A Thing of Beauty!

Days like that are the big reward, we give soo much to our team in every respect, yet its still humbling to witness them give everything back. Not out of financial commitments, not out of contractual responsibilities, but out of sheer admiration and gratitude.
Days like that cement the bond between club and team, many issuing personal messages of appreciation and respect.
Days like that, are history being made, and unforgettable.


Most of the year I attempt to analyze football for content and enjoyment, and at times it can feel like a sport that simply takes and gives little back. The biggest club in the land targeted by corrupt whistlers, the current Champions of England facing 115 charges, the TV revenue skewing the game not to mention the constant price hikes whether for a season ticket, a European package, a strip, or a pie.
Many a time the sport we love feels setup to exploit the supporter.


I pity the fan who doesn’t see Silverware or light at the end of the tunnel, my advice would be to play attractive football, entice crowds and grow. But my pity ends there, our club won this title NOT fair and square but against all odds, while paying taxes with all business above board, Man City we ain’t.


What we are is a fairy tale. You couldn’t make up what we just witnessed.
August, you dancer, ten signings.
November, you chancer, they’re crap
Weekly, seriously ref/VAR?
December, gulp!
January, gulp!
March, no way, could this happen?
April, you dancer!
May, Brendan Rodgers we love you.
OK, you could make it up, because it’s what we seem to do in special times, storm ahead from behind facing constant pressure and seemingly against the odds. But special times require special people, and we’ve found a few, not least our Captain and Manager, and of course our one and done goalkeeper, Big Joe.


I admit it was too early in the day for me to shed tears, if I had watched the game that evening things might have been different, but what a classy guy. We thought the honour was ours, three great seasons of continual Championships and leadership, but it turns out the honour was jointly shared. He admitted this is the most time of his career, and there’s a lot to be said for that. You can’t buy passion, it’s discovered our handed down, and for that man who has well traveled to say ‘we’ are the most special is so very heartwarming. We all feel that sometimes. Now he knows what we know and others have known, we’ve got something special here.


This title was so special, it was special enough for the sun to shine, it was even special enough for Santa to make a surprise appearance, it was a rollercoaster of a campaign topped off by a memorable come from behind victory, on the day and in the league, pulling it out of the bag proves this team does have the spirit and will to win.
This team love their support, and we love them.


Seeing the trophy hoisted after the pause, the happy lap of honour with families in tow, the fireworks and tickertape, the full stadium staying behind to soak up the achievement and atmosphere, the speeches, the interactions,,,Saturday was a thing of beauty which none of us shall ever not enjoying partaking in, whether native, ex-pat, or faraway admirer.


At one stage I thought we had blown it, hence the clawback was soo sweet, and we legitimately more than worthy winners with an 8 point gap, rivals took one point from us as opposed to our ten, best defense and top scoring team in the league,,worthy winners indeed when most teams have a twelfth player in black or behind a video screen.
If I had to sum up the winning ingredient I guess I would say character, this bunch has it, if they didn’t already have it in spades they will now. Especially if they do the double.


When you have a Celtic side with proper character, special things tend to happen. Such as days like Saturday. Such as Hampden this weekend (hopefully). One year after the abrupt departure of Ange, new head scout, expanded Champions League, a winning manager at the helm,,,the future is bright. The future is green and white.


By Mahe

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May 20, 2024 5:40 am

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Click on the link for more details,including how to donate.
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May 20, 2024 5:41 am

You can read our article on a resolution for improving refereeing standards here.
Join the growing numbers of our readers who have had enough of referees In hun scarves.

May 20, 2024 5:44 am


Good evening, friends.
Apologies in advance as it’s a pretty brief match report this week. Maybe not a bad thing!
Wasn’t it great to have that feeling pre-match that the result didn’t really matter. We had only had 1 previous ‘meaningless’ game this season when we finished our Champions league campaign at home to Feyenoord but we managed to win that one as well.
Pretty sloppy defending for the 2 goals that we conceded but as we managed to score 3 of our own I suppose it was less significant. On Wednesday, 3 of our goals had come from low crosses into the 6 yard box and we managed another 2 yesterday. Indeed our 2nd and 3rd goals were 2 of our best this season.
With the game finally out of the way it was the real highlight of the day with Trophy presentation time. And what an absolute masterstroke to have the trophy brought out by Santa! I wasn’t sure whether this was a Sevco Santa or the same one from December but anyway it was one of the many highlights of the post match celebrations.
Something else that will last with me for ever was hearing the whole stadium chanting my name. Joe, Joe Super Joe isn’t the most original song but I’ll take it.
The rest of my weekend had 2 contrasting emotions. East Kilbride came within 3 minutes of a penalty shoot out but lost 2 late goals to remain in the Lowland League. Then Celtic Ladies scored an equally late winner to clinch their first ever League Title on goal difference.

