From Trouble to Double

The Scottish Cup ended up much like the league campaign,,it was a topsy turvy shitshow that we looked like losing, but pulled it out of the bag at the end.


I’ll admit that for 80 odd minutes it looked like the Belgian had got his tactics spot on. In the first half our opponents matched our 4-3-3 with the midfield lying deep and screening their defense. When we went wide they had the numbers to help out the full back, if we went long they had the height at the back to mop up, if we tried to play through the middle their low block stifled us and gave little opportunity to pass through or shot from distance. Alongside clearly being ordered to get physical, kick anything that moves and play to the ref, we looked second best.


The second half tactical switch saw their midfield push up higher to further dominate the middle of the park and put our defense under pressure, not surprising given we were basically playing with one in the middle due to Reo and Matt not really showing up on the day. When the commentator mentioned he thought Matt was injured I watched him closely and true enough he couldn’t sprint nor burst into space with the ball. When it was Reo that was called off instead of the Dane my flabber was gasted, surely Iwata and Bernardo should get the nod together I thought.


Until the goal we had done nothing of note except be denied a penalty that has been given against us previously this season. Our energy looked low, our gamesmanship was lacking, passing very slack, and general decision making very poor. Infact we had fallen into their trap and started to retaliate resulting in yellows galore. Added to the fact their set pieces looked very well drilled and very dangerous, their forward subs delivered fresh energy that all too often resulted in their three raining down on just our back four. We were there for the taking, and it was no surprise when a set piece resulted in the ball getting past Joe and entering the Celtic net. The subsequent replay showed why it was no surprise the goal was chalked off, if he shoved with one hand not two it may not have been disallowed and I’m not even sure Joe was going to reach it.
Still, it was a big warning shot across the bow, and we were still playing with ten men as O’Riley was seemingly crocked.


The gaffer responded with 3 subs, one flopped but two were inspired. Kuhn once again didn’t impress, but Celtic now had an attacking midfielder who was fit and raring to go. This proved the difference maker.


Their high midfield was dispossessed in the middle of the park, and Paolo did what Matt usually does and drives into the space behind, running at their defense. The space opened up and everyone was thinking ‘hit it’. He did indeed drawing a save that left the rebound at the feet of the onrushing Adam Idah who dispatched the chance needing no second invitation.
The flaw in their tactical switch had been exposed, by pushing the midfield high it always left the chance of them being turned over with no screen in front of their defense who couldn’t come out and attack the incoming player because they were dealing with others supplementing the attack. If Phillippe had kept the same three man screen from the first half, the goal wouldn’t have happened, in deciding to go for it, he left them open to the midfield break.


Just like Ibrox in September, one decent chance created was all it took, once again an attacking midfielder creating the opportunity for the striker. Once again we had weathered the storm but pulled a rabbit out of the hat, the fresh legs of both players no doubt playing a big part.
Once again we had broken their hearts.


Once again their manager complained, cheerily having the temerity claim his players got blootered on the park, but also pointing to a penalty call against Scales that did have some merit, but was ridiculous given his team should have had a spot kick called against them. He and his team were poor competitors on the day, poor footballers as they couldn’t best a jaded rival off it on the day, and ultimately they all proved sore losers once again. As did the whistlers, saving their worst for last, but as usual it didn’t matter as we somehow rose above it when needed.


Both sides mentality was tested, it was a throwback to an early eighties game at times, but our mentality held while theirs came up short as usual. On a day when the other underdog won their Cup final against a strongly fancied city rival by showing more passion, hunger, plus being clinical, that was the correct gameplan to copy and the mentality to instill. I’m glad his ‘get into them’ football failed, and so glad a lovely quick incisive move killed it, for now. It’s great to win a final in style, this time we won another trophy with a single bit of style, just doing the job tired or not.
That is the main thing.


Although far from sparkling some certainly deserve credit. Big Joe dealt with those strong inswinging corners well. Big Cam was a rock. AJ is tough and won’t be bullied. Calmac carried the midfield almost alone, and kept trying, he must be shattered but keeps up his Cup Final winning streak and helped preserve the pride in the sacred date.
Adam has the knack, it can’t be doubted now, he knows where the goal is and is actually making scoring for Celtic look easy.
Brendan, my son, you’ve did yourself proud again, WELL DONE! Once we looked in trouble, you steadied the ship and steered us to a double. I tip my hat.
The players now deserve a long rest, unfortunately some won’t receive it representing their countries, but by jove they’ve earned it. I could do with a rest, it was a long hard season even from the sidelines. But the manager will be plotting next season already, the most important part of next season begins today via implementing plans behind the scenes.
He cannot just switch-off even though he himself fully deserves a break, I suppose he will mix work and play in Spain for a couple weeks and get straight back to it fulltime.


It was this teams last hoorah together, and they typically ended up celebrating.
Brendan Celtic team Mark1 shall now be redesigned into Mark2, bettering a double and four Champions League points the benchmark to improve upon. No pressure then. But it should be a pleasure to witness. Just like those celebrations.


