere near the team we could be with the resources we have available.
AP showed what was possible — no AP and we are jogging towards mediocrity.

November 28, 2023 10:50 am

MIT @ last night

Your “stream” post really hit the mark.
Our current focus — execs and support — on the SPL and all things Glesga is the road to irrelevance.
Too many seem happy with our current caricature status and focus on the local.

Our current lack of credibility in the 26 counties should be ringing alarm bells everywhere.
However too many love our niche status and don’t want their plaything sullied by mass engagement.
Plus in a secondary market performance is everything — the glory hunter market is beyond us now.
You might not like them but they spend money and shout about success.

As for the stuff you mention from your neck of the woods — huge opportunity missed by the inaction of our board.
I wonder how long any surge in support from Japan will last in the face of CL failure?
When SN was in the team at least we were credible in the CL.

Prestonpans bhoys
November 28, 2023 10:51 am

Awe Naw@10:37

I was about to type something very similar 👏
We have a majority shareholder with executive powers, in what looks like a feudal system of passing on his inheritance to his children.

I would be astonished if Fergus envisaged this PLC setup to exist the way it is.

November 28, 2023 10:57 am

PpB @ 10.51

We do not have a majority shareholder now.
You give the Irish Raj power he does not have.

As for all the chat about now and forever — business flannel to get the tyre kickers talking serious money.
I fear that he is using the bank balance to wind up the support and get us back for 2005.

Having been knocked back from the EPL he was loath to put his hand in his pocket.
That hurt and huge ego’s never forget or forgive.

November 28, 2023 11:01 am

TGM @ 7.57

Excuse monger supreme — you really are working the board’s angle to the max.

The one point that you don’t answer — are we a well run £120mill business using our resources to the max?
The answer is no — you don’t want to discuss that point as it paints the exec level in a terrible light.

Wee FMcC showed what could be done but that was nearly 30 years ago.
The current lot are hoping for stagnation and an easy life.

Not good.

November 28, 2023 11:11 am

In years gone by we played SB well beyond his abilities and performance levels.
It could be argued that BR got another 2 good years out of him but he was very much on the slide post 30.

As for him being captain — not for me in a manner that BMcN was captain of the LL’s not BA.
However in a small field he was worth the armband for a few years but not till 2021.
Cliques and fall outs were to be expected when he was the captain.

As noted by others we are in a similar predicament at the moment.
CMcG is not a natural captain and even worse he is not now worth a starting place in the team.
BR’s return and the award of a 5 year contract suggest that the issue is not on the radar at the club.
Unfortunately our current performance levels show that change is required and quickly.

Very basic stuff that we keep getting wrong time after time.

November 28, 2023 11:51 am

I think it is great idea to have an audience with the Pope but i think it should be BEFORE the game

Billy Bhoy
November 28, 2023 11:51 am

That’s not a bad team you’ve picked Bobby. IMO Maeda is no loss at all but I’d forgot about Palma being suspended – bugger!

I’m fairly optimistic about tonight. Lazio looked to be the poorest Italian team I’ve ever seen at CP. We were very unlucky to lose and should probably have won. They don’t appear to have improved any either in recent times.

At the very least we’ll see an open game so might get a decent reflection of where we are as a team rather than the dire defense v attack we had to endure on Saturday. So,in the considered opinion of the guy sitting 3rd in our Superbru competition it will be Lazio 1 Celtic 2 (Forrest and MJ – both off the bench).

OK – to steal from Chewing the fat: Oi you’ve taken that too far!

Big Audio Dynamite
November 28, 2023 11:56 am

@troll sniping central.
Another day, another raft of sly digs at the manager.
Day in and day out.
Same old same old.

Not since Jock has a man got under the skin so much.
Love it!

