The Battle Continues


And so it came to pass that we went to Ibrox and got cheated. Hardly the first time-one of my earliest memories of that place is of us getting cheated-and I’m quite sure that Sunday won’t be the last time either. 

Beaton was doing what Beaton does,what any died in the wool fan of any club would do if he was handed a whistle and told he had carte blanche to do as he damned well pleases for ninety minutes. Plus of course as much added time as he feels like. Can’t blame him for that. The scorpion and the frog springs to mind. 

He contented himself on the day with awarding the most spurious of penalty kicks to his team,having first finally got round to booking Silva for his latest pathetic dive. The yellow card of course was overturned when he got that second bite at the penalty cherry. None of our yellow cards were overturned,naturally-and only one of the four was actually warranted. We had 46% of the play but in his eyes we committed 70% of the fouls. In fact,of the ten occasions  he penalised his team,two of those were against his better judgement and only awarded after the intervention of VAR-one for our penalty and one to overturn his decision to ignore a blatant foul on Iwata which led to a goal from them. Both incidents happened within a few yards of the referee,and in clear view. I hesitate to suggest that these things are simply down to incompetence. Beatons performance was not the mark of a professional referee of international standing,but of a died in the wool fan of a club,handed a whistle and told he had carte blanche to do as he damned well pleases for ninety minutes.

Beaton would have been raging at the latter of those VAR issues when R2ngers broke up the pitch when everyone in the stadium was expecting a free kick. Had that move finished in a corner or a free kick in a dangerous area for Beaton’s club,VAR could not get involved. Same as it could not get involved in the many other decisions he made and didn’t make which didn’t directly result in a goal. Game management,they call it. Few better in the game than our referees. Lets them kick us when they can catch us,blows up every time they fall over in a stiff breeze. 

I wish our manager was as good at this game management lark,to be honest. Two up and cruising at half time. Still a goal to the good after ninety minutes. And hanging in there grimly at the end for the draw. I doubt there was a Celtic fan on the planet on Sunday who didn’t feel bloody robbed at the end-and yet relieved too,because we damn near blew it from a winning position. 

We’ve dropped far too many points this season as it is,and far too many of them have been from winning positions. Eleven points in all,I think. Now many of us have been critical of the side this season and for many reasons. Most of us though have cut the team and the manager a bit of slack,recognising the problems caused by our ridiculous injury list as well as the piss-poor recruitment over the summer and winter windows. What is surely not acceptable though is dropping those eleven points. 

Anyway,those points were dropped in the past. There are six league games to be played in the future,and it is those on which we need to concentrate. Having first ensured that lessons have been learned and winning positions protected! Of those six games,we need to beat TFOD at Celtic Park in front of a noisy and partisan crowd which will hopefully refrain from hurling missiles at opposing players or the away dug-out. We then need to match their results in the rest of the matches. Simple,innit?

Now,I’m not one for pissing on anyone’s chips just out of spite,but a quick trawl through the results of our first 32 league matches this season doesn’t really inspire me with the confidence to say with certainty that we can win all six matches. We actually did spin six wins on the trot in autumn,starting at Ibrox. Results since then have been somewhat erratic at best. Can we do it again,especially now when the chips are down and the deck is loaded against us? When MIBbery is so blatant that they can’t even be bothered to hide it,preferring to flaunt their immunity to sanction or criticism? 

Jock always said that the best way to beat the refs was to take them out of the equation. Aye,well. He got a lot right-including that little pearl of wisdom. What he left unsaid was that it isn’t always possible. That early Ibrox memory I mentioned took place in his final season with the club. One where we were so far behind that we needed snookers,but that didn’t stop JRP Gordon putting the boot in. Just for the hell of it,like. I don’t think we can overlook the damage that the referees can and will cause in the final weeks of the season,nor can we take them out of the equation. 