By Mahe

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May 27, 2024 5:51 am


You can read our article on a resolution for improving refereeing standards here.

Join the growing numbers of our readers who have had enough of referees In hun scarves.

May 27, 2024 5:52 am

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We have set up a GoFundMe page for those who have some spare cash to donate,even from a lucky windfall or finding a tenner in the street.
Click on the link for more details,including how to donate.
Please give generously to a very deserving cause. Although our first targets have now been achieved-and many thanks for your generosity!-we can always hope to do more.

May 27, 2024 5:54 am


Good evening, friends.
A lot to get through on this one so, deep breath and here we go…..
Well, the long hoped for goal fest drubbing didn’t materialise but at the end of the day Celtic are worthy cup winners yet again. Our opponents seemed to have a lot of the ball, particularly in the second half but Joe Hart did not have any notable save to make. To be fair, Butland was the same but will feel he should have done much better in the 88th minute.
I was screaming for a penalty midway through the first half and the replay convinced me even more. But incredibly, it wasn’t given with the Video Assistant Referee also concluding that there should be no award.
Thankfully the VAR did get involved in the second half, when the ball ended up in our net from an inswinging Sevco corner. The fact that Joe Hart’s approach to cross balls is virtually always to punch it rather than catch certainly helped – his punch would have fired the ball clear had it not been for the push in the back. The goal was correctly disallowed meaning that Triggers Broom have still not taken the lead against us this season. Although on 2 occasions they thought they had!
In any game that is decided by a single goal, a last minute winner is always the most euphoric. Even when that last minute is then followed by 10 of stoppage time. Bernardo did superbly, being fouled on the halfway line but breaking free into the acres of space in front of him and firing a fine shot that seemed to swerve just before Butland. And Adam Idah had timed his follow up run perfectly to put the rebound into the net and win Celtic the cup. Fantastic celebrations at the final whistle and a long happy close season is now surely guaranteed.

One of our most regular voters, let’s just call him Tam (cos that’s his name!) included some very interesting stats regarding Glasgow Derby Scottish Cup Finals. Since 1970 we have met either version of the Ibrox based Klubs 8 times in the final and have won 5 – and the last 4 (1977, 1980, 1989 and 2024) were all 1-0 victories. Big thanks to Andy Lynch, George McCluskey, Joe Miller and Adam Idah. 

So, we finish the season after 50 games where we won 35, drew 7 and lost 8, scoring 115 goals and conceding 50. We are Double Winners again and in terms of the 3 Scottish domestic trophies we now sit on 117. That’s 3½ more than The Deady Bears achieved up to 2012. And its 114 more than R2ngers currently have. Even combining the 2 Ibrox entities, dead and alive, we are half a trophy ahead. We welcome the chase!

My thanks to the 70 who voted this week. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.
Hart*: 8
Johnston*: 38
Carter-Vickers*: 46
Scales: 8
Taylor: 6
McGregor: 30
Hatate: 0
O’Riley: 1
Forrest: 0
Kyogo: 0
Maeda: 0
Idah: 48
Kuhn: 0
Bernardo: 25

And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Triggers Broom FC are – 
Idah – 5 points
Carter-Vickers – 4 points
Johnston – 3 points
McGregor – 2 points
Bernardo – 1 point