We have now played 49 competitive games. We have managed 34 wins, 7 draws and 8 defeats, scoring 114 goals and conceding 50. We have finished the league season 8 points clear and are deserved CHAMPIONS AGAIN for the 54th time, eclipsing Rangers’ (RIP) haul of 53½.
My thanks to the 55 who voted this week. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.
Hart: 18
Ralston*: 8
Welsh: 0
Nawrocki: 13
Taylor: 15
McGregor: 20
Hatate: 6
O’Riley*: 41
Kuhn: 1
Kyogo: 22
Palma: 20
Idah: 0
Iwata*: 1
Scales: 0
Bernardo: 0
Bain: 0

And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against St Mirren are – 
O’Riley – 5 points
Kyogo – 4 points
McGregor and Palma – 3 points each
Hart – 1 point

The overall positions after 49 games played are as follows –
105 points – O’Riley
86 points – Scales
71 points – McGregor
63 points – Carter-Vickers
43 points – Hart and Kyogo
42 points – Johnston, A.
32 points – Maeda
31 points – Palma
25 points – Yang
22 points – Bernardo
21 points – Forrest
20 points – Idah and Oh (a certain irony around that!)
19 points – Kuhn
18 points – Taylor
16 points – Iwata
15 points – Hatate
10 points – Ralston
9 points – Johnston M, Nawrocki and Turnbull
6 points – Lagerbielke
4 points – Bain, Bernabei and Holm
3 points – Welsh
2 points – Abada
0 points – Frame, Haksabanovic, Kelly, Phillips, Starfelt, Tilio and Vata

And so we come to the final game of the 2023-24 season. A Scottish Cup Final on Saturday 25th May against our newest rivals, kick off 3.00pm. They are trying to win the trophy for the 2nd time. We are aiming for our 42nd.
Hail Hail!/

May 20, 2024 6:18 am

Smashing leader, Mahe. A fine way to start the week. My celebrations due to the good ould Celts winning the league are still ongoing…and will be for some time. I suspect I’m not the only one on here to feel like that. Any excuse, eh?

Hail Hail.

Margaret McGill
May 20, 2024 7:03 am

Great lead Mahe
Lets hope the future is green and white

May 20, 2024 7:51 am

Morning all,

Great leader Mahe 👏👏👏

Onwards and upwards.

The future is bright,

The future is Green and White 🍀🍀🍀

HH 💚💚💚

May 20, 2024 8:08 am

On reflection I thought Mr Claus should have done the half time draw and Mr George Connolly bring the trophy out.

Jobo Baldie
May 20, 2024 8:43 am

Good morning, friends.
Thanks for the positive and uplifting leader, Mahe, as we all loom forward to potentially yet another Double. Weren’t R2ngers talking about the quadruple a few short months ago? And yet they might end the season with only the League Cup. How could that possibly happen under such a genius of a manager?
5 more sleeps.

May 20, 2024 9:29 am

Forgot to add, Claus for Palma at half time would have been good.

May 20, 2024 9:48 am

Great article,MAHE.

The players and management staff deserve our grateful thanks and congratulations for a job well done.

May 20, 2024 9:58 am

A great big thank you to All the Celtic Bhoys and Ghirls, the Champions of Scotland…☘️👏☘️👏☘️ and to the greatest supporters in the world…What a weekend phew…To Big Joe, Thanks for the memories and every best wish in whatever you do. You will always be remembered as a great Celt and welcomed back here at Celtic Park …Hail Hail ☘️☘️☘️

May 20, 2024 10:30 am

Officials line up for final should set alarm bells ringing.
Walsh ref. McLean 4th official and Beaton on VAR.
Wonder if they’ll all come on a rangers supporters bus or just use the team coach?