But nor should we ignore the damage that we have inflicted on ourselves. 21 points dropped in 32 matches is nowhere near the standard required at Celtic Park,mibbery or not. Sunday was probably our most important match of the season so far,but only because our own frailties have offered the other lot a glimmer of hope. They’ve grasped that hungrily,as have their facilitators and placemen at Hampden. They’ll pull out all the stops to ensure this title ends up at Ibrox,you can be sure of that. 

Which means that our next game,home to St Mirren on Saturday,is now our most important game of the season. As will be every match after that,until the destination of the trophy is decided. This is a title race of our own making,we took our eye off the ball in so many ways on and off the pitch. We can blame the refs,blame VAR,curse our injury list etc,but the simple truth is that we are where we are because we have not done our own job properly this season. 

I only hope that we can pull through,get the points required,win the bloody thing and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. And make bloody sure that this fiasco of a season never happens again. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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April 9, 2024 7:59 am

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We have set up a GoFundMe page for those who have some spare cash to donate,even from a lucky windfall or finding a tenner in the street.

Click on the link for more details,including how to donate.

Please give generously to a very deserving cause. Although our first targets have now been achieved-and many thanks for your generosity!-we can always hope to do more.

April 9, 2024 7:59 am


You can read our article on a resolution for improving refereeing standards here.

Join the growing numbers of our readers who have had enough of referees in hun scarves.

April 9, 2024 8:00 am

Napsters,please be aware of the CHALMERSBHOY Aintree Naps competition which starts on Thursday. See link for full details.

Look out too for a separate article on a Grand National sweep which will be drawn on the Friday before the race.

Lost in translation ...
April 9, 2024 8:35 am


We need to highlight their game management antics — world class as it is.
We need to highlight their players grabbing the ball as they flop to the ground under any sort of challenge.
We need to highlight the yellow card angle — book early / book often for us with no comeback in the press.

As for the run in — 6 individual events that need total focus.
We need to set the agenda and put the pressure on them — probably our main fail this season is that we have seldom looked comfortable during games. The opposition are in park the bus mode and we fret looking around for leadership and a perfect chance. Twenty minutes to go and the opposition throw on a second striker and we look like rabbits in the headlights as we struggle to react to the new challenge.

Young squad / inexperienced team — we are where we are but we are not growing up fast enough.
However 6 individual games including a number where we have points to prove / scores to settle.
Our resources vs their resources — we need to make it count and their cannot be any excuses.
If Ludge MIB / Ludge VAR are the big issue then we need to respond through every channel open to us.

More stats work — dig in to the numbers and see what comes out.
PP style humour — the SFA / SPL don’t like being the butt of the joke.
All we need to do is find the punchlines that mention Scottish refs / Scottish VAR.
“Penalty to Rangers” is a good start but we need more.

Next season — how do you make sure it doesn’t happen again?
Need a total clear-out — not sure if DD has the stomach for it.
He has made some moves before but in the end the forces of Board laziness win out.
Maybe he is part of the change we need.

2029 looms large — telegram for the Main Stand will not be a good look.

Get the board / execs right and the manager’s job will be a lot easier.
Whoever that manager may be.

Jobo Baldie
April 9, 2024 8:40 am

Good morning, friends.
Yet another rainy day which could be significant in relation to the already poor surface at Dens Park.
In separate news this coming weekend is The Masters. I was sent ( and joined) a wee Pool being run where a chunk of the entry fees go to the Celtic Foundation. You simply pick 6 golfers and your best 4 ‘count’ as your score. I was going to post the invite on here but don’t want to detract from the more ‘official’ site related ones. But if anyone is interested, drop me an email at and I’ll send the stuff on.