The final positions for season 2023-24 are as follows (with the individual Man Of The Match awards also included). The figures in brackets BEFORE the player’s name is the number of appearances, whether as a starter or as a substitute –
105 points – (49) O’Riley [10: Aberdeen (A) 3-1, Livingston (A) 3-0, Motherwell (A) 2-1, Hearts (A) 4-1, Atletico Madrid (H) 2-2, Kilmarnock (A) 1-2, St Mirren (A) 3-0, Buckie Thistle (H) 5-0, Kilmarnock (A) 5-0, St Mirren (H) 3-2]
86 points – (45) Scales [7: Feyenoord (A) 0-2, Lazio (H) 1-2, Atletico Madrid (H) 2-2, Motherwell 1-1, Feyenoord (H) 2-1, Hearts 0-2, Livingston 2-0]
73 points – (45) McGregor [3: Sevco (A) 1-0, Sevco (H) 2-1, Sevco 2-1]
67 points – (31) Carter-Vickers [6: Hibs (A) 0-0, Atletico Madrid (A) 0:6, Lazio (A) 0-2, Ross County (H) 1-0, Hearts (A) 0-2, Sevco (A) 3-3]
45 points – (43) Johnston, A. [1: St Mirren (H) 3-0]
43 points – (50) Kyogo [4: Ross County (H) 4-2, Dundee (H) 3-0, St Johnstone (H) 3-1, Hearts 3-0]
43 points – (49) Hart [3: Aberdeen (A) 1-1, St Mirren (A) 2-0, Kilmarnock (H) 1-1]
32 points – (36) Maeda [1: Livingston (H) 4-2]
31 points – (36) Palma [2: Ross County (A) 3-0, Aberdeen (H) 6-0]
25 points – (31) Yang [3: St Johnstone (H) 0-0, St Mirren (H) 2-1, Dundee (H) 7-1]
25 points – (19) Idah [2: Hibs (A) 2-1, Motherwell (A) 3-1]
23 points – (31) Bernardo [2: Dundee (A) 3-0, Buckie Thistle (H) 5-0]
21 points – (28) Forrest [2: Aberdeen (N) 3-3, Dundee (A) 2-1]
20 points – (26) Oh [1: Hibs (H) 4-1]
19 points – (18) Kuhn [1: Livingston (A) 3:0]
18 points – (46) Taylor
16 points – (24) Iwata
15 points – (21) Hatate [1: Kilmarnock (H) 3-1]
10 points – (18) Ralston
9 points – (12) Johnston M [1: St Johnstone (A) 3-1]
9 points – (13) Nawrocki [1: Kilmarnock (A) 0-1]
9 points – (19) Turnbull
6 points – (11) Lagerbielke [1: Kilmarnock (A) 0-1]
4 points – (3) Bain
4 points – (9) Bernabei
4 points – (13) Holm
3 points – (14) Welsh
2 points – (11) Abada
0 points – (1) Frame, (2) Haksabanovic, (6) Kelly, (8) Phillips, (2) Starfelt, (2) Tilio and (2) Vata
The Player Of The Month award is based simply on the total votes received across all games played. There were 5 games during May – our home league games against Hearts, Triggers Broom and St Mirren, our league clincher away to Kilmarnock and finally yesterday’s cup final.
In 3rd place with 102 votes is cup winner Adam Idah. The runner up on 175 votes is captain fantastic Calum McGregor. And the player of the month for May, with 198 votes and winning his 3rd monthly award is Matthew O’Riley. 
The monthly winners have been –
August: Kyogo (4 games, 164 votes, average 41)
September: O’Riley (5 games, 259 votes, average 52)
October: Scales (5 games, 243 votes, average 49)
November: Scales (6 games, 191 votes, average 32)
December: McGregor (8 games, 281 votes, average 35)
January: O’Riley (3 games, 132 votes, average 44)
February: Hart (6 games, 206 votes, average 34)
March: Kuhn (3 games, 142 votes, average 47)
April: Carter-Vickers (4 games, 139 votes, average 35)
May: O’Riley (5 games, 198 votes, average 40)

So, given that he received most Man Of The Match awards, as well as being our top goalscorer it is fitting that the Sentinel Celts Player Of The Year for 2023-24 is Matthew Sean O’Riley.
Thanks for all of your support throughout the season. From the high of receiving 100 emails when we defeated Aberdeen 6-0 to the low of just 35 after Athletico Madrid hammered us by the same score 4 days earlier it’s been a blast!
Over the season a grand total of 9,609 votes have been sent via, at least 3,200 emails. With a few more each week that reached me after the deadline!
I’m looking forward to the break and let’s see how refreshed I am as next season approaches.
Hail Hail!

May 27, 2024 6:46 am

The Scales “foul” on Sterling was correctly overlooked because Sterling had hauled Taylor out of the way immediately before, IIRC.

Margaret McGill
May 27, 2024 7:08 am
May 27, 2024 7:20 am


Thank you very much for an outstanding job in compiling the POTY competition results. A must-read every time.

HH and


May 27, 2024 7:21 am

The “dispossession’ was actually failure to control a simple pass to Wright ( it rolled under his foot ) which was then shuttled to Calmac ( leaving four opponents ahead of the ball )
His pass inside to the general area of Idah I thought a bit reckless but our man collected, laid it off to Bernardo and crucially kept moving, kept looking and kept onside.
As Bobby Charlton said,
”When you have the chance to shoot, shoot “

Craig 76
May 27, 2024 7:43 am

The bears won’t like this 😂😂


1h Author

A lot of questions about Raskin being held before the push on Hart. Come on. There is “holding” of that nature at almost every set piece. I’m sure if you studied that incident there would be multiple offences. You can only punish offences that clearly impact an opponent who is challenging for the ball. I don’t think the first contact is a foul but will also say the ball wasn’t in play so couldn’t be punished. After the push there is further which is irrelevant and not enough for a foul anyway. I’ve shown that video to six elite European referees and they all say foul on goalkeeper and goal should be disallowed.

St tams
May 27, 2024 9:00 am

Great stuff throughout the season Jobo.
Well done 👍

May 27, 2024 9:35 am

The smsm narrative around the match appears to take the line that the better side lost. That’s not the game that I watched but if it sustains Clement and the Ibrox hordes during the summer then so be it. They can add the better side lost cup to all the other trophies won in the head and not on the pitch. Probably helps them sleep at night rather than accept the Espanyolification of their favourites.

And now it’s all about Celtic’s summer recruitment. BR has made it crystal clear that he wishes to retain Idah. Will Nicholson ask Lawwell for his copy of Haggling For Dummies or will our vainglorious Chairman tell Michael to leave that to him ? A £2.5m offer to Norwich has probably already been emailed.