May 20, 2024 10:31 am


Well said. 👍

Hail Hail.

May 20, 2024 10:35 am

Great to get to the end of the season.
Great to win the league with better football week by week.
Great to to have a good platform to build for next year.

League was always in our own hands — 2 points behind with two games still to come against Govan FC was playing it tight but we still were in the mix.

Very much a bookies season although there was money to be made if you still had faith.
Couple of trap rallies to deflate the Govan economy — will they ever learn?
Sept 2019 all over again.

Lots of potential moving forward.
Hopefully we make the most of it and build for the future.
AP’s growth agenda must be lying about somewhere.


Also — good watch last night …
The SKY / Premier League documentary on AP and his journey to North London.

Watch closely and you see a master diplomat / politician at work.
Total focus / total effort — telling people what they need to hear / want to hear / expect.
Read between the lines and we are a badly run bowling club.

Overall — brilliant manager / workaday coach.

Given the way he works at Spurs it is no surprise to see how bad we were / we are at corners / free kicks / penalties.

Anyway another data point to add to the constellation.

May 20, 2024 11:07 am


I reckon the team in black will cause us more problems than the team in blue.

Big Audio Dynamite
May 20, 2024 11:10 am

Surely the more enlightened bears know that Clement has nothing in his tactics to threaten Brendan with. If constantly hitting long hopeful balls was all the Celtic manager had to offer, I would want rid of him immediately! It’s embarrassing how tactically inept the big Belgian waffle is.

If we have no need to talk about officials after the game …3-0 to the Hoops!!I


Big Audio Dynamite
May 20, 2024 11:15 am

If he’s not offered a new deal at Southampton (Contract up this summer) I wonder where Stuart Armstrong will be kicking off the new season.

I didn’t realise he is 32 now 👀

May 20, 2024 11:17 am

Ange letting big Fraser F go apparently. A year younger than Joe and could probably still do a job for us. Worth a punt🤔

Big Audio Dynamite
May 20, 2024 11:23 am

I’d make it known that we want to take Butland off the Huns …

Just cause we can!

A Thing Of Beauty
May 20, 2024 11:26 am

Great article Mahe, but the headline means I’m bound to say that!! I am still buzzing after Saturday. Great to celebrate another title with my dad, my sister, friends and the wider Celtic family. Treasure every one. When we think back to the dark days of the EBT years, nine in a row, hearses outside Celtic park and talk of Cambuslang I always remember wee Fergus. Let’s give this man the honour he deserves and rename the North Stand after him.
Great points about Sauchiehall Street. A disgraceful situation. When you compare Glasgow to Edinburgh now there realty is no comparison. The blame for that lies with the city chambers.

May 20, 2024 11:49 am

ATOB @ 11.26

The Sauchiehall Street debacle has been a long time in the making.
The Avenues programme is everything that is wrong with Civic Scotland.
Badly designed bike lanes and expensive fancy paving as economic policy.
Simply because they don’t have the vision / smarts / drive to do anything else.

The pedestrianised area already had trees but they weren’t big enough seemingly.
So instead of doing them last they were pushed up the to do list and then they got it totally wrong.

Tron Steeple gathering — the club need to get up to speed with this.
Sponsor some bins / send out some cleaners to get the clean up started early.
Special T shirt if you hand in a bag of rubbish — anything to take the edge of the situation.
Display the cup / any cup from a flat balcony / have a foam party to disperse the crowds.
The politics / challenges of success — we need to get used to this.

We probably spent more time and effort getting special ties for the execs / new boardroom menu / T shirts for the team.

We can’t fit all the support into the stadium so we need to think about those left outside.
Plus we need to keep Glesga PLC on-side — the Merchant City is a great asset to have “next door”.

Doing nothing on the basis that “they” should accept it as they make money off us all through the season is just so much Tory inspired excuse mongery.

Finally — the GB brains trust needs to spring into action.
They made the call so they need to provide some of the answers.

Hoop hoop hooray
May 20, 2024 12:33 pm

If you had to pick one goal and only one goal as the most significant in the season what would it be?

