Playing A Bad Hand


We survived the first of our post-split fixtures on Sunday,a wee trip to Dundee seeing us take all three points. But it would be wrong to say that I enjoyed much of the match itself. Once again we failed to hit the heights that we once took for granted. Once again we hit the panic button when we lost a goal having built up a healthy lead. Once again the fans were praying for the whistle long before Beaton put us out of our misery,a signal for somewhat muted celebrations. 

It is a genuine concern that we are unable to put teams away even when we have a two goal lead and are dominating the play. It isn’t something that just appeared on our radar on Sunday. I remember watching an interview with the genius Bobby Murdoch,where he said that the great Celtic team of his time “used to put the opposition away early doors.” It’s obviously stuck with me all these years,and having been brought up watching teams that did exactly that,I sure do miss those days! 

I also got used over the years to seeing Celtic teams not only seeing a game out when they were leading,but also grabbing them by the scruff of the neck late on when all appeared lost. And we’ve all got our tales of heroism and valour about them. In fact,we’ve had a few of them recently too,for instance with Livingston and Motherwell. But we’ve also seen us lose late goals which have either cost us points or ramped up the pressure to breaking point. 

There must be an explanation for this,and I’m not just talking about how easily teams are breaking through our midfield to chip away at a fragile and porous defence. What happened to us tiring teams out and then hitting them with fresh legs from the bench? Or am I just dreaming that those days ever existed? Come to that,what happened to inspiring and inspired substitutions? Or even to having available the players on the bench to make a difference in the first place? 

Ah,now there we may have the answer to some of our problems this season. Yes,some of our replacements have struck gold on occasion this season. Occasionally a replacement is actually an improvement,but it is all too rare. And that isn’t really surprising when you look at what BR has available to him. The manager touched on this last week in a press conference,and using an example said that Palma  didn’t have what he,the manager,was looking for in a Celtic player. 

Well,that was hardly news to a lot of people,many of whom had already reached that conclusion about the player. Indeed,it was nice to be vindicated in my own opinion of him,even if I take no pleasure in saying that about any player. But Palma has still somehow managed to feature  at some stage in our team almost any time he is fit. Yep,you got it-the manager doesn’t rate him but still plays him nearly every week. What a bloody shambles. 

When we get to the point in the game when it becomes time to roll out the replacements-usually about the hour mark in these days of five subs-we aren’t looking at fresh legs. We’re looking at a wing(er) and a prayer,hoping that  players X,Y or Z can hit the ground running for once and actually do something. Too often,we are looking at a man short who simply can’t get a toehold in the game. BR prefers to use his substitutes in midfield,wide and forward areas. He leaves the defence alone,bar the frequent injury scares. I think there’s a reason for this. He is as worried about the quality of the bench as we are! 

Of all the replacements available to him in defence,I could only trust Welsh and Ralston. And frankly I’d rather leave them on the bench just in case they need to come on to cover a late injury. In midfield I can only trust Bernardo and Iwata,and only Forrest and Idah up front. That’s absolutely pitiful,because every player in the squad should be good enough to demand a spot in the starting XI and our bench is only good enough to be damned by the faint praise of being trusted. 

Look,I know that we aren’t Real Madrid or Man City and whatever. I know that the superstars aren’t in the least bit interested in coming to Scotland,not even to play for a club which recently was again found to have an almost unrivalled atmosphere and history. I don’t expect to see ten Peles and a Lev Yashin playing for us every week. But what I do expect is that the manager will have the choice of quality players across the park with enough left over on the bench to give him thought.To have the players available to allow him some healthy squad rotation,or to play certain players in certain games when the circumstances demand it. 

What we are seeing at the moment is just not good enough,not up to scratch,not what we were raised on. But that is not the fault of the manager,who can only work with what he is given. It’s not even the fault of the players that they aren’t good enough. We know where the blame lies for that. But let me leave you with an example from Sunday of just what BR has to contend with,something that IS the fault of the players in question. 