April 9, 2024 8:54 am

St Mirren this week is our 17th home game which only leaves The Huns and their wee cousins as the 2 home ties remaining for us as we have only played both once at home this season. If Dundee can secure a top 6 eliminating Hibs we would end up with Killie St Mirren and Dundee away. From this batch of games I personally believe Killie on the worst surface outside Livi will be the biggest game left. Word is they are relaying a grass surface close season and have already Beaton us twice there this season ( wee tip on ref there).
They will want to go out with a big result.
I believe we will overcome the hun and after being cheated beyond belief against Hearts I can see Brendan out for revenge big time. Winning all these fixtures isn’t guaranteed but I am quietly confident we can.

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 9:00 am

We damn well nearly threw the game away against them last December too.
2-0 up at home and MJ, Abada, Oh ( all three gone or now forgotten ) on together as subs in 83rd minute versus 10 men as the game still had 15 or so minutes to play with extended time! To develop the argument re ineffectual squad quality the departed DT came on as a sub too.

Like Sunday we were game managed by the proliferation of yellow cards- 7 that time, general breaking up the play and giving the opposition opportunities to launch attacks. Predictably enough Walsh was referee.
So far, so familiar.

A number of extenuating circumstances but the point being another instance to question BR’s strategy to close out a game.
Personnel was part of the issue which BR addressed by bringing in Idah and Kühn to bolster a fragile squad.

It’s plain we are no more than a decent first 11/15 and on a par with the opposition.
The slightly better of two average teams.

Six games to win the league. Not an impossible
We can’t look beyond the next game. Focus is everything.
This league is there to be won.

April 9, 2024 9:15 am

We have one very big game after the saints game that will be Kilmarnock away. the MIB that day I would bet will be one A MUIR…. A cheat of the SFA highest order, ha will get the gig as he can be relied on as he was the reason we exited the LC at the Sam venue….CELTIC & BR be aware and ready …

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 9:23 am


I think we have only played 15 home games, so St Mirren is 16th.
We have played 17 away.

So 4 home 2 away in last 6.

Lost in translation ...
April 9, 2024 9:30 am

KDS chat about the post split games is that we may get Killie at home to even out our home / away split for the season.
Karma and then some if true but I will believe it when I see it.
Bit of a bonus if correct.

April 9, 2024 9:47 am



Good evening, friends.
A good start at a zombie-filled Ibrox is always desirable but to score after just 23 seconds, when we didn’t even take kick off, was something to behold. And it got even better when Matt doubled our lead from the penalty spot with a Panenka style dink. Takes a brave man to do that when we only had a single goal lead at the time.
Half time was recognised with a chorus of boos and many of us were aware of the old cliché that the next goal was crucial. Unfortunately the undead got it after Mr Beaton decided that his own very clear real time view of Markdaly Silva’s dive was in fact a clear and obvious error, leaving Tavpen to do what he does very well. 90 seconds later and the ball was in our net again but fortunately – and correctly – the goal was disallowed for the clear foul on Iwata at the start of their build up. Of course, Beaton was about 4 yards away from that, staring right at it but chose to let the VAR take the flak anyway!
We have played The Deady Bears twice already this season and on both occasions Calmac was voted Man Of The Match. A feat not to be repeated this time as he gifted a sloppy pass which led to Sima scoring their equaliser via a wicked deflection off Liam Scales. The momentum had certainly shifted to the dark side but less than 2 minutes later we were back in front after some great centre forward play by Adam Idah, combined with a poor attempt at goalkeeping from Butland.
But our elation was short lived as Matondo curled a stoppage time equaliser past the best English goalkeeper on the park.
A 3-3 draw leaves both title contenders with the flag in their own hands. 6 wins and Celtic secure their 54th title. But If Sevco win all of their games and avoid defeat at Celtic Park then it’d be title number 2 for them.

We have now played 42 competitive games. We have managed 28 wins, 6 draws and 8 defeats, scoring 93 goals and conceding 43. We have 6 league games left whilst our nearest challenger, a point behind, have 7 to play. We are 1 goal better off and have scored 7 more. 6 wins would be enough to secure our 54th league title.
My thanks to the 59 who voted this time around. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.