Mine would be Daizen’s opener at Ibrox. Full house of their own fans including the one with the whistle. Place absolutely rocking prior to kick off. They had not a shred of doubt they were going 5 points clear (once they took care of their game in hand).

That goal after 22 secs killed the atmosphere stone dead and it never recovered till the ref helped them get up their head of steam in the 2nd half. But it was too late for them.

That draw meant the league was back in our own hands and despite their full time bravado the pressure was on and they dont do pressure well.

So for me that was the goal that won the league.

May 20, 2024 12:43 pm


“I am still buzzing after Saturday. Great to celebrate another title with my dad, my sister, friends and the wider Celtic family. Treasure every one. When we think back to the dark days of the EBT years, nine in a row, hearses outside Celtic park and talk of Cambuslang I always remember wee Fergus. Let’s give this man the honour he deserves and rename the North Stand after him.”

Agree with every word of that. The first part because that is exactly what being a Celtic supporter is all about. The second part because without Fergus,the last thirty years wouldn’t have happened. Long overdue the stand being named in his honour,but I think he may have already modestly declined. (That’s just an opinion,btw,nothing more.)

Big Audio Dynamite
May 20, 2024 12:44 pm

Triple H,

Has to be John Lundstrum …

The best on Earth.

Certainly was that day!

Last edited 1 month ago by Big Audio Dynamite
May 20, 2024 12:47 pm


Thats a very good shout for our most significant goal. Silenced them,and doubling our lead should have seen us take the three points. I’d say only Idah’s late winner at Easter Road comes close.

Bada Bing
May 20, 2024 1:01 pm

Gerry Collins RIP

May 20, 2024 1:11 pm


Wasn’t Gerry Collins a close pal of Tommy Burns?

R I P,Gerry

Bada Bing
May 20, 2024 1:13 pm

BMCUW- Best pals from school I believe
A nice guy,I remember going to CP to lay flowers for Tommy Burns, Gerry was there and in total shock

May 20, 2024 1:19 pm

RIP Gerry Collins…a fine fitba man and a great Tim. I seem to recall a story in one of the Scottish red tops that Collins and Burns grew up in the Calton together, maybe even the same close? Maybe wrong, though, it has been known!!

May 20, 2024 1:30 pm

A more recent article than the one I was thinking of but a cracking read, nevertheless. And, yes they did live in the same close!

May 20, 2024 1:40 pm

The only thing missing on Saturday was Rudolph.
The Christmas present was on the podium.
Thank You Brendan and the Bhoy’s.

You can look into the past, you can learn from it, but you cannot change it.
Look to the future, it looks terrific.

May 20, 2024 1:50 pm

Smashing article,MCCAFF. Thanks.

Hoop hoop hooray
May 20, 2024 2:28 pm

Good shout bobby.
In fact you could argue that Idah’s last minute winners against hibs and motherwell and the 3rd at ibrokes was the 8 points that won the league.
and yeah I know you could pick any 8 points but it does make it a bit of a genius loan deal.

Him or Miovski would be good in the summer

May 20, 2024 3:11 pm

Keeping Idah or not was one of the two questions in my article on Friday,the other being about resting players on Saturday for the final next week. I’m still undecided; sometimes he looks real quality,other times,erm,not!

I think he wants the move,but that it will come down to price.

May 20, 2024 3:15 pm

Seems congratulations are due to Neil Lennon,appointed manager of Rapid Bucharest.

May 20, 2024 3:20 pm

Hoop ! Hoop! Hooray!

Interesting point and I cannot argue against the significance of Daizen’s goal that day.

A very significant goal for me was Reo’s opener for us in the St Mirren match played before the split. We had not played well in the match before it- a gale force wind had something to do with that – but we did play well after that goal not just in that game but for the rest of the league season- other than fidgetty last 10s at Dens and v Ranfers. And going back to that weekend Rangers were under pressure to win- they usually play before us it seems – and they buckled the next day

And yet if I have to pick the most significant moment of the season- one of the great ‘what ifs’ I can ever remember- it would be the Ranfers’ goal which was disallowed in the first derby. We went into that game in bad form and with BR under immense pressure. We had no fans in the stadium ( and I had bloody Covid). Had the goal stood- as it would have pre-VAR- then they could well have gone on to win. I thought we were often quite poor this season (and might lose the league),but since that day and that specific incident I’ve known that if we did blow the league it would not be because our rivals were good.