Twice late on in the game,Idah burst free wide on the left. Left his marker for dead,burst down the line and looked up to make the cross. Twice he was about twenty yards ahead of any team-mate,which made the whole exercise bloody pointless in the first place! And at the risk of being accused of having a pop at one player in particular,on neither occasion was Palma,the replacement on the left,even in shot! When that’s the material a manager has to work with,it is easy to see why we have our problems. It’s not news to any of us,nor to BR. But it is a disgrace,a stain on the club,that the situation arose in the first place. It’s time that football people were back in charge of the football side of the club,because our signing policies have stunk the place out for far too long. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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April 30, 2024 12:12 am


You can read our article on a resolution for improving refereeing standards here.

Join the growing numbers of our readers who have had enough of referees in hun scarves.

April 30, 2024 12:13 am

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April 30, 2024 12:14 am



Good evening, friends.
For the most part it was not an enjoyable watch yesterday although ultimately it was a result that I think all of us would have gladly accepted at the start of the day. With 3rd and 4th places in the league pretty much assured it is the battle for 5th spot and the resultant European place that gives a huge incentive to both Dundee and St Mirren. And both of those teams gave it a real go yesterday, with both just losing by the odd goal. Arguably that is our toughest fixture out of the way. Celtic only have one more away game to play in the league and it might even be that the title has been won before our trip to Rugby Park. But only if we play better than we did yesterday!
To be fair, I thought Celtic started well, creating several chances and getting a few shots on goal during the opening 15 minutes. But from then on Dundee came much more into the game and our early promise soon faded. But then, out of nothing, came a moment of real quality when Kyogo’s touch sat the ball up nicely for James Forrest to volley home our 100th goal of the season. James was to double our lead in the 2nd half to briefly calm the nerves until Adam Idah’s unfortunate own goal gave us a nervy final 15 minutes. Apart from a very good strike off the post from Reo Hatate, who had grown into the game and was producing our few moments of skill, we didn’t really look to threaten Dundee’s goal.
4 minutes into stoppage time and referee John Beaton decides to book Joe Hart for time wasting. I mean, what is the point in that? Showing a card for time wasting is surely designed to make the offending team get on with things for the rest of the game. Joe didn’t even have another touch of the ball after being carded. Oh and an additional minute was added on to the already generous 5 that had been shown. But all to no avail – Celtic came away with the 3 points and remain on top of the league.

We have now played 45 competitive games. We have managed 30 wins, 7 draws and 8 defeats, scoring 101 goals and conceding 47. We have 4 league games left, 3 of them at home. We are 3 points and 5 goals ahead of our nearest rivals. Match our closest rivals results and that will be enough to secure our 54th league title.
My thanks to the 75 who voted this time around. One voter cast just 1 vote and one other donated one of his votes to the St Mirren ball boy! And, for the first time in a very long time every single one of our 14 players received recognition! The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.

Hart: 11
Johnston: 2
Carter-Vickers: 40
Scales*: 48
Taylor: 3
McGregor: 1
Hatate*: 15
O’Riley: 5
Kuhn: 6
Kyogo: 2
Forrest*: 72
Iwata: 14
Idah: 2
Palma: 1

And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Dundee are –
Forrest – 5 points
Scales – 4 points
Carter-Vickers – 3 points
Hatate – 2 points
Iwata – 1 point

The overall positions after 45 games played are as follows –
88 points – O’Riley
86 points – Scales
62 points – Carter-Vickers
57 points – McGregor
42 points – Johnston, A.
40 points – Hart
34 points – Kyogo
28 points – Maeda and Palma
25 points – Yang
22 points – Bernardo
20 points – Oh
19 points – Kuhn
18 points – Taylor
16 points – Idah and Iwata
15 points – Forrest and Hatate
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Johnston M, Nawrocki and Turnbull
6 points – Lagerbielke
4 points – Bain, Bernabei and Holm
3 points – Welsh
2 points – Abada
0 points – Frame, Haksabanovic, Kelly, Phillips, Starfelt, Tilio and Vata

The Player Of The Month award is based simply on the total votes received across all games played. There were only 4 games during February – away trips to Sevco and Dundee, the cup semi final at Hampden against Aberdeen and our home win against St Mirren.
In 3rd place with 95 votes is Reo Hatate and the runner up on 119 votes is James Forrest. The player of the month for April, with 139 votes is Cameron Carter-Vickers.
So far the monthly winners have been –
August: Kyogo (4 games, 164 votes, average 41)
September: O’Riley (5 games, 259 votes, average 52)
October: Scales (5 games, 243 votes, average 49)
November: Scales (6 games, 191 votes, average 32)
December: McGregor (8 games, 281 votes, average 35)
January: O’Riley (3 games, 132 votes, average 44)
February: Hart (6 games, 206 votes, average 34)
March: Kuhn (3 games, 142 votes, average 47)
April: Carter-Vickers (4 games, 139 votes, average 35)

Our next game is a 3pm Saturday home tie against Hearts and a chance to open up a 6 point and 6 (at least) goal gap at the top before Sevco next take to the field on Sunday (they’re at home to Kilmarnock).
Hail Hail!