If the board revert to type and deny Brendan the quality that he has asked for during the past two windows, then we will be looking for a new manager in August. I doubt that Desmond will allow that to happen. Strengthen from a position of strength, an old cliche but one that must finally be applied.

What would progress look like in the season ahead ? Title 55 an absolute must. Europe ? Two wins, two draws, four defeats. That would be progress.

May 27, 2024 9:39 am

Good leader Mahe, I only seen the first half, had to leave for a fishing comp, (I know I know, the comp date was fixed before the SC final date) but anyway I did manage to hear the rest on the radio, and caught the highlights, so all was not in vain. Oh and the comp went well too, through to semi’s so all good.

Well done to Jobo too for providing his time and expertise for the POTY

A Supporter Who Got Lucky
May 27, 2024 9:42 am


I’m buckled 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

May 27, 2024 9:48 am

L🍀1898: The first club ever to go a full league season unbeaten. ✅ 

🍀 1910: First club in football history to win 6 league titles in a row ✅ 

🍀 1916: First and only team to win 2 League games in one day ✅ 

🍀1917: First team ever to go 62 domestic 
games unbeaten ✅ 

🍀 1928: Jimmy McGrory becomes and the first and only ever player to score 8 goals in a single game ✅ 

🍀 1937: Jimmy McGrory scores his 539th career goal in his 534th game – a then world record and still a British record ✅ 

🍀 1937: Highest ever attendance for any club match played in Europe (148,000 vs Aberdeen in Scottish Cup Final) ✅

🍀 1938: Winners of the second officially sanctioned UK wide tournament in the Empire Exhibition Cup ✅ 

🍀 1953: Winners of the third and last officially sanctioned UK wide tournament in the Coronation Cup – meaning Celtic have won all 3 tournaments between Scotland and England’s top clubs sanctioned by both FAs an remain the reigning British champions ✅ 

🍀1957: First Club to win a cup final 7-1 (also biggest official Old Firm derby win) ✅

🍀1967: First club in UK and First non Latin club to win the European Cup. ✅

🍀1967: First club ever to win the European Cup only using homegrown players ✅ 

🍀 1967: First and only club from a country of less than 10 million to win Europe’s top competition ✅ 

🍀1967: Only club ever to win a quadruple of all domestic and European trophies ✅ 

🍀 1967: World record of 196 goals scored in all competitions ✅ 

🍀 1970: Biggest ever attendance for any match ever in European competition (135,000 vs Leeds Utd in European Cup semi-final ) ✅

🍀 1970: First and only Scottish club to reach two European Cup finals ✅ 

🍀1974: First club to win 9 league titles in a row ✅

🍀 1981: Bobby Lennox won his 25th major trophy – a Scottish football record ✅ 

🍀 1988: A domestic double in their centenary year ✅ 

🍀 1995: First club in the UK to have a 60,000 capacity all seater stadium ✅ 

🍀2001: First club in UK to win over 100 points in a league season ✅

🍀2003: First and only Scottish club to play in the final of Europe’s top two competitions by reaching the UEFA Cup final ✅ 

🍀 2006: First and only Scottish side to qualify from a Champions League group twice ✅ 

🍀 2012: First and only Scottish side to qualify from a Champions League group three times ✅ 

🍀2017: First club in UK to go a full domestic season (including cups) unbeaten ✅

🍀2017: First club in the UK to go 69 domestic games unbeaten ✅

🍀2018: First club ever to win a double treble in Scotland in consecutive seasons ✅ 

🍀2019: First club to ever win 26 consecutive cup ties (and counting) no draws and no replays needed ✅ 

🍀 2019: First club to win nine consecutive domestic trophies ✅ 

🍀 First club ever to win a treble treble in Scotland ✅ 

🍀 2020: First club to win nine league titles in a row twice ✅ 

🍀 2020: First professional club ever to win a quadruple treble ✅ 

🍀 2020: First club ever to win 12 consecutive domestic trophies 

🍀 2023: First club ever to win 8 domestic trebles ✅ 

🍀 2024: First club ever to win 12 out of 13 Scottish titles ✅ 

🍀 2024: First club ever to finish in the top 2 of their domestic league for 30 consecutive seasons ✅ 

🍀 2024: First club to win both the Scottish Premiership and SWPL in the same season ✅ 

🍀 2024: First club in Europe to win 63 domestic cups ✅ 

🍀 2024: First club in Europe to win 13 league and cup doubles ✅ 

🍀 2024: First team to win 42 Scottish Cups ✅ 

🍀 2024: A joint European record of 118 major honours secured ✅ 

Celtic FC history makers again 2023/24

May 27, 2024 9:57 am

In the lead up to this Saturday, won’t get sick of seeing Zidane at Hampden.

A Supporter Who Got Lucky
May 27, 2024 10:09 am

SteveNaive Some records, to hold, you could add a few more to it

Celtic hold the SPL record for an unbeaten run of 77 home matches from 2001-04
Celtic 2003-2004 created a British record of 25 consecutive league victories
Celtic hold the most points in any European top-flight campaign with 106 points in 2016-17.
Neil Lennon joined Jock Stein in lifting all three domestic trophies as a player and manager at the same club.