Hart: 4
Johnston: 11
Carter-Vickers*: 39
Scales: 2
Taylor: 4
Iwata: 4
O’Riley*: 37
Hatate: 31
Kuhn: 4
Kyogo: 0
Maeda*: 36
McGregor: 0
Yang: 0
Idah: 5
Bernardo: 0

And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Triggers Broom FC are –
Carter-Vickers – 5 points
O’Riley – 4 points
Maeda – 3 points
Hatate – 2 points
Johnston – 1 point

The overall positions after 42 games played shows that after 10 weeks with Scales at the top, we now have a new leader. The points are as follows –
83 points – O’Riley
82 points – Scales
57 points – McGregor
55 points – Carter-Vickers
36 points – Hart
35 points – Johnston, A.
33 points – Kyogo
28 points – Maeda and Palma
25 points – Yang
22 points – Bernardo
20 points – Oh
18 points – Taylor
17 points – Kuhn
16 points – Idah
15 points – Iwata
10 points – Hatate and Ralston
9 points – Johnston M, Nawrocki and Turnbull
6 points – Lagerbielke
5 points – Forrest
4 points – Bain, Bernabei and Holm
3 points – Welsh
2 points – Abada
0 points – Frame, Haksabanovic, Kelly, Phillips, Starfelt, Tilio and Vata

We have one more game before the split, a Saturday 3pm home game against St Mirren. Hail Hail!

April 9, 2024 9:48 am


Feel free please to put up the details of the golf competition.

Jobo Baldie
April 9, 2024 9:55 am

Thanks Bobby, I’ll do that shortly.

Prestonpans bhoys
April 9, 2024 9:57 am

“Celtic fire off SFA missive over Rangers penalty with fears John Beaton wasn’t given proper footage”

When I saw the original video of this claim I thought it was a spoof, obviously Celtic don’t think so. Could be a interesting development……

April 9, 2024 9:58 am

Our remaining two away matches will be against St Mirren and Killie. Unless we are top of the table at the split,one of those two matches will be on the final day of the season. On the plus side,whoever finishes sixth in the table will play the huns at home-even if that means a third trip to Dundee for them.

Jobo Baldie
April 9, 2024 9:59 am

*The Masters*
If anyone fancies a bit of interest in The Masters I’ve received the following email from the organiser. I’ve redacted the guys bank details and phone number but if you fancy joining in just email him ( ) and say you want to join but can he confirm where the £10 entry fee should be sent. Or message / email me ( and I’ll pass the bank details on.
Here’s Iain’s original email –
“It’s time to try and forget about the rain that seems to have fallen constantly for the last 6 months and think happy thoughts of Magnolia Lane, azaleas and the perfectly manicured playing surfaces of Augusta. It is almost time. The 2024 Masters begins next week!
This year’s first major begins in just 5 days time on Thursday 11th April and the vast majority of the field are confirmed, with only a handful to be finalised after this week’s Valera Texas Open which finishes tomorrow night. You’ll find the link to enter below along with the bank details to pay your entry fee of £10. £6 from every entry goes towards the prize fund while £4 goes to the nominated charity, Celtic FC Foundation.
All entries and payments must be received before the first ball is struck and I’m setting a deadline of 12.00 Thursday lunchtime. For any overseas entrants, that’s 12.00 Celtic Park time!😊 I’ll send a reminder email on Wednesday of next week. I’ll also let you know after entries close what the prize fund is.
In the meantime, I thank you for your interest and ask that you share the invitation with any friends or family, golfers and non-golfers alike. This can be done by forwarding this email or sending the link via text/WhatsApp. The more that enter, the bigger the prize pot and the more we’ll raise for to allow them to continue the great work they do across the UK, Ireland and beyond.
One important request please, may I ask that you take the time to check you have entered your email address correctly when you submit your entry. This makes the admin easier.
Acc Name: I M McGovern
Sort Code: redacted
Acc No: redacted

Kind regards,

April 9, 2024 10:00 am


Even though the club is banging its head against a brick wall by complaining to the SFA,at least we are now doing so publicly. It’s a start,but we should have made that start years ago.