Big Audio Dynamite
November 28, 2023 12:00 pm

Our success really does drive this country to despair.
You’d think that after 6 decades they would have gotten used to it..
For their mental wellbeing, they really should just accept their place.
Not good 😉

November 28, 2023 12:20 pm

Thanks for the replies Mccaff – TGM – St. Tams.
Awe Naw – Football history is littered with men with big egos, trophy hunters and they consider buying into football clubs as a way to park money, or to spend other peoples money, you don’t have to look too far to see the destruction that they can cause, Murray and Bill Hiddleston (the Hi Hi’s) Brooks Mileston at Gretna are classic examples, there are many other examples.
My post was about 2-3 men like Fergus and John Kean who cared deeply about Celtic FC the proof is in their example of risking their own relatively small fortunes to save our club.
But here we still are, history in tact, the immigrant club, Scotland’s football Champions,controlling our own destiny, how they must hate that.

November 28, 2023 12:50 pm

Bronski tribute act — big market for them in Glesga.
Superfans ready to go.

Hoop hoop hooray
November 28, 2023 1:00 pm

Cant get my head round tonight’s team.
Mainly poor recruitment and dreadful luck with injuries.
Throw in good unexpected form of a centreback
To the mix.

If at the start of the transfer window someone said we will be playing a CL game in rome with a likely starting line up including hart still in goal taylor still at left back scales in defence and jamesie and mikey on the wings, what would you have thought.

This lazio team are vastly inferior to the one we beat home and away 4 years ago.
Yet Lazio minus 2 are much the same price as a win for us. I know which one I think is the better value.

Awe Naw
November 28, 2023 1:02 pm


I have no problems with what you post whatsoever. I wasn´t replying to your post

As I have pointed out on Sunday Fergus had to dishonestly renege on his promises to sell up to our current de facto owner (a venture capitalist) because of the level of corruption that allowed him his opportunity to profit massively. The corruption went so far that those that were doing the oppressing themselves went out of business. The corruption since then has went even further where then they have phoenix-ed with SPFL laws introduced mainly by ourselves to help prevent any possible repeat of relegation if it were to happen again and all under the auspices our our current venture capitalists. Sevco now presently sit 25 places above us in the UEFA coefficient table. Thank god for them or we´d never qualify for Europe. That´s the only place we can turn a profit. Make hay while the Russians are still disapproved upon.

I do get this Old Testament type of thinking and behavior though towards the strong adherence to the parochial catechism. That ongoing colloquialism about being better than the huns domestically and at least we will never go bust with the present custodians. Feeding the weans with 60 year old nostalgia about the Lisbon Lions. Soon they wont even be able to hear a first hand account of them.

I understand all of it. I am just not pre conditioned to it like most of you.

I would like a fan at the helm.

One who first and foremost is a fan of the sport
Secondly is a fan of Celtic.
Thirdly is prepared to invest any percentage of his own disposable income.
Fourth is willing to countenance other like minded Celtic fans.
Five puts the clubs financial prospects above his own.
Six attends AGM´s and Board meetings
Seven attends matches
Eight has a little knowledge of Celtic´s history
Nine is open and accountable
Ten has a clear strategy

But yes we won´t wake up in the morning as bears. just possibly bears with sore heads tomorrow

Mon the balance sheet.

BTW I posted my reaction to tonight´s game on Sunday evening in case anybody missed it.


I´m soon 60 and I can´t remember the Lisbon Lions

Big Audio Dynamite
November 28, 2023 1:08 pm

Blowing the best chance they will get this year seems to have tipped many of them over the edge.

Top quality entertainment.

Luvlyjubly :))

Big Audio Dynamite
November 28, 2023 1:15 pm

At least some have expressed their disgust at Cantwell and his embarrassing diving.

I’d want him sold immediately.

Jobo Baldie
November 28, 2023 1:26 pm

Good afternoon, friends.
Rather than trying to guess what Brendan will do, maybe some of us would care to say what we would do if we were manager tonight. But with the one restraint, that we have to follow Brendan’s very likely 4-3-3 set up.
Here’s some of my own thoughts. Tony Ralston is a player of limited ability who did very well on Saturday but despite his average form this season I’d go with Johnston, A. Holm hasnt grabbed his opportunity but Iwata does so every time I see him play. And although Kyogo is not a winger I think he’d play the wide role better than any of our available wingers! That leaves the final choice as who our other least bad wide man will be.
So I’d go with –
Johnston, CCV, Scales, Taylor
McGregor, Iwata, O’Riley
Forrest, Oh, Kyogo

Prestonpans bhoys
November 28, 2023 1:33 pm


Sportscene didn’t even show the Cantwell dive, no surprise there……

I actually have no idea what his position is, seems the last two managers allow him to do as he pleases. He’s all over the place, mind you the same can be said about Tavpen!