I’m sure there will be others 👍


May 27, 2024 10:12 am


Have to disagree somewhat.
We had the better of the first half.
Not great football but at least we tried.

When we remembered our lines and played with confidence we walked it through their press.
Our issue — overall / but highlighted in the second half — is that RH and MOR were poor.
Only in the game in fits and starts while JF seemed a bit overwhelmed as the game went on.

So the issue was not Govan FC’s tactics — it was our appetite / engagement with the game.

In his defence — RH looks to be in transition.
He looked as if he was trying to play BR’s game and not being very good at it.
Plus he was carrying the baggage of being kicked sideways on a regular basis.
Hopefully he puts this season behind him and gets back to his best.

On the positive side — a number of players upped their game.
AJ / CCV / CMcG / DM — all had their moments where they showed their quality.
And will be in Govan FC’s nightmares over the summer.

Consequently we had all the basics of a poor performance on show after a good start / first 20 minutes but we made it through the tough times plus we had our joker still to play.

As they came into the game we would have more chances to score.
They cannot walk and chew gum at the same time — pushing forward gave us more space to attack.

Closing out the game — we looked comfortable for the first time this season in these circumstances.
They had run their race and they looked totally drained at the end.

One other point — their actions in added time with JL being sent on.
Seemed strange at the time and now there is the potential of a not so hidden agenda.
His attempted tackle on MOR at 98 minutes was a shocker.
Needs to be highlighted and addressed.

May 27, 2024 10:18 am

Big takeaway from Saturday was our lack of quality in certain areas / at certain times.
The patchy nature of the squad / team is holding us back on a number of fronts.

Directly — we can struggle in certain positions.
Indirectly — we over compensate and don’t play our natural game.
Plus some of our good players are not challenged enough to deliver what they can,
They get plaudits for not making mistakes rather than delivering the quality they can produce.
Easy to drift when the focus is on negatives elsewhere.

Fill the gaps and our improvement will be more than the sum of the new players coming in.

May 27, 2024 10:46 am

Netflix trawl on Friday night came up with “Moneyball”.
Hollywood does skint club trying to keep themselves credible in a resource rich league.
Interesting take on the birth of a global phenomenon.

Frightening is to recognise our local ego trying to be BP.
Some of PL’s recent behaviour can only be rationalised once you have seen the film.
He really is that much of preening / prancing prima-donna.
Pathetic would be my most positive comment.

Main point for me — BC @ 70’s Forest would have been a better starting point.
He had no numbers at his back just an eye for talent that was lost / lonely / bewildered.

Plus you have the more recent trend towards watching the EPL reject list for rough diamonds.
Every season highlights Euro clubs making good progress using someone else’s cat offs.

How does that affect us this summer — we need to use a full court press regarding recruitment.

We need to look at the Bosman’s on offer.
We need to look at the benchwarmers / suits in the stand on offer.
We need to look at the big failures now available on loan.
We need to look at the experienced worthies now wanting to step up — Nordics / Benelux / Balkans.
We need to look at the relegation opps / the play off fails for square pegs in round holes.
We need to look at the EPL academy rejects to see if they have something we can work with.
We need to look at the missed quality in the English lower leagues.
20 great games is not enough — they want 40 good games for a chance at promotion..

We can’t fill all our gaps with good / quality 22 year olds who will cost £10mill / EUR15mill.
We cant flood the squad with £3mill punts and projects — that was last year’s failing agenda.

Plus we need to continue with our option to buy route — 12 months or even 4’5 to show us what you have got.

PB @ EUR6mill — a bit toppy but worth it.
AI @ £5mill — they are having a laugh but PL has played bigger jokes on us.
MJ @ Black Country Redemption — he needs to become a real player somewhere.

Next season we should be aiming for a T/O around £150mill.
Atalanta have built their season on a T/O of less than / probably much less than EUR 200mill.
We need to take the next steps forward.
No more exec laziness / excuses.

May 27, 2024 11:07 am

SN @ 9.48

Tea towel exceptionalism — not for me.
Stuff your granny would come out with when the Sheep beat us in the cup.

Highlights our own insecurities rather than the real world club we are now.
Won’t mean anything to anyone come the summer transfer window.

Better to highlight the club song / YNWA at the end of the game on Saturday.
That is what makes us the club that we are / the club we want to be.

Events like that / pictures like that is the stuff that will get us noticed / get us on the news.

May 27, 2024 11:15 am

€6Million a bit toppy? Worth every penny. Played against our closest rivals 3 times this season and on 3 occasions he has affected the result. When players are being sold around the world for £100 million. This is a steal and the club should be brought up on charges if we get PB for €6 million.

May 27, 2024 11:25 am


At least we have history for a ( bath ) tea towel rather than the many with their club crest.
Someone is listening to allow fans to sing their own songs ( which are also played over the p.a. ).