Bada Bing
April 30, 2024 12:33 am

BMCUW- Given our current form,if we manage to get ahead in upcoming games, I wouldn’t be against putting 2 midfielders on ,and play with 4 across the middle, and have 2 up front, it would give more possession and hopefully, protect the back 4,too many second halves this season we have completely fell out of games, not every sub needs to be like for like.

Mike in Toronto
April 30, 2024 1:07 am

April 30, 2024 1:40 am

bada bing1
INIQUITOUS- I said same yesterday, a couple of 30 somethings for CB and MF wouldn’t go amiss, specially for Europe,
Hi Bada:
If I were Brendan, I’d be looking at Joel Matip, out of contract at Liverpool in the summer. 32 years old and still as fast as a greyhound. Competes with other greyhounds, Virgil, Konate, Gomez and Qansah.
Would be great alongside CCV. Great in the air, good positional sense, with tremendous recovery speed.
Iniquitous IV😊

April 30, 2024 1:49 am

Bobby, first class lead. I was also struck by the absence of players in the box when Idah broke away.
Liverpool are struggling just now, but when a wide player is in the same position as Idah, there is a cavalry charge of 6 or 7 running racing towards the goal.

We are either not sufficiently fit, or playing to very conservative instructions. I suspect the former.

P.S. Based on advice from Mike in Toronto ( friggin’ expensive btw🤣 ) I am considering changing my moniker to Ubiquitous IV.
Iniquitous IV ( in administration )😊

Mike in Toronto
April 30, 2024 1:58 am


Expensive?!! You get the SC discount rate … so many chancers on here tht I get so much work I can do bulk pricing!😆

April 30, 2024 7:06 am

The entire support will unite behind the team on Saturday. All 58,000 in attendance. The scunnered, the happy clappers, every man, woman, and child. The lot.

Too late now to expect an uplift in quality, this Celtic squad just doesn’t have it in them. Best we can hope for is competence and an absence of calamity.

BR tends to stick with his favoured 4-3-3 , I am in agreement with those who would lose a winger and stick in another midfielder .

April 30, 2024 8:00 am

On your Idah example of being 20 yards ahead did you consider the cautious system we play caused such?
Also a coach singling out Palma as not up to being a Celtic player is just an example of how poor his man management has been all season.

Just Sayin’
April 30, 2024 8:06 am

If any supporter underestimates the value and importance of vocal team encouragement listen to the Fraser Forster interview. Talks about the massive impact fans have on the team and importantly on the mindset of the opposition.

That’s what exactly is needed at home these next two games.

Get these games over the line by willing the players on. Players and support as one.
Griping, Moaning, criticising can wait til the final
whistle on May 11th. Two home wins.

This League is there to be won.

April 30, 2024 8:27 am


I agree that the league is very much there to be won,but it is also there to be won by the huns. If they beat us then match our points in the other games while scoring an extra goal in each of them,the title is theirs. It’s a sobering thought,and one best put to bed by winning our next two matches. We can relax if that happens,even if not entirely as we would still need another point.

I also think that we have to get the MIBbery out of our heads for these next six games. We’ve got enough to worry about without worrying about something we can’t alter-at the moment. Come the summer,I want the club to go all-in on a full-scale rebuild,if necessary by using funds raised by selling our want-away players as well as using that otherwise ringfenced stash that we are sitting on. Those want-away players MUST also include certain players who have no intention of leaving but are clearly not up to the job of playing for the club. I don’t care if the fees generated for those are nearer the fire sale end of the market than premium as the salary savings will also be significant.