November 28, 2023 1:41 pm

Awe Naw
For me a “dodgy owner” of a football club is an owner who has no interest in actually owning the football club but just maintaining enough under the shareholding threshold to not to have to ever take over full responsibility, yet is still calling all the shots within the club. An owner who invests absolutely nothing of his own disposable income into the club. Only takes income out of the cub and invests very little of his own time into the club , never attends an AGM never mind a game. An owner who as no affinity with it´s fan base or it´s history. An absentee owner.
Canny think o’ anyone like that.
Oh! Hang on!

November 28, 2023 1:47 pm

Awe Naw, or should I just call you Jesus with your Ten Commandments?
Good luck getting that list to run your club. May I suggest that if you get a fan running the club then the ten commandments would be obsolete. I gave up supporting Celtic FC after the 2019 AGM and you know the reason why, if you don’t then speak to Joe McHugh.
You cannot be Jesus, because you just committed sacrilege. “I’m soon 60 and I cannot remember the Lisbon Lions”, WTF.
I’m soon 76 and all my bedroom walls are covered with them, Jersey’s – medals – memorabilia – books everywhere I look, i charge a full fiver for entry, for everything else I charge extra. M8 youv’e been heeding to many balls, if a Celtic defeat gives you a headache, your BP would have been 270 over 95 in the fifties, in fact you would be kaput. Wheres your joy off the game, if you concentrate on all its negativities then take up watching St. Johnstone – the Tractor Bhoys, you’ll love them, incidentally Brown their one time owner was in Awe – Naw of Fergus McCann. Keep it lit and thanks for the pictures on the RH side, of the players you canny remember.

Big Audio Dynamite
November 28, 2023 1:48 pm


That’s by far the worst I’ve ever seen …no wonder the Huns are raging at him.
As if that club isn’t embarrassing enough. Plus, they really aren’t taking this week very well.

November 28, 2023 1:52 pm

Last season and this in the CL Group Stage, we have given up 4 goals for every 1 we score ( F4 A16 and F3. A12 respectively. ) So 7 goals for and an astonishing 28 against in two attempts. With 2 games to go, we are in danger of exceeding our record 34 goals conceded in 2 Europa League Group Stages. ( I still have nightmares about an injury riddled Prague side taking 8 goals off a dreadful Lennon team in 2 games. )

On recent experience, if we score tonight, we will lose four. So, maybe it’s better not to score?🤔🤣😂

Big Audio Dynamite
November 28, 2023 1:52 pm

Scotland’s football champions, controlling our own destiny, how they must hate that.

Absolutely beautiful words, Bawheid.


November 28, 2023 1:57 pm

Thank you BAD. 😉

November 28, 2023 1:58 pm

Good article, Bobby.


Smashing post. While administration was certainly a possibility in 94, I don’t believe that we would have gone under if Fergus had not stepped in. Unlike the Huns in 2012, the Celtic support would have used all available means to save the club. We certainly would not have sat back, bumping our gums, while achieving the square-root of feck all. Mind you, with scoundrels like Desmondo, Big Peter, the SFA and league officials doing everything they could to help their Ibrox buddies, the Ibrox support did not have to lift a finger…they had friends in low places.

Hail Hail.

Jobo Baldie
November 28, 2023 2:07 pm

Or how about a wee bit of ridiculous, though not impossible, optimism
At the moment the pints table reads Atletico 8, Lazio 7, Feyenoord 6, Celtic 1.
Scenario A – we win our 2 remaining games and Atletico win in Rotterdam tonight : we finish 3rd
Scenario B – we win our 2 remaining games but winning the Feyenoord game 3-1 or better, and Feyenoord only draw tonight: we finish 3rd
Scenario C – Atletico win their last 2 games we do the same, beating Lazio tonight by 2 clear goals: we finish 2nd!
Sweet dreams are made of this!

November 28, 2023 2:09 pm


Can you tell me what you’re smoking?
I’d like to try some of it.🤣
Iniquitous IV😊

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