Redolent of Sunshine on Leith and preferable to the dreadful “ We Are The Champions “ aired at Wembley yesterday.
”” BC had no numbers at Forest “?
European Cup semi final with Derby County.
“Eye for a player “… wasn’t him it was Peter Taylor
Bada Bing
May 27, 2024 11:26 am
Prestonpans bhoys
May 27, 2024 11:54 am


Think you are being very generous in your assessment of the huns and their tactics. There was no difference in their tactics to those deployed by the rest of the league.

According to the waffling Belgium they were the better team, 6 shots to our 2🙄, even our own staff told him so 🫣.

The good news is their deluded fans believe all this shite so we have no chance of the summer Cup, again, I’m raging😡

May 27, 2024 12:09 pm

Pitymevin re Paulo Bernardo

Agree. If BR wants him and the lad is happy to stay, then pay the asking price. He is only 22 and his form will be up and down, as is typical of players that age. O’Riley, at 23, also has had an up and down season. I hope BR can convince him to continue his development at Celtic and he should be sold only if he wants to leave.

It took Callum McGregor to get to his late 20’s before he attained regular consistency of performance. Personally, if he called time on his Scotland shifts, after the Euro’s, I would be delighted. But that’s entirely up to our captain. He was superb on Saturday, especially getting the group together after we scored. A proper leader of men, unlike the perennial Mr “Disappointed”.

There is a place in the midfield for someone in the mid to late 20’s age bracket. That player is not Reo Hatate, he has run his Celtic race.

With proper planning, recruitment, and squad management, Brendan will return to pre-season with a group of his choice, not one that is foisted upon him.

May 27, 2024 12:15 pm

PMV @ 11.15

What role has PB played for us this season?
How many games has he come on and looked bang average — too many.
He has played his best football this season for the NT U/21’s.
Not looked out of place in the CL but looked lost at times in the SPL.

Our MF this season has been a bit of a black hole this season.
A lot of talent has gone into it and not a lot has come out.
So I think we can cut him some slack.

For me — the talent most certainly is there just a case that he has not shown us exactly where.
What would be his best position for next season and how would that fit into the set up that BR want’s to play and how would it fit into the talent we are likely to have?

Are we going to stick with 4 – 3 – 3?
Or are we going to move back to BR @ 2016 with 4 – 2 – 3 – 1?

How are we going to play / are we going to play CMcG every game?
Very poor this season but carried our MF on Saturday with some great runs forward.
Struggles defensively but is mobile / has a step / had a shot.

Bigger issue in the MF — is what to do with OTH?
Bit of a personality clash with BR and with BR now in the zone there will be only one winner.
I think he has a lot going for him and to punt him after one season would be a black mark for us.
Might be worth a loan for a year to get him back on track.

May 27, 2024 12:15 pm

Tactically on Saturday and on other occassions where they face better opposition Der Hun play similar to Livingston. Big punts – kick everything that moves. Only difference is Livvy dont have the free kicks or penalties awarded.this has seen them somehow progress in lesser european competitions while we struggle in the top one. Not as much as them though.

We need as priorities in summer Idah – a good goalkeeper – Bernardo and a left back who can play in Europe against top teams as a standard.

4 players with 2 already here isnt a lot to ask.
Getting rid of deadwood and sending some of our prospects on loan would maybe free up a few quid to keep the fat chairman appeased also.
IMHO he is certainly a piece of deadwood to get rid of but there is little chance of it.

Big Audio Dynamite
May 27, 2024 12:18 pm

Celtic have to dazzle and win 5-0 before we can be sure we will be classed as the ‘better team’. Don’t sweat the small stuff – It’s really all the poor bastards have left!

The contortions by the media to keep them buying their shitty comics is pathetic, but we should all understand how the game works by now.

Just smile and wave bhoys, smile and wave :))

May 27, 2024 12:30 pm

Afternoon all

At work today. No mention of Saturday’ s Scottish Cup Final. Surprising?

Unlike Mad Mitch I do not mind reminders of Celtic’s historic achievements- who cares if they won’t make a difference to what happens in the next few weeks? The list does though highlight how long ago it is since our greatest ever achievement was.

As one who remembers that night and the several fine European campaigns which followed it and then the all to brief revivals in Europe of the 2000s it has disappointed me that the plc board has, since 2012 at least, adopted such a conservative, low-ambition strategy for Celtic. I have loved winning trophy after trophy in a way we had not since I was in my 2nd year of secondary school but I wish too that we had done better in European competition. It angers me that the man who implemented the strategy which so disappoints me got so very, very rich out of it.

To more practical matters. I hope O’Riley and Hatate stay- both have flaws in their games its true but both are young enough to improve with good coaching and we have a very good coach. We have enough money in the bank to not have to sell them I’d have thought. History suggests we’ll sell them and be worse off , on the park, as a result.

Do we sign Idah and Bernardo permanently? Honestly I do not know if we should. Adam I. has looked fitfully impressive and has scored as many goals in his loan period as Bellamy did- but he also looks cumbersome at times too. Bernardo looked a terrific player in the last 4 matches before the January break- energetic, quick, skilful and good near goal but before and since that run he has been less impressive. His was a grand run and a well enough struck shot on Saturday but in the split second before Butland made an erse of it I was disappointed that he had not hit his shot well enough for it to sail past the ‘keeper. If we sign one or both I won’t be disappointed but nor will I lose much sleep if we do not.