Once that has been agreed,leave the who,when and how much to the football operation while the non-football operation goes all-in on reform of refereeing standards. I’ve long said that the close season is no longer of sufficient length for players to adequately recharge their batteries,but it is long enough for the non-playing side to earn their corn and their exalted place in the hierarchy. No excuses such as people being on holiday are acceptable. That one outlived its use by date with Eric Reilly in 2012.

Hoop hoop hooray
April 30, 2024 8:28 am

Good article Bobby
Each game seems to reflect our season in miniature. Some good sone bad but all full of inconsistencies.

If we get over the line I still don’t know if it will be because of or in spite of brendan. Has he worked wonders with what he has had including the incessant injuries. . Or should he be out of sight since every other team is pretty poor.

One thing that Saturday showed and which I have banged on about all season. Potential should be a supplement to but is no substitute for experience. Tilio Yang palma Kuhn all signed for almost 9m and jamesie has contributed more in two bit games than all of them put together. Nine summer signings with “bags of potential” and at the business end of the season none can get a start.

Always think back to strachans team and especially the tommy burns league win. We would never have won that league without the experienced journeymen hartley and Robson.

There’s a lot to be said for reliable experienced game savvy players as part of the general mix. Be interesting to see what arrives in the summer. Be interesting if he can find the much needed power we are crying out for.

Just Sayin’
April 30, 2024 8:42 am

The MiB influence is there to undermine and be provocative.
No doubt reinforced by Saturday’s appointments.

Since their malignant impact v Hearts on March 3rd – 7 games ago – we have won 6 drawn 1 scored 21 goals.

Bookings have been plentiful but malign officiating can only achieve so much.
In that last Hearts game we missed a penalty to go ahead.

Focus and cool heads at Lennoxtown will see this through. And support from two vociferous full houses.

The analysis of a season where standards have dropped can wait til after the season is done.

St tams
April 30, 2024 8:49 am

Fan, another pop at Brendan.
You ever thought of emailing him and telling him where he’s going wrong.

April 30, 2024 8:57 am

Good article mick . As far as I’m concerned we have a problem in midfield ,I can’t think back to as soft a midfield as we have presently . Any team that has a go at us and stiffles the midfield has the better of us ,although it doesn’t help rio and callum not being100% . I can’t for the life of me understand why MOR gets the highlights he gets, he is a player we can’t depend on getting a game from, when he does give it , yes he is a smashing player . But I still think we are way way too soft , we haven’t half missed broonie . All our weaknesses are known to others , we will get bombarded by high balls into our box from mysterious free kicks . If I thought we would hit what we are capable of I would sleep better at night but we can’t be sure of that happening with this team unfortunately .

Just Sayin’
April 30, 2024 9:00 am

BR making the most of what he has available to work with has made it a turgid series of battles, more often than not with ourselves, this season.

Nothing is changing between now and May 25th.

Two big performances and it’s in the bag.

16 roads
April 30, 2024 9:01 am

One recognised striker and a striker on loan from the English Championship.

What’s that all about,seriously?

Club is being ran by dinosaurs & amateurs that don’t know the first thing about football.

Nothing that they do makes any sense.

Root and branch reform is what’s needed.

16 roads
April 30, 2024 9:15 am

jimtim – We basically had a two man midfield at Dens.

Either Calmac isn’t fully fit,or he’s done.

The midfield was nonexistent, Dundee didn’t even have to go through it, because our midfield looked like it just wasn’t there.

Iwata available as well as Bernardo could step in and shore up the midfield a bit, from the start.

Don’t even want to speak about the wingers.

Recruitment has been diabolical,still no excuse for the manager not attempting to rectify the issues that are glaringly obvious.

April 30, 2024 9:29 am

Fan @ 8:00 am,


On your Idah example of being 20 yards ahead did you consider the cautious system we play caused such?

Also a coach singling out Palma as not up to being a Celtic player is just an example of how poor his man management has been all season.”

Yesterday I stated a hiatus in the blame game is required, in fact something I’ve been doing for a wee while.

However BMCUWPS hits the nail on the head in his piece.

If you are a coach with limited players you have to utilise them in a different way to the optimum.

Brendan Rodgers is a first-class coach – he is well aware that Tolio, Yang, Palma, etc, are not capable of doing what Scott Sinclair could do.