San Luis
April 9, 2024 10:24 am

VAR stinks, there’s no doubt about it’s misuse in Scotland.

Yet, we cannot defend a lead if our lives depend on it, our game management is atrocious and that’s why we find ourselves in a gun fight with a knife.

Now , why this is so is open to debate. Is it our club policy or is it our underperforming manager and players. Is it all of the above?

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 10:38 am


To me it is a sense of a club, not in turmoil, in a sort of paralysis.
Without a plan or a strategy.

Reactive not proactive, where the major players are either absent, invisible or not appearing fully engaged.

Reflected on the pitch where we have been playing at half/ three quarters capacity, allowing intensity, energy and concentration to drop below those average standards at times, probably due to little on field leadership on view.

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 10:40 am

And not enough quality in the squad to keep standards higher.

April 9, 2024 10:46 am

Morning all!
San Luis, Just Sayin… consider that Sunday was the first time this season that the full squad was available to Brendan. That speaks more about unsettled play on the pitch than any other scenario. Even from the full squad being available Calmac was only half fit and not available for selection (although if Iwata hadn’t shown his capabilities in the last couple of games Calmac might have been thrown in from the start!)
Then add in how the game was refereed on Sunday and perhaps OUR game management is not really the problem but how we are being influenced by those with an agenda against us.

Big Audio Dynamite
April 9, 2024 10:54 am

Maybe we aren’t taking into account the effect refereeing has had on our season.

In the first minutes of the Hearts game, Matt won the ball clean as a whistle – ref immediately blew for a FK to Hearts! (I knew at that moment the kind of day it was gonna be)

Add all this up over a season and you have a good reason why we can’t get into any sort of rhythm.

If we ain’t gonna cut the team and the manager some slack, we are just playing into the hands of our enemies.

Big Audio Dynamite
April 9, 2024 10:55 am


Could just have read your post first.

Great minds and all that ..

Well, I say great 😏

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 10:56 am

The discriminatory refereeing against us undoubtedly takes it toll.

23 fouls against on Sunday. 4 yellows.
18 fouls against in December. 7 yellows.

Agree it’s hard when faced with that level of corruption.

But better strategising, and stronger leadership/ personalities would help.
The former is down to the management team before and in game. The latter is down to better recruitment.

April 9, 2024 10:57 am

Here’s RefWatch from yesterday.
Dermot Gallagher’s views on the big points; Goldson – definite penalty, arm to ball. Johnston on Silva – AJ puts his hands up to brace himself for the collision, not violent so should be no card. Silva penalty – there’s contact, shown by VAR, so definite penalty but no booking as it’s just a foul. Lawrence on Iwata – approx 15 seconds pass before they score, giving Celtic time to reset, i seems Dermot is suggesting the goal should have stood. Accepts it’s a foul but if the ref is allowing play to go for that time and distance unsure why it’s been pulled back (My interpretation).
Dermot’s final comment as the clip ends…”is it re-refereeing” Hmmmm, Dermot, we’ve been asking ourselves the same thing for quite a while now!

April 9, 2024 10:58 am

BAD…great is fine by me! 😁

April 9, 2024 11:06 am

Just Sayin… I totally agree better recruitment is key, along with better strategising etc etc but we are where we are in terms of the squad we have at the moment and nowt can change that. If we accept there are things we can do better and we are still being cheated what then is the answer? We don’t play on a level playing field and Sunday’s refereeing showed how corrupt it is, like the Hearts game a few weeks back, so on a game to game basis we need to be able to put out our strongest team and to date this season, for whatever reason, we haven’t been able to do it often enough.
Sunday, first half, we showed what we are capable of, 2-0 up with no fans, could have easily have been 3, maybe even 4 on a better day but add in the imagined fouls and early yellows that completely influence how the Huns expect the ref to behave and the doubts in the minds of our guys when they know one slip could easily be a foul in a dangerous area or worse, a 2nd yellow for feck all.
We do tend to forget about these nuances in the game as we get caught up in the emotion of it but they do have a material influence on how we have to manage in a game like Sunday’s.