I must return to my labours


May 27, 2024 12:34 pm

Thought Joe Hart had a great last game.Not many saves to make but did everything with an air of confidence that would have inspired his teammates.
well done big man.AJ, CCV and CalMac all inspired aswell.

would def spend the 5/6m on both Idah and Bernardo

Its all out in the press to keep Clemente in a job.

Big Audio Dynamite
May 27, 2024 12:38 pm

Steve 9.48

Absolutely brilliant to see all our achievements listed like that, thanks!

Gonna stop doing it though, you are upsetting the resident troll 😉😁


Jobo Baldie
May 27, 2024 1:10 pm

Steve at 9.48 -great stuff! But can you (or anyone) educate me on what the first officially sanctioned UK wide tournament was?

Bada Bing
May 27, 2024 1:18 pm

Arsenal’s prices which have gone up by 10.3 per cent compared to last season. The Gunners are now charging £1,073 for their cheapest adult tickets next season

Big Audio Dynamite
May 27, 2024 1:24 pm


Not sure if you just mean club football but the home international.tournament was first played in 1884

May 27, 2024 1:35 pm


British League Cup 1902 I think.


Craig 76
May 27, 2024 1:36 pm

So true

Bada Bing
May 27, 2024 1:39 pm

Well done Jobo,always interesting

May 27, 2024 2:10 pm

I was travelling during the game so I did not see it, nor would I have watched if I could. The final had all of the background for an engineered compensating win for the new club. At the 74 minute I pulled into a Tim Hortons in Bancroft to get lunch and use their wifi. The score at that time was 0-0 and I could feel a Sevco penalty coming. I still had around 180 km to go to get home and was most surprised to see the result…pleased, as well 😀

The goal was well worked and showed what can happen when Sevco miss their tackles. Both Calmac and Bernardo slipped their challenges, with the later being fouled, but advantage played. Criticism of Butland has been overly harsh. The ball swerved or was slightly deflected causing his body to not be behind the ball, so he parried it. Tough break, but a delightful one!

Of note, the decisive goal relied on two players who are not Celtic players. Without the loaners, who knows what would have happened! Once again, we see the effects of poor recruitment. Once again, our margin of victory was a single goal.

Despite poor management of playing resources, the club ended up with a good season, so the Board may feel vindicated. However, some credit has to go to the weakness of our main rivals who blew it.

Sorting out the mess from last summer will not be easy and will be worse because of the expected returns of some loan players, such as Haksabanovic.


May 27, 2024 2:35 pm

Your would anticipate that BR has already informed Nicholson of the players he would like to see back for pre-season, and those who are surplus to requirements.

We could be looking at 15 out and five in. If the five in are top notch, then we will look forward to next season with great anticipation.

May 27, 2024 2:51 pm


getting 15 out the door will be difficult. Suppose some do not want to go and they were only signed last summer? Then there is the issue of who would want them, e.g. Haksa.


Prestonpans bhoys
May 27, 2024 2:56 pm

From Keith Jackarse below, has he even bothered to look at the stats or did he just listen to the Belgium waffler post match.

“So while they were the better team throughout Saturday’s Scottish Cup Final, the fact that they left Hampden with another second prize means this side’s cycle has come to a fitting end” 🙄

It would take some doing to be the better team throughout a game with 36% of the ball 🤔

Last edited 1 month ago by Prestonpans bhoys
May 27, 2024 3:04 pm

Watch McAusland and Diomande sink over in despair, and CCV lie flat in the turf as Idah scores. Great viewing angle. You can really see Barnardo’s shot take a Nakamura like last second bend. Never get tired of watching this.

Last edited 1 month ago by INIQUITOUS IV
May 27, 2024 3:37 pm

Two excellent checklist posts by Moravcik67 on KDS.
First is a summary of outgoing and incoming players, including rumours. Second is the current squad, which any critical analysis will assess as badly needing upgrades before we sally into the new Champions League set up.

Joe Hart (Retiring)
Paulo Bernardo (End of loan. Returning to Benfica)
Adam Idah (End of loan. Returning to Norwich)

Rumours – Incoming
CF – Bojan Miovski (Aberdeen)
CB/MF – Daniel Amartey (Besiktas)
CF – Aziz Musibau (Dreams FC. No, really)
LB – Irakli Azarov (Shakhtar Donetsk) 
GK – Patrick Pentz (Bayer Leverkusen)
GK – Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg)
CF – Matheus Saldanha (Partizan Belgrade)
GK – Arijanet Muric (Burnley)

Rumours – Outgoing
Daniel Kelly (Bayer Leverkusen)
Matt O’Riley (Anyone with eyes, a love of the game and the cash to afford him)
fatboabTam86FCTLuxembourg BhoyMississippi Bhoy plus 3 additional people liked this post