The fact that he praised James Forrest for being able to hold on to the ball unlike his other options tells you all you need to know.

Palma strolling round Glasgow in his multi £££££ ride thinking he’s the big I am might need bringing down a peg or two – might need reminding he’s not Celtic class.

If these guys think they’re coming to Celtic to coast through the motions until their agent gets them to a “proper” league, then a reality check is much needed.

Hail Hail

Lost in translation ...
April 30, 2024 9:30 am

EL @ 12.03

OK — I will bite again.

Horizon — if the PO didn’t know about root access privileges then hell mend them.
My thoughts are that there were ongoing issues between the management and the subbies.
Horizon / stuff it was coming out with — subbie deficits to the fore was just lapped up because it fitted in with an older agenda.
Total speculation but the failure was big and the management response incredible.
However all bureaucracies rapidly descend into erse covering mode.

Natland politics being a prime example.
We cannot be useless — it is all Westminster’s fault / it must be
See Brexit and Brussels.
See Trump and Mexico.

Horizon system / total change with ICL + British engineering roots — undercooked / not properly tested / under resourced.
What could possibly go wrong — quite a lot as the bug fix effort soon found out.

There is more to the Horizon scandal still to be found out.

Somebody skimming somewhere?
Bored system admin folk monkeying about.
Folk delivering deficits to order.
Poor system architecture / Poor coding.
Ex admin folk still working their own personal “pipes”.
Low quality support staff.
Axes being ground.
The list goes on.

April 30, 2024 9:32 am

St Tams
There I was stupidly thinking it was a blog for debate.
I simply offered an alternative to his Idah rationale.
And pointed out the coaches undermining of squad he has done all season.
Sorry I ruffled your sensitive self enough to bring you out from under BR’s petticoat to post your smarmy suggestion.

April 30, 2024 9:37 am

Thank you for the courteous reply.
You stated your opinion which I respect.
Funny how JF is now being used as an example of BR’s coaching ability.
A guy who got finally picked with season almost over who coach claimed was clubs best winger.
Better late than never I suppose.

April 30, 2024 9:39 am

St tams,

Seen you post yesterday regarding Jobo’s POTY

Outside Jamsie it was not an easy choice…

However, great minds eh!!

Of course if you actually remembered to e-mail your choices to Jobo you may have a greater mind than I:)))

Apologies Jobo…

Hail Hail

April 30, 2024 9:44 am

Fan @ 9:37 am,

JF is a curious one, BR has always been a fan, even saying it was unfair he didn’t have a song…

Yet his playing time has been limited…

A while ago I was told (when Jamsie had a reputation as a sicknote) that he didn’t have injuries, he had a condition.

Maybe when his playing career ends things will come to light.

Hail Hail

Lost in translation ...
April 30, 2024 9:51 am

MF has been poor all season — missing AaM for all the experience / game nous that he brought.

MOR — huge talent / will stand out in some very good teams.
Unfortunately he has not recovered from Jan and his AM dalliance.
Honkingly bad at times — make that most of the time.
Plays the game in first gear — odd step / nothing more.

RH — started the season under a cloud.
Most of the season injured.
Now trying to rebuild his game.
Tough going.

CMcG — wrong guy in the wrong position at the wrong time.
Injury worries mean that he is just filling a jersey for the coin toss.
As an attacking mid — he had pace / a step / a shot.
Centre mid — now he has very little and he is playing well within himself.
Needs time to heal.

TI — showing some promise but also showing some flaws.
Dwells on the ball and sometimes gets found out.
Energy levels seem to have dropped.

PB — just what is his best position?
Seems to have something — U21 NT stalwart.
Has shown some class but he has not owned any position he had played.

OTH — not wanted on voyage.
One of the Missing 3 — him / GL / OH-j.
They are probably chained to a radiator in BR’s office.

BR needs to get more out of our MF.
We are being schooled by every workmanlike SPL MF we come up against.
There is just no life in the team at the moment.
The dressing room seems a bit “lost”.

Lost in translation ...
April 30, 2024 10:01 am

CB @ 9.44

Never take what a manager says at face value.
There is always an agenda behind his comments that is for the dressing room and the dressing room alone.

No song — BR is at the madam / at the wind up.
Asking the question of a 15 season veteran why there is no song?