May 20, 2024 3:29 pm

you , your sister and da came into my thoughts
As the game progressed last Wednesday.
As the relief and stress of getting over the line started to fall away from me,I thought of the diehards I know and how they would have celebrated.
Enjoy every second of it yous deserve it.

May 20, 2024 3:37 pm


The foul on Lagerbielke was a clever one,barely noticeable in real time. I doubt any of us spotted it,and it’s no surprise that the ref didn’t.

Putting a leg inbetween a player’s foot and the ball is not a legitimate challenge. Had it been a sliding tackle it would have been obvious. Not so much when both players are standing up,and with no great pace. Definitely a free kick,but I’ve never been so grateful for VAR.

May 20, 2024 3:38 pm


Hi,P. Hope you enjoyed it all as much as my family did!

Hope too that I can say the same next week!

St tams
May 20, 2024 4:17 pm

Great article Mahe.
Saturday was once again a great day to be a Celtic supporter.
You never get tired of seeing our captain, whoever he may be , lifting the League Trophy.

On the most important goal. I’m going for Idahs last minute penalty against Hibs at Easter Rd

May 20, 2024 4:26 pm


Give you a guess who lost most set piece goals in EPL behind Sheffield and Forest.

May 20, 2024 4:48 pm


You are right it was a foul and also right that we should be grateful VAR was in place at that time but unless football’s governing bodies decide to a) completely revise/scrap the offside rule and
b) decide VAR is used only at the onfield referee’s request, I would scrap the whole bloody thing. Like the Golden/Silver Goal rules it seemed like a good idea at the time but has turned out to be singularly worst thing about football ( on the pitch) in my lifetime at least


PS Is Mahe open to bribes to name his articles after contributors to the site?

Craig 76
May 20, 2024 4:52 pm

𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐬 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝

Celtic have offered young duo Rocco Vata and Daniel Kelly new and improved four-year contracts.

Vata’s current deal expires next month while Kelly’s runs until the end of 2024.


Prestonpans bhoys
May 20, 2024 5:00 pm

I love having a wee look at this website, completely barking mad, woof woof:

Ibrox Noise confirmed the price for the striker was said to be in the £10M region after Benfica and Aston Villa both showed significant interest in his services, well, if Rangers were to have any significant chance of signing him those opportunities probably just went out the window with Lennon taking over at his employer.”

May 20, 2024 5:04 pm

SN @ 4.26

Fair point regarding the Spursy level of defending corners.
My point would be that heaven and earth will be moved to improve things for next season — players / tactics / coaches.

CD is a top coach and we have missed him this season.
For various reasons some of our play this season was the worst for 30 years.
Very talented squad that looked very unsettled / unsure of itself.
No matter — we won and in contrast to last season we are getting better.
Consequently lots to look forward to.

Just a case that we run a raffle where the booby prize is being set up as next week’s penalty taker.

Our detail coaching honking right throughout the team.
We are making some progress regarding passing routines and breaking the lines.
But overall we are not in the top half of the SPL regarding all the small stuff.
We need better detailed coaching with the Blunder Brothers pensioned off.

May 20, 2024 5:05 pm


“PS Is Mahe open to bribes to name his articles after contributors to the site?”

I’m already considering changing the title for tomorrow to


May 20, 2024 5:06 pm


Chris Davies is the senior assistant to Postecoglu at Spurs.

May 20, 2024 5:18 pm

BMCUW @ 5.06

CD @ Spurs — that is my point.
Runs through all my most recent comments.

CD — we are missing his coaching input at the moment.
Our Blunder Brothers coaching team needs replaced — our standards are terrible.

Spurs vs corners — very poor this season but it will be worked on.
Us vs corners — poor with not much desire for improvement on show.

SKY documentary on AP — AP says what he needs to say to get the gig / get the job done.

Us — Sole trader / travelling light because that is what PL wanted to hear.
Spurs — Given much more latitude and brought in his people because he was allowed too.

May 20, 2024 5:32 pm


Maybe best not to put him in charge of coaching our set-pieces.

Big Audio Dynamite
May 20, 2024 6:13 pm

Both Vata and Kelly offered new and improved 4 year deals.