9:28 AM – Today#2
Current squad for 2024/25

Scott Bain
Benjamin Siegrist
Tobi Oluwayemi

Alistair Johnston
Anthony Ralston

Greg Taylor
Adam Montgomery
Alexander Bernabei (*on loan until December 2024)

Cameron Carter-Vickers
Liam Scales
Maik Nawrocki
Stephen Welsh
Gustaf Lagerbielke
Yuki Kobayashi
Bosun Lawal

Callum McGregor
Matt O’Riley
Reo Hatate
Tomoki Iwata
Odin Thiago Holm
Daniel Kelly
Liam Shaw
Hyeokkyu Kwon
James McCarthy

Daizen Maeda
James Forrest
Luis Palma
Nicolas Khun
Mikey Johnston
Hyunyun Yang
Marco Tilio
Saed Haksabanovic

Kyogo Furuhashi
Hyeongyu Oh

*players in green are Celtic trained for UEFA squad purposes.
*players in blue are association trained for UEFA squad purposes
*players in purple are eligible for the UEFA ‘B List’ for young players

May 27, 2024 3:45 pm

Two excellent checklist posts by Moravcik67 on KDS. The first is a summary of outgoing and incomings, including any and all rumours.
The second is the current squad, which any critical eye will assess as sadly deficient for the upcoming Champions League ties. ( I don’t think this site does colour codes ).

Joe Hart (Retiring)
Paulo Bernardo (End of loan. Returning to Benfica)
Adam Idah (End of loan. Returning to Norwich)

Rumours – Incoming
CF – Bojan Miovski (Aberdeen)
CB/MF – Daniel Amartey (Besiktas)
CF – Aziz Musibau (Dreams FC. No, really)
LB – Irakli Azarov (Shakhtar Donetsk) 
GK – Patrick Pentz (Bayer Leverkusen)
GK – Koen Casteels (Wolfsburg)
CF – Matheus Saldanha (Partizan Belgrade)
GK – Arijanet Muric (Burnley)

Rumours – Outgoing
Daniel Kelly (Bayer Leverkusen)
Matt O’Riley (Anyone with eyes, a love of the game and the cash to afford him)

9:28 AM – Today#2
Current squad for 2024/25

Scott Bain
Benjamin Siegrist
Tobi Oluwayemi

Alistair Johnston
Anthony Ralston

Greg Taylor
Adam Montgomery
Alexander Bernabei (*on loan until December 2024)

Cameron Carter-Vickers
Liam Scales
Maik Nawrocki
Stephen Welsh
Gustaf Lagerbielke
Yuki Kobayashi
Bosun Lawal

Callum McGregor
Matt O’Riley
Reo Hatate
Tomoki Iwata
Odin Thiago Holm
Daniel Kelly
Liam Shaw
Hyeokkyu Kwon
James McCarthy

Daizen Maeda
James Forrest
Luis Palma
Nicolas Khun
Mikey Johnston
Hyunyun Yang
Marco Tilio
Saed Haksabanovic

Kyogo Furuhashi
Hyeongyu Oh

*players in green are Celtic trained for UEFA squad purposes.
*players in blue are association trained for UEFA squad purposes
*players in purple are eligible for the UEFA ‘B List’ for young players

May 27, 2024 3:49 pm

Deleted. Attachment won’t carry over.

Last edited 1 month ago by INIQUITOUS IV
May 27, 2024 3:53 pm

From late last night. I’m hiding in here somewhere.

May 27, 2024 4:09 pm


Terrific angle,you really see the ball swerve late.

As for the transfer rumours,I still can’t believe we didn’t go for Amartey last season,when he was on a free from Leicester. I don’t often tout potential signings on here,but I was very vocal that he was exactly who we needed.

May 27, 2024 4:10 pm
May 27, 2024 4:11 pm

MAHE – Great lead article. A couple of comments. If Beaton had been in the middle, I think, based on previous, he would have blown the whistle for Raskin’s attempted takedown of Barnardo. Secondly, big Joe’s prolonged protest about the shove and refusal to give up the ball, and the memory of Brendan’s protest at Gorgie Road, probably forced Beaton to think twice about awarding the goal. Both are lessons that if we don’t meekly accept cheating, it can influence the results.

Lastly, kudos to JOBO and SFTB for putting so much time and effort into their respective season long series. Great job, lads!
Iniquitous IV😊

May 27, 2024 4:12 pm

That made me laugh out loud!🤣

May 27, 2024 4:18 pm

MM in your own word he looked good during the time he got a run of games.

I think deep down we all know he is MOR’s replacement and I for one will be happy to have him.

I have some concerns about DM staying, he looked to be enjoying himself too much on Saturday after the game.

RH might be another one for the off, and CCV will aslo be getting eyed up, if any of these so called elite mangers where looking for a CH.

All this and I still have faith in BR to deliver next season.

Has anyone looked at the last game of last season and the team the huns put on the pitch. I believe there were at least 7 new players on the pitch on Saturday.

Time for another rebuild 😀