Why — because he has not done enough to deserve a song.
Two good seasons inspired by the challenge of an on-loan PR …
Very poor return for a guy of his huge ability.

It might be that the real / mature Old JF has finally turned up at 32.
Better late than never — huge talent but a player where only half of it has ever turned up on the pitch.

The bigger story in all of this is why does BR only seem to be getting a response out of a very mature JF and an on-loan AI.
The rest of the squad seem to be giving it “whatever”.

April 30, 2024 10:11 am

MM @ 10:01 am,

Yes, of course if the “condition” thing is correct, it could well answer a lot of the queries surrounding JF…

Darren Fletcher has a bowel condition that affected his playing career that was kept secret, once identified.

I’m sure these things are more common than we think, although you’d guess few with a chronic condition would be elite athletes.

Hail Hail

Just Sayin’
April 30, 2024 10:12 am

For all the bleating around our obvious mediocrity and who is to blame – the board, the manager, the players, the system etc we have two lesser opponents to play at home to win the Title.

The debate on where we are headed should be in cold storage til after this league has been settled.
The extent of what will be possible won’t be known til the Victor is decided.

It’s all just sound and fury otherwise. And the same old rehash.

Big Audio Dynamite
April 30, 2024 10:26 am

Brendan is one of the most successful manager’s in Scottish football history.

I really don’t give a good feck about anything other than his record of achievement.

Long may be reign!

Lost in translation ...
April 30, 2024 10:54 am

Cb @ 10.11

Old JF — when the dust settles it will be seen that he had the talent in spades but he didn’t deliver what he should have.
Looking in from afar — my thoughts were / are that he does not have the drive / the attitude that was required.

Peter Pan figure / lost boy / the boy who doesn’t want to grow up — cheap jibes in the main — but that is the figure he has always cut for me. I was always hoping for him to make the next step / take his game to the next level but apart from his PR inspired flowering it didn’t happen.

I saw him as a bigger talent than a certain AMcG — more mobile / better finisher / more complete striker.
However AMcG worked on his game and had a bit of ambition even if NL had to shove him out the door to rebuild the squad.
JF never seemed to have the drive / the attitude that is needed to really make it.
100 odd goals in 10/12 full seasons — nowhere near good enough.
So why the lack of drive — most need to play football at high levels.
Talent helps but usually drive / ambition seals the deal.

Regarding the chat about “conditions” and the ManU / DF angle.
Krohns disease / Ulcerative Colitis is a tough gig and I should know but it all comes down to the trigger.
Stress is much talked about in this context and then it all moves onto what generates stress.

Egg chasing for me was never stressful so Krohns never flared when I was playing.
Family life / white collar career / children / buying a house — now they are stressful / to me anyway.
DF managed to play at a high level because he must have been able to manage his stress levels / mange his condition.
And he was drip fed Pentasa / steroids on a TUC to get past the drug testers.

“Conditions” — funny that ManU can reduce the impact while we seem to struggled.
Great what a club doctor can deliver.

St tams
April 30, 2024 10:57 am

Some stats to compare our wingers
Palma 25 games , 6 goals 9 assists
Maeda 25 games, 5 goals 2 assists
Yang 24 games ,1 goal , 3 assists

April 30, 2024 10:58 am


Lennon shoved McGeady out the door because the two of them couldn’t stand each other.

Billy Bhoy
April 30, 2024 11:02 am

Excellent summary of where we are Bobby.

From the follow on comments its clear that we are all very aware, and frustrated, at what we are watching.
ATOB (as usual) made a great point last night. There’s no point in expressing concern at this stage. We all just need to support the team 100% for the next few games and get “54” over the finishing line. We can worry about what’s needed next after we secure what would be a gratefully received Double.

Its going to have to be a very productive summer of comings and goings. Hopefully, minus another change of management!

April 30, 2024 11:08 am


ATHINGOFBEAUTY has a way of cutting through the crap! There’s no doubt that the team need our 100% support all the way to the end of the season,and I’m sure they’ll get it from all of us.

Fortunately at this stage of the season,the games don’t quite come as thick and fast as say the two months before New Year. It gives us time to recover inbetween games,ready for the next challenge. And btw,I’m talking about the fans as well as the players-I was too shattered come the end of the match on Sunday to celebrate!