San Luis
April 9, 2024 11:08 am


I genuinely think ( foul count, and Hun bias apart throughout), Beaton got the ‘big ‘ calls correctly at the time. It was a dive, it was a 50/50 with Iawata. The elbow , understandable how those are missed, and need VAR, but it is re- refereeing of the big issues that are having an impact, whilst all the dives, punches, falling on ball etc remain ignored.

VAR is horrendous, especially for any team playing against the Huns.

April 9, 2024 11:08 am

Further, I think it all comes down to how we are being let down consistently, on and off the park, by our Board. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they have meetings with Brendan. His frustration at their inaction must surely be sky high!

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 11:12 am

The absent and the invisible must be impossible to deal with.

April 9, 2024 11:14 am

San Luis…I cannae disagree but for me the big issues should deal with themselves. It’s the sneaky stuff, Huns falling under pressure and grabbing the ba’, similar fouls for each team managed differently, Lawrence on Iwata, 4 yards from the ref – play on, head knock on Yang, 8 yards from ref – play on. On both occasions Huns in possession and pushing forward. Goldson under pressure by Matt, steals ball and Goldson falls onto it, foul to Huns. Never a foul in a million years! Silva rolling about the box in the first 5 minutes after a challenge by Scales, the ref should be over, telling him to cut it out but no, it goes on anoyher 3 or 4 times before he’s booked, then changed his mind!
It’s these things that are consistently undermining our game.

Lost in translation ...
April 9, 2024 11:28 am

Post split shenanigans

We are set up to play 2 away games post split — regular season is 16 home games / 17 away..
However we would have 3 away games to play given the probable Top 6 finishing positions and what has happened in the regular season.

Games that should be at home following on from the regular season:

Govan FC

No issues — go ahead as planned.

Games that should be Away following on from the regular season:

Dundee — they have three home games to play post split.
St Mirren — they have three home games to play.
Killie — they only have two home games to play.

To even up our season then one of these games will need to be swapped over to give us the required third home fixture.
Q+D look would suggest that Killie is the most likely to be swapped as they should only have 2 homes games post split.

However not a complete analysis but it points to Rugby Park carpet no more.
Refuse nothing but blows — take the small mercies you can get.

Lost in translation ...
April 9, 2024 11:41 am

Some interesting viewpoints being aired — the TI tackle as seemingly a 50/50 …
Not quite what the rest of the world saw and the Sky coverage showed but hey ho.

TFOD2.1 penalty — AJ catches the ball and then “Greg Luganis” flops over his trailing leg.
If GL had been chasing a twenty quid note down the street then AJ’s leg would not have stopped him.
When he sees the opportunity that AJ’s trailing leg would provide — GL’s feet go limp as he sets up the flop.
No attempt to chase after the ball just a case of generating a collapse.

Football is a contact sport not a game of best man falls.
The contact has to be significant and natural — not minimal and manufactured — for a foul to have occurred.

Then you have the YH-j head knock incident.
Significant collision leading to a head knock right in front of the MIB and the game is allowed to play on.
The club has a duty of care to its employees and this failure to apply the rules has to be highlighted / explained / punished.
Basic fail by Ludge MIB — trying to hard and its shows.