Lost in translation ...
April 30, 2024 11:21 am

BMCUW @ 10.58

AMcG vs NL — AMcG was shoved out the door for the money he would bring in.
The money was used to revamp the squad — NL had no other source of funds.
From memory AMcG did not want to go but was encouraged.
Possibly the destination came into it regarding his mood.

If what you say is correct — AMcG seems to have upset a lot of people in the dressing room.

Players with conditions and how to manage it — Close to home / DMcG and his diabetes takes some beating.

April 30, 2024 11:26 am

Morning all.

Excellent article Mick 👏👏👏

I know we have been very shaking recently but bottom line is, Our Squad is the best in League.

We have 2 home games, with nearly 60,000 fans giving their TOTAL backing, we turn up, play to at least 80% capacity, and we win the games and league.
SimplesCSC 🍀🍀🍀

Manager ( Background staff )

All have a massive contribution to make.

No more negative waves !!!!

MoriartyCSC 🍀🍀🍀

April 30, 2024 11:44 am

MM @ 10:54 am,

Yes, no doubt your points are valid, and great you managed to overcome chronic illness to succeed.

The fact is, conditions can offer you silver linings, like having your condition and making sure you manage stress.

Many without illness think they are coping admirably yet are unable to manage the stress life imparts, before they know it, their anxiety gets out of control and makes them ill, a vicious circle.

However, as far as JF is concerned, the issues…

…drive, attitude, sicknote, mercurial talent etc

May well be down to an unknown condition and therefore I can’t judge him on a level playing field, he is a special talent and I give the ghuy a break.

Hail Hail

A Thing Of Beauty
April 30, 2024 11:56 am

You and I have a long history of chatting about the team on SC. We have rarely agreed and this time it seems is no different. I think if not for BR we’d be sunk by now. You seem to have an issue with how he sets the team up and the subs he makes. I on the other hand whilst agreeing the subs are not always the best tend to forgive that because he is not replacing like for like as bmcuwp points out.
Now I’m at work just now so no need to reply immediately but can I ask you to give a bit more detail on how you would set the team up and utilise the squad and we can properly debate the merits of that in the blog as we should.

April 30, 2024 12:03 pm


About the future

Have you forgotten?

Enjoy more of what is with your total support and worry less about what may or may not come.

Take that into the next game and the game after that etc.

Lost in translation ...
April 30, 2024 12:08 pm

CB @ 11.44

I can assure you I have not overcome the disease.
Still giving me grief and a fear of certain small TV cameras.

JF is who we see on the park — he has got it and has had it for nearly 15 years.
Just a case that he has not developed his talent / matured his play as much as others have done.

If he took the next step forward he could win us the league all on his own.
Better late than never — he has the talent / ability just a case of putting it all on the pitch.

Lost in translation ...
April 30, 2024 12:12 pm

Said the civil servant project manager …
It pays to worry.

Sol Kitts
April 30, 2024 12:28 pm

Lost in translation
Given up trying to decipher your posts. It’s like opening a case of Alphabetti Spaghetti, spilling it on a plate, and trying to arrange the letters into the complete works of Shakespeare. Valid points (maybe, who knows?) being lost in the mire……..

April 30, 2024 12:28 pm


I try not to worry about things I can’t do anything about. Just deal with the outcome as best as I can. Hardly zenlike,but whatever works.

April 30, 2024 12:29 pm


A bit like starting a jigsaw puzzle,only to be told to put the Frosties back in the box?

A Thing Of Beauty
April 30, 2024 12:36 pm

I see we have Clancy as the ref on Saturday. The powers that be have made sure Walsh is in VAR just in case he goes rogue. Unlikely would be my guess.

San Luis
April 30, 2024 12:37 pm

Palma is a strange one. Decent enough stats from not many starts, good goal ratio. So what is it that’s missing? Can BR not coach him?

That said, Maeda would be my first pick for right wing.

April 30, 2024 12:38 pm


Clancy? That’s a surprise. But then again,it’s not as though he’s gonna get a gig refereeing the huns,is it?

April 30, 2024 1:18 pm

John Higgins last night 👏👏👏

Best finish I’ve seen since Henrik’s against the Huns !!!!

Come on the Wishaw Wizard 💚💚💚