April 9, 2024 11:43 am

If Hibs beat Motherwell they go level with Dundee on points, ahead on goals. Dundee need to take something from Pittodrie to ensure Top 6. How this potentially changes what could happen beyond the weekend is above my pay grade right now.
#HeidBurstCSC 🙄

April 9, 2024 11:49 am

There’s been plenty of chat about Silva but for me if you make that kind of contact in the box it’s a penalty. Not a fan of diving at all but if Kyogo had been in Silva’s position on Sunday we’d be screaming for it and no tv angles would convince you that enough of the ba’had been won or it was minimal contact. The first angle form behind the play suggests a dive, the angle Beaton was shown clearly shows contact with Silva and minimal contact with the ba’. Suggestions the ba’ changed direction are off the mark for me, too, I’ve yet to see an angle that shows it changed direction!
Sorry guys, just how I saw it!!

ernie lynch
April 9, 2024 11:55 am

Just Sayin’
‘The absent and the invisible must be impossible to deal with.’


Well the five way agreement managed it, so never underestimate the resourcefulness of Scottish football when the need arises.

April 9, 2024 12:04 pm


If you’ve not seen a replay showing the ball changing direction,that puts you in a minority of two-wi Beaton. Timternet and TV have been full of said clips.

April 9, 2024 12:05 pm

Bobby…I wouldn’t have posted it for the sake of it. If the ba’ changes direction it’s been almost discernible to me!

April 9, 2024 12:11 pm

….watching the game on Sunday my nephew and my wee guy both said it was a dive, I thought penalty straight away!

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 12:45 pm

e l

I guess I’m thinking that they are present and available when they want to be.

Evasive otherwise.

April 9, 2024 12:55 pm

Edit to 12.05 post….should’ve read ‘indiscernible’! 🤫

April 9, 2024 1:18 pm


This,and plenty like it,have been posted all over Timternet since the game.

Thirty seconds into this Sky clip you can clearly see Johnston flicking the ball away before his leg comes up for the simulated contact.

April 7, 2024 3:17 pm

April 9, 2024 1:42 pm

I think we’ll need to agree to disagree on this one, Bobby. There’s contact with the ba’ but there’s also contact with the man. If AJ had redirected the ba’ towards the sideline I’d be in full agreement of no penalty. But the ba’ hardly changes direction from any angle I’ve seen. Silva goes down too easily but there is contact. As I said earlier, and I’m convinced everyone on here would be the same, I’d be screaming for it I’d it was one of our players in the same circumstances.

Bada Bing
April 9, 2024 1:46 pm

Boys Club Case given another 4 months to finalise the outcome.

Just Sayin’
April 9, 2024 1:59 pm

Re the Silva pen, AJ gets something on the ball but it’s only feet away from Silva as he dubiously hits the deck.
But it’s under contact and he may have reached the ball.

Prestonpans bhoys
April 9, 2024 2:09 pm


Under no circumstances would I being calling for that if it occurred in their box. The forward momentum of the hun player moves towards AJ, there is no forward momentum from him at contact as his right leg is outstretched hitting the ball away. 😳

April 9, 2024 2:22 pm

Well, well, look who we are getting for the St. Mirren game! A certain sycophantic groveler. I read somewhere that the second pic was taken in a certain Ludge in Renfrew. Don’t know if that is true or not.

April 9, 2024 2:37 pm

IQ4…you are correct, the pic was taken in The Prince of Wales Ludge “How auld is yer granny?” Number 426.
It’s a fine wee club that the band members walk from on any given Sunny Saturday, fuckin up the local traffic and stopping ordinary people who couldn’t give a feck for them getting in and out of their hooses, literally, as the polis stop you driving or walking when the band is marching.

Mike in Toronto
April 9, 2024 3:04 pm

Ruben Amorin has signed a contract with Liverpool to replace Klopp next season.

Mike in Toronto
April 9, 2024 3:52 pm

Kingsley Coman is 27 years old, and in his 11th season as a pro footballer ….

first year at PSG, he won the French league
next year he went to Italy, and won Seria A with Juventus
sent on loan to Bayern (where he later signed permanently), and was won the leauge in every one of his 8 years since then …

this will be the first year in his career when he hasn’t won the league title ….

I thought Zlatan had the best record … but unlike Zlatan, KC has also one CL title